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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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i love creature and monster movies so much to visually see something so cool, and the fight scenes are always the most epic, but i am too emotional to watch bc i like them both :( why does king kong have to fight a crocodile, both are cool. 

the final battle of narnia is so fucking sad the cheetas and white tigers fight :( its so sad… 

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in reference to the age old knowledge of rooster teeth and new knowledge of a situation: my only pro tip besides not sharing the photos is to emphasize more with the young girls than people who feel like they have lost a friend. 

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you shouldn’t be having a mental battle because your anime husband since you were a kid turned into a freak and he creeps you out now. it’s okay to just drop him or even the whole series if you realized how gross it is. nostalgia means nothing if it makes you feel disgusted or uncomfortable.

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i’m so sick of politics and i’m sick of “if you can afford to be sick of politics then you’re privileged” like i’m sure there are non-privileged people who don’t want to think about this shit anymore too i just want it to be over

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do u all remember being 16 and watching the 100 every week when it aired and having confirmation lexa was not going to die and then she has gay sex and immediately dies? and a commercial break happened and i was left sitting in my moms room like weirdly hyperventilating? anyone else have this very specific memory on march 6th, 2016? 

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