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as if the netflix ATLA live action couldn’t get worse

literally no one wanted a live action to begin with and now the original creators won’t even be apart of it. i feel like not only is netflix is going to white wash the cast but they’re also going to age them up so they can focus on romance too which is clearly NOT the focus of ATLA. i’m literally so disappointed i didn’t even know i could be MORE disappointed.

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Don’t take anything I’m about to say the wrong way, please. I think that the aggression between kataang and zutara shippers is thoroughly uncalled for, but I do understand it.

Age does make a difference when you’re young, it becomes less important as you grow older, but for their canon ages they are at totally separate points in their life. Aang is a child still, he’s twelve and I don’t know when the last time you spoke to a twelve year old was, but twelve is YOUNG. Katara was fourteen. I know that it’s just two years, but in the United States for example they wouldn’t even attend school on the same campus because of their age difference. She’s going through puberty and hormonal changes, her crushes are most likely changing from purely childhood attachment and emotional attachment to hormonal attraction AND emotional attachment. Whereas Aang hasn’t reached that milestone change yet. Now Zuko on the other hand, is on the same level of emotional maturity as Katara, he also is on the same playing field in terms of hormonal attraction. I’m not going to get into any sort of specfics on anyones compatibly based on life experience or personality because I think thats where a lot of the arguing starts in our fandom, but I do think what I said is the most important part anyways. On a purely physical and emotional level, Katara and Zuko are more compatible and it’s hard to believe that Katara could ever reciprocate Aangs feelings, at least while they were young. Thanks for coming to my ted talk

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My favourite thing about Zuko will forever be that time he made one critical decision that conflicted his image of himself, got so worked up over the whole thing that when he got home, he had a fever and fainted. A+ for being dramatic. Meanwhile his uncle is there like my son you are going through a metamorphosis- 

Truly iconic.

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Sokka: The only movie I know that’s made Zuko cry is Homeward Bound.

Toph: The ONLY one?!

Karata: He didn’t even cry during the first five minutes of Up. It makes no sense.

Zuko: It’s just…all they want is to go home. *voice cracking* I can’t quite put my finger on it but that really gets me for some reason.

Aang: It’s probably because they’re animals. Pet movies always make me cry.

Sokka puts his arm around Zuko’s shoulder. Zuko has already started crying just thinking about the movie. The Gaang looks at Aang in disbelief.

Katara: Aang, I really don’t think that’s why.

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This is the sequel to my first Zuko X F! Reader pairing smau.

Trigger Warning: Mentions of car accident. Revenge. Also mature. If you are sensitive to that kind of thing, you’re warned ahead of time. Read at your own risk…

After the car accident and problems she had with her friends, Y/n, gets to experience what it’s like to be a mother and have a family of her own. And finally live of life she’s always wanted, but is it really all fun and games?

This is the Beginning Special Edition Series Finale Part 22

















If you want to be apart of the taglist message me or reply. I’d be happy to add you

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Bad news, friends :(

Co-creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino have decided to leave the project of Netflix’s live action adaptation of the series.

According to their Instagram posts, whoever they were working with at Netflix were not allowing them to take the creative lead on the project (despite that being the role they were signed on for in the first place).

Damn you, 2020. 💔

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Ok so Mike and Bryan have officially left Netflix’s live action ATLA project, citing creative differences.

I can’t be the only one wondering if this means the rumors are true: Netflix plans to canonize Zutara, and Bryke can’t stand it.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking. Maybe we’re just in for another M. Night style disaster.

But maybe, just maybe, our story will get the ending it deserves.

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I really love how every episode of Avatar season 2 is just ‘Aang and the gang have done it again, they’ve saved the day. What a truly remarkable young group of heroes’. Then it’ll cut to Zuko like:

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imagine being the creators of one of the most recent, yet beloved pop culture phenomenons AND STILL getting screwed over by a network

It’s time to start funding independent projects. These studios obviously do not care

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