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#kate kane
jasontoddsguns · a day ago
Thanksgiving at the Waynes
Attendees: Alfred, Bruce, Kate, Selina, Dick, Cass, Jason, Steph (and her mother), Tim, Duke, Damian and his multitudes of pets.
Invited, but didn’t/couldn’t attend: Barbara, Julia Pennyworth, Harper and Cullen, Bernard, Entirety of the Kents, and Talia.
Head chef: Alfred (duh)
Main helpers, allowed to cook without supervision: Jason and Steph
Side helpers, allowed to help with ingredients and some cooking, but need to be supervised: Duke and Damian.
Lurkers who watch and occasionally steal food: Cass and Selina
Banned from them kitchen: Tim, Dick, and Bruce
Isn’t banned from cooking, but doesn’t feel like cooking: Kate
Is attending another thanksgiving, but will probably drop by to steal leftovers: Barbara, Cullen and Bernard
Favorite Dishes:
Alfred - Greenbean casserole
Bruce - Turkey
Selina - Stuffing (with lotssss of gravy)
Kate - Sweet Potato casserole
Dick - Candied Yams
Cass - Cranberry Sauce
Jason - Stuffing
Steph - Rolls
Tim - Mashed potatoes
Duke - Turkey
Damian - Mashed potatoes (refuses to admit it because he knows Tim also likes them)
What they are thankful for:
Alfred - That all his grandkids are here.
Bruce - That none of his kids are currently dead.
Selina - The ridiculous amount of money she just stole from Lex Luther.
Kate - That she was able to accidentally find and then beat the shit out of the Joker, during the drive to Gotham.
Dick - For his family (Jason, Steph, and Tim all stared making groaning noises in response to this.)
Cass - (she just points at Steph. Steph high-fives her in response)
Jason - That Kate beat the shit out of the Joker.
Steph - That she assaulted Tim with a brick so many years ago, because now she has a new family/team thingy. (Stephanie’s mom is thankful for the life her daughter was able to make for herself.)
Tim - That all of his friends are no longer dead.
Duke - That he was able to find family in crisis.
Damian - His pets.
Other Shenanigans
Everyone (other than Alfred and Stephanie’s mother) decided to play a round of football. The game caused numerous bruises, sprains, and even one broken toe.
Steph gave Cass a friendship bracelet that had a bunch of charms. The charms include: a heart that says “best sister ever!”, a classic bat symbol, Chibi batgirls (Steph and Cass), a ballerina shoe, and purple eggplant.
Damian fell asleep on the couch snuggled with Tim. Dick took many photos for blackmail memories.
Jason was able to haggle Martha Kent’s pie recipe from the woman herself. No-one knows how he did it and he refuses to tell. Tim suspects that that Jasons going to kill Lex Luther for her.
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thestarsarecool · 2 days ago
So, in the new Wayne Family Adventures, we got not only Kate Kane, but also Harper Row, Selina Kyle, Beth or Bette Kane, and Luke Fox!
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in this post we mourn the kate kane x kara danvers flirt energy we will never get again
Tumblr media
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itzroseblossom · 2 months ago
Favorite Jason Todd moments?
YES YES. thank you for your ask anon
Okay number 1
Tumblr media
The guy just roasts his own name. ALSO Haleys adorable
Tumblr media
DICK BUYS DAMIAN A KIDS MEAL and Jason is like Ill take the toy. Honestly everything about this panel is hilarious
Tumblr media
We have a nigtwing cup and the happy meal is literally called a bat-mite meal qasbhshb
Tumblr media
Duke and jason arguing
Tumblr media
Wtf each of the swords are bigger then themselves.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And lastly, bat pinkie swear.
They really name everything after bat. Thanks for the ask!
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impulsivelybart · 2 months ago
the bats meeting the supers, wonders, arrows, lanterns and speedsters for the first time
bruce, dick, tim, jason, steph, barbara, kate kane: just realized something very important about myself. I'm gonna repress it for a few years but, good to know
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incorrectbatfam · 8 days ago
Kate: I’m going to need everyone to be straight with each other from now on. No more games.
Tim: I’m always straight.
Harper: Oh man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.
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our-happygirl500-fan · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kate & Tim’s concept art for the Batfam Webtoon have been revealed 
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rainbow820 · 9 months ago
Bruce Wayne would absolutely be the biggest meme in the DC world.
Just imagine it.
A really old picture surfaced from like fifteen years ago. It’s Bruce Wayne yelling at a middle school basketball ref while Dick Grayson face palms in the background.
Jason Todd and Bruce Wayne both flipping off the paparazzi. Jason could be a teenager or everyone could be wondering if it’s Bruce’s dead son. Better yet a side by side image conspiracy.
Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake both asleep at Wayne Enterprises meetings while the board pretends they aren’t there.
Bruce trying ballet with Cass and just failing completely goes up on vine.
Bruce being swarmed by Damian’s pets when he walks downstairs because Alfred was off and no one fed them yet.
A really old picture of a teenage Bruce and Kate slouching against a wall at a gala looking like they’d rather be in a sewer.
Duke trying to explain some new meme to Bruce while he just stares in visible confusion.
Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen smiling at a press conference like their mouths have been wired open and obviously attempting to break each other’s hand as the handshake goes on for an uncomfortably long time.
The possibilities are endless
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