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r0ttingrabbit · 4 months ago
Y/N: Looking left cause you don’t treat me right
Jeff: Looking right because you left
Nina: Looking up cause you let me down
Toby: Looking down cause you fucked up
Kate: What is wrong with you guys
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inkher0 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
We Fold
In Cold
Lonely but Never Quite Alone
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imnot-afraidofyouatall · a month ago
Tumblr media
Babe (platonic)
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spooky-donut-ghost-house · 7 days ago
Kate: Toby! Get out of the tank!
Toby: You're not my sister.
Kate: Get out of the fucking tank, I am your sister!
Toby: You're not my sister.
Kate: I am your sister, get out of the tank!
Toby: I'm in the tank and you're not! Tell me it's a militant, I don't give a fuck!
Kate: Get out of the fucking tank!
Toby: I'm literally in the tank and you're not! You're not my sister.
Kate: Literally get out of the tank! Get out of the fucking tank!
Toby: No.
@elliotthesmelliot I did it lmfao!
@b-boricua tagged you cause you love Kate.
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bugz-writes-somewhere · 5 months ago
Hi! I think requests are open so I had a small question, if it's not too much trouble!
If you were to categorize the Proxies into personalities, like maybe MBTI or just a few small words.
What would it be?
Sometimes I can get confused when there's a lot of explanation, even though I love deep analysis, my brain sometimes says: bitch no we're not understanding this.
I hope this makes sense! Feel free to ignore this!! :D
//I had to actually do some research for this, so aaaaaaa- Hopefully this makes sense, but I totally get that lmaoooo! Thanks for the request and have a lovely day !!!!
Tim/The Masked Man
Since no one really knows this, I use both Marble Hornets and David Near as a reference for this character specifically. Some characteristics I have noticed is that either way the man is rather hostile, analytical, and critical on others including himself. He is a workaholic and tends to stay independent [more like self-isolate]. To categorize his character, I see him wholeheartedly as a person under the INTP category.
Brian/The Hooded Figure
Brian is solely based off of analysis from Marble Hornets and nothing else. I just analyzed parts of his doings and used it at that. TO say the least, the man is an actual psychopath. He is charming, cunning, but manipulative. He gets his way no matter what and uses others merely to get higher in level. He wants to be a GOD. See him merely as ESTJ. He lines up everything perfectly to get things done, plus I just see Brian as either Extroverted or Ambiverted.
Toby Rogers/ "Ticci Toby"
Toby in my opinion, (outside of character analysis and yadda yadda, because DRAMA!) is probably one of the most tame proxies. He is loyal to what he does, but is still human and holding onto pieces of their life. Most likely to break away from slenderman, but still hides as the slenderman's right hand man for unknown reasons. Outside of work, he is very empathetic, loyal, and ambitious towards many things. Which is used to the proxies advantage is general. They can easily lure someone in with their charm, and BAM hatchet to the head. Toby is INFP for sure, which is why they were so easy to lure.
Kate is rather silent in everything she does. She can often be cheery outside of slenderman, but is still used to everyone's advantage. She is very relaxed in major situations/crisis, which is why she is somehow still alive after all of her torment. Voted most impulsive/spontaneous. She falls under the category of ISTP.
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b-boricua · a month ago
Kate: So anyways Did I tell you about this one Doctor at the hospital? *proceeds to say something incredibly disturbing*
Tim: oh same- *says something just as disturbing*
Liu: Same *insert Some Plain Comment about Susan*
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melovez · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
attempt at a composite sketch style drawing of Kate Milens and her alter ego, Kate the Chaser
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spoopy-scary-skelly · 24 days ago
Kate hcs?
Chaser and Kate are not the same person, Chaser is an alter
They do not get along
Kate uses she/her and Chaser uses he/she/it
Kate is an angry bisexual
trans girl
Most people aside from the other operator proxies are either scared or weirded out by her, so she only has a few friends
She doesn't mind it really tho tbh
Cannot speak
Lives with the other proxies aside from the collective, ally, and HABIT
Short as fuck lmao
Basically a cat
She hisses at people she doesn't like zndbdjdn
Licks her favorite people so that they know she loves them :D
Had a thing for both Lauren and CR sbsbjsjsj
she tried to get CR out of the fire, but ended up just burning her hands :(
She thought killing Lauren would "save" all three of them (herself, CR and Lauren) which is why she agreed to do it
Well she was wrong :)
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the-ship-maker-2 · 3 months ago
Hmmmm first time requesting smn to you so here I go: you got any hcs for Kate and Toby being friends?
can do my friend!
Kate and Toby being friends HC's
-Kate is the tired mom friend
-Toby is the chaotic puppy
-sometimes he gets on her nerves
-other times Toby is quiet and calm minus his tics
-it's a lottery with him
-Kate is more of the silent type so she doesn't mind listening to him talk since he can talk enough for the both of them or just sit in comfortable silence with him enjoying nature
-Kate talks to him by drawing in the dirt to communicate what she wants to say
-Toby got good at charades because of this
-She was also the one to teach him how to scout
-They can truly relax and be themselves around each other
I hope you like these and feel free to ask again!
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eldritch-hall-asylum · a month ago
Devin potty-training Kate: ratatatata, ratatatata. Don't pee on the floor, use the commodore.
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akitanerufan53 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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r0ttingrabbit · 4 months ago
Y/N: What’s something you guys are better than Jeff at?
Nina: Mario Kart.
Toby: Yeah, video games.
Kate: Emotional vulnerability.
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inkher0 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Everyone always loves Tim's hair, so I indulged in a bit and drew him and Kate with their hair up! Tim's hair is actually based on how my husband used to have his hair when he was a teen. Their hair is very similar, so it's an easy reference to pull!
I also get a lot of comments like "Tim wearing eyeliner? ouo" which i love. I don't correct them because it's funnier when they go to read Origin and they realize it's actually just Slender Goo leaking out of his face adflajdkf;adfa
Tumblr media
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imnot-afraidofyouatall · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
BEN and Tim's designs are still works In progress leave me alone
don't like if you won't reblog/srs
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sirtopkek · a year ago
A thing for the russian ask
Q: What do you think of other proxies?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thegracelessfaceless · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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b-boricua · 3 months ago
Heather: Okay, Kids -
Kate: KIDS?
Toby: YEAH -
Cody: yOUR NoT My MOm -
Kate: MOMMA -
Toby: MOm -
Cody: mOTHER -
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melovez · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
tactical spooning to protect your love interest’s internal organs from attackers
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calamity-hero-awakens · 5 months ago
I see you like STA as well.
You have any STA HC’s?
Thanks and bye 👋🏽
Hell yeah
Kate was planning to major in theatre and had lots of homemade costumes and props which is where her mask came from.
Kate and CR met in high school but ended up taking most of their required college courses together.
Lauren had several cats. She had the neighbour watch them when she went out to check on Kate and her neighbour now has lots of cats.
Lauren had the biggest crush on Kate pretty much since they were kids.
The crumpled letter from CR was thrown out not only because Kate did not reciprocate feelings, but because she also harbored a strong resentment toward him for getting her into such a mess in the first place. (Angry bisexual.)
Slender Man is a sentient, angry stick.
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the-ship-maker-2 · 3 months ago
Kate X Lauren hcs? (Y’know Lauren her friend ingame)
Kate x Lauren HCs
-Smol x Tol
-lauren is a Tall woman
-She can and will pick Kate up much to kate's dismay
-Lauren reaches the top shelves for her while Kate can get into the small places that she can't fit
-They are the smol x tol power couple
-Kate is the feral one
-and Lauren is the gentle giant one
-Lauren is the little spoon always and kate is the big spoon
-Kate would just drape herself across her wordlessly and demand cuddles
-Domestic sweeties
I hope you like these and feel free to ask again!
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