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#kate sharma
kate-sharma-sheffield · 2 days ago
The Bridgerton books and what I call them when I'm pissed off at them (because I do get angry at all of them at some point when I'm reading)
Book 1: mutually manipulating each other and pulling a con on friends and family #great way to start a marriage
Book 2: Kate and Anthony vs the inevitability that is death
Book 3: get a reality check Benedict it's not that hard! Ft #Justice4Sophie4k
Book 4: when the love of your life turns out to be sort of a bitch but since you're sort of an asshole too you cancel each other out
Book 5: Traumatized adults, children and plants and where to find them
Book 6: Oh get over your catholic guilt and bang already! John died we get it!
Book 7: Hyacinth Kardashian takes Miami London
Book 8: the one where Lucy needs better friends, a new fiance and possibly a very strong drink but only gets one Gregory.
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newtonsheffield · a day ago
Okay but how similar are Grecy and Kathony? Kate's a hurricane who unexpectedly arrives to ruin Anthony's perfect planning and Gregory is the chaos that surprises the meticulous lifestyle of Lucy?
Ugh Honestly the parallels in their stories are so beautiful!
Anthony has made his peace with the fact he’s going to die. He’s resigned himself to having a boring society marriage to get an heir so that Ben won’t have to deal with the strain, and their family line will be secure. And then he meets Kate, who is the very opposite of boring. She’s lively, and crackles with energy all the time and the part of him that died with his father slowly starts coming back to him, suddenly he’s desperately afraid to die, because it means he won’t be with Kate anymore, and Kate won’t have him either. She turns his entire life on its head, and he’s thankful for it.
Lucy is pragmatic, almost to a fault. She believes in duty, and self sacrifice, and her Uncle has a arranged her marriage. So she’s going to marry Arthur Haselby. That’s that as far as she’s concerned. You can’t just go around breaking off engagements, the entire world would descend into chaos. Besides, you don’t need love to have a happy marriage, it really only complicated things. And then she meets Gregory. Who’s sweet, and kind, and he’s the very picture of an idealist. He believes so badly in true love that he convinces himself he’s in it. And Lucy finds it far too easy to love him, and now she’s desperately worried that she does need love to be happy. Gregory throws the neatly ordered pieces of her life into complete disarray. But the picture this new order makes is even more beautiful than before.
I just love them your honour
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ladyjunebridgerton · a day ago
My favorite thing about Kate and Anthony is how highly they both value family and then they get to build a family together. I love that journey for them and for us 👏🏼
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bridgertonh · 2 days ago
I love how we all agree a few things about each couple, whether they are extensively mentioned in the book or not-
Daphne & Simon- Simon is worried about each of her pregnancies and stays with her no matter what.
Anthony & Kate- He doesn't let Kate move a single muscle throughout her recovery of the carriage accident, and that no matter what Kate always wins an argument, even when Anthony thinks he won.
Benedict & Sophie- He doesn't let Sophie so much as lift a finger, Sophie finds it hard because she has worked relentlessly all her life, but he spoils her no matter what.
Colin & Penelope- Colin will somehow find a way to enter 'My Wife' in any conversation whilst eating a sandwich simultaneously.
Eloise & Phillip- Phillip is whipped and even though he is an introvert, he'd socialise for her sake and they'd shag later in the garden.
Francesca & Michael- These two cannot keep their hands off each other no matter what, and Michael worships her every moment. Frannie tenses everytime he so much as coughs and takes care of him all the time.
Hyacinth & Gareth- Gareth doesn't stand a chance when Hyacinth talks. He just has to gulp it, and he loves it. Even when Hyacinth talks about the diamond necklace.
Gregory & Lucy- Lucy constantly keeps things in order and Gregory tugs her towards him and calms her down. He gives her all the love she didn't get growing up and she in return understands just who he is and loves him for that.
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wagamiller · a day ago
Happy Friday.
Chapter 7 of A Certain Step is now up on AO3...
Kate is not, and has never been, anything even remotely close to vain.
Quite the opposite in fact.
But tonight, as she descends the stairs in her pristine new ball-gown, the billowing skirts swishing enticingly around her ankles … for once, she knows she looks good.
Read the rest here.
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Hey, so I just saw the post about the books and what's pissing you off about them and I have this one thing about TVWLM that's bothering me endlessly and I would very much like to hear your opinion, if you don't mind?
So, the study scene is a favorite, obviously, and I really enjoy the first half of it too, with Kate crouching under the desk and grabbing Anthony and everything, but I always get bad chills reading the second part. He locks her in the room with him, he screams at her (I'm going to kill you), Kate feels the need to put a chair between herself and him and then he kisses her without any kind of consent beforehand.
I'm always for playing some sexy catch, but I don't feel like Anthony and Kate's relationship was at a point to do that. I mean, even I feel a bit frightened by Anthony reading this part, even though I, as the reader, know his inner turmoil and thoughts and that he'd never do something actually hurtful.
What do you think/feel about that? Am I taking this too seriously (like, how often JQ has the Bridgertons threaten each other with death, I know it's just sibling talk, but for me that's just too much too), or is there a different perspective I could/should read this from? (Pls don't feel pressured to answer or anything, I just don't really have anybody to talk Bridgerton with and I really enjoy following you - xx)
All Bridgerton books have that one scene that makes them problematic. Congratulations anon you just found the red flag of The Viscount Who Loved Me.
Even Anthony recognizes it as soon as he threw the key on the floor that making Kate lower herself to pick it up was a major dick move. Especially after kissing her. But wasn't that the point? he wanted to drive her away. He'd never actively been cruel to her before. With that move he was successful in making Kate want to stay away from him.
Of course at this point in the book Anthony isn't sure it's what he really wants anymore. But the whole point of the red flag scene is that Anthony wanted to punish Kate for making him want her and regretted it instantly.
Here's the thing anon, Anthony is one hell of a clown, but he's not stupid. From the beginning Anthony was very aware of what kind of woman could make him fall head over heels inlove. He just decided to marry someone who was the opposite of his ideal woman because falling inlove would turn his eventual widow into someone like his mother. Unlike Colin and Benedict, Anthony started TVWL with an impressive degree of self awareness. It just happens to go downhill from there.
And lo and behold, his ideal woman is the sister of the debutante he wants to court. In TVWL Anthony is fighting the inevitable every step of the way because he knows! Kate is right there and he's self aware, he knows he could love her, she's perfect for him, all it would take would be a little time and he'd be a complete gonner. At least the man doesn't make a habit of lying to himself.
So he needs to stay away from Kate. He doesn't want to love her. If he loved her, he'd want to make her happy and she would be super unhappy when he eventually died....(told you he was a clown)
So okay, the whole staying away from Kate thing, turns out he has no self control, that's just not working, he's having wet dreams, he's fantasizing about the smell of her soap, if he's left alone with Kate, he's going to pounce on her, Anthony knows that much. Time for plan B
Plan B is making Kate want to stay away from him.
Hence the scene where he kisses her, intentionally scares her witless and humiliates her on purpose. Because that's the point, he wants to punish her for screwing up his perfectly made plans, who asked Kate to be his perfect match?, Kate needs to hate him, if she hates him, she will stay away from him and Anthony can just marry Edwina and move on with his life.
Except that guess what? that doesn't work either.
Apparently Kate also has no self control and can't be on her best behavior for a long period of time where Anthony is concerned and there's that. He tried to make her hate him okay! by the third time he's alone with her, he gives up, he's already compromised her, he's going to marry her. He's tired of fighting himself, maybe if he bangs her he will get her out of his system. Yup, that's plan C, bang Kate, she just makes him sexually frustrated, he is not inlove.
Plan C fails, turns out that marriage means having the option of banging Kate any time of the day and he's very enthusiastic about that. He wants to spend more time with her, lol he can, he's her husband, he can see Kate anytime he wants. So he just picks 'all the time' . Self control? who needs that, he's married, married men can do what they want with their wives and it's not weird. He didn't get to do that when they were both single....But oh shit, are those feelings he's having for her?
Oh hell no! he's inlove?? since when?? Why didn't anyobody tell him? Is that what those pesky emotions were? You mean the spark he felt when he met Kate was love? What is he going to do now?
So yeah Anon, that's it, that's a tour in the head of my favorite clown. You are not taking this too seriously, that scene IS problematic. It's meant to be. And it should be taken at face value for the asshole move it is. Anthony was a dick.
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newtonsheffield · 21 hours ago
Some edmund with new siblings fluff please
Oh but imagine how excited he’s going to be to be a big brother.
Edmund was nervous. And it was stupid. It was so so stupid, to be nervous to go into a hospital room.
“Neddy?” His Aunt Eddie’s voice was curious, her hand in his shoulder as he paused in the hallway. “You okay?”
Edmund forced himself to nod, the balloon clenched in his fist feeling a little stupid, the teddy bear with a blue ribbon around its neck bobbing above his head.
“I just um… I never thought I’d have a brother. Or a Dad and…”
“It’s a lot.” Eddie nodded. “I get it. But, your Mum and Dad love you so so much, and take it from me, parents always love the oldest more.” She winked at him, and finally, a weight lifted just a little.
Edmund straightened the jacket his Dad had bought him and pushed the door open, peering inside, a slow smile coming to his face. His Mum was laying on the hospital bed, looking a little tired, though he supposed giving birth was a big job. His Dad was perched beside her and they were looking down at his tiny baby brother.
His Dad’s head shot up, tears streaming down his face, “There’s my boy, get in here and meet Miles.”
Edmund stumbled forward, his aunt pushing him just a little, his Dad pulling him into the bed, taking his place next to his Mum.
“Are you okay?” His voice sounded so small, his eyes flicking over his mother, suddenly terrified that something had happened.
She smiled, kissing his forehead, “Sweetheart, I’m more than okay, all of my boys are here now.”
His Dad bent beside him, placing the tiny baby in his arms, kissing the top of his head.
“Edmund, this is Miles. Your little brother.”
Tears stung at Edmund’s eyes. His heart beating too quickly. He looked up at his Dad, “I always wanted a little brother.”
Miles stirred a little in his blanket, his hand wrapping around Edmund’s finger.
“I’m going to look after you. Always.” He whispered.
He heard both his parents clear their throats and then his Aunt Eddie, her voice still a little choked said,
“Get in there Anthony, let’s take a picture.”
His Dad’s arm wraps around all three of them, pulling him close, his voice in his ear.
“I’m going to look after all of you. Always.”
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aspoonfuloffiction · 28 days ago
Kate: *delivers a barrage of insults*
Anthony: So you think I’m pretty!?!?!
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