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oh, dash it
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Season 1 I didn鈥檛 dance, season 2 I鈥檓 dancing all the time鈥ith this amazing woman [Simone Ashley]. 鈥 Jonathan Bailey
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Anthony looking at Kate鈥檚 lips - requested by anonymous
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are you going to ask me to dance - one last time? are you going to say yes?
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Video of ABC Hugging!!!馃槏馃槏 Kate, Violet & Hyacinth together!!!馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
馃帴: @TheBestParker_ (on Twitter)
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newtonsheffield a day ago
Ooooooo Molly, you've awaken a new desire in me..could we maybe get a little something something of the viscount dragging his wife upstairs the first time he sees her holding one of his nieces or nephews?
Anthony panicking when he comes into the drawing room and Kate鈥檚 sat in the floor with little Augie giggling delightedly while Daphne and his mother chat amongst themselves and he just can鈥檛 do anything to stop the heat in his chest, in his stomach all over, as he imagines her with their children.
鈥淜ate! Darling, I need to speak with you upstairs!鈥
Kate just hums absentmindedly, 鈥淚鈥檓 a little busy, Anthony. Surely it can wait.鈥
鈥淚t can鈥檛, actually, it鈥檚 very pressing and important!鈥
And the minute she follows him out of the drawing room with his mother tutting Gad, he鈥檚 just like his father. Anthony bends at the knees and throws her over his shoulder, ignoring the curious looks of several of the staff, ignoring even Kate鈥檚 little sigh.
鈥淢ost men cannot be convinced to visit their wife even once a week, if the matrons are to be believed.鈥 Kate says a little dryly as they lay there in the afternoon sun, basking in the afterglow, her fingernails scratching at his scalp in the gentle way that makes his eyelids droop. 鈥淎nd here you are sneaking home after luncheon.鈥
鈥淢ost men are not as dutiful as I am, obviously.鈥 He chuckles, leaning in to claim her lips again. 鈥淎nd I had heard tell the Ton was all a flutter with wonder over a new heir.鈥
鈥淚s that all it is? You wish for children to fulfill a duty?鈥 He can tell that she finds the notion more than a little distasteful, just as he can tell she isn鈥檛 insecure about the desire he holds for her. This is just a question.
Anthony shook his head. 鈥淚 wish for children because I can鈥檛 hold the love I have for you anymore, and yet I want more of it. I want tiny little versions of you with wild curls who will never listen to their poor Papa. Sticky hands and cheeky smiles and lessons to be taught. That is what I wish for. And I know you wish for the same.鈥
There鈥檚 a soft smile on her face now, as she leans forward and smooths the muscle between his eyebrows with her fingertips. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 wish for it, anymore in fact.鈥
Anthony stilled, his heart racing, brow furrowed. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛-? Oh! I- suppose this is something we can-鈥
鈥淲hat need is there to wish for something that鈥檚 already happened? I was waiting, just to be sure, and I-鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e with child?鈥 He can hardly breathe, as he pulls her close, holding her against his chest.
鈥淭he doctor confirmed as much this morning.鈥 Her voice is a gentle little thing against his neck, soft and warm and full of the love he never thought he鈥檇 have. 鈥淎re you happy?鈥
鈥淭oo happy. I鈥檒l never stop.鈥
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Anthony likes to be manhandled and you cannot prove me wrong
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Do you ever just randomly think about how at 18, Mary ran away chasing her own happiness by leaving her home and family (and their expectations) with the love of her life (as was her right)?
But at the same age, Kate was suppressing her grief at losing her father because Mary was too lost in hers, and was stepping up to become a parent to Edwina (and somewhat of a guardian to Mary) when she was still a child herself, as well as trying to make sure that she and her family didn鈥檛 end up poverty-stricken and destitute? That Kate suppressed and forewent going after anything that she might have wanted to make sure that Edwina (and Mary) had a decent and comfortable future where they didn鈥檛 have to toil and struggle.
And that even after all that, Mary had the audacity to say the words 鈥淚 forgive you鈥 to Kate? Because with respect, forgive Kate for what? Yeah Kate made some mistakes, but she鈥檚 also the reason the Sharmas survived that long, relatively comfortably (seeing as Edwina had no idea that they were struggling financially). Kate who warned Mary (and Edwina and Lady D) about Anthony in the first place but they chose not to listen.
Mary who never really paid any proper attention to Kate, who had no fucking idea that Kate was struggling; Mary who leaned on Kate and sought comfort from her, but had no clue her daughter felt unworthy and lonely and thought it was better for her family if she removed herself once they were settled, as opposed to 鈥渨anting her independence鈥.
Mary who had no idea about her daughter鈥檚 dowry or what they (and Mary) would do once Edwina was proposed to/married, only to feel 鈥榖etrayed鈥 by Kate because she did what she thought was best (when she was 18 and her father had just died) when Mary hadn鈥檛 even given it a second thought.
Mary who heard a man refer to her daughter as 鈥渁 thorn鈥 and said nothing? Mary who instead of going to find the daughter she threw out of the room to see how she was went for a fucking walk. Mary who admitted her mistakes to the man who caused pain and strife to her family before her own daughter (a man her daughter was right about).
Mary who let her daughter who was still a child be burdened with ensuring the survival of their family? Who let said daughter extinguish any hopes and wants for herself without any sort of protest? That Mary having to forgive Kate for something? Mary who is supposed to be Kate鈥檚 mother? That Mary having to forgive Kate for something? The lack of self awareness is staggering. Fuck all the way off.
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鈥淭wo bigger fools in love had yet to be born.鈥
-Kanthony鈥檚 #1 fan Gregory Bridgerton
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they symbolise passion... perhaps your bride would like the same
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A random person talking to Kate: You are a very beautiful woman.
Kate: Thank you, my Lor-.
Anthony: *appears from nowhere* She鈥檚 married.
Kate: Anthony, he was just being polite.
Anthony: She. Is. Married.
Random Person: And are you married, Lord Bridgerton? Maybe you should return to your wife.
Anthony: I am with my wife.
Kate: I鈥檓 sorry, he鈥檚 very protective.
Anthony: LEAVE.
Random Person: Good luck to you, Lad-Lady鈥h.
Kate: Bridgerton. Viscountess Bridgerton.
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from vexing to sexing: a kate & anthony journey
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Anthony&Kate vs Mirrors - An Unthinkable Fate [2x05]
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The parallel 馃馃徑
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The way they had Anthony SNIFFING Kate鈥檚 scent I want Collin to be fifty times more down bad than that I don鈥檛 know how it will be achieved but I know the Bridgerton writers will know a way
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