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dinklebat · 9 months ago
creepypasta incorrect quotes ft Y/N part 6
Tumblr media
Y/N: We call that a traumatic event!
Y/N, turning to Toby: Not a “bruh moment”
Y/N, turning to Ben: Or a “major L”
Y/N, turning to Jeff: Or an “oof lmao”
LJ: They say milk helps children grow but I've poured 3 cartons of milk over this child and all it has done so far is cry
Slenderman: One bonus of being an adult is grossly misusing modern slang on purpose and watching my children die inside.
Slenderman: A fine example: The other day, I pointed a passing car and, looking Doby and Cody in the eyes, said, “Is that bae or what?”
Slenderman: The look on their faces is something I will treasure for years
Toby: I'm so glad you found me
Toby: Wait
Toby: How did you find me?
Masky: You haven't done anything super annoying to us in, like five hours so we knew that something must be wrong
Jane: you can’t set all your problems on fire
Jeff: you’d be surprised by how many things are flammable
Y/N : *kisses Ben’s forehead*
Jeff : Why do you never kiss my forehead?
Y/N : Because I don't fucking like you.
Clockwork: People always said ‘you have to pick your battles’. Well, guess what, I’m full of rage and I’m picking them all.
Zalgo, negotiating with Masky: We have Jeff . Give us ten thousand dollars and he will be returned to you unharmed Jeff : Whoa, whoa, wait, you think I’m only worth ten thousand dollars? Masky: Jeff : MAKE IT ONE MILLION– Masky: JEFF STOP
Y/N: Would you stab your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars ? Jeff: You stab me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy a big-ass house. Ben: You can stab me too, then we'll have 20 million. Jeff: Good thinking.
Kate: Where’s Y/N?
Rowan: doing stuff..
Kate: I don’t like the sound of that, where’s Ben?
Rowan: Trying to stop Y/N from doing the stuff.
Kate: and Jeff?
Rowan: Trying to stop Ben from stopping Y/N from doing the stuff.
Kate: I see. What are you doing here, Rowan?
Rowan: I’m supposed to stop you telling Masky to stop Jeff from stopping Ben from stopping Y/N from doing the stuff.
Nathan: *holding an antique bottle* Hey, is this whiskey or perfume? Kagekao: * grabs the bottle, drinks all of it, and throws the empty bottle over his shoulder* Kagekao: It’s perfume.
Y/N: Do you like cuddling?
Toby: I AM A MACHINE OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION— oh, yeah, I like cuddling.
Masky: listen up kids, there's nothing "meme" about smoking a cigarette. there's nothing "netflix and chill" to take a drug. fidget spin yourself to school.
EJ: Nothing in life is free.
Liu: Adventure is free.
Doby: Life is free.
Y/N: Love is free.
Jeff: Everything is free if you take it without paying.
Hoodie: Don’t say a word.
Toby: … Fergalicious.
Masky: He said no words!
Toby: Oh, I see how it is. Two weeks ago, we’re playing Scrabble, it’s not a word. Now, suddenly, it is a word because it’s convenient for you.
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r0ttingrabbit · 4 months ago
Y/N: Looking left cause you don’t treat me right
Jeff: Looking right because you left
Nina: Looking up cause you let me down
Toby: Looking down cause you fucked up
Kate: What is wrong with you guys
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inaccurate-linguini · 5 months ago
Toby: People who sleep without socks on make me worry
Kate: People who sleep WITH socks are not to be trusted
Jeff: People who sleep are weird
Y/n: I was a sock once
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inkher0 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
From that moment on, I belonged to The Operator.
Part One of the concept art I've been working on for my Creepypasta story, ⨂rigin! These are based on the Proxies. Little bit of symbolism in these. Part Two
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imnot-afraidofyouatall · 4 months ago
Creeps as random images pt 3 (I think?)
Jonathan (the puppeteer)
Tumblr media
Sally Williams:
Tumblr media
Kate the chaser:
Tumblr media
Rouge the proxy:
Tumblr media
The Bloody Painter:
Tumblr media
Ticci Toby:
Tumblr media
BEN drowned:
Tumblr media
Jane the killer:
Tumblr media
Tim, Brian, Jay, Jessica, Alex, Seth, Amy and Sarah:
Tumblr media
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pasta-in-the-blender · a month ago
In honor of me just reblogging a shopping post and wanting to be even a bit original; The creeps going clothing shopping
Who can tell I'm trying to ignore my requests
I am still working on that pt 2 of the toby x reader thing, but i have no idea how to continue.
Slender doesn't go shopping for such things; he's too fancy and famous for that. He actually gets his suits personally made for him by Trender brother dearest because one, Trender is the best ngl, and two, he is hella famous and wants to help Trender out with it.
Jeff however, goes shopping for clothes, he doesn't have any favorite brands or anything; he just goes around in the mall and when he sees something cool he likes, he just buys it.
Ben does not need new clothes, but he probably steals character costumes from different games.
Jane and Nina go all out when they go shopping for clothes! Jane mostly buys designer clothing since she's so cool and hot, and yes, Nina goes a bit by her own style.
Sally also doesn't need any new clothing since she is a ghost, but Splendor gifts her cute skirts he thinks she would like, and Trender makes her some pretty cute stuff too.
Tim and Brian go for more of a quality than style, tbh.. You know, with the type of occupation they have, it's not the most important factor to have stylish clothing. Tim buys a hellish amount of flannels, though. (They do have decent clothes tho)
Kate is the true middle ground. She can look dope while working and holy shit she does- The signature white hoodie is long deceased; she got like seven of the same ones already.
Toby has absolutely zero sense of fashion, but he at least tries ok- He is also one to go for quality material bc of his job; why wouldn't he? He also has tons and tons of hoodies since they are kind of comforting to wear for him.
If i left someone out, tell me and i can edit this btw!
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creepypasta65 · 3 months ago
Small Creepypasta Headcanons pt6
-When Jeff was babysitting Sally, he almost burned the mansion because he forgot, him and Sally were baking cookies for a tea party.
-Kate has a big collection of weapons like knifes, scythes, guns etc.
-Slenderman will beat anyone’s ass if they ever land a hand on Sally or make her cry. 
-Ben gets bullied by most of the creeps (but it’s not like hurtful, it’s just making fun of him).
-Jeff hates when chocolates melts on his hand that’s why he likes cold chocolate that can break his teeth. 
-EJ sometimes has to repaint his mask because some of the paint chips off and if he doesn’t have time repainting it, he ask Bloody Painter to repaint it for him. 
-Cody sees Toby as a older brother and is really thankful Toby saved his life and thinks he owes him everything. 
-Clockwork and Jane sometimes go out to eat dinner together and sometimes invite Nina.
-Toby draws really good and can draw really nice hair (he gets some art lessons from Bloody Painter).
-Hoodie and Masky talk a lot to each other after missions and Hoodie shows the vidoe he got of the victim getting killed by Masky.
Have a nice day everyone (^@^)/
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whaleofatjme1920 · 3 months ago
I don't know if I'm making this on time, but how about a short something with Masky being mad? Just straight up nasty and violent.
Masky's Anger
[Warnings: whatever you associate being mad with? Masky, in the way I write him is violent and not afraid to hurt people. That.]
[AN: I adore this ask. Please, when they open again, send me asks abt these characters going off the wall furious they're so much more fun that romance I swear-. 1136 words <3]
He's been pacing like this for the better half of the hour outside the gorgeously ornate oak doors that you recognize as the curtain to your boss's office. Stomp after stomp, you can hear his boots scuff the wooden floor as he seethes. He's trying to be quiet as to not interrupt the conversation housed inside, but you can tell he's failing miserably. He's ran his fingers through his dark hair more than he cares to admit and you're certain that there are claw marks running up and down his scalp from his nails that he's already bitten off.
From your perspective, he's being a giant, overgrown toddler on the verge of a meltdown for what could be chalked up as a simple mistake. Those happen. You've been in this life long enough to know that yourself. People run. Proxies are no exception. Granted, the reason that this one ran is a stupid reason and the entire team could get wiped out for it. But, you know Toby, and you know he's better than that. His love for that odd woman Clockwork would never surpass the love he has for his master.
Right now, Hoodie is trying to damage control with the Operator. You can hear his slight Southern accent, ragged and exhausted as it is, attempt to explain it. Making promises you know that the four of you can seldom keep just to appease an eldritch being that does not love you.
"Masky," you say as you lift your head from staring at your own boots. "Masky, you need to quiet down to let them talk," you attempt to reason. Gods, you wish Kate was here right now. She'd probably have him down in moments.
"I'll fucking kill him," Masky spits back, barely sparing you a glance. "I'll kill him for even thinking about putting us in this situation," he rambles off angrily.
You sigh deeply. Even with Kate going out there to reel Toby back in, nothing can assuage him.
"Stop it," you interrupt him dryly.
Masky looks over at you, fire burning in his dark eyes. He's not happy, nor does he have the reasoning of Tim behind him. This is fully Masky in control, and he doesn't care how he handles you. There's no reasoning in his gaze, not as he begins to stalk towards you. "You wanna police me on how to act?" He asks in a deep, exhausted voice that's about to boil over.
You know you're not in near enough high standing in this group to question him, but you stand your leader. "I do."
Masky steps closer.
Gods, you're in so much trouble.
You duck as Masky throws his fist at you, rage still burning in his eyes and every step. You continue to dodge him, barely avoiding his fists. He's so angry at you that he's barely saying anything comprehensible other than cussing you out. You find it humorous that the man that seems to respect the Operator the most out of your team is currently committing the worst dishonor by being disruptive in his halls. You back yourself up against the wall and glare at him, watching as he cocks his fist back.
He's punched a hole in the wall. He swears, loudly at that.
You, not wanting to be soft, slip from under his arms and put him in a chokehold. Your arms flex as you wrap around him, attempting to actually incapacitate him. Harder and harder, you strain as Masky begins to wildly buck.
"Fuck you," he growls as he attempts to wrestle you off, his teeth clashing at your arm, attempting to bite through the fabric of your jacket. It's not like it doesn't hurt, you just don't have to worry about infection right now.
You hiss back and tighten your grip. "I told you to calm the fuck down." You feel your body being lifted as he leans forward, capturing you off balance. You yelp, but keep your hold.
Masky spins around and bashes you back against the wall, his head knocking into the bridge of your nose creating a large thud. Some of the paintings lining this side of the wall jostle from the force of him knocking his skull against your face.
"Masky," you begin as you attempt to push him off, "get off me!"
He smacks his head back on your face even harder, making you see stars. The breath leaves your lungs faster than Toby attempted to run away from the group and suddenly, you're falling to the floor. You land roughly on your hands and knees, blood dripping from your nose onto the Operator's carpet. With the back of your hand, you attempt to wipe if off your face and stop tasting iron.
Masky's still not down from his rage induced high. He's currently coming back at you with one of the chairs from the hallway, lifting the heavy oak thing high above his head.
At this point, he's actually trying to kill you. He didn't even look at you like this during your hazing process.
Your body is weak from him repeatedly bashing his skull against your face, and you're seeing triples. Coughing deeply, you attempt to stand back up to fight back - to stop him for coming down on you with a literal chair. "You're pathetic," you spit as he raises it higher.
Masky's eyes flash over with that same rage you've grown accustomed to within the past hour. "Shut up." The way he says it makes chills run up and down your spine. He's cold, devoid of all warmth and what you recognize as your usual relatively considerate leader. He's speaking to you like he would a victim.
His gloved hands tighten around the legs of the chair. A small, sharp breath in and he brings it down on you, a roar clawing its way from deep down in the back of his throat.
You squeeze your eyes shut and prepare for the impact, gasping at the gust it sends down your way, but pale when you realize it doesn't reach you. Peeling your eyes slowly open, you see the Operator's tendril looped out of his just barely ajar doorway to the chair, moving it out of Masky's hands as if it were nothing.
It makes sure the chair is in its proper spot before tending to the rest of the hallway, even nonverbally lamenting over the hole Masky's fist left in the wall before the cracks smooth out as if they were never there to begin with.
'I do not have time for your pathetic excuses. Shut up, and get in here,' the Operator's booming, more than upset voice angrily reprimands through thinly veiled calmness.
The doors to the office opened up wider.
Masky does not help you stand back up.
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awkward-rodent · 5 months ago
There besties (brian and tim arnt invited)
Tumblr media
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spookybooalien · 2 months ago
Relationships in the Safehouse HC
Just a heads up these are killers we're talking about so their positive and negative relationships might be different from a person with decent morals.
TW: nsfw mentions
Positive Relationships:
Jeff, Ben and Toby are seen together a lot. Most of the time they're being dicks towards each other but its nothing alarming (to a resident who's used to threats of dismemberment and death being thrown about). EJ occasionally finds himself wrapped up in their shit but that's it.
EJ, X-virus and Nurse Ann have a professional yet pleasant relationship. They work around in the medic office without casualties most of the time. X-virus can get a bit messy but its nothing too big that'll infuriate the other two.
Even though Jane and EJ don't talk often they enjoy each others company.
Jane, Clockwork, Judge Angels and Pinkamena are friends. Although Clockwork can be a bit bitchy and Jane ain't with that shit. Neither is Pinkie and Angels so they let Clocky come to them.
Clockwork and Toby's relationship is in the neutral zone. They had a thing in the past but it ended because of a huge argument about Clocky's nasty attitude. Despite being broken up they still get sexually intimate every now and then. When they're in front of people they act petty towards each other.
Masky and Hoodie are seen togther often by themselves unless they're with Toby or Kate. They both can't stand each other but they stick together anyways. Hoodie is the only one who can put up with Masky's asshole-ness.
Nina and Laughing Jill are psychotic besties. They invite Pinkie to indulge in their madness as well.
LJ and Jill...they're an enigma.
Bloody Painter and Judge Angels are another pair of besties.
Due to Jason being a “sophisticated” person he's gonna wanna hang out with other “well minded” people like him. His targets are Jane, EJ and Bloody Painter but he always finds himself stuck with annoying ass Candypop.
Most of the safe house residents treat Sally like a younger sibling. There's just that one percent who ain't too fond of her.
Negative Relationships:
JANE AND JEFF— Once a fight starts between them it takes over five people to separate the two from violently disfiguring each other.
75% of the safe house @ kagekao. He's just so fucking annoying.
50% of the safe house @ Jeff. He's a bastard.
Jeff @ 50% of the safe house.
25% of the safe house @ Sonic.exe.
Masky and Toby are almost never on good terms. Masky hates how Slenderman prefers Toby over him. He's annoyed by everything Toby does and thinks he's just a disposable brat. To make matters worse Toby snaps back and it makes Masky's temper sky rocket. They don't fight each other like Jane and Jeff but they get really close to. They do have times where they can coexist normally but that's not often.
Kagekao doesn't like how his antics can't faze Hoodie so he hates the proxy.
Puppeteer @ Slenderman. They're allies but they don't really rock with each other.
Yall remember when I said there was that one percent who didn't like Sally. Yeah, well, it's LJ.
Neutral Relationships:
Anyone that hasn't been mentioned with someone else or at all.
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nu-metalist · 4 months ago
Kate the Chaser except it's a redraw of an extremely low quality screenshot found on Google.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dinklebat · 8 months ago
✨Yes I Somehow Do Have More Creepypasta ft Y/N Quotes✨
Jeff: People always said ‘you have to pick your battles’. Well, guess what, I’m full of rage and I’m picking them all.
Toby: And once again, the three of us save the day.
Hoodie: You didn't do anything. It was Masky and me.
Toby: We're a package deal, everyone knows that.
*Y/N and Toby doing something stupid*
Slenderman: Part of me wants to ask, and the other part says knowing will be more disturbing than anything I could ever imagine.
Ej: I'm not?
Ej: I'm not!
Jeff: I MEAN IT.
Ej: Jeff, I promise you that I'm not.
Jeff, relaxing: ...okay.
Ej: If anything, Liu’a the one flirting with me.
Jeff: EJ.
Toby: Doby I'm leaving you in charge of taking care of my pet raccoon. Do you remember the rules of doing so?
Doby: Don't let Masky know, don't let him see it, and don't leave him in the same room with it for more than one minute!
Toby: (patting Doby’s shoulder) you’re a good friend.
Kate: You're so annoying.
Y/N: Then stop holding my hand.
Kate: ...
Kate: No.
Jeff : I have no fears.
Y/N : What if one day you woke up and Ben was taller than you?
Jeff : ...
Jeff : I have one fear
Nina: do you like my outfit?
Y/N: not as much as I like what’s underneath it.
Nina, blushing: Y/N—
Y/N: I need your chair. Get up.
Rowan, to Camelia and Toby: I'm not going to stand by and watch you two kill each other !
Toby: Oh, okay….you can sit if you want!
Alan: Excuse me, who is in charge here?
Skully: Usually? It's whoever yells the loudest.
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r0ttingrabbit · 4 months ago
Y/N: What’s something you guys are better than Jeff at?
Nina: Mario Kart.
Toby: Yeah, video games.
Kate: Emotional vulnerability.
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inaccurate-linguini · 11 months ago
Slender: Alright someone give me a cigarette
Y/n: Boss, we don’t smoke
Slender: Cut the crap, Y/n. One in every five teenagers smoke. As far as I’m concerned there’s 5 of you here
Hoodie: I’m 24?
Slender: Now i’m going to close my eyes, when I open them there better be a cigarette between these fingers
Masky: [places a cigarette between Slender's fingers]
Slender: Light
Hoodie, Masky, Y/n, Toby and Kate: [shoving their lighter and lighting the cigarette]
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inkher0 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'd make so much more of these if I had good enough memes to redraw, but I cannot find them at all. If you have any, PLEASE send them to me. I was howling with laughter drawing the last pic and I'm still chasing that high.
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huniebunny · 5 months ago
Domestic Fluff - Proxies x Reader
[Warnings: General Foul Language]
[Word Count: 1780 words]
Okay, I’m trying out something interesting with Toby. Toby canonically has Tourette’s Syndrome but rarely shows any form of tics throughout his story. I’m still learning how often tics happen and how long they can last, but I tried incorporating a few verbal and motor tics! It was kinda fun to write actually! Please let me know if adding them in worked out!
You stirred awake to the feeling of warmth at your back and the sunlight in your eyes. You groaned and turned over to find Kate cuddling your back, her arm loosely over your hip and petting your thigh. She seemed to already be awake and smiled when she noticed you woke up. Her hand stopped and you tried to hide your disappointment in a yawn.
"Good morning. How'd you sleep?" She asked.
"Surprisingly good… What time is it anyways?" You answered, rubbing your eyes.
Kate got up from the bed but stopped you from getting up too. She smiled and shook her head. "You get to stay in bed for a little longer. I'll tell the others you're up."
Then she left with a rather large pep to her step. You blinked in confusion but didn't want to upset her by getting up either. Your question was still unanswered as you huddled back into the sheets, taking up where her warmth still lingered. You could probably go to sleep for a while longer, but the door opened with the softest creak its creaky hinges could muster. You peeked through the comforter and laughed softly at Toby cringing at the noise until he heard you.
His smile brightened and he leaned on the footboard with a jerk of the head. He popped his wrists, and readjusted his arms on the wood. Once he was settled, he put his full attention on you. “H-h-h-hey, you! Tim- T-t-Tim’s cock- wait-” He tried to say, repeatedly ducking his chin into his collar.
You grinned and sat up against the pillows. “Take your time, Toby.”
Once he’d calmed down, he chuckled at himself, before starting over. “Tim’sss-s-s cooking breakfast r-ri- revoking your license- right now. Bastard- wow.” You both cracked up at that and Toby stood up again, shoulders twitching back and hands tightening their grip on the footboard. “Do you w-want sss- some fuck?- Or co- cock-” He shook his head, trying again, “Coffee?”
You started to get up from the bed; only Toby stepped around and pushed you back into bed. “N-No, Reader. You get to sss-s-stay in bed today. Th-the rest of the group will- fuck me- in the ass- Will come up later.” But he did sit on the bed with you, talking about what your next mission might be or where you all might go next. You enjoyed talking with Toby. He was fun to be around, in a particular child-like way he probably never got to experience before. He’d pop his joints every so often, and you’d attempt to pop your own in response. 
The door opened again, with Toby jerking his head toward whoever was entering. “Set him on fire,” He said in a monotone voice, causing Hoodie to pause. Toby immediately grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “Sss-s-sorry, Hoodie…” 
Hoodie shook his head and set two mugs down on the end table next to you. “You never came back down, Toby. So, I brought both tea and coffee for Reader. Take your pick.” You made your choice as he sat down on the other side of the bed.
“W-Well, sorry for wanting sss-s-some alone time with them. K-k-k-Kate got to- fuck off- cuddle them all night!” Hoodie rolled his eyes and Toby pouted, holding his ankles to avoid punching something. 
 “And you might want to move to the middle of the bed. Just saying.” Hoodie brought up. 
You lifted a brow at that and shifted to the middle of the pillows, curling up. “What, is everyone going to be in here at once?”
Both Hoodie and Toby shrugged with grins on their faces. The three of you talked about everything and nothing at once. You even almost started a debate between the two of them when Kate bounded in with hair ties on her wrist, a brush and detangling solution in hand. You smiled as she crawled onto the bed on your right and started gathering your hair in her hands.
She stuck her tongue out at you. “Nasty bedhead. We have to fix that.”
You gasped, just playing along, and turned to Hoodie who looked away and Toby who shrugged his shoulders. “How dare you both not tell me that I had nasty bedhead?!” You huffed, letting the moment sink in before you all cracked and laughed.
“Because they think your bedhead is cute,” Masky supplied, pushing the door away with his shoulder. He carried a tray of steaming pancakes, eggs just how you liked them, and bacon, cooked to perfection. Your mouth watered as the tray was set on your lap, and Masky settled in on your left.
You lifted your gaze to the four of them. They all smiled back at you before getting into conversations between each other. You didn’t know the special occasion for all of this, but it didn’t matter. The people who cared the most about you surrounded your heart and you dug into the delicious breakfast.
You moaned out as the eggs practically melted on your tongue. Masky smirked and preened, taking that as enough praise. He received glares from the rest of the group. Brian then smirked and leaned in toward you. “Oh, Reader, once you’re done getting ready, we’re going for a ride.”
You blinked at that, swallowing your food. “A ride? To where?” You asked.
“Just on the interstate. We’ll blast music with the windows down.” Masky’s interest piqued. So it was one of those joy rides, huh?
You smiled, practically swaying in your spot from anticipation. “I’d love that! 
Brian smirked, and, like Masky, earned himself a glare from everyone else. Masky nudged your shoulder. “That’s only if you finish all of your breakfast.” Brian frowned at Masky.
You quickly ate, forcing Kate to pause her detangling process. She snarled at the two of them. Toby was left out of the mix and jutted in. “O-Oh! When y-you get back from tha-at, we can settle down for a- waffle party- for a- a movie!"
You smiled at Toby. "That's a great idea, Toby. Hoodie and I will hit up someplace to pick up a few choices!" 
"Okay, okay," Kate interrupted, "Now slow down, Reader. I'm not done detangling your nasty bedhead." You held still as best you could for her and finished your food more calmly. 
Masky took your tray, then Hoodie took your mug and the other one that had long gone cold. Toby stayed with you and Kate, talking up a storm about something he saw back at a victim's house. You and Kate smiled at him and let him talk to his heart's content. Kate finished her process and hugged you close.  She let go, gathering everything before tugging Toby up from his spot in the bed. “We’ll leave you to get ready!”
You didn’t move until they closed the door behind them, sure they’d dogpile you back onto the bed until you couldn’t move. You chuckled at the thought before getting up and grabbing a towel to shower. When you entered the bathroom, you noticed a stack of clothes prepped for you and a note that sat on top.
In messy writing, the note read, “I did the laundry for you! ♡ -Toby” 
You cooed and set the note aside to undress and clean yourself up. Once you dried off and wrapped your hair up, you dressed in the clothes provided, and laughed when you realized Toby gave you a conglomeration of clothing from everyone in the group. You currently donned a pair of Toby’s jeans, one of Kate’s oversized shirts, and a spare zip up hoodie that Hoodie and Masky wore during laundry day. You pulled the collar up to your nose and breathed in the scent of your favorite laundry detergent, sighing.
You immediately went down to show off the outfit to the group. Toby was the first to notice you and stood up. He grinned when he saw that you wore everything he set up. “You look g-g-great, Reader!”
The rest looked up and Brian had to stop Masky’s jaw from falling to the floor. You were simply too much for their cold hearts. Hoodie stood up and took the keys before Masky thought better of himself. “You ready to go, beautiful?”
The jingle of keys reminded you of your upcoming joy ride and grinned with full force. “Is it just us?” You asked as you walked out but noticed no one else followed. Hoodie shook his head. “Just us,” He answered.
You slid into the passenger seat, rolling down the window the moment he turned the car on. Hoodie grinned at how excited you looked before driving off for the highways. You leaned back, letting the wind fully dry your hair, and turned on the radio. The volume was turned up enough to be heard over the wind. You fully enjoyed yourself, belting out to the music or getting swept up by the wind in your face. 
Hoodie practically felt the glow coming off of you as the drive went on. Then you started to tire out and he decided to finally stop somewhere for those movies. He pulled up to a redbox and remained in the car while you hopped out to search through the selection. After a while, you came back, movies in hand, and slid back into the passenger seat for the ride back. The windows were rolled back up but the radio was not turned back down. 
You both eventually made it back to find the whole place cleaned up and a blanket fort set up over the tv and couch. The coffee table had been pushed aside. Toby peeked out from the blankets and motioned you to crawl in. You and Hoodie shrugged before crawling into the cramped fort. Hoodie chuckled at Masky who was pressed up against the couch and mentally dreading over what a mess this would turn into. 
But you popped a movie in the dvd player and curled up in between Toby and Kate, and Masky settled that the mess was worth it. You all settled in for the movies, but everyone else started to fall asleep after the fourth one played out. You sighed and started breaking down the fort, wrapping everyone up in the vast amounts of blankets used. It was still early for dinner, so you decided to make some snacks for when they all woke up.
What you didn’t realize, was that all of this effort they put into the day was for that specific reason. They wanted to care for you in return for taking care of them. And there probably wouldn’t be enough they could do to pay you back.
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scary-lasagna · 6 months ago
Tim, Brian, Kate, all dragging themselves to shore, coughing up water, and very angry:
Clock, stomping up beside them: You can yell at me all you want, but I've seen enough cartoons to know that popping the back of a raft makes it go faster!
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morefluid-thanwater · a month ago
Tumblr media
Daily Doodle 175! A rare instance - a mortal walks unbothered into the deepest parts of the Operator’s forest picking up garbage. This will her seal her fate, although she doesn’t know it yet.
Kate was never the most observant person anyways.
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Happy to hear requests are open again! Just don’t push yourself too much okay?
If it’s okay, could I get some HCs of the Proxies (or just Masky n Hoodie) of what some quality good cuddle time is like? I’m in a need of some fluff ☺️
Cuddling with Masky, Hoodie and Kate
[Warnings: Like, none?]
[AN: Toby is in time out. Idk what her standing is on him rn, but I highly suggest @nursegracecreates for Toby.]
Written more as Masky than Tim, Masky loves physical content, but soft, gentle physical contact what? What? Anyways, once you get him used to it, he's never really letting you go.
Loves to have your head on his chest so he can just barely rake his nails over your scalp and trace shapes on your back. Literally just lay on him, he loves that so much.
The warmth he emits is super nice. Like a giant space heater. I get the feeling if he could like, purr, he would.
He also likes when the two of you are on the couch and you just rest your legs on his lap. Sometimes it's too hot for full on cuddles.
He talks really softly to you, but has the weirdest conversation starters. Tim is very sweet, but Masky is kinda,,, work based? He's stressed and releases that just by being with you.
Written more as Hoodie than Brian, I'm,,,, not entirely sure Hoodie likes contact that isn't sexual in nature. It's just how I see him. But cuddling is something he very begrudgingly comes to love.
He's not always up for it because physical touch overwhelms him (not Brian though!), but he will curl around you, draping you in his lanky and toned form.
Will put his hoodies around you. Likes it when you smell like him. Everything comes back to A/B/O lol. Also when he's away doing work or whatever, his hoodies are big enough that it feels like you're getting hugged by him or something in the meantime.
Also likes when you have your head on his chest. Enjoys having you cuddle into his side so he can wrap his arm around you and pull you in close.
Loves to rest his head on the top of your head, breathing softly and humming quietly. It's the most intimate thing the two of you do that isn't nsfw related if that's your cup of tea or not. I don't think Hoodie is really geared towards non-nsfw expressions of love, but he makes exceptions for you and enjoys them himself.
She's a hesitant cuddler, but I also think once she warms up to the idea, she's a cuddle bug through and through. Kate loves to hold you. While physical touch isn't her main love language, it is something she really enjoys.
She will engulf you in her arms, spoon you, all those things. Also, I don't think she's that picky about who is big spoon? Likes both, but honestly,,, I think she prefers being little spoon. Makes her feel safe and secure, and you make her feel loved.
She adores peppering your face in kisses and hearing your giggles. It's adorable. Loves to compliment you with each kiss.
Loves, and I mean LOVES when you wear her clothing. Doesn't matter if it's her hoodie, shirt, pants, she really doesn't care just wear her clothes it makes her go bonkers.
You need to play with her hair while you're cuddling with her. Twirl it, play with is, put it in braids, whatever hairstyle you like the most, French plait, all that cute stuff. She likes to trace your skin, forearms and shoulders, your waist. And I think Kate is pretty knowledgeable about hair types of all textures, lengths. If you have hair on your head, she'll play with it too.
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Slender Woods
The pastas dont live in one mansion owned by Slender, there are actually different sections in the deepest parts of the woods so humans cant enter. Each section has a mansion for a certain group of pastas, examples;
A mansion only filled with glitches like Lost Silver, BEN Drowned, Dark Link, Channel 666, Strangled Red, Glitchy Red, Sonic.Exe, Tails Doll, etc.
One filled with the demon or 'monsterous' pastas like Eyeless Jack , Kagekao, The Skroll, Lulu, etc.
For the dead souls like Suicide Sadie, Puppeteer, Judge Angels, Roadwalker, Oliver, Lucy, Sally and Lily
The Slender beings live in the largest mansion in the woods.
The medical pastas like Dr Pain, Dr Smiley, Nurse Ann, and Dr Manic
Proxy Mansion for Ticci Toby, Masky, Hoodie, Rouge, Kate the Chaser, X Virus, Wilson the Basher and Nemesis
One for Laughing Jack and Jill, Iisac Grossman, Mary(Jill's friend), Candy Pop and Cane, Jason the Toymaker, Dollmaker, Nathan the Nobody and the Pianist
Liu, Jeff and Nina living in one of the slightly smaller mansions
Jane and Mary(her wife) living in the other small mansion
And a lot more but right now I cant really think of others
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