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𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐲 - 𝐃𝐚𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐈𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: SMUT. 18+. Foul language.
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: The anniversary of your relationship with Damon was finally here. You both had promised each other that there would be no gifts. You wanted it to be intimate, and boy did he take intimate to a whole new level.
Tumblr media
“Damon.” You called out, running your hands across the side of the bed to find his warm body. To your surprise, he wasn’t there. You snapped out of your sleepy state, sitting up to see if he really wasn’t there.
You woke up to rose petals surrounding you. It was unusual because Damon wasn’t the most affectionate person. You threw the blanket off you, flinging rose petals to the floor. The cold breeze of the morning crept up on you and your skin grew goosebumps. You quickly ran to Damon’s drawer, pulling out one of his infamous black shirts and covering your naked body. You looked down at the floor, the petals lined up in formation leading to the bathroom. Anticipating what would be to come, you made your way to the bathroom.
You looked up from the floor after reaching your destination. There he was. The water was dripping off his naked body and made him look like he was glistening in the bathroom lighting. The glass was fogged up from the steam, but you could see the best parts of him through the steam. “I was waiting for you to wake up.” He turned, smirking. His eyes met yours, sending a chilling feeling down your spine. Something about his eyes and his smirk drove you insane. “Happy anniversary, sweetheart. Are you going to join me?” He chuckled, continuing, “You look hot in my shirt, but I’d enjoy your company in here.” He tousled his hands through his hair.
You nodded, licking your lips before taking his shirt off you and dropping it to the ground. You could already feel the butterflies going crazy in your stomach. Damon had a special way of making everything feel like the first time; The first look, first kiss, first time getting turned on by one another. It made you shy, but he fed off that. You were completely naked now, your nipples hardened by the cold breeze you felt earlier. You walked toward the glass door, opening it and closing it behind you. The heat from the hot shower relaxed you. In that moment, you could feel his warm, wet hands pull you in to his chest. You looked up at him, feeling the redness rush to your cheeks. The water ran over your body, the only thing that stood between you and him were the droplets of water on your bodies. Just like how he liked it.
“You always manage to look more beautiful without even trying, Y/N.” He whispered. You could see the sincerity in his eyes, making you feel like time had stopped. When he called you by your name, you knew he was serious. At this point, your heart was beating out of your chest. You felt paralyzed for a moment, wondering if he would be the one to close the space that filled between both of your lips. He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to your plump lips. He was so gentle. Usually, you both were rough when having sex because that’s how you both liked it- but when he was gentle, it was like a whole new world.
You could feel his hands travel your body, finding their way down to your ass. He lightly squeezed your ass, causing you to arch your back in pleasure. You deepened the kiss, allowing his tongue to explore your mouth. You could feel the wetness grow between your legs. You squeezed them together in a desperate attempt to feel some pressure. He pulled back from the kiss, lightly pressing your body against the glass of the shower. “Spread them for me.” He groaned. You could feel his erection grow bigger the more he touched and kissed you. You felt his hand go up near your throbbing clit. He pressed a kiss against your lips, trailing them down to your neck before pressing his finger against the center of your core. You let out a soft, gentle moan, making him react by moaning out as well. “Your moans sound like music.” He moaned before going back down to your neck.
He kissed and sucked around until he found your sweet spot, applying more pressure and sucking harder. You toes curled out of habit, as they always did when he sucked on your sweet spot. He did all of this while his fingers were still roaming around your clit. He brought two fingers down to your entrance, swirling them in your puddle of wetness before sliding them inside. He pulled away from your neck, a fresh red bruise upon your skin now. He smirked at his piece of art. You could feel his erection poking at you and then suddenly pressed against you as you felt him lean his body on yours. He pumped his fingers in and out of you slowly, “Damon” You moaned out, wrapping your arms around his neck. You locked eyes with him, watching as he fingered you. He thrusted his fingers inside you deeper, curling them slightly; He knew that drove you crazy.
“Please, harder” You moaned out. He listened, his fingers becoming quicker. He didn’t stop, desperately trying to give you every ounce of pleasure he could. He slowed down, adding a third finger now. You moaned out louder, sure that you were louder than the shower that was still running. The water wasn’t even a factor at this point anymore. Though it was running down both of your bodies and soaking you both, it didn’t interfere with the passion. He thrusted up a couple of more times before you felt your core tighten, “Damon, I am going to cum.” You moaned.
He chuckled, it was a sweet melody to his ears to know that he could simply make you cum off of his fingers. It made him feel transcendent. He let you cum, your cum all over his fingers. He pulled all three fingers out, bringing them up to his lips. Usually, he’d have you suck on his fingers, but today he wanted a taste. One by one, he sucked on the three of his fingers. “You taste so good.” He smiled, dropping down to his knees and spreading your legs a little wider.
The water was hitting his head now, but the water didn’t stop him. He brought his tongue to your clit, desperately trying to taste you more. “Fuck” You moaned out, your hands intertwining themselves in Damon’s hair, helping the water not directly go onto his face. He swirled his tongue around the folds of your clit until he found the spot that made you whimper out for him. He sucked on that pleasing spot on your clit. “Y-yes” You moaned out, stuttering your words. At this point, words escaped your mind, you were just stuck on the immense amount of pressure he was giving you. He brought his hand to his cock, stroking as he ate you out. You could hear him getting off on the mere fact that he was pleasing you. “Damon, I need you inside of me.” You moaned, feeling him pull himself from your clit.
He stood back up, bringing his cock close to your clit. He rubbed the tip of it against your warmth. “I need you too” He reassured you, bringing his hands up and lifting you off of the floor. He lined you up with his cock, slowly sliding himself inside of you. He let out a loud moan, “Fuck, this is just what I needed” He pressed a soft kiss on your lips before beginning to thrust up inside of you. “You’re always so ready for me” He moaned into your ear, causing you to moan louder. You felt your nails dig into his back. He groaned at the pain that also brought him pleasure. You could feel him start to go faster, his hands cupping you and dropping you onto his long, thick cock.
“Damon, fuck.” You said, feeling yourself come close to your second orgasm with only a couple of strokes. You brought your lips to his neck, sucking on his sweet spot as he thrusted up into you. You could hear his moans grow deeper as you found his pleasure point. You sucked deeper and harder, mirroring the actions he took on your neck. You could feel his thrusts grow sloppy, tightening your core around his cock. You pulled back to see the bruise you left on his neck.
“Fuck.” He moaned before you both came. You could feel his warm cum fill you up. He rode out his high before taking you off from around him. “don’t worry about getting cleaned up, I’m not done here.” He winked, throwing himself under the hot water to relax his muscles. You joined him, clearly wobbly from him being inside of you. You wrapped your arms around him, the both of you letting the hot water run over your bodies.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MILF MONDAY | Oct 4th 2021 ↳ SCI-FI + Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard
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“Fair travels Captain Vîdarr?” I greeted the tired Crobo as he approached.
Vîdarr dropped the bag onto the counter and nearly collapsed into his usual spot. He ran his six fingers in small circles on the corners of his four eyes as if trying to alleviate pain.
“That well?” I joked, reaching for the bag.
Vîdarr made a noise akin to a vibrating metal plate, a Crobo’s version of a groan. It was a noise the galaxy hadn’t heard until humans arrived. He gestured to the bag.
Curiosity finally won over and I opened the bag.
Gems bounced around the floor as I stared in shock. This was by far the most expensive cargo he’d ever brought, and I couldn’t even imagine the difficulty in getting it here safely. I quickly followed the dropped gems to the ground, scooping them back into the bag before anyone else could see.
I kept one out and held it up. It was in near perfect condition. Gorgeous color, outstanding quality.
“Captain, how did you get these?”
“Test them.”
Vîdarr wanted me to test these for forgery? These were clearly the famed crystals farmed on Lucenile. Incredibly important to the local religion, outsiders receiving one was rare. Beings have been known to kill for them before. Having this many, and with these colors, it was unheard of.
“I hardly think that’s-“
Vîdarr interrupted me, his hands dropping roughly to the desk. “Test them.”
I walked to the back, leaving the bag in his care. I set the crystal down and examined it. As suspected, it passed all visible exams. It wasn’t until I did a microbial exam did I realize they were missing the proper organisms famed to live inside the Lucenite. These were forgeries.
I walked back to see the Captain, even more in awe than I was before. Vîdarr seemed more energized.
“Nearly perfect right?”
I nodded, and looked again at the false Lucenite. I glanced at the bag, and tried to figure out how Vîdarr managed to find someone who so perfectly crafted these fakes.
“I. These. You.” None of my sentences would come.
“Exactly!” Vîdarr exclaimed with the energy he didn’t have when he got here.
Vîdarr frowned. “How do you think?”
I shook my head. “I’m sorry Captain, but Katherine could not have produced these.”
“But she did. That human does three jobs on my ship and still finds time to do things like this! I know we’re the first ship she’s been on, but even a child isn’t this ignorant. I swear she must be doing this to me on purpose.”
“What happened?” I asked.
Vîdarr sighed. “We we’re on our way to Tatia when we got stuck in a ion beam. Instantly shut down the ship. The pirates were after the Lucenile ship leaving the planet. Of course we came to their aid. The Luceniles insisted on having us for a celebration, a gratitude dinner, nothing more. Katherine asked to go ‘exploring’.”
“Vîdarr, you should know better than to allow a human to explore,” I chided him. I still didn’t understand how this led to the bag of false Lucenite.
“She went with several others, and they ventured down to the farms. She was smitten with the gems, as everyone is, but she has this penchant for anything shiny. I was surprised she didn’t steal one, merely asked to hold one for a minute. Her request seemed benign and they granted it. We ate, and we left. I thought that was it.” Vîdarr shook his head. “How wrong I was. She visited the testing lab and created a clear compound. We were worried she going to drink it, but no. She poured it into a hand crafted cylinder from her room and left it. When she removed the compound, it had hardened into a false Lucenite. She was so excited, she started making them in all kinds of colors.”
“She made a copy of the Lucenite on the planet so she could craft them later?” Stories of Katherine and her antics never cease to amaze, and as simple as it was, it was outlandish to imagine she did it. The bag in front of me told me otherwise.
“Worse, she messages the Luceniles about it and they were so overjoyed to be able to have something not sacred to share with the galaxy, they’ve requested she keep making them and sell them. They want the galaxy to stop raiding their planet and attacking them for their sacred gems.”
I frowned. “So you’ve brought them here?”
“Tænge, my friend, you’re the only one I can trust. I will uphold the promise made by my crew, but I cannot allow our ship to be targeted.”
In order to stay safe, I’d have to get these off this outpost and planetside immediately. Probably load them off to Gænge. She’s running an upscale shop, she can get these into the hands of beings who can spread the word safely. Once it’s known, then Vîdarr should be safe enough to sell them directly from his ship.
I sighed. “You’re fortunate that I enjoy your tales too much to risk loosing them.”
Vîdarr relaxed for the first time since he sat down. “I’m very thankful my friend.”
“Before you go, what happened when Katherine saw the faereis of Tatia?” I asked.
Vîdarr groaned again and leaned forward to tell the tale.
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your fall was not an accident. you were chosen for the damned. insp
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Tumblr media
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due to the newest Empires update; enjoy 
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13]
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Me siento vulnerable y jamás me ha gustado sentir esa sensación. Es como si me estuviera ahogando y nadie viniera a rescatarme.
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Now that @saikomakesart is on here, I can share these collabs we did for sausage and katherine!! :D They did the sketch/lines, and I did the colors!
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𝔭𝔦𝔠𝔨 𝔞 𝔭𝔦𝔩𝔢 - 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔡𝔞𝔯𝔨 𝔭𝔬𝔴𝔢𝔯𝔰
Tumblr media
❦ paid chart readings
❦ this pac was requested @junswic , i never forgot it! and im not taking in any requests anymore since i already have the last two pick a piles im my drafts that im doing, and i thought the ones they came up with was very interesting and i'd like to try one of them so i evidently picked the dark powers one!
Tumblr media
❦ anyways, take a deep breathe and choose wisely!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❦ from what im getting for this pile is that you have a dark power of making many people submit to you, without barely doing anything you have this power of making others feel intimidated by you, even though this gives you automatic authority over other people. they might be others who will want to be different and go against you. due to how used to you are having others submit to you it could rub you the wrong way when you see someone not behave like others. you have this queen energy that makes many people do whatever you want them to do, you have this cold fire energy to you and especially when you speak. you can speak with softness yet people would still be able to hear the dominance you bear with your soul.
❦ you have this dark power of controlling both men and women, it could be considered as mind manipulation/mind control, or people from the outside would study it as people fearing you so they do whatever you want them to do. your dark power could include of influence, you will have people by your side all the time and would have people advocate for you, you might have people around you that see you doing barely anything wrong which could lead to something dangerous. even though your dark power could impact people around you, this could also impact you, because they see you as someone who is "perfect" and "mighty" the moment you do something they wouldnt expect them to do, all their delusions about you will fall and they can become disappointed.
❦ but because of your mind manipulation, you can quickly make them believe otherwise. you can make them start thinking you are someone who is perfect and outer-worldly again. this is a pile for people who want to feel like a God, this could be your inner self, what you want to become, becoming someone who could have someone's life in their hands. deciding if they should go punished or unpunished. (very Lilith-like).
❦ as i said that you have this type of influence, which could once against link back to mind manipulation. with just with the look on your face and the gloss in your eyes, you could make others decide if they want to or not want to do anything. people who chose this pile could be very excellent when giving puppy-eyes which could make it difficult for others to say not to you. many people who have picked this pile could be studied as someone who is brattish and spoiled, being very used to everything going there way. and because you are so good at mind-control, you can use it to make others go against others, the power of persuasion and influence.
❦ people who've picked this pile might have some aquarius, pisces, leo, neptune and uranus, prominent lilith and slight scorpio dominance to them. they could even have some pluto dominance to them; those placements are very required for someone to have that much influence on others, it could even go to the degrees, the 23 degree, 17 degree, 10 degree and 20 degree. but the most dominant and prominent sign and planet that is coming up for me for this pile is pisces and neptune.
❦ song -
Tumblr media
❦ for those who have picked this pile, i sense that your dark power is being able to transform yourself from every situation and like the previous pile, or which i'd say is quite similar to the previous pile, many of you have the power to deceive others. being able to get other people to do your bidding without them realising that they are doing your bidding; many of you are witty, mischievous, cunning and alluring that is most likely how you get many people to fall for what you say to them causing them to do what you want. like i said in the beginning of the paragraph that you have the ability to transform yourself from every situation, including negative situations, you guys mainly transform yourself from negative situations, in a way that you become more powerful than ever. in a "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger" way.
❦ however, like, the previous pile, you guys can be very manipulative, but not in a mind-control way. perhaps you guys already have done or maybe it has flown through your mind, or you have the capability to do it; you guys might've used someone's leverage against them. but majority of the leverage could be about relationships, im seeing a lot of you guys used leverage against married people who've tried to hit on you. im also getting that you use sex to get what you want. very mischievous people who have picked this pile and people who usually have ulterior motives.
❦ im seeing that many of you might pray to a deity or that some of you just have a God-Complex, i sense that the reason why majority of you are like this is because you have been wronged in the past many time and perhaps you let people get away with it back then until there was just a moment when you had enough. you woke up as a different person, a person with an agenda, perchance, many of you are bitter people but you are not bitter without a reason.
❦ possibly, you being bitter is what aids you to go throughout the day. without that bitterness you wouldnt have accomplished the things you have done. it could be said that your dark power would include vengefulness and a powerful will, it could be studied that many of you have been called a bitch and you never took offence to it. perchance you even agree with the claim, it makes you feel good that you make other people miserable. you feed onto negativity it is a like a power source to many of you guys, possibly people do feel bad negativity around you, and perhaps it is bad energy due to the negative generated power you consume. adding onto your dark power, it would be studied that you always have versatility and duality to dip into different personalities, which could be a reason why people think you're two-faced.
❦ howbeit, you do that to adapt into the atmosphere you're in, specifically if they're new atmospheres. ironically, some of you might even be a twin and you could be considered as the rebellious twin. moreover, to the placements im seeing for this pile is heavy mercury, virgo, gemini, scorpio, pluto, sagittarius, aquarius and libra. mainly mutable energy for this pile, degrees like 18°, 21°, 20°, 29°, 15° and the 16°.
❦ song -
Tumblr media
❦ this is a very devious and slick mass of people who've picked this pile. sirens, femme fatales, plutonians and lilithians gathered here. people who love the darkness, the occult, death and magic. a lot of people who practice witchcraft or anything else surrounding it picked this pile, but that is not the dark power i'll be speaking about. the dark power people who've picked this pile would have is the ability to lure others, as if a snake trapping their prey. the ability to deceit others successfully all the time and possibly having the ability to enhance your beauty, being very adaptable in your surroundings, being able to do all dark mischievous things while still being able to look like the innocent one.
❦ one of your abilities is perserverance, having the ability to wait it out, wait till someone's death or wait until someone's tired. also waiting until the person you are against forgets what they've done so you can attack and surprise them, like those thieves in the night; on one hand, i have a state of mind that many of you have to have at least one clair. this is the pile of people who are very spiritually talented and barely of you use it for a peaceful or happy thing. many of you use your gifts to seek out revenge and justice. perchance, a lot of you were pushed to a moment you had nothing but the darkness and the darkness enveloped you with a cold warmth.
❦ being nocturnal, which could aid you on succeeding on the things you've planned. many of you are secretive and intelligent. having the power to outsmart any opponent you have even if they're more knowledgable or "powerful" than you. both "knowledge is power" and "power is power" are your mottos and you know when to use them individually or you know how to use them the same time. returning to the point of you having the ability to lure others in, masses of you do have this siren affect and you like to use it on men most of the time, to play and toy with their feelings, majority of the time is when they come to you with ulterior motives but you being the cunning person you are, you outsmart them.
❦ people who've picked this pile embody darkness and malevolence. you have this dark power to read someone's mind with ease, you scare and intimidate people. eyes either holding much expression or very detached. but grin malicious or playful, some people might consider you as someone who appears or disappears very quickly, but you have this impact to be printed in someone's mind for a very long time, as if their mind is your home. having this dark ability to pick every insecurity or fear one has and use it against them.
❦ having this all-knowing energy that makes people automatically think that you're better than them, of course this'll bring nasty and envious energy but many of you wouldnt care due to you being of people who feed on negative energy. being able to do risky things for your benefit, many of you are self-righteous, selfish and arrogant but it helps you through life, you do have this light within you but you decide to cover it with a blanket and only show it to people you think are deserving of it. placements i get for this pile is mainly scorpio, aries, aquarius, virgo, pisces and leo. with dominant pluto, uranus, moon and sun, im getting a mars-venus, mars-neptune, venus-pluto, sun-pluto and jupiter-pluto aspects for people here; returning to the point of you doing risky things for your benefit, perhaps people have hurt you for your benefit and now all you do is reflect them. perhaps you project a lot, you're self-aware of the darkness and evilness that does fill up your body that it could be stated that your dark power is genuinely just darkness.
❦ song -
Tumblr media
❦ here lies the provokers and the teasers, the people who think they're better than others but perhaps they even are. having the dark power to get a reaction from anyone, being able to get under anyone's skin; perchance many of you are hated because of how much distaste people get when they even say your name, or the annoyed groan that comes out of their mouths when they hear or see of your presence. i have a state of mind that you knowing that you can make people feel that way makes you feel good, knowing your power and impact on people.
❦ having this dark power to control other's emotions, pathokinesis is what they call it. aside from all the negative thoughts people could have of you, you could be described as some sort of charmer. knowing your way with words, knowing how to get someone riled up, knowing how to get someone sad or knowing how to get someone horny. making someone's knees shake because of how you word sentences, it could be stated that it does sound like mind manipulation, but, this is different, this is the manipulation of someone's mental state.
❦ having the potential to make someone leave the room with glee or despair. you could be described as someone who's a little wicked, evil with without a cause, being mischievous just for the fun of it, it makes you laugh knowing how brittle and frail human emotion's are, that to others it could be studied that you are not human but a mean sorceress. having the dark ability to prey on others just because you can; maybe you do this to make yourself feel better about yourself and it works. perhaps inside that cold and hard body of yours, if pierced with the sharpest weapon the world could wield and that tip of the weapon could touch your heart, they would be able to feel the sad and insecure feelings that rush through your body.
❦ but it's not your fault, the world has made you this way and so you must make the world feel how you've felt, and you're great at it. another nocturnal pile, maybe you're the people who cant even sleep, back rested against the bed as you stare up at the ceiling, hands either beside your body or against your stomach as you imagine all the things you could do. revenge, being a dark power of yours. knowing what you could do to others makes you smile, skin made out of tough steel, having the power to get through anything.
❦ maybe you've been called insane, but it didnt hurt you, you've been told worse that almost nothing could hurt you. maybe you've been called crazy, a bitch, a psycho, all the rude words under the sun and you've accepted them. you've been looked at as if your whole existence was taboo, perhaps you were someone who wasnt accepted in this life time, being a lone wolf, maybe some of you even have a short amount of friends, but you might not talk to them all the time. being a hermit, needing alone time to regenerate. accepting loneliness as it accepted you, you might even find it better with it just staying that way. seeing pisces placements for this pile, heavy 12h placements, neptune placements, cancer, scorpio placements, 11h and 8h placements. heavy aquarius and uranus energy perhaps even sagittarius. prominent lilith and pluto dominant too.
❦ song -
❦ paid chart readings
❦ masterlist of pick a piles
support me ❦
pluto ❦
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fanartist-at-times · 4 months ago
To be clear, these are predictions based on:
1) the presence of a final scene on the Empires' finale that says "Empires (S2) will be back" or something along those lines;
2) a players twitter posts related to Empires' finale mentioning season 2;
3) the ending of their series (did it let any possibilities for a continuation or did it conclude their arc?);
4) personal feelings :D
Tumblr media
If you wanna also know more about my opinion, check under the cut <3
Fwhip: even though his finale did entwine with Gem's, Fwhip didn't wrap up his character and left everything pretty much open. So I think he'll be back, since he also mentions S2 in his twitter.
Gem: I don't think she'll be back since it feels like she really wrapped up her storyline in Empires, as she also said in her twitter post regarding the finale (even though, I'd love to see a small cameo maybe in Fwhip's first S2 episode, it'd be nice seeing the Rosesibling one last time together)
Jimmy: our favourite fish-boy will definitely be back next season. I won't rest in peace until the Codfather head will be back in Jimmy's hands (yes, I'm still sad about his ending and I want him to be happy)
Joel: I think he'll be back next season. He didn't say anything on twitter but his ending was very abrupt and I just want to see how he'll react to his wife desappearance (and hopefully, next season he'll be finally allowed to swear)
Joey: I didn't really follow his series but I feel like his ending was all he ever wanted (meaning, being reunited with Xornoth in the after life and blowing shit up together) BUT I could be wrong and maybe we'll see him next season! It'd be nice, tbh.
Katherine: just as Jimmy, she has to come back to prove herself worthy of her crown (which, in my opinion, she already is but you know what I mean) and everything points in that direction so... fingers-crossed!
Lizzie: I truly hope Lizzie will be back next season. I loved her videos and there's so much more things she could do but now that she has no memory left and has logged out, she might not come back soon... maybe she will after Joel or Jimmy find a way to bring her back. I truly hope so.
Pearl: she hasn't uploaded her video finale yet and in Sausage's we saw her die with her Empire, so she could definitely just be dead, but I feel like she'll be back. Gilded Helantia had so much to offer, so I hope Pearl's like stuck in another reality until Sausage doesn't free her.
Pixlriffs: after his twitter post about the finale, I don't think he'll be back. He has other projects and that's great for him (less great for us but we will always hold Pixandria close to our heart)
Sausage: now, I haven't followed very closely his lore so I'm not sure how and if he could be back in his "good side", but we will definitely see more of his evil side next season (question to the Sausage lore enthusiasts: is there any way good Sausage is now locked in the other dimension where his evil self was locked?)
Update - Sausage will definitely be back (x)
Scott: as much as I want to see him again on Empires, I don't think he'll be back. His arc is complete, he's happy with Jimmy and Xornoth in another reality as he deserves and I want him to stay just where he is as long as he can be happy (also, if I remember correctly, in a live he said that, after the finale, there wouldn't be any more Flower Husband content and I feel like if he truly came back, there's no way there wouldn't be Flower Husband content...)
Shubble: I haven't watched Shubble's videos so I can't say much, but I definitely think she'll be back. Her finale ending was clear that her story isn't finished and I can't wait to see who her story will continue!
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CHLOE DECKER | St. Lucifer
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Tumblr media
None shall harm ze Kat
Yes Catherine is perfectly capable of holding a full grown adult with one arm what’s it to ya-
T’was a commission for @kiarcheo from 2021 ^^
Thanks again, Kia!
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Tumblr media
doodling in history class !!
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rubyxrzunifying · 3 days ago
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writer-room · 8 months ago
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in celebration of my memes being seen by Shelby herself; enjoy
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baul-de-frases · 17 days ago
Y después de tantas idas y vueltas, decidí ponerle fin a nuestra historia, aquella que empecé con roces tímidos y terminó con gritos y peleas.
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onefatweeb · 5 months ago
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lun4rplush · 6 months ago
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Just a few drawings I’ve made recently about nature wives :DD
I love to imagine that Shubble is strong gnome girl and can pick up Katherine effortlessly-
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notsmallishbeans · 3 months ago
This clip had me laughing for a very long time 😂
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