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I have this spooky Halloween AU idea that I’m never gonna write but it was basically about Joan being born with future sight and mind reading. It’s all fun and games until the others find out.

And they start blaming her for everything that happened to them.

Saying she could have stopped what happen.

Maybe not Aragon, since she wasn’t at court for Aragon, but the rest of them? They could have even saved. Surely Joan has seen the awful futures they had to live through. And they say she could have saved them but she didn’t.

This starts to drive Joan mad.

Her grip on the real world disappears and she’s suddenly seeing the queens as these hideous creatures. Anne and Katherine are decapitated, Cleves has her chest cavity carved open, Cathy is bony and missing pieces of flesh, Jane is rotting… The only one who wasn’t there was Aragon, but it didn’t matter. Joan was losing it.

Her visions pummel her. The voices in her mind are killing her. She’s being tortured.

The AU would have ended with Joan ripping out her ears, and then her eyes. And, finally, everything ends. Everything is silent. She’s at peace.

And then, as she’s in the hospital, in the darkness of her new blindness, she sees the queens….and Jane turning to her with a deranged, bloody smirk.

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I have a bit of writer’s block going on for Memento Mori but I’m also bored at the same time. So… I wanted to share a bit of an AU idea I had. One that I honestly don’t know if I’ll write or not. But I at the very least wanted to show the ideas I had for it!

It will all be tagged under DND/Fantasy AU because I seriously could go on forever about the ideas I have for one specific queen which I’ll get to!

And yes, I’m still using the same ships I always do because I love them.


Aragon is a human Paladin who earned her title at a battle during her time as Henry’s wife. She was moved to a place of worships where she simply disappeared.

Anne is part shadow-Elf (being clear through her capabilities with shadow magic, pointed ears, and grey skin) who is a rogue. She was pursued by Henry and the king forced her into an affair and later into being his new wife. It was said that she died to a sickness.

Jane is an elf cleric. She was well known for coming to battlefields to heal fallen soldiers and also for bearing a son to the king (although she didn’t die from childbirth). It’s said that she died a month or two after giving birth to a carriage accident where the carriage went over a cliff.

Anna is a human barbarian. She was the leader of the Holbein tribe, which was starting to establish itself as a growing town which was becoming well known and also respected. Henry married her as a treaty and soon divorced her and let her return to leading Holbein.

Kat is an elf-bard. Mannox and Dereham still happened. But Kat was simply the unlucky person to catch Henry’s eye one day. After learning of her past ‘relationships’ and also after Thomas happened, Henry planned to have her killed and for it to be framed as a murder by a traitor in the castle.

Cathy is a human wizard. Her and Thomas Seymour were scholars preparing to get married. But Cathy was soon forced to marry Henry, although she continued her studies in the castle.


One day, a mysterious shadow (who I’ll reveal and go over, because I am v e r y excited by that idea, in a different post) that is actually sentient, leads Cathy to a hidden room in the dungeons of the castle. In it is the dead body of Thomas and written plans to kill Cathy.

You see, Henry is working with a realm of shadows and demons. And for Henry to gain control over that realm’s power, he either needs to sacrifice a bunch of innocents, or sacrifice a powerful magic user. It happens that Cathy fits that bill.

Cathy bounds the shadow to her own (the shadow can’t leave the castle, but Cathy wants to return the favor and she actually got to know it a little better during the time of planning escape) and the new duo of a shadow and a wizard escape under the cover of night.

They get help from Anna, who had actually come to save Cathy, and flee to Holbein, where they find Catherine, Jane, and Kat all perfectly well and alive.

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I just HAD to make this fucking confusing didn’t I? (ignore my bad handwriting)


so as you can see, Catherine will be 27 (oldest), Anne will be 26 (second oldest), Jane will be 25 (third youngest), Anna will be 22 (second youngest), Kitty will be 19 (youngest) and Cathy will be 26 (third oldest)

btw, this is for my “Six the Musical Where the Queens Kill Henry and Vibe for the Rest of Their Lives… And There’s Also Gay” au

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@projectbway  event 03 : not broadway   —  [ six the musical in st. paul ]    

— when my one and only child had a raging fever, henry wouldn’t let me, her mother see her

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We Are the Tigers - Mallory Maedke as Annleigh O’Daniel

Birthday: November 29, 1991 (age 28)

Birth Place: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Theatre credits include: Alternate (Six), Bird Girl (Seussical), Reporter/Understudy Vivian Kensington (Legally Blonde), Rosie/Kit Kat Girl (Cabaret), Seasons of Love Soloist/Understudy Joanne Jefferson (Rent), Atina (The Little Mermaid), Ensemble/Understudy Ali/Lisa (Mamma Mia!), Grandma Addams (The Addams Family)

(Pictured on the right is Kaitlyn Frank, who played the role in the Off-Broadway production)

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As if the street lights pointed in an arrow head leading us home Pt. 2.1

Okay. I know I said I would do each day as a part, AND technically I’m still doing that. I just realized that if I do one full day that would be a looooooong thing to read and it would take a lot of time to write as well. So now each part is split into different parts! Yay?

Kitty woke up with a start, which—when sleeping on a bench—is actually quite normal. She did her wake-up check of her surroundings (got to make sure she hasn’t been stolen from or assaulted). She carefully packed Wolfie in her bag, straightened out her clothes, ran her hand through her hair, and set out to the house. She checked her watch (which she had on before she was kicked out) and noted that it was around 7:30. That means that she’ll have to wait around for thirty minutes before the owner leaves.

Kitty arrived at the park entrance near the house. She decided it would be best to hide behind the fence so the owner wouldn’t see her. She sat down with her back to the fence. She put her head in her hands and sighed. She was going to jail, wasn’t she? At least jail had food and a bed. Then again, jail also means being around actual dangerous criminals. She’d more likely run into trouble there than on a park bench.

Kitty was jolted out of her thoughts by the sound of a car starting. She peeked over the fence and saw the owner get into her car. She drove off, and Kitty stood up, looked around for witnesses, and ran to the house. She tried the front door, but it was locked. She moved around the house to try the back door. The door could open.

Kitty opened the door slightly and peeked in. The house was quite nice, with a modern selection of furniture and several paintings. She opened the door wider and carefully stepped inside. She knew no one was there, of course, but she figured that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Alright. Just need some food and maybe a bit of cash.

Kitty looked around for the kitchen and quickly found it. The house had an open-floor plan that made it easy to see multiple rooms at once. She headed towards the kitchen, which had white walls and marble countertops, and put her bag down on one of the counters. She opened and scanned some of the hanging cupboards for food. The fridge would’ve been the most obvious choice for food, but she had nowhere to store cold stuffs.

After a awhile, Kitty managed to find the pantry. Now she needed to figure out what exactly to take.

I should’ve thought about this earlier. Let’s see… no bread, that can get moldy quickly. Nothing nearly expired. Um… maybe I should grab a can opener?

Kitty jumped when she heard keys rattling in the front door. The owner never comes home right after she leaves! Kitty glances around for a hiding spot. She notices a space between the fridge and the wall that she could squeeze in.

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Coming Home

It’s 4 in the morning, can’t sleep, browsing through my drafts and I see this. Decided to share it because I remembered writing this and crying while doing so. Hope you enjoy this.


It was quite the rainy day in London that Monday but it doesn’t stop Catherine Parr from insisting her nurses to get her and the car ready for the usual Monday drive out. Reluctantly, her nurses obliged and helped her in putting on clothing suitable for the day’s cold and rainy weather.

The car ride to the cemetery was a quiet one.

As it usually was. Her nurse that came along with her fussed over her when getting in the vehicle but that’s it. They arrived at the cemetery and the driver maneuvered around the winding roads until they reached their intended destination.

“Wait for me here,” the old queen said.

Her nurse tried to protest but Catherine cut her off.


“I’ll be fine. I promise,” she said to which her nurse just relented and let her go.

The driver came out with an umbrella, helped her out of the car and up the steps of the mausoleum. She shoos him away once at the top step before unlocking the gate and stepping in.

Inside the small, marble space of the mausoleum were six niches. Five of them were already occupied.

Cathy sits down slowly on a cold, marble bench, propping her cane beside her. She looked at the names engraved on the marble that covered the niches.

The names of her family.

She read the name engraved on the first niche. One belonging to her godmother.

Catalina de Aragon-Seymour

Beloved wife, mother and friend

Catalina, being the oldest, was the first to go. She was around seventy one when she died. A sudden heart attack was what took her. They were all devasted by her passing but Jane was more so to the point where she refused to eat or even move from Catalina’s side of the bed.

Cathy looked at the niche next to her godmother’s.

Jane Aragon-Seymour

Beloved wife, mother, cousin and friend

Jane was next to go. She didn’t last long after Catalina’s passing. Only making it to half a year before passing on in her sleep. Mary and Edward had found her the next morning. Jane was only sixty five when she passed.

Looking at the third niche made Cathy’s eyes start to well up with tears.

Anne Boleyn-Parr

Beloved wife, mother, cousin and friend

Anne. Her Anne was gone before she could even say goodbye. It was a freak accident that took her far too soon. Anne was driving home after getting the groceries for the week when a drunk driver T-boned her car. What was more devastating was that Elizabeth had witnessed it and, being a photographer working at a journalism company, had taken a photo. Not knowing that it was her mother inside the wreckage. The young Boleyn was inconsolable when she found out hours later.

What hurt even more was that the photo she had taken had won her an award a year later.

She declined the award after a heartbreaking explanation.

Anne was only sixty eight when she passed. She was still strong and active for her age.

“My Bo…I miss you.” Cathy whispered. Her tears pouring down her wrinkled cheek and her lips quivering.

The niche next to Anne’s was Kitty’s.

Katherine ‘Kitty’ Howard-Cleves

Beloved wife, cousin and friend

It was devastating when the youngest out of all six of them contracted a somewhat aggressive cancer and was estimated to have only a year to live. Cathy and the children were saddened but this news took a toll the most on Anna. The german queen refused to accept that her wife was dying.

But it happened anyway.

A year later, after so many attempts in battling the disease, Kitty lost and passed away in the hospital surrounded by loved ones. That was the only time Anna had cried hysterically that hospital staff and Cathy needed to pull her back and restrain her.

Kitty was only fifty nine when she died.

Cathy looked at the second to the last niche.

Anna von Howard-Cleves nee Jülich-Berg

Beloved wife and friend

Just like Jane when Catalina passed, Anna did not last long after Kitty’s passing. She drank away her sorrows for several months until she died of alchohol poisoning.

That left Catherine Parr as the survivor of the six.


“It’s quite unfair. You lot left me all alone in both lifetimes. I should win a prize or something for always being the last one standing,” Cathy said. Laughing at the joke that she made. She imagined Anna, Kitty and Anne laughing at her joke while Jane shakes her head with a smile and her godmother would scold her for saying such a thing but her smile would put her scolding ineffective.

She sat quietly for a time. The only sound was the sound of the rain pitter pattering outside the mausoleum.

She then started to sing an old song that they had written.

“We’re one of a kind, no category…two many years lost in history…we’re three to take our crowning glory…four five more minutes…we’re six.”

The old writer sighed and stood up slowly. Leaning heavily against her cane. She hobbled over to Anne’s niche. She kissed her fingers and gently pressed it over the engraved name of her wife on the marble surface.

“See you later, mon chou,” she whispered.

Cathy takes a step back and looked at her family. She lets a small smile grace her features.

“I’ll see you all on the otherside,” she said.

She turns around and slowly exit the mausoleum. She just about reached the main entrance when she heard a very familiar voice.


She gasped and turned around. Her eyes widening in disbelief at what she was seeing. Her hand flew up to her chest. She could feel her heart beating rapidly.


There, standing in the middle of the mausoleum, was Anne Boleyn.

Anne in her younger years. She looked like she never aged beyond twenty five. Her signature grin plastered on her face. Her emerald green eyes sparkling with mirth and life.

“Annie…what…?” Cathy started to asked but found herself speechless.

“It’s time to come home, Cathy. We all miss you. I miss you.” Anne said. Walking over to her.

“Home? But I–” Cathy turned to where the car was parked and found her nurse and the driver frantically running to where her feeble body had fallen. She was lying face down with her cane broken in half right next to her body. It seemed that she had slipped and fallen down the steps.


The blue queen looked down at herself and found that her appearance had changed fully. She was a lot younger now. She looked exactly like herself from the time she was first reincarnated.

“Come on Cathy. Everyone’s waiting.” Anne said. Taking her hand.

The writer looked at their joined hands then back at her body. The driver was calling for an ambulance while her nurse tried to find a pulse on her. She looked back at Anne and smiled.

“I’m tired anyways. It’s time for me to come home,” Cathy said.

Anne smiled back and led her back in the mausoleum towards the niches. Cathy willingly followed her wife as they passed through the niches and into the bright light. When she regains her eyesight, her smile grew bigger.

“About time you got here!” Anna said with a big grin. An arm wrapped around Kitty who was smiling at her.

“It’s so great to finally see you again, Cathy!” the pink queen said.

“Welcome home, mija,” Catalina said.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” Jane said.

Cathy couldn’t help the tears that fell down her face. She was home now. Her family was here and they’ve been waiting for her. Anne squeezed her hand gently.

“Welcome home, mon amour,” she said.

“I’m home.”

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