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#katherine newsies
onde-and-for-all · a month ago
i think we as a fandom don’t appreciate katherine enough and here’s why
she just wanted to help newsies. she got stupid comments from them, they thought she wasn’t a real reporter mainly because she was a girl and STILL she decided to help. yes she wanted to pursue her career but she could have done it elsewhere. she chose her battle cause she knew it was the right thing to do. and even after the papers shut her down, she found a way to help. yes she had a rich background, but that actually gave her a possibility to choose and she 👏still👏chose👏to👏help👏. she used what she had in a smart way and without her help they would have not won, at least not as fast.
we gave whole personalities for background characters that said two lines, some of us even gave redemption for delanceys and found a way to like them. yet i hardly ever see anything about katherine, her contribution in the strike is too often ignored.
obviously everyone are allowed to dislike her and i am open for discussion and different opinions but i said what i said and i stand behind it
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eiochevart · 8 months ago
I don’t know if you’re taking requests, and if you’re not that’s cool! But if you are could you draw some Katherine Plumber stuff? I barely see Kath fanart and I love your style so much!! Thank you (: have a great day/night!
Tumblr media
Small Kath doodle! I love her and I agree that there’s not enough fanart of her!
You are enough. You are valid. And you are worthy of love. Never forget that. 🍓
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newsies-hit-da-streets · 4 months ago
"katherine isnt bi" oh yeah?? what's this then?? /hj
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foronewholeminute · 7 months ago
Katherine: Would you stab your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars?
Albert: You stab me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy a big-ass house.
Race: You can stab me too, then we'll have 20 million.
Albert: Good thinking.
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s9da · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
revisiting my old art style from november with a doodle of katherine
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bluespecs14 · 5 months ago
Jack: *gives blank piece of paper to Katherine*
Katherine: What is this for?
Jack: I tried to draw you
Jack: But no piece of paper can hold your beauty
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we-are-inevitable · 15 days ago
yo chandler sent me; they insist I read you're stuff and I've been meaning to for ages but idk where to start because you have such good stuff so basically: what do you recommend?
(oh btw happy birthday lol)
2) oh SHIT i really don't know!! i have a few complete fics (And We Will Come Back Home/When We Were Younger) and most of the others are,,, incomplete, so id probably recommend my one-shots first!
however, because i know you adore Katherine, here are some big Kath-heavy fics of mine!!
courage, don't desert me (chapter fic, WIP)
can't tell you no (one-shot, complete)
it takes a village (one-shot, complete; sequel to can't tell you no)
not moving on, not looking back (chapter fic, incomplete)
bright lights, bright lives (one-shot, complete)
i'm a little unsteady (one-shot, complete)
i hope you like them !!!
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plooto-the-doc · a year ago
The Newsies Playing Among Us (+ their nicknames)
Jack (Cowboy)
- dark blue; cowboy hat
- really good at lying
- [rolls eyes] "of course the body's in electrical"
- trusts absolutely no one
- keeps those he does trust close to him at all times
- "if anyone kills you I'll kill them"
- screams "NOOOOOOO" whenever Crutchie dies
- really enjoys playing impostor but usually gets crewmate
Davey (David)
- cyan; flat cap
- good at lying
- even if his voice rises a bit when under pressure
- deadly when paired with Katherine as impostor
- very good at deduction
- but also a nervous wreck
- always sus of Race and Spot because they're normally the ones to start throwing accusations
- gets jittery when impostor
- task completionist
- always sus of Katherine just because she's so good
Crutchie (Crutch)
- yellow; cheese hat
- prefers crewmate over impostor
- hates going to electrical
- sometimes can be ruthless as impostor and no one will suspect him
- but normally can't bring himself to kill anyone
- keeps Jack alive (most of the time)
- usually sticks with someone
Katherine (Kit Kat)
- pink; plant hat
- "hey look I'm a peach"
- also sometimes has a mini crewmate and Jack dies from cuteness
- "this is our kid." "yes."
- super observant
- super sus of everyone
- keeps an extra eye on Jack, just because
- dream team with Davey
- gets into heated debates during discussion time
- acts sus even when not impostor (and sometimes gets voted off for it)
- lime green; toilet paper hat
- "sorry guys I'm new, how do I go in vents like crutchie did?"
- he and Albert do the trick where two people have the same hat and crowd up next to a corner so it only looks like one person
- and it actually worked on Spot
- "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FELL FOR THAT" "shut up race"
- he, Albert, Finch, and Specs are the four horsemen of the apocalypse
- deadly when paired with Spot or Jack
Albert (Al)
- black; wet floor sign
- has a voice modifier to make his voice really echo-y when ejected from the ship
- really loud in the ghost chat
- surprisingly good at lying
- "you really think my fat ass could fit through the vents?"
- calls emergency meetings for the dumbest reasons (and sometimes gets voted out for it)
Spot (King of Brooklyn)
- red; crown
- y'know, cause he's the king of Brooklyn
- task completionist
- "haha race ded"
- accuses everyone for no reason
- one of the first people to finish tasks
- trigger-happy as impostor
- susses Jack for the meme
- but sometimes he's actually right
General Headcanons:
- they all play over voice call in discord so sometimes you can hear a lot of stuff in the background
- Albert had a loud-ass keyboard and everyone can hear it
- when Les joins: "did you do your homework yet?" "shut up you're not my mom" "I'm telling her" "wAIT NO--"
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5-jorjas-in-the-fence · 3 months ago
I would like to once again announce that I would take a bullet for Katherine Plumber as she must be protected at all costs.
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foronewholeminute · 6 months ago
Sarah Jacobs: Likable, good-looking, kind but not opinionated. Barely has any lines despite being the female lead and main love interest. Her (arguably) biggest contribution to the main plot is her finding Denton’s article, which was a total accident. Plays into the stereotype of the “ideal woman” who is supportive behind the scenes and does not hold any important roles.
Katherine Pulitzer: The #girlboss who vocally speaks out against sexism. Her motives for helping the Newsies are self-centered, something that is never addressed within the context of the show. We never see the fact that she is the antagonist’ daughter being expanded on. Plays into the stereotype that women in media cannot have flaws or else they are evil and bad role models.
I love the both of them, but there is so much potential that was never addressed.
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