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This was infuriating to watch. Kathryn Dennis took a shot at Cameran Eubanks and brought Thomas Ravenel back on the show.

There was no announcement, no warning that Ravenel was going to return to the show.

I haven’t researched this in greater details, but he was arrested and charged with assault and battery, and his children’s nanny had accused him of rape!

He pled guilty to a third-degree assault and battery back in 2019. 

I think that this was deal that was made as they couldn’t prove that he had raped the nanny.

That screams guilty as fuck. And in 2020, the worst year since Donald Trump moved into The White House, this is what we get from Bravo.

Season 5 was the girl power season of Southern Charm were they stood up to the chauvinistic system in Charleston. 

They were riding on the wave of #MeToo, but what the hell is this?

It’s a fucking slap in the face.

Thankfully he won’t be back as a regular on the show, so I hope this is the last time we get to see Ravenel.

I mentioned season 5 as the girl power season, and it was also Kathryn’s redemption season. 

But Kathryn is still bothered by old wounds and had apparently plans of destroying Cameran this season.

Kathryn tried to bring the cheating rumor up in front of the camera, but Craig Conover tried to shut her down as fast as he could.

What infuriated me was that Kathryn acted like she wanted Cameran to join a party and forget about her mommy guilt for a minute. 

She appeared gleeful at the chance of confronting her about the rumor.

I actually feel sad for Cameran’s husband. He doesn’t want to be a part of the show. He appeared on the season finale last season and the first thing that happens next is this.

Everybody defended Cameran’s husband as the best person they’ve ever known, and I wonder how Kathryn’s tricks will effect the dynamics of the group.

And how do they feel about the loss of Cameran, Naomie Olindo, and Chelsea Meissner?

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The group doesn’t seem as into Kathryn Dennis as they did last year. Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy isn’t together anymore, and Austen is back at being bestfriends with Shep Rose. It seems like the tables has turned on Southern Charm.

The reunion continues with the topic of Kathryn’s behavior on the interview on Watch What Happens Live. Naomie Olindo stood up for Austen and she said that Kathryn was getting unnecessarily aggressive with him. She confirmed that Kathryn was indeed seen drinking during the interview.

Kathryn said that what they’re saying about her will be used against her in court with Thomas Ravenel. But the cast members seems to be tired that they never can criticize her for anything.

Danni Braid joins the group and I remember that Naomie said earlier about being propared to defend her because “Kathryn won’t be doing it”. There seems to be more trouble in the group other than Kathryn’s interview.

Appearently Kathryn has become good friends with Madison after filming the season. They bonded during the Colorado trip as they both are single parents. But she also claimed that she knows how it feels like to have the whole group against you. That doesn’t seem to make Kathryn anymore populare in the group.

When the infamous Madison joins the group I thought that the drama would go off the rail, knowing Madison to be a loose canon. But it never really did. They never mentioned the threatening messages she has sent Danni and Danni doesn’t seems to be strong enough to handle the confrontation.

The group thinks that Madison used Danni in the chlamydia accussation because of the Instagram feud. But Madison claimed that it was Austen who told her about that. You can see that Madison got pissed at Austen for not being clear enough about it during the reunion.

After the reunion they talk together, agreeing to stop their feud and blame the guys in the group for all of the drama. It was getting a little tiring and weak. In fact the whole season wasn’t what it was promised to be.

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First of all: Kathryn Dennis looks amazing on this reunion. Chelsea Meissner also looked awesome.

Last year the whole group were united by one common enemy named Ashley Jacobs. As they lacked a villain this season it seems like they’re fighting with each other. We all know that Shep Rose and Madison LeCroy has been the ones to stirr up most of the drama this season, but I sense an attitude among the ladies towards Kathryn.

Andy Cohen has questions for Shep’s actions this year and the group is going in on him. He’s being called a snob, an elite and they contront him about his anger issues. He himself claims to be a very smart person but he doesn’t seem to be able to self-reflect on his behavior. I adore Shep, but he was a unpleasant dark cloud this season.

The focus switch to Naomie Olindo and her new boyfriend Metul Shah. A lot of the viewers thought that Metul seemed to be very controlling and that Naomie looked very insecure about herself. Shep mutters that Metul comes from a male-dominated society, but I rather believes Naomie’s explanation that he was uncomfortable filming.

I have to say that it’s scary how easy it is to get prescriptions for drugs in the States. (It’s a illegal drug in my country.) It was troublesome to hear that Craig Conover has been taking Adderall. Cameran Eubanks thinks that he is addicted to the drug and thinks that him mixing this with alcohol is the reason for his strange behavior sometimes.

I’m getting a sense that the other cast members isn’t feeling Kathryn at the reunion. It seems like a lot of their issues comes from her interview on Watch What Happens Live. I haven’t seen this interview nor did I have a clue what happend here.

The group seems to think that Kathryn indeed was on something during that interview. And she did deflect when she was confronted about it on the reunion. She got so unnecessary aggressive with Austen when he said he was disappointed in her. She doesn’t like this conversation at all.

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The guys leaves the woods for the city life in Nashville. And as they arrive to the hotel Austen Kroll gets an text from Madison with a selfie saying “going out” and he obsess about what she meant by that text.

The guys are going out and while it looks like they are trying to hook up with some girls, it soon becomes clear that Austen can’t forget Madison. 

He started talking to the other girls in the club about his heartbreak and we later see him walking outside, talking with some random dudes who isn’t interesting about his story while he’s pouring his heart out to these strangers. It was funny but also sad and depressing to watch. Poor Austen.

Back in Charleston Patricia Altschul is having a dinner party for just the women this time, as she is getting on with the program with #MeToo and all. 

On this dinner party Madison attended, being Patricia’s hair stylist and all, and she suddenly came for Danni Baird

I don’t think that she had any right to do so. What she did was stupid and she should rather own her shit than blame other people. Danni apologizes but that seemed weak to me. She is probably exhausted by all the drama around her these days.

Kathryn Dennis arrives late and tells the other that she has broken up with Joseph Abruzzo and said that he wasn’t what he claimed to be. Praise the Lord! 

I’m only upset that we had to see them having dinner together just before she broke things off. 

She apologizes to Danni who just seems tired but releaved that their fight is over. I feel for Danni in these episodes. Kathryn was out of line with her and I also think that Madison was out of line as well.

There’s so much drama around Austen and Madison even though they have broken up. After the dinner party Kathryn met up with Craig Conover and Austen, and he tells them that he has started to see Madison again. 

So this isn’t the last we’ll see of Madison.

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I feel bad for Danni Baird for just trying to talk some sense into Kathryn Dennis’ head. She didn’t do anythink wrong by speaking her mind about Kathryn’s choices and actions these days. And that wasn’t a betrayal of Danni, no matter what Kathryn says. I do however believe that it was humiliating for her, she can only be humiliated if it hits a nerve.

While the ladies gets ready to go back home, we catch up with Austen Kroll. He tells his father during golfing that he and Madison has broken up. The video that was leaked on the internet was also talked about yet again, because his parents has also seen it. How humiliating isn’t that? And as we see them talking about how he self sabotaging his relationships, Madison is seen visiting Patricia Altschul to defend herself.

She feels that Austen is trying to make her look bad. But it doesn’t help that she is sending Chelsea Meissner screenshots of the shit he has been texting her about Chelsea. So he is obviously in the hot seat with Chelsea at Craig Conover’s pillow party. I’m really disappointed in him for saying nasty things about her. They were so cute together. But Chelsea seems to think that he only said these things because he was hurting at the time.

And while I’m talking about messiness and Craig’s ridiculous pillow party, Kathryn was acting like an asshole at that party. The way she treated Chelsea and Danni was the most childish thing I have ever seen on Bravo, which is saying something. Even though Shep Rose didn’t know anything about the drama on the girls trip he also thinks that Kathryn is mean and childish towards the other ladies. She needs to get checked and she needs to get it together.

This episode is just another proof of Chelsea’s awesomeness and my girl crush on her just keeps on going. She attacked the issues right away with both Austen and Kathryn. But this episode also shows a side of Kathryn that I do not like.

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After he ended the relationship over the phone Austen Kroll is already getting cold feet the next day, asking Craig Conover  if the whole things was blown out of porportions. I think that he has a way of idealize the relationship he’s in at the time and makes it greater than it is. Hearing him saying that his relationship with Madison was the greatest he has ever had was sad. Not because of his so-called heartbreak, but because I do not believe him. It’s bullshit.

The fact that he has been talking shit about Chelsea Meissner to Madison is even sadder. She’s one of the most awesome women on TV nowadays and I may have a girl crush on her. I thought that Austen was a sweet guy hidden inside a player persona, but I may have been wrong. He’s acting stupid now.

While Austen is acting like he’s sad about the breakup, the ladies tries to get ready for the girls trip that Kathryn Dennis has been planing for them. But they can’t get a hold of her and she has been MIA for several days. She shows up the day before they are leaving for the trip. Appearently she went to Miami to be with Joseph Abruzzo and didn’t want to answer the telephone. I don’t understand why she wants to disappear from her friends.

While season 5 was Kathryn’s redemption, there seems to be a lot of talking about her new boyfriend and her money spending this season. Cameran Eubanks and Chelsea seems to be the only ones unaware of the tention between Kathryn, Danni Baird and Naomie Olindo on this trip. But when Danni desides to have a talk with her during dinner they stay quiet but seems to be agreeing with what the other ladies are saying.

Kathryn didn’t like to hear what they were saying at all and were defensive and aggressive as fuck during dinner. I agree with Danni and Naomi for questioning Kathryns actions these days, as good friends should. Don’t date assholes and don’t spend money like crazy when there’s a chance she can get sole custody of her kids. Make good life choices.

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