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#katsuki bakugō


 me: headcanon—> Dabi and Katsuki somehow  got drunk and started singing this. LOL! BWAHAHAHAHA!

 I wonder how canon characters would react to this. LOL

 Mitsuki: what on earth?! WTF?!


Izuku: WTF?! ( he was influenced by All Might, lol)


 AIZAWA: nani?!?!?!

Himiko:Um… Dabi’s gone mad…0_o

 All Might: Nani?! WTF?!

Nezu: 0_o I… I never anticipated… 

Monoma: WHAT ON EARTH???

Inko: Why…. what is this????


 UM… OTHERS? lol…  

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request: Hey could you pls do a story while bakugo and the reader have like they first time (if you know what i mean) and how he acts the next few week 😊 Its okay if you don’t want to write a story like that. And btw srry for my bad English

a/n: i really really like how this turned out, i hope you do too!

warnings: mentions of nsfw content, but no smut



Originally posted by izuwus

For some reason you thought your first time would be extremely planned, something that you would discuss with your partner for a while before doing so. Then again, you never knew that you would be dating Katsuki…

The night it happened Katsuki was helping you study in his room. It always ended up with you spending the night, cuddling up next to him… but tonight the enitre vibe was different.
Katsuki was sitting next to you, pointing at the different pages and then at your notes. You did the mistake of looking up at his face, and he looked so gorgeous. The focus in his eyes as he tried to explain the equation and the way his lips moved as he spoke- fuck. You looked at his lips.
Just as you looked at his lips he looked up at you, your noses were so close they were almost touching. You forced yourself to look him in the eyes instead of looking at his lips. Katsuki’s eyes flickered from your lips, back to your eyes. Before you knew it he pushed foreward and pressed his lips against yours.

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LMAO ok!! What about Kami, Kiri, Baku + Hanta and how they would react when someone walks in on them doing something “intimate” with their s/o?

hoOOOO SHIEEEET, it’s currently one am, who needs sleep when you can write THIS!!

warnings: nsfw, smut, 18+!!!!

kaminari denki


- he had told you time and time again that wednesdays were for the bros but you just needed him that time

- it all started pretty innocent, a make out

- but when he led you to his bed and stared down at you he forgot about everything else

- he started undressing you, his lips not leaving yours once

- you practically ripped the clothes from his body, leaving both of you in your undergarments only

- his hands explored your body and when he was about to release his length from its confinement

- “fuck babe, i want you so bad.”

- you were about to respond when

- “what… denki i thought today’s bro day!”

- sero stood there, dumbfounded and pouty

- he didn’t even care that he had just busted the two of you

- if anything he enjoyed the little show

- denki will rip his blanket from underneath you and quickly cover you with it

- he’d grow so red, body still positioned in front of yours

- nobody but him was allowed to see like this

- “sero bro, i’m sorry dude! give me a few and then we can get to it.”

- “just sort your boner out first, i really don’t wanna see it any longer.”

- thank god it was “just” sero

- if it had been anyone else denki would’ve short circuited immediately

- you didn’t dare to continue, so you just left with a kiss

- “maybe thursday’s are gonna be our day from now on?”

- he’s so embarrased oh nooooo

kirishima eijirou


- okay so

- baby boy ALWAYS makes sure to lock the door and set the mood before even starting to initiate anything

- but today.. well today you were in your room and a boner happened to pop when you had a tickle fight

- “want me that bad?”

- you turned on the tv, making sure to turn the volume up by a lot

- he devours you, his mouth can do wonders

- you have your hands buried in his hair, moaning his name

- he’s eating you out so extremely well and you cum, screaming profanities and his name

- “you’re so hot angel, i’m the luckiest man in the world.”

- how can one look so soft and pure with your juices coating his chin

- “eiji, i need you to fuck me.”

- “and i need you to tone it down or i’ll not get any work done!”

- there she stood

- momo.

- oh no no no no no no

- kiri’s expression drops and he just blankly stares at her

- he can’t move, he’s absolutely mortified

- the mood? ruined.

- “i’ll never go to class again.”

- he’s scarred for life

- y'all only ever get it on in his room after that

hanta sero


- you pretty much fuck everywhere and anywhere

- he doesn’t have a sense of decency tbh

- like i stated before and will state again

- he’s into voyeur stuff

- you had sent him nasty pictures throughout the whole day

- he’s had enough

- during lunch he stayed back and started groping you, shoving his tongue down your throat

- “you wanna be dirty?”

- he would’ve fucked you on a desk but neither of you had a condom

- so he opted for a blowjob

- you were crouching underneath his desk

- the only thing on him is a sly smirk

- “you’re so pretty like this.”

- you wanted to reply but his cock already filled your mouth

- you moaned around him and spluttered

- “oh, hey kami, forgot something?”

- you freeze and clench around him

- but he tugged on your hair and pushed you further down his length

- you choked, a lot and not quietly

- “bro what the fuck, is y/n really blowing you right now? you’re so disgusting.”

- he just shrugged and pointed down at you

- “wanna watch?”

- “no! you sick fuck.”

- you couldn’t look at denki for months after that

- “you’ve gotten even harder, babe. you really like this after all?”

- he just pushes you back down on his length and fucks your mouth vigorously

- “you’re amazing.”

- he came with a loud, long moan

- he didn’t even think about being quieter than usual

bakugou katsuki


- ok so

- i’ve read my fair share of bakugo smut and he apparently loves being loud and gets turned on by getting busted

- but… i don’t think i agree?

- for katsuki sex or any sexual act is something that requires a lot of trust and love

- it’s something so private and beautiful to him

- don’t get me wrong he’s feral in bed, but your body is for him to see and for him only

- your naked ass is in the air, as you wait for him to return from his shower

- you start growing impatient and start pumping a finger in and out of your core

- when you finally hear a door open and close you let out a dirty moan

- “i’ve been waiting for so long daddy, come and give me my reward.”

- “holy shit you’re not kacchan!”

- your heart drops

- you slowly turn around and lock eyes with deku

- he stared at your naked form and then scanned around the room

- “is kacchan-”

- he was cut off by a naked katsuki, cock standing strong and proud

- he takes a few seconds to grasp the situation

- his face looses all color and expression

- “deku…”

- the poor boy

- he just wanted to ask him about the homework and what he got was this

- not only that but..

- “tell me. right fucking now. why are you in here with my naked girlfriend and WHY ARE YOU HARD?!”

- deku’s about to faint and katsuki’s about to go off on him

- if it weren’t for you the green haired boy wouldn’t have seen the sun rise another day

- “suki, calm down.”

- deku had to promise to never tell anyone and never even look at you again

- the next morning you’re covered in hickeys

- he was raging and sex that night was… extreme.

- he almost kills deku in training again

- he’ll never let this die down tbh

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Bakugo x Reader 

Reader is a closet couponer and when word started spreading that there was going to be a mandatory quarantine to fend off a virus you weren’t worried. You had enough supplies to last for months. However it wasn’t until now that you realized you had no idea how to cook and you relied on take out and fast food for most of your meals. The only person who knew about your crazy couponing habit was Bakugo, so when he called and asked if he could raid your stash you got an idea.

Words: 2054


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All Might: Nemuri? I'm calling because I can't reach Mic & Aizawa ...are they doing ok in quarantine?
Midnight: They're fine...I guess..
Midnight: But... They're having a..uh..feud.
All Might: Uhoh.
Midnight: They thought this'd be a good time to plant a garden. Mic wanted Daisies, Aizawa wanted cat nip.
All Might: So, did they compromise?
Midnight: Well... I see them from my window & uh...
Midnight: Mic's out there with a spray bottle guarding his flowers as high cats roll all over them. He's sobbing. Aizawa's on the ground with the cats laughing his ass off.
All Might: Oh no! That sounds terrible!
Midnight: It is! Want a video?
All Might: Sure.
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request: Hey, I was wondering if there was a chance is we could get a reaction out of Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki etc of the reader coming to school dressed an E-Girl or a Soft Girl or something like that 😂

a/n: since they do have a dress coded school, i decided to change your request just a bit! i don’t know how to implement the aesthetics into the uniforms without breaking some sort of dress code
i added cottage core to this too, to mix it up a bit!

warnings: fluff and slight sexual tension but no nsfw



Originally posted by morganiser

Izuku Midoriya.

It was all Toru’s idea. And though it was supposed to be a prank on Izuku, but it felt more like a prank on you. You didn’t really know how the conversation got there but suddenly the girls were going to dress you in cottage core attire to see Izuku’s reaction on you going out of your comfort zone a bit. A few in the class were going out that day to the park for a picnic, since the weather had been so nice lately.
So they put you in a light blue, angelic-looking, dress that Momo just had lying around for some reason. The dress ended above your ankles, so you could still see the brown leather shoes which you matched it with. In your hair they put a matching light blue bow on the back of your head. To keep warm you put on a creamy white knitted cardigan, which Momo made on the spot when you asked about the slightly chilly breeze.
Ochaco was in charge of putting on make up, so she went out to grab some of her stuff. When she came back she only put on very light, natural make up. But with a bit extra blush on the apple of your cheeks and on the tip of your nose.

Once it was done you looked yourself in the mirror. You looked right about ready to go to your cottage in the forest to take care of your cats and water your flowers… and you kind of… liked it?

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parings ༊* bakugou katsuki x reader.

warnings + tags ༊* sexual content, but no actual nsfw. deaf!reader. use of JSL.

word count ༊* 1.4k

tag list ༊* @bleedinqhearts​​ @eggywormeggy @saintlygore@mikwrites@lady-bakuhoe​ (thought u might like something for ur mans lol) @bubble-gum-babey@myheroart@ohmycolie@bakugou-katsukisgf@bratwritings

summary ༊* bakugou made a mistake. he’s trying to make it up to you.

authors note ༊* my first comission! i apologize that this took so long to complete, this corona business on top of school has been driving me crazy. social distancing is a right bitch. this oneshot is a continuation of headcanons i wrote prior! you can read ’with eyes to hear’ here.

legend ༊* All the speech in this fic is spoken in JSL. Reader - Blue. Bakugou - Orange. SPECIFIC SIGNS ARE IN BOLD.

when the door locks shut,

his lips part, silence speaking in volumes you can’t,

whispering to crescendo, until the words are begging to become real.

it carries your fidgeting hand and gasp, your fingers interwoven between short, thick locks of blonde, whining, feelings that don’t quite become reality, but still, feelings nonetheless. 

his hands are warm.

lightly egging, heavy with a primal want he’s too timid to force through his gritted teeth. he wants to get this just right.

your first time. 

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Okay but what about how Kiri, Kami, Suki, & Hanta would use their quirk in the bedroom? If at all. If that’s too many characters, then the first two!

oooooh i like this a lot,

warnings: 18+!!!! (chars aged up) FILTHY SMUT, cursing, bondage, pain play, idk man just smutty smut read at your own risk

kaminari denki


Originally posted by kunikidaz

- denki would only use his quirk if you BEG him for it

- not because he likes to at least feel in charge (hah, charge)

- but because he’s scared of hurting you

- he’ll be buried to the hilt and you’re this close to finding your release

- “denki shock me”

- he’s ????

- “babe it’s dangerous.”

- you’ll just start grinding against him cause he’s frozen in shock tbh

- “denkiiiiii, please.”

- shit you’re so hot begging him

- so he’ll just set a brutal pace again, chasing his high

- and with a smack to your ass he’ll come and zap you

- it stings but holy fuck it hurts so good

- you almost scream his name when your orgasm comes crashing down on you

- the electricity just intensifies your orgams

- he usually sparks a bit when he comes down from his high

- which is why you usually never really go all out with after care

- but you licked blood

- it felt too good and you needed more now

- you just took his limpening dick in your mouth and started sucking him off again

- “b-babe?!”

- he tries to stop you by pulling on your hair

- his head falls back and he bites his lip

- he looked so good, sweaty, blushed and all fucked out

- “do it again, sir.”

- holy fuck that sent him

- he sends shocks through your whole body, cumming so hard

- you’re all tingly and fall back on the bed

- “shit babe are you okay?!”

- he’s so scared but when he sees your trembling limbs and his cum dribbling from your chin he almost cums a third time

- “that was incredible.”

- you most likely lost a few brain cells and were unable to move or think straight for a while after it but you got addicted

- overstimulated denki = uncontrolled shocks

- he still is super careful about it because he knows the dangers

- he often has to stop you for your own sake

kirishima eijirou


Originally posted by tetsuruo

- using his quirk in bed?

- a big no

- he’s way too scared to hurt you

- he’d be lying if he hadn’t fantasized about it before tho

- you whimpering under him, his hardened finger rubbing circles on your most sensitive parts

- but his hardened body was way too sharp to actually use

- unless y'all are into blood??

- he knows he isn’t

- he accidentally hardened his hands while cumming once and he almost put a hole in the wall

- “please, just spank me once, please.”

- you’re dying to feel red riot’s true and raw strength

- he does spank you, with an unhardened hand

- “red riotttt, once.”

- using his hero name in bed?

- makes him go feral

- spanks you, once, twice, thrice before he knows what he’s doing

- your ass is redder than his hair

- he feels so bad until he feels you clenching around him

- “red riot is so strong.”

- he cums on the spot

- “this was a one time thing.”

- y'all both know it isn’t

- he’s mad at you for pushing his boundaries

- he could’ve hurt you badly and that wouldn’t be manly at all

- but it isn’t manly to deny your lover’s wish either

- he loves it when you ride his thigh and that’s the only time he can kind of get away with using his quirk

- except for that one time he ripped through his pants and your nylons and panties

- thank god for his quick reactions and his strength

- he lifted you off his thigh so quick

- he once hardened his dick even more and the condom ripped and he almost tore up your insides

- “see?! i told you.”

- is kinda pissed about it, he wants you to always get what you want but what if it’s not healthy or safe for you

- makes it up to you by a lot of amazing foreplay and after care

bakugou katsuki


Originally posted by offlineno-bakugou

- using his quirk while fucking?

- you mean the absolute daily?

- it’s unbelievable how many holes he’s burned through your clothes to get easy access

- he’s filthy

- spanks get intensified by little explosions

- his orgasm is accompanied by another explosion

- gosh his fingering/hand job game?

- way too strong

- he’s too competitive

- makes you cum at least three times every time

- he loves to take you doggy, pull your hair and mark you as his

- little burns instead of hickeys

- is into pain play, he gets off on you moaning in pain and his name

- he spanks you so much

- “you little slut, you always get so tight when you get spanked, tell me how much you love it.”

- he’s a scary dom

- but he’s also so attentive

- he always makes sure to establish a safe word or action for you

- he knows how he can get and ever since you fainted on him once

- he’s extra careful

- he lost control while climaxing and sent an explosion right into your face

- another reason why he prefers doggy

sero hanta


Originally posted by manjirou

- his tape is so multifunctional

- it’s great

- ever since your first time together it’s been very useful

- like that one time during the training camp and you couldn’t leave each other alone

- y'all most definitely had a quickie

- he fucked you against a tree, it was great

- your mouth was taped shut

- rude, he’s more vocal than you are

- you let him get away with it because it turns him on so much

- he’s very much into voyeur and nature stuff

- you almost got busted by deku but thank god for lunch time

- he tapes your wrists together a lot

- your arms are around his neck with your taped wrists bouncing up and down


- most of the times you’ll loose feeling in the taped parts

- but he’s also vvvv respectful

- if you say no he’ll accept immediately and if you complain about his tape being too tight he’ll stop immediately

- your wellbeing is top priority

- he loves to create a makeshift sex swing from tape and just pound into you holy fuck


- “you look so good with my dick down your throat and my tape around your neck.”

(- uses tape as nipple pads and just sends you out for the day without a bra)

- just to fuck you senseless at night

- like i said, kinkyyyy

- tapes you to his bed, spreading your legs

- easy access

- he’s so good with his tongue fuuuuu

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Bakugo: [stood under Midoriya’s window with a sign that reads “Go to prom with me, nerd”]

Kaminari: [leaning out the window] Oh my, Bakugo I thought you’d never ask!

Bakugo: Hah?! No, tell Deku

Kaminari: Midoriya! I’m going to prom with your boyfriend!

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Todoroki: Somebody hold me!!!

Kaminari: *wraps his arms around him* What’s up Sho

Izuku: *rounds the corner at a full sprint* Shoto whats the matter? *hugs him from the other side*

Kirishima: *sits on his lap* Hey buddy whats up?

Todoroki: I wasn’t getting enough attention today… *smiles*


Bakugo: Hey shitty hair?! *explosios coming from his palm* What do you think your doing on his lap?!

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