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#katsuki bakugo

*Loud THUMP noise from upstairs*

Bakugo: What was that?

Kirishima: My shirt fell

Bakugo: It sounded a lot heavier than a shirt

Kirishima: I was in it when it fell

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BNHA characters and my first impression of them VS. what i think now



First Impression
Rude and annoying, puts importance on the wrong things. Don’t really care for him. 0/10

Smart. Single-minded. Violence as a love language, don’t really get it, but okay. He’ll make a fantastic life coach as soon as he learns anger management. 7/10

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Masaru: Okay Katsuki, blow out your candles


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“I’m not a rapper”

-Manga Fukidashi, moments before he demolished Bakugo in a rap battle.

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Bro I hc that Bakugo has the squeakiest cutest hiccups ever and he just knows it’s over for his reputation if anyone ever hears him like that so whenever he feels like he might he panics and rushes to the bathroom like he’s gotta go.

Midoriya is the only person who’s ever heard Bakugo’s hiccups and he doesn’t care and doesn’t have any particular reason to mention it ever but Bakugo is always paranoid that he’ll use it to blackmail him or just tell everyone about it.

Kirishima is studying with Bakugo one night and it’s just all over for Bakugo. He wants to die immediately on the spot and just buries his head in his arms yelling angrily, but keeps being interrupted every five seconds by little hiccups.

Kirishima isn’t making fun of him for it but he can’t help but laugh so hard that he can’t breathe because the idea of the living embodiment of rage and hate making such a noise is the most hilarious thing in the freakin world. He also thinks it’s really cute but shhhh he’ll pretend like it never happened.

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Hero Class Civil Warfare - Chapter 1 - RogueDruid (Icarius51) - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
1 notes

I don’t have many yet, but here’s what I do got.

  • Bakugo is hard of hearing but ego prevents him from being open about it initially. He does start to open up about until and by graduation the entire class does know. He also has PTSD from both the sludge villain incident and being kidnapped by the League.
  • Bakugo can’t stand going underwater following the sludge villain incident. I think you can figure out why.
  • Mina helps Kirishima dye his hair once they move into the dorms.
  • Kirishima’s aunt is Ryukyu. She’s also his legal guardian since he was eight.
  • Kaminari has ADHD.
  • This is currently in my queue as it’s own post but the first time Iida used Recipro Burst was while he was running away from the USJ to get help.
  • During the winter, the class will huddle around Todoroki’s left side for warmth.
  • Not Class 1-A particularly, but Mic, Midnight and Aizawa have known Iida for as long as he can remember due to them being friends with Tensei. I don’t care what canon says, this is how I’m rolling.
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𝐡𝐚𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐲 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐝

↳ ofc you can ! btw i love it when i get specific requests because it makes it easier on me to write :)) also thank you and stay hydrated as well<3

parings: katsuki bakugo x fem! reader

warnings: mentions of fighting and burns

request: yes !

notice: she/her pronouns used

synopsis: before the sports festival you were just one of katsuki’s classmates until he fought against you and narrowly won

word count: 585


↳ let’s start off with some backstory on you and your life at ua first

↳ when you got into au you instantly became one of the more known students

↳ this was due to your insanely useful quirk

↳ it was adaptable and your classmates saw that when they had to take the quirk apprehension test

↳ you could use teleportation to beat anyone in the race

↳ and you needed to throw the baseball far ?

↳ not a problem you just summoned a ghost who was a strong baseball player and got one of the top scores

↳ katsuki isn’t dumb, he knows he needs to keep an eye on his classmates because they’re all his opponents

↳ so he knows about your quirk and how strong it is

↳ but other than that you’re just another extra to him

↳ although some times he did get pared up with you for class assignments and acknowledged you were useful to him

↳ “she’s got a cool quirk doesn’t she?” eijiro talked about you to katsuki

↳ “what does it matter i’m still 1,000 times stronger than she’ll ever be”

↳ okay katsuki no need to be like that damn

↳ but that’s how it stays until you and katsuki are paired against each other during the sports festival 

↳ he knows enough about your quirk to think he can beat you

↳ but no

↳ it was so much harder than he expected

↳ you could teleport away from his blasts at the blink of an eye then appear behind him ??

↳ and you had multiple ghosts summoned that looked like pro heroes that had died ??

↳ katsuki’s way over his head now

↳ how tf is he supposed to defeat you with his blasts alone ??

↳ well katsuki’s starting to get beat up and angry

↳ there’s no way he’s loosing against you

↳ that’ll just show to everyone that he’s not the best

↳ the bad thing about beating up katsuki and making him exhaust himself is that now he’s sweating

and he’s sweating a lot

so now he has enough nitroglycerin sweat to destroy the entire ring

and that he does

it’s unfortunate because it all happened so fast you weren’t able to teleport away and your spirits that attempted to you vanished because of the blast

you were passed out on the ground with a lot burns and exhaustion

you had to keep using your quirk constantly during the fight and the pain was finally catching up with you

↳ you were carted away to the infirmary so recovery girl could heal you right away

↳ katuski was equally as exhausted, you had just given him the closest fight of his entire life

he went up against the rest of his opponents who btw where nowhere as hard of a fight as yours was

he won the sports festival angry shoto had gone easy on him but proud to have won against you

he’ll never admit how much he struggled during that fight shhhhh

you think that he would just continue to ignore you after that

but no he couldn’t stop thinking about you and how you gave him an amazing fight

↳ he has a lot of respect for you because you had gone all out

↳ so now you’ve become a part of the bakusquad

everyone in the bakusquad knows he secretly likes you


sorry it’s kinda short 😭 but thank you for the request ! i hope i served you well<3

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𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫, 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞

parings: izuku midoriya x reader, katsuki bakugo x reader, shoto todoroki x reader, ejirou kirishima x reader

warnings: mentions of injuries and attempted assassination 

notice: they/them pronouns used, as implied fantasy au

synopsis: your first encounter with some interesting boys leads you to fall in love with them

word count: 2874


𝐢𝐳𝐮𝐤𝐮 𝐦𝐢𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐲𝐚 *⁀➷

↳ ok so we should start off with his background

↳ *ahem* so he grew up as commoner in this village, living in a tiny house with inko ♡

↳ he always wanted to become a knight and protect the people of the kingdom

↳ butttt he was bullied because he grew up sort of sheltered due to inko

↳ he never got the option of training or becoming strong until he turned 14 

↳ the knight he admired fanboyed over, all might was rumored to be searching for apprentices

↳ he starts training like mad to become stronger so he can go to the kingdom and take the test to become all might’s apprentice

↳ it goes pretty well and izuku becomes toned, he has abs and muscles yk

↳ god this boy is so hot- anywaysssss

↳ it takes a full year for izuku to reach the level that the rest of his opponents started off with so obv he’s at a disadvantage

↳ but what he lacks in time, he gains an advantage due to his intelligence

↳  he is very very smart, totally has a hundred different strategies to use against a bunch of foes

↳ when the day comes for izuku to go to the kingdom inko bursts into tears bc her baby boy grew up and he’s so strong now ♡

↳ he finally gets to the kingdom and oh my gosh he’s so nervous

↳ like seriously he’s sweating bullets

↳ the test starts off pretty easy

↳ but the last phase was the hardest the had a dragon

↳ now izuku is really sweating but he uses his instincts to guide him through it

↳ it was going pretty well until his sword was broken so now he has nothing to defend himself with

↳ from the corner of his eye he sees someone about to get killed by the dragon

↳ izuku literally didn’t think he just grabbed a sharp stink that he found it almost looked like a tree branch, ran up from behind the dragon and impaled it

↳ so the person escapes but now izuku’s got a giant dragon focusing on him

↳ he notice though that the person before had dropped their sword so he grabs it, manages to climb up the dragon and stab in right in the head

↳ izuku did it he killed the dragon !

↳ so now he’s all might’s apprentice because he saved that person even without a weapon and managed to defeat the dragon

↳ so now that izuku is a knight, how did you two meet?

↳ one day izuku was walking around the kingdom, trying to keep an eye out for trouble

↳ he heard a scream and some snarls come from the forest surrounding the kingdom

↳ he ran in without a second thought

↳ and there he found you being cornered by some ferocious wolves

↳ immediately he kills them and saves you without hesitating

↳ you’re like ‘where did this guy come from-”

↳ but he literally just saved your life so you go up to thank him

↳ and this is the first time izuku properly sees you

↳ he freezes because, ‘OH MY GODS THEY’RE SO ATTRACTIVE.’

↳ is stiff as a board and just has the biggest and brightest blush all over his face

↳ you’re just awkwardly standing there with your hand out because you wanted to shake his

↳ when he finally realizes he’s just been staring at you this entire time and making a fool out of himself he just like let’s out the most humiliated screech you’ve ever heard

↳ he frantically shakes your hand and starts babbling that it was no problem and how he’s glad he got here in time


↳ now he’s just rambling and thought you find izuku handsome and cute you needed to head home with the berries you had been picking

↳ “sorry but um… i have to go home now it’s getting late.”

↳ izuku shuts up immediately and suddenly he’s sad because you’re leaving already he he really wanted to get to know you better ??

↳ “oh well um… i could accompany you home if you want. OR NOT IT’S OKAY WE JUST MET AND THAT MIGHT BE CREEPY BUT I JUST DON’T WANT YOU TO GET HURT-”

↳ you sigh but smile and agree to let him accompany you home

↳ you actually got to talk a lot and izuku found himself enjoying your company a lot and you enjoyed his

↳ so when you two part waves he tells you his name and you give him yours and you hug him as another thank you

he totally tells all might about you

↳ but now izuku finds himself walking to your home in the morning so you two can walk to the kingdom together

↳ he definitely has a huge crush on you but of course no matter how much he cares about you he has to do his duties as all might’s apprentice

↳ but at least he get’s to see you every morning

↳ he’s absolutely smitten and so are you but he’ll wait until he’s an offical knight to court you<3


𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢 𝐛𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨 *⁀➷

↳ ok we all know katsuki is the dragon king and belongs to a tribe

↳ ya the one i mentioned in izuku’s part

↳ so how do you meet katsuki?

↳ well sort of like izuku you were wondering in the woods looking for berries

↳ and katsuki heard something rustling nearby his camp

↳ so he goes to investigating and finds you poking around the bushes

↳ jump tf out of the bushes and scares the living hell out of you

↳ your berries got smushed :((

↳ he starts yelling at you

↳ “what the hell do you think you’re doing? this land is mine dumbass and you’re trespassing! i could have you killed for this!”

↳ man is going off on you like yelling and screaming calling you a dumbass, threatening your life yk the usual for katsuki

↳ and you’re just on the floor because he scared you so much when he popped out that you fell on your ass

↳ you notice the tattoo on his shoulder and realize that he’s the dragon king you had heard about

↳ now you’re really scared so you try to jump up and run but katsuki’s having none of that shit and pins you to the ground

↳ “where the fuck do you think you’re going?” he snarls. now you’re being dragged back to his camp where the dragons are woooo !

↳ he pulls you in front of the dragons omg there are like 20 and they’re huge and demands that they should punish you for trespassing

↳ “i found this dumbass wondering around and picking berries from our land. we should kill them.”

↳ o fuck you’re screwed you think, you’re literally about to get charred by dragons because you picked some berries

↳ the dragons start snarling and katsuki and he looks less than pleased

↳ turns out the dragons are nice so they tell katsuki to let you go

↳ he’s like hell tf no plus i’m the king here so you better listen to me

↳ they eventually won the argument

↳ so katsuki throws you a dirty glance then lets you go

↳ but do you think that encounter stopped you from going back

↳ no

↳ because through all that craziness you notice how hot katsuki is

↳ so you come back

↳ and he’s so angry

↳ “didn’t you learn from the last time dumbass? do you have a death wish or something?”

↳ the same thing happens and you’re freed with not a scratch on your body

↳ you keep coming back and katsuki’s gotten so tired he eventually just accepts you’re gonna keep visiting 

↳ he starts looking forward to your every day visits but will NEVER tell you

↳ the dragons really like you btw

↳ if you miss one visit katsuki is gonna be angry and miss you

↳ when you come the next day he gives you an attitude

↳ it doesn’t take too long for katsuki to court you because he’s smart and he knows you like him

↳ so when he does and you say yes you become the dragon princess ?

↳ the labels are kind odd but all you care about is you spend every day with katsuki and the dragons and it’s the best


𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐢 *⁀➷

↳ he’s 100% a prince

↳ and he’s being married to this random princess of another country because enji is forcing him

↳ it’s better for both kingdoms if shoto marries the princess because enji’s has a strong defense against invaders and the other kingdom has plenty of natural recourses that would benefit enji’s kingdom

↳ so shoto is left marrying a princess he’s never met

↳ he’s less than pleased to put it lightly

↳ enji makes him visit the princess so he can convince her that he would be an amazing husband and that she shouldn’t back out of the agreement

↳ shoto really does not want to go but decided he might as well go because what if he actually ends up liking the princess?

↳ he does not end up liking her.

↳ she’s the biggest brat he’s ever met and she’s so annoying

↳ all she does is talk, talk, talk, in that piercing high voice of hers

↳ he wants to rip his ears off

↳ but he does end up liking a particular servant he meets

↳ aka you

↳ you had come in to ask if the princess or shoto needed something

↳ she starts screaming at you that you’re interrupting them

↳ now shoto doesn’t know you but he knows that treating your servants like that is foul

↳ he stands up for you and tells the princess to stop being so crude

↳ she shuts up and blushes due to embarrassment

↳ shoto leads you out of the room and notices that you’re shaking like a leaf

↳ he tries to calm you down but you’re even more nervous because THE handsome prince todoroki is talking to you and the princess is definitely going to kill you

↳ he also notices your appearance

↳ you’re very attractive<3

↳ he just kinda says super bluntly, “someone as attractive like you should not be scared like this, the frown makes your features look downcast”

↳ omg you’re gonna hyperventilate

↳ after this ordeal shoto keeps visiting the princess, no, more accurately you

↳ he deals with the dates the princess forces him to go on with her

↳ all that’s driving him through the day is that he’ll get to see you after them

↳ he visits you every time he comes to the kingdom

↳ he courts you fast because he’s so in love with you

↳ you and him start this secret relationship and it goes on for a while

↳ you guys have secret dates and kiss each other when no one’s looking

↳ he always stands up for you when the princess is rude to you

↳ but the arranged date for shoto’s and the princess’ wedding is coming up

↳ so shoto decides it’s time to take your relationship to the next level

↳ he tells enji and himura about you

↳ himura supports him 100%, she can see how much he loves you

↳ on the other hand enji is enraged

↳ he’s screaming that he can’t marry a servant nobody


↳ he’s forbidden shoto from seeing you and starts sending knights with him so he can’t sneak around with you

↳ you notice it immediately and you’re worried

↳ but shoto is persistent and insists if he doesn’t let him marry you he’ll be a bitch to the princess and make her want to call of the wedding

↳ in response enji orders assassins to kill you

↳ shoto hears about the order from his head knight and goes to save you

↳ now shotot’s really fucking mad

↳ he takes you to a hiding place and orders his head knight to protect you from enji at all costs

↳ now enji is cornered, he can’t get to you and shoto is going to turn the princess’ kingdom against his if he doesn’t allow you two to marry

↳ it takes months, there’s so much deceiving and enji searching for you so he can kill you

↳ shoto’s plan is working because the king from the other kingdom is starting to become more hostile to enji

↳ so he has no choice but to give in

↳ he does his best to break off the wedding while saving face

↳ it’s a bit rocky but the other king agrees because he says shoto has been very rude to them and doesn’t want his daughter to marry someone like him

↳ you’re finally allowed out of hiding and you see shoto again

↳ you both marry and you end up so happy


𝐞𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐤𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 *⁀➷

↳ i bet you’re expecting me to say he’s bakugo’s dragon or sm

↳ hehehe no !

↳ this is going off official art so eijiro is a  wandering traveler

↳ he happened to be passing by a kingdom when a horrible storm hit

↳ he was forced to seek shelter in an abandoned hut

↳ it was wrecked and provided him almost no shelter

↳ he got sick from the rain and couldn’t get up to purchase medicine

↳ you were passing by the hut when you heard some coughing

↳ you find a boy dressed in all red with a huge sword and he looks extremely pale

↳ you hesitantly approach him and notice he’s asleep

↳ he has a very high fever and some cuts that if you don’t clean them they will definitely become infected

↳ so you somehow manage to lug that boy back home

↳ it was so hard because he was extremely heavy man has so much muscle

↳ you place him on your bed and place a cold towel on his forehead to calm down his fever

↳ then you set your sights on eijiro’s cuts

↳ there are a lot of them and some look like they’ll take a while to properly heal

↳ you also notice he has a bunch of scars on his arms and chest

↳ the life of a traveler yk

↳ you get some alcohol and a rag to disinfect the cuts

↳ it’s very painful and makes eijiro wake up

↳ he’s whipping his head around and wondering where he is

↳ then he sees you, the towel on his forehead that’s now on his lap and your worried face

↳ “where- where am i?”

↳ “i took you to my hut because you’re running a fever and your wounds need to bet disinfected”

↳ eijiro is a cautious boy because he’s met swindlers and thieves of all kinda during his travels

↳ but he notices how sincere you look

↳ so he allows you to continue to clean him up

↳ he asks your name and things about you

↳ you answer his questions and ask your own about him

↳ you’re amazed that someone your age is a traveler

↳ you’re both young and that’s a dangerous life to be leading

↳ after you’re done with his wounds and you wrapped them up you give eijiro some food

↳ he thanks you and eats it all because it’s been a day since he ate

↳ he compliments you on your cooking

↳ the next day he’s assuming you’re gonna kick him out but he’s surprised when you say he should stay a while so his wounds can heal

↳ it’s also because you’re crushing on him

↳ he thanks you for all you’ve done for him

↳ and thus begins your sort of domestic life with eijiro

↳ when he starts to get better he helps you out with the chores in the hut

↳ chops up wood for the fire and helps you cook etc

↳ he insists you take the bed since you only have one

↳ you refuse because he’s the hurt one

↳ so eventually you agree to sleep in the same bed

↳ you guys totally unconsciously cuddle each other<3

↳ it’s been two months and now eijiro is fully healed

↳ you’re so sad because you’ve gotten used to having him with you and you’ll be alone and sad without him

↳ you’re surprised when he confesses to you and says he’s in love with you and wants to stay with you

↳ you guys end up living together in the hut you first took care of him in


this took soooo long but i’m glad i finished ! izuku’s part is long oops can you tell he’s my favorite ? lol

51 notes

planning a social media au for either bakugou or todoroki called Writer’s Block!

the premise of it is that it’s gonna be a college, quirkless au where the girl is writing a romance novel where it’s basically a badass boy letting his walls down for a soft girl, but there’s an issue: she doesn’t know how to continue because she’s never actually experienced that type of situation. and thus, either bakugou or todoroki come in! but how will it end when they realize she might just be using them?

send me asks about which boy it should be about (or both) and to let me know if you want to be on the taglist! 

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Forehead Kisses//Kiribaku

Bakugou was pissed.

Kiri could tell by the way his shoulders were slumped down as he glared daggers at the floor.

Kiri also knew why he was mad. He saw the whole thing.

While he was training with Kaminari, he had to take a break when his friend went a little overboard with the electricity and went into his ‘wheyyy’ mode.

So he sat down by the benches, chugging his half empty bottle of water as he stared over at Bakugou and Midoriya’s training.

He noticed that Midoriya was starting to tire out and Katsuki kept riling him up, aiming his explosions straight towards the green haired boy.

That was until Midoriya hunched over, and Bakugou stopped, just for a second-but that was all he needed.

Suddenly, black whip formed out and whacked Bakugou straight in the face, and Kiri had to cough out the water he choked on when he saw that his boyfriend went crashing towards the floor.

Even Midoriya seemed to be surprised by his own brutal strength.

And so that’s how Bakugou ended up on the bench, holding an ice pack to his bruised forehead and scowling at Deku, who nervously hid behind Iida and Uraraka.

But not before Kiri came over.

“Heyyy Kats! How you feeling?” He slung an arm over his boyfriend’s shoulder, accidentally making him drop the ice pack onto his lap.

“Fuckin hell!” Katsuki groaned, rubbing the tender bruise with his fingers.

Kirishima winced before moving closer, “Oof, sorry. That looks like it hurts.”

“It does hurt, dipshit.” Bakugou retorted, flicking Kiri’s own forehead with his fingers.

“Ack! Oh man, I thought nothing could hurt the Great Lord Explosion Murder?”

Katsuki grimaced at his own nickname and placed the melting ice pack back onto the tender bruise.

“Hey, hold on-” Kiri said, his voice coming out much softer, leaning his hand up to gently grab at Katsuki’s wrist.

Bakugou didn’t put up much of a fight, letting his boyfriend tilt his head up with two fingers under his chin, peering closely at the dark mark formed on his pale skin.

“Hm.” He hummed, letting go of Katsuki’s wrist before cupping the side of his head.

Katsuki felt his eyes widening, the apples of his cheeks blushing as a tender kiss was placed on the bruise.

It didn’t hurt, in fact he could barely feel it, but the soft action of affection was there.

His heart thumped softly in his chest as Kirishima pulled away.

He had a gentle smile on his face as he rubbed the skin underneath Katsuki’s eyes with his thumb.

“All better?”

Bakugou smiled as he stared up into Kiri’s pretty ruby red eyes, the bruise on his head no longer tingling with pain.

“Yeah, all better.”

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