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𝐚 𝐩𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 paramedic!reader x prohero!bakugo
a/n: happy birthday the love of my life, the light of my mornings, and the stars of my dusk @kiyelle ! i'm posting this a lil earlier, but i hope you have an amazing birthday sweetheart; i'm so glad we're close and i can't wait to visit you in paris and go to the olympics with you <33 tw. blood, injuries, swearing, hospitals (?)
Tumblr media
bakugo’s back slammed into a wall, and his head snapped backward, knocking against the concrete. blood ran down his forehead into his eyes, clouding his vision into a blur of red.
heaving in an agonising breath, bakugo ran through every situation and possible action available. his injuries were bad but the villain wasn’t in the greatest shape either; bakugo wasn’t going to let himself reach this level of damage without bringing them down with him too. so if he could just get the fuck up, he could finally crush the pesky bastard into a bloody pulp. 
but just as his hands began warming up, through the ringing of his ears bakugo heard muted sounds of a fight starting up again behind the screen of smoke. his hands went cold. yeah there weren’t any other heroes on duty nearby, and if they were, they were definitely not strong enough to take on this calibre of villain. 
bakugo gritted his teeth, and cursed at whichever dumb extra came and interrupted the battle, adding on another risk factor that bakugo has to keep in mind.
“stay still.” a stern voice came from beside him, and bakugo started, head whipping to the source of the voice. 
“i said stay still.” you punctuated with a snarl. “you’re critically injured. stay down. shoto is here and taking care of the villain.”
he recognised you. even through the crimson blurring his vision and even through the ringing in the ears, he recognised you. and his blood boiled at the sight.  
“i’m fine.” bakugo snapped, jerking himself away from your precise hands assessing his injuries. the sudden movement elicited a hiss, a stabbing pain blooming in his chest. 
“no, dynamight.” you always say his name with such venom. each syllable like a slap to his face. “you’re not. several ribs broken, possibly a punctured lung, a dislocated shoulder, and a concussion are only just some of your injuries.”
bakugo clenched his jaw and his ruby eyes burned into your own obstinate ones. he knew each and every thing you said was correct and his nostrils flared at the thought. 
“so shut the fuck up, let me do my work, and you can go on your merry way as fast as possible because trust me, we all want that. got it?” you stare at him, a brow raised just waiting for him to combat your words. 
if icy hot truly was here, then in reality, the battle was already over. bakugo was sure all civilians were evacuated, and that the villain was damaged just enough that one more grapple would have ended it. 
“hurry up shitty woman.” his eyes tore from yours, and he looked forward, refusing to acknowledge you. as soon as he gave his consent, you started working, hands moving with a practised fluency. he respected your skills and what you did, but bakugo didn’t miss (and definitely didn’t appreciate) the colourful mumbling underneath your breath, most likely aimed at him.
as you tried to staunch the blood loss from the various gashes that you could see on his body, you could tell he was losing blood worryingly fast. his eyes, however razor focused they usually were when you would watch him on the television, were losing focus, and his pupils were dilated, the inky blank eating up the burning crimson. 
“dynamight.” you make eye contact. “the ambulance is right around the corner. my colleagues know our location and are coming with a stretcher and you’ll be in a hospital in no time.” you speak clearly and concisely, gently guiding him to lay down on his back, and preparing a tourniquet. “just focus on your breathing.”
his laboured breaths grew rhythmic, and his eyes fluttered to a close. as his vision grew black, he could hear your voice calling over more paramedics, and as he lost consciousness the last thing he felt was the cool gentle touch of your palm on his forehead, pushing back the blonde strands stuck to his sweaty skin.
Tumblr media
the ringing in his ears were dull now. his head felt like it was stuffed full of cotton, and he could barely feel his limbs. bakugo tried to sit up with a grunt, but was immediately shut down with a firm hand to his chest. “nu-uh, you’re not going anywhere. especially not with those injuries.”
bakugo prepared to bare his teeth at whoever dared to stop him, but as his eyes laid on you, his eyebrows shot up in surprise. you didn't usually stay with him until he woke up. usually you just storm into the aftermath of his battles, and cuss at him until he stands down to let you treat him. that doesn’t always work, unfortunately for you. but when he does, you just leave and disappear as quickly as you came.
“the hell are you doing here?” bakugo rasps, each breath still a symphony of pain.
“making sure my patient is ok.” you cross your arms, eyes drifting over to look outside the window beside his hospital bed. “you were pretty wrecked by that villain. got me worried for a second there.” you frowned, and bakugo noticed the stiffness in your posture.
he coughed out a breath of laughter. “as if i would let some puny shit-stain of a villain like that take me down.”
at those words, a burst of laughter erupted from you, and bakugo paused. he doesn’t think he’s ever heard you laugh like that before. maybe the rare exhale of air from your nose as he swears at you from your many previous encounters, but never like this.
“that’s true.” you concede, and get up from where you were sat next to him. bakugo’s ruby eyes track your every movement as you go to slide open the door of his ward “I’ll go get your nurse. try not to scare them off-“
“thank you.”
you freeze, you’re hand resting light against the doorhandle. you had to question whether you imagined hearing those words as you turn to look at the bed ridden pro hero. 
“you heard me.” bakugo looked stonily ahead of him, refusing to meet your eyes. 
a smile crept on to your lips. so he finally decided to show some gratitude; it only took him about three life or death situations. oh, you were going to remember this for a very very long time. and by the grimaced look on his face, he knew exactly that. 
“hm sorry dynamight,” his jaw clenched and his fists tightened at the way you said his name. “i didn’t quite catch that.” you hum tapping a finger against your chin comically with the most infuriating smile bakugo has ever seen. 
“get your hearing checked then dipshit i’m not repeating myself.” 
“that what you say to the person who saved your life?”
“i already said thank you now fuck off.”
you laugh softly to yourself; even when in a hospital bed, completely immobile with countless tubes and needles stuck inside of him is he still an annoying brat.
“don’t miss me too much.” you give him a two finger salute, and as you turn to leave, you just miss the ruby stare that flick over to you, and linger even as the door slides to a close.
a/n: ok so ik im on a writing hiatus but shush don't say anything
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Imagine after defeating AFO and his army , everyone is winding down & treating their injuries etc , and it's night by the time they're all resting & recovering at the dorms - Deku and Bakugo have either been together for the end of the battle or have re-united by then -
Everyone is talking & asking eachother about their fights & of course everyone has been trying to talk to dk especially , but bk sees that dk is very overwhelmed & exhausted so he just asks Dk 'Hey - you wanna get outta here ?' Dk smiles & nods -
Cut to them alone together talking things out under the night sky , Dk is like 'we really did it huh' and Bk says 'duh of course we did it u dweeb' Dk laughs & then Bk looks at the sky contemplating for a minute - Dk asks what is it , & Bk calmly says 'the moon looks nice' -
Then of course Dk cries & they kiss until they hear one of their classmates calling for them from a distance & they head back to avoid having to explain right away - for now they just go back to their own rooms- going to bed exhausted from the battle but barely able to sleep❤️
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Bakugou: And if you ever! Come in here again with a GOD DAMN OPINION, I will shove it SO FAR up your ass, you’ll never see the light of day again!!
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Bakugo being all «I knew Shoto could do this» and grinning like STOP THEY ARE SO SHSJSKKSK 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️
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Todoroki: Bakugou, I don’t think I can handle any more of your tomfuckery.
Bakugou: Oh yeah? Well I can keep going until you’re all tomfuckered out!
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April bullies day 22 - Love, Sex and Volleyball
Tumblr media
Pairing: bully! Bakugo x reader;
Genre: Highscool AU, smut, one-shot;
Warnings: 18+, vaginal sex, bullying, cunnilingus, masturbation
Synopsis: Bakugo is head over heels in love with you, however
Note: In this fic goto Imasuji (Muscular) is Bakugo's maternal uncle.
Bakugo had used every single thing his uncle Goto had taught him. In his opinion people are practically animals and in the animal kingdom males show their strength by eliminating their opponents. And afterwards all the fertile females are surrounding them, begging to be bred. Sadly, that wasn’t the case with you. Yes, other girls swooned whenever he passed by, but you never spared him a second glance.
That is why he was currently beating up that damn Deku, kicking him in the ribs just because the younger boy had unintentionally spilled his water bottle on him. Not that Bakugo minded much, since his abs were showing through his wet shirt. Y/n will definitely take notice now that it’s obvious. But he was wrong. In fact, you were horrified about the scene playing out before your very eyes and shouted at him to leave Izu-chan alone, angering the ash-blonde till he trapped you against the lockers with his strong, muscular arms. “Did you say something? I couldn’t quite hear ya.” To which you responded by simply shaking your head, afraid that he might beat you up too.
It wasn’t very often that Bakugo could corner you at the corridor since he was in class A while you were in class E, but luckily for him, you also attended the volleyball club and so did he…and so did Deku.
You practiced some throws with izu-chan when he suddenly didn’t receive the ball properly and it hit Bakugou at the back of his neck. Foolishly Izuku ran straight to Bakugo and bowed down one time after the other, saying apologies, but that didn’t save him from Bakugo’s wrath, who punched the helpless boy like a punchbag.
That is when you picked up another ball and did a jump serve aiming for the back of Bakugo’s head and you weren’t disappointed when it hit it’s mark. Bakugo, still raging, came onto you and threw you back against the soft walls of the court. He was ready to turn back against Izuku but the coach entered and ordered everyone to take their positions.
It was small wonder that coach didn’t say a word against Bakugo’s agressions since his uncle was well known for messing up people’s lives and the last thing coach wanted was to be on Goto Imasuji’s black list.
You helped Izuku up and teamed up with him (like always) at the opposite side of the net from Bakugo. Once the game began, Bakugo crushed everyone with his jump serves. The biggest problem was that he hit the ball so hard that his opponents couldn’t receive it without their wrists turning red from the impact. Bakugo changed his tactic by deciding to only serve for you and boy was it one hell of a torture session. By the end the result was obviously 25-0 with Bakugo’s team being victorius.
The thing was that you were an excellent player, being trained along with the boys team, but once Bakugo transferred, it was hard to keep up with him being so brutal on you.
The next day you practiced with Izu-chan again but this time you both were on the opposite side of the court, just to make sure that Bakugo wouldn’t be anywhere near to you.
Izuku finally managed to do a jump serve and you were proud of him, only the ball was stuck at the top of the Swedish ladder and you climbed up to get it out. Suddenly a ball hit you at the back of your neck, making you lose your reflexes and you fell down with your beck to the edge of a bench and then on the floor. From there you only saw Izu-chan running towards you, shouting your name before the picture went black
Once you woke at the hospital you were relieved to learn that you hadn’t broken any bones, however, you would need a rehab, plus you were obviously out of volleyball for at least a month, meaning that you had no chance of trying for participation with the boys team on the nationals. You were devastated and Izu-chan was there to console you as you cried your eyes out.
Currently you were sleeping at the dorms, since it would be easier for you to attend lessons than by coming from home to school every day. And due to your condition you were given a singles room, plus – it was one of the priciest rooms you could have in the whole dormitory. But unluckily you were forced to wear straps over your clothing to straighten your back and help you to walk. Izu-chan was always helping you to get from place to place. He would help you up from the door at the morning and say his goodbyes at the very same door.
Your evenings were obviously boring since you craved some company but to make the time pass quicker you plugged in your earphones and played some relaxing music. Though there was one problem, namely – you had forgotten to lock your door which finally paid off Bakugo for all those days he had tried to enter.
You nearly jumped off your bed once you saw his silhouette but you forgot that you had already taken your straps off so you fell back moaning in pain. Bakugo watched unmoving from his spot, but once you gazed upon him, ready to scream a get out, you stopped. The reason for it was the silent tears slowly trickling down his chin. “I’m sorry Y/n! I svear that I didn’t mean it.” He said while sobbing.
From the looks of it you felt that he was genuine about the situation. “It’s alri-…” “No it’s not!” he finally faced you. “I just…I…” he couldn’t finish the sentence whether out of shame or disgust, you couldn’t tell. “What is it? Tell me.” You said slowly leaning to him. “I…I wanted you to see my strength. The power I have. I wanted you to notice me!”. As soon as those words left his lips your eyes nearly popped out of your eyes. What the actual fuck? Notice him? Since when does he care for me?
“And since I’ve hurt you, I came to make amends.” He said, pushing you to lean back onto the pillow. You were not expecting any of this. You knew that Bakugo was the hottest shot of the whole school complex, but you’ve never had the chance to see him as something more than a bully and abuser.
You were so deep in thoughts that you were completely oblivious to the fact that he was getting your panties off. “Wait Bakugo. What are you ahhhh.” His tongue reached your core before the words could reach the tip of your tongue. “Be assured kitty, it’ll feel good!” he said before getting back to licking up and down your slit. He parted your lover lips with his fingers, so that his tongue could go deeper within you. “Ba-kugo ahhh, please.” You cried out, but you were confused whether it was out of anger or pleasure. In any case Bakugo wouldn’t stop lapping at your dripping pussy while your legs were trembling. Bakugo did have to hold your legs down or you definitely would’ve crushed his skull with your knees.
“Your mewls are sweet kitty! Mewl for me more!” he said shamelessly, making you blush. He took one of your hands in his own and placed it on your lower lips. “Hold them open for me, would ya?” you merely hummed in response and did as told before he entered a single thick finger in your opening, making you cry out a bit louder than he had expected, though he went easy on you, noticing that there was some pain in your expression. “Don’t worry kitty, it’ll weel good soon enough.” He said and continued to thrust inside of you in a slow pace which increased as your walls got used to it and he was able to enter two fingers already.
Bakugo went back to stimulating your clit, licking your fingers in the process which only added to your growing pleasure. It all was so overwhelming that you couldn’t think straight. However, you didn’t expect that in few more seconds you would cum all over his hand but Bakugo didn’t seemed phased one bit.
After licking his fingers clean he trailed sweet kisses from your pussy upwards and got his head under your immensely oversized shirt. He stopped at your breasts and took your nipple in his mouth making you moan. This time you wouldn’t try to hide any sounds from him which only boosted his confidence.
While sucking your other nipple you finally said what was already floating at the back of your mind. “Fuck me Bakugo.” It made him stop and get out from under your shirt and look at you in disbelief. You couldn’t say it out loud again but your facial expression told Bakugo everything he needed to know.
He got off the bed and discarded his own clothes and you could only watch in amazement how healthy and strong his body actually was. You couldn’t even believe that all that package was so easily hidden by his clothing.
Bakugo got back onto your bed and helped you adjust your black pair of straps. While you were waddling around the school with them he didn’t notice it, but now it looked like something close to a sexy lingerie. He got on top of you and easily pushed himself inside of you all the while being careful not to hurt your injury. He went in slow and sensual thrusts, bunching up your bedwear in the process. He was most surprised when you asked him to go faster but he denied, saying that it would hurt your back, so instead you made him lay down and got on top of him going in for a ride. And rode him you did. In fact you thrusted your hips against his so fast and so hard that Bakugo himself was surprised but he wouldn’t be bested by you, so he kept thrusting upwards as well.
You both intevined your hands, being each other’s support as well as increasing the closeness between you. It melted your heart knowing that at that moment you had full protection from him as well as all of his devotion, all of it reserved only for you.
Bakugo was losing the battle and you could feel he was near so before you both would go into a state of ecstasy you quickly kissed him on the lips. That was the moment when you stopped and came, loosing your battle of the bedwar.  However, you slithered your hand around his cock and gave it a few quick pumps to get him off as well all the while still sitting on him. He came a bit harder than you expected, painting your shirt in the white ribbons of his sperm, though he did help you get a new t-shirt and a pair of shorts, but you refused to wear your bottoms, convincing him to leave his clothes off as well.
After he gave you the plan b pill both of you nested close to each other, awaiting the dawn and what it may bring for you on the morrow.
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✧ Pairing: 𝐁𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨 𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢x𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
✿ Reblogs are highly appreciated m.list
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I feel so lucky. Like the most fortunate person in the world or when the God of fate is floundering me with its blessings.
To have someone like him,
Ahh, yes. My one and only boyfriend, Bakugo Katsuki.
"Get out of my way! Deku!"
"I'm not even there!"
"Shut up!"
I giggle as I watch their interaction, I've been friends with this knuckleheads since childhood. It was only just recent when I got together with Kacchan.
But now that I think about it... He's been like my very own boyfriend since ever. Although when we did got together, he was a bit more straightforward? Open? Affectionate?
In first glance, you would see him a kind of person who is brash? brute? perhaps if I don't know a slight thing about him I would too. But of course not.
Honestly he is just....
"[Name]! Let's go, class ended." Katsuki stands before me as I pack my things away. I hummed and nodded my head to respond.
As I stood up from my desk, he suddenly yanked my bag gently. "Tsk." And carried it by himself while I only smiled and followed behind. That was kind of a normal occurence, and now if you would see him with an unnoticeable pink tints on his cheeks.
"Get out of my way or I'll beat you up!!" He yells at our classmates on the door way. "Kacchan, be more polite. Sorry!"
"It's okay, [Name]."
"It's already normal for him to do this."
"Class A-1 wouldn't be like this without him."
They all reassured me as I only lightly laugh at the remarks. Kacchan got only more irked and grabbed my hand gently, loose yet firm grip. I only waved goodbye at my classmates as I walk away with Kacchan.
"The infamous Bakugo could only be tamed by the angel, [Name]!" They yelled out as Kacchan only grumbled out with a scowl and I only giggled at this.
I caught up with him and walked beside him. I adjust his hold so that I could hold him hand-to-hand. I smiled fondly at him when he just looked at me.
He immediately looked away, I don't even know why until now he would be so flustered. But that doesn't mean I don't like it, I very much love it when he does.
"Kacchan~ You look like a dog," Squishing his cheeks as I sat on his lap, "A Pomeranian probably?" I went over at his house on the weekend.
"What kind of bullshit is that?" He grumbled but only complied at the touch, "I mean, you look cute but fierce. Fiercely cute!" I gasped.
"Oh no~ people would want you away from me then!" I playfully gasped as our foreheads lean and nose touched. "I'll be damned if there were who even tried!" He yelled.
He threw me on the bed and placed me down softly. His hands going up and down in my waist in a gentle motion, his touch was not faltering or rough. He burried himself on the crook of my neck, and I wrapped my arms around his.
"You're late." He blankly states.
"What? That's the first thing you'll say to your date? I dressed up extra for you!" I winked playfully at him and he only blush and looks away. "You already looked beautiful, so, you don't even need to dress up extra or whatever. I don't care."
I could only blush at his words. I cupped his cheeks to turn his face to me, he only watched me with curious eyes and a faltering scowl.
I kissed the corner of his lip and smiled at him, "Thank you! Now, let's go! We still have a date to go!"
He was stunned as you boldly made a move,
'𝘋𝘢𝘮𝘯 𝘸𝘰𝘮𝘢𝘯, 𝘐 𝘥𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘥𝘰 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘺𝘰𝘶.'
At that time, I didn't even know what he was thinking.
I didn't know why people kept having different opinions about him. He was just him, he wasn't aggresive or a brute. He was a gentleman who stood like my own knight in shining armor.
No matter what everyone says! He is the most gentlest person I've and I'll ever meet. He's just like that.
Or maybe I really am oblivious and different all this time.
But it doesn't change the fact that I fell in love with him. And he as well with me.
—𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐧𝐝.
Tumblr media
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Kirishima: Hey, wanna hear a funny joke?  Bakugo: I only like dark humor.  Kirishima, turning the lights off: What do you call a fake noodle?  Bakugo:.. Kirishima: An IMPASTA!
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Ktdk Spy X Family AU but with ph!bkg and ql!dk
Ql!Deku is a police officer/quirk analyst but is also a part-time assassin hired by the hero commission to take down certain villains (+ also targets people after bkg and corrupt people in his free time)
Meanwhile Bkg is the top hero, but also goes on undercover top secret missions that are pretty morally grey
And for some reason they have to pretend to be a married couple (maybe to infiltrate something that only lets married people idk)
They don’t have a kid because I don’t know how to make that part work jsk sorry
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chaichaiiskai · 2 days ago
mermay pt. 1 featuring siren katsuki bakugo, and gourami kyojuro rengoku
i don’t do backgrounds, in fact, this is the first time i’ve ever done something as intricate as this 🧍never drawn jewlery before either bUt im digging how these came out
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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loweater · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
If Class 1-A (+ Shinsou) picked Bakugo’s clothes
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moodyvoid · a month ago
So, how do we feel about child Tenko looking like child Deku, and teenage Touya looking like Bakugo?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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firyfox · a day ago
A brief scientific explanation of the Prophetic Bkdk Shipper phenomenon :
Tumblr media
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lady-lauren · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Step-Dad!Katsuki x Reader
Warnings: Step-cest, age-gap, daddy kink, quirk-play, spanking, implied power/authority dynamics, implied cheating, rough sex, bruising, biting, marking, possessive actions, light degradation, lots of praise, creampie, aftercare
Word Count: 4k
A/N: Here I am again, back on my daddy Katsuki bullshit; 4k of smut with a dash of plot. Thank you so much to @mindninjax​ for beta-reading this and encouraging me to finish it ❤️ 
Tumblr media
“Does your stupid boyfriend fuck you like this?”
Katsuki knows you’re too full to answer, cunt stuffed so snugly around his cock he can feel every pull of your inner muscles. Keen eyes admire how your flesh parts for him, drags along his length, coats his heavy cock with fresh cream.
He loves you like this: on your back, nipples swollen, puffy, glistening with remnants of spit, your legs curled back, lashes thick with tears. Prettiest fucking thing he ever did see. It’s just a damn shame you’re supposed to be off-limits, that every time you cum at home he has to smother your screams with the palm of his hand.
Capturing both your wrists between mean fingers, he starts pulling you down onto his cock; hard, deep thrusts that make your body bounce and the sheets wrinkle.
“Best little step-kid I could ever ask for, aren’t cha? Always so needy for daddy’s cock.”
You were tempting from the beginning, the pretty college girl he only saw glimpses of on holidays, flirty and smiley and clearly into him. He supposes you’ve got some kind of fucked up daddy issues, and that he only makes them worse every time he finds his way inside of you. Not that he cares. You’re too sweet to pass up, cunt too tight and lips so soft against his and around his dick.
Knowledge of this sordid affair would ruin his hero career, make all the scars that line old muscles practically worthless. If only he could spoil the veneer, keep the boys from crawling up your skirt.
“Good, so g-good,” your voice bubbles, “m-missed you, fuck I missed this.”
“Bet you fucking did,” he snaps his hips against the plush of your thighs, garnet eyes glued to where you’re sucking him in. His triceps tighten as he pulls on your arms, muscles like reins that keep you in line with him. He doesn’t mean to fuck you so brutally, but he always does anyways, overwhelmed by the need to have you, take you, claim you, that his inhibitions are blasted away.
Jealousy starts to simmer in his chest as he thinks about anyone else fucking you, getting to see you vulnerable and wet. He knows you have someone your own age, a little prick smiling beside you in all your social media posts. But Katsuki is better than him, fucks you deeper, spreads you wider on his fat cock.
“Tell me you’re my good girl, that you love me.”
You obey, sputtering the words back as your cunt squishes around him.
Katsuki’s rented a hotel room just to fuck you in, just so the walls can remember your words and keep all his secrets.
“God I fuckin’ love you,” he drops your wrists, large hands clamping onto your hips, slowing his pace so his balls don’t bust and he can grind into your wet heat. He leans over your body, traps your tits against his broad chest as he begins to suck at your delicate neck. “Should keep you this time, yank you outta school and have you ridin’ my dick at the office.”
“Don’t wanna ah—,” your belly tightens at a partially harsh thrust of his cock, “waste all the t-tuition you paid for.”
“Fuck that,” Katsuki pulls your skin between his lips until he knows you’ll bear his mark, “I’ll give you a degree in suckin’ cock.”
He rolls your hips back, makes your knees nearly kiss your ears as his strong hands push your thighs farther apart. You coo for him, all whiny and soft as he keeps pushing into your depths. Your slick is making a mess, dampening the downy hairs of his thighs, making every plunge of his cock sound more lewd than the last.
“Mhm, I’d give you everything, princess. Even my last name if my publicist wouldn’t shit a brick.”
“D-don’t need it,” you claw at his back, lick the burning tip of his ear, “Already yours, daddy.”
“Damn right you are. Fucking mine. My girl.”
His fingers squeeze into the fat of your thighs as he smashes his mouth against yours. He’s greedy, sloppy, drinking up your moans and pushing his own name between your lips. Daddy’s girl, daddy’s perfect little princess with the tightest cunt. Your lips know his movements, slant just right against his, a salacious dance of tongues.
Fucking you, spoiling you, makes carnal desire boil inside his chest, wrap around his balls like a vice. You make him feel young, like he’s on fire and the only balm is his cum spurting inside of you.
When he pulls his messy mouth from yours, he sees the lust in your eyes, dark and wild. You’d devour him, if he let you.
“He doesn’t fuck me like you.”
Katsuki smirks as he groans, pushing your legs to the apex of your flexibility so the head of his cock can push against that sensitive, spongy spot deep within your walls.
“Ha, your daddy is one of the fucking heroes, kid. No one can ever fuck you like this.”
He proves his point by moving into a nearly inhuman pace, cock burying into you so viciously it makes you scream. Nails rake into the rolling muscles of his back, his skin turning red in response to his brutishness.
It’s amazing what your body can take, how your soft rolls and soaked cunt absorb his savagery.
“Fuckfuckfuck—p-please, gonna, gonna—!”
“Gonna what, princess? Am I gonna break you or are you gonna cum?”
Your cunt sucks him tighter, the pumping veins of his cock pushing against your walls.
“C-cum, gonna, oh daddy, oh oh,” your head falls to the side as you continue to whine, tummy tightening and spasming as he barrels into you.
Fingerprints will be etched behind your knees from how roughly he’s pushing into you, your hips will ache and your cunt will throb with the memory of him for days.
“Gonna cum just from daddy’s cock inside you? Fuck I really do spoil you, make it so easy for you.”
Your pretty head nods against the sheets, eyes screwed shut as you get lost in the headspace of sex.
Katsuki shakes loose strands of blonde hair, now streaked with gray, away from his forehead as he grunts and groans, sweat dripping down his back and coating the nape of his neck as he loses himself in you.
You’re everything below him; his pride, his weakness, all his pleasure and all his shame. Guilt and lust fuel his hips, make his hands grip tighter into something he never should have touched.
“Need to feel you cum,” he confesses, “c’mon, do it for daddy.”
You make a high pitched sound, breath suddenly caught in your throat, and he knows he has you.
Katsuki stops when he feels the first milking compression of your cunt, gritting his teeth and willing himself not to heed the call of orgasm himself. He just wants to feel you, wants to watch you lose your fucking mind.
He watches how your belly sucks in and out, cunt clenching and releasing rhythmically as slick gushes from the tight spread of your pussy around the base of his cock. Your face flushes, lips part, back arches as you fall into the abyss of pleasure he threw you into.
“Good girl, good fuckin’ girl, oh baby…”
The aftershocks of your orgasm hum against his cock, trickle down his spine. He soothes his hands down the backs of your shaking thighs, finally lets your legs fall to the bed in reprieve.
“Oh my god Katsuki,” hearing his name in your mouth is foreign, makes a blush creep over his skin.
“Take a breather. I’m not done with you.”
His cock is throbbing inside you, aching to be pushed in deeper, but controls himself. He’ll let you come down from this high just so he can give you another, let you keep breaking over and over again until you're spent and smothered in his seed.
Smoothly, he sits back, pulls you into his lap and keeps you lodged on his cock. He presses tender kisses against your shoulder, licks at one of your sensitive nipples until you finally come to your senses.
“Fuck…you’re so strong,” you say it while admiring his shoulders, fingertips dipping well-crafted muscle.
“What’s that supposed to mean? You didn’t think such an old fuck could rail you like this?”
“That’s not—,” you moan as you sink deeper into his lap, take in all his cock until his balls are flush against your ass, “You’re just a force of nature.”
“I fucking know that.”
He cups your ass cheeks in each palm, lifting you far too easily up and down his length. Your head falls into the crook of his neck as he starts to use you like a toy. Your hot tongue slides up his neck, making him groan.
You take a few beats just to feel his lazy rhythm, panting into his skin as he warms your cunt for another round.
“But you never hurt me, you take such good care of me.”
“‘Course I do, princess,” he coils his arms around the gentle slope of your back, buries his nose into your shoulder and lets his hips do the work to keep you bouncing on his cock, “I know everything you like, know how to fuck you right.”
Exploring your body, taking a peek into the dirty parts of your mind, that’s Katsuki's favorite part of this arrangement. He adores learning what you like, listening to your whimpers and begs and taking notes on where to touch you over and over again. He knows what you like to hear, how you like to feel the weight of his body pressed against yours. A shiver always racks him whenever he realizes that you do the same, that you study him, learn him, know all his weak spots and all the things to say to make his pride shine like a solar flare.
“Daddy…” your cunt squeezes around him, your hands are tangled in his hair, lips pressing kisses to his cheek, “want you to fuck me harder, ‘til I break.”
He growls at the thought, drunk enough on lust to consider but not give in. Katsuki wouldn’t be able to look at himself in the mirror if he ever actually hurt you, if he pushed your boundaries too far and destroyed the most intimate relationship he has in life.
“Please?” You snake your tongue between his lips, kissing him like you really mean it, like all you want in the world is him. “No one can fuck me like you, right? Show me just what you can do.”
Katsuki lifts you fully off his cock, hissing at how much his dick aches without your pussy around him. He flips you onto your stomach and pulls you onto your knees with ease, slapping his cockhead against your slippery folds as he lines himself up again.
“You got a death wish or somethin’?”
But then you turn your head against the sheets and catch his gaze, eyes scorching him with a look of determination.
“I’m your girl, daddy. I can handle whatever you give me.”
There’s a crack in his resolve, a fissure of control splintering right down his spine at your words. A sour urge to prove himself, to show you he’s right, that he could entirely ruin you. It’s a feeling he’s battled for years, an overwhelming compulsion to show off his strength, demonstrate his worth.
He can show you things no one can do to you, not your limp dick boyfriend, not any other man.
“Think you can handle my quirk? Hm?”
To test the waters, he quickly smacks his fingers across your ass cheek, small crackles and sparks heating up right on the moment of impact. It’s a hot flash, feels like the instant you burn your tongue on too-hot coffee, but he’s precise enough to make sure the pain doesn’t linger.
His cock jumps at your response; your knees spread wider, your tight hole clenches right before his eyes, fresh slick drooling down your thighs.
“Oh Katsuki, feels soooo good.”
Power stirs in his palms. He’s extra sweaty from fucking you, knows he’s a bit of a live wire. He could blast you into next Tuesday if he’s not careful; but Katsuki has years of training, decades of experience. He trusts himself, and knows you trust him. His sweet little step-daughter always clinging to him for safety, yet always able to keep up with him, pushing and pulling like swirling tides.
“Oh you just fucking wait.”
Handprints, his handprints will be glowing on your skin by the time he’s done with you.
There’s something cathartic, primal, about branding his most prized possession. Over the years, Katsuki has become a master of control; he has to control his temper, rein in his quirk as not to leave Musutafu in ashes. So he knows just how much to warm his hands, how to let just a buzz of his quirk coat his eager fingers. All so you can feel the speciality that makes him one of the world’s most powerful men.
He repeats his earlier motion, harder this time. A resounding smack echoes in the hotel room followed by your high-pitched moans that make his ears turn red. Your plump ass cheeks are aching, he can feel the smarting below his palm, but you’re wiggling enough to tell him you want more, you want to feel all of him.
“Better hold on tight, princess.”
The veins in his arm are humming, ready for explosions to grow between the lines of his palm.
He spanks you a few times in a row, groaning at how your flesh jiggles and how the colors of your skin spark next to quick bursts of red and yellow.
“Fucccckkkkkkkkkkk,” the consonant keeps rolling off your tongue, bleeding into a whine as you bury your face into the sheets.
“Mhm, you really don’t deserve to be spanked,” Katsuki ruts his hips, the hard ridge of his cock sliding between the gooey mess of your folds, “but you asked for it, spoiled little girl.”
“Like it, ah—!”
He gives you another harsh smack, letting his hand rest on your ass this time so his quirk can pop and smother against you.
“‘Course you like it, you like everything I give you,” he mutters with pride.
“Want you,” your back arches more, inviting him in, “want you in me while you…”
He gets the picture, and he grins, full of teeth and mirth with eyes shining like a wolf who’s captured the sweetest prey.
Katsuki takes your hips in his hands, big thumbs soothing over tender flesh as he begins to press the head of his cock back inside you.
“Should probably be teachin’ you to not be greedy like your old man,” a growl bubbles in his chest as he sinks inside of you, slow, purposeful, taking his time to feel every ridge of your gummy walls as you spread around his length, “suppose I’ll give you the lesson that you get what you ask for, kid.”
When he bottoms out, balls flush against your swollen clit, he closes his eyes and just feels the weight of your body around him. His sweet girl, tummy already tight and clenching, knees slipping on cheap sheets that catch your short breaths. He’ll ruin you, make it so no boy can ever compete with him.
Keeping his cock lodged in your depths, his hands skim along the curve of your sides. Gentle touches, calloused fingers against skin he should never touch. Those fingertips begin crackling, sending minute, searing blasts across your too-hot body. You yelp at the pain, but as quickly as the stings appear, they fade, like tiny fireworks spreading across your nerves. His touch slips down your back, leaving a hot trail in his wake, the resounding discharges of his hands making you whimper and moan. Eventually, he returns to your hips, hands splayed wide, and the detonations intensify.
There’s no chance to breathe, to moan out the praises stuck in your throat. Katsuki is more brutal than before, hips smashing against yours and cockhead bruising into your most intimate, tender flesh.
He’s all choked back laughter and strained huffs, sweat dripping down the shelf of his pectorals and getting lost in the grooves of his abdomen.
“Dad–dy,” you croak between plunges of his cock, nails threatening to rip the sheets, “m-more, please, want more.”
Skillfully, he ignites both hands, sending a near electric wave of his quirk traveling down from the fat of your hips to the top of your head.
“Yeah? You like making me use my quirk just to get you off?”
All you can do is nod, body bouncing with his hard, powerful thrusts, pretty head lost to oblivion.
You’re putty in his hands, legs gone limp at his onslaught. He uses the strength in his shoulders to keep your hips raised to his, teasing fingers spreading your cheeks apart so he can watch how your cunt wraps around him with every thrust. It’s a mesmerizing sight, wet flesh being molded by the heavy veins on his dick, thick cream building at his base and sticking to flaxen curls. Your pussy twitches every time his balls smack into your clit, sending pleasure racing up the beautiful slope of your back.
His teeth and nails ache to tear into you, to rip you apart and put you back together again, with traces of him lining every crack.
Katsuki lightens on the abuse of his quirk, feeling ecstasy coiling in his stomach and fogging his thinking. He gives you one last cruel smack to your ass, a bright explosion echoing in his ears and down your muscles.
“Good fuckin’ girl, takin’ daddy so well,” he groans as he leans over your back, the weight of him nearly crushing you into the mattress, his thighs now pressed to yours as he humps into you with a reckless abandon, “All I do is think about fuckin’ you, can’t you get you out of my g-god damn head, kid.”
He sinks his teeth into the curve of your shoulder, spit dripping down your skin as he bites until he meets the resistance of your muscle. He growls and it vibrates across your bodies, an additive to the wet, forceful sounds of sex. His body rocks against yours over, and over, and over again, until your legs give out and your body lies flat on the bed to take his assault from behind.
Katsuki repositions, smirking at his mark on your shoulder as he wipes the sweat from his brow with his forearm. He places a strong hand on your back to pin you completely, the other grasping at the roots of your hair to keep your screams buried into the pillows.
Your cunt throbs with every fresh push of his cock, wet and worn as he seeks absolution inside of you. His arms ache, tendons thick with tension as he fucks into you like a beast.
He’s on the fast track to hell, mind solely focused on filling his loving little girl with his cum until you break. The only measure of time is the tempo of his cock plunging into you; he’s losing control, primitive instincts blooming in his balls and begging to burst.
Only you do this to him, make him throw cautions to the wind, make him bury his sins in your cunt.
“Gonna make you cum,” his addiction to feeling your orgasmic squeeze is driving him mad, “want you to milk me, take all the cum outta daddy’s balls.”
He slides a hand under your hips, worming his way to your clit. Without thinking, he sends his quirk racing to his index and middle fingers, white hot and searing.
“Oh god—oh god, oh god, daddy, so hot, I-I I can’t, please!”
All your words are mumbled, smothered by the press of the pillows to your cheeks, soaking up tears and spit. He’s still got a hand on your head, using the leverage to barrel into you with so much force that even his knees are going numb.
“C’mon, princess, wanna feel you cum from my quirk, cum for me.”
Even in the haze, he knows he’s pushing you, that your clit is over-sensitive and weeping against his fingers, but you asked for this. He keeps his explosive fingers swirling in your wet mess, tight circles over your swollen bud until your body is thrashing and the pillows can’t hold your screams.
“Fuck, fuck, gonna—ah!”
The suck of your cunt is euphoric, all pulsing and hot. Katsuki has to take a deep breath to stop his quirk, to steady himself before he crashes from the unyielding vice of your walls.
He calls your name, chin falling to his chest as he gets blasted sideways from his orgasm. His cock is still unforgiving, now grinding into your core as pearls of his cum gush from the tight sleeve of your cunt around him.
The world stops as he does, a roar deep from within his chest piercing the thick air of the room as he comes undone. Hot spurts of cum fill your insides, painting you with thick ropes of white. His fat cock twitches and throbs; it feels like he’s growing inside of you. You bite into the sheets, growling at the feeling of being so fucking full, so fucking satisfied to have his hot cum now spilling down your thighs.
His quirk is still humming, a dying light as he scrapes the pieces of himself together.
“You okay, kid?” He still can’t get himself to leave your body, the lingerings of your orgasm still keeping his cock sucked into you.
“Yeah,” he watches in awe as you lift yourself onto your elbows, rolling your neck to get rid of the ache of your face being planted to one side for god knows how long, “Feel fucking great.”
“That sarcasm?”
His tension eases as you giggle, looking over your shoulder covered in teeth marks, “I couldn’t be clever right now if I tried. You fucked me stupid.”
“Good,” he groans as he finally slips from your body, cock spent and his age finally catching up with him as his adrenaline pummels.
Katsuki collapses on his back, body feeling as sweaty and used as yours. But he sits up before he gets too comfortable, keen to paw at your tender skin and look for abrasions.
“Didn’t hurt you, did I?” He pokes at your ass, listening to hear if you suck in a breath at the lingering shadows of his handprints.
“No, just like I knew you wouldn’t. Your quirk packs a fucking punch, though. Feeling that against me—”
“Was it too much?”
“Katsuki,” he’s taken aback by your scolding tone, “I would’ve told you if it was too much. Stop worrying, I promise I’m okay. More than okay, never been fucked like that in my life.”
He snorts, finally resting against the mess of sheets as you curl up against him, leg looping over his and your lips pressing kisses to his chest.
“You’re still young, gotta plenty of life ahead of you to get railed.”
“Plenty of time for you keep fucking me stupid. You’re only 40, stop acting like you’re some old geezer.”
Forty. Just hearing it from your mouth makes him feel older than it should. Just yesterday he was your age, tearing up the city on Deku’s heels without even a thought about getting married, settling down, fucking his step-kid.
For a while he assumed he was using you just to feel young again, but over the years he’s realized it’s because he feels more like himself with you. You take his punches, take the poison of his tongue like it’s nothing, you encourage him to let go, to be himself.
“You need a bath,” he groans as he sits up, taking you with him.
“Oh please I’m not that stinky, at least not yet.”
“Nah, you need some warm water to soothe over where I blasted you, it’ll keep you from aching tomorrow.”
He doesn’t give you time to protest, just scoops you over his shoulder like it’s a habit, carries you like it’s nothing until he can settle you onto the edge of the tub. He can’t help but look over your nakedness as he runs a bath, curses his cock for twitching just at the sight of how swollen your lips and nipples are.
You’re chattering about how you have a class tomorrow, how you’ll have trouble not thinking about him as you sit on sore ass cheeks. And he’s content to listen, to help you ease down into the bath and climb in behind you, wrap you in heroic arms and whisper into your neck.
As much as he loves you spread out below him, he loves you more like this. Looking up at him with adoration, all love drunk and happy, comfortable to be naked with him.
He loves that you let him take care of you, like a daddy should.
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pinepin · 2 months ago
the same bakugou katsuki that acts all tough and strong, that lowkey carries your backpack without you even realising. his hand is just holding it up behind you while you guys walk home together. the same katsuki that would yell to and insult others, that traces your nosebridge after you ugly-cried while laying on him with your full weight, he doesn't mind. the same katsuki that used to feel confident by bullying now feels confident because of your love. the same katsuki that was once mean and unloving could never imagine being the reason you cry. the same katsuki that was fully convinced he was unlovable until you showed him otherwise.
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peterokii · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
bakusquad stealth suits
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boyfriend merch
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petty-ha · 2 days ago
"Their Reaction To You Being Cold And Distant Pt. 2" pt.1
✿ Reblogs are highly appreciated m.list
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He will not notice that you turned cold and distant towards him. As long as you don't yell at him for flexing his self too much.
She'll try to give you some space, but will grow impatient and will just confront you on why were you being distant
She's understanding and will give you time to cool down. When you're ready, she's always there to attend to you.
He'll malfunction. LITERALLY.
She'll get worried and will go ask Yaoyorozu for some advices.
When you're being distant, he'll grow more annoying and will put his arms around you more often. He believes in reversed - pyscholgy.
He's a gentleman. When he feels that you're being distant, he'll give you some space without forgetting his job as your boyfriend. He'll still treat you food and study with you.
She'll sing you songs all day to annoy you and to force you to talk to her. Though, she knows you'll obviously ignore her to continue listening to her voice.
If you don't talk to him, then he won't talk to you. Making Dark Shadow annoyed and just solve the conflict between you two himself.
Though, he doesn't mind giving you space. He'll internally panic and will stare at you most of the time, trying to comprehend how he can make it up to you.
He's hot-headed and impatient, but he would do anything just to know why you're being cold to him. He would even cook ALL your favourite meals.
He'll start overthinking and will and will ask for any useful or useless advices, just to make you talk to him.
Expect her to buy you LOTS of expensive stuff.
She'll try her best to know the reason of your sudden change of attitude.
He'll possibly go on a mini rampage when you avoided him in the hallway. He'll then just wait for you to finally talk to him.
' THIS IS ALL CLASS A's FAULT!! ' . Obviously blames Class 1-A. He'll then try to piss off Class 1-A again, still thinking they're the reason of you being cold, ending with him getting another hard slap from Kendo.
Even if you want to be cold and distant towards him, you can never avoid the questions. He'll just use that opportunity to brainwash you and force you to talk to him.
He'll get depressed. He'll then blame himself for not being a good boyfriend. Please do comfort him.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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dekkuuncchan · 2 days ago
Ktdk ql au where Bkg doesn’t trust ketchup brands for some reason and can only use certain brands/make it himself and Dk grows tomatos (amongst other stuff) and sells them
Also Bkg only accepts the best tomatoes possible for his ultra specific self-made ketchup and it just so happens that Dk has the most well grown crops
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