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#katsuki bakugo
firyfox · a day ago
Bakugo : De-Izuku *playfully splashes Izuku*
Izuku : *giggles* hehe silly Kacchan😝 u don't have to do that !! ☺️
The rest of the class 1A boys :
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eri-cheri · a day ago
Me trying to write bkdk fanfics set after the war now that Katsuki calls him “Izuku”
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wrongmha · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Bakugo: I smell like beef jerky. Kirishima: That's among the sexiest things you've ever said to me.
Source: Texts From Last Night
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thingsoverheardatua · 18 hours ago
Ashido: What do you do when a boy falls asleep in your lap?
Kirishima: Don’t wake him up. He’ll slap you.
Bakugou: I only slapped you because you thought it would be funny to push me onto the floor to wake me up instead of shaking me gently.
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mshomestyle · a day ago
[MHA Multiple Charater x Reader] First day of Fall
I have no idea when fall is (one of the greatest sins I can commit as a cozy blog) or if it began already...I guess I could go check my calendar to find out.
MHS characters enjoying the first day of fall with you:
Reader’s gender isn’t specified.
(Izuku, Hawks, Bakugo, and Todoroki)
-Since he was a top hero, Izuku was rather busy most of the time.
-He was a good significant other, so he did make time for you whenever and as much as he could.
-On this particular day, you both met up (or went out if you work in the same agency) for lunch.
-You sat by a large window in this lovely little restaurant that had such a warm atmosphere. “I barely noticed that the leaves are changing color,” Izuku noted.
-You smiled at the sweet yet curious look on his face, giggling softly. “That’s because you need to take some time for yourself to just look around.”
-Izuku flushed up a bit at your insinuation, “Well...It’s true that I spend most of my time working,” he agreed, “I guess could delegate some of that to my sidekicks.” You nodded.
-”Mhmm! I always see autumn as the season for relaxation, just with how much cozy things are associated with it,” you spoke, “Why don’t we take the long way back and talk about the things we can do to relax more?”
-It warmed Izuku’s heart to hear you talk like this, especially since he knew you wanted him to have less stress in his life, “Sounds great!”
-Red, orange, yellow, brown-Just all of the warm colors really- made you absolutely crave the presence of your significant other.
-To just lie in bed cuddled with him as you drank a warm a drink, watching turning trees flow in the wind, as you spoke about anything and everything.
-You bit down on the end of your pen just thinking about it.
-”Oh, I know that look~.”
-You thought you were hallucinating at first, but even you didn’t have that good of an imagination. “K-K-Hawks,” you almost slipped up and called him by his real name. “I thought you were fighting a villain.”
-”Told you it wouldn’t take me long.” He easily strode over to where you were filling out what would be his paperwork behind his desk and kissed your forehead, sweetly. “But back to what naughty things you were thinking. Is that why you wanted to help me? So I’d be done quicker?” You felt heat rising to your cheeks.
-”It’s not like that!” you defended yourself, “Well...I did want to be out of here sooner, but I had something else in mind.” No use hiding your intentions.
-”And that would be?” You could tell by the look on his face that Keigo still assumed his original thought to be correct.
-”Hmph, you don’t deserve to know,” you pouted.
-Pop-up Halloween stores were not uncommon, so it was something you made a note to check out when the season for it came.
-”Isn’t it a bit too early for Halloween?” Bakugo asked. You looked at him as the two of you were walking hand in hand down the sidewalk to your destination.
-”What do you mean too early? Don’t you feel that?” you asked.
-”Feel what?” he raised an eyebrow. You giggled softly.
-”Well, every time the season comes around, there’s just this sort of feeling you get-Not the weather changing-but rather sort of something that tells you it’s fall and that Halloween will be here soon,” you tried to explain yourself as best as you could. Bakugo shook his head, though.
-”The only thing I feel is cautious since a villain could come after us at any second,” he grumbled. You gave his hand a squeeze.
-”Just relax and don’t focus on that. Focus on all the nice stuff we’re going to get to do in the next few months, then you’ll understand,” you tried it that way. Bakugo looked at you a bit skeptically, but then he sighed. He loved you to the point of where he’d do and trust what you’d tell him.
-”Fine, let’s just focus on those things then,” he smiled slightly, a sight which caused you hug onto his arm lovingly.
-Like many things, growing up Todoroki didn’t really get to enjoy fall activities.
-So, you were determined to teach him what was so good about the season.
-”Baking cinnamon and nutmeg based sweets are always better when you do it during autumn,” you explained to Todoroki, who was right next to you in the spice isle of a local grocery shop.
-”What are you going to bake?” he asked, staring as you picked up one of each aforementioned spice.
-”Hm, well maybe some cookies, and eventually I want to make a cake,” you noted smiling softly before turning to your partner, “We should get some pumpkins to carve as well while we’re here.”
-You always did love this season, but were never so determined to do as many fall activities as possible until you got with Todoroki and learned more about him.
-As a veteran in this type of thing, you felt as if it was your duty to show him as much as much as you could.
-”Will that be fun?” he asked causing you to giggle a bit.
-”Doing it with you will be the fun part!”
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tryingmyves · 2 days ago
SMAU: MHA Character’s + “I found a squirrel”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’ve got an event in the works for y’all but first, last nights events are being turned into content lmao
i’ve always thought these little text fics(?) are so cute and wanted to give them a try!
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jessie4098 · a day ago
KiriBaku brainrot
Kiri and Katsuki hearing that you’ve never had anyone go down on you and you’re too shy to ask them. You don’t know what to expect when Katsuki takes out the plug they’ve been keeping in you, and having you cock warm him with your ass, then spreading out your legs with his, leaving you spread out and vulnerable to whatever Eijiro wants to do to you. “Just relax baby, i promise you’ll like what Eijiro is gonna do,” katsuki says while playing with your nipples, his arms keeping your back pressed against his chest. “But I’ve never, no ones ever eaten me out,” your hesitation wasn’t a deterrence, not to Eijiro who made his way between your legs, taking your hands in one of his as he gently kisses your thighs, getting closer your your pussy. “It’s okay love, I promise we won’t do anything you won’t love. You know your safe word. May I start?” He asks you, mouth watering from wanting to taste you, to have you cum on his tongue, crying from the pleasure. Words wouldn’t form, you could only nod. That was all Eijiro needed to start to devour you…..
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mindninjax · 2 days ago
Telling Katsu “You wanna fuck me so bad you can barely function.”
And then watching him squirm and blush and shift his crotch out of sight while viciously trying to deny it.
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firyfox · 23 hours ago
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Fellas is it gay if you literally light up when your brooding rival talks to you ???
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eri-cheri · a day ago
According to a translation, Bakugo is going to insist on calling him Izuku from now on and I have so many feelings about it 😩😩😩😩
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wrongmha · a day ago
Tumblr media
Mitsuki: Can I have my ID back now or are you using it to crossdress again?
Source: Texts From Last Night
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aj-lenoire · a day ago
so i can’t be the only one who’s noticed that katsuki’s mother is basically him but mellowed (to other people if not her son bc she knows he and her spouse can take the tough love) and his father is a sweet, friendly brunet who seems to find his spouse’s feisty temper endearing rather than at all intimidating.......... right? not just me?
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hellolonelytorment · 2 days ago
Kaminari: So that’s my plan.
Shinsou: Are you alright with constructive criticism? I don’t want to sound mean.
Kaminari: No, go ahead, I want to hear it.
Shinsou: It fucking sucks.
Kaminari: That’s not constructive criticism.
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biracialpercy · 2 days ago
Bakugou: *writing a letter*
Bakugou: Dear Santa,
I'm writing to let you know I've been naughty...
And it was worth it you fat, judgemental bastard.
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not-your-damsel · 2 days ago
I just posted this on my Twitter, but it finally came today, guys!
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@amandasmurfee Thank you once again for these beautiful pieces of work you’ve made. I just wanted to show my followers here what it looks like, I couldn’t’ve been more excited nor happier to get this today!
Closer look?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well, I’m chilly, I’m gonna make myself some honey Yuzu tea and hunker down on my couch with my Dabi blanket and read this beautiful zine. I’m always happy to support Amanda when I can. You know I’m getting the next batch, yes? Ghibli is my jam!
@literotica, look, it’s our men! 🥺
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mindninjax · 7 hours ago
This Just In!
The BNHA Manga will be getting a spin-off series to expand upon the last panel of the BNHA manga showing a 25 y/o Katsuki Bakugo meeting a beautiful black woman named Marquie.
Sources report the spin off series will be all about the two’s budding romance as Bakugo navigates through not only his issues with his childhood friend, but romantic feelings as well.
More to come soon!
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