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Originally posted by peppermintkisss

My Hero Academia Fan Fiction by Agent ARK 88

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fan fiction using characters and settings from My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia created by Kohei Horikoshi. I do not claim any ownership of characters present in this piece that are owned and created by Kohei Horikoshi. I do not own My Hero Academima/Boku no Hero Academia.

Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Warnings: This work contains mild language and violence.

Please be aware this piece is in second person perspective, following my original character, Think, Anna Kokoro, who is a transfer student from America. I will be posting in chapters/sections. I hope you have as much fun reading these pieces, as I did writing them.


Chapter Thirty-Six: Upgrades, Improvements, and a Mad Inventor?

Training for the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam was on full blast. Thankfully, no one had mentioned Bakugo’s date since the deal had been made. That was the last thing on your mind, as you stood in front of the half-exploded door in front of you. You checked for about the third time that you were indeed standing in front of the right room to request modifications to your suit. You’d somehow managed to make it there on your own, getting a little bit better at navigating UA but not that much. You had had a late day, and everyone else had other things to attend to, so you were stuck going on your own in your full sparkling hero costume.

Ochaco and Midoriya were supposed to meet up with you afterwards to take you back to the dorms for a rescue study session for the upcoming exam.

“Hello?” a voice cooed, eyeing you from the doorway.

You shivered at the shine in her yellow eyes that almost appeared like a crosshair locking onto you.

“Are you looking for one of my babies?” she asked.

“B-babies?” you inquired, taking a tentative step back. “I’m looking to make changes to my hero costume. Is this the support course room?” you asked. When she didn’t answer you right away, you looked at the number on the door again. “Or, the support course workshop?”

The stranger flung the door wide, grinning brightly at you. The door made a horrifying screech, having been forced open. The girl’s pink hair bounced across her shoulders as excitement began to surge through her. “Oh, I haven’t seen you around. Are you a hero course student? Such a fancy utility belt. What do you keep in there?” The girl wiggled her fingers in your direction, seemingly going to search through your pockets.

You gripped your belt, stepping back again. Her face was smudged with grease. Her eyes zipped around you with such precision it made you dizzy.

“I’m sorry. I don’t believe we’ve met each other. My hero name is Think. Who are you?” you asked.

The girl straightened, placing her hands on her hips. “You can call me Hatsume! I’m a student in the support course, and I can’t wait to get you in one of my precious babies. What’s your quirk? Ooh, must be something flashy, right? You’re pretty short, but I bet I can find something that will fit you.”

“My quirk is Mind,” you muttered, attempting to shrink away from her.

She blinked at you curiously, a grin spreading thinly onto her face. “You mean like telekinesis, right?”

“Uh, yeah,” you said.

She grabbed your wrist, tugging you into the room, which was empty besides a pile of inventions and a disheveled work station. It was at this point that you realized that Power Loader, the hero teacher that was supposed to be supervising this lab, wasn’t around at the moment.

“Are w-we supposed to be doing these kinds of things without Mr. Maijima here?” you asked.

“Sure. He lets me tinker all the time, especially since the dorms were put up on campus. Now, stay still, if you don’t, then this could explode,” she said, hooking a system of metal and wires over your shoulders.

“E-explode!” you shouted.

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I think that he would be an absolutely amazing father. 

He’s stern where it matters, but he’s also open and accepting and loving. He doesn’t yell at his children like his parents did with him, and he tends to spoil them. Plus, kids are weirdly attracted to him once they get over the first kind of startling experience of his attitude. They find him so cool and they are just..drawn to him, and he has a natural knack when it comes to taking care of them.

He knows the right words for consoling, even if it’s said in his usual blunt, rough attitude, and he just has so much love to give. 

In my KiriBaku roleplay, my roleplay partner does a beautiful job of encompassing Bakugo’s natural talent with kids and it’s so heart warming, to be honest. Aoi, Kirishima’s daughter in the roleplay, absolutely adores him. 

He is a natural born father-type, in my mind.

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So this is mostly just speculation and me being emotional and angsty but;


Eventually is another way of saying “In the end”, so …in the end of what? When is “the end”? The end of the manga? The end of…someone’s life??????

Because now this reads to me as “You’ll get a chance to talk…in the end” and that is somehow incredibly ominous and foreboding to me and I do not fucking like it

Now, again, it’s just me throwing my angsty emotional feelings on the situation, but with what’s happening in current time, I mean…it doesn’t look like I could be too far off 😩

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Yes! I knew Horikoshi wouldn’t let me down! He’s actually having Kacchan talk about how he used to bully Deku and now he’s thinking about how to atone for it. This is super satisfying to see after all this time, waiting for the bullying to play a role in the story again! I never hated Kacchan, but he had always been my least favorite character, since he was an unapologetic bully. Don’t get me wrong, I always hoped Horikoshi was going to slowly build up to Kacchan redeeming himself and apologizing to Deku. But until now, until THIS VERY MOMENT in the manga, I haven’t been able to enjoy Kacchan as a character as much as other fans have. But now… seeing him feel bad about bullying his old friend… wanting to atone… with this calm facial expression that he rarely has… I can finally begin to enjoy Kacchan’s character arc. Seeing this made the slow build-up worth it. I’m so relieved. He’s still got a long way to go, but I feel so much better now that he’s expressed that he wants to atone. I was always so salty that he was the most popular character without having ever apologized to Deku for the bullying and abuse. But now I feel like a weight has been lifted… ah…

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A/N: Why hello!! I’m doing amazing and I hope you are too! You’re my first request I’ve gotten since I’ve been back from hiatus so I’m really eager to get to it! I really hope you like it!!

  • Never forget about Bakugo’s docile side.
  • Being angry can be tiring alright? Just let him cuddle you and you won’t regret it.
  • You’re his ‘lil teddy bear, he does enjoy the size difference between you two when cuddling
  • Depending where you two are you’re either the little spoon or you’re laying on his chest (You turn into his personal blanket sometimes omg)
  • Its slips Bakugo’s mind often that the common area is a public area for his entire class when its just you two there.
  • That being said, it wouldn’t be too hard for the Baku-Squad to catch you two cuddling on one of the couches, watching a movie.
  • Its comfortable silence before you both hear the snickering of Denki.
  • You could feel the tensing of Bakugo’s chest and the quick turn of his head when he picked up on the laughter.
  • “What are you laughing about, dunce-face?!”

“I’ve never seen you look so peaceful, Baku-Bro!” Kirishima yelled before laughing along with Denki.

“They looked adorable~” Cooed Mina with a smile.

You smiled lightly at your children friends before looking back at Katsuki, you were out of his hold and he was sitting up, looking away from both you and his group of friends piled up at the entrance to the commons. There was a noticeable twinge of pink that stung the tips of his ears, he was embarrassed; So much so he couldn’t muster up an insult.

“Come on! Lets watch this movie together, guys!!” You offered with a smile. The group of teenagers hurriedly agreed and got to their spots in the commons to watch.

  • Bakugo had hoped his friends had quickly dismissed and forgot about the night but that was proven wrong when any one of his friends wanted him to calm down.
  • “Chill out and go snuggle up to Y/N!”
  • “Well if you’re that angry about it, Y/N seems pretty open for you to go cuddle.”
  • “Go cuddle-” “SHUT IT, SHITTY HAIR!”
  • He honestly hates it with his entire being, and he forever became hyper aware of his surrounding when he cuddles you.

I’d like to thank @bokuno-volleybabes for beta-reading this 💓

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YNs babes + lil gremlin boy

Drummer!bakugo x fem!reader


Your best friend Is in a famous band, and recently got a new drummer. After your first rocky meeting and joining the band on tour you start to take a liking to the grumpy drummer

Send me an ask to be added to the taglist!

@goustcop (still not showing your blog bby but I’ll keep putting you up here until it does 💕) @pride-of-persephone @jadenyukis-bodypillow @unawi13-blog

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That’s really plausible. Things are starting to ease down a bit in this arc, it’s not as intense as of right now, so I think that it might be coming to an end. Bakugo jumping in to save Midoriya would be a great way to help showcase how much he’s changed during the year, as well as leave off for more to come.

We still have the kids’ second year, after all.

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I wanna talk about these two panels for a minute because I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the second one.


“Though I’m sure he doesn’t see it that way.”

To me this line really hits, and I see it in two different ways, both equally important.

First, I see it as All Might kind of acknowledging that Deku may not even see the need for Bakugo to atone. We have never seen Deku think badly of Bakugo due to his mistreatment. We’ve never seen him think he wants an apology or anything close to it.

All we’ve seen is Deku continuously push to stay by Bakugo’s side. To support him and hope to be supported by him. All Deku has ever wanted out of their relationship is understanding, to be understood and to understand. To move forward, together. Because Bakugo, to Deku, is no doubt his best friend.

So it may be a case where Deku just..never saw any of the actions against him as necessarily wrong, just …misunderstood. Maybe All Might has picked up on that, since he watches them both, and so that could be reason for that line.

But my second reason would be that because Deku sees himself and Bakugo as rivals, he could also be convinced Bakugo is doing this in an effort to surpass him instead of genuinely helping him, and so now he is the one misunderstanding.

So the line changes, and I think that’s why All Might also explains to Bakugo that they’ll have a chance to talk eventually, so Bakugo can make it clear those actions aren’t shaped within their rivalry, but are his genuine care for Deku.

Either way you take it, it’s important to Bakugo and Deku’s development together. Because there always seems to be misunderstanding between them, they never seem to have their feet on the same platform, and it causes issues between them. Hopefully with these changes, and the self awareness of Bakugo relating to his mistreatment of Deku, they can finally stand on the same ground together and face each other without misunderstandings.

Also, for added effect, that line from All Might about them getting to talk could most certainly be a warning to something going wrong and them not getting that chance, so, ya know. Pain.

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҂ Katsuki Bakugo icons! (chap. 284)

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PS: So sorry for the low quality, I had some problems to take the shots…

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