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#katsuki bakugo

anon: Could I get a bakugou x reader request where bakugou helps him with an injured animal and teaches reader how to do it and whatnot?

Set not long after UA Heights Alliance has been built.

Triggers: Post-traumatic stress.

Word Count: 1250


Originally posted by bnhasdaily

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hi! can i request bakugo w a rly smart s/o? ilysm ❤️

a/n: hi! yes! y’all tomorrow is shiggy’s birthday and- what if i baked a cake, lmao i baked a cake for hitting level 300 in royale high, a game on roblox. i am dedicated, aLSo they have fucking mha faces on royale high like- they’re so funny i can’t i’ll post some screenshots later it has me deceased

headcanon: them with a smart s/o

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: fluff, swearing

»»————- ★ ————-««

katsuki bakugou


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • In a battle of wits, you can beat Bakugou if you try. Bakugou is smart, but sometimes his pride can cloud his vision.
  • If you’re prideful too, you’re always butting heads at who’s better, but if you tend to be quieter, Bakugou will say he’s better, but ultimately he knows how smart you really are.
  • When you start dating, Bakugou makes everything a competition. Seeing who does what faster and better. But this comes to an end when you beat him on a math quiz that he made to study.
  • Bakugou prefers to listen to your strategizing over Deku’s.
  • Bakugou just admires how smart you are sometimes. He won’t say anything about it, he’s usually quiet, but he enjoys hearing you speak, how you know exactly what you’re saying and how confident you sound.
  • You could be smart when it came to learning, or fighting, or both.
  • No matter what the situation is, Bakugou has fallen so hard for you.
  • And heaven forbid if someone doubts you, Bakugou is chasing them down.
  • “Dunce face! Shut it! They know what they’re talking about!” Bakugou yells at Kaminari. You giggled, knowing Kaminari wasn’t deliberately making you sound dumb, he just had a question and he worded it a little wrong.
  • Bakugou likes to be praised, let’s be honest.
  • He enjoys hearing you compliment him and tell him how good he did, or how smart he is.
  • But when it leaves his lips that he thinks you’re so smart, you’re putty in his hands.
  • Hearing Bakugou be so proud of you has you weak at the knees. He doesn’t just praise anyone, and especially romantically, hearing comments like that from him are rare unless you’re alone together.
  • “Why are you so smiley?” Bakugou questions, making your cheeks burn a brighter shade of red.
  • “N-Nothing!” You wave your hands at him, embarrassed to be so flustered by just a simple compliment.
  • You’ve heard it before, but hearing it from Bakugou was so different, and so nice to hear.
  • “You’re so cute it’s annoying.” Bakugou moved to hover over you, his hands resting on his bed, trapping you between his arms and his mattress.
  • He leaned down a pressed his lips to yours, kissing you. You kissed back, melting into his movements, relaxing.
  • When he pulled away you couldn’t stop smiling.
  • “Do you really think I’m that smart?” You questioned, curious if he was just teasing you.
  • “Of course you are. Sometimes you’re smarter than me and it pisses me off but I’m just happy it’s you and not stupid dunceface outsmarting me.” He blushed and looked away.
  • You rub his cheek and giggle.
  • “You’re smart too.”

»»————- ★ ————-««


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Originally posted by dotoroki

*GIF not mine*

Summary: Confessing to you has turned into quite the hassle for Bakugo, as you seem to be totally oblivious to every single one of his ideas. From notes to jewelry, you don’t notice a single thing he tries to anonymously give you. Surely you weren’t that ignorant, were you?

A/N: I desire sleep. I just wanna sleep…. Anyways, here’s another Bakugo oneshot, because it’s just so easy to get ideas for him. This time, poor explody boy’s just confused. Again, thank you guys so much for the likes and follows, and please enjoy!

Word count: 3349

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Kirishima, blushing: hey bakubro, what do you think of me?

Bakuguo: huh? You’re an idiot, i guess…

Kirishima, with hearts in his eyes: r-really? Thanks…

Jirou: …you need a therapist.

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“kacchako is a toxic ship”

you were SAYING??

i will edit the last one later because it’s actually a screenshot took by a kacchako fan

i did this because people ignores the important things like these and just focus on other ships like bakudeku, todomomo (even tho i’m a todomomo fan), kiribaku, tododeku (again, a tododeku fan) and some shit and yet, threw the hate towards kacchako like it’s gonna be the end of the world

as both a izuchaco and kacchako fan, is that ENOUGH proof for you before you throw SHIT at me and THEM???

and i’m not saying “this proves it will be canon”, i’m showing this for people to know about these and realize that FOR ONCE

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Hawks, Tamaki, and Bakugo walking into like a shared bedroom and their s/o is just lounging on the bed with a piece of there costume on

Awwwwwwwww this is cute 🥰


Originally posted by the-chikyuu-times

  • When Hawks walked in you had his jacket over you like a blanket
  • He smirked going to you tickling you with his wing
  • “Cold?”
  • “A little yes. Its just so fuzzy and comfy”
  • “Can i join you?”
  • “Of course but dont move the jacket”
  • He chuckled under his breath getting behind you snuggling into you, he had put his jacket on both you of you
  • He also wrapped a wing around you

Originally posted by lifesfibers

  • You had his cowl on when he walked in
  • He turned red in the face and took his phone out to take a picture
  • “Bunny? “
  • “Oh hey Tama.. wanna cuddle?”
  • He comes right over lifting his cowl off you to snuggle with you, he puts the cowl back on you and kisses youre cheek making you giggle
  • He was a little angry
  • He thought he had misplaced his gauntlet
  • But nope here you were cuddling one with his baggy black costume pants on
  • “Comfortable?” He asked going over
  • “Yes very”
  • “I need that “
  • “So do i.”
  • “I think i need it more than you baby”
  • “I think i need it and i think i need you Katsu”
  • He gets in the bed pulling you between his legs
  • “Better?” He asks squeezing you
  • “Much better”
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so here’s why i ship bakuiida

  • opposites attract! bakugo is a fake bad boy and iida is a fake good boy! (bakugo dresses and acts like a delinquent but respects authority, goes to bed at 9pm and follows the rules while on the other hand iida is a class rep and gets all his homework in on time but he attempted first degree murder out of revenge and would break the law to do what he thinks is right and also probably turns in work at 11:59pm the night before its due)
  • iida and bakugo would be really good influences on each other! bringing out the best of each other’s similarities while also teaching the other about their opposite traits! (like iida teaching bakugo to accept gifts and rely on others and bakugo teaching iida to have a healthier sleep schedule and to have more confidence)
  • the idea of iida and bakugo staying up and doing homework together and bakugo falling asleep because he goes to bed at fucking 9pm and iida picking him up and tucking him in makes me SO SOFT
  • iida has a lot of money and could flirt with bakugo by leaving love letters and expensive gifts anonymously outside his dorm and bakugo would have to accept them because what would he do? throw them away? no! he’s not wasteful
  • the fact that iida would worry so much over bakugo’s mental health! if bakugo was sick he’d run all the way accross town to get bakugo’s favorite takeout in a heartbeat
  • bakugo being loud and overprotective of iida but getting shy when iida actually talks about their relationship? yes please!
  • iida bringing out bakugo’s more gentle side and getting him to open up more and be more vulnerable because he feels safe with iida? oh hell yes
  • both of them care *so much* about what they’re passionate about so if they are passionate about each other…. well that’s just a wonderful dynamic right there


(also please no ship hate,, i know it’s a rare pair but it makes me really happy,, other ships are valid and i even ship them with other people but this pairing is just very special to me so please don’t attack me, i’m so sensitive,,)

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Okay this needs to be asked bc social distancing is getting the best of me and it’s making me irritable so how about Sero, Kami, Keigo, and Bakugou with a slightly irritable s/o during the quarantine lockdown

I feel you bb . I miss going to book stores and going out to get food. 😭💋


Originally posted by foolishchesspawn

  • “Heh you ok baby?”
  • “Do i look okay Sero?”
  • “You always look great to me baby.”
  • You turn away so he cant see youre red face
  • He picks you up nuzzling youre cheek
  • “Wannaaaa stick my tape to the walls and color it?”
  • “We can.. we can do that?”
  • “Yeah why not?”
  • You agree and he puts you down
  • He shoots the walls covering them with his tape
  • You run to grab markers
  • You spend the day coloring on the walls
  • “Honey….”
  • “Hmph!”
  • “…. i understand youre upset but i am not the cause of this”
  • “But im so tired of being inside…”’
  • “What would you like to partake in?”
  • Anything
  • “Hmm..”
  • He goes to the restroom for a minute and comes back with youre hair stuff
  • “Want to give me a new hair style?”
  • “Maybe..”
  • He nods and sits on the floor by the couch while you sit on the couch and do his hair
  • “Hows my little irritated baby doin?”
  • “….”
  • “Hmm??? Bored?”
  • “…….”
  • “Poor baby, i know what we could do”
  • “Pfft..”
  • He picks you up bringing you to the counter sitting you on it
  • He sits next to you
  • “What. Keigo.”
  • He turns the lights off and lights a candel , he expands his wings near the candle and some feathers fly around creating a big pretty shadpw show for you
  • You lean into him holding his arm smiling

Originally posted by karvallian

  • “Hey angry face!”
  • “What!”
  • “Snap out of it!!!”
  • “Im bored!!!!”
  • “You think im not?!?”
  • You tackle him and you both wrestle on the floor , Bakugo grabs you picking you up and body slamming you on the bed getting ontop of you pinning you down
  • “You cheated.” You spat out
  • Bakugo smirked leaning down
  • “Best 2 outta 3?”
  • “Youre on Katsu”
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