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#katsuki bakugo

katsuki bakugo x reader

warnings: fluff

synopsis: you cash in on a promise during a school dance.

a/n: hope you enjoy :)


You hand Mina your phone with it on the camera. “Okay, I need you to secretly record this for me,” you request.

“Why? What are you about to do?” She raises an eyebrow, hesitantly taking your phone.

“I have a song that’s going to play next, and I want to tell Bakugou how I feel during it,” you explain as you both walk in his direction.

“How do you plan on doing that?”

“Kissing him?” you shrug.

“Y/N, you do realize that he could literally murder you once you do that.”

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Imagine (PART 3)

↳  In which two kids from different school have to pen pal one another, and who knew in a mere month, four letters, they’d fall in love?

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki  × Fem!Reader

Warning! None. 

Word count: 351

A/n: This is so short :( I promise the next to be longer!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3


Bakugou grabbed his letter at the start of his Japanese class. Sitting down, he was immediately into reading the reply. He was nervous (don’t tell anyone), and not because of the question they had asked him last time, no, because their letters were ending. This was the third one, leaving him with only one more after. How could he lie and say he didn’t like these? He couldn’t. These letters were fulfilling and fun. There was something about talking to a stranger from another hero school that was fun. They didn’t know him and he didn’t know them.

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Ya know what. Congratulations to this fanbase for making a theory and sticking with it to the end. People were ride AND die with the whole ‘Dabi is Touya’ things and it actually paid off. The energy that everyone had with it is something I don’t know if I’ll ever see again. The amount of fanart and content that pretty much already depicted Dabi as a Todoroki was astounding. I even started to believe it was already canon. All I gotta say is that I’m glad we didn’t look like clowns

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i actually don’t have a rules page as of the moment so it’s all good! didnt exactly know if i wanted this to be an x reader blog but eh, why not!

maybe i’ll make on down the line but for the time being just check my pinned post for what fandoms i write for~

and i write every with gn pronouns!


katsuki bakugo

  • bakugo loves seeming like a big old toughie, so being shorter than someone just makes him feel like he’s less intimidating. and that kinda pisses him off ever so slightly
  • but do not worry! he may act like he hates it. because yeah, he would rather be the taller one in the relationship. he likes being the big, dominant boyfriend ™️
  • but deep down inside of himself he doesn’t mind it too much. there’s actually so much that he loves about you being tall.
  • forehead kisses?? hello, he’s in love with you bending down and kissing his forehead.
  • pat his head?? yeah he’ll act all grumpy about it but even he can’t deny that there’s a blush creeping up on his face.
  • or ruffle his hair, it will have the exact same effect and it’s ADORABLE.
  • he also likes when he hugs you bc he can just snuggle into your chest and it’s v v nice. only when he’s not in public/around his friends though.
  • same with cuddling.
  • loves to snuggle his head into your chest, it makes him feel safe.
  • tease him by calling him shortie and watch him literally explode.
  • he doesn’t actually get mad, but it’s bakugo, expect him to yell at you about how he’s “not short at all” and that you’re just “freakishly tall”
  • but if someone else teases him about the height difference? lord have mercy on their soul.
  • no one gets away with teasing bakugo except you.


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Poor Midoriya, this is like when one of your friends is embarrassing you in public and you kind of wish you didn’t know them, huh.


Wow, the kids in 1-A are savage non-stop. I do not remember this black haired kids name but that’s a +1 for the verbal takedown.


Just. the. toothyness. Look at the teeth in this picture. Look at them.

Aizawa out here looking like a sad sea cucumber.

Also, hot damn Iida’s got some thick lines. I like my boys drawn thick, if you know what a mean. Badda bing badda bam.

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An imagination-#5

Class 1-A, and probably 1-B, would have class dance offs on the weekly. Mina had a winning streak until some of the 1-B kids asked for dance advice. Now, Mina isn’t in the lead. It’s Monoma, and he won’t stop bragging about it. 

Bakugo is second, surprisingly, but trained to beat Deku, which isn’t surprising. Aoyama is third as he always out-dances people with his navel lazer. Shiozaki is pretty high up on the list, her vines assisting her in impressive moves and tricks.

Iida’s last. The robot does not win many votes.

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My Hero Academia time travel (kinda whump-ish) au

izuku has a time travel quirk of sorts where it traps the person he considers his closest friend (or maybe it should be a soulmate au??) in a time loop whenever he dies. the loop is only broken when the affected person saves izuku’s life.

after being told he can’t be a hero by all might, izuku kills himself. katsuki bakugo is sent back in time until he manages to save izuku from himself.

the story should definitely have a good dose of katsuki being faced with the reality of his actions, learning that he doesn’t actually hate izuku, and that he doesn’t want izuku to die.

a mental break down scene where katsuki sobs and begs a confused izuku not to die is a must I didn’t know I needed until the prompt popped into mind last night (@_@)


Originally posted by katetcake

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Kirishima: What’s the best thing you’ve ever done

Bakugo: Kaminari



The rest of class a:

The rest of ua:

The rest of the world:



Bakugo: Shit did I say that out loud

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