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#katsuki bakugo

    You guys were on your first day of the week. So far, all you had really done was tell Bakugou he should greet his friends in the morning. “It would be very nice of you to say good morning to your friends, or maybe even other classmates” Bakugou stopped you “don’t push it!” you laughed “okay, then focus on saying good morning to your friends. Make it sorta like a daily thing. They’ll appreciate it, trust me,” he rolled his eyes “won’t that make me seem weak?” you shook your head “no, who told you that?” he shrugged. No response. You bit your lip, contemplating reading his mind again. Should you? Maybe it would help you get a glimpse at who had told him that. However, things were a bit different now. You were actually actively speaking to him. You didn’t want to invade his darkest thoughts.

    You two walked into the school, changing your shoes, before heading immediately for class. “Now, don’t forget, say good morning as KINDLY as possible. Don’t make it seem sarcastic,” Bakugou gave a small laugh “you have no faith in me” causing you to give a small grin. You hadn’t ever gotten him to laugh before, it was nice. “You’re right, I have very little faith in you..” you paused “but nothing is impossible. So, impress me.”

Once you two entered the classroom, you immediately went over to say good morning to your friends. However, you couldn’t stop your eyes from wandering back to Bakugou, trying to catch him talking to Kaminari and Kirishima. You saw him muttering something, Kirishima’s face lighting up as he said something back. Kaminari, however, didn’t seem to take is as kindly as Kirishima did. You could see him say something, letting out a laugh, Kirishima himself holding back a giggle. Bakugou started breathing heavily, and that was your cue to intervene. You left your friends in the middle of Tsu saying hello, darting towards Bakugou. “H-Hey! What’s going on?” you replied, quickly.

    “Good morning, Kiri, Kaminari” you muttered. Kirishima smiled at you “mornin’, (Y/N)! We’re just a bit surprised because Bakugou here actually said good morning today. Kaminari made a joke and things started going south” you peeked up at Bakugou “it was just a joke, right, Bakugou? It was funny?” he sighed, looking away as he gave a small nod. Kirishima and Kaminari definitely noticed the hold you had on Bakugou right now but chose not to say anything for their own safety.

    It wasn’t long before you were all taking your seats for class. Nothing particularly exciting happened during class, except Bakugou muttering a few things to you during class. He had managed to make you laugh more than once, which was surprising, and also got the both of you in trouble at one point, promising it wouldn’t happen again. It didn’t. Bakugou was a pretty good student for being such a hothead.

    Then, at lunchtime, you found yourself getting food with him. “Okay, now, when you sit down with Kirishima and Kaminari you need to insert yourself into the conversation. Don’t hesitate, try to make contributions, but remember to be nice about it” Bakugou scoffed “what if they say something dumb?” you sighed “see? That’s mean. It doesn’t matter how stupid they sound, don’t yell. Maybe make a joke or something, but don’t yell!” and then you were heading off to sit with your friends. You took a seat beside Uraraka, your eyes immediately locking on Bakugou. “What’s going on with you guys? You haven’t spoken to us much at all today,” Uraraka asked, peeking over towards Bakugou herself.

    “S-Sorry! I’m helping him with something, besides, he’s actually.. kinda fun to be around..” Uraraka let out a laugh “you’re so funny, (Y/N)! I’ve missed you!” you blinked once. Should you tell her you aren’t joking? You quickly get a look into her thoughts ‘I can’t imagine actually hanging out with Bakugou! I pity them!’ causing you to give a small silent sigh. You chose not to tell her, turning back to staring at Bakugou. He was actually chatting with his friends. You couldn’t help but think to yourself what a success this has been so far. Then, you felt your breath leave you.

Bakugou was laughing.

    He was actually laughing. Not just a small chuckle, or a taunting laugh. He was laughing. His head was thrown back in glee, and he was enjoying himself. When he caught himself, he abruptly stopped, but you had seen it. They had seen it. The progress that was being made could be seen from a mile away and as you sat watching Katsuki Bakguou laugh with his friends, your face heating up as a light red hue rose to your cheeks, you began to think about how worth it this would be.

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🍊: you go anon yet ik who u are dummy

dear dummy,

i don’t even know why i’m writing this STUPID letter for you. but i guess you really like letters so i’m doing it for you. DON’T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. or else i will kill you. just kidding. obviously. anyway, i guess i love you or whatever. the way you smile and try to beat me during a fight, it’s cute. so yeah. love you.


kelly’s 1k celebration

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Katsuki Bakugou was a tough case to crack.

    He seemed really cold, distant, and angry. Of course, he did, that was the persona he put off, but you didn’t fully buy it. Maybe it was because you had known what he was like in middle school, or maybe it’s because you tried to see the good in everyone. However, you were one of the small few who never had anything negative to say about Bakugou. This shocked others because you were the total opposite of him. You were level headed, you were kind, and you were a ‘joy to work with’ as said by most of the teammates you have had the pleasure of working with in class.

     It was yet another day of watching Bakgou sit with the only two friends he had at lunch. He was pretty quiet, almost as if he didn’t know what to say, while the other two chatted loudly about whatever they were thinking of at the moment. Which, you knew exactly, thanks to your quirk. It gave you the ability to hear anybody’s thoughts at any given moment, but you also had the option to tune them out or control them. You hardly ever used the option to control them because it felt like an invasion of personal space.

     Your friends continued to talk on and on about class, going shopping, getting a bite to eat. Your attention wasn’t there at all. Your eyes were locked on Bakugou, fighting back the urge to read his mind. “(L/N)?” Midoriya asked, causing you to break your stare and look at him. He flashed a nervous smile “are you okay? You’ve been staring at Kacchan for the past five minutes” without hesitation you used your quirk. 'It’s starting to seem like they have a crush on him’

     "I do not have a crush on Bakugou, I’m just curious, that’s all..“ you muttered in reply as you went back to staring. Midoriya gave a laugh "you and that quirk, I’ll never get used to it. I always tend to forget you can hear what I’m say-” you cut him off “should I read Bakugou?” causing Midoriya to tense “w-what? You’re thinking of reading Kacchan’s mind? (L/N), that’s dangerous..” you did a little 'psh’ noise as your eyes darted back to Midoriya “how dangerous can it be? He won’t even know I was reading it unless I tell him, and besides, it would be nice to find out what’s going on in his head.”

     Your mind was already made up. Before Midoriya could stop you, you were reading Bakugou’s mind. It was pretty empty at the moment, except for the few casual thoughts. 'Did I make my bed this morning?’ 'Will these two damn nerds ever shut up?’ 'Why do I feel someone’s eyes on me?’ 'What do I even say?’ your eyes blinked at the realization that you were correct. Bakugou truly didn’t know what to say to his own friends. So, without warning, you took a deep breath and got up from your seat. Your friends flashed you concerned looks as you strived towards the other table, smacking your hand down confidently after you got there.

Then you froze.

     Your face went red as all three boys locked their eyes on you. Kirishima immediately flashed a smile and Kaminari’s mouth quirked into a smirk. Both boys liked you, not as more than a friend, but both thought you were a sweetheart. “(L/N)! Hey, stop by to say hi?” you shook your head “u-uh, actually, I’m here to.. t-talk to him” you muttered as you motioned to Bakugou. Both boys seemed shocked, but they didn’t hesitate to get up from the table and give you two some privacy. You took a seat across from Bakugou, his eyes following you the entire time. “What the hell do you want?” Bakugou snapped, causing you to lean forward on the table and cross your arms across it. “I noticed you didn’t really have a lot to say to your friends. You okay?”

     Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows as he registered your question “I’m fucking fine, why are you asking me that? Just because I don’t wanna join their shitty conversations doesn’t mean I’m upset or something,” you nodded “you’re right, you’re not upset, you just don’t know how to join the conversation” Bakugou growled “and how would you know that?” you grinned “did you forget about my quirk, hothead?” causing Bakugou to slam down his food. “You read my fucking mind? Do you know how invasive that is? We’re not in combat right now, what kind of hero-” you cut him off “you don’t need to question my heroism” you paused “I didn’t come here to fight you, I came here because I have a proposition.”

     He blinked once, waiting for you to continue. “I’ll be your friend-” before you could even continue, Bakugou was chuckling. Actually, more than chuckling, he was losing it. “Me? Friends with you?” you smirked “I understand if you can’t do it, not everyone can do everything-” Bakugou cut you off “I didn’t say that! What the fuck would I get out of it anyway? Trust me when I say spending time with you is less of a reward and more of a punishment!”

      “I was going to say I’ll be your friend. BEFORE YOU INTERRUPT ME-!” you shouted quickly before continuing “I don’t mean your actual friend. I mean we’d hang out sometimes so people think you’re not as mean, and so I can help you learn social skills..” you paused “you’re a good hero, Bakugou, but you don’t wanna be alone forever. Do you?” he seemed at a loss for words. So, it was time to read his mind. 'Do I want to be alone forever? Who is this extra to say I don’t have social skills? Do I?’ you spoke up “someday you’re gonna be a pro hero, and that may be enough, but when you retire you’re going to regret not making more friends. You’re going to continue to be so secluded and angry that you don’t even know how to make friends anymore. So, let me help you. I don’t want that.”

      Bakugou sighed “why do you care anyway?” you shrugged “because I knew you in middle school and unlike most of the people here, I don’t hate you..” he growled “watch it!” causing you to smile, “I think there’s a sweet side to you, Bakugou. So even if you tell me no now, the offer stands. You can accept it next week, in two days, in three years. I’ll still be here..” Bakugou froze for a second. He was thinking it over, but he didn’t know what he should do. How would even hang out with you? What would he even say?

“Fine. We can be friends for a whole shitty week, impress me.”

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Writing prompts comfort #5” so its a date then?” & #9”you think you dont matter? Thats not true , you matter to me” with Bakugo

Hanahaki is a fictional disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love


Originally posted by osakaxkobe

It had been one week since Izuku turned you down, you ended up developing Hanahaki because of it. Caughing up flower petals whenever you thought of him. He told you he was not interested and you kust werent interesting to him. It hurt you to your core and the Hanahaki only made it worse.

You tried to move on, continue your days at UA like it never happened. But the petals made it hard to forget. Everyone knew what you had and it made you feel weird… Bakugo was the only one who asked you about it, partly because you caughed on him. He was pissed.

“Who the fuck gave you Hanahaki ?!?”

“Izuku.. he.. said im not interesting. I dont matter to anyone!!!”

Bakugo took your hand squeezing it and giving you a hard look. “You think you dont matter? Thats not true. You matter to me y/n.”

You coughed up some petals while trying to talk to him. “I ?.. “ cough. “I do?”

“Yes, youve got a cool quirk, your a cool person. “

You rubbed your face sniffling . “I….”

“Now cmon, stop feeling sorry for yourself.” He held his hand out to you , sticking his chin out. You took his hand tilting your head .


“Just shut up and follow me.”


He brought you to his home surprisingly. His parents were happy to see you before Bakugo rushed you to his room putting you on his bed . “Stay here.” He turned away to go to his dresser. You coughed up some petals whimpering, you just wanted this damn thing to go away.

Bakugo returned with some movies. “Pick one.” He told you , annoyed.

You looked at the movies squeezing the petals in your hands. All cute movies. You gave him a look and he scoffed. “My mom got me these!!!” He spat out at you. “Just pick!”

That probably wasint the case but whatever, its cute.”i like this one” You pointed to a cat movie and Bakugo opened it up putting it in his tv. He joined you on the bed , arms crossed.

“Listen up y/n. Who cares what Deku thinks, hes a nerd. It shouldint matter what he thinks of you. Worry about yourself, be better. Blow him away”

You have never heard him talk this way before. It was a little scary honestly… but.. it helped alot. You cuddled his arm leaning into his side thanking him quietly. Bakugo leaned back on his bed laying his head on yours.

“You are fucking awesome, you matter. I never want to hear that you think you dont. “


“What y/n” he looked down at you.

“Next time..” you coughed. “Can we go somewhere?”

He smirked rubbing your cheek with his thumb tilting your head up kissing you. “So its a date then?”

You giggled hugging his arm and kissing his chin, your stomach finally settling down. “Yes , Baku.”

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💥 M.list: Bakugou 💥

w/ the exception of Hawks, Shinsou and Bakugou, any other BNHA characters i’ve written for will be on the general masterlist, under a read more for length

last updated: 7/3/2020


👑 popular

💖 personal favorite

(most event-related writings aren’t listed here bc they’re fairly short, check navi for tags)


Originally posted by kikuhikou

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a/n: hello! this is part six of the smau series! sorry for the slow update <3

part one | part two | part three | part four | part five

taglist: @mixfi @lilacskyura @katsuhoee @star-mum@moonlightinsanity​ @anime-waifuuu iiminibattlehero @leeeah-loooser@bby-chloe1999​ (i wasn’t sure if you wanted to be added so let me know if you want to be removed!)

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starting off with Deku trying to tackle Shigaraki


Worst case: Losing Aizawa. Agreed love that char.


Looking Endeavor’s back. Sock it to em ya flamey bastard


That made me laugh a little too much. One Skip


JESUS CHRIST! that face!


gives me snake vibes “!”


All For One trying to pry control?


Gotta step out of the shadow Shiga.


Again laughed harder than i should have at “Who?”


Deku is bait? Tactical Nuke Inbound!


Yup Boom sums that up pretty well




You got this babe! cheering for you!

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A new roommate

Genre: fluff

A izuku midoriya and katsuki bakugo x reader

A/n: okay, sorry i haven’t written yesterday. I once again got distracted. I’m going to make this longer than usual! Requests are still open so please request anything while you still can. Hopefully you guys enjoy so without further ado, let’s get get this started.

Izuku midoriya


Originally posted by deku-smash

  • Would be very very happy to get to know a new classmate from the states!
  • He would try to learn more english so he could chat with you.
  • You once talked to him about his baby photos inko showed you a while ago.
  • Well, he didn’t really talk. He just blushed while you teased him for 10 minutes.
  • He’ll teach you japanese if you need help.
  • You also get a personal translator.
  • A new study buddy too!
  • Man, izuku is a package!
  • Once your friendship grew, you started to fall.
  • He always cares about you and your well being.
  • And he’s always there for you.
  • So you were happy to know that the izuku package also extended to being a wonderful boyfriend.

Katsuki bakugo


Originally posted by cherriielle

  • He would be annoyed to see your face everyday.
  • Well, as time goes by he just pretends he’s annoyed by your presence.
  • He actually thinks you’re a cool person.
  • He would keep the annoyed facade up with complaining when ask him to translate or explain something in japanese.
  • Or when you get something wrong during your many study sessions.
  • But really, he cares about you.
  • You learnt that when you saw bakugo about to murder a guy when he overheard the asshole say you were a dumbass.
  • You calmed him down and pulled him away.
  • He stopped being a pussy and owned up.
  • He confessed that day.
  • And now you are living with your hot headed boyfriend and his family.

I loved what i did with the endings! I just feel like they tied everything up pretty well! Like i said, requests are still open (my rules and masterlists are in the desc!). Sorry if this is short by the way, i’ll try to make the next ones longer! Thank you guys so much for reading! Love you guys!! 😊❤💖

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