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#katsuki bakugo fanart

Camp Trip



in where Y/N looses her way on a camp trip and a certain unexpected someone comes to find her.

Warning : swearing

(kinda my first real imagine ^ㅅ^ hope you guys like it,, sorry if its too long 😔)

reader x bakugo


“Woo a trip” exclaimed Mina as she fisted the air. The students of 1-A had come to find out they would be going on a short trip together as a way to escape everything that had been recently going on. Cheers and excited whispers came from the classroom and everyone fell into deep conversations of what was to come.

That is, everyone apart from Bakugo and you,, the two grumps of the class as Kirishima and Mina liked to say. You were quite a quiet, hot headed girl, the female version of Bakugo if you will. Your face was the exact definition of resting bitch face, but of course not purposefully, you were actually quite a lovely, delightful person, but only the girls of class 1-A were aware of your other side.

“Y/N aren’t you excited, we’re going camping!?” asked Jirou, who sat behind you,

“Like I care, its gross that they expect us to camp in the woods like animals” You answered before looking outside of the window, your face coming to rest on your hand as you fiddled with your pen.

“What about you Bakugo?”

“Honestly I agree with Y/N, it’s dumb” replied Bakugo from beside you as a look of anger grew on his face,

“waste of time, I’d rather train so I can be better then that half half bastard and Deku.”

he muttered that last bit under his breathe.

You and Bakugo sat next to each other in class and both had some of the strongest quirks in the class, that obviously did not mean you got along, you bickered a lot and always argued about who was stronger, which was obviously you, but like he’d ever admit it.

The week neared to an end and the weekend soon came quickly which meant it was time to leave for this camping trip which everyone was appparently so excited about.

“How stupid why is everyone so excited over this shitty trip”

you muttered under your breathe as you swung your bag over your arm and made your way to the coach.

“Come on Y/N, if you pout and whine anymore you might grow wrinkles and become as grumpy as Bakugou.” said Kirishima, who obviously heard you, as he swung his arm over your shoulder.

“Shut the fuck up shitty head, do you want to die!” yelled Bakugou who was walking slowly behind the two of you.

Everyone made their way onto the coach until there was only two seats left,

and two students left.

Yourself and Bakugou.

“I refuse to sit next to blasty boom boy.” you said sternly to Aizawa, crossing your arms.

“Nothing I can do Y/N, either you sit next to him or we leave you here.”

“You can leave me here?” You asked with wide eyes.

“Shut up dummy like I wanna sit with you, just come on it’ll be over soon and stop shouting your giving me a headache.” Bakugou said as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you to the vacant seats.

“I call dibs on the window seat.”

“yeah yeah,” he replied, “just sit down and shut the fuck up shittyface.”

The ride to the site was short, and since you were sat at the back with Mr Grumpy, it was a very long quiet ride for you.

Suddenly you felt something hard on your shoulder and looked down to see Bakugou resting his head on you as he slept.

“Bakugou” you said loudly, trying to wake him up, but he didn’t budge.

You eventually decided to give up as he was not responding and you let him rest. Everyone else on the bus was either deep in conversation or game and payed no attention to the two of you at the back. You took this opportunity to properly study Bakugous face. For the first time in forever he looked peaceful, there was a light blush on his usually angry face and his arms were crossed against his clearly toned chest. Of course he was attractive, who could deny it, and maybe, just maybe you had developed some what of a crush on the hot headed boy, but you and your pride would never let that show.

“Bakugou wake up we’re here.” You said softly as you nudged him.

“Huh?” he woke up slowly and his face dropped when he came to the realisation of what he had been doing for the entire trip.

“Did anyone see?” he said after being silent for some time.

“See what?” you asked confusedly.

He looked around before abruptly standing up and looking down on you, “Don’t ever tell anyone or i will kill you.” he yelled as his eyes dug daggers into yours.

When you first arrived at the site, your first task was to set up your camps and, though you struggled, yourself and Asui managed to set up your tent.

The class then had some free time to explore before dinner and you found yourself sat in front of your tent alone as you watched your classmates gossip and play around.

“Why don’t you join us Y/N look even Bakugous playing!” called Mina, who was very aware of your crush on the blonde boy, and she pointed to a very annoyed looking Bakugou who was sat in a circle with the rest of them.

“And why would I do that.” you asked folding your arms.

“Come on Y/N”

“Fuck off I’m not childish I have better things to do.”

“Are you implying your better then us?!” yelled Bakugou as he stood up, his hands forming fists.

You raised an eyebrow, “Yes, I’m not implying I know I’m better then you.”

This only angered Bakugou further, “Do you want to die?! Stand up and fight then.”

“I’m above that shit.” you said standing up, “I’m going for a walk.”

“I’ll come.” offered Kirishima as he began to rise however Bakugou pushed him softly back to the ground.

“Why would you want to go on a walk with her.” he spat the last word with disgust, “You watch Y/N, I’ll kill you. You cocky bitch. ”

But you were already down the pathway.


“Where the hell is she?!” groaned Kaminari. It had been three hours since you decided to walk away and had not returned since.

“This is stupid, thank god she’s gone.” exclaimed Bakugou who was leaning against a nearby tree, with his arms crossed.

“It’s dark Aizawa sensei, shouldn’t we go find her.” suggested Lida whilst the class agreed.

After another hour of the students trying to find her, and Bakugou standing around, no one had become successful in locating her.

“Fuck this, I’ll go get her, you all clearly can’t see for shit.”


And that is how Bakugou found you in a ditch.

“What the fuck are you doing down there?”

“I’m having a party,” You replied sarcastically, “I fell what the fuck do you think happened.”

“Have you been crying,” he smirked, “how sad, why are you bleeding.”

he pointed down to your bloody leg.

You shrugged and he sighed, just to show how irritated he was.

He jumped down and grabbed out for your hand, you gave him a look of disgust before grabbing it.

“Ah,” You winced as you felt a huge shock of pain.

“Jump on my back,” he said.


“Just do it shitty face, do you want me to leave you here.”

You hesitantly jumped onto his back and he blasted you out of the ditch and began the hike back to camp.

“oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” You thought.

Sure you acted as though you did not want to be this close to Bakugou, but on the inside you were freaking out. Who wouldn’t if they were so close to their crush.

“Are you going to say anything then.”

Yes, there were a million things you wanted to say, but how could you even bring yourself to.

“Why did you find me?” you asked hoping for a romantic response.

“Because the other stupid extras couldn’t. And it was pissing me off.”

“Oh,” You replied slightly disappointed.

But what you didn’t see, was the huge smile developing on Bakugous face. He would of loved to just confess right here, but he wasn’t exactly that type of boy, he had been avoiding his feelings for so long because love does not exist in Katsuki Bakugous world.

“Oh one more thing, when we get back you will join in with the class and play there little games no matter how stupid and if you don’t I will kill you so hard and then kill you again.” he said.

“Sure..” you replied a smile developing on your usually blank face.

This would be a long night.




Please let me know how you found this and if you have any requests! It was my first imagine so I apologise if it sucks 😕😅, but anyway thank youu and I love youu

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 J'ai pu terminer la saison 3 de MyHeroAcademia  J'ai vraiment adoré l'épisode de la bataille entre Bakugou et Midoriya. Surtout l'émotion intense de Bakugou. Cette idée toute simple m'est venue et je tenais à finir le dessin.

EN- I was able to watch the end of season 3 of My Hero Academia. I REALLY loved the episode where Bakugou and Midoriya are fighting each other. Such a intense emotion for Bakugou. I got this idea and I wanted to finish it.

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First imagine on here! You can find me on wattpad, too. My @ is bunnytamaki

also, credits to the artist of that masterpiece above🥶

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

❝You’re in my way.❞

dragon king! katsuki bakugo x fem! healer! reader (part one)

♡ lowercase intended ♡ masterlist

warnings: angst, bakugo being a tsundere and a dick, aaaand angst. also cursing?? cause bakugo???

1231 words

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

“… i don’t need you!”

being with the dragon king had its’ perks, but you didn’t care. it was always fun being around the loud and hot-headed king, always throwing insults that you’d take lighthearted and bickering back and forth in whatever situation you’d found yourself in. you were always with him, he thought you were strange. why would you spare time to accompany him on his dangerous adventures? didn’t you have something more to do, like, baking bread back in the village? you were peculiar to say the least, but he learned to deal with it.

seeing as how your mother was the royal family’s healer, you’ve taken that role and decided to be with bakugo to help him heal his wounds. since your village forbade the use of magic, you settled on learning how to make medicine through herbs and other medicinal plants that you knew would come in handy when you were to travel. the forest was a spacious place for medicinal plants to grow, so the quantity wasn’t really an issue. bakugo, however, was the real issue you had to deal with.

the king was far too stubborn, often shouting at you whenever you’d try to stitch his wound up; yet you didn’t mind at all. you knew bakugo like the back of your hand, knowing him since you were still children, and even if he didn’t really want you to take care of him, he could’ve pushed you away but he never did that. he’d just complain and watch you as you would tend to him, your soft hands around his own to stop him from moving around.

he liked–no, he loved it when you would scold him when he moved too much or when he didn’t listen to what you say. he was a king for crying out loud! yet, here you were, hitting his head whenever he’d shout. he liked how determined you were with him, how your willingness to help him always stood out the modt, yet there was something that bakugo always liked about you. it was you; your entire existence; you.

the first time he met you was when your mother rushed in his tent to tend to his sick mother. he was five years old, but he was ready to put up a fight. he was about to shout mean things but you suddenly entered the tent, clutching your wool blanket in your arm. he remembers as you offered him a soft smile, that smile piercing in his heart as he tried to hide the evident blush. that was the first time he saw you.

was it love at first sight? possibly.

if there’s one thing that bakugo remembers very clearly, it was when he was sure that he loved you.

the time had come for your mother’s title to be passed down to you. it was a tradition between the village to gather and witness as your mother would pass down her title as the royal healer to you. mitsuki sent him to fetch you in your tent, he groaned but he was kind of happy that he got to see you before the event happened. he strode to your tent, yelling out your name and walking inside. as soon as he pushed the tent door aside and his eyes landed on your figure standing in front of the mirror.

bakugo never saw someone as beautiful as you. you turned around, smiling widely at him. from there on, he swore that he would always protect and that no one could ever inflict pain on you if they wanted to.

yet, why was it that he was the one to hurt you?

as you trailed behind the fuming dragon king, you tried to calm him down after a failed hunt. he was trying to catch a rare boar but you accidentally stepped on a twig that sent the animal to flee. he was angry, the kind of petty angry, but the rage was prominent on upon his blood red eyes and gorgeous face. he turned around without a word, leaving you to follow after him.

“katsuki-kun, i'm–” before you could even continue, he stopped, raising a hand to shut your mouth. you zipped your lips and watched as his hand slowly fell back, he turned to you and darted his eyes towards you. he was really, really angry, you could see it in his eyes; the flames dancing within them as they seethe through his reddening ears. “can you shut the fuck up? i’m fucking tired of your lame ass excuse every single time! it’s fucking annoying!” he shouted, but you didn’t let it get to you–you knew rage was only hazing up his mind as the minute passed.

he stomped his feet, “you know what? you’re a fuck up. god, do you know how many times you screwed up that i had to cover your shit up?”


“no, no! listen to me, you annoy the living hell out of me and that’s not even it! i was so close, (name), so fucking close to getting that boar so i could show it off but your clumsy ass had to get in the way, huh!?”

what am i doing? no, stop it, bakugo. you’re hurting her.

“you do things without thinking and fuck things up! you act as if you’re the only people i need to rely on in this world! you think so highly of yourself just because you’re with me?! no! you’re still some useless wannabe healer that isn’t even good of what she’s doing!”

stop it, bakugo. stop yourself.

“knock, knock, (name)! i don’t need you! get that in your puny head before i shove it in! i don’t even know why you’re here with me! i can clearly do things on my own and you’re here to make things harder for me! can you, oh i don’t know, fuck off? make herbs in your tent for all i care but don’t ever come near me again!” he spat at you, the same rage in his eyes slowly calming down with each word that rolled out of his mouth. you stood there, eyes glassed with your tears as you tried to not cry in front of him.

you sighed as bakugo turned around and kept walking. you held your heart as you tried so hard not to fall on your knees, but his words were weighing down on your shoulders. maybe what he said was true, maybe you really needed to leave him alone, maybe that was the best.

maybe it was.

“okay.” your voice was small but he heard it. he looked over his shoulder and raised a brow, “what do you mean "okay”?“ he snarled but you kept your head down, he saw your shaking legs and you waved a hand at him.

"i’m going to get berries. you can go ahead. don’t wait up for me.” before he could protest, you left him and turned into another path.

bakugo was a lot of things; stubborn being on of them, so when you told him not to wait. he did the complete opposite. he sat on the boulder and waited for your return, kicking pebbles underneath his shoe or admiring the green leaves above him to keep him entertained. the sunset in the horizon but you never returned, making bakugo worry.

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