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#katsuki bakugo fic

🎵 jiro, bakugou and dabi having a crush on an innocent girl

a/n: being short is not bad sweets! it is what makes you what you are (if that makes sense hHHH)

🎧 kyoka jiro

  • when you came to Yuuei later than the others, class-1A was shocked. you were not from japan and your cultural differences are wide. back in your country, you are considered as average and not short. 
  • and so, when you look at all the other students, they all seem to be towering over you every single time you try talking to them. it made you feel weird and a bit annoyed. 
  • but jiro helps you ease into japan’s culture: teaching you about the history, the different types of tea momo make and the traditional music that she wrote just for you.
  • your quirk is nature; which basically means that you can command flowers to do whatever you want. you haven’t ‘unlocked’ the skill to control bigger plants and it will take a while to do so. 
  • as time went by, class-1A noticed your kind and soft-spoken personality. you were always there when somebody needs a warm hug or just comfort. and they have all agreed that you are the sweetheart among all of them. 
  • and jiro couldn’t help but fall for you everytime you smile or help another one of her friends doing daily chores like washing the dishes and mopping the floor of the dorms. 
  • it doesn’t matter that you are short, she loves you regardless. 

🦔 katsuki bakugou

  • same scenario as jiro: you came later than the rest of class-1A because you are not from japan. and your height is the average back in your country, this means that you are uncomfortable with the change and have a bit of culture shock. 
  • class-1A has been welcoming to you over the past weeks and they are so sweet. momo offered to help you study about japan’s history and ochaco loves spending time with you. 
  • you express your gratitude in your quirk, giving them bouquets of flowers in return, maybe even making perfumes and fragrances from those flowers and giving it to them. 
  • the class agreed on you being the sweetheart among them too! and you treat them all equally, even mineta. 
  • katsuki never really paid attention to you, only walking past you with a ‘tch’ when you greet him or smile at him. this goes on for the next month, until he caught you in the middle of the night, studying for an upcoming test. 
  • okay, you weren’t originally going to stay up past curfew to study for the english test, but life happens and now here you are, sneaking outside and past the main area to get to the kitchen. you just need some water and maybe, a little snack. only those two-
  • the lights flicker, stopping your thoughts as you look back to see katsuki with only a tank-top and shorts looking back at you, the usual scowl on his face. 
  • “what are you doing up, flowers?” he asked, confused as to why you are holding two water bottles and a pack of doritos in hand. you also look quite suspicious with your eyes wide as you chew on the dorito chip in your mouth.
  • “stocking up so i can study for the test-” you mumbled, shamefully walking away as you retreat back to your dorm room, face red and all. 
  • now, katsuki will be lying if he says that he doesn’t have a tiny crush on you, and so he offered to help you study, following you into your room. you guys even shared the doritos pack together. 
  • once you both are done with the test, katsuki will receive a bouquet of daisies from you and in front of his friends, he will act like he didn’t care but when he is alone and in his dorm, he’ll make sure that they are well-trimmed and treat them nicely. 

🔥 dabi

  • dabi was confused on how such a sweet girl want to date him. he does crime for a living for god’s sake! and you are the complete opposite of him. you help people get better as your work, and have made some charity organizations that raises money for the poor. 
  • you are just too pure and he doesn’t deserve you. the first time you both interact, you even bowed to him, your smile bright as your eyes lit up at the sight of him. everytime you both talk, stars start appearing around you, enlightening your figure- wait or is he dreaming? 
  • he is silent and reserved for the most part when he is with you, so it is quite hard to tell what he is thinking about, but you started picking up little habits that he does. like when his right hand twitch whenever he lies or when his eyes slightly widen when he is interested in a conversation. 
  • it is hard for him to trust anyone, but with you- it seems like he could tell you anything and you won’t judge him. and that turn out to be true because he is still doing little crimes like robbery and murder- well, maybe not as little as he thought. 
  • your quirk is creating ribbons whenever you get happy or excited. it is a stupid quirk but it comes in handy sometimes! dabi collects your ribbons in a little container that he kept in his room at the VAS hideout, he won’t admit it but he really likes smelling them because it smells just like you!
  • so, how did you meet him? it was the first day as a certified medical doctor and you are just so excited that the ribbons keep on coming from different parts of your body, dabi was just passing by you, hood down as he tried to keep his identity hidden from the cops that are around the sidewalk. the ribbons that you developed flew by him, giving your soothing scent towards him as he followed all the ribbons, meeting you in the process. 
  • and that’s how you both start talking, well- you do most of the talking anyway. your face flustered as you turn red from embarrassment. you never intended to create those ribbons and you explain that to him, saying that it is just instinct and that you can’t control your quirk. 
  • he doesn’t care for your height too !! mildly teasing you and won’t take it too far. he calls you his little ‘teacup’ due to how short you are. you don’t mind it, though. because he seems to be happy every time he calls you that.
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Fandom: BNHA

Paring: Bakugo Katsuki x Reader

Warnings: Major character death, Unrequited love

Status: Angst

A/N: Hi! I’ve decided to actually start posting to this Tumblr! I’ve decided to take this old story and turn it into an x reader. I love angst so much so if you do too please send in any requests or headcanons. I currently don’t have any rules so i’ll let ya know if anything is out of my comfort zone! Happy reading.


The first time you held hands was in elementary school. You were running late to class and you turned to Katsuki Bakugo, a smile on your face with a hand outstretched.

“Hurry up we’re going to be late.” Hesitantly He reaches out and takes your hand. Just like that, He’s flying. You drag him down the hallway and all he can do is stare. he stares at your beautiful hair slowly falling behind you. He stares at your knuckles, interlaced with his, pulling him towards the classroom door. You turn to look back at him, your eyes glittering in the rich light of the early morning sun. It was simply a moment. And then it ended.

Bakugo would think about that moment every time you grabbed his hand later in your childhood. He would think about how much more beautiful you looked every day. Your hair growing down past your waist and your figure slowly gaining the curves you knew were bound to appear. But your eyes stayed the same. Curious. Carefully assessing each person you happen to come across.

Later on, You learned what it meant to love. You fell in love in the 8th grade and In the 10th grade, you finally confessed your admiration and began to casually date the person you cherished dearly. Your romance story blossoming into a soon printed novel of passion. Your eyes, now filled with lust and romance, no longer inquisitive and deductive. Slowly, you let go of Bakugos’s hand and began to reach out to theirs. 

Katsuki would watch from afar, admiring you and the way you walked, talked and laughed. The way your eyes slightly retorted back into the radiant glorious golden eyes he had once remembered. Only for a moment. And then, it ended. You turned to them, replacing the emptiness of your hands with theirs. 

Some years later you and Bakugo meet again, You, slowly had drifted away from that love you once adored and placed any of your happiness into your children. Motherhood had not been kind to you. Your eyes replaced with a tired luminescence of grief and anguish. When Katsuki spoke to you, a small glint of bliss entered your eyes looking over at him with the same face he had remembered, only older with more wear. You reached out your hands to him, placing his hand in yours. Suddenly that moment all those years ago, that warm, cordial feeling returned to him. Just for a moment, simply a moment, he saw your eyes rebound back into the glowing extraordinary ones they used to be. Only for a moment. And then… It ended. The tone on the monitor displayed a flat continuous figure. And you were gone.

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A commission for @everythingbaku! They requested their OC Ren enjoying a day off with Bakugo. It’s my first time really writing the explodey boy, so I hope I did him justice.

This is where I’d plug my commissions, but I’d rather not get shadowbanned, so instead just check my page’s description.

It was rare for the agency to give both of them the day off. It wasn’t a small agency, but both Katsuki and Ren were reliable and powerful. It would be better to have at least one on call, even if the other was at home. But neither were going to argue with a day together, no obligations. Except possibly meeting Kirishima or Yayorozu for lunch. 

Katsuki woke first. Even on days off, he was dedicated to his routine. Early to bed, early to rise and work out. It took a lot of discussion to convince him to not practice his Quirk indoors, yes they were Pro Heroes with no shortage of money, but the insurance only covered so much and purposefully caused explosions didn’t fall within any clause. Ren had triple-checked the contract. 

Regardless, Ren woke to a half-empty bed and smiled. Same old Katsuki. Well, maybe not same old. He’d mellowed down quite a bit since UA, even if he was still prone to outbursts. He was better, and improving every day, and Ren loved him for that. For a lot of reasons, really.

Keep reading

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Yall wanna know something funny…

I love how the League of Legends Villians kidnapped Bakugo and were so confident that he was gonna join them… and then he was like ‘yah thought’

that’s probably my favorite scene so far. 🤣🤣🤣


Originally posted by animemangapic

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Hello! Thank you for your request! I wanted to do a Midoriya really angry with Bakugou, you gave me the occssion :3


07- My hero academia - Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou

Don’t you dare

Bakugou’s cheek was still warm. The silence around them was suffocating.

The pain that burned his face throbbed at the same time as the heart in his chest. His crimson eyes remained turned towards the white wall that they had been forced to meet with brutal rapidity, they had no intention of resting on Izuku again.

It hurt, but what troubled him most was the sound of their breaths: his had broken as soon as his classmate’s palm slammed on his face, but Midoriya’s was still there, his breath was heavy like that of a charging bull.

“Brutal”, “charging bull” … these were all adjectives that would have adapted much more to the person of Katsuki than to Izuku, but the force with which the slap had come did not make him think of anything else.

He quickly tried to rearrange the ideas: what were they talking about? His throat was burning, he was screaming, of course. But what was he saying?

Damn, he wasn’t paying attention to his words. He must have said something too much, but what?

Slowly the blonde’s hand went to rest on the left side of his face. Under his fingertips the skin burned as if it were embers.

“Fuck, did you go crazy?”

He immediately bit his tongue as soon as he said those words. Maybe those weren’t exactly the best ones to fix the situation. Not that he had ever bothered to fix the situation, but now he was really in shock.

It wasn’t the violence the All Might pupil had used, no, it was his anger that kept reaching him through the air. It was that Midoriya was not shocked for the action done, but he had the perception that if he could he would do it again.

“You are crazy Bakugou!”

He had used his surname, and for some reason this triggered Katsuki’s head towards his interlocutor very quickly. He had called him by surname and snarled.

Seriously, they weren’t fighting over something really important, what had escaped his mouth? Did he say anything about All Might?

Deku’s big green eyes shone with tears and pure anger. He was crying, but there was no sign of repentance on his face. Maybe there would be later, but at the time it seemed only a threat. Izuku Midoriya, a threat. He would have laughed in another situation.

“Don’t you ever dare repeat what you said.”

The boy’s voice was a hiss but reached the blond strong and clear.

Ah, nice thing. It would have been nice to know what the hell was out of his damned teeth.

“If something happens to someone, to you, I can’t forgive you.”

Oh. Maybe it wasn’t like Bakugou thought. Maybe he was more injured than his brain wanted to remember. Perhaps he had said something about how useless they –he- were compared to All Might’s favorite Deku. How much it would have made no difference if they - he - were also dead.

Maybe he had gone down heavy. Maybe his hurt pride had spoken too much, but it was always like that, what did he expect?

“I swear to you, Kacchan. I can forgive you everything, but if something happens to you because of this stupidity of yours, I won’t forgive you. “

With those words from Midoriya, Bakugou found himself staring at the boy’s shoulders. His thoughts were too slow and he couldn’t say a single word.

He found himself alone, in the empty corridor, and a weight on his heart that he could not explain.

- End-

P. S.: Yes I know I had to post this before the Twisted Wonderland hcs. I was wrong. Whoever you are who asked me for this forgive me. 😢

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ride or die with me

summary: you were just trying to scrape by. college wasn’t cheap and you needed whatever job you could get, so when you landed a cocktail waitressing job at the downtown nightclub, you weren’t about to complain. that’s where it all started. how you met him.

warning(s): cursing. slightly suggestive themes. // hint hint, i took massive inspo from the song Gangsta by Kehlani. amazing song. listen to it while you read this hehe


the way power oozed from his body was downright unfair. maybe it was the chain around his neck. maybe it was because you knew those leather shoes adorned on his feet were definitely more than your past months’ paychecks put together. or maybe, just maybe, it was the way he didn’t even have to speak for people to follow his every order.

just a look. a quirk of his eyebrow. a snap of his fingers.

his lips curved into a sly, smug smirk and you knew. you knew he had caught you staring, but how could you peel your eyes away from him? your eyes dared to go higher and you swear you almost forgot how to breathe when he locked eyes with you. in that moment, he could’ve told you to sit. kneel. roll over. fetch. you would’ve done it without hesitation.

instead he raised his index finger and beckoned for you to come, his other arm slung lazily over the back of the leather booth. your feet moved before your brain had even processed the action; your heart matching the tempo of the high-bass beat radiating through the club.

the multicolored hues from the lights flickered across his face. accentuated the shadows of his cheekbones. made his already chiseled jawbone look even more sharp. casted shadows of his lashes across his cheeks. you could get lost in a man like this.

“someone’s mother never taught them that it’s rude to stare, i see.” fuck, even his voice was intoxicating. it rang through your nerves, made you stand up a little straighter. made you want to submit. “s-sorry sir. i guess i got lost in my own thoughts.”

to this he let out a low chuckle, the sound resonating deep from his chest-which you had a slightly better view of now that you had gotten closer. the top few buttons of his shirt were undone and it was so hard to not let your eyes wander over his collarbones. to drink in the sight of the way his chain hung and dipped down so right into the crevice between his pecs.

your eyes wander back up to his and that sinful smirk had only grown wider. “i like that—the sir part.” his lazy voice drawled as he picked up the crystal glass, took a sip, then eyed you over the rim. “very…subservient.”

oh god, your knees were weak. you wanted to drop the tray in your hands and slip into his lap. run your hands over the shaven undercut of his hair and to knot your fingers in the longer ash-blonde parts. let him control you. show him just how obedient you really could be.

but you were at work. and you were just a cocktail waitress.

a/n: howdy everyone!! this is just a draft right now and honestly there’s not a beginning or ending to this. i had been playing around with the idea of a mafia!au in my head for a while and earlier when i heard gangsta by kehlani, i couldn’t resist writing something lmfaooo. so this could just be a one-shot self-indulgent type thing or it may grow to be something else. i have no clue but i hope you enjoy and lemme know if you guys possibly want more to this!!

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hehe i made a part two

Hi everyone! I just wanted to quickly say thank you for all the feedback on my first fic! 🥺🥰You all warmed my hearts so much!! and i enjoyed reading your feedback. Again, I’m still new to this and tumblr writing. I write on mobile (i don’t have a laptop lmfao) so I don’t really know how to link the first part to this but it’s on my blog if you’re seeing this part first! ALSO if anyone knows, I really wanna find out how to add a ‘Read more’ option but I couldn’t find anything about doing it on the mobile app. So if anyone knows, PUHLEASE share because i don’t wanna keep plaguing someone’s screen with a long ass post (i say as i’m about to post a long ass post) ANYWAYS I wanted to take a slight comical, slight fluff direction with this part and this is what came out! I hope you enjoy! and again, your feedback warmed my heart and put a smile on my face! kisses for everyone who liked, reblogged and commented hehe!!—

“You tryna brush your teeth into saw dust or something?”

Who the fuck does he think he is? Not even a ‘hey sorry for being a prick!’ or at least a simple ‘hello’?

But you knew this was reality and sorry probably wasn’t even a registered word in Katsuki’s vocabulary.

It had been a few days since Katsuki had broken that 3 year long silence and fuck if it hadn’t been plaguing your mind. With a frustrated grunt, you fling yourself down on your bed and grab your phone for your nightly social media checks. A few minutes into essentially stalking your favorite hero’s instagram, your phone dings and you slide your thumb down on the notifications.

@therealbakugou liked your tweet!

You quirk an eyebrow and click on the notification. It was tweet from a few months back—a picture of you and Mina posing poolside.

But just as soon as you refresh the picture, his like disappears.

Now, you’re no stranger to accidentally liking a tweet while you’re mindlessly scrolling. Hell, everyone has done it.

However, the fact that this was from a few months back had your mind reeling.

Was he—

Was Katsuki Bakugou lurking? More than that, for what reason?


The blonde tosses his pencil down on his notebook with a disgruntled sigh. To put it plainly, he was absolutely distracted. It seems like you weren’t the only one still shaken up from the encounter. Which pissed him off to no ends. Hell, it’s what he was known for: Work above everything else. Schoolwork, internships, workouts, all of it. He put it above his social life, his friends, social outings. Again, he was a simple man. He knew what he wanted and went for with 1000 percent, with zero distractions. Everyone else be damned.

But even the greatest needs to procrastinate a break, so he leans back in his desk chair and grabs his phone from desk.

He rolls his eyes as the numerous group chat notifications and opts for numbing his brain by scrolling on twitter.

And that’s when he saw that Kamanari had retweeted one of your recent tweets.


you’re telling me i gotta workout to stay in shape?? i HATE it here mom come get me

“Fucking dumbass.” Katsuki mutters under his breath as he starts to scroll past it.

And he swears he doesn’t know how it happened. How he scrolled back up and clicked on your handle. How he had been scrolling for minutes before he landed on the picture of you and Mina posed beside a pool.

He’ll never admit it, but he studies the picture for quite a bit and his eyes don’t miss a thing.

The way your face was all sun-kissed and the childlike gleam in your eyes. The way your tongue hung out between your pretty lips. The way your bathing suit seemed to cling to your body just right.

He snaps his eyes shut once, coming back from his daze. Fuck, why did his face feel so hot all of the sudden? A breath releases from his lungs-a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in-and he goes to scroll past it when it happens.

The forbidden, rookie mistake.

That little transparent heart had turned red.

“Shit, shit, fuck, goddammit all to hell!” He throws his phone down before immediately yanking it back in his hand and unliking it.

The horror. The fucking horror.

Should he message you? Tell you it was a mistake? Shit, he can’t even do that because then you’d know he had spent the last half hour essentially drooling over every picture you had taken scrolling through your tweets. How the hell could he explain this?!

His brain spent the next few minutes agonizing over explanation he could think of.

He could blame it on one of his friends. Say they were fucking around on his account and did it.

It was glitch! A glitch!

Play dumb. What tweet? What picture? The fuck is a twitter?

None of them seemed convincing.

God, he wanted to fling himself from the dorm window straight on to the concrete below.


It’s the next morning and you hate the first thought you have is about last night. You wanted to tell someone, ask opinions on what this meant. But who? Much to Katsuki’s displeasure, you had grown quite close with the ‘Bakusquad’ as Kaminari so lovingly dubbed it.

Many hours were spent doing dumb tiktok dances with Kaminari and Mina. Many days spent in Sero’s dorm, playing whatever game he was obsessed with at the time. Lots of gym time with Kirishima.

It was almost sickeningly comical that your friends all centered around the man you were at war with.

Telling them was almost off the table because someone Kamanari would surely let it slip to Katsuki. You didn’t want him to know you even payed attention to it.

Heaving a heavy sigh, you step out into the hallway and make your way to the common room. The smell of food fills your nostril and a angry growl rips it way through your stomach.

“Someone’s hungry!” Mina giggles and pats the spot next to her. Katsuki was seated on the other side of her, face buried in a text book-in a black shirt that definitely fit him just right along with grey sweats that seemed to hug his legs deliciously.

Not that you were paying attention, of course. Just an observation.

You plop down and hum happily as Sero passes you a hash-brown, “Breakfast is served, m’lady.”

“You guys are going to turn into a Mcdonald’s hash-brown if this is all you keep eating for breakfast.” You snicker out as you take a bite.

“Matter of fact, give that bitch back.” The black-haired boy makes a snatch at it and you hold it out of his reach behind Mina’s head with a dumb grin plastered on your face.

You all spend the next half-hour destroying what was left of the food, cackling at all of the dumbass tiktok challenges/dances you all planned on participating in and watching as the rest of them annoyed Katsuki to no end.

But just as you had settled on playing a game on your phone and Katsuki resumed his studying, the four of them share pointed looks.

Kirishima nods and is the first to stand. “Bout time for me to head out. I’m behind on my studies and if I don’t pass this next test, Aizawa might have my ass posted above his bed.” He explains with nervous chuckles.

Next is Kamanari and Sero. “We’re hitting the arcade. Mina, you’re coming with right?”

The pink bubbly girl sprouts up and claps her hands together. “Of course. You’re both long overdue an ass kicking in air-hockey.”

You glance up from your phone and start to open your mouth, but not before the four of them had already hauled ass down the hallway.

What the fuck? Usually at least one of them roped you into their antics.

And that’s when you became hyper aware of your surroundings. Mina had freed up the space between you and Katsuki. Nothing there but an empty cushion and tension that could suffocate someone.

You roll your shoulders back and take this as another challenge. You weren’t going to get up first. No way. You were unbothered and leaving would give off the message that you had acknowledged his existence.

Still, that didn’t stop you.

It didn’t stop you from shifting your eyes to their corners to slyly peek at the blonde.

He was staring intently at his textbook page and you wondered for a second if he even realized that everyone had left. Seeing that he was so absorbed, you tilted your head the slightest bit to let your eyes secretly wander over the blonde.

He really was beautiful. You’d decided this long before now, but even so.

His ash blonde hair-messed up, but in that just perfect way. Your eyes moved from his hair down to the chiseled line of his jaw. Fuck, it’s almost like he was carved by Adonis himself. His lips were slightly pushed out, almost pouting, as he concentrated. They look so soft.

You landed on what had always been your favorite part of Katsuki. You couldn’t see much of them, but his eyes. Oh, his eyes.

You could see slivers of his vermillion irises, framed by the prettiest lashes you swear you’ve ever seen. They were intoxicating. You missed being captured in them. Missed the intense eye contact he always held with anyone he conversed with.

You were so absorbed in trying to sear his features into your brain, that you almost missed the sly smirk that spread on his lips as he spoke for the second time, without looking up from his studying.

“So you can’t talk but you can basically eye fuck me?”

Fuck. Maybe you hadn’t been so sly after all.

The blonde tilts his head to the side with same smug ass smirk on his lips, making direct eye contact with you.

The air escapes your lungs and you swear you almost feel spark fly from the intensity of this stare down the two of you are engaged in. Your cheek are definitely beet red and it feels like the temperature raised by a gazillion degrees, but who were you to back down from a challenge?

toomuchtoomuchtoomuch is all your brain keep screaming at you. It felt like those red eyes were assaulting your mind, diving into the deepest depths and sending straight shocks to your soul. Still, you kept the same gaze he did, your left eye twitching just the slightest bit.

Shit eating motherfucker. You were not eye-fucking him! You were just…observing. And this smug prick had the audacity to imply anything else? Someone really needed to put this gremlin back in line.

So with this in mind, you take a slow breath, lean a little closer and utter your first words to him in three years:

“So you can lurk on my twitter and like a picture from months ago, but don’t have the balls to apologize for any of the shit you’ve said? Bold. Even for you, Kacchan.”

You sneer his childhood nickname, thinking it would tip him over the edge. You wanted to relish in the way he would throw a tantrum or storm out. Wanted to not get under his skin, but crawl on every nerve in his body.

Yet, all you are met with a look of utmost awe and you watched as it shifted into an emotion you couldn’t quite put your finger on, because you have never EVER seen him express it.

You had spoken to him.

He heard your voice, after three fucking ears. Three years of angry glances and sulking and the late nights of not being able to sleep because you had taken over his very mind. Three years of silent pining and anguishing over those words he had spewed at you all led up to this moment.

It was like every smartass thought he had in his brain evacuated and all that mattered was your voice. He had heard it in passing of course, when you were talking to your classmates. But for it to be directed at him, for you to acknowledge him. Is this what dying and went to heaven felt like?

Then it dawned on him.

The tweet. The fucking tweet. You saw it. You knew. Fucking fuck fuck.


That’s what it was. You smirk as his cheeks pool with blush and how his eyebrow crash together as his lips tightly press together. And without another word, he snatches his textbook up and takes off down the hallway.

Not the outcome you were hoping for, but it was enough for you.

You had embarrassed The Great Katsuki Bakugou into silence.

Who knew it was even possible?

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—this is my first fic 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 be gentle with me lmfaooo im not quite sure how tumblr works yet. there’s probably grammar errors and inconsistencies but fuck it—

for a little bit of background so this makes a little more sense: Unbeknownst to you or anyone around you, you were what they called a late-quirk bloomer. A goddamn walking medical miracle. No extra joint. No evidence. And you came to take UA by storm and make a certain blonde boy eat his words.

You remembered it like yesterday.

You were both in the early years of grade-school when Katsuki’s quirk seemed to appear overnight. You remember peering over his shoulder, all doe-eye and full of wondrous stars, to see little yellow and orange fireworks popping in his palms. The rest of your classmates shared your amazement, of course because holy shit!

It was halfway through middle school when it happened. When his enormous ego really started to destroy everything he came in contact with. You seemed to be able to avoid the certain destruction, though. You’d go through your days together. School. Dinner. Video-games. Rinse, repeat.

But one day. One fucking day was all it took.

Research had shown that if that one puny, stupid extra joint hadn’t formed in your left foot, there was no hope in store. So here you were. Your quirk had yet to develop, no joint and you were for certain that you had become the minority. You were quirkless.

Your parents did everything they could. Numerous visits with the doctors. Research. Article after article. It was hopeless.

So you broke the news to your confidant. The boy you had hearts eyes for since pre-school. Your best friend.

and that was all it took.

“I don’t need some quirkless extra holding me back.”

and that was that. you stopped speaking. he went to the ends of the earth to forget your very existence.

until you waltzed into Class 1-A.

he hated it. seethed at the way you immediately locked eyes with him, all smug and triumphant. hated the way that during training on that faithful day, you amazed the class with your flashy fucking amazing quirk.

so what did he do? the only thing he knew how. he confronted you head on. demanded answers. hatefully interrogated you. how the ever-living fuck did you get in and just where did this goddamn quirk come from? and when you tried to make amends and explain, what did the explosive blonde have to say?

“Just leave me alone and stay out of my goddamn way! I didn’t need you then and I don’t need you now!”

and it’s been three years. three fucking years since you came back to unknowingly wreak havoc on his mental state.

it’s not until you walk into the dorms’ bathroom early as fuck the next morning that you realize, once again, exactly how long it’s been since you two last spoke…

you stand as far away as the sink will allow as you pull out your toothbrush and flip the water on. yet, somehow the longer the seconds drag on, the more hyper aware you become of his presence.

he’s side-eyeing you. you can feel it. what’s even more annoying is the raw longing you feel to return his gaze. to reach out. make him hear you, make him feel—

fuck. snap out of it.

it isn’t until you spit in the sink that you realize how hard you were pressing down against your gums. you make a face at the red-tinged goo and wash it down the sink.

Unbeknownst to you, there’s a war raging on this boy’s head as well. The way you just waltzed in and didn’t even spare him a nanosecond of a glance, had riled up bizarre gross feelings deep in his gut.

Yeah, he said screamed it.

He meant it—at the time. He was mad. confused. You had thrown him into a whirlwind of emotions. How else did you suppose he deal with this? You came back into his life like a fucking manic tornado. His life was simple. Black and white. No grey areas. This or that. He considered himself a pretty simple man. But here you are again, splashing violent reds and oranges into his life

He glances at your reflection in the mirror.



Why won’t you say anything? Say something. Break this deafening fucking silence. Fuck, he’d take you screaming at him—just anyfuckingthing to hear your voice again.

It was the voice he had spent half of his childhood worshipping. Doing anything to hear it. It didn’t dawn on him until he stopped hearing it for the first time that it had become one of his favorite sounds in the world.

and it took years of not hearing it again to realize he needed it. bad.

“You tryna brush your teeth into saw dust or somethin’?” His voice slices through the silence like goddamn razor-blade.

and you hate that you love the way it sounds. all low and raspy. deep. he must’ve just woken up.

So what do you do? Of course you tuck all of your toiletries back into your bag, zip it up and head for the door. Without a fucking word. Feelings be damned. If he wanted to play this game, you were going to make goddamn sure you won.

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Acho que perdi um pouco a manha em fazer capas dark USHAUSHA Enfim, capa para a fanfic “Alvorada” escrito por Pearl-Silent para a seção de Boku no Hero, fanfic de imagine com foco nos personagens Todoroki Shoto, Bakugo Katsuki e Midoriya Izuku.

Se inspire! Não copie! Créditos aos artistas.

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(Author-chan message: Hi there, this was a really heartwarming idea that boom-bakugou helped me come up the idea for. I enjoyed putting it together. I hope you all like it, please check out their blog as well. ps my ask box is open)

Pairings:  Bakugo x Hawk’s Little sister

Warning: Fluff and maybe some over-protective big brotherdom, mention of bullying

Summary: Reader takes her boyfriend Bakugo out to meet her big brother for the first time and he gets the big brother talk when she is out of earshot. 

“Come on Kaa-chan it won’t be that bad meeting him I promise.” (y/n) said as she drug the Nuke of the UA towards the park for their meeting. Bakugo groaned. He didn’t see how it was necessary for him to meet his girlfriend’s brother. He was dating HER not him, why should it matter.

“Angel do we really have to do this?” He asked for the umpteenth time making (y/n) giggle.

“Yes sweetie. We’ve been dating for over a month and he’s finally got a day off. So I want to introduce you to him.” (y/n) smile sweetly at her boyfriend making him blush a little before he mumbled something resembling a ‘fine….’ He took you hand and started tugging you along to the garden you planned on meeting your brother at.


A few minutes later you both arrived at the stone archway entrance, and you put your hand to your forehead as you scan the heads to see if you can spy a familiar face. You would have kept searching until a poke in your side catch your attention and refused to stop.

“Kaa-chan. Stop…” (y/n) said as she tried to push away what she thought was her boyfriend’s hands.

“I’m not doing anything.” He said with a gruff in his voice making (y/n) blink before she reached down and grabbed what was poking her in the side. In her hand was a long red feather.

“Hey lil bird.” Said a voice that made the couple turn to see a golden haired man with goggles and a pair of red feathers wings on. A big smile appeared on (y/n)’s face as she ran to hug the man.

“Big brother! I missed you!” The man laughed and hugged (y/n) back.

“And I missed you too lil bird.” He looks over at Bakugo. “Are you gonna introduce me?” (y/n) nods before going back to her boyfriend.

“Kaa-chan this is my big brother, Keigio Tamaki,  aka Hawks. And big brother this is my boyfriend Katsuki Bakugo.” Hawks looked at Bakugo with a smile before holding out his hand.

“Pleasure to meet you.” Bakugo gulped before taking his hand and shaking it.

“…Pleasure… is all… mine.” He replied with gritted teeth. (y/n) smiled happily that introductions went smoothly without either her boyfriend exploding her brothr 9or her overprotective brother using his feathers to turn her boyfriend into swiss cheese. 

“Come on, let’s head inside.” (y/n) said as she grabbed both men’s hands, surprising them, before dragging them inside the garden as they had planned. They blinked but quickly followed after her. 


After a short time (y/n) was bent over her knees exhausted, panting as she tried to catch her breath.

“H-how are you two not outta breath too?” She asked, making Bakugo smirk slightly. 

“I told you, you don’t work out enough, but I can help you build up your endurance easy.” He teased making Hawk shoot him a dirty look. (y/n) chuckled at hearing him say that. 

“Okay. Okay. I get that’s what I get for wanting to do an outdoor activity with two pro heroes.” She said with a smile as she peered past both blond men’s forms. In the distance an ice cream cart was being pushed through making your sweet tooth instantly cry out. Hawk noticed her gaze and almost drool like expression and followed her eyes. A smile grew across his face.

“Same old lil bird.” He tease, making her turn red for a moment. “Want me to get you some ice cream like old times?” He asked making her shake her head before getting a small spark of energy. 

“No I can get them for you both. You both took the day off because I asked you too so it’s the least I can do.” Before either man could protest the offer, (y/n) had already scurried off. As they watched her go over to the salesman, Hawk turned to Bakugo with a dirty look. 

“I hope you don’t plan on hurting my precious lil bird.” The winged man said with a snark in his voice, almost making him seem like he was closer to a demon. Bakugo glared back with narrowed crimson eyes.

“As if I would ever do anything like that.” He scoffed back.

“Well you better keep her safe, otherwise I’ll have to come pay you a visit.”

“Ooooh scary… you forget I’ve dealt with scarier villains Mr pro hero.”

 As Hawk was about to say something back a loud voice was heard in the distance. They stopped their bickering to look over at the ice cream vendor when (y/n) had run off to. She was indeed over there but was surrounded by a few girls Hawk recognized as high school bullies she had dealt with. As he was about to step forward to come his sister’s defense, he noticed Bakugo’s presence had vanished beside him. 

“I should have figured you would be gorging yourself.” One of them said.

“Yea, I mean why not, it’s not like she’d have a chance at scoring a boyfriend not with those puny wings on her back.” The other said before chuckling with a smirk. 

“Well you have gained a little weight since high school. What happened? Did you have a one night stand and get yourself knocked up?” The first one sneered making (y/n) whimper. She had also been insecure about her image. But ever since she met Bakugo and he insisted he loved her regardless of how she looked, she felt more confident in herself. Enough that she was able to feel comfortable with a tiny belly pudge because he let her indulge in the things she loved without making her feel less than. Or at least that’s what she thought. Even though it had been a few years since high school, their words still cut just as deep. As (y/n) was about to start crying, she left a physical weight on her shoulders. 

  She blinked away a tear before looking to the left to see a glaring Bakugo who’s gaze was narrowed and directed at the bullies. Instantly their demeanor did a 180 when they saw.

“Ground Zero, it is such an honor to meet you.” One said as they recognized one of the top heroes in his civilian clothes.

“We are your biggest fans.” The other added making the knot in (y/n’s) stomach grow as Bakugo smirked. 

“Really? Funny, if you were my biggest fans then why are you still bullying my girlfriend?” He said with a hint of disdain in his tone. (y/n) looked up in shock. He was being way too calm as the fans tried to explain they were trying to help her. 

“Y-yea. She always used to pig out in high school and it was suuuuuper unhealthy and we just wanted to help give her advice.” One said catching the crimson glare. 

“So it was you two that hurt my angel.” Bakugo’s tone darkened as he confirmed what he suspected. He held up a free hand away from (y/n), letting a spark discharge to show his frustration and making the two girl’s in front of him yelp. 

“She’s beautiful to me  no matter what size she is and its only extras like you being jealous that she got the lead role.”  He said without holding back. “I love her as she is and if I find that you extras have been bugging her again well…. let’s just say we’ll take a walk down memory lane and I’ll give you both a refresher on my first year’s Sports Festival at UA.” He let another spark go off in his hand signalling for the two bullies to run off like scared animals. 

Bakugo let out a deep breath before he left a light kiss on his cheek. He looked down at (y/n) with a bright blush at the sudden surprise kiss and she looked up at him with eyes filled with love and admiration. 

“I love you too Kaa-chan.” She said, only making his blush deepen  as he smirked. 

“Of coarse, they were jealous they couldn’t score the part of the leading lady with me.” He laughed before leaning down to give her forehead a kiss. “Come on, let’s get that ice cream.” (y/n) nodded happily as she took her boyfriend’s hand.

Hawk watched from a distance with a shocked expression but quickly smiled. 

“Guess I have nothing to worry about then huh….”

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A/N: What do y’all think? Do you prefer I use mood-boards for the header or gifs?

Word Count: 1323

<<< Previous Chapter | Next Chapter >>>

Pairing: Dragon King!Bakugo Katsuki x Reader

As her voice reverberated around the space [Name] froze in place. Her eyes moved from person to person with the terrifying realization that those powerful words had come from her mouth. Then a sinking feeling settled in the pit of her stomach at the thought that she had snapped at a group of people who could quite literally kill her in the blink of an eye. Kirishima was the first to speak up, holding up his hands and backing away while flashing Bakugo a look that said, ‘I told you so.’ He muttered before disappearing, “This is all you man…”

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the lovers’ renaissance ; a fic collection.


𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬’ 𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞

      common occurrences and the occasional exception that makes it all bearable, if not, entirely worth it.

     bnha , naruto , and fugou keiji balance.

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(2) sometimes they end up accidentally swapping coats and although he’d never admit it, seeing her in his slightly larger coat with a sheepish smile on her face is completely worth the embarrassment of his friends. he’d take this to the grave, but he may or may not leave his coat around on purpose from that point on just to see her in his clothes and pretend they were together. and tho she might not admit it, she likes the sweet smell that lingers bcuz she has a not-so-little crush on him too?

Hiya! Thanks for the request… Soooo I sorta needed to split it up. I have ideas for this fic. ;) … And I also kind strayed from the original request. I’m sorry! /)-(\ Here is part one!

Title: One Size Too Big (Part 1)

Pairing: Bakugou x Reader

Rating: Fluff, sorta angst?

Words: 3,456


You had never been a fan of the cold, and this was further proven as you were forced to trudge from class to the dorms. You groaned to yourself, shivering despite the jacket and other layers you had on as a particularly strong gust of wind swept by. “Wow, it’s pretty chilly!” Uraraka sounded happy, and you shot her a glare as she stared up at the gloomy sky with a smile, mittened hands cupped together. “I know, and I hate it.” You grumbled, only earning another bell-like laugh from your bubbly friend.

“Oh, it’s not that bad!”

“I can barely feel my fingertips.”

She rolled her eyes at you, tugging one of your cold hands from the pocket of your coat and enveloping it in her own. Somehow, she was warm, and before you could ask her what her secret was, she was dragging you across the frost-covered school grounds, her giggling rising up with every complaint that escaped from your lips. “If we run, we’ll get back faster!” She said, and you weren’t able to argue back due to the heavy chattering of your teeth.

However, she had been right, and a minute later you were standing in front of your dorm building. Uraraka looked unfazed, her smile still glued to her face, while you looked like you had gone through hell; your hair was a mess of tangles, cheeks red from the cold and running, and a slight shiver clinging to your body as you forced your way inside. “Ta-da! That wasn’t so bad, right?” You settled with a playful glare in your friend’s direction, deciding to stay silent.

Uraraka had wanted to study in the library after class, and like the good friend you were, you followed. You hadn’t expected the weather to become worse, and didn’t realize it had done so until the two of you had stepped outside after hours of studying. The rest of your classmates were already inside, most of them in the living room and kitchen where the heater worked the strongest. Even stepping inside you could feel the difference in temperature from outside, and quickly stripped of your jacket before becoming too warm. You let your eyes stray to them, from the few goofing off in the kitchen while making hot chocolate to the group planted in the other room, a video game screaming at them from the television screen. Bakugou was on the couch, arms stretched over the top cushions and a bored expression on his handsome face as he stared at his friends blankly. It was then that you noticed a familiar article of clothing on the blonde boy.

“Hey, we match!”

At the sound of your voice, Bakugou’s attention was immediately on you, not understanding who you were speaking to at first. Then, his eyes drifted from your bright (E/C) gaze and goofy grin down to your extended arms, where an eerily familiar jacket hung from your frame. His brows furrowed for a moment, before letting his eyes dart from his own body back to yours, mouth agape in surprise. “We’re like twins! Or couple-matching!” You continued, laughing slightly at the comparison between you and the hotheaded boy as two identical sweatshirts were on both of you; sliced right down the center, the left black and the right bright orange with an x-eyed happy face decorating the back of it. You even turned around to show it off further, and Bakugou nearly choked on his own air as the realization sat in. Holy crap, they were the same. Yours, of course, was just a bit tighter since your frame was smaller than his own, but that didn’t stop Bakugou from continuously letting his eyes rake over you.

Your other classmates swarmed you before you could add on any further, pulling you towards the kitchen as they begged you to make them your infamous hot cocoa, and with a short laugh you let them drag you. You stripped yourself of the sweatshirt first, setting it aside on a lone chair before getting to work. Bakugou’s attention on you, however, stayed steady even without you noticing, eyes wide and mouth still hanging open slightly. Your teasing replied in his mind, and finally he forced his jaw shut, teeth clenched as he fought the blush rising up his cheeks to no avail. His right-hand man noticed his expression, toothy grin already placed before he could speak. “What’s got you frazzled, bro?” Kiri asked, and Bakugou immediately controlled himself, instead shooting a glare towards his friend. “Shut the fuck up, Shitty Hair. I’m not frazzled.” He muttered, and he let his eyes stray back to the kitchen when your familiar laugh rose up. Kiri caught the look.

“Oooh, is Bakugou frazzled?” Mina’s voice floated in as she plopped into the empty space on the other side of Bakugou, a knowing grin on her face as she wiggled her eyebrows. At this point, all of Bakugou’s friends had their attention on him, and he felt his face redden. Not entirely from embarrassment, although part of it was, but also from frustration. “I’M NOT ‘FRAZZLED’, ASSHOLES!” As if to prove his point, he sat upright to yank the cursed sweatshirt up and off of his body, cheeks bright as he avoided their gazes.

A few beats of silence passed, his friends trying to smother their teasing giggles to not anger him further. Instead, Bakugou abruptly stood up, fists clenched as he stared down at his giggling friends coldly. “I’m going to bed.” He muttered, and none of his friends mentioned that it was only 6 o’clock in the evening as he stalked off upstairs. You popped your head from the kitchen, eyes finding the troublesome group in the living room with an innocent smile. “Everything okay?” You asked in a soft voice, missing the mischievous looks that Kaminari and Sero exchanged to one another.

Oh, they were going to have fun with this.


The next day, you were found scurrying through the kitchen by none other than Kirishima himself.

He heard the clatter of pans first, then your frantic footsteps soon after. He peeked his head out from the bottom of the stairs, looking past the wall to see you scrambling for… well, something. He wasn’t quite sure what. “Hey, you alright?”

You jumped at the unexpected bright voice, but quickly relaxed after spotting the redhead as he emerged closed to you. “Kiri! Jeez, you almost scared the quirk out of me.” You pressed a hand to your heart as you laughed, an easy smile flitting to your lips. “I’m fine, but I forgot my sweater down here and can’t find it. Do you remember if you’ve seen it recently?”

Kiri’s brows rose, a strangely secretive smile on his lips as he recollected the actions of the night before. His friends had filled him in on their plans to shove you and Bakugou together, and he was more than happy to help. It was better than hearing Bakugou pretending to complain about you. “Actually, yeah!” He practically bounced to the couch, where Bakugou’s familiar sweatshirt still sat from the night before, long forgotten by the fiery blonde. He hoped you wouldn’t notice the faint scent of cologne and caramel lingering on the piece of clothing.

“Someone probably moved it, but here you go!” He thrusted it into your hands, and you sighed in relief as you grasped the sweatshirt. It was a bit cool from sitting out, but you didn’t pay attention to it as you instead shuffled it on, wiggling your arms into the sweater with a satisfied noise. The plush inside immediately calmed you, but there was something different about it… Were the sleeves always this long? And the hem? Maybe someone had accidentally stretched it out? And when did it start smelling like caramel?

You turned to grin at Kiri in thanks, picking up your backpack and swinging it over your shoulder. “You’re a lifesaver, Kiri. I was worried I’d have to freeze out there.”

“No problem! Want to head to class together?”

You and Kiri had always gotten along, both of your personalities being particularly bubbly and bright as you chatted during the short walk to class. However, he had broken off as soon as you found yourself standing in front of the 1-A door, mumbling something about an errand to run before turning and high-tailing it down the hallway.

You shoved the door open, grunting slightly at its heavy weight as you slid inside of the familiar classroom. The chatter continued as you sneaked in, Uraraka brightening when she noticed you. “Y/N!” Her melodic voice rang out, beckoning you forward as she stayed perched on top of her desk. “I still can’t forget about that hot chocolate from last night. It was so good!” Uraraka looked as if she were about to drool over the mere imagination of the rich beverage, moving her gaze to instead stare off at the wall mindlessly. You dropped your backpack onto the empty desk beside hers as she continued. “Man, if I could make hot chocolate like you, I’d make it all the time. I’d drink it every day! All year long!”

You laughed at her small obsession, and she seemed to want to continue monologuing before being cut off by the door slamming open. It banged against the wall, and in trudged the little gremlin everyone had become so accustomed to during their time at U.A. He kept his glare on the ground as he entered, muttering some curses under his breath for an unknown reason, before finally lifting his gaze upwards. “What the hell are you looking at-?”

And then Bakugou Katsuki’s eyes landed on you, and he froze.

Almost on instinct, you mimicked his action, eyes wide as you waited for his next move. In the short years you have attended the school with the blonde, he had never just… Stopped. And why was he staring at you so blankly?

Bakugou, however, had way too many things flitting through his mind to even think about doing anything else than just freezing mid-sentence. Holy fuck, is that my sweatshirt? I was wondering where the damned thing went. Why is she wearing it? God, it looks fucking hot on her. The last thought had a faint redness rising to his cheeks, more prominent on his ears as he tried to cover his expression with one hand and biting down on his lip to keep his jaw from dropping. Fuck. FuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK. The words were a mantra in his head, constantly repeating until he felt a soft hand wrap around the wrist hiding his embarrassed expression.

“Bakugou? Are you okay?” For a moment, he hated how soft and sweet your voice was. It just wanted to make the hard-headed boy melt to the floor. You were close enough that he could smell you; old and new books, perfume, even the faint scent of your shampoo. And you weren’t loosening your grip on him. Instead, you were tightening it, and tugging at his arm in a weak attempt for him to drop it from his flustered face. Meanwhile, the rest of the class was quiet, shocked at what they were seeing from the infamous, easily-riled pomeranian in front of them. You didn’t even seem to notice, instead leaving his arm to instead press your palm on the exposed skin of his forehead. He couldn’t see your expression, but based on how much he watched you without your knowledge, he could guess that you were frowning.

You were, by the way.

“Your face feels hot! Let’s go to Recovery Girl, maybe you have a fever?” Your voice held a slight edge of panic, not noticeable to most but making Uraraka quirk her brow in curiosity. Of course, she also knew about your not-so-little crush on the guy.

She waved her hand, breaking the awaiting tension that filled the air. “Go ahead and take him, Y/N! I’ll let Aizawa know what happened!” You didn’t look at your friend as you nodded and, grabbing Bakugou’s free arm - he was still covering his face with the other - you dutifully yanked him down the hallway and towards the healing Pro-Hero.

It wasn’t until the two of you had successfully left the immediate area that Aizawa, who had been secretly napping underneath his desk, finally crawled out of his sleeping back with a grumpy expression. He didn’t say anything -  just scanned the classroom knowingly - before huffing slightly and returning to the floor, waiting for the final bell to ring before beginning class. Luckily, he still had a handful of minutes left.


“You can drop your arm now, you know.” You grumbled, after walking in complete silence for a few steps too many. All you could think about was how he was acting like a girl from a damned shojo manga. He stayed quiet, keeping his large palm over his face dutifully, and you reached up to tug at the offending wrist until finally his hand landed at his side.

Then, you stared.

If you thought a quiet Bakugou was rare, nothing could prepare you for a blushing one; flawless skin erupting with a dark blush, ruby eyes lowered, and - was he biting his lip? Even his ears were scarlet. You stuttered for a moment, mind blanking on what you had been prepared to say, and instead stood there gaping like a fish out of water. His gaze shifted towards you, and your heart nearly stopped.

“What are you looking at? Dumbass…” Despite his harsh words, his tone was full of embarrassment, and he quickly shifted his attention elsewhere. You were still clutching to his arm and, as if it had become scalding hot, you dropped it. However, you didn’t move away. Instead, you chose to stand a little closer than you usually would to the hotheaded boy, peering up at him as if he were a quizzical math problem. It seemed to only redden his face more, if that were possible. “H-Hey, cut it out, weirdo!”

He reached an arm up to try pushing you back a few steps, but this only resulted in you stumbling further than anticipated. You could feel yourself lose your footing, and just as a gasp escaped your lips as you tensed your body to meet the hard linoleum floor, the same arm wrapped around your waist and hoisted you upright. The arm was warm, and the pads of his fingers had accidentally found their way to the bare skin peeking at your waist. The scent of caramel became stronger, overpowering all of your senses as you stared up at Bakugou with wide eyes and lips open, a flush rising to your cheeks. Your breathing was a bit labored, gaze searching the red, blank expression presented to you. “Mine.”

You blinked up at him. The hold he had on you tightened, and you felt your mouth go a bit dry. “H-huh?”

“That sweatshirt. It’s mine.”

Oh, the sweatshirt. For a moment there, you had thought… You gulped, pushing your thoughts to the farthest corner in your mind as the blonde released you from his grip. However, you could still feel the imprint of his warmth on your body, as if it had been tattooed onto your skin. Luckily you were able to stand up straight with your face stoic, although the bright red on your cheeks showed your true emotions all too clearly. It seemed you weren’t the only one who noticed, either, as Bakugou raised one brow upwards. Then smirked.

“What’re you getting so red for, huh?” He leaned in a bit closer than you would’ve thought he would, vermillion eyes blown wide and glinting mischievously at you. It was a bit cute to see him so cocky yet embarrassed, the blush just as prominent as before. “Got a fever or something?” As if to push it further, he placed his palm on your forehead. At that, you squeaked, causing that damn smirk to only widen further.

With every step he took forward, you took one back… Up until you were pressed against the wall, his hand still attached to your forehead as your cheeks darkened further. His free arm found its way next to you, palm flattened right beside your head, and the other soon followed until you were stuck in a kabedon position. And despite having no where else to go, he only seemed to inch closer.

His lips were hovering mere centimeters away from your own, ruby eyes staring into your own as you waited with bated breath on what was to happen next. There was a surge in the air, as if the two of you had just been zapped by Kaminari, but more tense. There wasn’t really a way to explain it. Was he playing with you? Was this just a joke? Was he going to kiss you like you thought? Like you hoped? The last thought made you suddenly suck in a deep breath as you squeezed your eyes shut.

And then the bell rang.

You nearly groaned at the sound, and opened your bright gaze just in time to see Bakugou move a step away from you; still close, but not as much as before. You stayed quiet, waiting for him to say something, anything. He wouldn’t just act like nothing happened… Right? Because something had happened, right?

Instead, he raked one hand through his spiked hair, the other burying itself in his pocket as he glanced away from you and back down the hallway, where the classroom was. The one you two had escaped from only a few minutes ago, although it felt like much longer. “We should get to class.” His rough voice came out more like a cough, and his eyes stayed away from you as he waited. You pursed your lips. So it looked like he was going to pretend nothing had happened. That just made your blood boil, and you didn’t even remember the reason as to why the two of you were out in the hallway to begin with as you shoved past him and made your way back to class. You didn’t get far, however, before stopping and twisting around, yanking the sweatshirt over your head roughly and throwing it in his direction. Then, you were back to storming down the hallway, hands balled into fists and frustration written all over your face.

Meanwhile, Bakugou stared at your retreating figure, eyes comically wide and a mixture of confusion and regular Bakugou-level anger on his features. “What the fuck was that about?” He mumbled to himself, the sweatshirt gripped in his hands as he frowned. He was just about to ask you on a date right after; not a date-date, of course, but out to that ramen place you wouldn’t stop yapping about with Round Face and Frog Girl. Did he do something wrong? Maybe he shouldn’t have shoved you against the wall so roughly… He saw it in an anime once, and the girl seemed to like it. Maybe he did it wrong? He hummed to himself, brows furrowing. He was a tad bit angry, but he was always angry, to some extent.

When he got back to the classroom, Aizawa had already passed out some worksheets and was dead asleep on the floor, per usual. Bakugou’s gaze first moved to you, and he was able to catch your gaze for only a second before you swiveled your attention elsewhere, your lips pressed into a firm, harsh line as you kept your face blank. From the corner of his eye, he could see Round Face glance at him in confusion. Yeah, me too!, he wanted to yell out, but was smart enough to grit his teeth and plop down in his chair. If he needed to, he’d find your friends later and ask them what the fuck was going on. You didn’t look like you’d be in the mood to talk to him for a while.

“Yo, Bakubro! What’s up with you?” Kirishima had an impish smile, but Bakugou didn’t question it. Instead, he shot his friend a harsh glare, cold enough to make even the bubbly redhead shrink back a bit, grin dropping down a level of its brightness.

“Nothing, Shitty Hair. I’m fucking fantastic.” Bakugou’s voice wasn’t its usual boom, instead barely a murmur, and Kiri almost strained to hear him. Well, that was an unexpected reaction. He glanced at Mina and the rest of the Bakubro group, who all met his gaze almost instantly. They all had a look of worry on their faces as they glanced at their mutual, usually hotheaded friend simultaneously, then towards your stiff figure. Something had definitely gone wrong in the last few minutes.

Crap. They needed to fix this, and fast.

… Is it that obvious that I read shoujo manga? And do i think Bakugou would read it and watch it too for romance advice? Fuck yes.

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meeting the Bakugo’s (or, some more bnha liveblogging):

- first off, I love how even two seconds in, so much about Bakugo has already been explained


- (rich bitch?? check!)

- also, jesus fuck Mitsuki do be smacking him around HARD. it reminds me of that tiktok trend where you’re supposed to reach into the backseat and try to hit the person in the passenger side as hard as you can with as many different objects as you can (purses, keys, fuck – i once saw someone do it with a printer…)

- but, ya know… I feel bad for Bakugo

- and it’s not because I think his mom is abusive, necessarily (though I have seen some fic where she is, and I definitely see the basis for it–)

- it’s more because. She doesn’t like him. She views him as inherently broken – a product of a fucked up quirk society and praise he didn’t earn.

- (like, of course he refused first place at the sports festival – accepting praise without feeling like he deserves it probably feels like he’s proving his mother right, confirming that he really is broken, that the only reason he succeeds is because others make it easy for him.)

- (it probably also feeds into why he pushed Deku away as much as he has – if you’re talking about fawning, Deku fawned over Bakugo hard, to the point of obsession. why should a quirkless nobody give him praise? there’s no way he could understand how hard it is to actually develop and control a quirk – Deku’s amazement is unearned; he’s more entertained by the light-show, not by Bakugo’s skill, or Bakugo as a person.)

- (and Deku sticking around even after Bakugo’s treated him like dirt probably intensified the feeling of “this praise is unearned! FUCKING STOP!”)


- I mean. I’m sure she loves him, which is why she’s so quick to point out his faults and humiliate him in front of his teachers – after all, being brought down a few pegs at UA has helped him, somewhat.

- but I don’t think she likes him as a person. And I don’t think she ever will.

- and that’s really fucking sad.


- we see how aggression is normal to Bakugo, because that’s just how he and his mother communicate; to him, telling someone to shut up is kind of like asking someone to pass the salt. And that in itself isn’t bad – you could argue that it’s kind of quirky and cute.

- what’s bad is that he’s always going to associate love with feelings of inadequacy and criticism. Intimacy with others means that they’ll see your faults, and while they may love you, they won’t like you – and they’ll tell you all about it.

- so he only really gets tough love. and he doesn’t know what it’s like to be liked – we never saw him with any real friends in middle school, just cronies. And he doesn’t have anyone at UA yet, either.

- and I bet that’s really stifling. I’d be fucking frustrated all the time too.

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I’m in the mood for some bakumomo so hear me out

Inspired by BTS Suga new music video Daechwita

So Bakugo is a merchant and a powerful warrior who falls in love wit Momo and the two are about to be wed but before they can his evil twin kidnaps her and plans to have her all to himself

Bakugo decides to fight back and take her and his kingdom back from his power hungry twin

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