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#katsuki bakugo x reader

Thank you for your request 💖 and please remember you’re beautiful and your moles just add to your beauty, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! 

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki and Todoroki Shouto

Type: Headcanons 


Bakugou Katsuki


☁️Bakugou doesn’t understand why you’re self-conscious about your moles at first.

☁️They’re part of your body and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of them.

☁️They made you, you. The person he loved. 

☁️But once he realizes how much it affects he’ll do his best to make sure you feel loved.

☁️He’ll kiss every single mole he can find, telling you how beautiful you are after every kiss.

☁️You’re not used to Bakugou being this affectionate, but it’s really appreciated.

☁️"And don’t tell yourself you’re not beautiful ever again.“ He says before kissing your lips. "Understand idiot?”

☁️You’re really surprised by how cute your seemingly rough boyfriend can be. 


Todoroki Shouto


☁️Todoroki might stare at you for long periods, but it’s just because he’s mesmerized.

☁️He thinks they are beautiful and only make you more unique.

☁️But you might think he’s staring because they’re weird and you bring it up.

☁️This will make him feel bad because it made you uncomfortable, but he makes up for it. 

☁️"I don’t think they’re weird at all, they remind me of stars…“

☁️He’ll trace his fingers over your moles as if connecting the dots.

☁️"They form beautiful constellations.” He says kissing your temple. “Making your body a universe.”

☁️You’re left madly blushing. 

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Mixing both requests so I’ll make it gender gn!reader too 💖

Character: Katsuki Bakugou

Type: Headcanons 


Bakugou Katsuki


☁️Bakugou doesn’t even know how you guys started being friends.

☁️It all started when both classes had a joint training session and your quirk caught his attention.

☁️He wanted to fight you but Aizawa put you both on the same team to teach something about “team-work”.

☁️He’s actually impressed by your technique and says something about the lines of “You’re actually a capable extra”.

☁️"You’re not that bad either!-“

☁️He promised himself he’ll never try to compliment anyone ever again.

☁️But you kept meeting around the halls and you never left his side again.

☁️You give each other’s advice on how to get better control of your quirk and have sparring matches all the time.

☁️Your playful banter annoys him to no end, but he’ll still insult your back.

☁️"Your technique is actually getting better Bakugou!”

☁️"Well, yours still shit.“

☁️"Wait, whAT?

☁️He still cares about you, of course, he’ll just show it in his own Bakugou way.

☁️Like telling you to eat well and get a good night of sleep.

☁️He’ll also help you study and of course, gently beat you up with the rolled-up papers if you talk too long to understand.

☁️But he’ll also prepare your favorite snack so it’s okay.

☁️"Ugh you’re so annoying.”

☁️"But I’m still your best friend!“

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Can it be ours? {Part 3}

Pairing: Pro hero Bakugo x Single mom reader

Warning: Language, Angry Sex in this chapter. 

Note: I’m happy to see this doing good, I really hope you guys like it a bunch. Also, Please look forward to some cosplay photos for my OC Kazashi. Her cosplay is almost complete. Besides that, I hope you guys have a wonderful day/night, I really love the feedback and comments you guys send in. Don’t be afraid to hit my inbox with any questions. 

Tag List: @cailoleaf@toobsessedsstuff@smiitym@icy-hot@animefan7420@ayane2355


Originally posted by atsushisnakajima

Summary: After the news, Your daughter is excited to know her dad, but how will Bakugo cope with his sons reaction?. And when the guy you’ve been talking to comes around, Bakugo might just screw this up for you with his own will. 

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Irritated 9


Short but hey at least I’m writing again.

“Moving onto the most crucial point of this meeting. Due to the heavy rumors of the reappearance of the league of villians and high end nomus I need the two of you to be in…” But the rest of the conversation is drowned out by the rushing blood in the ash blonde’s ears.

Teetering on the back two legs of his chair as his eyes burn holes into that damn emerald mop head who is ever present in his life.

The same dumbass who asks questions about this meeting.

But he isn’t asking the right ones.

Hell everyone seems to be avoiding the elephant in the room as they carry on normal conversation all the while the hot head grows even hotter.

The swirling rage demanding his undivided attention while his ribs echo his heart beat.

Finally he snaps, slamming down the two front legs of his chair, palms hissing as explosions ring out stunning the other two in the room.

The wood at his seat is forever charred, while yours was always neat, easy to forget as they seem to have now.

Hell even Izuku was sitting in your normal seat.

“Oi, how much longer are you two gonna act like nothing is fucking wrong?” He growls, Izuku looks away with flamed cheeks proving Bakugou’s theory right.

Izuku was worried too, he was just too scared to ask.

“I don’t follow.”

“You lying fucker. You *do* follow. When was the last you heard form Y/N?!” He slams his phone on the table when no one answers, “Since she quit right?”

“So that makes it a whole fucking month. No one has seen her, no one has heard from her and her insta is dead.” He shoves the phone in their faces. The last picture you posted was of Bakugou and Deku standing next to All Might’s cut out.

“She could be on vacation.” Yami counters to which Bakugou snorts.

“And she wouldn’t want any dumbass pictures of the beach with an even shittier caption?” He hisses, “No paparazzi has seen her?”

“I’m sure she’s been spotted.”

“Where? All the tabloids question her where abouts.”

“Staycation. No one knows where she lives. She was always good at that.” Yami counters, nervously sipping at his coffee causing the blonde to grind his teeth.

“How is she eating if I still have her fucking card?” He slams the plastic on the table that clatters with it’s own dramatic flare.

Director Yami gulps desperate for an excuse as Deku’s eyes widen.

“New card.” Yami shrugs making his way back to the bulletin points behind him.

“Its still active.” The room is enveloped in that sweet burning sugary smell as his temper rises. He is no longer playing Mr. Nice guy.

“Activate her tracker.” Its a threat and a promise all in one. Do as I say or become fuel for my explosions is everything his eyes say.

“S…she threw her bracelet at me when she resigned.” Yami tries to sound direct as Izuku subconsciously fingers the metal on his own wrist.

“Yea but I doubt she did that with the one that’s implanted. Pull it up Yami.”

The director is stunned into silence before a burning blush creeps onto his face.

“I…” He clears his throat no longer able to hold eye contact with either party, “I don’t think it will work.”

“What?!” A snarl and a shocked retort echo in the room.

“What do you mean?” Another set of polar opposite tones ring out in the small stuffy place of the meeting room. Yami fishes for his phone in his pocket, pulling up the neglected app swallowing thickly as he is proved right.

The map shows no red dots. Only the hundreds of blue caused by the bracelets. He pushes the phone to the center of the table, the proximity is close enough to reactivate the trackers in the two men. Slowly two red dots flicker to life beside blue.

The third never makes an appearance.

“Why isn’t hers showing?” Izuku asks, a glare beginning to weigh heavy in his jade eyes.

“If it’s not checked monthly then it deactivates on it’s own.” He pinches the bridge of his nose, “In my defense I had seen the three of you everyday for the last few months. You guys are a PR nightmare!”

Bakugou’s glare narrows in on the ignorant man who was in charge of the safety of hundreds of heroes.

He was going to be pay for his ignorance.

Izuku watches the hot head’s toned arm lift, palm spread wide, realizing just in time Bakugou’s intentions. He lunges for his old friend, knocking him off balance as the two of them fight. The two men struggling for dominance before the blonde comes out on top.

Literally, pinning the emerald haired man, as he raises a fist, sure to make contact with his stupid, freckled face.

He always hated this face, but you, you didn’t seem to mind it.

And yet, in a sense, Deku had let you down too.

But no one let you down as much as Bakugou had. Or so he thinks, he keeps telling himself something isn’t right, that he should have followed you.

Maybe even apologized.

“And fuck you too Useless Deku! Too much of a pussy to ask about your fucking friends!” He brings his fist down, aided by the power of his quirk.

Deku shuts his eyes and hope he doesn’t lose too many teeth.

The punch makes contact but not with Izuku’s face. Instead Bakugou’s forearm is half swallowed by carpet, concrete and steel biting into his flesh. He ignores it with a growl. He rises with a growl, scarlet eyes set in determination as he blasts the door from its hinges.


The smell of damp Earth and harsh chemicals assault your nostrils as your vision rapidly fades in and out. 

As if it watching an old film, images flickering by just fast enough to give it the effect of motion. 

But this felt like a horror film. 

And one you are staring in. Your breath comes rapid and hitched as you try to fight the silent fingers that slowly caress against your brain. Each nail numbing a part of your thought process as motion catches your eye from beneath a side door to your right.

The door open illuminating the shadow as a hiss of your bracelets pierce into your skin, injecting you with something that pulls you under faster than the figure can appear before you.

“I think I need to lower the dosage doll. I want those pretty eyes to see their new home I’ve built.” His voice echos in the darkness before all thought is lost to you.


In Bakugou’s moment of rage a thought occured to him. One that has floated through his mind for longer than he can remember.

If he wanted something to be done right then he ought to just do it his damnself.

His strong legs carry him down the stairs and winding halls to the records room. Like clockwork the attendant had left for his smoke break at exactly six o clock.

Something Bakugou had noticed years ago and filed away as possibly important.

Just in case he needed to borrow a file without having to check it out.

And he definetly doesn’t anyone to know that he may or may not be looking for you.

Because they were more than likely going to try to stop him.

The hot head knew he had a least fifteen minutes, especially since the evening receptionist smoked at this time as the quiet record keeper. The basement dwelling attendant hoping to mac on the handsome receptionist in that short time.

Bakugou was thankful for the stupidity of others for once as he slipped into the records room with the spare key that was tapped beneath the desk.

The room is vast, reeking of mildew and damage paper mixed in with stained ink. He never understood why cases and records were filed manually instead of digitally but today he was grateful for the current CEO’s laziness and the former CEO’s aversion to both change and technology.

Older records are kept on steel shelves stacked in brown boxes that had to date back to the seventies or eighties while the more recent files were tucked away in half rusted filing cabinets, lining the musty brick walls.

There was no method to the company’s madness, the records seemed to be filed haphazardly and more or less half assed over the years by someone whose dreams of being a hero hadn’t fully flickered out.

But clearly they had settled for protecting rotting paper in favor of the public.

Bakugou growls as his eyes drag along each paper plaquer none in the exact order he needs. Some even slid into the metal casing upside down.

At least that’s how he finds the one labeled “new hires 20XX”. His cheeks hurt from his devilish grin before he yanks one of the doors open.

Again organization is thrown to the wind as files sit out of alphabetical order.

Chaotically mingling with one another having Bakugou grind his teeth.

Finally he finds your file, tattered and coffee stained as if someone revisited it quite often. He opens the Manila folder, more than ready to commit your address and whatever other information he could gain from the thick folder before an idea strikes him.

Would anyone even notice a missing file in this mess?

Hell it had taken him almost ten minutes to find and it wasn’t as if the director was concerned with your well being.

His eyes narrow at your address, wondering why you chose to live in such a run down part of town before he slips the folder into the front of his pants swiftly covering it with his shirt.

He returns to the front of the record room, quietly shutting the cage door before he takes his gloved hand to the tape.

The door to the left stairwell clangs open. Two male voices echoing in the hall.

“I…I mean that’s if…if you want to meet for drinks when you g..get off.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes, deft fingers adhering the key back to its home just before the other make answers.

Delight in his voice that twists Bakugou’s stomach in whole, green jealousy.

“I’d love to see you later. Until then.” What could be a peck on the cheek follows as Bakugou slips into the opposite stairwell.

Wondering why the hell it seemed blossoming relationships came so easily to everyone around him.

His ribs throb as a reminder that that was something he would never have the privilege to experience as your voice echos in his head.

“We were never friends.”

The mineola folder suddenly feels too hot against his skin, burning even. For a second he wonders why he is even doing this.

Why he’s bothering himself with finding someone that clearly doesn’t care for his company. He thinks to himself that he will just place the folder in his desk, that he’ll abandon the notion of being a sleuth and return to his hot headed no fucks given ways.

But you whisper in his head once more with a weak, sleepy tone.

“Please stay, Katsuki.”

Strengthening his resolve to find you once more.

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AN: Hope you like it :) Sorry for typos or misspellings. 

Idea: You sleepwalk when you’re highly stressed or nervous. You just found out you’re pregnant and you’re scared and unsure of how to tell your husband.

Aged up characters.

Warnings: Pregnancy, Stress/Anxiety , cussing (It’s Bakugo, that a given)

Parring: Katsuki Bakugo x Reader

Words: 1.7K


There you were, sitting alone on your couch in your apartment, shocked as your doctor’s words echoed through your mind. ‘Congratulations, Mrs. Bakugo, you’re going to be a mother.' 

You’re pregnant. A child is growing inside your body. You’re going to be a mother. Katsuki is going to be a father. OH GOD! 

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SUMMARY: The least you expect is waking up in the water and being adopted into a royal family. It’s not what you would ever imagine, though, you’re not sure if you’re entirely against it. Hello, Princess?

Reincarnation Fantasy AU & Royalty AU
WARNINGS: angsty; bit spicy

TAGS: at the end of this post!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is a piece for the @bnhabookclub mermay collab! thanks for making another fun event! i mentioned one thing about mermaids & called it done, sorry HAHA. i’ve been thinking of a royalty au, so it works out! and, as always, be sure to check out the other works! i hope you all enjoy ♡

Life will break you.

Twist and bend you beyond belief.

It will hurt, and you suppose, maybe, that’s why your eyes are closed, body and mind floating aimlessly in darkness. It hurt enough for you to sleep. You can’t feel, all senses crumbled and gone. Numb. The seconds, minutes, even hours, at least you think, pass, and you realize just how alone you are.

There’s something strange; somehow only your heart aches and aches, cries, from wounds you can’t see. And, you’re so terrified, searching for comfort, for protection, but it all seems nonexistent, as suited, in this realm of nothing. Nerves, tiny creatures of evil gluttony, feed at your core, taking small nibbles, hurting you slowly, bitterly. Your chest heaves harder, oxygen stuttering until there’s absolutely nothing left to inhale and leaving you to suffocate in prison.  

You tell yourself it’s okay; to take a moment and to stay calm. While you struggle to maintain sanity, you count the time it takes for you to open your lids and to be able to see—one, two, three—and, suddenly, a glow, warm and bright and golden like the sun, emerges in the distance. 

Unusual sensations tingle your body, racing through your veins in electrical delight, and finally spurring you to see the world, blackness fading away bit by bit. The morning kisses your irises, pupils constricting at its brilliance. It’s overwhelming. You move your lips, attempt to speak, but it’s a pitch so high and so innocent that echoes through your throat, and it’s one that you don’t recognize. And, you’re in utter shock, now anxious, of the turn of events. When you move, you find that you’re wrapped tightly in a cloth, drenched by…water? Then, it hits you, the sound of the tides.

You’re floating in the sea

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Alright guys, I’ve got a question. I still have got 2 more asks to complete and after I’m done with that, should I do a part 2 for “Rough around the edges”? I’ve been thinking of this cause that got the most notes out of all my fanfictions? Gimme a comment if ya’ll think I should?

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i never ever work out so this is based off my extremely limited knowledge of exercise heh 🥵 


Kirishima Eijiro


○ Kiri would probably use an excuse like helping time him or count his reps to keep you by his side while he works out

○ he definitely would make you sit on his back as he does push ups 

○ does a lot of arm stuff to flex his muscles to show you how manly he is   

○ and when you ask him whether his back hurts because you’re sitting on him

○ but he reassures you that you’re like a feather on his back and it didn’t affect him at all

○ if you’re ever feeling insecure about your weight rest assured he’s going to show you just how light you are to him 

○ picking you up with one arm and using you like a dumbbell, lifting you up and down effortlessly 

○ his antics and contagious smile never fail to cheer you up even while he’s working out

○ hearing your soft laughter as you go up and down on his back just makes his heart swell, and he wishes the moment would never end


Midoriya Izuku


○ Midoriya asks you about your own workout routine and for tips that he might be able to incorporate into his own routine

○ and he makes you stay by asking you to watch over him while he tries out parts of your routine to make sure he was doing stuff correctly

○ constantly flashing you little smiles as he does each exercise, looking at you for confirmation that his form was alright

○ but honestly you’re just there to keep him company and make small talk with him as he works out

○ his chest swells with a little pride when he sees you looking at his ass as he squats

○ to him, his workouts really pay off extra if you’re impressed by his gains

○ he gets all blushy you compliment his muscle too

○ shyly telling you that it wasn’t really a big deal and that he was just trying to keep on improving

○ but of course he’s ecstatic that you’d complimented him and it motivates him to push himself even more to make you proud


Bakugo Katsuki


○ Bakugo catches you glancing at him every now and then when you’re cooling down from your own workout

○ so he barks at you to either stop ogling and leave or get over here and help him out instead of staring at him like a creep

○ he tells you to spot him when he moves onto the bench press, something he honestly doesn’t need since he’s been lifting for literally years

○ but he had to admit that seeing your pretty face above him was a great way to motivate himself

○ it was a great sight for you too, watching as the blonde’s muscles ripple under his thin tank top with each pump of his arms

○ and his waist good god. it looked even smaller after he’s worked out his upper body and you just wanted to wrap your hands around it

○ he’s very cocky about it when he catches you staring at his body multiple times

○ teasing you and calling you a pervert and just using this as an excuse to ogle him

○ “If you wanna touch you could’ve just asked, fuckin’ perv. You’ve been staring at my arms for a while now.”

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At the sports festival you say? Well then that means I can make this a lot less angsty that you probably wanted hEh

also fun fact about me i’m actually a huge fan of Rui’s VA and i’m attracted to his voice i’m not even kidding 🥵


Midoriya Izuku


○ he gave you all the information he could find on your opponent before your fight and a comprehensive list of the best strategies you could use to deal with his quirk best

○ but he still can’t help but worry about you. he’s your boyfriend, it’s only natural that he wouldn’t want to see you get hurt

○ bakugo tells him to stop squirming around in his seat like a fucking worm and to calm to fuck down

○ “You lookin like you’re about to shit your pants won’t do Y/N any good.”

○ he’s very very jittery from the moment you leave his sight to go prepare

○ and when he sees you getting tied up and flipped over upside down, the strings digging into your soft skin and drawing blood

○ his switch goes flip flip and he’s ready to plow the other dude to the floor for hurting you

○ it takes Aizawa erasing his quirk and Kirishima locking him into a chokehold to stop Midoriya from going down into the arena

○ “You gotta believe in Y/N, bro,” Kiri says worriedly, trying to calm your boyfriend down

○ “You’re right. I need to believe in Y/N.”


Bakugo Katsuki


○ he’s not worried. you’re his s/o, and he’s confident in you and that you’ll kick the other guy’s ass

○ but he does loves you and has emotions too, and he doesn’t like seeing you in pain 

○ your quirk was more attack based, so it really didn’t do much help in protecting yourself from the strings

○ honesty he wishes someone like Kirishima would be matched with your opponent instead, with his hardening quirk and all

○ he just sits there eerily calm, arms crossed as he watches you try and fire a shot at him, face contorting in pain when you shift your arm to aim better

○ Kirishima’s very, very concerned by his friend’s reaction to watching the love of his life being sliced up alive in front of the entire country

○ Bakugo’s heart hurts, it really does. every ounce of his body screams at him to get down there help you, to protect you

○ he’s your boyfriend, if he doesn’t do it then who will? he promised to keep you safe from any harm when you first started dating, after all

○ you’re better than that extra dammit, so why was it taking you so long to get back onto your feet and kick that guy’s ass?

○ he’s getting impatient now, and he can’t take it anymore, standing up to yell at you

○ “C’mon Y/N, get back up and kick his ass!” 


Todoroki Shoto


○ like Bakugo, Todoroki probably wouldn’t outwardly have any obvious reaction to seeing you like that

○ but those closer to him would know that it’s only because Midoriya was holding his hand that he hadn’t burst into flames yet

○ the thin layer of frost slowly building up on his left side betrayed his seemingly cool facade 

○ the rest of the audience seems to go silent as the strings of your opponent push deeper into your flesh, blood stains blossoming on your shirt as the strings  draw blood

○ your cries of pain seemed to amplify and echo in his head as he sat frozen in his seat 

○ he can barely hear Present Mic’s commentary as he watches you try and fail to cut the strings with your quirk

○ he knows there’s nothing he can do for you but hope for the best and trust in your abilities

○ “I believe in you, my love. Please, stand back up and fight.”

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Tumblr kept posting this really oddly so here’s a re-do

Anon: Heeey ❤️❤️ I just saw you answered ask that you might write a bakugou request 👀🤔 aadn since I’m playing Acnh how about something along the lines of Bakugou being annoying like he will “give” you 100 Nook Mile Tickets or 1 mil bells in exchange of someeee favours.. *Ahem*

A/N: Hi, yes, I love animal crossing, I love this. This may not be what you requested because I flipped it around but i hope you enjoy anyways 👀

Warnings: Smut, Coercion, probably cursing idk, everyone knows I’m bad at warnings

Bakugo x Reader


Cow. Town.

Cow. Town.

Cow. Town!

Cow! Town!

One more villager was all that you needed to make your set complete. 9/10 plots were filled, one empty, and only ten cow villagers in the game. And you needed to make sure to find the last cow, soon, before someone like… *eugh,* Barold  moved in.

Katsuki entered the living room, wiping his hands on his pants after having completed washing the dishes from dinner, and took his place on the couch after retrieving his controllers from the switch dock and turning on the TV. 

You set down your own switch, sat up and crossed your fingers as Wilbur ran you through his speech for the millionth time that night, on your last ticket, praying that it would be the last of your beloved bovine, watching Katsuki sling his elbows over the headrest, head cocked sideways in frustration from a day at work, smiling slightly as the “Welcome Horizons” theme played in the background, the camera panning over his 5 Star, S-Tier town. 

As he did with almost everything, he even made the simplest game a competition. Who could get K.K. there first. Who got Celeste first. Who got the 5-Stars first. Who had the prettiest town, etc. 

Sure, he may have won all of those, but you were determined to have something he didn’t.

Cow. Town.

Was this a competition? No. Were you trying to make it one? Also, no. But you didn’t care about the competitions that only served to further inflate his massive ego. You only wanted one thing, out of this whole game.

Cow. Town.

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Bakugou x MidoriyaSister!reader


Artist link

Request: Could you by any chance do one where the reader is midoriya’s sister (who is not quirkless) and bakugo asks her out but she says no because she hasn’t forgiven him for all the misery he put her brother through growing upI don’t know if I explained that well sorry . But I feel like the more angsty the better

A/N: Your quirk is telekinesis, like a stronger version of Midoriya’s mom’s. And I made you and Izuku twins so that you’d be in the same year. There’s swearing, as per bakugou cause that’s how that boi rolls

Your very first memory was not a happy one.

You were sitting in a hospital room, watching through your own tears as your brother cried. The doctor had dispassionately announced that Izuku was quirkless. Something about percentages and bones in your toe, you were too young to understand what it meant back then, after all, your own quirk hadn’t emerged either, but you knew that something terribly unlucky had befallen your brother. That night, he had clung onto you and cried until he fell asleep.

Your second memory was not much better.

You were staring at the juicebox in your hand, which had miraculously flown towards you when Izuku asked you for it. You had turned to him in wonder and shock, seeing the same gleeful face beaming back at you. Your mother had congratulated you on your quirk and the whole family was brimming with pride and happiness, but that night, Izuku sobbed again. He had hoped, selfishly, that you were quirkless too, just so he wouldn’t be alone in this quirk dominated world. But after the initial joy had subsided, he was reminded that he was in that 20%, and you were very resolutely in the 80%.

Your third memory came a few months later.

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Even tho I disassociate sometimes I still dont know how to fucking write it but heres a short little piece I came up with bc I was bored

Bakugou x reader

Basically the reader gets hurt and has a disassociative attack

Honestly I tried my best writing this and I try my best writing mental illnesses but it’s hard so I’m sorry if you feel like I did it poorly. Just remember everyone deals w mental illness differently


Your ears were ringing. It was loud. It hurt.

Why were they ringing? Why couldn’t you comprehend what was going on around you. You could see, for the most part. You saw colors and figures and panicked faces but your brain wasn’t processing what was going on.

Someone was touching your arm- their grip was tight, fingers dug into the flesh on your arm. It felt weird- like he was holding onto something else. It smelled like caramel.

They were shaking you, you think. At least that’s what it felt like.

You couldn’t hear, your ears were still ringing. It’d gotten softer but it was still blaring. His mouth was moving, the boy in front of you. Bakugou. Bak-u-gou…it sounded weird in your head. Bakugou!

Why did he look so worried? Is that what worried people look like? What would he even be worried about. It looked like he was yelling. Did Bak-u-gou yell a lot? Who even was Bakugou?

Your body felt light- you were being picked up. Your head rested on something- a shoulder maybe. There were vibrations running through him, he was panicking. You let out something. You weren’t sure what it was but it store through your body and it hurt when it did. It felt like a cry.

Everything hurt. Your legs, your ribs, the screaming of sound in your ear that sent sharp pains running through your head.

You were confused, tired, scared. Unsure of the environment around you. Unsure of the people and colors that surrounded you.

The bouncing of your body in arms quickened. His steps got quicker. He was running. At least that’s what it felt like.

Your cheeks felt wet, your breaths felt heavy and short. Like each one was chopped before it could really start. You vaguely heard a voice- big improvement. You missed that but your ears still blared.

Then, there was nothing.

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A recipe for disaster

Genre: random

A katsuki bakugo x reader

A/n: again, i just assumed that you are katsuki’s s/o. The other 2 boys s/o’s will be called (s/s/o) for shoto and (i/s/o) for izuku to clear it up. Requests are opem with 9 slots so come on down and request anything and everything, even how many you want! Without further delay! Let’s begin!!


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  • You, (i/s/o) and (s/s/o) have been friends since diapers.
  • They grew up with the same dreams of U.A and being heroes.
  • You guys planned out building your own agencies and working together to keep it running.
  • When you entered U.A after the entrance exam, you and your best friends didn’t realized 3 boys staring at you.
  • Time goes on, everyone started to gain crushes and feelings.
  • You started to fall for bakugo, (s/s/o) started to like shoto todoroki and (i/s/o) crushed on izuku.
  • Izuku confessed with a love letter to (i/s/o) first, making all of you squeal when she read it on your girls’ night.
  • Shoto left a wonderful gold necklace and a letter on (s/s/o)’s desk, giving her a time and a place to meet so they could confess and have a kiss.
  • While (s/s/o) was telling them the story of how they got together, katsuki was cooking chocolates downstairs in the dorm’s kitchen.
  • You come back to the dorms with a homemade box of chocolates, flowers and a lovely note from the boom boom man
  • Imsorryihadto
  • Triple dates are… Awkward.
  • A lot of bickering and fights almost breaking out between the boys.
  • You three would have to step in and calm them down.
  • You would always apologize for their behavior to other people and to the other girls when bakugo starts the fight.
  • Of course they don’t blame you.
  • As time goes by and your dreams of a joint agency came to life.
  • The other 3 boys were so supportive.
  • Because their girlfriends were best friends, they learnt how to tolerate each other.
  • You stayed together and supported each other any way you can.

Ok, i know it’s short and i’m sorry about that. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it nonetheless. Requests are open with 9 slots so please request anything. Love you guys so much, thank you for reading 😊😊❤💕

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Part 26 

Pairing: AU! Katsuki Bakugo x F!Reader

Summary: After looking for months for a job position you finally get an opportunity at a big company. Being the assistant of the angriest person was going to be a lot harder than you thought it would be.

A/n: It will get better before it gets worse. ((: But thank you for your support one of these parts almost reaches 200 and it’s insane to me!! Y’all are amazing and I hope this series is still interesting to you guys <3 <3 if anyone would like to be tagged pls send me an ask that way I will know who to add next and it won’t get lost in the comments thank you!! <3 if i didn’t add you pls let me know 

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A small, fleeting kiss - which is immediately followed by a passionate, hungry kiss.

Bakuhoe always h a n g r y jfdhlks so glad you like my writing- here’s to more good pieces by yours truly 🧃


Originally posted by diartiz

Being Pro Heroes together, Katsuki was under the impression that you wouldn’t be short of time for him and vice versa because you’d both be out doing the same thing. But of course, there’s always something isn’t there? He’s particularly active in the morning by nature with his rise-with-the-sun methodology whereas you’re more accustomed to night patrols and routines.

One a rare day off for you especially, after sleeping in for the first time in forever, you and Katsuki decided to meet up with some old friends from UA at a new barbecue place for dinner. He’d never verbalize it, but he’s been dying just to sit next to you and have you be close to him- and be awake damnit! And you were, but you were also happy to be reconnected with the rest of the Bakusquad.

“I think Blasty misses you, [ 🧡 ].” Mina teased, having noticed in record time.

Sero glanced at you and your boyfriend and cackled, “Yeah, he has that same emotionally constipated look on his face from high school!”

Kaminari, with a knack for imitation, made a very good mimic of said face as you giggled, “He can’t miss me- we live together.”

Katsuki grimaced, “You can all go to hell.”

The dinner is a fun time nonetheless. Full of high school memories and current Hero work anecdotes. Kirishima, ever-reliable as always, even paid for everyone once they started to take out their wallets. He’s made quite a name for himself as a chivalrous icon. Needless to say, you were all quick to shower him in praises until his face matches his hair. Eventually though, the sun dips below the horizon and that can only mean one thing.

“It’s past your bedtime, huh?” You point out, “I’m gonna go with them to Kyoka’s charity concert, but you don’t have to stay up late with us.”

“Do whatever you want.” He huffs.

You grin and peck the high point of his cheek, “I’ll see you back home, yeah?”

You start to head back to the group when he yanks your wrist and drags you against him. His heart thumps hard like a heavy drum against your chest as he loops one arm around your waist and his other hand pulls you closer by the nape of your neck. In the best way possible, you feel like you’re suffocating as he relentlessly kisses the air out of your lungs.

“Can I have you to myself?” He mutters against your skin, his breath hot and tickly feeling, “Please…?”

You sigh before welcoming in the much-needed oxygen, “You could’ve just said so from the beginning y’know. Of course you can, Katsuki.”

You know he’s happy when he collapses his head into your chest and you rest your arms on his shoulders. It’s a little tricky to turn and tell your friends the change of plans without disturbing him but you manage somehow. You’re glad Katsuki can’t seem them making kissy faces and heart hands at you both, but they wave you off understandingly. You wave back at them when Katsuki snatches your hand and puts it back on him.

“Did you really miss me that badly?” You giggle, “Your face does kinda look emotionally constipated.”

He grumbles something you can’t make out into your collarbones before sinking his teeth into them. You jump slightly, half-wondering if you two will even make it home with him sliding off the shoulders of your t-shirt and his jacket that he shoved at you to wear earlier in the night. There’s a tentative attempt to push him off but all it does is reveal a piercing ruby red stare and a smirk that paints your face a similar shade. Your vision becomes blurry as his lips devour you under the street light.

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 ↠  summary: You didn’t really mind living in a sea port city, but the pungent odor of fish was something you could never get used to. Though, the beach just right outside your home made up for it all. Until you heard the howls of pain you couldn’t ignore that led you to something only meant for fables. Mermaids couldn’t be real, right?

part of @bnhabookclub​ mermay event!!

↠  word count: 4,049

↠ pairing: bakugou katsuki x reader

↠ genre/warnings: angst, fluff, mermaid au, aged up, slight sexual themes, bakugou is a lil perv, blood,  kidnapping-ish, is there such thing as consensual kidnapping??

↠ a/n: finally finished this wip that i have had for over a year whoops


The summer heat was sticky to your skin mixed with the sea salt air. There had always been benefits of living in a sea port city, but the smell was something you could never get used to. Funnily enough, you despised the taste of seafood simply because you could never handle the scent of fish. To you it was rancid and always churned the bile in your stomach, but the view and feeling of warm sand were little factors that made up for it. 

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So im making little smau oneshots for bnha, and i’d like to know if anyone has any ideas as to what they could be texting about?? All of these are x readers, and i don’t mind nsfw!!

I just wanted to know if there was an idea you wanted to see or that you haven’t seen before <3

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Childhood friend here is oikawa because REASONS wwwww


○ he would’ve approached you when he saw you waiting in front of the train station all alone, assuming that it was a great chance to get closer to you

○ but then he sees a guy barreling towards you and tackling you, and your eyes light up when you see this mystery guy

○ Bakugo’s instantly very jealous, naturally. How could he not know you were so close with some random guy

○ truth be told, the blonde thought he was making progress with becoming closer to you, but he guesses he thought wrong since you were obviously much closer to this random guy who had shown up out of nowhere

○ he watches a little angrily as the kind-of attractive guy picks you up and spin you around in his arms from across the street 

○ little does he know, your friend had picked up on the angry blonde practically staring daggers into his head from a distance

○ “Y/N-chan, you know that blonde angry guy you like? I think he’s across the street,” he whispers into your ear, pressing you close to him to that Bakugo wouldn’t see what he was doing or the way your eyes searched in his direction for any sign of him

○ nodding when you see that it is him, and noticing that he looked less than happy glaring in your direction 

○ Tooru suggests that you guys have fun riling him up a bit to get him to make a move on your quicker, and you eagerly agree

○ so you lean into him as you walk, the brunette casually slinging an arm around your shoulders to pull you closer to him

○ Bakugo’s pissed. You’re supposed to be his, who was this guy to think that he could touch you so freely like that?

○ he loses it when he sees Tooru grab your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours as you giggle like a schoolgirl in love

○ quickly crossing the street to “bump” into you two, glaring at your companion angrily

○ “Oya? Who’s this, hon’?” Tooru’s use of a nickname throws you off a little, but you play it off the best you can, waving at the seething blonde politely

○ “He’s just a classmate, don’t worry about it,” you say as calmly as possible, trying not to show how lowkey scared you were of how Bakugo would react

○ “Just a classmate my ass, I’m Y/N’s boyfriend,” he all but snarls, prying your hand from the brunette and pulling you towards him 

○ “Since when were we dating? Why didn’t anyone tell me about it?”

○ “Since now, stupid. Deal with it.”

○ you and Tooru exchange a victorious glance, and he instantly understands what to do

○ “Alright Y/N-chan’s boyfriend, you better take care of my best friend, or I’ll kick your ass.”

○ Bakugo’s a little surprised /and relieved/ to hear that you weren’t secretly dating or something, but he masks it by wrapping your arms protectively around you

○ “I don’t need you to tell me that.”

○ “So boyfriend, huh?” you tease after Tooru very wisely takes his leave, leaving you with the blonde

○ “You’re the one who’s been in love with me for half a year, idiot. I don’t see you complaining ‘bout it.”

○ you certainly don’t deny it either, just happy that you scored yourself a boyfriend

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A/N: Why not both 👀

Thank you for requesting! I’m sorry this took so long. I go back to work in a month so hopefully I can get some more writing in before then. Anyways Enjoy!



  • Nicknames include my love, angel, pretty girl
  • In public holding your hand or really just being close to you is enough for him
  • Lots and lots of hand kisses
  • In private he likes to hold you a lot
  • He likes being held too tho, you’re warm and you feel like home to him
  • He feels safe when you have your arms around him
  • Eskimo kisses 🥺🥺🥺
  • I love this guy 🤧


  • Nicknames include: babygirl, dollface, babe
  • In public you both like it when you hold his arm
  • He has you close to him and you can feel up his bicep, it’s a win win
  • Will also give you pecks here and there
  • In private he’s much more easy going
  • He likes to hold you while you play with his fingers
  • Isn’t opposed to being held tho if he’s not feeling it that day
  • Will kiss your temples or your nose at any given moment, watch out
  • He’s just a big ol angry teddy bear who wants love too 🥰

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OOF- the Dichotomy™️

Bakugou and another fire sign is arson waiting to happen but w/ Shinsou you get that opposites attract vibe 💞💕🤔 i feel like the difference is “someone will die” “that’s the plan where do i start?” // “someone will die” “of fun!”  jdjsjdk

i would pair you w/ Shinsou tho bc the contrast might not be as stark as you think 

💜 he can be your partner in chaos too 💜



y’all crabs and your overabundant love. miss me w/ every water sign i know bein a Bakuhoe, i match you w/ 🦋 Tamaki 🦋

🦋 the mutual pining from afar + the comfort solidarity in each other’s arms 🦋

you both deserve all the love there is to give OKAY? OKAY.

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