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#katsuki bakugo x reader
katimagines · a year ago
Dabi, Denki, Iida, Bakugo, Shouto, and Deku reaction to trying to take a picture of their s/o and them not wanting them to take a picture but they want to so they say whatever and when they go to take the picture their s/o makes an ahegao face jokingly but it comes out rlly good and now they have an ahegao face of them in their phone and how’d they react to it?? Sorry if it’s too many characters or not in your range of comfort!! Fee free to ignore this if it is!
Tumblr media
A/N: I made a second part of this featuring Mirio, Hawks, Shigaraki, and Toga if any of you wanna check that out as well.
I made a third part of this with Mina, Uraraka, Sero and Kirishima if you guys are interested.
Tumblr media
+ Probably would not ask you before taking pictures of you.
+ Is Dabi secretly sentimental and wants a picture of his s/o or does he need it to put some kinda hit on you? You’ll never know.
+ So you decide to play along and make the face to tease him.
+ But he just smirks, “never looked better.”
+ You’re shocked for a second before you’re jumping on him to delete the image, worried about who else has access to his phone.
+ He isn’t planning on showing anyone, but he thinks its more fun to let you think that he would because he enjoys your begging him to delete it.
+ “I’ll delete it, but you’ll have to make me that face for me again.”
+ You sigh and try to recreate the face, but you just feel awkward and humiliated.
+ He laughs at you, “no, I meant for real.”
+ And before you can react, he’s already got you under him.
+ He did not delete the image.
Tumblr media
+ He is just harassing you to let him take a picture of you even though you made it very clear you weren’t interested in having your picture taken just so he can prove he has a s/o when they don’t believe him.
+ And you may love him, but damn can he be annoying sometimes.
+ You’re on the couch and he has you cornered with a phone in your face and you try to kick his hands away when you decide to play a joke on him.
+ Stunned (pun intended) silent when he sees the picture he has of your face now and a perverted blush starting to spread on his face.
+ This is wank material for the rest of his life.
+ You’re absolutely mortified.
+ “Denki delete that now or else I will make you fry your brain.”
+ He kinda looks like his brain is fried right now, so focused on the picture it seems like he’s forgotten how to blink or breathe.
+ So you sweep the phone out of his hands and delete it.
+ “No!” he screams, lunging at you, “my precious!”
Tumblr media
+ He claims he needs a picture of your for urgent reasons.
+ You tell him to kiss your foot because you are not in the mood to have your picture taken, whether it was urgent or not.
+ But Iida is persistent about how it is important to conduct and present yourself well if you want to establish yourself as a serious hero.
+ And so you decide to help him get the stick out his ass by making that face.
+ Afterwards his glasses fog up and he’s body goes stiff and unmoving.
+ Then his arm is chomping the air while he lectures you.
+ “(Y/N) there are intimate moments that are only supposed to be shared between the privacy of two consenting adults, having recorded evidence of these instances can cause life altering effects in case of hacking or-”
+ “Then just delete it, Tenya,” you smirk.
+ He went silent again but he will delete it because he’s a gentleman.
+ But your face will haunt (arouse) him for the rest of his life.
Tumblr media
+ “What do you need a picture of me for anyways?” You ask, trying to use your hands to block your boyfriend who was aggressively trying to take a picture of you with no explanation whatsoever.
+ Annoyed with his obnoxious behavior, you decide to give him exactly what he wanted in the worse way you could think of, and so you made the face.
+ Bakugo is just make unintelligible noises, staring at his phone with a face that seems throbbing with rage while his hand clenches (but what’s new?). 
+ You try to sneak away, kinda scared of the look on his face.
+ “Oh, you think you’re funny don’t cha?” he smirked, still enraged.
+ “Katsuki...?”
+ “Where’d you learn to make a face like that?”
+ You’re starting to sweat a bit now.
+ Bakugo gets up close in your face, “you wanna show me that again?”
+ He’s a wildcard, he definitely doesn’t want anyone else to see your face like that so he might delete it, but he might keep it as motivation.
Tumblr media
+ He says he needed a picture of you for his siblings who were curious about his s/o, but you were feeling very insecure about how you look that day.
+ The Todorokis all look like models, who wouldn’t feel insecure to them?
+ Shouto “never had a bad hair day in my life” Todoroki keeps insisting you look fine and is being particularly stubborn asking for a picture.
+ You make the face kinda by accident, you hadn’t meant to be so graphic until you heard the sound of his camera and you both froze, you in shock about what you had done and he’s just staring blankly at the picture.
+ “Well I can’t send this.”
+ You beg him to delete the picture, blushing furiously.
+ “(Y/N), you shouldn’t be so insecure, you look beautiful.”
+ Blushing even more. 
+ He knows why you’re so flustered and he is doing this on purpose, you wanted to tease him with that face and so he’ll tease you as well.
+ He’ll probably delete it eventually.
+ However, he does spend a lot of time thinking about that face and how he can make you do it again.
Tumblr media
+ Pure cinnamon roll just wanted picture of his beautiful s/o and thought he was being covert with his attempted picture taking, but you noticed him.
+ Rather than calling him out, you thought it would be fun to mess with him.
+ And so you make that face and he immediately starts breaking down.
+ He’s completely red in the face and his mind is racing, he pops back up and starts apologizing for some reason, he doesn’t even know what he’s saying anymore. 
+ “Izuku, calm down, it was a joke.”
+ You’re the one to look at the picture. And you were motified.
+ “Izuku, I’m gonna need you to burn this phone.”
+ He’d delete the picture because he’s a pure bean.
Tumblr media
+ The boy was just nervously trying to ask you for a picture and you could see that he was getting all wrapped up in his anxiety, so you thought a joke would help loosen him up a bit.
+ So you made the face hoping that it would loosen the tension, but you hadn’t accounted on how he would have a mental breakdown at the sight.
+ He’s in a corner trying to hide away from the world the moment he clicked that god forsaken button. He’s so embarrassed for some reason.
+ You’d have to rub his back.
+ He’s trying to think about where you thought to make that face from. Now he was feeling insecure wondering if you learnt it from someone else...
+ He just needs some cuddles and kisses and he’s back to normal.
+ Tamaki forgets about that photo for a while, so he didn’t delete it.
+ Then one day Mirio asks if he can borrow his phone for a moment, and Tamaki gives it to him without a second thought.
+ Then when he watched as Mirio’s smile faded away into a confused and then horrified expression before Tamaki remembers the picture and he starts having another mental breakdown. 
+ Mirio just hands the phone back and walks away quietly.
+ It took eight hours of consoling before Tamaki could even talk again.
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boom-bakugou · a year ago
‘Wedding Crashers’ - Katsuki Bakugou
A/N: Sorry for my inactivity but here’s a little sorry and thank you present for me hitting 1k! I love you all sm <3
Pairings: Pro Hero!Bakugou x F!Reader
Warnings: 18+, ooc deku; but it’s more of a headcanon, semi-public sex
Summary: Your ex-boyfriend Izuku Midoriya inviting you to his wedding is a definite stab in yours and Katsuki Bakugou’s backs. But you’ll show him.
Word Count: 5k
Tumblr media
You had considered your morning to be relatively normal, breakfast not burnt, coffee just that right amount of bitter to stir you awake. But those happy moments of peaceful bliss were soon to be fleeting as your mail arrived. Sifting through the pile to what you assumed would be bank statements and bills; your fingers landed on a cream white envelope. Your name printed neatly in a cursive font that when you followed it with your eyes for too long it almost made you want to puke. Tearing it open haphazardly, you read the perfumed content inside.
‘Dear Y/N Y/LN,
We are very proud to invite you to the blah blah blah wedding of pro hero blah blah Izuku Midoriya and blah blah blah.
RSVP blah-‘
Wait what? The taste in your mouth was pitiful. Yes, you and Izuku had dated years prior and after being childhood friends, yet it didn’t end… swimmingly. But this didn’t feel like inviting a childhood friend to your happiest day, no, this felt like a backhanded swipe at your ex-girlfriend who was well known to the media to be single. Pro-Hero gossip magazines made sure of that.
Throwing the invitation onto your countertop, your eyebrows furrowed with spite. You felt weak almost, watching your ex-best friend grow up to be this bountiful hero with merch in every store that you went to. Though you had triumphed well in the hero charts yourself, nothing ever seemed to compare to him. The golden boy. You never really got over the fact that he ended things because being a single hero was more postable than one who was tied down. Until now. Mr. Big shot getting married. It really made you question your integrity,
Recuperating your thoughts, you realised your phone was buzzing on the couch next to you. Checking to see the influx of text messages, you saw Katsuki Bakugou’s name fill up your lockscreen with notifications.
Bakugou: tell me you got the stupid fuckin invite too
Bakugou: the nerve that nerd still fuckin has
Bakugou: inviting his childhood ‘friends’ after all this time
Bakugou: tch, one big publicity stunt if you ask me
You chuckle as you scroll through the messages, gladly knowing that you weren’t the only one feeling this way.
Y/N: so what’re we going to do about it?
Bakugou: what do you mean?
Y/N: well we can’t show him up at his own wedding but we can sure stir something of our own
Bakugou: well that idiot is marrying some nobody extra
Bakugou: probably to show how ‘great’ he is
Bakugou: so how about if two top pro heroes rsvp’d together?
Y/N: you mean us?
Bakugou: no, midnight and grape juice. of course us you idiot
The idea brewed in your head for a moment. Izuku had always been nice when he was younger, and Katsuki hadn’t exactly been the nicest towards him in return. You were always the mediator in those situations. However when Deku grew and grew in the hero charts he started to lose touch with reality. Not really remembering what being a hero was about besides having his face stuck on a lunch box and raking in the dough for it. It was sad. You didn’t know who he was anymore.
Y/N: fuck it, i’m in
“You know, don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a tux before.” You chuckle, arm linked around Bakugou’s as you stepped out of the chauffeured car together. You were here to make a scene. Paparazzi glistened everywhere like a moth to a candle flame. You couldn’t wait for the tabloids in all honesty.
“Shut up.” Bakugou grumbled, almost in embarrassment. But his smile didn’t show a hint of it. “Not looking too bad yourself.”
You had coordinated well. Your maroon dress flowed in the gentle summer breeze and matched perfectly to Bakugou’s equally coloured tux. You two were such a pair it was nigh impossible to not think that you two were together today. And the paparazzi made sure of that indefinitely.
You couldn’t lie about how the service was beautiful, because it was. However you didn’t need to hear the shutter clicks of a camera go off every few words they spoke. It was distracting, and you and Bakugou shared a glance each time it occurred. Stifling a giggle, you hoped no camera would pick that up. Even if they did, they’d probably pin it to ‘look at these other heroes wishing that they were the next to get married!’ they’d eat that shit uplike ambrosia.
“Can’t wait to see the reception.” You mumbled towards Bakugou, your plastic smiles never fading for the cameras. Izuku making a show of himself and his new bride.
Watching him was almost bittersweet. The happy memories of you three as children flashing behind your eyes. Now replaced with a fame hungry number one hero. Where had all the time gone?
“What’s got you so perplexed?” Katsuki asked, filtering your way through the crowd, making your way to the cars that would deliver you all to the reception.
“Just-“ You sigh, allowing the cover of other heroes to hide you from the all seeing eyes of the paparazzi. “I miss him, y’know? Miss how we used to be.”
“Tch.” Bakugou didn’t care about the scowl present on his face, your words ate him up like some sort of bacteria. “Thought you said that he was the most selfish guy you’d ever dated?”
“He was but like-” You watched Izuku’s back as he held his new partner’s hand. Waving to the cameras and not watching her, as lovely as she looked in her wedding gown. “As weird as it sounds, I sometimes miss high school.”
Bakugou’s eyes scanned your face, following your eyesight to Midoriya. Fucking extra. The thoughts swam around his head, polluting his mind. He knew Izuku’s break up with you had been a massive toll on your mental health and your ego. He made you think that you weren’t good enough for him, and Bakugou never got over that fact. How could he pass up on you for anything else?
Breaking apart from the conglomerative of wedding-goers, Bakugou lead you to one of the specially hired cars to take the guests to the reception. Despite Bakugou’s abrasive and rough nature, you couldn’t help but notice how delicately he held your hand. Not tugging you along or haphazardly grabbing you by your wrist, making you follow him. No, his fingers interlaced with yours and you felt the coarseness of his palms due to the explosive nature of his quirk.
“You can let go of my hand now, we’re in the car.”
“Yeah- whatever.”
Catching up in the car, you both realise how little time you have to actually spend with each other. Though you and Bakugou communicate 1000 times more than you do with Midoriya, heroing keeps you both busy. No times like these to goof off and be with each other. You missed it, you missed your hot-headed idiot friend.
“Hope there’s less fuckin’ paparazzi here. Think I’m gonna go blind with those extras pointing them in my face.” Bakugou rolled down the tinted window a smidge to watch as the car drove into an old looking manor hall where guests had already begun to arrive.
Flowers decorated the ground and just as you two got your hopes up, you saw a line of paparazzi at each side of the staircase leading to the double-doored entrance.
“Well, it was worth a try.” You remark to him, patting his back as you chuckled to him.
Bakugou was the first to exit, standing beside the door so he could reach for your hand to help you out while you fixed your dress. Just as the two of you began to reach for each other's arms to walk into the reception together; there was a brusque tug to your dress. Upon further inspection, a member of the shutterbugs had stood on a long section of your dress. Allowing himself to get pictures of it stretched out and flowy.
“Hey!” Bakugou didn’t waste time on pushing him off the tail end of the dress. “Try anything funny like that again with my girl and say goodbye to that shitty camera of yours!”
The man nodded, slowly letting his camera hang loose on his neck. The rest of the cameramen easily caught the scene but you both couldn’t care less. What’s a wedding without a little drama?
“Thanks Katsuki.” You note with a soft smile.
Bakugou’s hand tenderly makes its way around the small of your back until his arm is holding you close to him as you walk inside. His hand sitting in a caring way at your hip to assure that nothing could come between you both. You could not wait for the media to plaster this fake-ness on every outlet that they could! However, you liked the thought of relishing in the attention right now.
Once the dining festivities had come and gone. It was time for their first dance. Watching as he held her under the blue lighting had your heart hurting slightly. The thought that that could’ve been you. But Bakugou was right. He’s probably marrying some quirkless nobody not only to make himself look better, but being with another hero is messy. You both had media eyes on you; but… you couldn’t help but wonder how different your life would be like if Midoriya was how he used to be.
You didn’t even notice Bakugou’s eyes on you the whole time. Not wanting to waste a second of his eyesight on the show Izuku was putting on. You were a sight of your own. How could you not see that you deserved someone better? Someone like him. You always spoke about how everyone was under a facade when supporting Deku, but you never correlated that to yourself.
After a short while, others began to join in on the large dance floor. Perfectly spacious for all the famous faces and their egos. Bakugou’s hand traced down your arm until his hand clasped with yours, gently leading you to the floor yourselves.
“What’re you doing?”
“Come on, who’s to say we can’t have some fun too huh?”
Smiling at him, you followed his lead. His hand occupying your waist before pulling you in closer to his chest. Flowing with the music, you couldn’t help the cheesy smile on your face; nor the one that spread to Bakugou’s.
“Why’s no one ever tied down Mr. Ground Zero then?” Your question takes Bakugou by surprise, showing a small blip in your combined graceful swaying to the music.
“No ones good enough.” Such a Bakugou answer.
“You’re sounding like Izuku, but he probably got that from the old you.” You jested, earning an eye roll from Bakugou. “I’m being serious! Come on you can tell me.”
It takes him a moment to figure out an answer, so much so that he doesn’t focus on dancing anymore. He just stands there holding you before locking eyes again.
“Just haven’t found the right person to deal with my bullshit I guess.”
There’s a beat of silence and your eyes search his face for answers. You didn’t even realise how close you were to him. His breath fanning your face, the smell of oak and fire and burning sweetness engulfed your senses. You also didn’t realise how the two of you sank closer and closer into one another.
“Hey Kacchan, mind if I steal her from you?”
Izuku’s voice almost sends you two flying away from each other like same sides of a magnet.
“Ask her yourself she’s not mine.” You turn from Bakugou to give a friendly smile to Midoriya, allowing your hand to rest in his. “I’ll be at the bar. Free drinks and all.”
His answers are short, curt. Yet before you can ask him if he’s alright Deku spins you and begins to dance with you in his arms at the tempo of the new music track that’s playing.
“Long time no see Y/N!” His manner has always been so chipper, despite the facade of it all. Though Bakugou and you went there to purposefully to cause discourse; you don’t think you have it in you to be mean to Izuku’s face.
“Yeah, look at you! Married man now, must be scary.” You chuckle, almost nervously. It was like speaking to a stranger.
“Well I guess I’ll find out! But come on that’s been the subject of the whole day! I wanna know about you and Kacchan.” You felt like Bakugou right now, the old nickname boiling your blood as it did his. There was no doubt Izuku took influence from Bakugou and his fiery personality; but he took it in all the wrong ways. Using confidence to become cold, uncaring.
“Oh- haha, Katsuki and I aren’t-“
“Y/N. Don’t lie to me! I can see the way he’s burning holes in my tux from over here.”
Turning you to the music so you could face where Katsuki was standing, you peaked behind Midoriya’s arm to see Bakugou with an all too familiar scowl on his face. Chasing down a beverage in a crystalline glass in one easy gulp.
“If you ask me Midoriya he’s always looked at you that way.” You laugh your statement off but you meant it with malice.
“Midoriya? Feeling formal today are we Y/N?” He had completely lost touch of who he used to be. “I used to look at you like that when I saw you with other guys, I know what that look is.”
His comment stops you dead in your tracks, not allowing for him to swing you to and fro to the music.
“Actually Midoriya I don’t even remember you looking me with jealous intent other than when I was higher than you on the hero charts.” Shaking yourself free from his towering position on you, you stormed off to the patio doors, letting yourself be eaten by the oncoming darkness of night.
Crying at your ex’s wedding. Not something you’d think you’d ever do in your lifetime but here you were. Thankfully you couldn’t see any reporters or such outside so for now, it was just you and your tears. Maybe you were too harsh on him? You used to be friends right? What happened to that kid who wanted to be a hero who you looked up to? What happened to the boyfriend you had who kissed you goodnight and ignored you when your face was on the TV more than him or snapped at you when he was announced lower than you and broke up with you because ‘heroes dating are messy!’ No. Bakugou was right. He was a self-righteous bastard now.
You half expected Midoriya to come out after you but he was probably entertaining other guests. Luckily, as you turned you saw Bakugou standing outside with you, signature hands in his pockets with a dumb, sympathetic smirk on his face.
“I promise I didn’t punch that asshole at his own wedding but I can tell you he got a fuckin’ earful from me. Hope the paps got a good pic.” His tone was joking but it hadn’t cracked a smile from you yet.
“S’alright. Wouldn’t give two shits if you did.” You sniffled, collecting mascara tears on your fingers and wiping them on the decorative concrete bannisters of the balcony. “Shouldn’t’ve fucking come. This was stupid I have too much baggage for this shit.”
You turned away from him, allowing yourself to lean out on the barrier, looking into the distance on the warm night. You could hear Bakugou give a small sigh before his arms snuck around your waist, pulling your back into his chest before placing a chaste kiss on the top of your head.
“That fuckin’ idiot didn’t know what he lost and it’s my fault for influencin’ him.” The pain in his voice was evident. Did Bakugou blame himself for the hurt Midoriya caused you?
“No. That extra is so blinded by the shit everyone has to say that he’s forgotten what real life is. Doesn’t care about his stupid fans or his friends or the best most understanding girl in the whole fucking world. A girl I know does the best for everyone no matter what her own situation is.” You turn around to face him, not wanting to leave his embrace. “Y/N. No matter how much I’ve always wanted to fuckin’ win I’ve just wanted the best for you. And when that bastard did what he did to you- I- fuck. You look at him, like you’re waiting for him to just notice you; but every time I see you it’s like I’m seeing you set the stars in the sky every fuckin night. You just- you’re fuckin’ everything to me Y/N.”
It was completely silent on the balcony besides the low thump of the music from indoors, but it was deafening. But it all faded when his lips attached to yours. It was so clear. All that pining over Midoriya when he was just copying the one who actually saw you for who you were. He even copied Bakugou’s crush on you, most likely to make him jealous. But your mind had no time to think of that when all you could feel was Bakugou.
It was like you had never been kissed before, never felt the love and sensuality behind it. Soft and moist but breathy and warm. For once Bakugou didn’t wish to win a battle, he wanted unity and to be together with you. His hands danced over the delicate curves of you in your dress; taking in every inch of your perfect body. The gasp that fell from your mouth was perfect entrance for Bakugou’s tongue to mingle with yours. The sparks hot and electric between you both was like liquid lightning.
Just as your hands found home in his hair, you heard the all too familiar sound of today of a photo being taken. Bakugou is the first to break the kiss to find the intruder of your special moment. Your lips already feel blushed and bruised but your heart was nearly pounding out your chest.
“Fuckin’ print that in your gossip magazine you extra!” Bakugou couldn’t help but heartily laugh at the man as he shook with worry after catching the intimate moment. He wanted to show you off. He wasn’t ashamed that his lips had captured you to be his.
“Let’s go somewhere more private.” He whispers into your ear and you eagerly nod, grasping his one hand with your two as the both of you manouvered your way through the wedding guests until you finally found a small closet down a hallway where no one from the party had entered.
Slamming the door shut behind you, your eyes drank in Bakugou’s frame. How had you missed that small boy you once knew had now become this beefy, beautiful man? Who was looking at you with the same awe and intent? Bakugou cornered you against the door of the supply closet, latching his lips together with yours once again as if he was scared he’d never be able to taste you again.
“You’re fuckin’ perfect.” Katsuki’s lips mashed with yours as his hands slid up your dress, the coarseness of his fingers against your soft skin sending shivers down your spine.
All those years of being a hero really showed on Bakugou, he lifted you with ease as your fingers traced scars on the back of his neck; holding on for support. His hips pin you against the door and you feel his cock hardening between the fabric of your underwear and his suit pants, you can’t help the whimper escaping your lips at the friction of him.
Bakugou’s hands slip under the straps of your dress, letting them fall delicately to your sides as his lips ensnare yours. His grunts and your whimpers enough to make any passerby know what was going on in the confined space of the closet. His fingers glide beneath the dress which allowed it to fall further as Bakugou felt the weight of your breasts in his palms.
“God you’re fucking everything princess.” His fingers slide beneath the lacy fabric to thumb your nipples, perking and tugging it with his forefinger.
Breaking the kiss, his head lowers to encapsulate the bud in his mouth. Gently suckling it before rolling it feverishly between his teeth. Your hands snaking through his hair only spurring the assault on your supple flesh. Biting your lip to stop the obvious moans that were threatening to spill out of your mouth. You swore you could see stars as his tongue flicked against the pointed nub- sending your nerves wild.
“Bet that fucking extra never treated you like this baby.” He matched your height, his gaze never leaving your own as he took both of your tits out of your bra; kneading the flesh and buds of your nipples as he spoke. “Just wanted to get himself off, I know how to fuckin’ treat you right.”
“Then do it… Kacchan.” You spoke with such gusto in your breathy state, knowing that the old nickname would make him see red. And god did it send him feral.
His body pressed you further into the door, even if it felt like he couldn’t. The aching feel of his cock rubbing against your clothed core made you mewl in want of him. His fingers slid beneath the hem of your dress and made little pricking motions into your inner thighs until he traced a slit over your panties.
“Shit you’re fucking wet.” The pads of his fingers kneading against where you wanted him most, a chuckle falling his lips as your hips did their best to try and get any sort of relief.
“Katsuki please- please fuck oh my god-“ Your neck craned back as you felt your body take control. The low growl in Bakugou’s throat at the sight of you barely touched and already begging for him.
Tracing his fingers along your décolletage he stopped when he met your parted lips before roughly shoving his fingers in your mouth, pressing down the body of your tongue.
“Please please please-“ Katsuki mocked. “Please what princess? Better use your fuckin’ words or else.”
An insufferable smirk played upon his lips as he felt your cunt clench around nothing at his dirty words. Pulling his fingers from your mouth, he wiped the remnants of your spit across your tits; awaiting for your response.
“Fuck me Katsuki- please you’re all I want. God you’re all I need.” Although said in your aroused state. You meant it- and he knew that.
Not wasting any more of the precious time you two had before you were inevitably found out considering your blatant disregard for being quiet; Bakugou used his hand to tug off his belt. Nearly setting his suit pants on fire as his quirk crackled in anticipation for you.
Your body clung to Bakugou’s for support, his whole body easily keeping your pinned high between himself and the door. Once his lower half was sufficiently stripped, it was easy enough for him to rip the sides of your underwear off.
“Shut up.”
Not wanting to disagree; you did. Hips bucking against nothing as the cool air prickled at your hot cunt. Bakugou held his manhood in his hand, rubbing the head of it in your slick and providing stimulation to your clit. Your thighs tightening around his waist like a vice grip at the well needed attention.
“You’re fuckin’ soaking baby. So needy.” Bakugou mumbled against your neck, allowing himself and you to get off momentarily at the friction. You could only nod to his words which were making you more and more wet for him. He was such a tease.
“Come on princess. Tell me you want my cock. Tell me.” His voice growled as he repeated himself, leaving marks upon your nape that would surely bruise because of his harsh bites and sucklings.
“Katsuki I need you- only you. Only you.” Your repetition is barely a whisper but he heard it, and despite his rough nature Bakugou confines your lips in a kiss as he sheaths himself inside of you.
Taking a few slow thrusts to allow yourself to adapt to his size, it’s only a moment before Bakugou completely bottoms out inside of you. He watches your face shiver in pleasure which he mirrors. He clasps your hips so firmly his knuckles turn white; it didn’t even hurt as all you could focus on was him inside you. Your hands find their way to his biceps, gripping on for some tension relief and you could still feel his muscles flex even beneath his suede blazer and the shirt.
“What a good fuckin’ girl, taking my cock like this.” Bakugou’s voice is a low growl as he thrusts into you, the sounds of your clothes brushing against one another and the slaps of your skin interacting was like a sinful symphony.
The smell of caramel danced in your brain as Bakugou worked up a sweat absolutely pummeling himself into your sex. You grasped onto him as if your life depended on it, moaning into his neck as his cock slid in and out of you. You didn’t even know how much time was passing as he rutted himself into you relentlessly- yet as you both came to your highs, you could both barely move from the thrill of it all.
Steadying your breaths back to a regular pace; Bakugou slid you down from where he had pinned you against the door and let you fix yourself as he then did himself. You sorted your dress and pulled any tugs from your hair when he had pulled it before slapping Bakugou’s arm.
“You dick! You ripped my underwear!”
“Hot.” He chuckled, fixing his belt loops and stuffing the ripped panties into his pocket.
“Not funny! I’m not parading about with no underwear on!”
“We’re getting the fuck out of this extras stupid wedding. You can wear my clothes at my place.” Suitably sorted and not looking like you had just had the brains fucked out of you in a closet (despite the reddening bites and bruises that were now appearing on your neck), Bakugou held you close. Yet instead of taking the corridor to the exit, he was leading you back to the main dance hall.
“Where’re we going?” You hashly whispered to Bakugou, your thighs still wet from your slick and the cool air against your unclothed pussy making you heat up from embarrassment.
“Gots to do one thing before we go.” There’s a shit eating grin on his face, you couldn't help but wonder what on earth he was planning now.
Midoriya stood talking to other heroes all dressed in their formal attire and Bakugou (with no consideration of their conversation) roughly tapped his shoulder to get his immediate attention. His arm around your waist was so tight but being see with Bakugou like this made you feel almost proud.
“We’re just heading off.” Bakugou had replaced his smile for his usual scowl, something he had always looked at Izuku with.
“Going so soon? It’ll be a shame you guys!” Izuku’s voice was plastered in falsehood. He probably regretted trying to gloat over you two. Bakugou held out his hand for Midoriya to shake it, your brows furrowed on what was obviously a stepping stone to Bakugou’s plan.
“I know I might not be better at you right now in the hero charts.”
Uh oh.
“I’m glad you’ve finally come to recognise that Kaccha-“
“But I am better at you at something for sure.”
Bakugou used Midoriya’s hand in his to pull him closer, readying himself to whisper in his ear.
“Cause I just fucked the shit out of your ex-girlfriend and I know you never made her come as hard as I did.”
Your face burned with the heat of a million suns, but the glower on Izuku’s face was priceless. And you couldn’t help but see the flash of a camera capture the moment as Bakugou’s hand fell from his and slipped once again around your waist.
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lavander-cherry · a year ago
Reacting to their future kids
Request: bakugou hawks and todoroki meeting their kids from the future pleeeasee :33
A/n: There it is! Let me know your thoughts or if you wanted something else feel free to request again!
.:✩ Bakugou✩:.
Tumblr media
He’s dumbfounded.
He’s genuinely confused because he thought he’d never have kids?
He always pictured himself as the Greatest Hero, and for that, sacrifices needed to be done, like leaving behind his desire to have a family.
This doesn’t really stop him from getting to know his daughter, who unsurprisingly got his awful personality.
Physically, the only things that made it obvious to him that the twelve years old girl was his daughter were her burning red eyes, explosion quirk, and spiky hair (but it was h/c).
Despite being her future daughter, he calls her ‘little shit’, but he’s ready to beat the crap out of anyone who dares to look at her maliciously.
Man, did this over-protectiveness surprise him.
He’s like, ‘the fuck?’, but gets over it pretty soon, deciding that spending time with her and getting to know his future family was far more important.
Katsuki treats her to some shopping, ice cream, and whilst chatting, he learns that sadly, she has a crush on Deku’s kid.
He’s gonna annihilate him.
No one touches his baby girl, especially the spawn of fucking Deku.
He tries to figure out who her mother might be, and the color of her hair leads him thinking about you.
He can’t suppress the redness that crawls on his cheeks, intensifying by seconds as he imagines you pregnant, carrying his child.
His daughter seems to pick it up, and with a smirk and wiggling brows, she asks “Thinking about mom again?”
Katsuki chokes on his spit, not expecting the little shit to say something like that so suddenly.
“Fuck no! What the fuck makes you think that?”
She shrugs. “Your face always turns that color when you look at her, or when you think about nasty things.”
Katsuki is dying of embarrassment, but still, he wants to be sure that you’re the one marrying him and not someone else.
So, he swallows his pride, and in a pitiful attempt to hide his burning red cheeks, he turns around, voice soft as he asks about her mother’s name.
“Bakugou Y/n”
Cue, Bakugou drags you around, forcing you to spend time with him and the little girl, not really telling you who exactly she was.
He watches you interact with your daughter, constantly getting lost into the sight whenever there’s some motherly instincts snapping inside of you, like wiping away some food from her chin, or blowing on her scratched knee, talking to her with a babying voice, etc…
After the kid is back to his time, Bakugou noticed how her personality took 190 degree after he brought you, acting as if she was the sweetest angel alive while when alone with him, she gave him a hellish life.
He realizes that a week after she’s already gone.
“That little shit…”
“Nothing. Say… you free this Saturday night?”
“Yes, why?”
“Good. I’ll pick you up at eight o’clock. Make me wait and I’ll blast you in the outer space.”
.:✩ Hawks ✩:.
Tumblr media
At first, he’s skeptical, but after doing some tests and seeing as the kid has his same exact quirk, he becomes excited.
We all know that his past was shit, and now having the knowledge that he will have a family of his own is making him go over the moon.
He’s overflowing with happiness.
He will animatedly talk to his child, wanting to learn more things about him and how his family will be in the future.
Also, he can’t stop asking who the mother is, he really wants to know who he’ll end up marrying. Too sad that his kid refuses to say it, enjoying how frustrated Keigo becomes every time he dodges the question.  
He will ask the teenager to describe you, and he’s amazed how fondly he talks about you, saying how kind, beautiful and loving you are. It makes his curiosity peak, and tries to pry out of him details on his and yours first meeting, but to his dismay the child shoots him a teasing grin, refusing to tell him anything.
Hawks tries his best to spend as much time as possible with his future son whenever he’s off duty, sparring with him, teaching him some techniques (but to his surprise he already knows all of them) and other things like playing tag in the open sky.
He’s surprised when his son takes him to his favorite restaurant, ordering chicken for both. But really, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise seeing as the kid was his.
Both go out and fly, racing against each other to see who’s faster, and it ends up with Hawks barely winning.
Again, he’s surprised, but not really.  
Hawks also takes him on some of his patrols, only if he’s sure that nothing too dangerous is looming around.
During one of their walks around town, he notices that his future son stopped dead in his tracks, eyes not focused on him anymore but on something else. He sees that his gaze is resting on the café across them, and Hawks too turns his head to pinpoint what exactly caught his attention.
“What is it kiddo?”
That, snaps him out of his thoughts, and with a smirk he looks at the younger version of his father.
“Nothing, just looking at mom”
Hawks widens his eyes, frantically looking through the clear glass windows of the café to see who was his future wife, however, there were so many people inside.
His son chuckles to himself, amused how restless his father looked.
“What was your mommas name, again?”
Hawks still tries tho, but the kid is having none of it.
“Not telling” he snickers, turning around to continue the walk.
Hawks, still not giving up, flies to match his pace.
“Not even her last name?”
“I mean her maiden name”
“…Can’t remember, oopsie”
“Pretty please?”
.:✩ Todoroki✩:.
Tumblr media
He’s surprised, but also a bit worried.
He didn’t think he’d ever have kids, mostly because his traumatic past still hunts him most of the times.
He always had this fear in the back of his mind of becoming like his father, thus, he never really tried to think of having a family.
At first, he tries to stray away from his child, not knowing what it’s going on into his life before crushing into the past.
But he quickly goes back to him when the young boy starts crying, asking why his papa doesn’t want to stay with him.
Knowing that he’s going to be a decent father truly takes off a heavy weight from his chest, and he starts spending more time with the five-year-old boy.
Todoroki doesn’t know where he is supposed to bring a child, so he chooses the safest option, the playground.
They end up bonding pretty quickly, although the kid doesn’t really notice it, thinking that he was spending time with his father and not the past version of him.
He’s shocked upon learning that his child will have two quirks: ice and y/q.
He knows at least four people with that kind of quirk, and he kinda struggles to connect the dots.
When the child starts crying, asking for his mommy, Shouto panics.
He tries to tweeze out of him the name, and the kid stops crying for a second, but his eyes are too quick to get filled with tears, ready to cascade on his chubby cheeks.
“What do you mean you don’t know mommy’s name?”
cue the baby cries harder
Shouto feels like dying
Endeavor bursts into his office, wondering why the fuck there’s a child crying in the middle of the room and why is Shouto cooing at him.
His son was cooing. Holy fuck. Okay.
Shouto is quick to explain the situation, and he takes it upon himself to meet his future grandson.
He’s reluctant on letting his old man getting near his son, but at that point he’d accept anyone’s help to make the cries stop.
He’s shooketh again when Endeavor pats his tiny head, and the child fucking grabs his mustache, laughing as if it was the funniest thing in the world.
Shouto pales, going into overprotective mode. Just in case.
Endeavor ends up playing with the child, amusing him whilst attentive to not get his proud mustache snatched.
“Mommy should play with us too!”
This time, with his old man’s help, they finally take a hold of your name, and quickly began their search.
But before they can properly call you in, the baby gets back to his time, and Shouto is left with a bitter feeling.
“I want that thing back”
“The fu-?”
“Go meet this woman and bring my grandchild back.”
“What the fuck is wrong with you?”
Needless to say, it was pure ‘coincidence’ that Shouto showed up to your workplace the next day.
Pure, and utter ‘coincidence’.
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rivendell101 · a year ago
liar liar | bakugou katsuki
Rated: M
Words: 9.4K
Pairing: katsuki bakugou x fem!reader
Summary: Of all the things he’s experienced working as a Pro Hero, Bakugou never expected his dick getting too big to ever be a problem, let alone one in his top ten.
Bakugou is hit with a strange quirk. You reap the benefits.
AN: This fic is 50% crack and 50% raunchy smut. I have zero explanations for this. Also big thanks to @lady-bakuhoe for ranting with me once about the fandoms weird level of hatred towards Bakugou, thus inspiring me to write something for him. I’m so sorry it was this.
Warnings: smut, language, oral sex (m receiving), dom/sub undertones, rough sex, degradation, spanking, choking, inappropriate use of quirks
Of all the things he’s experienced working as a Pro Hero, Bakugou never expected his dick getting too big to ever be a problem, let alone one in his top ten.
Kirishima glances at him out of the corner of his eye as they step into Bakugou’s office, red eyes narrowing in concern as he sees Bakugou’s gritted teeth and clenched fists. “Are you sure you’re okay, bro?” he asks, a little hesitant.
“I’m fine,” Bakugou practically snarls between his teeth. Fuck. The tingling sensation starts in his gut, heat spreading through his limbs, and he nearly swears aloud as the sensation shifts to his dick, his boxer-briefs getting uncomfortably tighter. Shit, he’s probably up to at least another inch by now. Thank god his pants are baggy.
Unfortunately, Kirishima isn’t so easily convinced. Brows furrowing, he looks Bakugou over slowly, searching for any lasting effects from their earlier scuffle with a few low rank villains. “You’ve been acting kind of… strange,” he settles on after an awkward beat of silence, “since you got hit by that quirk. You know, you probably should have gone to a—”
“I said I’m—” Bakugou cuts himself off as that tingle comes back. “I’ll be fine,” he corrects himself. The tingle goes away, and he almost groans in relief as his dick returns to its normal size. “Drop it, Kirishima.”
Kirishima holds his hands up in front of him, placating his huffy friend. “Okay, okay. I get it.” He backs off, still eyeing Bakugou warily as he pulls his phone from his pocket. He glances at the time. “Look, man, I gotta go. I have a date in twenty, and she’s gonna kill me if I’m late again.” His smile is apologetic, but exhausted.
“Whatever.” Bakugou tosses off one of his gauntlets, letting it clatter against the floor noisily. Breathing slowly through his nose, he peels off his mask as well, setting it down on his desk. It’s fine. Everything is fine. He can handle this. It’s just a really fucking annoying quirk that’ll probably go away on it’s own by the end of the day.
Another tingle stirs in his gut, and then his underwear tightens again.
Fuck. He can’t even lie to himself.
Just as casually as before, Kirishima says, “Yeah, and since I figured you shouldn’t be alone, I called you a babysitter,” as he types out a quick text on his phone. If that wasn’t bad enough, Kirishima calls out your name in a sing-song voice.
Bakugou drops his other gauntlet on his foot and whirls around. “You what?” he hisses, only half because of the pain. The sound of your name definitely doesn’t cause his heart to do something stupid like flutter in his chest. And his pants definitely don’t get snug around his crotch as he blatantly lies to himself. “Kirishima, what the fuck? Why would you call her?”
Taken aback by the outburst, Kirishima puts his phone away and shrugs. “I figured she’d make you feel better.”
“I don’t fucking want her here,” Bakugou tells him. Nothing happens in his pants. Like the bullshit quirk affecting his dick can’t decide if that’s a lie or not. Hell, Bakugou isn’t really sure either. Sure, he likes having you around, even if he’d never admit it. He likes seeing your pretty smile as you come flouncing into his office wearing one of those little skirts that make him want to bend you over his desk and—
He squeezes his eyes shut, banishing the thought before it can go any further and his pants grow any tighter from non-quirk related reasons.
On the other hand, you’re quite possibly the last person he ever wants to see him like this. Too bad the universe seems intent on fucking him over today.
“Nice to see you too, Bakugou.” 
The sound of your voice hits him like a lightning strike, still sweet despite the sarcastic inflection of your tone. Bolts of electricity shoot up his spine. In his chest, his heart pounds viciously against his ribs, and Bakugou’s shoulders tense as every one of his senses suddenly becomes a tune to you. Even from across the room, the scent of your perfume tickles at his nose—something floral or fruity that he doesn’t recognize, but it’s heavy and enticing and he tries not to shiver as it wraps around him.
He doesn’t dare turn to look at you as you take a step further into his office, determinedly staring at the wall and hoping you’ll leave with Kirishima. Yeah, un-fucking-likely.
When his silence persists, you roll your eyes and turn to Kirishima instead, the pinched expression on your face relaxing into a pleasant smile when you meet the eyes of the more friendly half of the duo. “Thanks for calling, Kiri,” you say, smoothing out your skirt.
A wide grin is the response you get. “Of course,” Kirishima says, stretching out and linking his fingers behind his head. “Figured he’d listen to you over anyone else.” He ignores the glare Bakugou sends his way, his lips twitching in amusement at the stark silence coming from the explosive blond.
You scoff. “Hardly, but I’ll try.” Casting a glance at Bakugou, you’re a little glad he seems intent on ignoring you, because it gives you the perfect opportunity to give him a slow once-over—for injuries, of course. He looks fine to you, a few superficial scrapes and bruises, but nothing severe enough for Kirishima to call you.
The tension in his shoulders is the first thing you notice. Bakugou is awkwardly hunched over himself in a way that isn’t like him at all. Usually, the Pro Hero exudes confidence that would border on cockiness if he didn’t have the skills to back it up, but right now he just looks... uncomfortable. What little of his face you can see is pinched, but not in annoyance; it’s more like pain, you realize, but then his expression melts into one of relief and you’re left baffled once again.
Before you can think too hard about it, your gaze wanders lower and you’re promptly distracted by his bare arms.
Kirishima clears his throat when you stare at Bakugou’s biceps a little too long.
“What happened anyway?” you ask, turning back to Kirishima. Your face feels warm, and by the way he grins you can tell he notices your faint blush. “You didn’t say much on the phone.”
He sobers a little as you bring the conversation back to the other Hero. The humor bleeds from his eyes, his shoulders drooping. “Yeah, sorry about that,” he says, rubbing the back of his neck. “I didn’t have much time. We ran into a couple of villains on patrol. One of them caught Bakubro off guard and he got hit with their quirk. Wouldn’t let anyone check him out after.” He shrugs halfheartedly, looking at you apologetically. “You know how he gets.”
Don’t you ever. You’ve never met someone as stubborn as Bakugou before in your life. He can be a real pain in the ass when he wants, and you can’t blame Kirishima for his best friend being a dumbass.
You prop your hands on your hips, eyes narrowing in on Bakugou again. “How long has he been sulking?” you ask just loud enough for Bakugou to hear you.
Ruby eyes pin you with a heavy glower that would probably make anyone else piss themselves. Bakugou’s lip pulls back in a snarl, his teeth bared, and you ignore the pleasant tingle that shoots down your spine. “I’m not fucking sulking!” he snaps at you, making your eyes roll.
“Sure you aren’t.” Before he can start arguing with you, you turn back to Kirishima. “What do we know about this quirk?” 
“Nothing. Cops are questioning the guy now, but he’s not talking.” Kirishima gestures to Bakugou with his thumb. “And Ground Zero here keeps saying he’s fine.”
Across the room, Bakugou grumbles to himself under his breath, noticeably displeased with your lack of attention, but like hell he’s going to say anything about it. Jealousy is a bitter taste in the back of his mouth, and for once he can’t even pretend that’s not what it is as his glare shifts to Kirishima. Fuck, he wants you to look at him again. Pay attention to him.
The honesty is surprising to him, but he keeps his mouth shut and definitely doesn’t pout as you and Kirishima continue to chat like he isn’t even there. When it becomes clear that you aren’t going to end the conversation immediately, Bakugou huffs and turns around, glaring as he leans back against his desk, watching the two of you. His gaze skips right over Kirishima and lands on you, and he swallows back a frustrated groan when he finally gets a good look at you.
Fuck, you look good today. Unable to help himself, he’s absolutely shameless as he stares at your legs, your short skirt and high heels making them look even longer than usual. Bakugou grits his teeth as his mind drifts to those legs wrapping around his hips and yanking him closer. For once, he allows the thought to linger, lost in his own head.
“I see,” you murmur as your conversation with Kirishima comes to a close. With your lips pursed in thought, your gaze shifts back to Bakugou, only to find him already staring right back at you, watching you intently. Your pulse jumps under his piercing gaze, and it takes everything in you to break eye contact with him and smile at Kirishima instead. “I’ll take care of it. Have fun on your date, Kiri.”
Kirishima shoots you a megawatt smile and a thumbs up.“Will do! Good luck with this guy!” He pays no attention to Bakugou’s grumbling as he heads out the door, closing it quietly behind him, leaving you and Bakugou alone together in an office far away from other people.
Yeah, this should be fun.
You twist on your heels so that you’re facing Bakugou directly. Trying for a charming smile, you prop your hands on your hips. He glares at you and crosses his arms over his chest, clearly not planning on cooperating. And boy does it give you an excellent view of his muscled forearms, all tanned skin and silver scars from years of hero work. You wet your lips, suddenly thirsty. 
“Okay, Ground Zero,” you start, giddily noticing the way he puffs up at your use of his hero name, “are you going to tell me what’s wrong or do we have to do this the hard way?” Your voice lowers at the end, coming out as a husky whisper.
Bakugou’s throat bobs with a harsh swallow, and he grits his teeth against the pleasant warmth that curls in his chest. “Piss off,” he bites out, a low and dangerous edge to his voice that you easily ignore.
If you hadn’t known him for years, maybe it would be intimidating, but despite his gruff attitude and biting tone, you know he would never lay a hand on you. “Come on, Bakugou,” you try again, taking a step towards him as a small pout forms on your lips. “Please tell me? I just want to help and make you feel better.”
The breathy whine you let out paired with you wanting to make him feel better does absolutely nothing to help the situation going on in his pants.
His gaze slides to the side, avoiding your eyes as he tells you to “Just go home,” because he doesn’t want to see the disappointment there.
But you don’t back down. You can be just as stubborn as him when you want to be, and there’s no way in hell you’re leaving just so he can cling to his manly pride, or whatever it is he’s worried about. Clearly, asking nicely isn’t going to work. Honestly, you’d be more surprised if it did. “Hard way it is.”
Bakugou’s eyes widen, and his head snaps towards you just in time for you to launch yourself at him. It’s a bit difficult, between your skirt and heels, but you catch him off guard, and that helps. He tries to twist away at the last second, leaving you to cling to his back, limbs wrapping around him tightly. A surprised grunt escapes his at your sudden weight on him, but he doesn’t even stumble, letting you curl your body around him in a one-sided hug.
“Get off me, loser,” he growls at you, glaring at you over his shoulder. Despite his irritation, Bakugou makes no move to shake you off. In fact, one of his big hands latches onto your leg when you start to slip, allowing you to shift yourself for a better grip. He lets go of you just as quickly, standing stock still in the middle of the room while glaring at everything that isn’t you.
Your fingers dig into his shoulder where you’re grabbing him. “Not until you tell me what’s wrong!”
This time, he does try to shake you off, and you squeal as your grip starts to slip. “I’m fine!” he snaps at you, only to wince a second later.
Ever the opportunist, you don’t think twice before hooking your leg around him and going for his knees. Bakugou swears as he loses his balance, and somehow you manage to knock him to the floor using a grappling move that he taught you. He ends up rolling in time to land on his back, cushioning your fall aa your knees press against the floor on either side of his hips, straddling him as you pin him with a firm look. Long fingers grasp at your upper thighs, his thumbs grazing the hem of your skirt, and he lets you go just as quickly, as if you’ve burned him
Bakugou looks like he’d rather be anywhere else, but, again, he makes no move to shove you away, though he definitely could.
“Oh, yeah, clearly you’re just fine,” you reply, sarcasm laid on thick. Your hands are pressed against his chest for balance as you regain your bearings, and you can feel the angry breath he takes. Bakugou is warm and solid beneath you, hips pressed snug against yours. It feels way too good, but that’s not what you need to be thinking about at this moment. “Now stop acting like a baby and tell me what’s going on.”
Looking up at you, Bakugou sighs when your fierce look doesn’t relent. He mutters something under his breath that’s too low for you to make out clearly, then grimaces. “It’s nothing,” he tells you again, a harsh edge to his voice.
You pin him with a glare. “You got hit by a strange quirk, Bakugou,” you tell him slowly, contempt dripping from every word. “That’s not nothing.” The crack in your voice on the last word is what makes him drop the sour look on his face. You wince, fingers curling tighter around his shirt, like that might keep you grounded. All the fear you felt when Kirishima called you earlier comes surging back through you, and it feels like a blow to the ribs. You stare at his chest as you continue, the words bubbling up and out before you can stop them. “I know you. You’re too damn prideful to go see a doctor and admit something is wron—and that scares me sometimes, you know? One day you could get really hurt.” Slowly, you force your eyes up, meeting his stare with your own tentative one. “Please, just tell me what’s wrong. For me?”
Bakugou’s expression softens nearly an imperceptible amount. His glare smooths out. “Fuck,” he growls under his breath, trying to ignore the violent tug on his heartstrings that comes with that pleading look in your eyes. He’s always been a sucker for you, and you damn well know it too.
But he’s not going to give in this time.
The tingle that goes straight to his crotch proves him very wrong.
You freeze above him, body locking up as something big and hard presses against your inner thigh. “Katsuki,” you say, forcing yourself not to react aside from the widening of your eyes. “Is that your…”
“Yeah,” he replies, jaw clenched. His tone is nothing short of mocking when he tacks on, “You’re sitting on my cock, sweetheart.”
Well, shit. You blink at him owlishly, mouth opening and closing soundlessly as you try to think of literally anything to say in this situation that isn’t stupid, crass, or a blatant change of subject. It’s surprisingly hard to think with his bulge pressed up against your leg like this, and you blurt the first thing that comes to mind. “Are you turned on right now?” you ask incredulously, jabbing a finger into his chest. “I swear to God, Katsuki, I’m trying to be serious here, and you—”
He cuts you off. “I’m not fucking hard.” A pair of big, rough hands latch onto your thighs to keep you from squirming over his lap. “But if you keep moving around like that, I will be.”
“You liar.” A gasp sticks in your throat as he tightens his grip on your legs. By this point, you’re pretty sure you’re blushing, but honestly, you can’t find it in you to care when you are, in fact, basically sitting on his lap. Besides, Bakugou doesn’t look that much better. “If you were that big while soft, I’m pretty sure I would have noticed by now.”
Well that catches his attention. A smug smile stretches across his face. All teeth. “You spend a lot of time looking at it, angel?” Oh, this time he’s definitely mocking you. The palms of his hands slide up your thighs until his fingertips graze the hem of your skirt where it’s hiked partway up your legs, revealing a few tantalizing inches of your bare skin.
“Oh, no, you aren’t changing the subject,” you snap at him, sitting up a little straighter. “Why the hell is your dick so big, and what the fuck is going on?”
Your questions echo awkwardly through the otherwise silent room. For a tense moment, Bakugou just glares up at you. One of his eyes twitches slightly, his lips turned down in a grimace. You don’t relent, glaring right back at him. Eventually, one of you is going to have to give in, and it’s sure as shit not going to be you this time.
“Fuck.” He squeezes his eyes shut and tilts his head back against the floor. His fingers bite into your thighs when you shift on top of him, leaning a little closer. “It’s that dumbass villain’s quirk,” he sneers, baring his teeth in a snarl as he opens his eyes again. There’s nothing that could possibly prepare you for what he says next. “When I lie my cock gets bigger.”
You almost laugh. Almost. The deathly serious look in his eyes is the only thing that keeps you from bursting into a fit of giggles. And you believe him. You probably wouldn’t if you weren’t currently straddling his lap and sitting on his abnormally large cock. But, yeah. Sure. His dick gets bigger when he lies, and somehow that makes perfect sense.
“What, like some kind of kinky lie detector?” You almost suggest Pinocchio, but you doubt he’d take that well at all. 
Predictably, he makes a face at your comparison. “Sure. Whatever.”
Again, neither of you say anything, letting an awkward silence develop between you. While Bakugou just looks all around uncomfortable with the situation, your brow is pinched in thought. Honestly, this quirk seems like some bullshit. You can’t imagine what benefit anyone would get out of making someone’s dick grow when they lie, aside from the exact situation you’re currently in. You almost feel worse for the poor sap stuck with such a bizarre quirk than the Pro Hero currently lying between your legs.
A full body shiver runs through you, and every nerve suddenly becomes highly aware of the man beneath you. Every breath he takes moves his chest beneath your hands, and you can feel the rapid beating of his heart beneath your palm. The tips of his fingers ghost against your thighs, not quite touching you, like he isn’t sure what to do with his hands anymore. And, suddenly, all you can think about are those hands grabbing you by the hips and grinding you down against him.
Unbeknownst to you, similar thoughts are wreaking havoc on Bakugou. From where you’re sitting on top of him, he has a perfect view of your legs and chest, and every time you shift, the movement goes straight to his cock. He almost hisses between his teeth as your thighs tighten around his hips, which only presses the growing bulge in his pants harder against you. His fingers twitch against your legs. It would be so easy for him to roll the two of you over, pin you beneath him, and show you exactly what you do to him. Fuck you senseless until you—
“What are you thinking right now?”
The question is like a hard slap across the face. His eyes snap from the apex of your legs to your face, caught red-handed. There’s no way for him to get out of this one without his dick giving him away or an actual slap across the face. He chooses his traitor dick. “That I want you to get the fuck off me.”
You look entirely unimpressed when his dick moves between your legs, growing larger in seconds. “Liar,” you deadpan. You drum your fingers against his chest, unintentionally matching the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. “Tell me the truth and maybe I’ll move.” Nevermind that he could definitely throw you across the room one handed if he really wanted to. Frankly, you’re a little surprised he hasn’t already, given your current situation. 
Not that you want to move right now. You’re quite comfortable where you are.
Bakugou’s tongue swipes across his bottom lip. Those ruby eyes drag down your body slowly, shamelessly drinking in the sight of you sitting on top of him. An unexpected lick of run runs along your spine; your breath catches. “You look really fucking sexy right now,” he tells you, and his hands grab your thighs again.
It takes a second for you to register his confession, though you can’t say you’re that surprised. “Huh. Never pegged you as a guy who wanted someone on top.” You can work with that.
His brow furrows. “You know, you’re taking this surprisingly well.”
“I work in quirk registration for the police,” you remind him, shrugging. “This isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve come across.” Honestly, you aren’t even sure it makes the top ten, but you keep that to yourself. You get the feeling he’d take that as some kind of challenge, and you don’t need that kind of stress in your life. “How long has it been like this?”
A shrug. “Shit, I don’t know.” Bakugou shifts beneath you, craning his neck to look at the clock on the wall. “Thirty minutes, maybe. Why?”
“Effects from quirks like this typically only last an hour or two,” you explain. “Maybe twenty-four hours at most, depending on how much training the user has.” Your head cocks to the side as you give him an entirely unsubtle once-over. “It sounds like he didn’t give you and Kirishima much trouble though. I’d put your... little problem at an hour and a half maximum. You should be fine.”
There’s a wicked look in his eyes. “Nothing little about it, babe.” His palms slide up your legs, rucking up your skirt even higher on his way to grab your hips. “Hour left, huh?” A low hum rumbles through his chest. “I can work with that.”
You freeze. “Katsuki, what are you—”
“Look,” he cuts you off with an irritated sigh, “I’ve liked you for a long time, so if you want to fuck right now, that’s fine with me.” Heartbreaking honesty shines in his eyes, only partially masked by a layer of annoyance and boredom, like he doesn’t care either way. The way his fingers dig into your hips tells a different story.
Your eyes widen at his crass confession, your lips parting as you stare down at Bakugou in shock. “Are you…” you hesitate, swallowing down the sudden lump in your throat as your fingers curl against his shirt. “Are you serious?”
Bakugou glares at you, but his faint blush gives him away. “You’re the one sitting on my magic cock, you tell me.”
You sit there for a good minute, just staring at him, mouth opening and closing soundlessly as you try to think of any kind of response. Eventually, you settle on, “That is, by far, the worst declaration of love I’ve ever heard.”
If you thought he was glaring before, it has nothing on the look he levels you with now. “Who fucking said anything about loving you, dumbass?” he snaps, huffing, cheeks turning an even darker shade of pink. “Like hell I do!” He grits his teeth as his dick tingles.
“Yeah, well, your magic cock reveals your deceit,” you mock him. “You’re such an emotionally stunted pain in the ass, Katsuki!” 
He opens his mouth—probably to start yelling about something—but you lurch forward and meet his mouth in a fierce kiss before he can say anything. He grunts in surprise and squeeze your hips, but kisses you back eagerly, immediately tilting his chin for a better angle. The hands that were on your hips don’t hesitate to move. One slides up your back to fist in your hair, pulling you closer as the other drops to your ass. A hard grope makes you gasp against his lips, your fingers clenching tighter in the front of his hero suit.
Before things can get too heavy, too fast, you pull back, leaving just an inch of space between your lips. He doesn’t let you go much further. “I like you, too,” you whisper against him. He stiffens as your fingers touch his bare chest where his hero suit doesn’t cover him.
His heart is pounding just as quickly as yours, and he’d never admit it, but he swears your little confession does something funny to his chest. All of it does. The heat of your breath. The gentle weight of your body on top of his. Something about you makes him feel inexplicably soft, and he wants to hate that feeling, but he still can’t lie to himself without his cock growing two sizes. And if he’s going to stuff you full of his cock, he wants it to be all him.
At least at first.
With the hand still tangled in your hair, Bakugou yanks you back down. Your lips mold against his perfectly, the space left between you nonexistent. When he kisses you it’s all teeth and tongue, and your lips part readily beneath his demanding touch. He makes a low sound of approval in the back of his throat, slotting his lips harder against yours. Using the hand cupping the back of your head, he adjusts you above him, tilting your chin until he finds a position he likes.
The dominating way he touches you makes you keen, and your quiet whimper is smothered by his tongue delving into your mouth to taste you. Your legs tremble on either side of his hips as the hand on your ass gropes you again. By now, your skirt is hiked halfway up your waist, and if anyone were to walk in they’d get a perfect view of your ass and the damp spot forming between your thighs.
You arch into his touch at the thought, moaning as his teeth tug at your lip.
By the time you pull away, you both have kiss-swollen lips.
When Bakugou recalls what you called him a moment ago, he chuckles, deep and throaty, and it sends a thrilled shiver up your spine. “I’ll show you a real pain in the ass later, sweetheart,” he promises, squeezing your ass cheek for good measure. The squeeze is followed by a sharp slap, and you lurch forward, a startled squeal slipping out of your mouth.
You glare down at him. Well, you try to. It’s a little hard to pretend to be mad at him when his hand comes up to rub the spot where he smacked you, which only presses your hips closer to his growing bulge. Your tone is dry when you say, “I’m sure you will.” And then, because he’s already propositioned you and has his hand on your ass, you grind yourself against his dick.
“Shit,” he grunts, grabbing your hips. His fingers bite into your skin, twitching like he doesn’t know if he wants to still you or shove you down on his cock. A slow exhale hisses through his teeth. “You tryin’ to be a cock tease?”
The satisfaction that bubbles up in you only feeds the damp heat between your legs. He’s hardly touched you, but you can already feel yourself getting wet just from the thought of him filling you. You brace yourself against him, palms pressed flat against his chest. “You want me to stop?” Purposefully fluttering your eyelashes at him, you slowly work your hand lower, fingers grazing over lean muscle until you stop at his waist, pressing down on his belt.
As your eyes start to follow the path of your hand, Bakugou reaches out and grabs your chin. A warning squeeze makes you mewl expectantly. “Keep talking, baby, and I'll put that mouth to better use.” The pad of his thumb traces your bottom lip. Before he can let go, you tilt your head into his touch, teeth barely grazing his finger as you nip at him. “Such a little brat,” he sneers. 
You’re thrown off balance when he sits up. His abdominal muscles flex against your stomach as he crushes you against his chest, and your hands fly to his shoulders, desperate for something to hold onto. Bakugou kisses you again, lips hungry and demanding as they press against yours, and you give him complete control. He tilts your chin, pulls your hair, bites your lips, and every touch makes you feel hazy and warm.
Anticipation churns in your stomach. Your hands slide over his shoulders, looping around his neck. He grunts when your wrist brushes against the side of his neck, and when you card your fingers through his hair and tug, he lets out a sound that goes right to your core.
The hand on your ass gives you another sharp spank. The motion jerks your hips against his, and you grind down against the hard cock rubbing your inner thigh. His fingers knead your ass and the back of your thigh, groping and squeezing and helping your hips along as you rock languidly over his lap. Each roll of your hips has his cock dragging across your damp panties, the head kissing your clit through the layers of your clothes. You shudder, lost in the feeling.
You’re only half aware of him moving, not noticing until the hand that was in your hair slips beneath your shirt to palm your breast. An appreciative squeeze has you arching into him, hips stuttering against his. Bakugou nips at your bottom lip hard enough to make you whimper, and when he pulls away you’re sure it’s swollen and flushed from his treatment.
But he doesn’t leave you for long. You’re barely given a moment to breathe before his mouth is on your jaw, your cheek, your chin. Bakugou trails heated, open-mouthed kisses down the side of your neck, only stopping when he finds a spot that has you lurching against him, a pretty little moan falling from your mouth. He laves attention to that spot, right over your racing pulse. Teeth dig into your sensitive neck, and your breath catches in your throat as he begins to suck, intent on leaving a mark. You don’t stop him as he works a hickey just below your jaw, eyes fluttering shut at the onslaught of sensation. 
Before leaving that spot, he drags his tongue across your neck to soothe the bruise he’s left behind.
Desire curls in your chest as a thought comes to mind, and you’re too slow to stop it from spilling out. “I wanna touch you,” you choke out as his mouth trails lower. Bakugou pauses, lips hovering just shy of your throat. The heat of his breath fans your damp skin, sending little pinpricks of electricity all the way to where your hips are grinding against his. You swallow, one hand fisting in the back of his shirt as his thumb brushes against the lacy cup of your bra.
“Already are, baby,” he says, partly muffled by your neck as he ghosts his lips against you. “Grinding against my cock like a little slut. Gonna get yourself off for me just like that?” He’s hiding a smirk. It’s clear what you want by the way your hips roll against his faster, grinding down harder as teasing touches turn desperate, but he wants to hear you say it. He wants you begging for his cock before he fucks you.
He ruts against you, alternating between squeezing your breast and ass. 
“Bakugou!” You try to sound reprimanding, but his name comes out as a breathy whine. There’s no way for you to get your hand on him with the way he has you pressed flush against his chest. And he’s definitely not going to make things easy for you.
As if he knows what you’re thinking, the man beneath you laughs. “You want it that bad, you better take it yourself, sweetheart.”
Huffing, you try to put some space between your hips, but his grip is firm. Bakugou swats your ass when you try to move, and you whimper as it forces your hips harder against his. You try a second time, and he pinches your nipple through the flimsy cup of your bra. Your head falls back with a moan, giving him greater access to your throat, and he smirks as he bites down on your soft skin.
Fine. You can play this game, too.
With a sharp grind of your hips, you rub your clit against him just right. Your back arches. Your thighs tense around his hips. “Ground Zero,” comes out as a needy whine against his ear. You feel him tense beneath you, his grip faltering for just a second. That’s all you need.
The momentary distraction is all you need to slide back on his thighs, putting just enough space between your hips to grab his belt and grind the heel of your hand against the massive bulge straining against his pants. Even through his pants you can feel how thick and long he is, and your pussy clenches at the thought of him fucking you senseless.
He grunts as you palm him, squeezing gently as you trace the outline of his cock. His mouth leaves your neck with a wet pop. “Shit,” Bakugou murmurs. Soft strands of his spiky hair tickle the side of your neck as he rests his head against you, reveling in the feel of your light touches.
Your fingers brush against the back of his neck, your palm grinding against him when his hips rock forward. Strong muscles flex beneath your thighs. Bakugou’s throat bobs with a harsh swallow. 
Unable to stop yourself, you duck your head, pressing your lips against the side of his neck. It’s hard to find an angle with the bracers around his neck, and your attention turns to the front of his throat instead. Bakugou groans as you kiss him, lovebites and lipstick stains left in the wake of your mouth. He lets you kiss and nip your way down to his collarbone.
Thank god for the low cut of his shirt, you think, biting down on his chest hard enough to leave a mark. At the same time, your fingers grasp at his belt, nearly snapping the buckle in your hurry to get your hand on him. Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re aware of him saying something—calling you needy or naughty, you aren’t sure which—but you don’t care as you finally get your hand in his pants and grab his dick.
“You’re so big,” you murmur, eyes widening. The tips of your fingers don’t touch as you wrap your hand around his cock, stroking him languidly from base to tip. You can’t get a good look at him from your position, but you can feel every ridge and vein of his shaft, and you bite your lip at the sheer girth of him. “Is this from the quirk?” you ask him, swirling your thumb over the tip before dragging your hand back down, giving him a firm squeeze. You lean back a little, wanting to look at him, but Bakugou lurches forward to get his mouth on you again.
He groans against your ear, pressing a harsh kiss against the side of your jaw. “All me, babe,” he tells you, smug. For once, you really can’t blame him for being cocky. “Fuck, that feels good.” 
The way your soft hand slides against his shaft wrecks havoc on his brain, and Bakugou presses another heated kiss to your neck to smother a loud moan. He’s already painfully sensitive from having you hump his lap, and your tentative touch only makes him harder. And that damn quirk didn’t help at all. After over a half hour of that bullshit cock tease, he’s just aching to bury himself in your dripping pussy.
Your thumb traces the thick vein on the side of his cock, pressing against it gently before twisting your hand. The sudden change in angle and the way you squeeze him have a low sound tearing from his chest, and then your hand is being yanked out of his pants. Bakugou’s fingers clench around your wrist in a vice grip, and you wince at the mild sting.
“Get up,” he demands, nearly growling. His fingers are digging into your ass hard enough to leave faint bruises, but you don’t care. When you hesitate, he releases you only to slap the back of your thigh. “Now.”
You pussy clenches at the pain that quickly dissolves into pleasure. “What’s wrong, Katsuki,” you can’t help but tease, hoping to get a reaction out of him, “afraid you’ll cum too fast?”
He doesn’t spank you again, though his palm does press against your reddening ass cheek in a way that speaks of a warning. “Don’t make me tell you again, baby.”
It takes another second before you shift off his lap, your legs quivering as you stand. You almost consider ignoring the command. Almost. But it doesn’t take much for you to decide you’d rather see what he has planned for you.
Your thighs rub together as Bakugou rises from the floor in one fluid motion, years of training making him silent, almost catlike. He reaches for you as soon as he’s standing, towering over you, an imposing figure. The scattering of small marks on his throat makes you grin, but the smile is wiped from your face as he grabs your chin roughly between his fingers and forces you to meet his eyes.
Ruby red and blown wide with lust, the look in his sharp gaze makes your breathing hitch. A wet crackling sound leaves your mouth as your lips part for him. His thumb grazes your bottom lip. “Such a dirty fucking mouth,” he growls.
You stumble a little as he starts walking you backwards, not touching you aside from the firm grip he has on your jaw. You go willingly, eyes on his. Excitement has your stomach flipping, a nervous flutter in your belly, and you gasp when your back hits the side of his desk, the cold wood pressing against your skin where he’s tugged at the hem of your shirt. 
Bakugou’s thumb delves past your lips, dipping into your wet mouth, and your lips wrap around him greedily. Sucking gently, your teeth press against his skin possessively, tongue laving attention to his thick digit. With his free hand, Bakugou grabs the front of your plain blouse and yanks it open, careful not to rip any of the buttons. You let your shirt fall to the floor, wriggling a little as it sticks around your elbows. He reaches up to palm your breast, humming in approval once he sees your pretty bra.
“Get on your knees, baby,” he tells you, pulling his thumb from your mouth and smearing your spit across your lips, watching them glisten. “I want to see your mouth on my cock.”
You do as you’re told, practically shaking with anticipation as you drop to your knees for him. Now that you’ve gotten a feel for his cock, you’re desperate to have him inside you. Your mouth. Your pussy. It doesn’t matter which. Any thoughts of playing coy or being a brat disappear into the back of your mind as he pins you with a harsh stare. Bakugou pets your hair, threading the soft strands through his fingers to hold you still. 
You bite your lip as his free hand drops to his waist, Bakugou shoving his pants and boxers down just low enough for his cock to spring free. The size makes you swallow. He’s bigger than you thought. Thicker. And you remember how your hand couldn’t wrap all the way around him. Your thighs clench, rubbing together as a dull ache builds between your legs.
He doesn’t waste his time. Shifting forward, he palms himself, lazily stroking his cock with his own fingers, just out of your reach. When you try to lean forward, he pulls your hair, forcing you back again. “Such a little slut,” he murmurs, allowing the head of his cock to press against your wet lips, his hips slowly rocking back and forth. Your tongue flicks out to taste him, and he groans. “There you go,” he says, brushing a few stray strands of hair away from your face before he starts pushing his cock into your mouth.
You immediately close your lips around him, bobbing your head forward as much as his tight grip will let you. Bakugou feeds you his cock, sliding into your wet mouth slowly as you start to suck, letting you adjust to just how fucking thick he really is. His girth has your jaw stretched wide, forcing you to breathe slowly through your nose. You glance up at him.
“That’s it, angel,” he groans as you bob your head again, “suck my cock.” His hips rock forward in a shallow thrust; his eyes lock on your lips, stretched obscenely around his length. Wet trails of saliva stick to his cock as you pull back to swirl your tongue around the head. 
Whimpering around him, you suck harder, swallowing around him, anything that might pull another filthy moan from his mouth. Your hands grab his thighs for balance, your fingers digging into his legs as you try to pull him closer.
You’re rewarded with a low moan rumbling from his chest. Bakugou’s eyes slip shut for a second, his head tilting back in raw pleasure. “Figures you'd be a perfect little cock sucker,” he says under his breath, almost too low for you to hear him. “I bet you want me to fuck your face, huh, baby?”
You settle for moaning instead of nodding, watching him through your eyelashes as he pants above you. 
“Fuck.” A long, hissing exhale escapes through his teeth, and his hand tightens in your hair just a little bit as he watches you work his cock. You look so fucking pretty with your mouth wrapped around him, your lips slick with saliva as you take him deeper into your mouth. There are tears beading at the corners of your eyes. “Fuck,” he says again, “you feel so good.” He grunts. “How long have you been thinkin’ about sucking my cock, babe?”
You flush under his gaze, unable to answer with your mouth full of his dick, but the answer must be clear as day on your face. You don’t know what it is he’s thinking about, but you swear his cock gets bigger in your mouth, that strange quirk making him thicker so that you’re nearly choking on him.
Bakugou holds your head still as he starts to rock his hips; he moves slowly at first, his thrusts shallow and even, but he quickly picks up speed when you whine around his cock. It isn’t long before he’s fucking your mouth, thrusts as rough as you’d expect from someone like him. His cockhead brushes against the back of your throat, his hips stuttering as he holds you like that, your lips pressed nearly against the base of his cock.
Somehow, you manage to keep your eyes on him. You force your throat to relax and swallow around him. His eyes almost roll back at the sensation, but he keeps his ruby gaze locked on you, watching how well you take him. He can only imagine how good you’re going to take his cock, too. He speeds up again, groaning as the pressure in his gut starts to build.
His cock pulls from your mouth with a wet sound, and you cough, sucking in greedy mouthfuls of air. Bakugou drags you off the floor, and your startled gasp is cut off by his hand wrapping around your throat. He doesn’t squeeze, unfortunately, just holds his palm there. The next thing you know, you’re being shoved against the nearest wall, your cheek pressed to the chilly surface as Bakugou all but rips off your skirt, leaving you in just your underwear and shoes. 
The fabric pools on the floor in a crumpled heap, and Bakugou kicks it aside in order to spread your legs from behind. You brace your hands against the wall, ass out, and he’s on you in a second.
Teasing is thrown out the window as he finally—finally—touches you. One of his hands reaches around you to grope your chest, palming your breast roughly before shoving the cup of your bra aside to tweak and pinch your nipple. You’re a panting, whining mess by the time he gets his hand between your legs. Two thick fingers drag over the crotch of your panties, and he actually laughs when he feels how wet you are. “Shit, you get that horny just from sucking my cock?”
Blearily, you nod, pressing your pussy closer to his hand. Bakugou shoves your panties to the side, fingers skimming through your wetness before rolling over your clit. You nearly sob at how good it feels to have him touch you. It’s like his hands were meant to please you, big and rough, his calloused fingers providing the perfect amount of friction. Each precise stroke of his fingers feeds the knot in your belly, keeping you right on the edge of coming undone.
“You’re gonna feel so fucking good on my cock,” he tells you removing his fingers from your clit to squeeze your ass. His cock quickly replaces his hand between your thighs, his thick length rubbing against your slick pussy, the head bumping against your clit with every stroke. Bakugou lets go of your breast; his hand slaps against the wall beside your head for balance. “Pretty cunt squeezing around me. That what you want?”
“Please. Oh, please,” you mumble. Anything to get him inside you. It almost hurts how turned on you are right now. From the corner of your eye, you see him reach for the hem of his shirt, about to pull it off. “Don’t!”
Bakugou goes absolutely still at your sharp cry. The only movement is his eyes snapping up to meet yours, flooded with concern as he checks to see if he’s hurting you.
But you whimper, trying to shove yourself back on his cock. “Don’t take it off,” you clarify breathlessly, legs quivering with the effort of holding yourself up.
The concern bleeds from his eyes, and they’re taken over by something dark and hungry instead as he realizes what you mean. He thrusts his cock between your thighs, your slick covering his cock as it drips from you. Your eyes flutter as he pressed against your clit again. “Don’t take what off?” He wants to hear you say it.
And you’re so painfully aroused that the words come spilling out of your mouth before you can stop him. “Your costume,” you choke out around a loud moan. “I want you to fuck me while you’re wearing your costume.” That’s one dirty little fantasy you’ve had for a while, maybe ever since you met him. The thought of him fucking you while he’s still in costume is almost too much, but god do you want it badly.
“That so?” he drawls. His hand drops from his shirt back to your ass cheek, groping you before spreading you from behind. He takes a step back, ignoring your whine, and whistles when he gets a good look at your dripping slit. Bakugou tugs your hips back, forcing your back to arch for him. “What a naughty little slut. You got a thing for heroes, baby?”
Just you, you think, but all you can do is moan his name. “Bakugou.”
You cry out as he slaps your ass. “No, no, no,” he repremends. “That's not what you call me.”
“Katsuki, please,” you manage to whine around a harsh swallow.
He spanks you again. “Come on, angel, you know what to say.” It takes a second for it to click, but when it does you blush. “Fuck, look how wet you are.” He chuckles as he looks at your glistening thighs. Another love tap lands on your reddening ass. “You like it when I spank you?”
“Yes,” you mewl.
He spreads your legs open wider. “Yes, what?”
You take a deep, shuddering breath, cheek pressed against the wall in front of you. “Yes, Ground Zero.” Your tongue runs across your bottom lip. “Sir,” you tack on.
“Good girl.” 
There’s no warning as he adjusts himself behind you, cock slamming into you hard enough to steal your breath. There’s no resistance, you're so wet. You pussy clenches around him, your walls sucking him in deeper. That’s all it takes for an orgasm to rip through you, the knot in your belly snapping so fast that all you can do is let out a silent scream as you slump forward against the wall.
Bakugou is equal parts shocked and amused as you try to milk his cock, and he grits his teeth as his dick twitches inside of you, almost pulling him over with you. “Fuck,” he laughs. “You cum just from me filling you up?” You whimper and nod. “Shit, you’re so fucking tight.” 
He presses you closer to the wall, and his arm slips beneath your knee, lifting your leg and holding you open. Your thigh burns from the stretch. His cock drags along your walls slowly before, only the tip left inside before he thrusts back into you, reaching deeper.
He picks up a steady pace, slamming into you over and over. You’re already so sensitive from your first orgasm, and little gasps and whines keep falling from your mouth with every brutal thrust as Bakugou finds your sweet spot, hitting it perfectly as he pounds you. He’s thick and hard inside you, even bigger than he was in your mouth, and your eyes widen when you realize he’s doing it on purpose. “How big can you get?” you gasp, moaning as his cock expands inside you, filling you up completely.
“As big as you fucking want me,” he snarls back, fucking you faster, hiking your leg up higher.
All you can do is hold on and take it.
You don’t know how much time passes, the only sounds are your heavy breathing and his harsh panting against your ear. Sweat drips down your back where he’s sliding over you, and his fingers bite into your thigh as he almost loses his grip. “You know whose office is on the other side of this wall?” he asks suddenly. “Answer me, baby!” A particularly harsh thrust follows the demand.
“No, Sir,” you pant.
“Fucking Deku.” He grits his teeth as that now familiar tingle goes right to his cock, but you don’t seem to notice the lie. “You think he’s in there right now? His desk is right on the other side.” You pussy squeezes around him, and Bakugou moans against the side of your neck. “I bet he can hear you in here panting like a whore as I fuck your slutty little cunt.”
Your back arches into him, the revelation reigniting the fire he lit inside you. That knot comes back, just as tight as before, and you tremble as you realize he’s going to make you cum again. “Ground Zero,” you whine.
He lets go of your thigh, but keeps your knee hooked around his elbow. His hand snakes around your hips to rub your clit, and you jerk against him. “He’s got some new intern, too. Some little high school brat.” A high-pitched, needy sound falls from your mouth. “Fuck, you sound so pretty when you moan my name.” He rolls your clit harder between his fingers, and the heat rolling from him is so sweltering that it’s hard to breathe. “Shit, you’re gonna be filling this kid’s fantasies for weeks. He’s probably gettin’ off to you right now.” His cock gets bigger inside you; his hips grind against you harder. “But your pussy’s mine, angel. Got that?”
You nod, delirious.
And, fuck, he just doesn’t stop talking. “You gonna cum?” he asks, fingers moving faster over your clit. “Gonna cum from thinking about Deku and his intern listening to me fuck you?” You shudder and gasp, shoving yourself back on his cock in a weak attempt to match his brutal pace. “That’s it, baby, cum on my fat cock. Let everyone know who’s making you feel so good. I wanna hear you scream so fucking loud that everyone in this goddamn building knows my name.”
Bakugou pinches your clit. Your eyes slam shut, body locking up as he throws you into another powerful climax. “Katsuki!” you shriek, his name ripping from your throat in a raw scream.
This time, he doesn’t hold himself back. A series of harsh thrusts drag out your orgasm until you’re sobbing, a few tears slipping out and rolling down your cheeks. His cock twitches, swelling, and he shoves inside of you as deep as he can go before cumming inside you, his thick seed filling you up and dripping down your thigh.
He doesn’t pull out, leaning his head against your shoulder as you both try and catch your breath. Bliss washes over you as he kisses your neck, mumbling a string of garbled praises against your ear.
You blush when something he said hits you full force, finally able to process it now that he’s not fucking you senseless. “Midoriya,” you gasp, trying to crane your head around to look at him.
Bakugou presses more of his weight against your back, slowly lowering your leg back to the floor. His hands grasp your hips when your legs threaten to collapse beneath you. “Bastards office is on the other wall,” he says, calming you down. “‘Sides, it’s his day off.”
Relief floods through you. “You have absolutely no filter, do you?”
He shrugs, kissing across your cheek. “I don’t see you complainin’.”
You laugh a little breathlessly. “You made me cum twice,” you remind him. “I don’t give a shit what you were saying.” You shift in his embrace, wincing as his cock moves inside you. Fuck, you’re sensitive.
He stills you. “The fuck do you think you’re doing?” he asks. When he sees your obviously confused look, he gives you a shallow thrust, his cock still hard inside you. “Oh, angel, we’ve still got thirty minutes, right? We’re just getting started.”
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tomurasprincess · 9 months ago
Kinktober Day 11: ABO (Conflagration)
Tumblr media
Day 11: A/B/O Title: Conflagration Pairing: Alpha Barbarian Bakugou x Omega F!Reader  Word Count: 3k Warnings: Fantasy AU. Dubcon, a/b/o dynamics, knotting, public sex, exhibitionism, biting/marking, yandere Note: Hope you guys enjoy, sorry it’s a bit late! I used all my brain power for the night to finish this.
Kinktober Masterlist
Tumblr media
When you saw the fires begin at the far edge of the village, you already knew that the wolf clan of Bakugou Katsuki had come to pillage your home.
The clan was vicious, almost rabid. They would loot whatever valuables they could find along with basic food and other supplies and burn whatever they didn’t need. As for the people, most would be slaughtered where they stood. But every so often, a young man or woman would be taken by the clan, always omegas. There were many theories of what would happen to them. Some said that they would be eaten, and others said they would become mates.
What the truth was, nobody truly knew, because the ones taken were never seen again.
And now here the wolf clan is, practically at your doorstep. There was no warning given, and nobody had prepared for an attack. You glance around to see only chaos everywhere you look. People grabbing whatever they can and running away from the devastation.
But if the tales of the clan are true, then running will do no good. They work efficiently, surrounding a village from all sides and killing whoever tries to leave. The people may well be running into a trap. But it’s still better than doing nothing.
Unfortunately, your family’s home is towards the end of the village where the fires are already burning, forcing you to go the exact way that you don’t want. But you have no choice. You would rather die than escape without your family. And so you make your way quickly towards your home, darting into small alleys and back streets as much as you can just in case the wolves have already pressed this far into the village.
It is a tense journey, and you find yourself jumping at every shadow as your heart threatens to beat out of your chest. Wondering if this is the moment when your luck finally runs out and you find a wolf waiting to rip your heart from your chest. But you encounter no resistance, and finally you see your house standing before you. A sense of elation runs through you at it being untouched, the fires having not reached it yet.
But that elation quickly turns to terror when you see a wolf appear into your field of view, looking at you with wild eyes that are full of bloodlust. He is in a warrior form, a grotesque mixture of wolf and human that they use to raid villages, as it’s a form that they can both fight and gather supplies in.
You close your eyes and brace for the pain of being torn to shreds, only to hear a sharp “oi!” and a snarled command that you don’t recognize. Your eyes fly open to see the wolf in warrior form run further into town, and a wolf in human form standing in his place. The fact that he is still in human form amidst so much death and fear speaks to how powerful he must be, as wolves have the tendency to lose their focus and turn into wolves when there is so much blood in the air.
The man is shirtless, wearing nothing but some necklaces with what looks to be bones dangling from it. He has leather breeches and boots on, and his bare arms are covered in tribal tattoos. His blond hair is messy and wild looking, and his red eyes are staring at you with such deep intensity that you feel a chill creep up your spine. 
Every muscle in your body is telling you to run, but doing so will be a death sentence. Wolves love to chase down their prey, to hunt and root them out from whatever hiding place they find. And your instincts tell you that this may well be Bakugou Katsuki himself, his aura being almost unbearably strong.
He begins to saunter towards you, effortlessly confident and every bit the predator approaching terrified prey. You stay stock still, trying to control your breathing. Despite his overwhelming presence, you feel no desire to harm you. He comes to stand dangerously close to you, towering over your small shivering form. He smells like blood and smoke, and you’re ashamed to admit that it appeals to your nature as an omega.
“What’s your name, little lamb?” He growls out the sentence as he traces a finger down your face. 
You whisper it to him, proud of the fact that your voice doesn’t break. “And that house over there,” he points to your humble family home nearby. “That’s yours?”
You give a simple wordless nod as his eyes roam up and down your body like he’s assessing you, and you wonder what he’s thinking. Is he going to kill you? Let you go?
What you don’t expect is him wrapping his arms around you, pulling you tightly against him as he buries his nose into your neck. He takes a deep whiff of your scent right at the pulse point where your pheromone gland is, and something in his demeanor instantly changes.
He drags you into the middle of the main street, forcing you down on hands and knees as he ruts against the curve of your ass. You let out a startled cry as his own pheromones overwhelm you, causing you to instantly flood your undergarments with slick. It isn’t time for your heat, you think nervously, but if he keeps this up, you might be thrown into an early one. 
And then you’ll be in even deeper danger than you are now.
“Mate,” he snarls ferally into your ear as he continues to hump against your backside, wrapping a hand into your hair as he forces your back to arch. He nips at your neck, not breaking the skin but biting hard enough that you can feel it. You let out a soft moan as he licks against the gland where the mating bond would go, feeling desire even through the fear that he’ll bite down and claim you as his forever.
“Bakugou, what the hell are you doing, man?” You’re interrupted suddenly by someone in human form, wearing similar clothing as the man holding you down in a vice grip. He has bright red hair spiked up, and you can see every defined muscle as he walks towards you.
Your worst fears are confirmed at the name. You really are being held by Bakugou Katsuki, alpha leader of the most dangerous wolf clan in the land.
Bakugou’s grip turns even tighter, and you whimper a bit at the pressure, knowing that he’s most likely leaving bruises. At your pained noise, however, he loosens his grip a bit and looks up to glare at his fellow wolf. “Kirishima, get the fuck away.” You’re surprised he’s even able to talk with how much his instincts seem to be taking over, although he punctuates his words with a pause in between. “Mate. My mate.”
You can’t decide if you want Kirishima to help you, or not to help you. Your own instincts are running wild at the thought of being mated to such an alpha, while your rational mind is screaming that you don’t want this. As you’re briefly considering begging Kirishima for help, the decision is taken from you. 
“Man, that’s awesome,” Kirishima’s eyes turn to instant understanding, and a big smile crosses his face. “But couldn’t you wait until -”
Bakugou snaps his jaws and lets out an incoherent snarl at the man, and Kirishima holds his hands up in a placating gesture. “Alright then,” he says cheerfully, as if Bakugou had done nothing, “try to go easy on her, at least. She’s probably scared.” 
“One thing before you go,” Bakugou manages to say, even though all he wants to do is for Kirishima to leave. “Take care of things for me, will you?” There is an edge to his voice, a hidden meaning behind the words that you just can’t seem to grasp. But Kirishima seems to understand instantly, a big toothy grin overtaking his face. 
“Gotcha, Bakugou. Will do.” And with that, the man turns and walks further into your village. You had been so preoccupied with Bakugou and Kirishima that you didn’t notice the fact that even more of your village is on fire.
There’s a sharp nip at your neck, and you startle a bit. “Pay attention to me, little lamb.” You instantly glance behind you to meet his gaze, and your pussy clenches as more slick drips out of you at what you see.
Bakugou’s pupils are full blown and focused entirely on you, more of the wolf than the human reflected in them. Sweat pours down his face as he pants heavily, the strain of keeping himself under control almost too much to bear. You realize something very quickly.
He’s going into a rut. 
That knowledge causes your pussy to throb, hormones screaming at you to be claimed by an alpha. But no, not even just that. To be claimed by your alpha. You let out a deep whine from the back of your throat as your heat tears through your body like the fires raging in your village. 
“I can smell you, little lamb,” he chuckles as he nuzzles your shoulder blades. “You’re going into heat.” Your dress is ripped off of you in one smooth movement and thrown away from your body, and your undergarments are quick to follow. “You can’t resist such a powerful alpha, can you, omega?”
You whine again as you find your hips pushing back against him, wordlessly asking him for more. Sweat is pouring from your body and your skin feels too tight. Your pussy is gushing slick, and with no panties to contain it, it simply drips to the ground.  You glance back to see that the front of Bakugou’s breeches are glistening with it, and you feel your cheeks heat up in embarrassment.
“I asked you a question,” his voice takes on a deep, almost threatening tone. “You need to answer your mate.”
“Please,” you simply say, unable to tell if you’re asking him to stop or asking him to never stop. But he takes this as affirmation as he rips his own pants off, not even wasting time to unbuckle them. He’s wearing no underwear underneath, and his cock is rock hard and standing staight up. It’s so thick that you wonder if it will even fit inside of you, and the thought of even trying causes your pussy to clench around nothing out of sheer lust.
“Can’t wait anymore,” he growls in a low, deep voice. He’s beginning to lose control, the scent of an unbred omega filling the air and dripping slick onto him too much for him to withstand. He trails his cock up your slit, lubing up his cockhead before he sheathes himself inside of you in one sharp thrust.
You let out a wail as your inner walls stretch and clamp down around his thickness, more wetness gushing out to aid him. The sting of it is sharp and hot, but you can’t help wanting more. Wanting him to fuck you like the feral animal he truly is.
As if he can read your mind, he begins to thrust, giving you little time to adjust before he’s slamming into your tight heat. His balls hit your clit, and the force of his thrusts causes your hands and knees to dig into the harsh ground below you. You can smell your own blood as one of the rocks cuts into your open palm, and it only makes the wolf buried deep inside of you go even wilder.
He grips your hips with blunt nails, digging in for leverage as he forces you back repeatedly onto him. Your breasts bounce as you dig your nails harder into the dirt in an attempt to ground yourself, but it’s no use. Your head is spinning from all the stimulation, and you feel as if you’d float away if only Bakugou wasn’t holding onto you.
“Fuck, your pussy feels so good, such a good omega,” he praises you in between harsh growls and pants. “My good little omega, my mate.”
You whine as you push yourself back to meet his thrusts, one hand lifting up to reach between your body to find your clit. He stops his movements long enough to slap your hand away as he snarls at you. “That is my job, you hear me?”
You give a quick nod, only for your eyes to roll back into your head as his own hand grips your pussy. “Fuckin’ choking my cock with this pussy, aren’t you? God you’re so tight.” Two fingers slip between your folds to grind hard around your aching bead, and you let out a squeal as an unexpected orgasm tears through you. Your pussy pulses around him, and Bakugou hisses out a curse under his breath that you can’t understand. 
Your body begins to go limp, no longer being able to keep up with his savage thrusts. “No resting yet, my mate,” he wraps an arm around your front, pulling you up and pressing your back into his chest. He nuzzles your neck, licking the sweat drenched skin until he comes to your scent gland.
He bares his fangs and sinks his teeth deeply into you, and you scream loud enough that you’re sure the entire village can hear you as he claims you as his mate permanently. His fangs bury into your flesh as deep as they can go, and you can feel blood trickling down your front. His entire demeanor changes as he marks your mating bond, more of the savage barbarian peeking out. 
He forces you up into his lap, not even removing his teeth from your neck as he begins to pound into your soaked pussy. You whimper and whine with every thrust as he bottoms out inside of you with every movement, hitting your cervix in such a way that even the pain feels wonderful.  “Mate, please, please please,” you find yourself chanting, “please don’t stop, oh fuck.”
His pace is becoming erratic, and you’re not sure why until you feel pressure at the entrance of your pussy. His knot is beginning to swell. Your whole body sings in anticipation of feeling that knot inside, tying the two of you together. 
He begins to hump into you sharply, forcing a wail from your throat as you hear the soft pop as his knot is pushed through the tight muscles at your entrance. Short, shallow thrusts of his cock inside of you has the knot traveling up your soaked pussy, pressing hard against your inner walls and causing you to tremble and pant. His knot tugs against you, and tears run down your face from the sheer pleasure of being so full.
It gets lodged halfway up your passage, the thickest part of the knot grinding against a sensitive spot inside of you and wrenching a scream from your throat. Your lower stomach begins to tighten, toes curling as you shake from the stimulation. Your pussy won’t stop fluttering around him, intense pressure building up inside of you as you near another orgasm.  There are no longer any words from Bakugou, merely snarls and growls as he continues to rut into your pussy like a man possessed. His fingers grind down around your swollen bead, causing you to tumble over the edge.
He groans and uses your distraction to grip your hips and force his knot all the way to your cervix in one movement. You’re still cumming, and you can’t tell if his cock fully expanding inside of you throws you into another orgasm or simply prolongs it.
You’ve reached the end of your endurance, and you lay your head to rest on the ground, too tired to do anything else but lay limp and let him do what he wishes to you. Finally his knot swells to full size, and with one deep groan, his cock spasms inside of you as he fills you up with his cum. You can feel the heat spreading through your insides, the knot preventing a single drop from being wasted.
He removes his teeth from your neck, eliciting a small gasp, not of pain but of pleasure. You’re covered in his scent, marked by his teeth, and filled with his knot and cum. 
And you’ve never felt better, more alive than you do at this very moment.
He pulls you up enough to fit you onto his lap, pulling your back tightly against his front and placing small open mouthed kisses around the column of your neck. “My good little mate,” he murmurs into your skin, and you shiver at the praise. He holds you there for a while, caressing over your body and whispering sweet nothings into your ear until his knot swells and he can remove it.
He slides it gently out of your ravaged pussy, and your sadness over being so empty must show on your face. “Don’t worry, I’ll fill you up again soon enough. Things have already been taken care of, so I just need to get you out of here now”
He sets you gently down as he removes the fur lined cape he had on before, wrapping it around your naked body to cover you from the eyes of the rest of his pack before lifting you back into his arms. He walks slowly through the devastation of your village, and finally the horror settles back in.
Your family’s home is completely engulfed in flames, roof caving in as you stare. You don’t even know when the house caught fire, or who caught it on fire, as you were too busy - 
Your eyes squeeze shut, mind reeling from what you truly were busy doing as your family lay dying in the house barely down the street.
You try to leap from his arms, to run in and save them even though you know there is no hope. But your mate holds you firmly in his grip. “Shh, don’t be sad, you don’t need that family of yours,” he leans in to gently bump his head against yours. 
“After all, I’m your family now, my little mate.”
Tumblr media
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
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karmasuna · a year ago
Todoroki, Deku and Bakugou headcanons for getting hit by a quirk that turns them into a plush doll? They're completely immobile but they can still think, but they're freaking out. they;re being hugged into their crush's chest? They're not turned around when crush changes. They hear their crush talking to themselves and others. Crush kissed their plushed cheeks because they're too shy to do so to the original? Boys do not know what to do
i’m so sorry but i just couldn’t come up with anything for deku :-; so here’s todo and baku i hope that’s okay with you!
todoroki and bakugo || shinso
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shoto
Tumblr media
○ Todoroki gets turned into a plush doll and just so happened to be in Uraraka’s room 
○ and since she wasn’t aware that the plush was the actual boy himself, her first instinct was to take it to you 
○ “Look Y/N, someone dropped this cute plush Todoroki by my room! I’ll give him to you so you can have your own Todoroki,” she says, sending you a wink before leaving you alone with it
○ at first you don’t really know what to do with it, wondering if you should hide it in case one of the boys comes in and accidentally discovers your crush 
○ but upon closer inspection of the doll you realize that he’s way too cute to just stuff aside in a drawer
○ so you resort to hiding him under your covers whenever someone comes into your room so they don’t suspect anything
○ there’s pros and cons to his new home under your covers. it almost makes him light-headed to be surrounded by your scent, but he’s not exactly sure whether it’s that or the lack of oxygen from being trapped under heavy blankets
○ the fact that he’s literally buried in your chest when you sleep since you hold him so close doesn’t help calm his racing heart at all, and it’s a fact that Todoroki the plushie does not get enough sleep at all
○ but he’ll definitely cherish the experience while he still can
○ and you would have a lot to discuss when the quirk finally wears off and you wake up to the real Todoroki in your arms fast asleep
Tumblr media
Bakugo Katsuki
Tumblr media
○ Kaminari and Kirishima were there when Bakugo got turned into a plushie, so they obviously knew that the plush Bakugo sitting in their common room was in fact, the actual Bakugo himself
○ what he was not expecting was for his friends to take advantage of his current state. Kaminari maybe, but Kirishima? Bakugo’s very very disappointed
○ the two of them practically shove the doll onto you when you come back to the dorms, telling you to take good care of doll as if he were the real Bakugo ( “unleash all your wildest fantasies onto that thing, Y/N!”)
○ but he’s way too surprised by the fact that you didn’t deny having romantic fantasies about him to start plotting his friends’ murders
○ at first he does try to still give you privacy even though he practically lived on your bed now, looking away when you’re changing and trying not to ogle at how cute you looked in that oversized sweater
○ it’s not easy though, when you keep on kissing him. He’s glad that you can’t see the burning of his cheeks or the way his eyes follow your form around shamelessly after a few days of trying not to, ogling your exposed skin when you’re clad in nothing but oversized clothing in the privacy of your room (or so you thought)
○ at first he feels a little bad about peeping on you like this, but eventually he figures he’ll either pretend it never happened if you don’t find out or blame it on Kaminari
○ but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying all the love and attention you were giving him. It’s like a fever dream for him, and he would’ve never thought in a million years that you possibly liked him back
○ with all the sappy things you keep on telling him while you cuddle him close, he’s come to the conclusion that he probably wouldn’t get rejected if he actually did ask you out, so he sets his mind on asking you out when he’s turned back and can actually talk again
○ and you don’t know what surprises you more when you wake up one morning to a full sized Bakugo in your arms, the fact that he was awake and looked calmer than you’d ever seen him before or the way he also had his arms wrapped tightly around your waist
○ “Why do you look like that, idiot? Don’t act like you haven’t been telling me you wanted this every day for the past week.”
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azucanela · a year ago
bakugou/todoroki reacting to their s.o. who usually wears long sleeves and pants wearing a casual dress? please feel free to include anyone else! also if it's ok can you add a bit of spice or smth 👉👈
[ft. bakugou katsuki, shinsou hitoshi, todoroki shoto]
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: for the first time, the boys witness you in a dress and... it ends pretty well for you. 
WARNINGS: make out session, kissing, insecurities, SPICE, implications 
A/N: THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING THIS IT MAKES ME HAPPY TO WRITE IT <3 also this is as unholy as it gets [for now] a lil spicy hehe, just a tad 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s taken you on dates, and normally you wear jeans and a t-shirt, and he’s fine with it, he doesn’t care, your clothes your business, you wear what you want and look good no matter what it is. sweats? hot. sweatshirt? hot.
dress? probably hot, he hasn’t seen you in one yet.
it’s getting warmer, and pants are for losers, so naturally, you wear a pretty lil sundress for your upcoming date with bakugo
he comes to get you in your dorm room, and you text him that the doors unlocked and he’s like AIGHT BET
not the type to knock before entering, but you have thankfully already been dressed and as he enters he realizes that his hypothesis was in fact correct
you are very hot in a dress
very pretty
he’s confused though, like since when is this a thing, why are you being so casual about it? did he forget something important? when was your anniversary? 
“what the hell?”
you’re like ??? because nothing has changed
so he’s like “you’re.. in a dress.”
“OH,,, haha... yeah.”
now he’s made you insecure, you suck katsuki
once he passes the confusion he is checking you out, your thighs are exposed, and so are your arms, so he’s a lil distracted and doesn’t realize he’s distressed you
when he finally comes to he goes to compliment you, “you look-”
“bad? i should change-”
“NO.” he shouts, and it is a little too quickly and aggressive, so his cheeks flush at this outburst, “you look pretty.”
then he realizes he was too nice, “idiot.
you smile at him, and move to the door, only for him to kick it closed
you’re like ???
he’s like
Tumblr media
Katsuki tries to avoid the looks he gets from the rest of his classmates as he makes his way to Y/N’s dorm room, hands shoved into his pockets as he walks. They had a movie to get to, and Katsuki wanted to make sure they had time to get snacks before the movie started, so he intended to begin rushing her. Removing one of his hands from his pocket, he turns Y/N’s door knob, shoving the door open.
He pushes it slightly behind him, but not enough that it closes since he doesn’t intend to be here long, Katsuki looks up and turns to her, “oh hey Katsuki.”
She’s putting some things in her purse, which is on her bed, so she’s slightly bent over as she shoves some cash inside it. Meanwhile, Katsuki can’t help the astonishment that washes over his features as eyes her. “What the hell?” He can’t help but exclaim at the sight before him. This was the most skin he’d seen since... since ever.
Not that he was complaining. 
Y/N’s brows furrowed at his comment, standing up and bringing her purse onto her shoulder she looked at him and tilted her head in confusion. “Excuse me?”
Katsuki opened and closed his mouth once or twice, trying to find words as he let out a noise of frustration, gesturing to her, “you’re wearing a dress!” Exasperation clear in his tone, confused as to how she hadn’t seen this as an abnormality. Had he forgotten something? An anniversary perhaps?
Y/N, on the other hand, felt her cheeks warm at this. It hadn’t really crossed her mind that she didn’t wear dresses often, much less clothing that revealed her skin, which was littered with scars from the training and all the incidents there had been in the school year thus far. She couldn’t help the thought that rushed through her minds as she responded rather lamely, “yeah. I am.”
Katuski collected himself, “well, you look-”
“Bad? I should change-” Y/N began, preparing to go to her closet to find another outfit.
Only for Katsuki to call out, “NO!” His cheeks flushing red as he realized how ridiculous his outburst must look, Katsuki looked away. “You look nice... idiot.” 
Y/N beamed at him, moving towards him and the partially open door that he stood by, she grasped his hand, “let’s go then!” 
As she brought her hand to the knob, she was yanked back by Katsuki, who released her hand when she was close enough pulled her to his chest, pressing his lips to hers. Y/N’s free hand came up to hold his jaw, while his hands dug into her hips as he kicked the door behind him closed before shoving Y/N onto it. 
Gasping at the sudden movement, her other hand came to his hair and tugged harshly on it. In response, Katsuki released her lips and brought his mouth to her neck, one of his hands coming to the bare skin of her thigh and pulling it up to hold against himself. Pressing open mouthed kisses onto her neck, Y/N let her head fall back onto the door, giving him better access.
Exhaling deeply, Y/N spoke, “Katsuki we’re gonna be late.” As much as she wanted to disregard the movie, they’d already paid for their tickets, and she wasn’t in the mood to waste money.
In response, he bit down on her neck, causing her grip on his hair to tighten before he looked back up at her, swollen lips baring a cocky grin, “I don’t mind being late, babe.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s so cute ugh
anyways, i feel like his range in terms of style is trash bag or finest man in the room so he doesn’t care how you dress and if you switch it up on occasion
this does not make him immune to the S H O C K
you’re going out with friends, but he doesn’t know this so he comes over
you open the door for him like ? but then a light bulb goes off in your head like yes! your bf! he can help! surely!
so you let him in and now he is in shock
like wow you are always hot but WOW
dresses 4 life in shinsou’s book
rip shinsou 2020
he’s dead
look what you did
who gonna help you with that zipper now huh
very respectful gentleman though
he looks RESPECTFULLY and TOUCHES respectfully
and he really wants to touch 
helps you with your zipper tho
because he is a good boy
but you lowkey noticed his change in attitude and well...
Tumblr media
Shinsou was bored, so naturally, he was going to visit his lovely girlfriend at her dorm. It was odd, not receiving the cruel glares from his fellow students for his so called ‘villainous’ quirk. Then again, his girlfriend was the most powerful student in her dorm, and the people there either already liked him, or were forced to get over themselves when the two had started dating.
Nobody wanted to face the wrath of Y/N L/N.
He made his way to your door, smiling briefly at those he passed, a small wave to one student he knew particularly well. Shinsou knocked at the door, and the sound of shuffling came from inside, before the door peeked open slightly to reveal Y/N’s head, a smile making its way onto her face as she saw Shinsou.
“Oh, Shinsou! Perfect, come in and help me.” Cute.
His brows furrowed in confusion as he looked at her, and a small laugh left him, “alright.” Y/N. was sure to hide her body behind the door as she let him in, only increasing his confusion as he entered and she closed the door behind her. “Babe, what are you doing?” 
When she closed the door, he finally got a full view of her body and realized she was wearing a dress. Shinsou couldn’t help the moment of shock he had as he looked her up in down. “You look beautiful.” He commented, coughing as he averted his eyes. He was looking, respectfully until his eyes trailed a little too low and-
“Would you mind zipping me up?” Y/N asked, turning around, exposing her naked back to him, save for the clasp of her bra. 
Oh god you were trying to kill him.
Inhaling sharply, he nodded, “yeah, yeah, sure.” He replied. Moving closer, he brought his hands to her hips, allowing them to linger momentarily. He tilted his head as he noticed a scar running up her back, and couldn’t help but trace it upwards. Y/N felt her cheeks warm at this action, a shiver running up her spine being all it took for Shinsou to break contact entirely, “sorry.” He mumbled, embarrassed, his hand coming to the zipper and pulling it upwards.
She simply shook her head, turning around to face him, his cheeks burning red. “It’s fine.” Y/N brought her hand under his jaw and pulled him into a kiss, her other hand going to his arm.
Shinsou hummed into the kiss, allowing his hands to trail up his back once more, he finds himself regretting that he helped her zip of the dress as he presses her closer to him. 
Y/N pulls away momentarily, much to Shinsou’s dismay, before pressing another peck to his lips and shoving him backwards. The backs of his knees hitting her bed frame, causing him to fall into a seat on the bed. Shinsou raises a brow, watching her figure come between his now spread legs and tilt his head up to bring him into another kiss. 
His eyes flutter close as he finds his hands gripping her thighs, pulling onto himself before the other followed, allowing Y/N to straddle him, “what’cha doing, kitten?” He mumbled against her lips. She released his lips only to bring her own to his neck, as his hands hands went under her dress and up her thighs until-
“I have to go meet my friends.” She mumbled into his neck, exhaling deeply.
Shinsou groaned in annoyance, falling backwards onto her bed, “tease.” He grumbled under his breath, looking to her as she slipped off of him and amended her appearance, he couldn’t help but smile. “Have fun.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ahem anyways.
shoto always looks nice, its in his nature and how he was raised, so he could be the wearing the best fit in the room and you could be wearing sweats but he really does not care
he doesn’t really notice what you wear tbh, you’re pretty to him no matter what so
bb boy is just sitting at the bench, you two had agreed to meet up at the mall, and he intended to SPOIL you, per usual, not that you knew this
you did not approve of his spending habits
you are his spending habits
he’s on his phone, preparing to text you, and he sees a figure appear in front of him, white dress with flowers on it is all thats in his vision
he’s about to be like stranger danger what do you need until he looks up and sees
GASP its you!
and you look MIGHTY FINE 
you always look mighty fine, no matter what you wear, but the fact that this was something new made it even better. shoto didn’t particularly care what you wore but WOW
he kinda just cannot speak, like his mouth gapes open, you have left him speechless, good job
he’s definitely eyeing you, and he isn’t very subtle but you look so GOOD like what the hell who allowed this
insert anime nosebleed from todoroki
you are going off on a tangent about bees or smth idk and he’s like not paying attention your words but he certainly is paying attention to how nice the upper half of your body is looking rn
he does not understand the feeling he is having but he does understand he really really really wants to kiss you
several times
and he wants to touch
you are there like “shoto???”
and hes like yes, anything for you my sweet love, what do you need
“yes love?”
ugh shoto and petnames just
a simp
anyways you guys go to the mall and he’s holding you closer than normal, and even if todo is an oblivious bb, if he happens to come across someone look at you the way only he can look at you?
its over lol burn down the mall
what was SUPPOSED a lil intimate lunchtime behind the mall in a more empty area turns into spicy todo
Tumblr media
Sighing as he shifted on the bench, phone in hand as he prepared to text his fashionably late girlfriend, Shoto realized someone was approaching him, a white dress spotted with pink flowers filled his vision and his brows furrowed. Shoto opened his mouth to speak to the stranger, looking up only to realize it was no stranger.
It was his fashionably late girlfriend. 
Shoto couldn’t help but straighten his back at the sight of her, mouth gaping open as he eyed her appearance. This was... abnormal. He rarely took note of her outfits, however he’d never seen so much bare skin, that much he knew. 
Y/N simply pressed a kiss to his cheek, as though nothing was amiss, she began to speak of the difficulty she experienced on the way to the mall. Shoto failed to pay attention though, his eyes lingering on her upper body as he nodded along in the midst of his shock.
“Anyways, would you mind if we ate first?” The breeze blew her hair slightly, and Y/N basked in the sun, “maybe we could eat outside.” She suggested.
Snapping out of his trance, Shoto nodded rapidly, “of course, love.” 
Y/N beamed at him, extending a hand for him, which he accepted, pressing a kiss to it before sitting up. 
This was also... abnormal. Shoto never deprived her of affection, but in public it was rare for him to kiss her and he just- Y/N tried to shake herself of these thoughts, but couldn’t help the warmth that she felt spread across her cheeks as they began to head inside the mall. When they made it to the food court Y/N selected a soba place, bringing a smile onto Shoto’s face, though when she tried to pay, Shoto had already been tipping the person at the cashier $100. 
As Y/N had previously suggested, the two made their way outside, and as Shoto suggested, they found a more desolate space to enjoy their food. They had ended up behind the mall in a small, unbothered, field. He’d stopped by a store to purchase and blanket, and Y/N couldn’t help but get excited at the concept of a makeshift picnic. The pair sat down on the blanket, placing the bag of food down. 
Shoto couldn’t help the smile that found its way onto his face as he looked at her, “you look beautiful.” He complimented, crossing his legs.
Y/N beamed up at him, “thank you, Shoto.” She leaned forwards, on her hands and knees as she pressed a kiss onto his lips. Shoto pulls away momentarily,  only for his hands to find their way onto her face, deepening the kiss.
Pulling away, Y/N raises a brow, “you’re awfully affectionate today.” She points out, moving to sit down closer to him as she brings a hand to play with his hair.
“Well, I want to touch you.” Comes his response, and in that moment Y/N contemplates cursing Shoto out for his bluntness, though she’s distracted when one of his hands comes to her thigh, “may I?”
Oh god.
Y/N nods, enjoying this side of Shoto as he brings his other hand under her other thigh, pulling her into his lap before pressing another kiss to her lips. Shoto sighs contentedly at this, and Y/N’s hand remains in his hair, tugging gently at the bicolored locks. Meanwhile, his hands wander her body in wonder as he breaks the kiss to place his lips on her neck. Y/N can’t help but lean her neck further back. 
“Happy?” She mumbled as he pressed a kiss to her collarbone.
Shoto looks up at her to respond, “very.”
Tumblr media
A/N: this is my favorite thing it was literally so fun to write omg
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plainbrunettelbl · 10 months ago
ABO HC How (A) Todoroki, (A) Bakugo, and (A) Hawks would react to finding the (O) Reader held hostage:
Word count: 3199
Warnings: Cursing, violence, mentions of blood, and assault.   
Title: ABO HC How (A) Todoroki, (A) Bakugo, and (A) Hawks would react to finding the (O) Reader held hostage:
Summary: Your Alpha walks in on you being tied to a chair and he is not happy. 
You had been a well-kept secret from the public. No one knew that your famous Pro Hero Alpha was courting an Omega or even in a long-standing relationship. Your Alpha was too paranoid about your safety to let any of the news outlets find out about your existence.  
You supposed it would have been beneficial for the public to know now that you were in this situation. Surely if the villains knew they would come across an Omega, resting in their nest, they wouldn't have tried to rob the Pro Hero’s house. 
You put up quite the fight once you smelled unfamiliar Alphas near your nest. One hard knock to your head had you subdued. You didn’t dwell over your quick loss considering one Alpha was nursing his swollen balls. 
You got in one good kick before the painful hit fell on your head. 
Now here you sat, tied to a chair, while the robbers argued with each other and what they should do now.
Tumblr media
🧊🔥-“I told you we should have checked the place out before we robbed it! I would have never tried to rob the place if I had known a freaking Omega was here!” The brunette Alpha growled, glaring at his blond friend. 
🧊🔥-“What’s the big deal? So what if the little icy-hot freak has a girlfriend? We will be out of here before he even comes home.” The blond scoffs, shoving expensive silverware and china into his black bag. 
🧊🔥-“You should know how Alpha’s get around their Omegas! He is gonna hunt us down! I don’t want a Pro Hero on my ass.” The brunette seethed, glaring at the goose egg on your head. “Especially since you decided to hit the poor thing! We will be lucky if he doesn’t skin us alive!”
🧊🔥-“The bitch hit me in the balls! Of course, I thumped her one on the head, serves the Omega slut right!” The blonde huffed, sick of hearing his partner complain instead of ransacking the place. 
🧊🔥-“Mmh.” You mumbled, your eyes blinking open to a fuzzy view. 
🧊🔥-“Fucking shit! They’re waking up! I’m not dealing with a weepy Omega.” The brunette cursed, going into Shoto’s office to avoid the whole situation altogether. 
🧊🔥-“Well, if it isn’t Miss nut-cracker.” The blond chuckled darkly, walking over to your tied up frame.
🧊🔥-You didn’t back down and just glared at the dumb fool. 
🧊🔥-“Aren’t too smart, are you? What type of shitty criminal robs a Pro Hero? Dumb ones, that’s what.” You spit, narrowing your blurry eyes at him. 
🧊🔥-No doubt you would need to go to the doctor after this whole ordeal. Not like you would have a choice. You were sure even if they didn’t lay a hand on you that Shoto would have insisted on one. 
🧊🔥-“You dumb little bitch!” The blond lifted his ring covered hand to hit you again. You tried not to flinch as it came down to strike you. 
🧊🔥-The brunette stood in the office doorway, his bag filled with expensive clocks and other expensive desk items. 
🧊🔥-“I got everything in the office. Did you...” The brunette didn’t get to finish his sentence. 
🧊🔥-The front door was busted open. Shoto had smelled two Alphas on the other side of the door and he was not pleased. He was even less pleased when the door slammed open to reveal his battered Omega tied to a chair. 
🧊🔥-His mismatched eyes turned dark. The temperature in the room both dropped and elevated at the same time. His tired body was instantly filled with murderous intent. 
🧊🔥-A loud growl shook the room. 
🧊🔥-How DARE they lay a hand on their Omega! His vision tinted red and his fangs dropped. 
🧊🔥-“This will only take a minute, Y/N. I’ll take out this trash.” He calmly said, his tone was so cold you felt yourself shiver even knowing his silent rage wasn’t directed at you.
🧊🔥-“Yes, Alpha.” You responded, making sure voice quivered a little. You may have been glaring right back at the intruders before he came but you wanted them to suffer so you played the scared Omega role. 
🧊🔥-They lost your sympathy as soon as they pulled you from your nest. 
🧊🔥-The robbers, who were frozen in fear by the intimidating Alpha’s entrance, shuffled into action. 
🧊🔥-The brunette was quick to give his partner up. “He hit her, not me!” He said, before running down the hall, looking for a way to escape. 
🧊🔥-“You fucking asshole!” The blonde shouted, trying to run out of the room as well. 
🧊🔥-He didn’t get far, ice trapped his feet and his lower body soon followed. Shoto made sure to form it in a way that sharp icicles tore at his skin if he so much as moved half an inch. 
🧊🔥-He wanted to shoot an icicle into his leg for good measure but he didn’t feel like cleaning up blood off his floor. He wished to burn the skin off his bone but you had forbidden him from using fire in the house. 
🧊🔥-He had accidentally caught one of your favorite blankets on fire and was banned for life. 
🧊🔥-“We didn’t know she was here! If we had known we wouldn’t have come!” The blond groveled, panicked at the feral look in Shoto’s eyes. 
🧊🔥-“You could have left after you saw my Omega was here, but you stayed and decided to hit her too. You should be lucky I didn’t just kill you on the spot.” He growled, cutting the blond’s cheek just a bit with an ice shard. 
🧊🔥-The blond just whimpered and passed out. Shoto was quick to hunt down the other and give him the same treatment. He had made it out of the house so he was pleased to release his burning anger out on him. 
🧊🔥-Once they were out of the way, Shoto ran to your side and burning away the binds holding you down. 
🧊🔥-“Are you okay, my Dove?” His voice was soft, his cold hand going up to your head and trying to soothe the aching bump. 
🧊🔥-“Yes, I’m just a little dizzy. Everything’s a little fuzzy right now.” You leaned into his gentle touch. 
🧊🔥-“I’ll call someone to deal with those two. Let’s get you to the hospital, my Dove.” He hurriedly lifted you and carried you to his car. He treated you like glass when he sat you down in the passenger seat. 
🧊🔥-You leaned your head against the cold window as he dashed around to the driver’s side. Your head hurt too much to look out the window so you kept your eyes closed. 
🧊🔥-Your Alpha made sure you didn’t accidentally slip asleep. 
🧊🔥-You let out a small whine when a thought crossed your mind. 
🧊🔥-“Alpha my nest is gonna smell like them.” You sniffed, opening your teary eyes to look at him. 
🧊🔥-Shoto’s hands went white on the wheel, his face contorted into a snarl. He couldn’t wait to visit them again at the station. He had friends there that wouldn’t hesitate to turn a blind eye. 
🧊🔥-His anger instantly simmered when his eyes met your glassy ones. 
🧊🔥-“Don’t worry, Little Dove. I’ll buy you more. We can even go shopping at that blanket store you like so much.” He assured, taking one hand off the wheel and clasping it in yours. 
🧊🔥-Your eyes lit up. “Really! It’s kinda expensive though, I don’t need new ones. I am sure we can find some nice second-hand ones.” You squeezed his hand, bring it up to your lips to place a kiss on it. 
🧊🔥-Your exhausted brain choosing to ignore the specks of blood on his hand. 
🧊🔥-“My Dove, what have I said about me spending money on you?” He gently reprimanded, his eyes still soft. 
🧊🔥-“Accept it and say thank you.” You repeated without delay. 
🧊🔥-“Exactly, I won’t hear any more about it.” He ended the discussion, his eyes focusing back on the road while his hand remained in your grasp. 
🧊🔥-If your head wasn’t killing you, you would have been bouncing in your seat. “I can’t wait! They are coming out with some pretty fall blankets soon! Oooh! We have to get some cute Halloween ones too!” 
🧊🔥-“Anything you want.”
Tumblr media
💥-“Why did you have to hit them!? Ground Zero is gonna come after us now!” The brunette cried, desperately holding ice to your head in hopes that the bump on it would go away. 
💥-“Shut up! Get back to robbing the damn place instead of taking care of the freaking Omega.” The blond hissed, throwing a plate at the panicked Alpha. 
💥-You sat back in the chair not knowing how to process the situation. You knew dating a Pro Hero was dangerous but you thought villains would be your main concern, not petty burglars. 
💥-“If you leave now and don’t take anything, I’ll tell him I tripped and fell.” You wouldn’t, but they didn’t know that. 
💥-“See! Let’s just leave. We can go rob some other place.” The brunette pleaded, already trying to untie you. 
💥-The Omega in you wanted to feel bad for the whining Alpha but then you remembered he messed up your nest when he dragged you out of it. You Omega was fuming. 
💥-I just got the nest just right! She huffed, pacing around in your head.  
💥-She didn’t seem threatened by the Alphas in the room. She knew her Alpha was coming home any minute and he would take care of them. 
💥-You, on the other hand, was slightly panicking now that the situation sunk in. Katsuki was gonna rip them to shreds. You Omega was already smugly licking her paws at the image, while you shuddered at the thought. 
💥-“You should go. I don’t want to be mopping up your blood all night.” You urged, looking anxiously at the door. 
💥-“See! We need to go!” The brunette cried, trying to tug his friend towards the door. 
💥-“Shut up! We can leave once we get everything valuable.” The blonde growled, shoving off his partner. 
💥-The jiggle of keys at the door made everyone in the room stop and hold their breath. The doorknob turned and the door was pushed open. You looked at the chair you were tied to, the robbers, and back at the door. 
💥-There was no way to play off the situational. I don’t want to be mopping up blood. You whined, praying your Alpha wasn’t going to go too berserk.  
💥-“Hey, Spit-fire! I got us, your favorite curry you were wanting. I made sure to get it extra spicy.” He walked in carrying a bag of takeout. 
💥-He paused in the doorway once he got a whiff of unfamiliar Alphas in the house. His ruby eyes viewed the scene before him. He growled at the sight of the two Alphas. 
💥-From your point of view, his eyes didn’t look red anymore with how big his pupils dilated at the presence of Alphas near his Omega. His hand instantly dropped the food to the floor. 
💥-The sound of the bag hitting the floor heightened the tension. 
💥-His fangs instantly dropped when his nose picked up a faint coppery smell, his eyes zeroed in on the small trail of blood on your head. The growl that ripped through his chest shook the room. 
💥-“Alpha, please, no blood in the house.” You pleaded, shifting against the ties holding you in place. 
💥-“No promises, Omega.” His voice was so dark that you didn’t even recognize it. 
💥-“The brunette didn’t hit me. He even tried to ice it. Go easy on him.” You said, knowing his control was waning. 
💥-The veins on his neck looked ready to pop, his arms straining to hold themselves still and not plummet the Alphas standing before him. He eyed the patio door that was pushed open, most likely where they entered in from. 
💥-That would solve the blood problem. 
💥-He grinned viciously, “How about we take this outside?”
💥-He rushed the two Alphas, grabbing them by the backs of their necks and throwing them out of the house and over the balcony. He laughed darkly as he followed them, jumping from the balcony. 
💥-You wiggled free from your restraints and made your way to the front door, you picked up the takeout bag and brought it to the kitchen. 
💥-“Suki will be hungry after beating those two up.” You hummed, making him a plate and then making yourself one. 
💥-“Is the water too hot?” His voice was raspy from all the yelling he did earlier. 
💥-You sat with your back leaning against his chest in the bathtub. The warm water and the heat of your Alpha calmed your stressed body. Being tied to a chair was as comfortable as it looked. 
💥-“It’s fine, Alpha.” You hummed, delicately washing his bruised and bloody hands. 
💥-“I’m sorry, I wasn’t here sooner Omega.” You smelled a hint of sadness in his scent. 
💥-“Don’t worry, Alpha. I knew you were coming. I wasn’t scared one bit.” You reassured, bringing his hand up and planting delicate kisses on it. 
💥-“My strong Omega,” he purred, nuzzling his nose into your hair. He flinched when he picked up the faint smell of another Alpha. He snapped up the bottle of shampoo and poured half the bottle on your head. 
💥-“Got to get this disgusting scent off you, Omega.” He growled, gently scrubbing your scalp. 
💥-“Alpha! That shampoo is fifty bucks!” You gasped, picking up the half-empty bottle. 
💥-“I’ll buy you another one.” He assured, rinsing of the soapy suds and giving your head another sniff. 
💥-“Much better.” He hummed, pulling you tighter against his chest. 
Tumblr media
🍗-“You shouldn’t be here.” You whimpered, trying to curl in on yourself, the ties preventing you from doing so. 
🍗-“Why the fuck did you have to hit them? You know I can’t handle weeping Omegas, my Alpha hates it.” The brunette growled, trying to awkwardly pat your arm. 
🍗-You winced away from his touch, another Alphas touch was too repulsive. You felt your skin crawl as his fingers grazed your arm. The thump on your head making you more nauseous than you already were. 
🍗-“So what if your Alpha is a pussy. Unlike you mine enjoys their cries.” The blond smiled at the tears dripping down your face. “The bitch deserved it anyways.”  
🍗-“Whatever.” The brunette scoffed, rolling his eyes and going back to robbing the place. 
🍗-“You guy’s really shouldn’t be here...” You tried to warm them but you were too late. The door creaked open, your heart warming and racing at the sound. You knew it would be a bloodbath once Kei realized what was going on. 
🍗-“Baby bird! I hope you are already in comfortable clothes, I’m ready to cuddle in our nest.” His soothing voice causing you to relax in the chair. 
🍗-“Alpha.” You cried, your head still throbbing. 
🍗-The silence was enough to tell you he spotted the two Alphas in the room. 
🍗-“Omega.” He growled, his eyes bleeding red, the sight of blood trailing down your head sent him into a frenzy. 
🍗-His wings puffed out, the room suddenly flooded with crimson feathers. You felt two feathers sailing your way and cutting the bonds holding you. You swiped them up in your grip and clutched them to your chest. 
🍗-The soft texture of them calming you down some. 
🍗-A feral roar sounded throughout the room. You ignored the harsh thumps coming from behind you, the sound of one of the robber’s heads getting bashed into your kitchen counter made you wince. 
🍗-You wanted to get up and get away from everything but your body was in shock and it wouldn’t let you do anything but clutch the crimson feathers to your chest. Your other hand was rested on your stomach. 
🍗-You tried to warn them. Nothing was more dangerous than someone harming a pregnant Alphas mate. You were still pretty early along so they might not have been able to smell it in your scent. 
🍗-You Alpha was sure able to, the instant he got a small whiff of it he was chirping happily against your stomach. You had a hard time getting out of his ruby wings that day. 
🍗-“You DARE harm my mate and chick!” You felt the pure rage behind his words. 
🍗-The blond was already passed out on the floor, his front teeth knocked out. The brunette was about to pass out with him, your Alpha choking him with his shirt. He made sure to use his feather to cut up his arms and face. 
🍗-His wings behind him puffing up and flapping angrily.
🍗-“Didn’t know...” The brunette slurred, his head bashed in as much as his friend’s head. 
🍗-If they wanted to hit his Omega on the head then he was all too pleased to return the favor. The brunette finally succumbed to his injures and blood loss, he went slack in Kei’s hands. 
🍗-Kei dropped him to the grown without care. 
🍗-“Pathetic.” He hissed.  
🍗-His head snapped up in your direction once he heard your tiny sniffles. He was at your side in an instant. 
🍗-“Oh, baby bird.” He cooed, lifting you from the chair and wrapping his arms and wings around you. 
🍗-“Alpha, I told them to leave.” You whined, snuggling into his chest. 
🍗-“I know, baby bird.” He soothed, breathing in your scent, checking on the baby chick in your belly. They seemed well. He was still gonna fly you to the hospital. He made his way to the balcony outside and spread his wings, without a second thought he jumped. 
🍗-“Don’t worry, Omega. I already ordered some new blankets. They should be here by tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind the guest bedroom for now.” He hummed, he was curled around your balled up form. 
🍗-You didn’t even build the nest surrounding you, Kei delicately dropped you down on the bed and instantly began building the nest. He would angrily chirp if you so much as lifted a finger.   
🍗-Everything was fine with you and the pup, or chick as Kei liked to call them. As soon as you arrived home Kei refused to leave your side or let you out of his sight. 
🍗-You were not to roll over on your side without his permission. 
🍗-“Thank you, Alpha.” You thanked, nuzzling your head into one of his soft wings. 
🍗-“I also called a security company, they will be here to set up a new system tomorrow.” He informed, nuzzling into your hair. 
🍗-One of his hands was tangled in your hair and the other was snugly cupping your stomach. 
🍗-“No more Alphas in the house.” You sniffled, shaking your head. 
🍗-“Of course, baby bird. I told them, beta’s only.” He reassured, kissing your head. 
🍗-“I love you, Alpha.” You whispered, almost lulled to sleep. 
🍗-“I love you, too baby bird.”  
First HC I have done in a while, also the first time writing for Hawks! What did you think of him? I hope you enjoyed it! Please be sure to leave a comment and like! I really enjoy hearing your reactions. 💕
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spawn [demon Bakugo]
req: I didn't know if you were doing them haha! But demon bakugo is on your list!! Also demon dabi works too! Either! But imagine summoning one of them because you're a virgin and you're curious but they take a liking to you, haunt your dreams, and try to impregnate you and shit! Oh and if you were religious maybe mocking you for being dumb and taking demon dick while praying to god- i just really like corruption and breeding 😔 taglist: @smol-floatyy @wholesomey-artist @moonlightinsanity @dabis-azure-songstress @jubilee40  characters are 20+. word count: 5118 contents: slight corruption (I tried), slight somnophilia, breeding, chubby!virgin reader, some religious aspects, demon Bakugo, slight dubcon, rough sex, size differece, slight dumbifacation
you stared at the circle on the floor, frown deepening as nothing happened. the candles remained lit and they didn’t flicker oddly or go out. the summoning crystals in the middle of the circle didn’t move or glow aside from the candle light they reflected. you’d been waiting several minutes and nothing had happened yet, so you put down the old, dusty book and got on the floor, blowing out the candles and began cleaning up the dried leaves and crystals. you had little hope that this would actually work, but your disappointment still sat evident in your chest. 
it was a dumb idea, you thought to yourself, heaving a sigh as you put everything aside. just a dumb little idea that you let your curious mind think up, now there was a dark satanic symbol on your floor that you would have to scrub up later, but you couldn’t be bothered by that now. all you wanted was a nice, hot shower. 
as you let the water wash away the disappointment and whatever dirt you’d gotten on you from being on the floor, there was a strange creek outside the door. you looked at the bathroom door, half expecting something to happen, but when nothing did, you chalked it up to just being the house settling. you lived in a small, older home all alone. the place made weird noises all the time, so you just assumed you spooked yourself into thinking something was on its way to get you. there was nothing there, you told yourself. 
once you were dried off, you dressed yourself in a soft white nightgown and made sure to fasten your necklace around your neck. its tiny cross laid on your chest just above the swell of your breasts and you looked at yourself in the mirror, brushing through your hair before turning off the lamp and finding your way to the bed. 
that night you had a strange dream. a blonde man with devilish horns came to you in your dreams, a wicked smile etched into his face. he told you how pretty you were, how sweet. he cupped your face in his hands, his claws tickling your skin. his touch burned but you lent into it. he smiled at you and you felt warm. “you’ll make a fine…” you couldn’t hear the rest of what he said as a loud crack of thunder woke you. 
you sat up in bed, lightning striking and illuminating your room. nothing seemed out of place, but your body was sweaty and hot. you kicked off the blanket and laid back, staring up at the ceiling. sleep came fast and you were once again thrown into dreamland, where the demon man waited for you. 
as you slept, the room began to change. the candles still arranged on the floor lit up again. their flames flickered, but no wind came through the room. the book you had found in the attic lay open on your desk and its pages began to turn, slowly at first and then rapidly. they stopped as the cross hung over your desk turned upside down. the room became darker as the storm outside raged on, the circle on the floor glowing. you remained asleep as the portal opened and something crawled out of it. 
the following morning, you awoke to your room bright and sunny. you felt uncomfortably horny and hurried off to the restroom to clean up for the day, all without realizing what had changed. the candles were out just like you had left them, the dusty book and summoning items it told you to gather were still on your desk. everything was in its place, so when you came out of the bathroom, you picked it all up once and for all and put it away. 
you ate breakfast and got a little bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush and brought them to your room, getting down on the floor to clean up the circle. you wore a little pair of shorts and a tank top to clean in, your little cross dangling from your neck. you had decided that if you were going to go this far for the bedroom floor, you might as well spend the day cleaning. so that was what you did, distracting your mind from the strange dream you had of the demon man. you didn’t even feel the burning gaze of eyes watching you all day. 
you wiped sweat from your forehead as the day came to a close. you started dinner baking in the oven and hopped into the bathroom to take a quick shower. you could hear the rustling of branches outside as the wind picked up, and you thought to yourself that the weather had been so strange lately. come to think of it, you hadn’t remembered there being any reports of storms over the last few days, but you knew better than to let little weather predictions get the better of you. 
dinner was delicious and you wrapped up whatever was left and put it in the fridge, your little white nightgown flowing behind you as you moved through the house to turn off the lights. you brushed your teeth, then your hair, then scurried off to bed. in your dreams, you saw him again. 
it was the same man as before. burning red eyes taking in your plump figure, his wild blonde hair messy all over his head, and his horns that glinted as if winking at you. his voice was so deep, rough and enticing. his touch felt so real as his hands mapped out your curves. he would lift you off your feet and lay you down, speaking so sweetly into your ear. 
in your room, he stood at the end of your bed, his vermillion eyes staring down at you. he tugged the covers off of your body, exposing your form to him. you curled up as the cold night air nipped at you. your gown rode up some at the movement and he could see your cotton white panties. he already knew you didn’t wear a bra to bed because he had seen you get dressed. 
he began to crawl onto the bed, the heat radiating off of his body warming you up like a blanket. his tail flicked behind him, his wings closing against his back. he could show you whatever he wanted in his dream, knowing just his horns and claws were enough to scare you, so he hadn’t shown you his other appendages there. he didn’t know what you did for work, he didn’t care. he didn’t know where your family or friends were, but it didn’t matter to him. he knew everything he needed to know, that you were a virgin that lived alone and that your body was perfect for his objective use for it. 
he began to touch your breast through your gown, a smirk dancing onto his lips. he watched you squirm, lips turning down into a frown as you whined. your legs pressed together, but he pushed his other hand between their soft thickness and started rubbing your folds from over your panties. 
“wake up, sweetheart,” he would mumble into your ear. your head turned as your back slightly arched. “wake up!” 
your eyes broke open and you looked up, seeing his wicked gaze staring down at you. his hands didn’t stop. they forced your legs open and pulled on your tit. “you’re so wet for me and I’ve barely touched you.” 
his voice is rough, but sounds like velvet and pure sin. you tried to move, but you were frozen in fear. he tched, dipping his head down to your neck and licking a stripe up to your ear. he laughed at you, watching you trying to struggle against him, but your body could only wither under his touch. he pulled his hands down, catching your nightgown with his claws on occasion, before he grabbed it and began to tear it open. it split up the middle and revealed your body to him. 
“so beautiful, so perfect. every curve, these thick thighs, your plump little body is already ready,” he spoke. he took in the sight of you, your wet little panties and nipples hardening with the cool air. a little glint would make him glare at your chest. 
his fingers would wrap around the cool metal of your necklace and he would lean down close to your face. fearful little tears would occupy your eyes, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. from your lips, he hears you mumble small prayers to be protected from this demon. “you little fool. there’s no god that can ‘save you’ nor will anyone else visit your room tonight. you’re mine, little virgin.” 
he tore the necklace from around your neck and burned it in his hand, making the impossible happen as ashes fell onto your sheets. you stared up at him, lips still whispering. he pushed his finger to your lips and shushed you before pushing two fingers into your mouth. “be happy I’m feeling generous tonight, little human. now suck.” 
you felt hot, pushed into a corner, and terrified. you felt like you only had one option, so you began sucking on the demon’s fingers, not too sure what you were doing. your inexperienced little mind and body were so confused, flushed, and quaking. regardless, you were wet between your legs and your heart was beating with more than just fear. you hated yourself for it, but you liked it. you liked sucking on his long fingers and his claws as they pet your tongue; you liked his rough and mean attitude as he told you what to you; you liked how big and scary he was… after all, he had been what you were looking for. 
his other hand pulled and tore off your panties, throwing the tattered material to the side and quickly forgetting about it. he pushed your legs further apart, making you stretch and open up to him in ways you never had before. he slapped your thigh and squeezed it, making you moan on his fingers as your tongue started to lick them and swirl around them. 
“it comes naturally to you, doesn’t it? I knew it would,” he mumbled as he looked down at your pretty virgin pussy. he knew what awaited him and he could hardly wait. he wore only a pair of baggy pants, his cock already straining against the crotch. it was leaking and throbbing, ready to be buried and to take what was rightfully his. he was ready to sin with you. “the name’s Katsuki Bakugo. remember it, sweetheart. oh who am I kidding, you’ll never forget it.” 
he pulled his fingers from your lips and listened to the way you panted, then squealed as he pushed his saliva covered fingers against your clit. he rubbed vigorously and roughly, watching your hips lift up and wiggle. it gave him a slight view of that fine ass he spent all day watching as you bent over and cleaned your little house. he’d almost mounted you so many times throughout the day but knew it was better to wait for witching hour. that was when the best fun started. 
he was too big for your bed, for if he were to lay in it, his legs would hang off the end. if he laid in it and spread out his arms, they would hang off the edges. he was just so tall and very well built. his chest was big, his shoulders were broad. his skin was beautiful, not a mark or blemish in sight. his wings couldn’t be contained by the room if he were to expand them and his tail was sly and quick, touching your leg and giving you goosebumps. 
he pulled his pants off and revealed to you his cock, rock hard and weeping heavily. you had never seen a cock before, but you were sure that it wasn't supposed to look like his did. not for a human at least. he had a large cock with ridges and ribs up its shaft and a bulbous head that was red and angry looking. a large drop of pre cum fell from the tip and landed on your plush belly and it burned, then slowly cooled. he was ready for you and began to line himself up to your entrance. 
“wait,” you croaked out, finally finding it in yourself to speak louder than a whisper. he looked at you, a dangerous glint coming to his eyes. "I-I've never done this before." 
he smirked. "oh, sweetheart, I already know." with one thrust, he was inside you, to the hilt and stretching your poor, tight pussy to its limit. you cried, new tears springing up and falling down your round cheeks. your hands shot up to take purchase on something and you caught his horns, holding onto them tightly and inadvertently pulling his head down toward you. he found his face buried in your chest and your pillows warmed him, so he happily took a bite and made you cry out again. 
you hadn't even recovered from the new feeling of being utterly filled when he began to thrust into you roughly and wildly. all you could do was hold onto his horns as he pushed you up on the bed and fucked your cunt. he grabbed a hold of your hips and held onto them tightly, his claws biting into your skin. you couldn't tell if they broke the skin, too many new sensations happening all at once, but you thought that perhaps they did, but you couldn’t tell if your hips were bleeding, and you didn’t care. 
you moaned into the nighttime, no real words making their way out of your mouth but the under tone of pain becoming pleasure was music to the demon’s ears. it made Bakugo go faster, his hips surging forward quickly into you while somehow still maintaining pulling almost completely out of your sopping cunt and pushing all the way in again, just to repeat. 
he grunted and growled in your ear, turning your brain to mush as the only thing you could really process was the feeling of your tight walls clenching around the ribs of his cock as they slid in and rubbed all the good spots. you were crying in no time and he gleefully, teasingly, licked away your tears. he hummed at their taste. “you’re enjoying this, huh?” 
you couldn’t even deny it, due in part to not being able to really form words again, but also because it was undeniable. you were really enjoying the pleasure he gave you. his thick, ribbed cock with all the little ridges that went from his base to his tip just hit all the right places. you had no idea what his cockhead was ramming into, but you loved it. 
he leaned back and put his hands on the underside of your thighs before pushing them up. he pushed them til your thighs pressed against your belly and they couldn’t go any farther, but he surely did try. you wailed at the stretch, feeling the burn as he made our knees nearly meet your shoulders, something you hadn’t thought was really possible. you almost hadn’t noticed the way his hips slowed, until they picked up their speed again and he was hitting deeper inside your wet cavern. his name started to fall off your tongue and your head lolled from side to side, trying to keep your wits about you. 
“you fold right into the perfect little mating press,” he muttered, looking down at you. your hands had fallen from their perch, his horns a little cold without your touch which made him pout. it was wiped away quickly though as your cunt squeezed him. “fuuuck, you really like this. you love it even. love having your sweet pussy fucked by demon cock. gonna fuck you hard and breed you harder.” 
his grunting of those words caught your attention and you lifted your head a little. you could feel was the way he slammed himself into your pussy and the way your breasts bounced. your gut began to twist up, walls getting tighter. something was coming but you had no idea what. you couldn’t ask because you really only had one question on your mind. “breed?” 
your soft, confused little voice made him laugh and he grinning down at you. “yes, sweetheart. breed. I’m gonna stuff this little cunt with all my rich seed and get you pregnant with my spawn.” talking about it only made him all the more excited and he started to hit harder into you, his hips colliding with yours almost painfully. his cockhead had been hitting something deep inside you, and he could only grin about it. “your little womb is gonna be mine! your plump little ass is gonna be all mine! your tits and their milk, all for my little hellspawn and me!” 
that twistiness in your gut snapped and you creamed on his cock, his words mixed with his rough treatment pushing you over that edge. you threw your head back and screamed with euphoric joy. your walls milked him and tried to ensure that he would stay buried deep in your unprotected cunt. you babbled his name off, begging, but he couldn’t quite tell what exactly you were begging for. regardless, he continued to pound your sweet honeypot. 
when you came down from your high, he positioned his hands on your hips, holding onto those sweet love-handles as his own hips began to stutter. he looked down at where he joined you, eyes burning hot with fires of desire. he thrust and thrust and thrust until it all came crashing down, and he pulled you toward him. your hips and ass were flush against his body as his cock throbbed and jumped, unloading his scalding seed into your cunt, right against your still quivering cervix. 
you felt the warmth fill you, mouth dropping open as little tears sprang up once more. you reached up with a shaking hand to wipe them away, moaning hoarsely and with heavy breaths. you looked down and watched, though you couldn’t see anything happen from where you laid. you could feel his hot breath on your breast, his forehead coming down on your shoulder, and you listened to him breathe. 
he stayed inside you and looked up, meeting your eyes. his pretty red eyes weren’t tired at all. they were excited and happy and wicked. he eased your legs down around him but he hooked them onto his hips, so you wrapped your legs around him and hugged him closer. you both groaned at the grinding it caused, but he smirked at you. 
his face came to your neck and he began to nip at the skin there. “you gonna be my pretty little baby mama?” 
you hummed and nodded, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. you smiled at him when he pulled away just a mere few inches to look at you. he could tell just by looking into your tired eyes that you were going to be his forever, undoubtedly. and he loved it. 
he pet your hair down, keeping it out of your face but not caring if he messed it up. you were already a sweaty, sticky mess that would need another shower by morning. but he didn’t care. all he cared for was you and the absolute sin you’d committed with him. there was a long list of things your religion, former religion, had frowned upon but he was sure getting impregnated by a demon wasn’t on that list purely because no one had thought of it. yet here you were. 
you weren’t even able to think about your beliefs, your faith, your family or the church. all you could think about was Bakugo, and the way he smelled and the way he felt and the way he sounded. his low, deep grunts replayed again in your head, making you giggle and your cunt tighten up. 
he looked down at you, grinning. “oh, I feel you trying to milk me again. what are you thinking about, sweetheart?” 
you giggled again. “you.” 
“yeah?” he licked your breast and started grinding against you, cock getting hard again. “what about me?” 
“everything about you, but mostly the way you make me feel,” you tell him, biting your lip and closing your eyes. you moaned as he made short, shallow thrusts into you. you gasped, “please, I want more.” 
his lips spread into a wide grin and he leaned down, his lips teasing yours with a ghost of a kiss. “ask and you shall receive, sweetheart. tell me, just what do you want more of.” 
“Everything,” you answered and tried to pull him closer. “I need more of it all, more of your love.” 
Bakugo chuckled, as if something about that was amusing. in a moment, he had you on top of him, cunt still stuffed full of his cock, and he was rested against the headboard of your bed frame. he licked his lips, looking at your tits as they sat in his face. he took one into his hand and brought the other to his mouth. “can’t wait to see my little hell brat sucking off of these.” he then latched onto your nipple and began sucking on it roughly. his hands kneaded the pillowy flesh. 
it enticed you to start moving, grinding down on him and bracing your hands on his shoulders. you moaned, that burning desire starting in your belly all over again. it was like hells fire was burning all over your body, pushing you to move against him and moan out his name so sinfully. you felt the smile creeping onto his lips as he continued to suck on your breast, causing you to moan deeply. 
his words came back to you, his promise to breed you and make a little “spawn.” you clung to him, your tit falling from his mouth as he tilted his head back, allowing you the space to lean against him. chest to chest, you began bouncing on his cock, going after that release that was steadily beginning to build up, but also looking for something else. you stared at him, lips so close to his but your breaths only mingled. his hands moved down to your hips and gripped them, helping your uneven pace smooth out. 
he could see it in your eyes, that desire to have more. “what is it, sweetheart? something you wanna tell me?” 
you moaned, trying to lean in further to reach his lips, but he wouldn’t finish it and smirked at you. “breed,” you said, softly demanding and begging at the same time. “breed me.” 
“oh?” he asked, biting his lip. you caught sight of his fangs and you nodded to him before he got his next question out. “you want your tight cunt bred? your womb filled with my hell spawn?” 
you continued to nod with your bouncing, letting yourself drop down on him a little harder. he hit so deep within you, battering against your innermost wall. the tight ring of your cervix got pounded, his cock knocking to get in and deposit another heavy load. 
“please, kiss-” you were cut off by your own moan as he pulled your hips closer to his, grinding you against him. you could only let out a pathetic whisper. “kiss me.” 
he surged forward, tightly holding your love handles in a bruising grip, and he kissed you while rocking you onto your back. he stayed inside you, buried deep, and he managed to slam himself into you deeper. you moaned against his lips and he drank it up, laying you on the mattress and holding you to him. he brought one arm up to wrap across your back and press your body to his. 
you felt every sensation. your sensitive nipples against his hard chest rubbed against his skin so deliciously, your cunt gripped him so tightly,  your quivering legs wrapped around him to keep him inside you so snuggly, and his tongue pressed hotly on yours. you let him take control and teach you, your tongues mingling together, loud moans exchanged between the two of you. 
he had loved your ass dropping down on him, but he needed to seed your cunt again, desperately so, after you asked for a kiss. a kiss was like a seal, joining you two together. it formed a strong bond that would never be broken, nothing, not even your silly god could break it. as soon as you asked for that kiss, he took his chance to make the bond with you and make you his. and now he would sow his seed, which would be another bond between you two but now it would be even stronger. 
his hips began jackhammering into you, pounding away at your tight, lovely cunt. he hardly left its warmth, keeping his tip close to your inner opening. you fell off the edge to your high fairly quickly after that, body convulsing and shaking under him. your head fell back and you screamed with the euphoric pleasure, holding onto him so tightly. your mixed spit connected you to him for a moment longer before it broke and fell on your collarbone, cooling after just a second. your body was on fire with the earth shattering orgasm he caused you. 
“say it again,” he demanded, grunting as he plunged into you. “say you want my hell baby.” 
“I want it,” you pant out, trying to repeat what you heard him say, but you couldn’t focus. his thrusts prolonged your orgasm, made you feel electrified and heated. your legs had little jolts with pleasure. “I want your baby.” 
“yeah you do,” he said with a wicked grin. his eyes rolled up with overwhelming pleasure and he stopped, his hips pressed into your pelvis so hard it hurt. he throbbed almost violently within you, spurting rope after scalding rope of his cum into you. you felt it filling you, burning you up inside and making you squirm. “fuck.” 
it didn’t stop for a few short minutes. he held you the entire time, muttering curse words and words of pleasure directly into your ear. when it finally ended and his cock softened, he dropped your hips to the bed gently, slipping out of you. your legs fell from around him and sat open, shaking as you tried to find the strength to move them more. once he popped out of you, there was a gush of fluids from your cunt, it leaked over your folds and down onto the bed sheets, making you shutter. 
he grunted, scooping up  what he could and pushing it back in. “I filled you up, be grateful and try to hold it all in.” you closed your legs and squeezed them, causing them to spasm some, and you looked up at him. 
he leaned down and pushed your hair back, kissing your forehead. “you did so good, sweetheart. it should take…” 
“and we’ll have a baby?” you asked, voice hoarse and soft and tired. 
he nodded. “We’ll know in a few days.” 
you looked at him confused. “no-”
“demons develop a little faster in the womb than humans.” 
you stared at him, processed that information, then nodded. 
he sat over you, on his haunches, his cock soft on his lap. he was disheveled but not out of breath. he didn’t even look tired. he was just relaxed, satisfied. his eyes roamed over you body and upon noticing this, you tried to cover up. 
“oh no, none of that,” he said, moving your hands away and taking the covers from you. he smirked down at your naked, plump body. “you’re too perfect to cover all of this up.” 
you were too tired to argue, eyes threatening to close just looking at him. you fought to stay awake, but lost the battle when your eyes finally fell closed and you entered a dream state, where you didn’t meet your demon lover. 
when you awoke in the morning, you were tucked into bed, naked but cleaned up. you sat up, but felt an awful cramp in your lower abdomen. you sat there, holding your gut as you remembered the night before and wondered if that was all real or if you had managed to dream it all up. you got up, muscled through the pain you felt, and found some clothes to wear for the day. 
you walked to the kitchen, your legs sore and feeling as though they were on fire, especially your thighs, but you tried to ignore that pain too. however, you quickly found out that you couldn’t ignore anything as you came face to face with a figure in your kitchen. 
your shirtless demon lover had made you breakfast and was setting the table as you walked in. he grinned at you and came over, whisking you into the kitchen and sitting you down. you felt an odd throbbing between your legs and you squeezed your thighs together, letting out a strangled moan. everything he made smelled so good, it made you so hungry. but your mind swirled with so many questions. 
“so last night,” you mumbled, looking up to him, “that all really happened.” 
he nodded and pulled up a chair right next to you, staring into your eyes with desire, lust, and something else. “yes, it did.” 
“and you stayed.” 
“We’re bonded for all eternity now. of course I stayed.” 
“and you bred me?” 
he leaned closer and kissed you. it was a hungry kiss that had you moaning. when he pulled away, he gave you a smile. “damn, I sure hope so. if not, I’ll just try again, and again, and again, until it sticks.” 
you found yourself smiling at him, your confusion lifting. you began to happily eat. “I’m pretty confident it took.” 
he put a hand on your plush belly and nipped at your neck, which made you giggle. “Me too.” 
you pushed him away from your neck playfully. “let me eat at least,” you said with a smile. you felt so strongly for him, so close to him. you couldn’t explain it very well, but you were pretty sure it was love. “then we can have more of that sinful fun.” 
“oh? sinful, huh? have I converted you?” 
“I think so, mister,” you tell him, giving him a quick wink before turning back to breakfast. he licked his lips as he watched you, very pleased with the woman he had found and surely was in love with. 
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h2bakugou · a year ago
bakugo, kirishima, and todoroki headcanon reaction to their s/o’s ahegao face during an orgasim ???? if you’re not comfortable with that I understand :)
a/n: yess! i am a big fan of the ahegao face askfkdsjf sorry for not updating for a few days, just been super busy outside of tumblr and such.
all characters aged up 18+ au!!
headcanon: them reacting to their s/o’s ahegao face during an orgasm
key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk
warnings: swearing, smut
nsfw under the cut!!
»»————- ★ ————-««
katsuki bakugou
Tumblr media
»»————- ★ ————-««
Jagged breaths and moans flood the room. Bakugou’s thrusting into you harder and harder with each passing moment.
Your sense of time is erased as all you feel is immense pleasure flooding from your core and your abdomen.
“H-harder!” You moan as Bakugou’s hands grip at your hips, forcing you to stay still as his hips rut into you.
“Fuck baby.” Bakugou curses. It’s hot, Bakugou cursing is always hot.
“I’m gonna cum!” You tremble as you feel your release overpowering your senses.
Your mind goes blank as your mouth open and your tongue lolls out to the side, your eyes rolling back.
Bakugou’s taken aback by the lewd scene, only seeing stuff like this in porn, not that he’d watched any recently, let’s be honest he has you, he doesn’t need anything else.
But the scene was enough to make him lose control. His grunts turned into growls as he bent down and gripped your throat, cumming inside you.
“That was so fucking hot.” Bakugou sputtered, his hips gently rocking into you.
“K-Katsuki.” You panted, throwing your arms around his neck to stabilize yourself.
“Why didn’t you tell me you made that dirty face, baby?”
»»————- ★ ————-««
eijiro kirishima
Tumblr media
»»————- ★ ————-««
Kirishima’s fast but gentle. He’s hammering his hips into you at an alarming speed, but he’s careful to make sure he’s not hurting you, unless you want him to be rough with you, because that can certainly be arranged.
“K-Kiri!” You’re moaning his name, and just barely at that. He’s going faster, and that feeling of euphoria is rapidly approaching, you won’t be able to hold back any longer.
His cock is stretching you farther and farther. It’s pushing you over the edge as your stomach knots itself up, too much pleasure building up.
“Fuck!” You moan out as you feel yourself orgasm.
Your mind goes blank and you can see stars. Your tongue lolls out and your eyes roll back, and Kiri’s eyes sparkle like the night sky at the sight before him.
He’s cumming on the spot, completely thrown off by your lewd face as you’ve been completely fucked out.
“Woah, babe.” Kirishima is still shocked as he watched your face continue to contort in pleasure as he cums inside you.
“Baby, does that happen all the time?” Kirishima is excited, wanting to go at it again and again just to relieve the feeling of seeing your lewd expression.
»»————- ★ ————-««
shoto todoroki
Tumblr media
»»————- ★ ————-««
Riding Todoroki, you’re pushing yourself to the limit. He’s thrusting up into you, sending that much more pleasure into your core.
“S-Shoto!” You whine as you lean down, your head buried in his neck as he bucks his hips upward into yours.
The erotic sound of skin hitting skin is enough to make someone blush.
You sit back up when you feel like you can’t possibly hold out any longer. Todoroki’s hands are touching you all over, never staying in the same spot for too long, too obsessed with feeling every part of you.
It’s not a shock to hear you moan out his name as you cum, but it’s a shock to see your eyes roll back and your tongue flop out as you cum, your body tensing as you orgasm.
Todoroki’s first instinct is to shove his fingers in your mouth and have you suck on his fingers, but his dick has other plans.
You’re milking him dry as he finally cums, his groans sounding like a song of pleasure.
“Shoto.” You purr as you lean back down, catching your breath.
“That was new, I enjoyed it.” Todoroki mentions the face you’d made. And he’s willing to go another round justs o he can capture the moment in a picture to cherish forever this time.
»»————- ★ ————-««
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simplybakugou · a year ago
Your Biggest Fan Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fan-site noun
a website about a particular performer, group, film, etc., that has been created by a fan(s).
↝ During the day you work under number one hero Ground Zero’s agency as a receptionist, but at night you run the biggest hero fansite wholly dedicated to the number one hero, Ground Zero himself. When Bakugou stumbles upon your fansite, he goes undercover as a fan using a fake account. Eventually, you both slowly fall for the other’s online alias, completely unaware of who’s behind the accounts.
Tumblr media
PAIRING: prohero!bakugou x fansite!reader (fem)
TAGS/WARNINGS: fluff, the tiniest bit of angst, humor, swearing, rated 16+, suggestive memes
STATUS: completed
UPDATES: tuesdays @ 4 PM EST & thursdays @ 3 PM EST
A/N: this is my first smau (other than my shitposts but those never had a real storyline lol) so bare with me a little on this lmao. A special thank you to @bnhatrashh for putting up with my rambling about this because I was nervous (I love you Izzy, I wouldn’t have been able to start this smau without your help). I hope you guys enjoy this! :)
📸asks | 📸submissions
Tumblr media
introductions pt. i (bakusquad)
introductions pt. ii (readersquad)
📷PART I ↠ back on your bullshit
📷PART II ↠ the fuck’s a fansite?
📷PART III ↠ another great idea
📷PART IV ↠ 2% male
📷PART V ↠ my favorite hero
📷PART VI ↠ explain yourself cheater
📷PART VII ↠ sugar daddy katsuki
📷PART VIII ↠ speed things up
📷PART IX ↠ is that a promise? 😼🙈👁✨
📷PART X ↠ i may have made an oopsie
📷PART XI ↠ not yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
📷PART XII ↠ what the fuck is this feeling?
📷PART XIII ↠ wasn’t keeping up with ground zero
📷PART XIV ↠ operation finally get y/n a boyfriend
📷PART XV ↠ a pretty strong lead
📷PART XVI ↠ these feelings of mine
📷PART XVII ↠ i fucked everything up
📷PART XVIII (written) ↠ everything had changed
📷PART XIX ↠ gorilla grip cooch 
📷PART XX ↠ we’re dating
📷PART XXI ↠ my katsuboo 🥰
📷PART XXII ↠ couldn’t stop the fangirling
📷PART XXIII ↠ it’s not stalking, dingbat
📷PART XXIV ↠ i love you, katsuki
📷EPILOGUE ↠ your biggest fan
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katimagines · a year ago
I’m not sure what you’re comfortable writing, but if you’re comfortable with it, dabi, shinso, bakugo, and someone else of your choice with an s/o who’s extremely submissive? Like even with every day things does whatever they ask, don’t ask why, and like if they tease them about wearing their hoodie or something they blush and apologize and go to take it off and give it back but the submissiveness multiplied by 10 with anything sexual?
A/N: I had a mental journey about which other character I wanted to do, so I battled between Shigaraki and Hawks, so I had to Shigaraki because he’ fits the request the best in my opinion, so I hope you enjoy~
Warning: NSFW content
Tumblr media
+ Highkey would love to have a submissive s/o.
+ There are many aspects of his life that he keeps secret, so having an s/o who just quietly accepts that is preferable to him.
+ He has like no qualms if you have no backbone.
+ He has no issue whatsoever exploiting your submissiveness.
+ But if someone else is trying to take advantage of you and how submissive you are, then they better also enjoy having their houses set a flame.
+ His favorite passtime is teasing you. Whether it’s leaning in to ghost over your lips with kisses before pulling away after having reduced you to a mess, or whispering in your ear in public, while his hand slides underneath your clothes.
+ Dabi loves when you beg. He’ll spend hours teasing you if he want to, light kisses over your neck and jaw, and light touches over the rest of your body, small gropes, until you are hysterically begging him to touch you.  
+ (Personally, I see Dabi as a switch, he likes topping but he’s also lazy as fuck so he also likes when you ride him and he just sits back and enjoy the show)
Tumblr media
+ Probably wouldn’t have guessed it, but he’s lowkey is a dom.
+ He’s just someone who knows what he wants and he’s not shy about getting it (remember when he went to class 1A just to call them spoiled? or how shameless he was to get into the hero course? Shinso gives no fucks).
+ So having an s/o whose naturally submissive towards him, it just seems like a convenient to him. I mean, he’s not planning to order you around like some kind of Stepford Wife, but it makes it easier to by dominate in the relationship.
+ Like how he can initiate PDA whenever he wants (once again, gives no fucks). Whether it’s holding your hand or sharing a passionate kiss in public.
+ He also enjoys teasing you.
+ Shinso likes making you flustered and just how needy he can make you for him. Sometimes its just a simple whisper in your ear and other times it’s heavy petting before he leaves you high and dry.
+ He can dirty talk when the mood strikes him, but it’s usually in an effort to rile you up while he’s teasing the hell out of you.
+ Secretly kinky, especially likes tying you up, so having a submissive s/o makes it a lot easier.
Tumblr media
+ You’d think he’d like having a submissive s/o, but its about 50/50.
+ Bakugo has a very domineering personality, so being with someone who is naturally more submissive compliments his nature to dominate the relationship.
+ However, he would get annoyed by how little of a backbone you have sometimes. He doesn’t like feeling like he’s taking advantage of you.
+ So he doesn’t ask you to do anything unless he needs to.
+ He’ll still defend you against people who are exploiting or harassing you because of your submissiveness, but he’s not going to be happy out it. He’ll complain about how you should stand up for yourself.
+ But he loves how submissive you are sexually.
+ Bakugo loves pining you down, listening to you writhe beneath him, and knowing that you’ll let him do anything he wants to with you. It’s a total ego trip. + He has a huge dirty talk kink and he likes how his submissive s/o takes it, where he’ll just whisper in your ear about going to fuck you until you can’t walk, how you take his cock so well, and all the things he’s going to do to them.
+ It drives Bakugo wild the control over you to him. It’s a sign of trust.
Tumblr media
+ He does very well with a submissive s/o. 
+ Shigaraki is very dominate and therefore he would require any partner of his to be submissive to him, he likes to have control in the relationship.
+ He’s a leader, so you should serve bellow him.
+ He’s like a cat when it comes to affection, so being submissive makes it convenient where you just accommodate his needs without trying to force affection onto him when he is not in the mood for it. 
+ You can be submissive all you want everywhere else, because Shigaraki will be there to make sure people know better than to use their as a weakness.
+ Doesn’t have the patience to tease.
+ His definition of dirty talking is calling you a “slut” or “whore”, and having you scream about how badly you want him and that you belong to him.
+ Shigaraki enjoys choking you, four fingers wrapped around your throat, knowing he could end your life within an instant, and the fact that you trust him enough that you took the risk is all the motivation he needs.
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azucanela · a year ago
pls some headcanons for Bakugou, Shinsou and Shoto when the reader kisses them infront of everyone. Thank you :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: in which you and the boys kiss in public, and now everyone is screaming. oh no.
WARNING: season three spoliers, insecurities, arguments,
A/N: i wanted to do scenarios bc this was too good ugh thank YOU for requesting this 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you two are already dating but you keep it on the down low because its Katsuki and he’s like ew people knowing i have feelings other than anger? ew ew ew
you’re fine with it, but if he thinks its bothering you he’ll talk to you about it and smother you with affection, but he’ll act like its nothing
wants to rub it in his faces that you are his girlfriend, yes, but also he doesn’t want the teasing that comes with it. he knows for a fact that all his friends would bully him because he is SOFT FOR YOUUU and he’s also just a generally private person
you respect this and like it’s fine woo yeah okay it’s nice being the only one that sees the side of him that’s all soft and cute and affectionate
i can’t really see the two of you slipping up unless it’s influenced by a lot of emotions
where do these emotions come from? you might ask
his kidnapping.
you were a mess, but it was lowkey, real lowkey. and unlike the others you do not support trying to save katsuki on their own, trusting the heroes to do their job is the way to go.
so you don’t go with them. the next time you see your lovely boyfriend is when he’s giving kirishima money
so naturally, consumed by all the fear and panic you felt while he was gone, you kiss him!
and he kisses you back and its really soft and oh-
what a shame the whOLE CLASS IS THERE 
everyone is really confused, but they’re happy because they think that the two of you finally addressed the clear tension between the two of you, all it took was a lil kidnapping
except then you pull apart, completely disregarding them, your hands on his face, “baby are you okay?”
you don’t call someone you haven’t kissed before baby
then it clicks for the rest of the class
so much yelling
oh god have fun with that one
the bakusquad is yelling at him for not telling him, the dekusquad is scolding you for not telling them, there’s just a lot of questionable things
katsuki will get SO FLUSTERED because this is not what we wanted
at least the attention was off of his kidnapping now
maybe that was your goal idk 👀
Tumblr media
Katsuki really wished everyone would shut up about his kidnapping, it wasn’t something he wanted to think about right now, or ever if he was honest. So much had happened in the past few days and he was still struggling to process all of it, and the disgustingly warm welcome he’d received to the dorms wasn’t helping. It was gross. 
He’d shoved cash into Kirishima’s hand, rolling his eyes when he began to panic at the possibility that he’d taken it from Denki, shutting down the idea almost immediately.
And then he saw her.
Y/N was shoving past everyone and heading to him, and he couldn’t help the relief he felt when he saw her. Katsuki was grateful she hadn’t been involved in the little escape plan Deku had hatched out, but seeing her made him feel calmer than even as she practically tackled him, hands coming to his cheeks as she brought him into a kiss.
Their lips molded together perfectly, his hands coming to her sides and holding her like he’d never let go as her hands gripped his face rather harshly. It would have been the perfect moment, had the rest of his class not been there. 
Y/N seemed to disregard this as she pulled apart, eyes darting across his figure as his brows furrowed at her clear distress. “Calm down, idiot.” His cheeks are turning red as he realizes that everyone is staring, but he can’t help but focus his attention on her as he feels a wave of relaxation wash over him as she begins to run her hands all over him in search of injuries.
“Oh, I’m sorry, for caring about your wellbeing.” She grumbled, wrapping her arms tightly around his torso when her hands left his face. “Baby, you scared me.” His arms wrapped around her shoulders securely, as he rolled his eyes, though Katsuki wouldn’t deny he was appreciating all the attention she was giving him, he was beginning to feel embarrassed as he allowed her to hold onto him.
As if the kiss hadn’t been enough to astonish the rest of their class, the pet name simply amplified their shocked as they all cried out, “baby?” Kirishima had exchanged looks with Mina, who looked equally confused before returning their gaze to Katsuki, a look of betrayal evident on both their faces.
Stupid barbarians. “SHUT UP EXTRAS!” Katsuki exclaimed, holding Y/N tighter to his chest as his cheeks flushed red, he could hear her laugh against his chest. “Can’t a guy hug his girlfriend in peace.” 
He was grateful for the subject change, though he didn’t appreciate the fact that his relationship had been exposed, until he looked back to Y/N, who beamed at him. 
If she was happy then it was fine he supposed. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this one will probably have the funniest reaction
you did not just kiss him, in front of all these people, was that a joke?
i think he’s the only one you wouldn’t already be in a relationship with, purely because this is just 10x funnier
so ever since the two of you first started hanging, there have been people criticizing you for befriending him at all, because of his quirk, they just cannot believe that the Y/N L/N is hanging out with Shinsou Hitoshi
but also, ever since the two of you started hanging out, the bullying has lessened immensely, most because you threatened everyone it was really subtle, but they got the message
nobody screws with Y/N L/N
anyways, you two are probably hanging out again, and it’s been a while since you got one of those comments, which is the main reason this one sets you off.
“quit hanging out with that freak L/N, he’s gonna ruin your chances at becoming a pro.” 
shinsou was used to this, and your violent reactions, so he immediately brought a hand to your arm to ensure you didn’t commit a murder, shaking his head at you
you turn back to him, and you’re lowkey glaring at him before turning your piercing eyes back to the other guys
and without breaking eye contact with them, you grab Shinsou’s face, earning stares from everywhere in the cafeteria, and then kiss him
shinsou is shocked
you killed him.
he did not anticipate this um, you kinda caught him by surprise with this one, he genuinely did not think it was possible for you to feel this way for him
when you pull away, the kiss is almost like magic
you don’t mess with Y/N’s friends, much less their boyfriend
Tumblr media
When Y/N beams up at Shinsou, he can’t help the way his heart skips a beat. It’s ridiculous, he knows this, and he hates that he can’t prevent it. Shinsou is no fool, he knows Y/N L/N, a UA student that could potentially be a member of the Top Ten heroes in the future, would never like him. He wouldn’t be shocked if she befriended him entirely out of pity, given how students used to treat him prior to their unlikely friendship. She’d weaseled her way into his life, despite his attempts to avoid her, ignore her, and even tell her off, she’d stuck around. 
And yes, Shinsou had made the mistake of liking her. On days like this, he’d entertain the possibility that Y/N liked him back, because sometimes she hugged him for longer than average friends did, or maybe she’d press a kiss to his cheek, or even hold his hands.
That was probably just something best friends did.
“Hitoshi! Don’t you know what this means?” She exclaimed, hands finding their way onto his shoulders in the middle of the cafeteria.
Yes, she used his first name.
Shinsou rolled his eyes, trying to keep himself from getting flustered purely because her hands were on him, “Y/N it’s not a big deal, and besides-”
“We’re going to be in the same class!” Her hands move from his shoulders to around them as she pulls him into a hug, “I’m so proud of you.”
He’s shocked that she’s saying these things, and its clear she has more confidence in him than he does. Aizawa had offered him daily training to get him onto the same level as the other Class 1-A students, and he’d be joining them the next semester, assuming everything went well. “It’s no guarantee.” He mumbles, wrapping his arms around her torso.
Shinsou felt Y/N swat his back as she pulled away slightly, much to his dismay, “you’re so talented! Of course, he’s gonna let you in.” 
She sounded so sure, and Shinsou felt his heart swell with pride. 
He moves to speak, only to be interrupted by a passerby, “L/N. Come on, quit hanging out with that freak.” Y/N recognized him, James, he’d bothered Shinsou before, and he’d tried to get Y/N to stop hanging out with Shinsou and been unsuccessful. “He’s just gonna ruin your chances at becoming a pro.”
Y/N pulls away slightly from Shinsou, her brows are furrowed as she moves to confront him, only for Shinsou to grab her arm, shaking his head. “Don’t.”
Turning to glare at the guy, Y/N scoffed, “is this because I rejected you?” 
“He asked you out?” Shinsou asked, but Y/N gave him a look that said they’d discuss it later. She could remember the day vividly, he’d asked shortly after she returned from hanging out with Shinsou, telling her she could do so much better, and so much better meant him. 
She disagreed. And now Y/N couldn’t help but feel bothered as their argument begins to draw attention from others within the cafeteria, she can see in the corner of her eye that Izuku has come to a stand. Though Iida is grasping his shoulder to try and prevent him from doing anything irrational, they all knew Y/N could stand on her own. 
James scoffed at her words, “you probably rejected me because he made you.” The implications were dark, the idea that Shinsou had forced Y/N to befriend him and reject James, though he’d never used his quirk on her and swore he never would. 
Shinsou found himself releasing Y/N’s arm, taking a step backwards as he sighed, only for her to grab his hand and yank him closer before taking his face in her hands and kissing him.
She was kissing him.
Shinsou’s mind empties as Y/N pulls away, turning back to James as she says, “my boyfriend doesn’t need to make me do anything.” And the boy practically stomps off in frustration, grumbling about Shinsou’s stupid quirk or something of that sort. Not that either of them are paying attention as Y/n brings a hand to the back of her neck awkwardly, searching her mind for an explanation.
“Boyfriend?” His voice is soft, small, and he knows there are other people in the cafeteria but he can’t bring himself to care about their stares. 
Y/N turns to him, and she feels her cheeks warm as she tries to avoid his eyes, “well. Only if you want to-”
“I want to.” Shinsou replies too quickly, his cheeks flushing.
Y/N nods, “cool.” 
Izuku can’t help but beam as he watches the interaction, hitting Iida’s arm repetitvely as as he exclaims, “does this mean I’ll be able to study his quirk more?”
Tsu just sighs, “this means we don’t have to listen to her pining anymore.” 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
probably the most relaxed about it, not flustered at all, you tried thoughh
your relationship isn’t really a secret, it’s just that neither of you are that into PDA. 
there will be occasional cuddling on the common room couch of the dorms during movie night, but that’s seen as normal to the rest of Class 1-A. during dates, there will be hand holding, a kiss on the cheek, an arm around the shoulder, otherwise most of the intimacy is reserved for your rooms
this lack of PDA is why class 1-A was completely unaware that the two of you were dating, 
though you hadn’t tried to hide it, you also hadn’t made it entirely public, you also lowkey thought everyone knew.
mostly because it was so blatantly obvious that shoto was in love with you, but the entire class thought he was unaware of his own feelings and you were just oblivious 
oh how wrong they were
you come into class one day and you see shoto and you’re just like lol hi babe and you kiss him, he kisses back, LIKE IT IS THE MOST NORMAL THING
he’s temporarily caught off guard because like i said you two don’t really do PDA, but he digs it, 10/10 would kiss you again in front of everyone, mostly because after all of the CHAOS that this kiss causes, the other boys in the class stop blatantly flirting with you
speaking of chaos
the class erupts into PURE CHAOS
so much yelling and screaming, they are so confused, have fun explaining that one
shoto is equally confused as to why they are confused and you’re just laughing because you knew this would mess with their heads. he ends up getting a little flustered by all the sudden attention the two of you are getting, but maintains his apathetic attitude.
Tumblr media
Shoto places his bag beside his desk before pulling his things out one by one to place them onto the desk along with the small cup of coffee. Shoto wasn’t really the coffee type himself, he preferred tea, Y/N on the other hand had an obsession if he was honest. Of course, he enabled this obsession, he liked being the one to bring a smile onto her face. 
Yeah, he was whipped.
He could tell when Y/N entered the room because the atmosphere seemed to change entirely, she seemed to brighten everyone’s mood despite how early it was. Greeting their other classmates, she began to move towards him, seeing that he was holding a cup of coffee, Y/N raised a brow. “You drink coffee now?” She asked as she placed her things down. 
Shaking his head, Shoto extended the hand with the cup of coffee towards him, “it’s for you.” He explained, small smile on his face.
The rest of their classmates watched the interaction, Kirishima punching Kaminari’s arm as he exclaimed, “so manly!”
Bakugou scoffed from beside the both of them, “if he was really manly then maybe he’d actually ask her out.” Crossing his arms, he averts his eyes from the two, finding the class’s obsession with their relationship a tad ridiculous. Though everyone seemed to be at least slightly invested in the potential outcome at this point. 
“Whatever, Bakugo.” Mina says, “L/N has the prettiest boy in class wrapped around her finger- ugh! I want someone to love me like that.” She places her head in her hand, brows furrowing as she stares at the two. Y/N is smiling widely at Shoto, who returns her smile with one of his own. 
And then Y/N kisses him. As though this is an everyday thing. 
Mina practically jumps out her seat, and though Bakugo would never admit it, his mouth gaped open in shock as she cried out, “did you two just kiss?!”
Shoto’s cheeks are red as they pull away, though his face remains apathetic as he looks to the ground and Y/N replies, “can I not kiss my boyfriend?” She tilts her head in confusion, laughing slightly at the outburst and the clear shock in everyone’s faces. 
“Boyfriend?” Hagaruke cried out. “Why didn’t you tell us?!”
Y/N’s brows furrows as she looks to the rest of the astonished class, “did you guys seriously not know? I thought we were obvious, I literally call him by his first name-”
“We thought that was because you two were madly in love with each other but neither could confess!” Momo exclaimed suddenly, her cheeks flaming red at her outburst as she slaps a hand over her mouth.
Mina simply nods in agreement, “exactly! But now he’s buying you coffee and-”
Shoto shakes his head in confusion, “I often buy her coffee, normally she finishes it before we get to class.” He looks to Y/N, a small frown on her face, “today she woke up too late for me to walk her to school so I couldn’t give it to her then-”
“You’re so manly, Todoroki!” Kirishima exclaims, though Shoto simply looks at him in confusion as he removes his hand from Y/N’s waist. 
Shrugging, he takes a seat at his desk and Y/N speaks once more, “I just don’t understand how you guys didn’t know.” Standing beside him as he organizes his things while seated, Y/N runs a hand through his hair, and Shoto’s cheeks seemed to redden once more.
“You guys aren’t normally so touchy!” Uraraka has joined the conversation, shock clear in her features. 
Shoto nods in agreement,  “your behavior today is abnormal, Y/N.”
Now Y/N can feel her cheeks warm as she removes her hand and takes a seat t her desk, “you guys are weird.”
Izuku simply sighs, deflating almost as he watches the interaction and leans over towards Iida, “now I owe Kacchan money.” 
Tumblr media
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dontexpectmuch · 9 months ago
Stuck In Heat| Katsuki Bakugou x Bunny F!Reader (Smut)
Tumblr media
Aww, thx anon. I didn’t know if you wanted a male or female reader so I used a female reader as my default, though I’ll be glad to do a rewrite if you wanted a male or gender neutral reader! (I’m just looking for an excuse to write more smut, don’t judge me)
“Hey, this is Y/N, just leave a message for me and I’ll get ba-”
“Dammit!” Katsuki cursed under his breath, his grip on the steering wheel becoming merciless. It’s been hours and you still weren’t picking up his calls.
Just yesterday you were leaving his apartment, giggling and happy, promising to call him tomorrow. And he stood there, leaning on the doorframe, a dopey grin on his face, looking forward to the moment he’d get to hear your voice again.
“Hey, this is Y/N, just leave a message for me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”
So where the fuck were you?
He understood that sometimes people were busy and that’s why he gave it an hour before calling you again. But when you hadn’t picked up your phone, he began to worry. This wasn’t like you at all. If you were going to be so busy, you would’ve texted him, you knew how he got when you didn’t.
Were you cheating?
No, he trusted you as far as Uraraka could throw a ball.
Were you in danger? 
Memories of that night began to creep in and he began to feel his chest pound. Had you been captured by villains? How did they know you were his girlfriend? Was this another attempt to recruit him?
How could he be so stupid? He should’ve just let you stay the night, it wasn’t like you hadn’t before. But you kept insisting and he knew you could take care of yourself-
A not-so-distant honking brought him back to where he was and he stepped on the pedal, more concerned for your safety than who he pissed off.
He had texted you before he left for your apartment, but he couldn’t check if you had read it or not.
There was no denying it, Katsuki was full-on panicking. But could you blame him? You were the Achilles heel everyone was so desperate to find. Just knowing your name was precious information that could rock his world and he just couldn’t afford-
Breathe Katsuki...
The words you’d uttered so many times before had found a place somewhere in his heart, only coming out during his times of need. He allowed them to echo in his mind and soon found himself relaxing, his car not feeling as confining as it had before, his grip on the steering wheel easing ever so slightly.
Breathe Katsuki...
It was okay. It was going to be okay. He was almost at your place. You were safe.
Breathe Katsu-
Breathing be damned, you were alive.
“Y/N!? Are you fucking okay!? I’ve been calling you for hours and you didn’t pick up once!” He winced at the volume of his voice, but he just couldn’t help it. He needed to know if you were okay.
A few agonizing moments went bye along with some unidentifiable sounds from your side of the call..
He glanced over at his phone, frowning in confusion. Was this some kind of sick joke? “Y/N, what the hell is going on-”
Did you just-?
He looked over again and saw that you had hung up.
He wanted to call you again, but he was so close to your place. Had he done something wrong? Were you mad at him?
It sure was getting fucking hard to breathe.
Why did it hurt?
Why did it hurt so much?
You couldn’t move, it was agony and pleasure all at the same time. Every movement, every breath you took, every sound you heard sent shocks like electricity down your body and straight to your dripping cunt.
That morning you had been greeted by unimaginable pleasure that left you paralyzed. Paralyzed but oh so fucking hot~
Had a villain hit you with their quirk? 
You tried to think back to last night but your mind felt fuzzy and unfocused. The only clear memory was of...
“Nnngh~” You gripped as best as you could at your bedsheets, your back arching, bracing for another wave of euphoria to wash over your body. As you did so, you let out a breathless moan, the fabric of your shirt hitting your nipples oh so perfectly. 
You were tired, overwhelmed, but so, so turned on.
Why was the thought of Katsuki intensifying this feeling? The thought of his big strong arms around you, holding you close, gripping your waist, rubbing against your-
“Shit!” You moan out, your feet tapping excitedly at the incomplete thought.
You could barely react, let alone move. This would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact it was a million degrees in your room. Why was it so, so hot? If you could just get up and turn down the heat-
A vague memory of learning about heats comes to mind but is quickly washed away by the thought of Katsuki. 
Your tail twitched lightly though it was unable to do much with your ass lying on it.
Even though this pleasure was turning painful, even though you should be looking for some kind of suppressant, even though you should turn the damn heat down... You couldn’t help but think about Katsuki.
And how his fat cock would feel inside your dripping cunt.
Shitshitshit, too far-
But it was too late, you could feel how sticky your panties were becoming and your nose was twitching nonstop.
Okay, okay, Y/N, focus! Heats in people with bunny quirks...
You scrunch your face, rubbing your thighs together in hopes of calming down enough to remember how to deal when “the time” comes.
S-something about age and suppressants and partners-
Partners who would pound you face-first into the mattress, their throbbing cock so deliciously wet from your slick as they pumped in and out of your pussy at merciless speeds-
“Fuck!” You moan, your head as far into your pillow as it possibly could be. 
No, no, no, no, this couldn’t be happening, you were years late for your heat, you thought you were one of the lucky ones that simply didn’t get heats. 
But now you were just a horny delusional mess.
The shocks wouldn’t stop, they were just getting stronger and all you could do was roll around in your bed, absolutely helpless to these feelings.
Suddenly, the sound of your phone ringing reached you and your elongated ears perked at the sudden sound. You glance over at it, but immediately regretted doing so.
A picture of Katsuki’s face appeared on the vibrating screen and the most you could do was moan out his name, brutally assaulted by lewd thoughts of how you just wanted him to fuck you already.
Unconsciously, your hand let go of the fabric of the bedsheet and slipped into your pants. It was only when you felt your finger slip into your tight cunt that you had registered exactly what you were doing.
Maybe...maybe if I cum...I won’t feel like this.
Maybe that was just an excuse to masturbate to his photo.
Funny thing was that it wasn’t even particularly sexy image- just him sitting down on a park bench and looking at your camera. But in this state you noticed details that you never would have before. Were his eyes always that enticing? His arms were so muscular and strong looking. And cocky smirk- you would love those lips to be somewhere else-
And then your screen went black.
In your state of absolute euphoria, you had forgotten it was a fucking phone call- though it was hard to register the vibration of your phone when your whole body ached for your boyfriend.
You reach out for your phone with you other hand but only got so far before you were hit by painful shocks that sent you moaning out.
On your screen you could see that he had called you three times already- you had just failed to notice.
Great, he was probably freaking out by now. You knew how he got, especially considering how he got captured by villains when he was in highschool.
You wanted him to know you were safe, you wanted him to come over and fuck you. 
Finally, finally, finally, after so long of reaching out, you had finally managed to grab your phone and bring it back to you.
With shaky hands, you begin to type the passcode for your phone when suddenly it lights up, Katsuki’s picture appearing on the screen. You answer it with no hesitation, just wanting to let him know you were safe.
“H-hello?” God, why did your voice sound so shaky?
Your phone erupted in worried exclamations from your boyfriend that you weren’t prepared for.
His voice- You ears flopped to cover your face and you try (and fail) to resist moaning out. His voice sounds so good.
You felt ashamed, angry even. You had to let him know you were fine, that everything was fine but you couldn’t.
“Y/N, what the hell is going on-” 
You quickly hang up, not really able to process what you had just done in this haze of pain.
Your finger had started moving but you barely noticed it, seeing that Katsuki’s cock was the only thing you wanted at that moment.
You had resigned to this feeling when not 5 minutes later you hear your front door open.
Again, your body went crazy, your nose twitching non-stop. His scent. You usually didn’t notice how your boyfriend smelled, but now, wafts of apple cinnamon reached your nose and you absolutely lived for it.
His voice and his scent assaulted you oh so well. 
As much as you desired him, you began to dread the moment he saw you like this. What would he think? What would he say?
Well it was too late to hide because he opened the door to your room.
It was a sight he was not expecting. Your ack arched, hand deep in your pants and you looking at him with those beautiful eyes.
“Y-Y/N?” He was relieved, and confused, and yes- turned on.
He wasn’t expecting the moan that you had released either. What the hell is going on? 
He couldn’t see the tears running down your face as your ears were covering your eyes, but did hear the sniffle. And then the second one along with the third.
It was like a switch had been turned on in him and he rushed over to your bed, arms already enveloping your body in a strong hug. “Don’t cry baby, don’t cry...” he whispered stroking your back.
“He...” You whisper shakily, grabbing tightly to his shirt. It was all you could do to stop from grabbing it off his body and cuddling with it. All you wanted was to be surrounded by his things. I think that’s called...nesting? 
“He?” He echoes, looking into your eyes. Your face was flushed, your body shaking like crazy. Just as he had begun to relax, he felt himself begin to worry again. “Are you sick? Do you need to go to the hospital?”
You shake your head and bury your face into his chest, his scent the only thing you wanted. “He...” You try again, too overwhelmed to speak clearly. Taking a breath you say it once more, this time barely able to say it all the way through. “Heat!”
Heat? You were hot? Or rather...Oh. Oh.
Oh shit.
“Heat!? You’re...” He trailed off, suddenly feeling your perky nipples against his chest, your leg rubbing pathetically against his cock, your hot breath against his neck. “ heat.”
That explained a lot.
Katsuki paused. He knew the problem but the solution...
Suddenly you tensed in his arms, a groan of pain escaping your lips. The electricity you felt in your body went from light and arousing to intense and painful. All you wanted was to fuck him, all you wanted was him, his scent, his dick. “Katsukiii-” You moan, the tears still running down your face. You just wanted it to end. “Please...” You couldn’t take it anymore.
He knew what you needed and he knew you were in pain. He didn’t even think twice before stripping himself of his pants and boxers and climbing between your legs.
You had soaked through your shorts and your thighs were covered in your slick.  He admired the sight, his cock already hardening because of it. 
You can’t help yourself and moan again, this time spreading your legs wider. You didn’t care how at this point, you just need him.
Did you even know how desperate you looked? How sexy you sounded moaning his name? How much this turned him on?
His hand moved to slide down your shorts and panties, taking note of how loud you moaned at just the graze of this fingertips.
Katsuki lined himself at your entrance, already half hard from just the sight of your wet slit. He glances up at your face, needing to be 100% sure this was what you wanted. You nod vigorously before he could even say a word, your gaze intense enough to finish anyone that looked at you.
As much as he wanted to tease you, he also wanted to relieve your pain. Slowly, he pressed his erection into your cunt, feeling your walls stretch to accommodate him.
He barley held back a moan, grunting instead. You arched your back and moaned out, the heat of him filling you completely.
You were overwhelmed and couldn’t think straight, your mind occupied by this utter feeling of being full and then some. It was like the shocks were coming harder but this time instead of pain you felt , it was something that could only be described as absolute euphoria. You cried out in pleasure, clamping as tightly as possible around him. You hadn’t even realized you were close to orgasm until you suddenly felt a wave of impossibly good pleasure wash over you and you’re left unable to make a sound.
He was unable to hold back his moan this time, what with you sucking him in like this. “Shit, baby you feel so good, I- fuckfuckfuuuck~” He thrust absentmindedly into you, grabbing blindly at your breasts as he let out breathy moans. It was something about the way you cried out, something about the way you seemed desperate, needy even. It did things to him, things even he didn’t understand. He was completely hard now and it seemed like he was going to burst what with the amount of precum there was pouring from his cock.
You could only moan his name as you make some attempt to push back, your hips lightly fluttering. The sounds. Your ears were unusually sensitive during that moment and every sensual sound that reached your ears only increased you arousal. 
The sounds coming from your slit as your boyfriends thrust mercilessly in and out of you, his breathy moans and grunts, your desperate moans, it was all so much. You felt yourself reaching orgasm again for what? The 6th time? 8th? 12th?
Only for Katsuki. Only for Katsuki would you spread your legs so wide, moan so loudly, beg so shamelessly for. Only for him.
Katsuki felt how your walls pressed mercilessly at his cock, a sign that you were close again. It was as if he himself was in heat as he could only think about you, and how perfect everything about you was. “Mmm, Y/N, you’re so fucking good to me baby, fuck- so, so good to me!” He wanted you to only want him, he wanted your pussy to be the shape of his cock, he wanted to fuck his baby into, he wanted you.
“Yes, yes, yes, yes-” you moan into his neck shivering suddenly as he bite down on yours, his tongue swirling around what would possibly be a very large bruise.
His pace was brutal and you were sure he was going to finish soon. All you could do was hold on, your breasts bouncing as he fucked you.
Those beautiful breasts? His. That soaking pussy? His. That perfect ass? His. You were his and if his cock fucking you into a  state of euphoria wasn’t enough to get the message through to you then he’d gladly do it again. 
His thrusts became faster and less timed, his moans almost as loud as yours, the tight coil in his stomach only loosening when he thought about his semen being inside of you, properly making you his.
Your were covered in a blanket of warmth as Katsuki released into you and you thrust your hips, wanting- no needing more.
As he collapses on the side of your bed, worn out from fucking you so hard, you somehow find the strength to mount him again, a crazed look in your eye.
“Y/N what- fuck!” He was taken off guard when you start grinding against his highly sensitive cock.
“I-I’m sorry, I c-can’t, oh fuck, I can’t stop, I just need shit, yeeees, I j-just need your cock!” You grind harder against him, unable to think comprehend what you were thinking.
The only thing Katsuki could do was lay back and take it.
He was in for a wild ride.
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judarus · 7 months ago
anon asked : can we get some head cannons of "some attractive things ___ does"? with bakugou? unless you've already done it, in which sorry for the trouble!
NOTES : i was planning on making one for him along with the other characters but pls do send a request for any character (from any anime !!) for this lil series im doing since thats very helpful to me <3 anyways PLS ENJOY ANON <333
Tumblr media
flexes his muscles A LOT 
like does it without even realising 
example being when he’s cooking and those arms just arming mmm
he definitely wears rings sometimes with his outfits
would hold the back of the seat while he reverses 
when you sit in his lap he leans back and puts his arms behind his head
smirks at you like all the time
when you're studying together he’ll put his head on the table 
and stare up at you to distract you just so he can tease you
‘oi, focus on the work. better yet, take a pic, it’ll last longer 😏’
would definitely wear a headband around you
also is a chains wearer type of guy
omg when he’s teasing you and you're struggling to come up with a comeback
he’ll look you up and down and raise his brow, mouth in a slightly open smirk as he chuckles
will put your hair in a ponytail for you 
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kovori · a year ago
Tumblr media
you should be sad.
part three || mini series || prequel, one, two, three, four
katsuki bakugou x reader x izuku midoriya ||| angst, cheating, oc powers, toxic relationships, smut
Word count: 7,589
Katsuki tries to better himself, while Y/N is trying to rebuild her life. With everything coming to a head, one can only wonder where Izuku fits in, in all of this?
When Katsuki was a teenager, he never cared for relationships.
They were a waste of time, a distraction.
So, when he was accepted into U.A, he had a zero-tolerance policy for girlfriends. He didn’t find any particular girl to be better or prettier than the other.
No—they were all just extras with tits to him.
But the day you walked into class 1-A Bakugo knew you were different.
While everyone kept complimenting you on your time manipulation quirk, you shrugged it off like it wasn’t that big of a deal.
But Katsuki saw past that; he saw the real you.
The Y/N who hated losing at anything. The Y/N whose quick wit had saved countless of lives. The Y/N who uttered ‘fuck’ just as much as he did. The same Y/N who beat the shit out of that purple pervert for messing with her on a bad day.
God, you were perfect for him.
But you became friends with Deku first, so he had to settle on being nicer to you. He’d hold off on an insult or two—just for you. If Mina hadn’t of formally introduced you to the bakusquad, Bakugou highly doubted you’d give him the time of day.
He felt funny around you, feeling as if explosions were setting off in his gut. You made his palms extra sweaty, and if you caught him staring at you, he’d call you a dumbass and you’d just smile at him. 
He fucking loved your smile.
The day Kirishima dragged Katsuki to game night was the first time Bakugo saw you slip away from his grasp. Everyone noticed the tension in the room when you and Deku kissed.
Those were the longest, most agonizing seven seconds of his life.
He wasted no time making you his girlfriend a week later, taking a page out of his mom’s book and just came out with it. He couldn’t believe you actually said yes, and honestly, neither could anyone else. Yet Bakugou didn’t care, he had his girl and was on cloud nine.
So why was he doing this? Shouting at you when he should have just told you everything. You were right there—yet you seemed so far away. The words out of your mouth never registered. No, he must have heard that wrong. You wanted to leave him? After everything you two had went through?
Then he opened the palm of his hand.
In it laid your wedding band.
 The same damn ring he saved up for months to buy. The one you kept staring at whenever you two would pass by the jewelers while out on patrol. Although you never told him you wanted it—Katsuki just knew you did.
The ring felt so heavy in his palm. You didn’t even bother to hear him out. Walking to your car without much of a glance back in his direction. Treating him like one of those damned extras at the gym whenever they’d try to hit on you.
Like he wasn’t shit.
“Fuck no. No fuckin’ way—”
Were you serious right now? Divorce? No—this had to be a nightmare. Bakugou reached out for your arm, yet you pulled away from him. He felt so helpless, watching you through blurry eyes get into your car, pulling out of the driveway without another word, his heart aching as the garage door started descending.
 After years of being together, years of striving, building and fighting together — gone. Just like that.
“GODDAMNIT!“ He opened his palm, quirk activated as he blew a gaping hole through the garage door, his anger the victor once again.
Reaching into his pocket, Bakugo pulled out his phone. Dunce face was in for a rude awakening. The bastard ruined everything with one fucking phone call.
But Katsuki didn’t even get a chance to call the idiot when his phone rung in his palm.
Unknown number.The fuck?
“Who the fuck is this?” He answered.
“So, you blocked me, huh?!” The feminine voice on the other end of the phone shouted. “You can’t treat people like this Katsuki!”
Not this shit again.
“Piss off you annoying bitch! That condom stunt you pulled? Just fuckin’ wait until I see you—“
“No—wait until I see Mrs.L/N and tell her what’s up!”
Katsuki couldn’t help but laugh at the piss poor threat.
“Oh yeah? And who do you think she’ll be more pissed off with? Me or you?”
You were already aware of his affair, and after tonight Katsuki was aware you had come to terms with it. But he hadn’t told you who it was for a reason. One betrayal was enough; the second one would’ve been too much for you to handle. 
Especially after nearly losing you to stress during your pregnancy.
The insufferable sobbing was enough for him to hang up the phone, Bakugo had better shit to worry about. But instead he listened to his mistress cry for what felt like forever, waiting to see what the fuck she was calling him for.
“What the fuck do you want, Yui? You got what you wanted. Y/N left me—“
“Katsuki...I’m pregnant—“
Fuck that.
Katsuki hung up the phone.
  Five months later.
The shrill beeping from the corner of the room went off. The sun had yet to rise when the blonde turned over in his bed, plopping his hand down on the empty space next to him.
He was alone.
The room was painted in gray, matching the way Katsuki felt on the inside. His emotions were mixed up and his mind was frazzled, the last five months were emotionally draining for the explosion hero. He ran over your spot in bed, remembering the way your body would dip and curve the memory foam.
But the bed was smoothing out now, the indents that indicated you once laid there were slowly fading away.
The alarm kept beeping, making Katsuki groan before he rose from bed and grabbed his phone off of his nightstand, silencing the damned thing.  
Several notifications.
Zero from you.
You hadn’t reached out to him since the night you drove out of the driveway. The only time Katsuki heard from you was when it had to deal with your daughter—usually through his parents, or the occasional days at work when your agencies had to work together. Neither spoke of the divorce since you left that night.
In his mind, the two of you were just separated. It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t divorced. Which meant that he still had a chance, right?
“Yeah, right.” He said out loud, scoffing at the thought that you’d magically come back after five months. Hell, even Kirishima wasn’t as optimistic as he was when you had first left. It went from ‘give her some time, bro’ to ‘just focus on you, man’ after the third month. What kind of mental gymnastics bullshit was that?  
Plus, that goddamn Deku complicated things.
Call it intuition, but something about that day in Deku’s apartment rubbed Bakugo wrong. He knew you never slept with that nerd; although his insecurities made him think otherwise. But for the life of him, he just cannot shake the sinking feeling in his gut that maybe—maybe something did happen between you two?
That thought haunted him for five long months. As if he wasn’t neck deep in his own shit.
He started his day like usual, angrily brush his teeth, early morning workout, followed by a shower afterwards then head out to work.
Except today was different; it was Natsuki’s birthday.
Bakugo’s mother decided to hold his daughter’s birthday at her home, and shockingly you actually said yes. The two of you under the same roof for more than a minute? The mere thought made his hands clammy. Rubbing his hands on his jeans, he went back to the final button on the pinstripe button up. Tired scarlet eyes stared back at him in the mirror, before resting on the diamond studded ring hanging off of a thin chain around his neck.
He stared at it longer than he intended, the pang in his heart snapping him out of it. Bakugou tucked the ring into his shirt, before grabbing his daughter’s birthday present and headed out the door.
Once Katsuki was in his car, his phone went off. His heart skipped a beat when he saw your caller ID popped up. It took his a second to swipe answer before shoving the phone to his ear. His breath hitched his throat when he heard your voice on the other end.
“H-Hey—Natsuki don’t throw that—Hey Katsuki, it’s me.” He heard you starting your shitty sounding car, along with Natsuki babbling loudly. He gripped the wheel tightly, trying to fight back the urge to say ‘no shit’ remembering what his therapist taught him, before fixing his mouth the speak.
 “Ugh—well yeah, no shit it’s me—listen, Nat kicked one of the two liters of soda out of the car and it’s everywhere—and I know you’re heading out now so can you please stop off at the store and pick up another bottle of soda?”
“Y-Yeah—sure.” He said a little too quickly.  You must not have noticed—or cared to notice before sighing in relief, thanking him several times then hanging up before he could utter another word. He didn’t mind though, hearing your voice was enough to make him feel a little bit better.
The drive to his parent’s house was shorter than usual. Hitting the nearest mini mart on his way there, grabbing two, two liters of soda along with a bouquet of sunflowers. Once Katsuki pulled up to the driveway, your car was nowhere in sight. Instead he was greeted by his mother, waiting outside with her arms crossed.
“Looks like someone dressed up.” Mitsuki teased, smacking her son on the back when he passed her. Bakugou grunted, his usual scowl prominent on his face, but the faint blush growing was all his mother needed to see; she knew what he was up to.
“That’s why I asked to have Nattie’s birthday over here, you know. To give you two a chance to talk to each other. Go into your old room, I bought you some cologne—I remember Y/N saying she liked the way it smelled when we were shopping for you last Christmas.” Mitsuki grabbed the present out of Katsuki’s hand and pushed him into the direction of his bedroom.
“Tch—you, annoying old hag! I don’t need your help!” He shouted at his mother, although he made no indication of turning around and went into his old room.
As soon as Katsuki closed the door behind him he heard the doorbell ring.
Footsteps coming from his parent’s room across the hall, came and went, becoming silent once again, before sounds of a giggling baby emitted from the other side of the door.
“It’s great seeing you again, Y/N! Oh…What happened to your shirt? Hand her to her grandfather, I have the perfect dress for you to wear in my room!” Hearing their footsteps grow closer, Bakugou’s hands started to clam up on him again, forcing him to put the bouquet down so he could wipe them.
Fuck. He was hoping he had more time to prepare before you showed up, snatching the cologne out of its box and spraying just enough on himself, before taking the bouquet and headed back into the living room.
Masaru was sitting down on the couch, when he turned back to see his son. He had Natsuki sitting on his lap chewing on her teething ring, while one of her favorite shows played in the background. “Hey look Natsuki! It’s your Dad!” Masaru pointed, and Natsuki’s eyes followed, growing wide when she spotted her daddy.
“Hey there, birthday brat,” Bakugo smiled, his harsh demeanor softening when her arms shot up for him, struggling to get out of her grandfather’s grasp. “Hand her here, old man.”
Masaru complied, handling his flailing granddaughter back to his son. Natsuki immediately grabbed onto her father’s shirt, clinging to him as she seemingly forgot all about her teething ring and grandfather.
“Looks like Natsuki found her Daddy.” You teased, coming out of Mitsuki and Masaru’s bedroom in a short white summer dress with sunflowers adorned on its side, you wore brown sandals with straps that came up to your knees.
You were absolutely stunning. Leaving Bakugou in awe and at loss for words. He felt like a teenager again, in his first year of U.A.  How the hell was he supposed to get over you, with you looking like that?
What a fucking idiot he was.
The small smacks on his cheek from Natsuki’s drool covered hand snapped him out of it. Leave it to his daughter to save him from making a complete fool of himself.
“Took you long enough.” He adverted eye contact, focusing on the bouquet in his hand. “Here—for you.” He held his arm out to you, holding the sunflowers in front of your face.
“You’re’re a great mom, Y/N.”
  Flustered, you took the bouquet from Katsuki. Immediately hit the pleasing scent of lemongrass, and sandalwood. Was this a new cologne? Had he always smelled this nice? No—you shouldn’t be thinking about that right now. You two just had to get through today and then you could go back to rebuilding your life.
At least, that’s what you told yourself.
Five months and still every single time you two were in the same room, you had to calm your racing heart. The blonde bastard looked good—too damn good—if you were being honest with yourself. His wedding band was still on his left hand, taunting you and that looming feeling of guilt in your gut.
“Thank you, Katsuki. They’re beautiful. I would tell you that you’re a great father, but I think Nat made that loud and clear.” You sneered, the little traitor.
Some time had passed, and the day went on as normal, albeit you steering clear from Katsuki and his sad eyes. You glanced back to see him sitting down on the couch with Natsuki, little arms wrapped around the blonde’s neck, as she stood up on his thigh. They were practically cheek to cheek watching a baby show you knew he absolutely loathed—but he stays, as he always did when it came to his little girl.
You took a picture of the two and sent the picture to Katsuki, hearing his phone chime when he received it. “H-Hey dumbass, who said you could take a picture?” He growled, tilting his head back to see you.
“Me, duh.” You smiled at him, noticing the pink tint on his cheeks.
Mitsuki popped up behind you, startling you both. “How about the two of you go to the store and pick up some ice and—ya know what? I’ll text a list, I have to keep an eye on what’s in the oven for Masaru.”
“Tch, why do we both have to go?”
“Because you throw tantrums whenever you can’t find anything, this is why you need Y/N.”
Although you really didn’t want to be alone with Katsuki, you couldn’t help but agree with her there. “I don’t mind, plus I doubt you want to get banned from another store, Katsuki.”
He paused, unable to retort. “Fair enough.” 
Well, this was awkward.
The two of you sat in silence, you kept your hands on your lap, while Bakugou stiffly turned the wheel making a left.
“Uh, Katsuki? You meant to go right, not left.”
“We’re not going to the market yet, dumbass.” His face was unreadable. Where the hell were you two going? You were familiar with the area from years of coming around with Katsuki, but this road wasn’t familiar to you. It was almost abandoned. Rural areas with dirt roads and land being upheaved for future construction.
“Where the fuck are we going?” You crossed your arms, frowning.
“Stop fucking pouting—listen—we gotta talk, Y/N/N.” The car came to a stop, parked in front of a vast valley of wildflowers. It seemed as if it went on forever, the breathtaking sight of the mountain tops rendered you speechless.
You hadn’t noticed Bakugou staring at you, or his hand on your thigh. Such a familiar touch, and one you had to admit you missed. But that deep seed of guilt made you cross your leg over the other, and he got the message.
“Spit it out, Bakugou. We’re missing our daughter’s birthday—“
“Tch, stop worrying. The brat’s fine. Come on.” With that Katsuki shut off the car, exiting it without another word. Soon he was on the passenger side, opening the door and offering you his hand, something he had done many times before.
But you didn’t take his hand.
Unfastening your seatbelt, you stepped out only to be uncomfortably close to the blonde. He closed the door behind you, then found a patch of grass that was surrounded by wildflowers to sit down in.
Following behind him, so many thoughts crossed your mind. If the two of you were on good terms this would’ve been absolutely romantic and end with the two of you fucking like rabbits, but with the current state of your marriage you both probably would’ve laugh, neither could fathom that, that would ever happen again.
“Katsuki, why are we out here?”
“To talk, dumbass.”
“So, start talking.”
He frowned, slightly bothered by how you were talking to him. Biting back his pride, inhale…exhale like his therapist taught him, he chose his next words carefully.
“I want us to go to marriage counseling—together. I’ve been seeing a therapist. I mean, at first it was shit, but I’m learning, making changes and shit. I’m trying—”
“I don’t want to go to counseling, I want this divorce. I’m glad you’re going to therapy and everything, but no.”
“Babe, please—why won’t you just listen? I told you I didn’t fuck her that night. I went to end things with the bitch! It’s her who won’t leave me the fuck alone damnit.”
“So, who is she, hm? You’re saying the same shit you said months ago. What. Is. Her. Name?” You clapped your hand with each word, and he rolled his eyes.
“Just a fucking fan,” He paused, inhale…exhale. “I’d feel…better…talking about this in marriage counseling. I don’t want to fuck this up—”
“Well too late, asshole. You already did. Thanks for the view, now take me back to your parent’s house, wasting my fucking time. It’s our daughter’s birthday and you pull this shit? Un-fuckin-believable.” You pinched the bridge of your nose, closing your eyes to hide the flickering white in your pupils.
Both you and Bakugou stood up, you started walking uphill towards the car, when you felt him yank you back, grabbing you by your chin and bringing you into a loving embrace. His lips met yours, hesitant at first, but before you knew it you were melting into his embrace, taking in the way he felt, the way he smelt. You never realized how good his arms felt around you, but before you could truly enjoy the moment he broke the kiss.
“Tch, fine.”
With that he left you standing there flustered, confused, and conflicted.
“Um, Deku? Are you paying attention?”
Uravity nudged him slightly, pointing to the chief of police Tsuragamae as he continued giving the day’s debriefing. Startled, Midoriya shoved his phone back into his pocket, unaware of Uraraka’s sadden expression.
“…and that concludes today’s report. Be on the lookout for the villain Cyclops, he was last seen near Ground Zero’s agency.” Tsuragamae closed the portfolio, with that everyone stood up, Red Riot being the first to leave with Pinky, while Uravity and Ingenium stayed back waiting for Deku.
“You need to pay attention next time, Deku! As the new number one hero it is your job to lead by example, remember that.” Iida spoke passionately, lecturing Midoriya as the three of them went on patrol. “You’ve been distracted all day! Imagine if we were in front of the press? They’d have a field day throwing your name into the mud.”
“Y-Yeah, you’re right..” Midoriya sighed, he had been distracted all day. He hadn’t heard from you since that morning when you told him you were going to be with Kaachan for Natsuki’s birthday. No, he wasn’t jealous, he was just worried.
Plus, things were kinda awkward with Uraraka at the moment. He glanced at her, fidgeting with her fingers as she tried to keep her distance from him. He just hoped that they could eventually repair their friendship.
“U-Um, well this is where I take my leave—I’ll see you guys later!” Uraraka waved as she quickly went down the street to her district. Neither Izuku nor Tenya had a chance to say goodbye when she turned the corner.
“Erm, well—now that it’s just us..what’s going on with you and Ochako?”
It was honestly the last thing Midoriya wanted to talk about.
The whole ordeal made him feel like crap. “W-Well, we broke up a year ago today, and it’s just a little awkward being around each other.” He frowned, scratching the back of his head. “B-But we had an arrangement and I kinda ended things abruptly..”
“What do you mean arrangement?” A look of disapproval was prominent on Iida’s face when he put two and two together. “Goodness, were you two sleeping with each other?”
“I mean..yeah,” He wasn’t proud to admit it, “But there’s someone else, and I didn’t want to take advantage of Uraraka.”
“Is this ‘someone else’ Y/N Bakugou?”
Deku stopped in his tracks, peering at Iida. Was it that obvious? “Ah, so I was right. Midoriya—you do understand that she is a married woman, correct? Cheating is absolutely disgraceful and not very hero-like—don’t tell me you’re sleeping with Bakugou’s wife—” 
“I’m not sleeping with her! I..just like being around her. We’ve been spending more time together lately, that’s all.”
“What are you doing to do if she goes back to Bakugou? I’m aware of their marriage troubles, although they play their roles well in public, but what if she realizes she loves him more than you? Take it from me, it’s not a good ending.” There was vinegar behind his words, and Deku knew exactly why. Iida hardly recovered from his separation, especially when she moved on with someone they both knew.
“Ask her yourself.”
They finished their patrol in silence, neither saying anything else.
By the time the two of you made it back, Mitsuki already had everything set up. Natsuki sat in her highchair trying to reach for the balloons on either side of her, while Masaru took pictures. Katsuki handed his mother everything you picked up from the store, pretending as if nothing happened between you two.
So, you did the same.
After cake, drinks and baby shark you felt your phone vibrate checking it to see Nat’s ‘pre-bedtime’ alarm going off, you were surprised to see that it was already seven. “Thank you both so much for everything. I think it’s time we start heading out, Nat’s bedtime is in an hour.” Exchanging your goodbyes with his parents you went to take her from her father’s arms when he shook his head.
“I got her.”
You both walked in silence, until you unlocked the car door, Katsuki secured Nat in her car seat while you put her birthday presents in the trunk. Unaware he was being watched, Katsuki kissed Nat on her head, brushing her hair out of her face. She refused to let go of her father’s finger even in her sleep when he tried to pull away, and the pain in his eyes made it clear he wasn’t ready for her to let go. Prying his finger out of her grasp, he handed Nat the birthday present he had bought her, an angry looking yellow alpaca plushie, and closed the door.
“I’m gonna pick her up after work tomorrow, got that?”
“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll let the daycare know.” You hopped into the car, turning it on for it to let out the most garbled sound you’ve ever heard.
“Hey dumbass, what’s with your car? It sounds like shit.”
“You always say that.”
“No really, it sounds like shit. I told you not to buy that goddamn car. Are you even putting oil in it?”
You shyly smiled, adverting his glare.
“...You really are a dumbass.”
After your lecture from Bakugou the mechanic, you headed home. Today’s whole ordeal replayed in your mind. The blond bastard left you worked up and bothered. Why couldn’t he just tell you who this woman was? You doubt you’ll ever know. And therapy? When did he start going to therapy?  So much had changed these past few months.
Then the car started sputtering, the sound becoming worse as it sat idle at a red light. Once the light turned green you pushed on the gas, yet the engine lagged, and the car lacked the speed it needed to keep up with the flow of traffic. You managed to pull over into an empty parking lot, ready to call Katsuki. Yet when you got to his name you noticed the name right above it.
Calling Katsuki would lead to one thing, and that was the one thing you were trying to avoid.
So instead you called someone else.
He was there in fifteen minutes.
Luckily, you caught him while he was finishing up his final report for the day. Iida’s words had really bothered him, leaving Deku in a bad mood, plus he wasn’t ready to go back to his empty apartment.
He needed to know where the two of you stood.
Still in his hero suit he stepped out of his car, rushing over to you. Your face lit up when you got out, greeting him with a hug, while his heart hammered in his chest.
He hadn’t seen you in a dress since your wedding, and you looked just as stunning as you did on that painful day. Not wanting to waste anymore time outside, Deku helped you get Natsuki’s car seat installed in his car. The drive back to your new condo was a familiar one for him, neither of you said much of anything out of fear of waking up Natsuki.
Izuku lead you up the steps to your condo before taking the spare key out of his pocket, unlocking the door, holding it open for you. Natsuki laid limp in your arms in a deep sleep, while you carried her into her room. 
It had become a normal routine for him to walk you to your door and stay to chat. Once Natsuki was changed, you tucked her in, along with the plushie she refused to let go of. Izuku waited outside of her nursery, leaning against the doorway watching you with admiration. 
Although you dealt with so much, you continued to smile. Never letting anyone onto what’s truly going on in that head of yours. His feelings never changed, he still loved you. Stealing glances of you whenever you weren’t looking, and sometimes he’d catch you staring at him too. 
You were aware of his feelings, but he still hadn’t known yours. 
What was he expecting anyway? You were still married to Kacchan, his childhood friend, nonetheless! He truly wanted to feel guilty, being so close to you. From the time you became Bakugo’s girlfriend, Midoriya was aware that Kacchan didn’t want him anywhere near you. 
However, he didn’t feel guilty. 
Not when you’re smiling at him like that, tucking your hair behind your ear—something he noted you only did when you were nervous. Not when you say his name so sweetly, making the number one hero, the new symbol of peace feel like a lovesick schoolboy all over again. 
“Izuku? You okay?”
“Y-Yeah, sorry..kinda got lost in thought.” It wasn’t necessarily a lie. 
You two stepped out of Natsuki’s nursery and went into the living room. Izuku made himself comfortable on the couch before you joined him with two glasses and a chilled bottle of wine, kicking off your sandals with a sigh.
“Did you want to join me for a glass of wine? Today was a long, long day.”
Neither of you wanted to be alone.
“I guess a glass wouldn’t hurt, thank you.” 
He needed to know where this was going.  
Hopefully, a glass of wine and a good movie would be enough to give him courage. Yet after the second glass, Iida’s words started replaying in his mind.
He could hardly focus on the movie with you sitting so close to him. He didn’t know when the right time would be to bring up his burning question. Was he ready for the truth? Would it change the whole dynamic of your friendship? He already screwed up once, and Kacchan took advantage of that. He wasn’t about to let that happen again.
“Are you still watching, Izu? I can turn if off if you want.”
“N-No I’m sorry, I just have a lot on my mind is all.”
“Oh, work again? Are they still giving you a hard time? God, you’re already the number one pro—”
“W-Well, Ochako saved me before the chief had a chance. I did get a lengthy lecture from Iida though..”
“That’s Iida for you. Still a stickler for the rules.” You sighed, taking another swig of your wine. Izuku did the same, building up the liquid courage he needed.
There was silence once again, neither of you knowing what to say next. It was in that moment when he noticed your left hand, naked of any jewelry. He watched that same hand rub along your neck, that was when he noticed your exposed shoulders, the way the dress clung to your body in all the right places, how your plump your glossed lips were when they curled into a small smile—good god, he wanted to kiss you.
It drove the man wild. 
Midoriya praised himself for his self-restraint. A man of his word; a gentleman like his mentor. The Symbol of Peace! The number one hero in Japan. But..
“Are you..” he paused for a moment. “Are you going to work things out with Kacchan?”
You were silent. The smile on your face was replaced with a small frown, you refused to look at him.
Izuku already knew the answer, yet guilt and envy made him wish otherwise. 
He must’ve crossed the line when you got up and went into your room, only to appear seconds later with a large manilla envelope in hand, passing it to Deku. 
It had Kacchan’s name on it. 
“I didn’t want to give it to him on Natsuki’s birthday. He..he just looked so damn sad.” 
“O-oh, I’m sorry I—“ He started, until you waved your hand. 
“It’s okay, really. I can’t serve him myself anyway and I sure as hell wasn’t going to ask Mitsuki to serve her own son his divorce papers.” You sighed. “I just felt so guilty, and I wasn’t even the one who cheated.” 
Izuku had a million and one questions racing through his mind. Was there a chance for him after all? Was it worth jeopardizing his friendship with Kacchan? 
Bakugo had his chance. 
“I—” You paused, biting on your bottom lip. “I thought about what you said before, Deku. You know...before this all happened?” 
“Y-Yeah?” So, you had thought about what he said months ago. 
“After the divorce is finalized…I’d like us to go on a proper date. I can’t say I’m ready to date now—because I’m not. I just want to focus on me and Nat right now. I hope that’s okay. ” You did the hair thing again; you were nervous. 
“T-That’s fine with me! I won’t rush you. I-I don’t mind waiting..” Izuku wasn’t lying, he would never rush you. But he was tired of waiting, he just wanted to hold you, even if it was only for tonight. 
That look in your eyes was unreadable and left a damn near carnal feeling pooling in his stomach. Fuck, why did you have to look so damn delicate in that little dress? He went for his glass again when your hand stopped him, taking his large calloused hand into your small ones, running your fingers along every scar.
Ah, fuck it.
He grabbed your hand and brought it to his chest, bringing you in close enough to press his lips lightly against yours. One and done, that was the plan, but when he tried to pull away, you dug your fingers into his suit, climbing into his lap to deepen the kiss. Heated and heavy, you nipped at his bottom lip, sucking on it before he granted you the access you so desperately craved, at least until he pulled away.
“Hmm?” You leaned in close, he could smell the light fragrance of your favorite perfume, fighting against his most natural instinct. 
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dark jade orbs peering into your own, refusing to take it any further without your permission. “Because I don’t want to hold back anymore.” 
Izuku felt your hand lax and pull away. He could not put his finger on the look in your eyes for the life of him, but when you snaked your arms around his neck, he tensed up. “I trust you, Izuku.” You whispered into his ear, nipping at his ear lobe lightly. 
A breathy moan escaped his lips, thick fingers digging into the soft flesh of your hips, as he pushed you down onto his growing arousal. It didn’t take long for the two of you to find a rhythm, his swollen cock aching against his suit, the feeling of your soft pussy rubbing against him through the thin jumpsuit drove him wild. He wanted to be balls deep inside you, fuck caution, he wanted to have you under him, saying his name. 
Fuck were you perfect.
He couldn’t help kissing your naked shoulder, fighting back the urge to mark the smooth skin. Loving the way your fingers wove their way through his hair. The feeling of your nails grazing the fresh fade along the back of his head. Before you knew it he was peeling the dress down your back, exposing your bare chest before him. Izuku wasted no time taking a taut nipple into his mouth, earning a soft mewl from you, making him buck into you instinctively. 
His hands found their way under your dress, fingers looping around the thin fabric, pulling it down in one go. His cock throbbed in his pants, as he hungrily watched you pull the dress above your head, discarding it across the room.
Neither of you cared about the consequences any longer. The look in your eyes was evident enough. Midoriya couldn’t deny how he felt. “I’ve waited,” he gripped your hips once more, pulling you in close. “far too long for this.” 
The soft hum of your voice, the way you rolled your hips, teasing him with that seductive little glare of yours. “What’s stopping you?” You say so sweetly, kissing along his jawline, running your hand down his abdomen.
“Nothing anymore.”
You hardly had time to process what was happening when you felt him run his fingers along your slit, earning a mewl from you as he collected your arousal on his scarred digits.
You were already soaked—for Izuku nonetheless. His cock twitched at the thought of making you his that very instant.
But instead he decided to take his time with you. He was in no rush, only thoughts of satisfying you were on his mind.
He ran his tongue across his fingers, groaning in satisfaction, taking in the taste of you before sinking those same digits into your sopping core. You gasped, head shot back against the armrest as he located your g-spot, curling his fingers, pumping them in and out of you. The sound of your slick sex coaxing him on. His thumb rubbing over the sensitive bud earned a whimper from you.
Although tomorrow would bring a whole new slew of problems; Midoriya was more than willing to risk it all tonight for an intimate moment with you. A moment where you saw him as a man—not a mere boy.
He was going to fuck you better than Kacchan ever could.
He removed his fingers from your throbbing core, moving down your body until his face was in front of your pretty little pussy. Inhaling your scent before capturing your clit in between his lips, sucking on the small bundle of nerves.
Holy fuck.
Your toes curled, chest heaving as you watched the curly top of green hair move in between your legs. His fingertips digging into the plush skin of your thighs as he kept your legs spread apart. Your pussy throbbing and fluttering around nothing as his tongue ran up and down your slit, dipping the pink muscle into your tight little hole.
How was he so good at this?
Hell, you weren’t even sure you wanted to know. You didn’t want to think about another woman with Izuku—as selfish as that may sound. You could hardly even think with him eating you out like you were the fucking supper.
“Fuck—Izu,” You sighed, your brain was going blank, bucking anxiously against his tongue. The only thing you could think of was his cock stretching you out like you so desperately craved.
“I-Izuku—come here—I can’t wait any longer.” You whined, pulling on a tuft of green hair to get his attention.
Deku tilted his head, emerald eyes met yours, but he refused to let up. His tongue working circles around your sensitive bud, taking in the way your face contorts, slight sucking noises filling the living room when he took your clit in between his lips again. You felt your orgasm quickly approaching, the coil in your stomach tightening as your legs started shaking in anticipation.
“Stooooop—please! I-I’m about to—“
Midoriya smirked, his tongue swiping over your clit while he sucked on the small bud. He felt your legs twitch, and you tried to close them, but he forced them back open. He refused to let up on your quivering pussy, grabbing you by your legs and pushing them up towards your chest, giving him full access to your puffy little cunt.
“You act like you’ve never came from head before, princess.” He teased, trying to sound as innocent as he possibly could with something so sinfully alluring in front of him, your slick glistening on his face even under the dim television light. “Just relax—let me take care of you.”
You couldn’t hide your burning cheeks, flustered being in such a lewd position, so you simply nodded. With that he went back to hungrily lapping at your clit, licking stripes up and down your folds. Slipping his fingers back in, rubbing against that sensitive spot, your walls tighten around his fingers. It didn’t take long before you felt your orgasm creeping back up, your eyes rolling back as he brought you closer, and closer to your peak.
You didn’t bother hiding your moans. Praising your best friend for eating your pussy so well, telling him you wanted—no, needed his cock more than anything. As your orgasm shakes through you, you cried out Izuku’s name, gripping his hair so hard his scalp burned.
It was music to his ears.
He pulled himself back up until the two of you were facing each other. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a sloppy, desperate kiss, tasting yourself on his lips.
Midoriya breaks the kiss only to strip from his hero suit down to his underwear, throwing the suit on the coffee table. You felt your pussy throb at the sight of him in his boxers. Even with scars littering his body he still looked so damn sexy. You squeezed your legs together, trying to quell the need in between.
“Don’t get shy now,” Izuku smirked, grabbing your knees, forcing your legs back open. His cock straining in his boxers just from the sight of you. The strongest woman he has ever known, looking so damn submissive under him. “I’m about to show you exactly what I meant.”
You thought back to his words from earlier. Your face burning from the realization.
“Let me show you what it’s like to truly be loved, Y/N.”
Just as you remember what he said, he repeats it out loud. Jade eyes dark with lust, polar opposite from the sweet Midoriya you had went to U.A with. He reclaimed his place in between your legs once more, palming his cock through his boxers, before slipping his fingers into the waistband, freeing his length from its prison. 
Even in the dark room you could make out the precum beading at the tip. Noting that he was thicker than your husband’s.
Shit—you honestly felt guilty for wanting him to stretch you out as badly as you did. 
For wanting the one person Katsuki tried to keep you away from to fuck you.
All thoughts of Katsuki went out the window when you felt Izuku’s swollen tip rub against your slit, lining himself up with your needy hole, fluttering at the thought of him being so close. “S-So wet,” He groaned, slowly pushing the tip in, eyes rolling back from the plush feeling of your taut little hole clamping around the head of his cock.
“Haa—so fucking—tight,” He pushed himself in further; even with the mixture of your wetness and his spit it didn’t help easing into you easier, especially not with you squeezing around him like that. When he finally pushed himself in to the hilt, he earns a cute needy moan from you as your tight hole stretched to accommodate his thickness.
God—you were the perfect fit for him.
He had to take a moment to relish in the fact that you were under him, taking every inch so well, looking at him through half-lidded eyes. The slight sting of your nails digging into his shoulders made his length throb inside of you, urging him to move his hips.
The sound of your pussy squelching around his cock, makes him ease himself out just to slam back into you. Every time his hips snap back into yours, you gasp, tits bouncing with each thrust. You were still sensitive from your orgasm, the veins under his cock rubbing against your snug pink walls, making you whine out for him. “Ngh—Zuku—right—there!” You could barely speak in between his thrust.
“Y-Yeah? Like that, princess? Fuck—tell me—t-tell me what you want,” He pants, ramming into your hot core, the sound of skin slapping against skin had his mind hazy. He fucking needed this—he needed you. To be close to you like this, feeling his cock kiss your cervix as he bottoms inside of you, it was absolute heaven.
He was close, so close, his thrust becoming erratic as he chased his own release, yet he didn’t want it to end. He wanted more, more, more, he wanted all of you. Neither knowing what tomorrow would bring, yet neither cared at the moment.
“C-cum for me.”Your nails raked his back, making Izuku let out the most sinful guttural moan you’ve ever heard. “
P-Please—cum for me, Deku!” You felt his cock twitch at your words, hearing you say his hero name in such a lewd, sinful voice was enough to get him there. Breathing shaky as he grew closer with each snap of his hips. You kept saying his name like a mantra, coaxing him into his own release. Fingers digging into your hips, surely to bruise in the morning as he bottomed inside of you, spilling his hot seed deep into your sweet core.
He lifted you back up into his lap and held you close to his chest. You listened to his heartbeat hammering in his chest, when he realized—he made a big mistake.
 “Y-Y/N I’m sorry I didn’t mean to..i-inside..” He suddenly felt extremely flustered, but you simply shook your head. “Mmm, it’s fine,” you wrapped your arms around him. “I’m on birth control.”
The sound of a muffled ringtone was coming from behind Izuku. He reached back and pulled out your phone that was wedge in between the couch cushion.  You hardly paid the phone any mind, enjoying the feeling of Izuku’s solid naked body against yours.
 “Who called?” You asked him as he put the phone down on the coffee table.
“Um, hold on..” He leaned over to read the miss call notification. “Oh, it was from your sidekick, Yui. Did you want to call her back?”
You shook your head, “Nah, if it’s important she’ll call the house phone.” You climbed off of his lap and stood up, taking his hand in yours.
“C’mon, lets go get into bed.”
Deku chuckled, “Bed? I’m not done with you.” He pulled you in close, staring lovingly into your eyes. “Not even close.”
“I never said we were going to sleep.”
The two of you were in for a long night of making up for lost time.
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katimagines · a year ago
Imagine Bakugou has a crackhead s/o and everytime she does something stupid Bakugou can FEEL it all the way over there and just abruptly stands up from the dinner table at the dorms and goes 'She did something stupid again I just feel it.'
Tumblr media
A/N: I haven’t written for Bakugo in a while, and he is low key a love of my life (although so is like the majority of the cast of characters), so I made this a drabble for fun.
It was a sixth sense or some second quirk the way he could always tell when she was on her usual bullshit. And it was a goddamn miracle how he somehow put up with her and the near constant shenanigans she got into that annoyed him to no end. Fortunately he was already more smitten than he cared to admit.
It didn’t help that he was also friends with the biggest idiots in class. Which meant when she wasn’t with him, she was with them, a combination that was bound to end in a stupid and borderline dangerous situation. And with Bakugo screaming at them until he got a headache. If only they ever listened.
Usually he was able to sense she was thinking of doing something stupid before she did it, but there were times when he wasn’t able to.
This was one of those incidents.
They had all been hanging out in the dorms when he noticed (Y/N)’s stomach growl. And he decided to be a considerate boyfriend and went out to get them some takeout. It was from his favorite restaurant, but it’s the effort that counts. But he forgot the number one rule, never leave (Y/N) alone with the Bakusquad.
Because when she whined aloud about hungry she was, Kaminari suggested they cook something. And it was the beginning of a great disaster that sent a shiver up Bakugo’s spine as he paid for their food across town.
“Oh, shit!” He cursed, slamming down his hand on the counter, frightening all the patrons and workers at the restaurant. A small explosion ignited as he clenched his fist in frustration, “she’s about to do something stupid!”
Grabbing the bags with the food, he ran out of the doors and down the streets, knowing he was losing precious time to stop them.
(Y/N) didn’t know anything about cooking, but she had watched Bakugo cook for her before. So it shouldn’t have been too hard to copy what he had done. Too bad she was too busy admiring the look of concentration he had when cooking, or his biceps when he wore tank tops, that she never was actually paying attention to the cooking.
Like when she thought she needed to preheat the burners, turning them all on at the highest setting and leaving them on to set. And it shouldn’t have been surprising when Kaminari knocked the towel rolls onto the seven burners and causing it to catch fire.
“I got this guys!” She announced as they all panicked at the raging fire on the counter. Grabbing a rag, she tried to beat the fire away, but instead started to spread it further.
Mina continued to shriek as she grabbed her metal tray, “we need wind to back against it!”
Swinging the tray back to start fanning the flames, she accidentally swung it too far back and smacked Sero in the face, knocking him out cold. Causing them all to scream again.
Bakugo was holding the plastic bags in his mouth now to free his hands so he could use his explosions to fly towards the dorms quicker. The feeling was only getting worse. He was a mix of worried and pissed off that he had to practically babysit them. He almost blew down the dorm’s front door upon entry. The smell of smoke was the first thing to greet him.
As he followed the smoke to kitchen, he was greeted to the image of (Y/N) continuing to spread fire, Sero unconscious on the floor, with Mina and Kirishima trying to keep him from having a concussion, and Kaminari shrieking.
(Literally this)
Tumblr media
“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE?!” He raged, dropping the bags of food. Everyone’s eyes turned to face him. Bakugo was seething with rage now, a violent red aura surrounding him in his anger. They had done stupid shit before, but this took the goddamn cake. How did they do this in less than thirty minutes?
“Hey, baby!” She grinned, nonchalantly as if the entire kitchen wasn’t burning down. “Aww, you got me food? That’s so sweet of you.”
Then the microwave blew up. Like clockwork.
“I just put a bowl in there,” Kaminari confessed.
Bakugo exited the kitchen quickly and grabbed a fire extinguisher. Pulling out the pin, he started to pray the foam across the kitchen and finally extinguishing the flames. He also made sure to aim it at all the idiots in the kitchen, which of course included (Y/N).
They all cheered that the fire was out. And Sero woke up, rubbing his head in pain. But their celebration was cut short at the reminder of Bakugo standing furiously over them. The other three were able to escape using Sero’s injury as an excuse to exit slowly.
(Y/N) left the kitchen, again nonchalantly, to go clean herself up. However, Bakugo was nowhere near done with her, he followed her quickly down the hallway with the same angered expression on his face. But she seemed completely ignorant to what was upsetting him.
“You think you can just walk away?!” Bakugo questioned, he grabbed her arm and turned her to face him, “I can’t leave you alone without you setting off a fire in the kitchen. So I’m not letting you out of my sight again.”
She smiled and wrapped her free arm around his neck, “aww, you’re really cute when you get all clingy, Kacchan. I’ll never leave you either.” His cheeks flushed at her comment, causing her to giggle as she kissed his cheek.
“Damn right,” he muttered under his breath, as he turned away in embarrassment.
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sunascumdoll · 17 days ago
tiktok trend event, "grabbing his dick print to show off your nails" w/ kirishima/bakugo would be hilarious LMAOO
ɢʀᴀʙʙɪɴɢ ʜɪꜱ ᴅɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀɪɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ꜱʜᴏᴡ ᴏꜰꜰ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɴᴀɪʟꜱ
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢꜱ: ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋᴀɢᴇʏᴀᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋɪʀɪꜱʜɪᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: ɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴀʀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇꜱ, ꜱᴜɢɢᴇꜱᴛɪᴠᴇ ʙᴜᴛ ɴᴏ ꜱᴍᴜᴛ
a/n: i got quite a few requests for this trend (down below)!! so i picked 2 from mha and 2 from hq! but don't worry, ill fulfill the rest of everyone's request on a separate post!!
as always reblogs are appreciated ♡
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴛɪᴋᴛᴏᴋ ᴛʀᴇɴᴅ & ᴋɪɴᴋ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you cannot tell me kenma does not have the prettiest cock
and it’s so sensitive too 
the second you grab it, it’s just jumping in your hands
Tumblr media
kenma sat in his gaming chair, golden eyes trained on the computer screen in front of him. you had just gotten your nails done, long acrylics in your favorite shade of ____. you’ve already taken numerous pictures of your new set, but all the pictures seemed like they were missing something. 
you enter your room and walts over to kenma, lightly tapping on his shoulder. he pulls one side of his headset off of his ear, before grunting in response. 
“i got my nails done today! i couldn’t get a good picture and wanted to know if i could use your setup as my background?”
“yeah, go ahead, baby,” he murmurs and pauses the game, scooting his chair back a bit to give you room. 
you cheekily smile before maneuvering in front of kenma and sinking to your knees. his eyebrow arches, eyes watching you intensely only for a curse to fly past his lips. your soft hands lightly stroke the outline of his growing member through his sweatpants, before softly gripping it. you open your phone camera and start recording, capture your nails, kenma’s setup lights, and of course the twitching of his eager cock.
you giggle when you feel kenma’s dick throb in your hand, “you okay, bubs?”
kenma groans, his head slowly nodding, “mhm, your nails are really pretty baby.”
Tumblr media
pls this baby would malfunction the second your hand grabbed his dick print
face as red as a tomato and he’s watching you like a hawk
he’s trying his best to contain the twitching, but your nails wrapped so prettily around his cock is making it difficult
Tumblr media
you walk into your apartment, tossing your keys onto the side table, before walking to the living room. there sits your raven haired boyfriend scrolling through his phone. 
tobio set his phone down in his lap, his own hand reaching out to grab yours, dark blue orbs scanning over your fingers, “they look pretty, babe.”
“you think so? ‘m glad you like them!” 
tobio releases your hand and picks his phone up from his lap. you sit down next to him and open snapchat on your phone, selecting your favorite filter. once you pick out your filter, your hand glides over tobio's thigh and lands directly on his crotch. 
"taking a video if my nails," you retort. 
tobio grips his phone before peeking over the top of it, "what are you doing?" 
tobio grunts, shifting underneath your grasp. the shade of crimson paints his cheeks and burns at the tip of his ears as he watches you grope his cock with your freshly manicured nails. your nails lightly trace the outline of his cock, before pulling away. 
you hand your phone over to tobio, smilling as you play the video back for him, "is this video good?" 
he grabs your wrist, placing it back on top of his now rock hard member, "it's a little blurry, r-record it again." 
Tumblr media
wait can i say about rock cock
horse cock
that's it.
no but you'd go to grab his dick to record your nails
and he has the cheesiest smile on his face 
a sense of pride swelling in his chest bc like
you could have any background for your video 
but you chose to grip his dick
Tumblr media
eijirou sat in the parking lot, waiting for your nail appointment to end. after about ten minutes, you exit the nail salon and enter the passenger side of his car. 
eijirou grabs your hand, his thumb running over the freshly laid acrylic, "ooh, you went with ___? it's a nice color and looks really good on you, sweetheart." 
you hum happily at his compliment, "thank you, baby! can you record a video for me?", you ask before handing your phone to him. 
"sure thing!" 
eijirou grabs your phone and opens up your camera app. once you hear the familiar ding of your camera recording, you immediately place your hand on his thigh. you walk your fingers up his thigh, grabbing onto his dick and palming it through his jeans. eijirou smiles as you gently squeeze his cock, purposefully making it jump and twitch in your hand.
"oh fuck~, your hands look so pretty," eijirou moans, zooming in to focus the camera on your small hand wrapping around his clothed cock. 
Tumblr media
literally growls when you grab his dick
not like an angry growl
but like "do it again. see what happens" kind of growl
Tumblr media
"katsuki, honey, look!" you quickly skip into your bedroom, excitedly waving your nails in front of his face. 
katsuki lowers his phone, glancing at your nails before looking back at his phone, "cute." 
you pout at the lack of enthusiasm from your boyfriend. you jump on the bed, settling down beside him and pulling out your own phone. you swipe over to your camera and open it before gripping your lover's dick. 
katsuki locks his phone and sits up on his elbows, a deep growl rumbling inside his chest, "what are you doing?" 
"taking pictures of my nails, the thumb is my favorite," you shrug, your thumb resting atop of his cock head and rubbing in small circles. 
he growls once more, rough hands reaching out to grip your cheeks and pull your face closer to his, " rub it again, i dare you."
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isthataneren · 9 months ago
hugs ~ hcs
a/n: deep down, once you get past the overwhelming anxiety involving affection, all I really want to do is hug people 
∫ summary: you love hugging. a lot. how would the bakusquad react?
∫ pairings: bakusquad(individual) x crush!reader
∫ warnings: none, fluffy fluff
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki:
Sitting in the common room with the others Bakugou was grumpy
All he wanted to do was go to his room and not talk to anybody for the rest of the day; well, the only exception being you
But he couldn’t just single you out from the rest of the losers he hangs out with
That would make it too obvious that he feels a little different towards you than he does them
It’s definitely not a crush though
Yeah sure whatever you say
So he just is forced to sit through another insufferable game that the others are playing because he’s hoping to at least see you before he high tails it to his room for the rest of the day
They forced him to play a round of Mario Kart but after he almost breaks the tv they decide it’s best to let him just spectate
Except he’s on his phone so he’s not paying attention
Which is precisely why he didn’t see you enter the room until he heard Mina squeal as you plopped down on her lap
“Hey! you know I love your hugs but I’m on my last lap. Go sit on Bakugou! He won’t mind”
“Like hell I won’t!”
He wouldn’t
But he had to keep up the facade
That didn’t last for long though
You shuffled your way over to him, standing and pouting slightly waiting for him to consent
Good god that cute face is going to be the death of him
Sighing, he just uncrossed his arms and opened them slightly
You brightened up at the invitation, not actually have expected for him to do it
Without waiting for him to take the offer back you climbed into his lap, wrapping your legs and arms around him
Stiffly put his arms around you
After a minute he relaxes a little, running his hand down your back once before securing it around your waist
You sigh into his neck
“Thank you”
He just grunts in return
Doesn’t want to admit it but he likes it more than he thought he would
Won’t want you to do it in public again though
He never heard the end of the squad’s teasing
Tumblr media
Kirishima Eijiro:
Loves it
Though it does catch him off guard
Especially when you do it in public
So he was out with you and his friends
And they were currently getting food and left you two alone together
Definitely on purpose on Mina’s part
You were playing on your phone next to him while he was just admiring you with a big smile on his face
How were you so cute??
He felt so lucky to be able to know you, even if you weren’t dating yet
Totally didn’t notice that you noticed that he was staring at you
You took the opportunity to put your phone aside and turn to him
Blushes when he realized he was caught
“Can I hug you?”
The questions takes him off guard for a moment
“Hug me?”
You nod enthusiastically
His heart melts at your smile
Once he shakes out of his stupor, he grins brightly
“Of course!”
Within a second you were hugging
It was a little awkward with you both sitting but you made it work
His arms loosely wrapped around your waist as your arms did the same
His head rested on top of yours
It was a sweet hug
Not too tight or too loose
You were both so caught up in your own little blissful worlds that you didn’t even realize when the others showed back up
“AWWW! Man, they’re so cute!”
You both sprang apart, cheeks hot with embarrassment 
“Kaminari! You scared them!” 
“Sorry dude”
Kiri sighs before smiling softly at you
Maybe next time he can hold you for a little longer
Tumblr media
Kaminari Denki:
You were worried about a test that was due to take place the following day
Mina assured you that you would do fine but you were still worried
Kaminari jumped in to support, telling you that as long as you did better than him, you would be fine
This caused you to uno reverse and start saying supportive things back to him
It became a competition on who could be more enthusiastic about the test
You both did a review together that night, seeing as you convinced him to do a last minute study session in preparation
Later on the next day you were waiting for the results from the test that you took, head swimming with anticipation
When you finally got your grade back your eyes widened and you looked at Kaminari, who was already looking at you with the same expression
“We passed!!!”
Next thing he knew, a weight slammed into him
kaminari.exe has stopped functioning
Did his crush, whom he is always trying to get attention from, just hug him???
Is this real??
All thoughts of the test flew out of his mind as he blanked 
It took him almost a solid minute to realize that his arms had wrapped around you subconsciously and that you were rambling about how well he did
He snapped out of his stupor and squeezed you tightly
“You did really well too! Don’t give me all the credit.”
Tries to act nonchalant but fails miserably
His face is red but he's smiling goofily
When you pull away he already is counting down the minutes until you hug him again
Tumblr media
Mina Ashido: 
Yes yes yes
She loves affection, so when you are even slightly affectionate she wants to combust
You both were in her room doing your homework together so you could watch a movie after you were finished
She was already itching to wrap you in a hug but she wanted to at least finish some of her homework beforehand
Since you told her that she couldn’t hug you until she did
Pouting but trying her best
Once she got five questions right without a mistake you pulled her into a quick hug
Now she was really craving a cuddle
It felt like she had a mountain of work left but she pushed on as best as she could, thoughts of cuddling for the rest of the night kept her energized
Finally, finally she finished her work and was practically dragging you to her bed for snuggles
You barely got the movie turned on before she wrapped every possible limb around you, head buried in your chest
Can’t believe that she was able to make it that long without affection tbh
So dramatic
Granted, you were also surprised you could suppress it too
Considering Mina is great at hugs
They’re quite addicting
Alas, I digress
Seeing as you couldn’t move very well, you couldn’t return the love that you were receiving
“Uhh Mina?”
She hummed happily against your chest
“I want to cuddle you too”
She realized the position that you were in
“Oh! Whoops”
Releasing her hold on you slightly, she moved a little to the side to make it more comfortable for you to wrap your arms around her, burying your face in her hair
She couldn’t be any more happy than this
Well, she would be if she could give you kisses too
But she’ll have to save that for later ;)
Tumblr media
Sero Hanta: 
Happy baby
But also a little shy (just a little tho)
It was break time between classes and he was standing in the hallway next to the vending machine, talking to his friends
There was only a couple minutes left before he had to get back to class but he was making the most of it
It had been a pretty chill week for everyone, all things considering
No villains, no tests
Just normal school stuff plus hero training
Everyone was quite relieved about that
The only thing is Sero hasn’t seen you in a while
Usually you hang out with Mina so, in extension, the rest of the squad as well
But you’ve been gone the last week on a trip with your relatives 
You got back two days before but he only saw you in class since you had to do extra stuff to make up work
It seems that you finally got a break, though
He felt arms wind around his waist, a body pressing close to his side
Startled, he looks at the person only to recognize them immediately 
You tucked yourself against him, face pressed into his neck
He could physically feel the tension leaving your body as you relaxed against him
Smiling, he wound an arm around your waist, pulling you a little in front of him before wrapping his other arm around you
“How was your week?”
You groaned
“Don’t get me started”
He chuckled lightly before going back to the conversation he was having, rubbing your back softly
Kirishima didn’t say anything, just smiled and continued talking to Sero
Kaminari wiggled his eyebrows at his friend, who, if you squinted close enough, had a faint blush on his cheeks
So maybe he was a little flustered at the sudden PDA
But he cherished every moment with you
So he didn’t mind 
He only hoped he could work up the courage to properly ask you out sometime in the future
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