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#katsuki bakugou

the little things

summary: the little things about you that made him fall in love with you.

characters: katsuki bakugou, denki kaminari, shouto todoroki

warnings: none just fluff 

  • this boy is completely in love w u
  • he’s not one who is very good at expressing emotions and we all know that
  • so when he realized he was in love w u he panicked lmfao
  • before you two started dating it was the small gestures you’d do subconsciously
  • touching his arm when you passed by him
  • always having a snarky remark when he calls you names
  • never taking his threats too seriously
  • the way you cheer him on during spars 
  • he would never openly admit it because he is
  • e m o t i o n a l l y  c o n s t i p a t e d
  • when you two do start dating he finds even more things that he loves about you
  • ofc your kisses 
  • but also the way you look at him
  • he could be losing his shit
  • mad as fuck
  • and just your look alone is enough to calm him down
  • and don’t even get him started on the way you slip your hand into his at the most random times
  • overall this boy is a straight SIMP for you
  • you have him wrapped around your finger
  • s’cute (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • let’s be real
  • anything you do is fucking adorable to kaminari
  • you could deadass rip a fat mf fart and he would cry at how cute you are LMAO
  • knowing kaminari, before you two started dating everyone knew he liked you
  • he’s not very sneaky when it comes to things like feelings
  • so initially he found your reactions to his dorky pickup lines cute
  • kaminari: “do you believe in love at first sight, or should i walk past you again?”
  • you: ☼.☼ 
  • also you: (◡‿◡✿)
  • honestly wouldn’t be surprised if his search history is full things like
  • “cheesy pick up lines to make them laugh”
  • “top ten pick up lines to make them yours”
  • when you two start dating he sees a more intimate side of you
  • which means he finds more cute lil things to love about you
  • how messy you look when you wake up 
  • how you complain about homework 
  • how angry you get while playing video games
  • how you hold onto the sleeve of his shirt when you get anxious in public 
  • how you squish his lil cheeks to get his attention
  • god he just loves you so much
  • everything you do is so perfect
  • keep him he’s so sweet i wanna cry ( ͒˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ ͒)
  • todoroki is the most reserved out of the three
  • but he is also so mf observant
  • he notices things that literally no one would ever focus on
  • like how you part your hair
  • he loves that shit it looks so good on you
  • if you wear makeup he notices when you change lip glosses 
  • this bitch notices when you change 
  • it could literally be clear and he notices somehow
  • todoroki loves things like the shape of your nose
  • when you crinkle it (。◕ω◕。)
  • he eats that shit up 
  • but in all seriousness
  • he loves the way you play w your hands or bite your nails when you’re nervous
  • when you brush his hair out of his eyes 
  • when you show him something on social media that reminded you of him
  • when you dance around your or his room 
  • he loves the little noises you make when you’re sleeping next to him
  • oh my god he loves your face when you’re embarrassed
  • tbh he loves every expression you have
  • when your eyes light up at something you’re excited about
  • the face you make when you’re trying to do something difficult 
  • the face you make after you ACOMPLISH said difficult thing
  • he even loves your crying face (but he hates when you cry it breaks his heart)
  • because he has never seen someone as beautiful as you
  • he’s so mf cute im dying
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Everyone’s asking if Bakugou’s still dying. “Is Bakugou okay”, “where’d Iida put Bakugou”. Blah blah blah

But nobody’s asking where tf Gran Torino’s ass is. He got straight up Thanos snapped like 10 chapters ago and I’m still not sure if he’s dead. Idek where he is.

Where is??? Gran Torino??? Do I have to put out a silver alert???

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listen,,,, pretending not to remember that your formal rival twin flame sacrificed his quirk in order to save you — making you the most overpowered hero in existence by combining your powers, admitting that you needed his help, admitting that you saved him and he saved you, admitting that your compatibility as fighters and as friends is great enough to save the world —- pretending not to remember all of that is the MOST bakugou reaction to that level of vulnerability and I stand by that. No way in HELL bakugou doesn’t remember all of that, hed just never admit to it happening 🙃

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What your arrangement of BakuKiriKami says about you.

BakuKiriKami - You are a simple mitishipper who likes the ship and dynamic, but you probably like BakuKiri more.

BakuKamiKiri - I can’t say if you like BakuKami more than BakuKamiKiri, but you definitely like BakuKami more than BakuKiri

KiriKamiBaku - You like KiriKami more

KiriBakuKami - This is the same as BakuKiriKami but you think Kirishima is the top.

KamiKiriBaku - You are a simp for Kaminari.

KamiBakuKiri - You are a simp for Kaminari AND you think Bakugou is a bottom.

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