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#katsuki bakugou

Katsuki on house arrest: all these fangirls be like “u mine”

Katsuki: like first of all im on parole

Katsuki: *lifts pant leg to reveal a beeping ankle cuff thingy*

Katsuki: I-


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Sweet (Katsuki Bakugou x Reader)

Warnings: cursing

  • As a child, it wasn’t hard making friends everywhere you went, everyone liked you
  • At least you thought
  • The day you started attending kindergarten, you met so many nice kids except for one
  • His name is Katsuki Bakugou and he always had another kid named Izuku Midoriya following him around that he bullied often
  • Bakugou always talked about how better he was than the others and you decided to confront him about that
  • “Hey, that’s not nice!”
  • “Shut up, extra!”
  • It didn’t hurt your feelings but you felt you could be friends with him even if he was a little prick
  • You asked Midoriya what his quirk was and he told you all about it
  • Nitroglycerin, sweating, explosions, all that
  • “Ew, sweaty” was all you could say
  • But even though Bakugou sweated a lot, he never smelled bad
  • Actually, you wondered why when you hung around him, you smelled candy
  • That’s what drew you towards him
  • “You smell like candy. Like caramel.”
  • “Stop sniffing me, weirdo.”
  • It didn’t stop there though
  • After playing outside, you followed Bakugou around and eventually did something you both would never forget
  • You swiped your little hand across his face then licked the sweat to test your theory
  • “You do sweat caramel!”
  • “What the?” He chased you around, claiming he was gonna kill you and eventually Midoriya had to step in and help you
  • Fast forward a few years later and you three are in U.A.
  • You call Midoriya “Deku” and Bakugou “Kacchan” now
  • They call you Natto, courtesy of Bakugou
  • What does that mean? Natto is a food made from soybeans and it smells and tastes bad to Bakugou. Bakugou hates it. There you go.
  • Bakugou pretty much bullies you and Midoriya but you and Midoriya are (kinda) used to it now
  • Just like when you were kids, you still follow Bakugou around and though he won’t admit it, he likes that you still do
  • That’s pretty much the basis how you became friends
  • You’ve been around him for so long that his sweet scent is recognizable from miles away
  • “Where’s Bakugou?”
  • Sniff sniff
  • “On his way here”
  • “How the hell-”
  • When training with Bakugou, sometimes you have the urge to pull a childhood you moment and swipe your hand across his sweaty face
  • Don’t do that, that’s weird
  • But caramel
  • Fuck it
  • Upon doing that, said boy looked at you with a confused expression
  • “Heh, still tastes like caramel.”
  • “Why are you so fucking weird?”
  • He’s blushin tho
  • You’re alone with him one day and Bakugou decides to tell you something
  • “Natto, why do you stick around me?”
  • “I guess I just like how sweet you smell.”
  • Weird but valid
  • “And I like how sometimes you can be sweet in terms of personality…”
  • 👉👈
  • Now he’s REALLY blushing
  • You’re confessing that you have feelings for him
  • He does for you as well
  • He grabs your hand and pulls you towards him
  • Then he kisses you to which you happily accept
  • The smell of caramel has never been so sweet
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thank u for this request, i had so much fun imagining this scenario 😤💖 i hope you like it!!!!

Katsuki with a sassy s/o:

  • wanna know how you caught his full and undivided attention for the first time?
  • he was busy screaming his guts out at everyone in the class on your first day of school and while everyone was a bit thrown off by his attitude, you simply clicked your tongue and sneered “hating everyone isn’t a personality, you oversized chihuahua, get over yourself”
  • if there was anyone who could handle a moody, grumpy, temperamental walking grenade
  • it was you
  • if you’re dating Katsuki
  • you need a shit ton of confidence, a dry sense of humor and a lot of patience
  • or
  • you simply need to not care about anything at all
  • you realize fairly quickly that he blows up at just about anything, so the more you take it in strides, the easier your communication will be
  • actually
  • you don’t only take it in strides
  • you pick up the rails and pull him towards you with such verocity and intensity, he swallows the words right down his tongue when you fire back with the most striking set of words
  • more than once have you left him speechless, because you’re simply a badass bitch, who doesn’t take shit
  • you’re a queen
  • and you better be treated like one
  • which makes him appreciate you all the more
  • he doesn’t want someone, who’s overly sensitive and needs to be protected at all cost
  • he can’t afford to have someone slowing him down, not when he wants to become the number one pro hero-
  • “ah, yeah yeah, number one, i’ll be better than shitty deku number one pro hero- so what do you want for breakfast? pancakes or omelet?”
  • you swear you’ll never get tired of his furrowed brows and his twitching lips
  • the growl that rumbles through his chest will be absolutely feral
  • but you love it to the core
  • you love pushing his buttons and riling him up on purpose much to the amusement of your classmates
  • but he wouldn’t want to have it any other way
  • having you challenge him on the daily to spur him on to become better and better and better
  • to Katsuki, that’s like asking for spicy ramen but instead receiving a vulcano of hell with a little bit of ramen on the side
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Bkdk fusion AU: Two Player game. P1

A year ago I created a whole story surrounding a bakudeku fusion AU. Today I grabbed all of the notes and drawings I had done then, and with more artsy-confidence than before, I’ve decided to start redrawing and posting everything this time around.
(This Au doesn’t have to be about shipping, it’s more of the general development of both characters as they grow to be friends, but if you want I don’t really mind. Whatever floats your boat, guys.)

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An incorrect bakusquad moment based off of this post.

Kaminari: …we had to climb over the bob wire!

Sero: Dude, did you just say ‘bob wire’?

Kaminari: Yea man, that spiky shit!

Sero: You actually think it’s called bob wire? Like fucking Robert wire? You think it’s called Robert wire?

Kaminari: Well, what the hell do you think it’s called?

Sero: It’s BARB wire you idiot! Like Barbara wire!

Kirishima: Oh my god. You guys. BARBED wire. Because the wire has barbs, it’s BARBED.

Kaminari and Sero: Ooooohhhhhhhhh.

Bakugou: Fucking Robert and Barbara wire. Fuck you guys.

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i love these panels so much i dont even know where to start

ok first the ‘dont be fucking rude, katsuki’. it really speaks volumes about the way denki thinks. they both know hitoshi is a dead weight but calling someone a dead weight may have really bad consequences and denki knows it.

they dont know really anything about hitoshi but the fact that hes earlyloki + wild middleschool bakugou but a dead weight. so they dont know what may piss him off to the point of noncooperation and that aint good

katsuki doesnt seem realise this looking at the way he talks all the time

but its not the best thing:

denkis not mad katsuki called hitoshi a deadweight.

denkis mad katsuki doesnt have fucking manners and that may cause trouble for both of them.

homeboy be bout to smack the shit outta explosion boy

not only that but when hitoshi agrees with bakugou denki bouta smack that boy too.

this takes me to the point why this arc is my favorite: denki yells. at everyone. at katsuki, at hitoshi, at aizawa and vlad king

i am officially starting the list of people and times how many denki yelled at someone this arc

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Yuga Aoyama - every time i’ve seen him he’s either eating cheese or hunched over on the verge of puking

Mina Ashido - i saw her go the the bin while talking and instead of throwing her wrapper away she threw her phone and it took her 30 seconds to realise

Tsuyu Asui - i haven’t actually seen her do anything weird but she’s adorable

Tenya Iida - he shouted his greeting at me on my first day while chopping the air and honestly it was the funniest shit i’d seen all day

Ochaco Uraraka - she helped me find my class on my first day and she’s lovely, we text sometimes. I swear she likes that Izuku kid because most times i’ve seen her she’s staring at him with literal fucking puppy dog eyes

Mashirao Ojiro - he didn’t realise Denki was behind him stroking his tail so he accidentally hit him so hard he short circuited

Denki Kaminari - he literally came right up to me and asked me out like a fucking champ. i said yes and we went in a date but we realised we’re better of as friends, and we’re becoming good ones at that. may i mention the way he asked me out was by saying “heard you’re pyrokinetic, hot quirk for a hot girl”. brilliant

Eijiro Kirishima - he’s so lovely, always has to break up fights between me and Bakugou. the first time it happened he took me out for sushi after school as an apology for his friends behaviour. chivalry isn’t dead!

Koji Koda - he helped a tired bee and it made me smile, friendly giant

Rikido Sato - welcomed me into the school with some home baked cookies, absolutely loved them. forever in his debt

Mezo Shoji - he literally just sits there and talks out of his hand i love it

Kyoka Jirou - i stayed round her dorm once and i think she thought i was asleep but she was moving her ear jacks like a wave and singing “just keep swimming”. it was odd but sweet

Hanta Sero - he was explaining his quirk to me and i’m gonna be honest, i thought he was cute so i got kinda flustered and panicked. all i could say in response to his explanation was “sounds kinky”

Fumikage Tokoyami - he knocked on my door at 3 in the fucking morning and asked to hang out. when i asked him what the hell he was thinking he said “well i assumed you’d be awake it’s 3am and you practice witchcraft, it’s witching hour isn’t it?”. i was asleep

Shoto Todoroki - first person to beat me. don’t wanna talk about it. god Shoto not everyone’s dad is number 1

Toru Hagakure - while their class was training she scared Aizawa so badly i swear he shat himself

Katsuki Bakugou - i beat him in a fight during training, and afterwards he stormed into my class and said “YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME CLOWN EYES?”. I simply said “no, i know i am”. we don’t get along needless to say. he insists on calling me clown eyes because of my eye markings

Izuku Midoriya - I see him talk to himself ALOT, even when he’s with friends he literally looks at his phone and mumbles

Minoru Mineta - he’s actually pretty funny, but his attempt at hitting on me was worse and more straight forward than Denki’s. he literally said, “your boobs look nice in your hero costume”. i didnt know what to do but it made me laugh so i gave him my number in a friend way

Momo Yaoyorozu - i didn’t know what her quirk was so you can imagine my surprise when this girl i assumed was a model on the other side of the cafeteria suddenly had a russian nesting doll grow out of her hand

Yosetsu Awase - on like my first day i tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention for something and he just shouted “what the FUCK is it this time you creepy little shit”. i was confused and he had to explain he thought i was Monoma. we’ve been good friends since

Ibara Shiozaki - i didn’t know what she was like initially so when we first spoke she asked me what i was, meaning like nationality, and i just said “God”. imagine my confusion when she starts blessing herself praying. she also doesn’t sleepover at my dorm because she’s scared my “witch stuff will taint her holiness”.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu - i saw him activate his quirk on his arm repeatedly in class and flex a muscle to himself but i think he forgot it was activated and slammed his hand onto the desk and it went right through

Juzo Honenuki - i told him he was cute on my first day and i didn’t know he was gonna be kind of shy, and his only response was to do an awkward shuffle dance?

Itsuka Kendo - missed her morning coffee and literally knocked Monoma out unprovoked

Neito Monoma - he got into an argument with Awase and ran out of point so just screamed “i will SHIT in your milkshake”. Awase didn’t have a milkshake and sensei wasn’t impressed

Nirengeki Shoda - he doesn’t look like the kinda guy to be a fan, so i was pretty shocked when i heard WTTBP blasting through his headphones in class

Kojiro Bondo - i keep calling him siren head and it annoys him because he was no fucking clue what that means

Kosei Tsuburaba - came up to me one morning after getting a hair cut and kept feeling his hair so i’d notice it. i noticed but i didn’t bring it up to annoy him and he got so frustrated and he just said “Akama do you like my fucking hair it looks nice just say something”

Yui Kodai - i’ve never seen her do anything weird but i always greet her as Mikasa

Hiryu Rin - i literally saw him look around in class to see if no one was looking and just ate one of his scales

Pony Tsunotori - she invited me over for a sleepover and i was early so i just let myself in, only to see her filming herself dance to 90’s rave music. a sight to behold. of course i joined in

Reiko Yanagi - i tried to make her lift me up in class to scare sensei but she lost control and threw me into a wall

Jurota Shishida - tried to ride him like a horse when he was transformed during training. i don’t think he was impressed

Sen Kaibara - it drives him INSANE when i greet him as either Spinny Boi or Clyde Donovan. he’s hella cool tho we go to the beach together sometimes

Shihai Kuroiro - i call him cute because it annoys him. once when i was wearing my black cape during training i didn’t see him go inside of it. when i was in mid air he popped his head out and scared the shit out of me, so i lost control and we both fell the the ground

Kinoko Komori - she talks to her mushrooms it’s fun to watch

Togaru Kamakiri - he begs me to change his name in my phone to his actual name instead of “the man of many superb spikes”

Setsuna Tokage - she was so sleep deprived once that i literally said “fart” and she didn’t stop laughing for 10 minutes

Manga Fukidashi - he still won’t tell me how the fuck he eats

Hitoshi Shinsou - we had a sleepover instead neither of us sleep so we just stayed up all night and i showed him some of my favourite british/american comedies. he really likes American Pie

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[My Hero Academia Chapter 163] 

Aizawa is such a TIRED DAD. He teaches TEENAGERS. He tutors his PURPLE SON. He goes on MISSIONS. He takes his dumbass students to EXTRA LESSONS. That is on TOP of the OTHER extra lessons that he ALREADY TEACHES. He is watching a little girl so he can use his QUIRK and HELP her. He deserves all the REST and i LOVE HIM. 


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