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QM between Katsuki and Shouto? The first kid being born under an unhealthy relationship (like, they didn’t talk to each other, ignored each other, etc.) and the second being born with a healthy relationship. I’m curious about the results, and idk if you’ve done it before

QM 44

Katsuki Bakuguo and Todoroki Shouto, unhealthy relationship

Liquid Hydrogen - user will sweat liquid hydrogen, an extremely volatile and explosive state of hydrogen. User needs to be constantly cooled or else they will cause explosions.

QM 45

Katsuki Bakuguo and Todoroki Shouto, healthy relationship

Liquid Nitrogen - user will sweat liquid nitrogen. This is dangerous to anyone not the user as liquid nitrogen exists at a freezimg point near -200 C/-320 F.

Fun fact, a liquid hydrogen/oxygen fuel was used by NASA to propel spaceships into the atmosphere. Unfortunately they learned the dangers of spontaneous combustion when the Challenger spacecraft exploded in 1986.

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Originally posted by katetcake

*GIF not mine*

Summary: After getting into a scuffle with a villain, you get knocked unconscious and retain minor injuries. At least you thought they were minor. But according to the destructive blond who had blasted his way into your hospital room, your brain might be a little more damaged than you first thought. 

A/N: Really cute, really sad. I hope it’s as good as I think it is… either way, enjoy!

Word count: 2960

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Is inosuke always so hostile? Wonder how bakugo and him meeting would be like.

“He isn’t always so hostile, he isn’t used to people around him since he had to survive alone when he was a baby. And once he gets used to you he will start to care, you just got to give him time…And these two meeting–Oh god. I can’t imagine it” - Admin Sunny. 


Bakugou: “You can’t imagine what?! huh?! Newbie!” 


Inosuke: “Are you talking about me again!!! What the hell, who is this spiked haired weirdo?” 


Inosuke: “YOU!!”


“SHUT UP!!!!” - Admin Sunny

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Right! I'll work hard on getting a better handle on my Quirk & fighting! I won't let you down Bakugou-sama! I won't let you down either Deku-sama! *Smiles brightly at both of them* I'm pumped for next week! *looks back at the wings I grew during the battle & blushes* Do you guys have a large tank top or something I could borrow? I think my shirt tore when I grew these & it's going to be painful to get rid of these later. *sighs* Note to self, look into self mending fabric to use for training.

Izuku: Smiles softly and nods. “Mm! You will get better! We know it! Oh, I could get you one–”


Bakugou: He pulls off his tank top and smacks it against Draco’s face. “Here! Use this! Give it back to me when you are done, got it?”  Shoves his hands into his pockets with a huff. 

Izuku: “What has this world come too? Kacchan is being nice…”

Bakugou: “Shut up!!”

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Do you ever think about the fact that not only did Bakugou go from being praised by his fellow peers to being shunned by them but he also went from being praised by the adults around him to being told by almost every adult he meets that he’s a villain in the making?

Because I do

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had a post by @honey-stick in my drafts forever abt a kiribaku florist/tattoo artist au where kirishima stops at the flower shop everyday to get references for the flower tattoos 


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Bakugou x Uraraka fluffy quarantine head canon cuz I’m boorredd


🔥Bakugous fucking sick to death of being inside.

🔥He’s played the games, watched the movies, caught up on the shows, and done the training in the backyard. He’s over it.

🔥Craving a good spicy ramen bowl

🔥His frustration is clear on his face, and his response are even snappier than usual

🔥Can’t nap a second longer

🔥Frustrated that uraraka seems perfectly content in her complacency to sit at home.

🔥Too emotionally exhausted to admit he wants her close. So he tries to focus on getting work done instead.

🔥Main dialogues consisted of “whatever” and “what do I care!” (he actually cares a lot)

🔥 Played the drums so much his fingers bled.

🌸 Secretly losing her shit

🌸The first week was fine, she kicked Bakugous ass on the ps4, the switch, and in the backyard.

🌸Sips her tea while quietly lementing over bubble tea by the window

🌸Trying to keep Bakugou calm while internally wishing he’d be taking his frustrations out on her another way

🌸Also can’t nap another second

🌸Wants to cuddle, but Bakugou is extra tsundere and acts like he wants zero touch

🌸Hungry af for Bakugous skilled cooking. But limiting meals to only dinner and light snacks to ration.

🌸Trying to stay content in her reading and training during the day.

🔥🌸Definitely running out of tp and it’s getting scary

🔥🌸 The house smells like warm caramel cuz Bakugous explodohappy hands are going OFF.

🔥🌸 Uraraka has been enjoying taking gentle care of him while he slowly melts down. He’s letting her kiss him a little longer. And she’s been catching him study her while she reads near the window.

🔥🌸He’s been making small snacks and bringing them to her every so often cuz her smile makes his head quiet and his heart happy. Still says whatever when she thanks him.

🔥🌸The nights have been extra exciting with all the free time to try new things.

🔥🌸Day sex wasn’t really a thing until now and it’s been a really nice way to pass the mid morning hours after training together.

🔥🌸 Waking up late and staying up late weren’t their usual routine, but they are managing.

🔥🌸He’s a lot more cuddly and gentle at night while he rests his face in her sweet lavender and bubblegum scented locks. She gently burries her face into his neck taking in his burnt caramel scent. This is their peace from the terrors of the outside world.

🔥🌸They’re both disgustingly good at Cards Again Humanity, who knew her mind was so dark

🔥🌸They’re definitely not sick of each other yet.



Ft. Kacchako edit otd

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Hi hi there, @eggos-world​! I’m sending you all the good vibes during these weird circumstances ^^ This request is like the cutest thing thank you so so much. Have a lovely day, my friend. 

Lets continue the never-ending stream of Yaomomo-chi making Bakugou content!!

As always, lots of love coming at you from Yaomomo xxx


Katsuki Bakugou:


Originally posted by baekugos

Katsuki growled, his crimson eyes narrowing at the annoying ball of green that was Deku sat on the sofa, his arm secured around your waist: An innocent scene, if you will. But, the blond boy saw it as a threat. Katsuki had been pining after you for the last two years, his time at UA consumed by his growing feelings for you, and Deku knew it. He couldn’t believe that Izuku has the nerve to touch you like that, like you were lovers or something. Katsuki wasn’t about to sit around and just let that nerd take you away from him so easily.

“Oi, Deku, watch where you’re putting your fuckin’ hands.” Kaachan’s voice was low, a scowl on his face as he sat down between the pair of you, his muscular thigh pressing up against your own on the now cramped little settee. He’d clearly just showered, his spiky hair damp and less voluminous than usual. Katsuki always made an effort to smell good when he knew you’d be around too, evident by the sweet cologne you could smell radiating from his body.

“Why? Are you jealous, Kaachan?” Deku chided, smirking, knowing full-well that his teasing would probably get Katsuki to admit his feelings. Katsuki’s face flared red at the accusation, his hand that was closest to Izuku sparking as his anger bubbled over, activating his quirk. Katsuki was making an effort to keep the hand that was next to you from lighting, not wanting to hurt you.

“Shut the fuck up, Deku!” He screeched, tackling Izuku to the floor in front of you, his face full of rage as he prepared to potentially kill his green-haired classmate. Katsuki didn’t want you to know about his crush on you - It was embarrassing: The way his heart had pounded for you ever since your first year of school together. He wasn’t just about to admit that he had been completely smitten for you for the last two years, never intending to tell you that all the notes in your locker were from him. No way in hell were you knowing that the white day cards and flowers were put at your dorm room door by him, either.

“Hey Bakugou-san! Maybe you could help me with this homework?” You’d gotten his attention successfully, watching as he let go of poor Midoriya and sat next to you begrudgingly, staring at the map in your hands.

“You’re really struggling with geography, idiot?” Now time to make him laugh.

“So I am confusion, why is this one ‘Kansas’?”, you pointed to the American state on the map before quickly moving your hand across the map, pointing at another state, “But this one is not ‘Ar-Kansas’?! Bakugou, explain, explain! What do you mean its ‘Arkansas’?!” Vines were a sure fire way to get anyone to laugh. Katsuki’s angry expression melted away as he chuckled lowly at your antics, his laughter only increasing as you continued to fake yell at the map. You continued quoting stupid vines, giving Izuku time to escape to the safety of his room whilst you listened to the blond boy’s uncontrollable snickering.

Tears pooled at the edges of Bakugou’s eyes as he continued to chuckle, “You’re such an idiot, dumbass.”

“Awh, c’mon Bakugou-san! You know ya’ love me,” your words made him blush deeply and look anywhere in the room but at your face, “Otherwise you wouldn’t have nearly boiled Deku-kun alive earlier.”

“He shouldn’t have put his hands on you! It’s inappropriate…” Katsuki scoffed, but his breath hitched in his throat when you wrapped your arms around his tummy, hugging him before laying a gentle kiss to his chest. Unsurprisingly, he let you snuggle into his frame, tucking you under his chin which he placed upon your head and sighing deeply at the touch he’d craved for so long.

“Don’t see you complaining now, Kaachan. Is it inappropriate when you’re cuddling me instead?” Pink blush seared on Katsuki’s face when you used his nickname, though, a glint of mischief twinkled in his gorgeous ruby eyes.

“Do you want it to be … (F/N)-chan?” He’d never used your first name before, let alone added ‘chan’ to infer that he actually liked you. Of course you’d known about his crush on you for a while - Izuku couldn’t keep secrets that well.

“Oh, Katsuki,” you giggled, lifting your head to kiss his cheek, “At least buy me dinner first.” And with that, you kissed his lips and gained yourself one hot-headed boyfriend.

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Kaminari: Wanna hear a joke?

Kirishima: Yeah

Kaminari: Quarantine

Kirishima: … I don’t get it

Kaminari: It’s an inside joke

Kaminari and Kirishima: *laughing*

Bakugou: *crying*

Bakugou: I can’t anymore. I’m moving out

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Chapter 13 - The U.A. Sports Festival

[ SEASON I ] Chapter 12


The media was as good as expected. The U.A. students weren’t able to leave properly as journalists swarmed around, trying to get any of them to interview but the police force interrupted and made sure they got out of their sight.

Y/N went back home almost with a heavy heart - not only because of the recent hectic event but also because of a realization - she had a crush on Bakugou. Her parents arrived home earlier that day after hearing the news and surprisingly, she got a call from her brother as well. He was mostly occupied and had a busy schedule.

The news displayed a picture of her along with her friends. “Oh my god, we didn’t expect you to be on the news so fast. I’m already getting calls from relatives and colleagues!” Her mother exclaimed as they watched the television during dinner time. Y/N gave them a half-hearted smile and went to bed quickly that day.

She knew what the cost of liking Bakugou is going to be like. He, for one, will avoid her at all cost and even the little amount of friendship they had will go down the drain. Being the loud-mouthed person he is, he’s probably gonna blurt it out while insulting her and every single person will know about it.

But that was gonna happen only if he came to know about it.


The next day Y/N skipped her practice and went to school directly. The classroom was noisier than usual…or maybe Y/N was just quieter than usual.

“Hey Y/N,” Midoriya called her from behind, “You are…okay right?”

She sighed and turned around, “Oh yeah, I’m great. I’m just kind of…moody today.”

“Honestly, I was surprised that the media didn’t immediately talk about you, knowing your family background.” He said.

“Very few people know about me studying in here and those who wanted to release it as a hot topic were taken care of by the PR Team.” she said, as she was closely observed by Kyoka. Y/N looked at her while she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“You guys!” Toru exclaimed, “Did you watch the news last night? It was so cool that we got a few seconds of screen time. Though I bet nobody noticed me hanging out in the background.”

“Probably not.” Shoji said. He didn’t want to be mean but sometimes he can be really dense. Ojiro tried to fix his friend’s mistake and said, “It was difficult to stand out when you’re just gloves.”

Kaminari leaned back and added, “We’re totally big deals. Those news channels love us, we are basically celebrities.”

Kyoka on the other hand, rolled her eyes and said, “Get over yourselves. The hero course that pumps up pros was attacked and that’s what they cared about.”

“Who knows what would’ve happened to us if the teachers hadn’t shown up.” Sero said.

Mineta immediately panicked and shouted, “Why did you say that?! I’m gonna pee myself just by thinking about it!”

“OH SHUT UP! GROW A PAIR LOSER!!!” Bakugou yelled. His eyes fixed on Y/N a moment later. He wasn’t sure about it but it felt like Y/N was…avoiding looking at him. He obviously noticed it when she kept looking at him for the past few days, so it wasn’t a surprise how he noticed this too.  

Well why do I even care.” Bakugou thought and looked forward, grumpily.

Aizawa entered the class some time later making the whole class gasp, “Mr. Aizawa what are you doing here?!”

Iida stood up and said, “Mr. Aizawa I’m glad you’re okay!”

“My well being is irrelevant. What’s more important is that your fight isn’t over yet. The U.A. sports festival is about to start.” Mr. Aizawa said and then proceeded to talk about it.

The U.A. Sports Festival is the most watched sporting event. Students from each grade and every course compete among each other in their respective age groups. The event begins with preliminary elimination rounds, those who pass moving up to compete in the main event. Each stage has a teacher as a chief referee, with the usually overseeing the senior stage.

Once the event concludes, Pro Heroes from any agency can nominate the students that earned their attention, as an expression of interest in their future potential. However, these nominations can be dropped by the time the student reaches graduation, should the Hero lose interest in them.


As the classes came to an end and they were getting ready to leave, something unexpected happened.

Outside Class 1-A, students from other classes were blocking the way of exit.

“Um..why the heck are you all here?” Ochaco finally broke the silence.

“Do you students have some sort of business with our class?” Iida asked.

“Why are you blocking our doorway? I won’t let you hold us hostage!” Mineta said.

While some students were confused and a bit scared, Bakugou was, as usual, a smartass about it. “They’re scouting out the competition idiots. We’re the class that survived a real villain attack. They wanted to see with their own eyes.” He walked towards the exit in front of the students and said, “Atleast now you know what a future pro looks like. Now move it, extras.”

The class started panicking hearing him as Iida yelled, “You can’t just call people extras just because you don’t know who they are.”

Y/N on the other hand, just started accepting the fact that she had a crush on Bakugou, and was finally able to look at him - not directly at his eyes though. She hated to admit it but even his stupid arrogance was getting a bit likable to her. “Atleast he’s honest and not pretentious about the competition.” She thought.

“I heard you guys were impressive, but you just sound like an ass. Is everyone in the hero course delusional or just you?” A guy in purple hair walked through the crowd and came in front of Bakugou. And going by the ‘grunt’ that Bakugou released immediately, he was definitely pissed.

“It’s sad to come here and find a bunch of ego maniacs. I wanted to be in a hero course, but like many others here I was forced to choose a different track,” the guy paused for a moment and then continued, “such as life. I didn’t cut it the first time, but I have another chance. If any of us do well in the sports festival then teachers can decide to transfer us to the hero course. And they’ve to transfer people out to make room. Scouting the competition? Maybe some of my peers are but I’m here to let you know that if you don’t bring your very best, I’ll steal your spot right from under you. Consider this a declaration of war.”

“Well thanks for the motivation I guess.” Y/N scoffed.

“Shut up!” A guy from the back started yelling and then called out Bakugou, “Hey you! I am from Class 1-B next door to you! We heard that you fought some villains and I came to see if that was true! But you’re just a bunch of brats who thinks that they’re better than us!” Bakugou ignored him and started walking out. Clearly, it felt like everyone hated Class 1-A.

“Dude where are you going?! You gotta say something! It’s your fault that they’re hating on us Bakugou!” Kirishima tried to stop him.

“These people don’t matter. The only thing that matters is that I beat them.” Bakugou replied and exited from the chaos.

While everyone was talking about how he was right and manly, Y/N’s ears slowly turned red hearing him. It felt like she was blushing way often now that she knew about her feelings. “Ugh why is he suddenly so…”



After a while everyone started leaving. Y/N thought it would be best if she left after a while. She won’t be able to handle talking to Bakugou all of a sudden without her face changing colours.

On her way to home though, she saw the purple haired guy near the gates of school. She wasn’t a person who liked to talk much and especially to unknown guys who declared war, but at this moment, she felt like she should - ofcourse she had a selfish reason behind it. She didn’t want everyone to hate their class, and if talking to him made any difference, she was ready to do it. “Um, hey.”

He turned back, facing her and replied, “Yes?”

“My name is Y/N, from..Class 1-A?” She cautiously started talking.

Alarmed, he furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “What do you need?”

“N-nothing..just. Please don’t judge every one of us because of one person who was being arrogant. be fair, atleast he wasn’t being fake?”

“Feels like you are though.”

It irked Y/N a bit but she decided to talk things through calmly instead, “No, just…it felt like you were accusing us for being in the hero course because you weren’t.”

Okay, that wasn’t a good way to calm things down.

“Uh I mean-”

“Many of us are in another course because you guys. It’s not just me.” He turned to walk away.

“I-I know. But to be honest we worked hard. So atleast in my case, I am not sorry about it. Wait! is that itachi on your homescree…uh what’s your name again?”

“…..I am not telling you my name.”

“Okay…it’s alright. I wish you the very best! Work hard…I guess? And…try not to hate us. Atleast, after the hero course we can hang out maybe? I see you like anime! We..we can bond over that!” Y/N said and then muttered the next words, “No one wants to watch anime with me. Apparently, it’s childish.”

“……are you asking me out or something.”

Y/N’s face flushed in embarrassment as she shook her head and said, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I-I didn’t mean it as a date! A-as friends! Just friends!”

“…..leave me alone.”

“Oh okay. Uh, bye! Best of luck!” She said and left, trying her best not to feel awkward.

The purple haired guy watched her walk away. An emotion surfaced that he didn’t feel for a long time. Maybe because he was also an arrogant person and he wasn’t aware about it until Y/N unknowingly made him realize it .

The embarrassment he felt wasn’t the one that was demeaning his quirk in any way. Now that was a first for him. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt something else to be embarrassed about other than his quirk.

“Guess I got a bit too cocky huh.”


Chapter 14


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