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#katsuki x izuku

I can’t choose who to draw, so I started drawing both of them and see what comes out xD I still have more to finish this … Au? I love them very seriously 😭😭♥️♥️♥️

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Draw a sketch of this hilarious skit, it’ll be easy I said, a quick little doodle. Two - weeks - later…

Credit to @oyasumi47 for the original dialogue.

I also like to imagine Todoroki adding in a smug “b*#ch” to the end of his last line.

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This is one of three single review’s I’m going to post for next couple of days, they will be scheduled posts. I unfortunately don’t have a one-shot grouping ready to go for Fairytail…. I will have a My Hero Academia one! I have put a lot of time into My Hero recently. Will have to wait for a Fairytail one-shot grouping sorry!

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I’m going to preface this by saying i ship Bakudeku but i feel that anyone can ship whatever they want (within reason because there are some things that can go a little far )

OK so i will scroll through tumblr or whatever and i will see cute ship posts of like Kiribaku or Todobaku or Tododeku etc etc and a lot of times they are really well done and stuff but that’s beside the point my point here is i can see people shipping deku with other people and it making perfect sense like some well written Tododeku totally in the cards i guess (i don’t necessarily seek it out but whatever) BUT i really can’t see Kacchan with anyone but Deku. i just feel like he wouldn’t ever even consider anyone else, hell I’m not even positive he would consider Deku because of how focused he is but my shipping heart desists. so my big thing is Deku is such a shippable character but Kacchan kind of (in my mind) only fits with Deku which makes my biggest BNHA ship Bakudeku

anyway TL;DR is it weird that i can see Deku with almost anyone but i can really only see Kacchan with Deku

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Idk why but whenever I think about bkdk with fem!deku, I also turn Mitsuki into a man and Masaru into a woman-


I kinda like the whole “Inko and Mitsuki were childhood friends” headcanon too tbh.

It’s called ‘Micchan-headcanon’

It’s the one in which Inko calls Mitsuki 'Micchan’ and they both also had huge ups and downs but since Inko is older she was always like a big sister or even motherly figure (I’m gonna assume the abusive parenting of Mitsuki was based on her own childhood) for Mitsuki no matter how insulting she acts.

She later on gets really clingy towards Inko and calls her 'Inko-tan’ and really likes hugging and cuddling thanks to her touch-starved and abusive childhood (she basically turns into a needy kid when Inko is around, and I kinda want that neediness to also be between Deku and Kacchan).

Since Inko also sews a bit I also think that Masaru and Mitsuki met through Inko in a sewing club that she made in high school and recommended to Mitsuki after she graduated. Mitsuki and Masaru then went to the same company and Mitsuki 'persuaded’ Masaru into getting together (an extra chapter in the Manga said that Masaru just couldn’t say no to her since he’s very timid and submissive).

They get Katsuki, Inko gets Izuku and they kinda try to get the kids to be friends too, but thanks to quirk society influencing them, after Katsuki gets his quirk and Izuku stays quirkless, Deku and Kacchan quit being friends, Kacchan ignores Deku unless Deku talks to him and then he gets bullied by their classmates while Kacchan does nothing and sometimes initiates it if it involves him.

Inko finds out about it through her son’s behavior instead of him telling her everything, and she basically decided that she doesn’t want to be friends with Mitsuki anymore and starts avoiding her.

They kinda try to slowly patch it back up once their sons start to get along again, but Inko will always put Izuku first, so the moment it doesn’t work out, she will definitely cut off contact with every Bakugou.

Mitsuki, of course, doesn’t take it well, but she doesn’t even know what’s going on since she can’t read her son at all (plus she and quirk society are basically at fault for his behavior anyway) and blames everyone but herself.

(I feel like she acts like the middle-school version of Katsuki ngl–)

Basically a huge build-up for the usual bkdk angst and the usual happy ending, but a spin-off version of that from the parent’s perspective.

Now back to male!Mitsuki and fem!Masaru.

Mitsuki stays Mitsuki (or Mitsu) cuz I like the Mitsuki-Katsuki things (plus Micchan-Kacchan)

But I’m gonna name Masaru into Masa

My name for fem!Deku stays Izuku too so the nickname makes sense (although Inko-Izuko sounds cool too ngl)

Mitsuki has no romantic interest in Inko (the entire “She’s like a big sister/mother to me”-trope), but kinda hopes their kids get married so they can be in-laws.

The reason for that is angsty though. Basically: Since they had their huge ups and downs, Mitsuki kinda deals with the fear of Inko leaving him behind, so he tries to find any reason for them to stay friends. Now hear me out. My version of Mitsuki is extremely unlikeable, but:

I feel like Mitsuki is a person that always looks for a reason for things to happen (basically he’s overthinking things, just like Katsuki, but Masaru/Masa isn’t strong enough like Izuku to get a reality-check through Mitsukis head), and he thinks that there’s no longer a reason for them to be friends, since Mitsuki is an adult and shouldn’t depend on Inko’s motherly behavior anymore, which stresses him, so he goes “We have kids! When they get close, there’s a reason for us to be friends!” and enforces everything onto his own son.

m!Mitsuki really does everything for his own benefit instead of his sons.

This is my idea: Deku and Masaru are fem, Mitsuki is male. Usual bkdk Angst with a happy ending, and a slow patching up of two old friendships, but Mitsuki still think his parenting is good since he doesn’t know it any better and fully depended on Inko to be a mother-figure to him, so Mitsuki is the only person who doesn’t see his mistakes and doesn’t even deserve it (like I said, Mitsuki in general is pretty dislikeable, but with the Micchan headcanon it’s even worse.).

Although I feel like Mitsuki as a guy would piss more people off than Mitsuki as a girl cuz for some reason the majority think that women can’t be abusive and like Mitsuki beating up her own kid. (That’s just fucking messed up.)

So, I assume a huge percentage reading this will definitely hate the idea, but all I did was turn Mitsuki into a guy (and add the 'Micchan-headcanon’ into it).

He’s just as abusive as he was in cannon, but since he’s a guy, yall just realized it. So f off if you try to go “hurr Durr abusive” and then try to tell me that cannon ain’t abusive.

If any of you got questions or opinions, yall can say them. You can be as honest as you want dw.

Maybe’ll draw smth for this later on.

I just wamted to type this out since the 'Micchan’ headcanon trope will be part of a lot of my bkdk stuff.

Tagged under “micchan hc” to look back at later.

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