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Meet Your Mark - Part Two

[Assassin! Katsuki Bakugo x Reader]

[Modern AU, Soulmate AU]



[words : 7.4k]

warnings : explicit language, explicit sexual scenes.

Do not read if under the age of 18.

—Katsuki Bakugo is the devil desperate souls seek to make deals darker than sin. A stone cold assassin infamous in the crime underworld as Ground Zero, a well trained killer who never misses his mark. A simple transaction and consider whoever’s flame one seeks out to extinguish, already as cold as a corpse, as nobody can escape clutches of Katsuki Bakugo once their name is signed on the dotted line. And he always get’s the job done, cleanly and without repercussions.

Well, that was true. Until he heard these simple words that turned his whole world upside down and sealed his fate all in less than ten seconds flat.


“God dammit, you’re my fucking soulmate… I can’t let you die.”

The words danced around in your mind, replaying the very moment they were uttered on a nonstop loop. Over and over again, from the wild gleam in his eyes as his untamable blonde locks hung low and nearly shielded his face from you, to his pearly white teeth that remained bared in a show of belligerence—in another life you may have felt threatened, akin to an animal caught up in a trap, but oh how it only served to ignite you with a fierce fire. The way the syllables were growled out, the urgency in his tone, to how his surprisingly gruff voice could make even the crudest of statements sound like smooth velvet when entering your ears. It was maddening and you loved it.

There were too many things to process with no time allowing you to do so, like how the man before you was suddenly running his mouth as if by second nature—like he’d never done anything differently— rendering him anything but a mute, or how you could still taste the spices that lingered on his lips from the meal you had just shared—and not to mention, how you were suddenly face to face with your soulmate. How many nights had you drowned yourself in waves of guilt over seemingly betraying your fated, as your heart ached for someone you were sure was not them, and instead a crude and rough-around-the-edges man who had weaseled his way into garnering your affections? There was no mistaking the heat that danced along your chest like a sea of flames, nor the words that slipped from his mouth which had been inked into your skin since for as long as you could remember.

As much as you wished to sink back into the warmth that your fated had only briefly enveloped you with, the distinct whooshing of yet another bullet flying shy of kissing your cheek brought you back to the land of the living. There was no outstanding ‘bang’ as the shot rang out, maybe from a silencer like you’d seen used in movies, only a fast-pitched sailing through the air before a sickening crack sounded when it made contact with the wall behind you—though better it than your skull. If it weren’t for the ash blonde’s finely tuned instincts which had you rolling swiftly to the left, your positions now flipped with your body clumsily sprawled over his, cheeks squished against the fabric of his shirt as he cradled your head tightly to his chest, you’d both be toast. Your spine aches from the previous arrangement, and no doubt your clothes were torn with scratches soon to decorate the skin underneath, but there was simply no time to even acknowledge your discomfort.

All at once your blood ran cold as you connected the dots. Those shots… they were aimed at you?

How ironic was it that the words to breath life you hadn’t known you were missing into you, were coincidentally the same ones that prophesied your undoing?

Fuck! We need to go!” Bakugo’s expletive cry had your attention snapping away from the wall which now adorned a bullet, to his outstretched hand that didn’t wait for you to grab onto. Instead he roughly hauled you up by your wrist, your nose smacking into his solid chest from the force. “Now!”

The time between then and now blurred together. You remembered running the fastest you’d ever ran in your entire life, hand tightly encased in a much larger one as you were dragged to a sleek black sedan, hyperventilating in the passenger seat and staring out the heavily tinted windows while Bakugo floored it. It was lost on you how long or far you drove, as your eyes all but glazed over with shock as you retreated into the safety of your mind. But from the stars littering the darkened sky from the view outside the motel window, it had to have been quite the journey.

You couldn’t help but think how merely hours prior the thing consuming your thoughts with worry was that you had an overdue library book. Now you were out of a home, with the addition of a soulmate—oh, and yeah-

You were also wanted as cold as a corpse, complete with a bullet deeply embedded in your skull.

Which brought you to the present, foot bouncing a million miles an minute as you sat perched at the foot of the queen sized bed the inn provided. The mattress was lumpy and dressed with scratchy midnight sheets, and you couldn’t help but miss the comfort your silken cherry blankets brought. But the less than ideal bedding was the last thing on your mind, and in the end your mouth moved before you could process what was coming out.

“W-what did I possibly do for someone to want me dead?” You forced down a sob that threatened to erupt from your throat, lungs burning with every shaky breath. Embodying the mess you felt on the inside was so very tempting, but with the ash blonde’s unwavering gaze trained solely on you, his arms crossed nonchalantly as if nothing was wrong with the world, coupled with an air of indifference wafting off of him, completely breaking down would only serve to embarrass you. That still didn’t keep your lips from spilling a tangent of panic-induced babbles. “I don’t u-understand. I live a completely normal life! I mean, all I ever do is go to work, and grocery shopping, a-and maybe sometimes the cof-, the coffee shop down the street when I have time..! I j-just don’t understand! I am… I was… ordinary.

He gives a mere shrug in response, shoulders barely raising upwards as he kept his place against the wall. Bakugo simply stood by and let you pour your heart out, not offering reassurances but certainly not berating you for your mini breakdown either. Of course he couldn’t blame you for spilling tears when it was blood meant to take their place not long ago… but he had also never been in this situation before, never been on the other side of a gun until now.

“Hell if I know. I don’t stick around to listen to the shitty reasons people give for wanting someone dead. I just do my job.” He rubs at the tip of his nose as your broken form gets a bit much for his heart to look at, painfully clenching in his chest as the visage of you upset doesn’t sit right with him at all. Comforting isn’t his forte—never has been—but he couldn’t help by trying, and his version involves offering you the cold hard truth.

You nod your head almost as if on autopilot, not focusing on his words but how they are delivered; a deep baritone of a voice that soothes your soul like warm honey to a sore throat. Maybe it was the soulbond but it calms the storm brewing behind your eyes even for just but a moment.

Sniffling softly, you gingerly wipe away the remnants your tears left behind in their wake, leaving your cheeks streaked and a ruddy, sticky mess. In the midst of wetting the sleeve of the borrowed jacket you adorned with a mix of your tears and snot, a most nefarious scent invaded your nostrils, sweet like melting sugar. While being newly acquainted with the smell, you couldn’t help but bask in it, a strange sense of familiarity filling you with every inhale, warming you from the inside out; it felt like home. Which was ironic almost to a fault, considering that the reason you were in this mess was the owner of said aroma.

It hit you then, with your nose pressed up against the soft fabric of the oversized sweatshirt, the words he so casually slipped past his lips and all the dreadful implications that came with. There’s simply no way, it must be a trick of the ears, your exhaustion making you hear impossible things. Breath hitched painfully in your throat, you will yourself to steadily peel your gaze away from the spotted carpet and up to meet his slanted eyes. He couldn’t possibly mean what you think he meant…

Sitting up a little straighter, your shoulders instinctively cave inwards in a protective stance, something Bakugo takes note of immediately. Before you get the chance to even process your thoughts, his mouth is already on the move, never once breaking the contact you both held those crimson eyes of his.

“I won’t lie to you. I’m a lot of fuckin’ things, but a liar’s not one of ‘em.” He’s curt, and his adam apple bobbing up and down is your only sign that he is nervous. “You’re right, someone is- was gunning for your head. I don’t know why, but whoever they are, are really set on killin’ you dead. Paid top dollar for someone to sit in wait, for the just right moment, when you feel safe and happy—only to put a bullet in your brain.” His fists clench and your breath catches in your throat. He meets your gaze straight on, and while red as hellfire you don’t spot a hint of cunning swirling within those captivating orbs of his. “I know, because I couldn’t do it myself.”

No. A lie; it has to be.

"I- oh my God. Y-you’re a mur-murderer.” You whisper to yourself in disbelief, heartbeat pounding fast and furiously in your chest as your fight or flight instincts spring to life.

Not a murderer Princess, I may pull the trigger but I’m not the one who provides the damn bullets.” He can’t help the small sneer that comes across his face as you call him the ‘M’ word. Over his dead fucking body will he let you think of him as some mindless killing freak.

He just wanted to come clean about the bond—not his entire dirty past. True to the way it played out in his head should you have ever found out, the warmth he was so used to seeing in your eyes was now replaced with a sudden coldness, fear taking root. Bakugo loathed the sight.

It all goes in one ear and out the other, as the only thing you can hear at the moment is the blood rushing past your delicate canals. You’ve mentally checked out, and no doubt wish to do so in real life as well. He seems to take notice, his back straightening out and arms uncrossing, falling slowly to his sides, ready to burst into action should you attempt to do something stupid.

And surely enough, not missing a beat you make for the door, no plan in mind other than escaping whatever terrible fate awaited you with whomever the cruel universe bonded you to. God, you needed to leave. Exit the country, maybe change your name, get a new fucking identity sounded good too—just do whatever it takes to escape this madness.

What did you do to deserve this cruel twist of fate? For the universe to force you to bond to such a… a monster.

The ink across you chest tingles, and you continue trying to trick yourself into believing that’s what he is.

Fucking hell, you even started learning JSL, all for the scowling blonde who had crashed into your life and stolen your heart along the way.

The door knob was so close, your fingertips just ghosting over the metal, the hope filling your body so suddenly and intensely that the fact of other person being in the room had completely slipped your mind. Right as you were about to turn the knob, a force presses up against your behind, with muscular arms coming to pin your arms to your body. Just as your lips were about to part in a started scream, a hand clamps over your mouth, not harsh enough to be painful but forceful enough that only muffled shrieks could escape.

“What the fuck are you trying to do? Fucking hell, are you trying to get yourself killed? Because if you leave right now, the only place you’re going to end up is in the damn morgue!” Bakugo hissed directly into your ear, his warm breath fanning across the shell and causing an unwarranted shiver to rack down your spine. You really shouldn’t be focused on something so trivial right now, but for so long you wondered what his voice would sound like, and the low husky vibrato was entirely too alluring.

Just how much time had you fantasized about this very moment, being in his arms with his chiseled body snug against your own—but the circumstances weren’t anything like you imagined, far from it. Still your heart fluttered deep in your chest, and strangely not from fear. Rather the feeling of his prominent six pack pressed against your back, even through the barriers your shirts provided, you could still make out every curve and dip of muscle.

What a nightmare your life has become, as the first person you found yourself falling for despite having a soulmate, turnt out to be the exact opposite of anything you could have envisioned. Perhaps you were naive, giving yourself to somebody who embodied secrets—his mouth which remained perpetually closed, face obscured even in the safest of places, and home bare, no pictures up to recite stories of his past nor decorations to give away even the smallest of interests. Maybe you preferred it that way, for as soon he was stripped away from the cloaks that kept everything hidden, the truth has only served to hurt you in ways unimaginable.

The feeling of wetness hitting his palms and the slackening of your body has Bakugo’s grip instinctively tightening, his hand leaving your mouth only to join the other in wrapping around your midsection. Shaky legs strained to keep your body upright, knees threatening to buckle as feelings of heartbreak, shame, and defeat filled every crevice of your mind.

Heartbroken for the love that you yearned for, warm and safe, one you envisioned with the person holding you so tightly but the longer reality sunk in, the more apparent how unreachable it was. Ashamed despite knowing the hands that gripped your sides were stained with blood, you still melted at their touch, letting him paint your body stickily red. Defeated in every way; backed into a corner really, with everything you’ve worked so hard for gone down the drain in an instant—and you still have no clue as to why. You suppose it doesn’t matter, it could be anything from a patient scorned to a random person on the street who just didn’t like the look of you. Following your dreams, dedicating both your time and energy into accomplishing them with gusto, even going out of your way to live a life full of virtue and benevolence—are all now things of the past, lest you wish to, as Bakugo so eloquently put it, ‘end up in the damn morgue’.

But even as you crumpled into his arms, clawed at his hands, and deafened his ears with your cries—he never let go, hugging you near and dear to his body and scooting you into his lap following your descent to the floor. He didn’t utter a single syllable, only pulling you impossibly closer, demanding you melt and become one with his body. It wasn’t until your breathing slowed and your sobs dimmed, that he spoke. Voice hushed and husky, and it reminded you of a bear similar to how he hugged you, speaking right into your left ear as if to make certain you don’t miss a word.

“Listen well and listen good, ‘cause I’m not going to repeat myself.” His breath was hot, as if he were breathing fire. “I’d say that I’m sorry… but I’m not.”

It wasn’t often you felt drawn to anger, but his unapologetic revelation set alight the emotion with a ferocity, burning your insides and making your stomach twist with sudden illness.

“H-how could you say that—” You glared at the carpet and imagined it were him. Dull fingernails dug deeper into the meat of his forearms, earning a grunt but still he didn’t flinch away. If Bakugo Katsuki was anything, stubborn in his ways was perhaps the biggest one. He couldn’t make you understand his reasons for doing things, force you into forgiving him of his past sins, nor make you love him back—but at the very least he could speak his truth.

“I’m not sorry, because if I’d never taken that stupid job—hell, if I never chose this damn life in the first place, I never would have met you.”

At that you freeze, and he continues, tone so very profound.

“I’d do it all over again, ever single bloody fuckin’ thing— just so long as it brought me to you again.”

Slowly and delicately, you turn in his embrace, itching to see his face. He lets you, loosening his grip only slightly as to not let you go, feeling your hair tickle his cheek then leave entirely as finally your eyes meet his. Noses just brushing and lips just a kiss of air apart, there’s only the sound of your combined breaths and the rattle of the air conditioning unit to fill the silence. He studies your face as you digest his proclamation, from your fluttery lashes that remained darkened from your tears, to your pinched thoughtful brows, even your blotchy cheeks that he longed to touch.

You do the same, mapping out every detail and region of his suntanned skin, the slope of his nose and mountainous tip, to the wrinkles near his eyes and the fiery oceans that inhabit them. They’re intense and entirely focused on you, and you alone, that it’s so overwhelming it nearly steals your breath away. As much as you wish for yourself to see something different in them, someone other than the quiet man whose eyes always spoke volumes. Who you shared your time with—with him it was precious—, meals with—him trying to teach you how to cook, but you always payed more attention to him than the food—, smiles with—you always imaged he was grinning under that mask of his—, and… and love with.

You’d known for awhile now, how deep rooted your affections for him were. At first glance, the very first time you met when you clumsily ran into him on the streets—a meeting you thought was a happy accident, but apparently it was anything but unintentional—and couldn’t help hit offer him a piece of produce of all things, just from how under his spell you already were. Then the seed was planted, then watered when he helped you carry up your groceries up the next day, showered with sunlight from the very first vulgar text he sent, until it blossomed and flourished beyond belief. And God, you wished with everything you have, for it all to wither away and perish now that you’ve learned of the poisons from his past.

But it doesn’t. From the tips of your toes, to the bones in your fingers, and the hair atop your head—you love him.

Before you know it you’re hand’s resting gently upon Bakugo’s cheek, fingertips moving in slow circles and your thumb tracing along his sharp jaw. He all but leans his entire body into your touch, and you know then that he’s not evil nor heartless. How can he be, when in his vulnerable show you see nothing but his adoration for you? He’s just a man, flawed but not to a fault, and though crimes litter his past, he’s not beyond answering for them.

Taking in a shaky deep breath through your nose, you exhale slowly though your mouth, and then your lips are upon his. It’s sweet and slow, and he just barely applies enough pressure to match your sway as to not test out his luck. You all but forget that you’re sitting on a dirty motel floor, and all the reasons why, entirely too captivated by the moment you’re sharing with him. It felt like a place where you belonged, and perhaps it was. Mouth made to perfectly mold with your own, face made to fit rightly within your hands, soul meant to flawlessly marry with your own.

His eyes remained shut in a trance even after you’ve departed, eyebrows tightly knit and his lips pulled into a kiss-bruised pout. When he finally speaks it’s in a whisper.

“… Do- so don’t you hate me?”

“No.” You sweep his spiked locks upwards so they’re not covering his forehead, before leaning forward to rest your own flush against his. “I don’t think I could ever hate you.”

“That’s good I guess.” He replies gruffly, an embarrassed blush warming his cheeks and painting them pink beneath your fingertips. He matches your growing smile with a narrow of his eyes. “Oh, fuck off.”

“Oh?” An eyebrow of yours becomes raised, deciding he at least deserves a bit of teasing after the day you’ve had. “If that’s what you want, I’ll be on my way.”

As soon as you even begin to stretch your legs as if gearing up to stand, he all but growls and pulls you to instead of merely sit on his legs, to full out straddle them. Legs tossed right over his hips with your thighs sandwiching his lower waist. It’s now your turn to become a bit flustered, but you’d be lying if you said you hated the close proximity, if anything you wished to relinquish all barriers separating you.

“I’d like to see you fuckin’ try. I’m never letting you out of my sight ever again.” He posessively trills.

“… I never expected you to be so cheesy.”

“S-shut up woman!” He barks but it lacks any bit of bite. “I’m trying here, okay?!”

And at that you laugh, it’s a bit croaky from your previous sorrows but it still sounds like church bells ringing to him all the same. He missed that sound, it hadn’t been more than half a day since he’d heard it but it felt like an eternity.

“I know.”

Seemingly at his wits end, his hands low on your hips squeeze at the plush skin, and you can just barely make out his light pants before he’s surging forward and staking his own claim on your mouth. It lacks the previous delicacy as he’s now emboldened and brazen with his technique, like he’s a starved man and your lips are the only thing that can end his famine. But every taste gets just that more addicting, and soon his tongue joins the fray, dancing with your own since you’re more than compliant with his requests to explore your everything. If anything you’re just as eager to do the same, relishing in his taste and touch.

A calloused hand leaves it’s place at your waist only to find solace on your thigh, inching up and squeezing lightly until it meets the hem of your skirt. He pulls away only for a moment, toying with the fabric’s edge and gauging your reaction, and with a nervous swallow followed by a quick nod, he’s back at home with your lips and forgoing the barrier of your dress. There’s a flicker of hesitation to his movements but you just scoot closer, and he lets out a strangled groan into your mouth as you now sit snugly on his crotch.

Bakugo bucks his hips up into yours with reckless abandon earning himself a quiet mewl, the panties beneath your dress thin and quickly becoming wet. You can feel his lips curling up into a smirk but he never lets up in his ministrations—not that you’d ever want him to—and instead swiftly moves to cup your heat.

“Hah- Bakugo…” You moan, and damn if it doesn’t sound like angels singing his salvation.

He leans away just to get a front row seat to watch your face contorted in pleasure, a string of saliva briefly connecting your lips together before his tongue darts out to break it. Rough fingers make deft circles on your clit, and even with a layer of fabric keeping contact limited, the stimulation is still delicious.

And God does he know it.

“That feels good?” He smirks haughtily, already knowing the answer from your arousal seeping onto his fingers and your cries of bliss.

“Yes— oh my God..!

You’re swiftly cut off as he makes quick work to move your panties to the side, slipping two thick digits knuckle deep into your heat and setting a maddening pace right off the bat. Both of your hands latch onto his muscular biceps and hold a vice like grip, trying to find some stability as white hot pleasure flooded your system. He moves to press wet kisses along the expanse of soft skin along your neck, teasing it with his teeth as it all but begs for him to leave marks upon it.

“Fuck…” He groans, moving your skirt up to your waist and holding it there, just to watch the erotic sight of his glistening fingers entering you, over and over again. You’re so warm, so soft—“…So goddamn tight.”

His fingers thrusted in and out of you relentlessly, burying them as far as they could go and crooking them just right. You nearly fell over when his fingers prodded that magical spot inside of you, and upon seeing your reaction he only targeted it. Your vision blurred as you neared release, practically riding his fingers as the need to reach euphoria became all consuming.

He held you tightly, kissed you passionately, and touched you in all the right ways.

“Ba- Bakugo—“ You squeak out undignified as he pinches your waist.

When you meet his darkened lust filled gaze with your dazedly confused one, he gives you crooked grin and curls his fingers harder inside of you.

Katsuki.” He says. “You’re my soulmate. Call. Me. Katsuki.” Each word is punctuated with a thrust of his digits.

Even if you wanted to let him know the message was well received, you’re too far gone. Entire body shaking like a leaf, the only thing keeping you from keeling over is his hand on your hip. He could tell you were close too, from the way your walls clenched down his digits and pulsed so wildly he swore he could feel your heartbeat just through his fingertips. But it only egged him on further, moving his thumb to press messy circles onto your clit and watching closely as you writhed.

There’s no way you could warn him, not with the pot of desire in your gut threatening to boil over at any given moment. But he’s determined in his quest. And it’s then, when he circles your clit hard and thrusts his fingers harder, do you finally meet seventh heaven. Your mouth falls open in a silent scream as all of the tension building up in your body is released, and you see fireworks dance in your vision as well as explode at all of your nerves.

Ba- Katsuki, kisses at your shoulders and fucks you slowly through your orgasm, helping you ride out your high before you’re twitching from overstimulation. You all but collapse into his chest, panting and trying to catch your breath, as he rubs your spine in all you can describe as a soothing motion. You smile against his neck. Never had you expected him to be capable of such gestures, always so rough around the edges, all apparently to hide a tender center.

You’re given only a few minutes come down before you’re reminded of the blonde’s own needs as he grabs at the globes of your ass and grinds up into your ruined panties. A whine escapes your throat and you look down his chest and to his crotch, the tent in his pants prominent and his cock rock hard benethe.

“Let’s move this to the bed.” He licks at his lips lewdly, taking notice of your wandering eyes. “As much as I like this position, my ass is starting to ache from the shitty carpet.”

Knowing what comes next, you bite your lip and nod, giving him permission to proceed. Hiking your legs up to his waist, he guides your hands to wrap around his neck before he’s hauling you both upwards with little to no trouble at all. There’s no time to marvel at his strength because the second he’s at the foot of the bed, you’re tossed onto it, his eyes glued to your figure as you yelp bouncing on the mattress and scrambling to not roll off of it.

His fitted black tee is quick to leave his body, pulled at the collar and up over his shoulders before it’s tossed onto the floor like trash. With the sound of his belt unbuckling, his pants are soon to join in on the pile, leaving him only in a pair of grey briefs. But you couldn’t care less about his clothes, only the sight their removal left behind. The glorious sight.

Six feet worth of beautifully sculpted muscles. From the stark outline of the six pack along his abdominals, chiseled as if cut from marble, to his defined pecs which are well-developed and tell tales of hard work. Not to forget his powerful arms, biceps strong with bulging muscles and hearty veins which ran up and down along them. Even the puffy pink scars that littered his skin in various places were works of art. Great legs that weren’t brawny but still well-built all the same, and you watched nearly salivating when he flexed his quadriceps as he stalked over to the bed.

“You still have too many damn clothes on.” He lifts a knee and climbs onto the bed with calculated movements, the mattress creaking and dipping under the sudden weight. “Lose ‘em. Before I tear them off myself.”

All words die out in your throat as he goes to lean over you, the visage akin to a fearsome lion cornering it’s prey appearing in your mind. Especially with his blonde mane and glistening canines peeking out of his lips, brought together by the predatory gleam in his devilishly crimson eyes. They roamed over your body with salacious desire, following along every womanly curve you have to offer.

Textured fingertips trail up your legs, and it’s so sensual that goosebumps raise. Every touch sears your skin, fire burning you from the inside out in waves—but you don’t mind the heat. In fact, you crave it. You’re sure you were wearing his sweatshirt at some point in time, but how and when it left your body is lost to you, not that it’s whereabouts matter to you in the slightest. This time when he reaches your dress he doesn’t just stop at bringing it up to your waist. No, the material passes over your hips, then your stomach, and your breasts, until you’re raising your arms and it’s tossed up and over your head, finally joining the mountain of clothing on the floor.

“Holy shit.” He growls out, voice strained and gravely, a hand coming to palm your alabaster colored bralette while the other one holds him up near your head.

Your nipples visibly harden beneath the lacy material and it takes everything in him not to just rip the cloth right down the middle and just devour you. But no, this… he wanted to savor this. Ingrain the feeling of your soft breasts in his grasp, the texture of your skin, the way you smell—just everything. With that said, it doesn’t take long before the lust to see you bare becomes too much to handle, and your bra is yanked up, revealing what’s underneath for his eyes, and his eyes only. Briefly did he brush over the words along your heart, beautifully cursive and undeniably his, before his mouth makes quick work to latch onto the closest rosy bud, suckling and massaging with his tongue while his free hand pinches the other.

“Oh! D-don’t bite them!” You yelp as his teeth tease your peaked nipples, but it’s not very convincing as your voice trails off into a moan.

A smart man such as him understands just as much, and only nips harder in retaliation, earning yet another cry but it’s one of pleasure. His lips come to kiss at it as if in apology, but his handsome smirk tells you otherwise. He doesn’t let up until both nipples are coated in a thin sheen of his saliva, and hardened to a point, your bra tossed off somewhere between.

“Please, Bak- Katsuki.” You quickly corrected yourself upon catching his eyes darken in a warning, though your whine of his first name only seems to add fuel to the fire.

“Please what?” He continued teasing you, dipping down to press wet kisses along the juncture of your neck, occasionally sucking down hard enough to leave blossoming bruises behind in their wake. His lips move upwards before stopping right at your ear, breath fanning against the shell languidly as he growls out the next words. “Tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

Silky hair tickled his nose and he couldn’t help but indulge in a whiff; apples. How fitting, he thought, of course you’d choose the sweetest and reddest of fruits as your scent, not to mention the very one that brought a start to this whole ordeal. If he focused hard enough he could still feel the smooth skin of it between his fingers, and see the sweet look on your face as you offered him fruit—of all things—in apology for bumping into him. It still amuses him how that was your course of action, almost like a reflex.

“P-please.” His teeth latching onto the lobe of your ear has you crying out, fisting the sheets as pleasurable pain electrifies your nerves, only serving to make your frustrations stronger. “Please… make love to me.

A groan ripped from deep within his throat at your choice words; so sweet and innocent, only further cementing in his mind that you were an angel that found her way trapped in his clutches, soon to be forever fallen by the all sin he wished to taint you with. It was as if something was awoken deep within himself, similar to Lucifer being freed from his cage—Katsuki was going to wreak havoc on your body. Wreck you from the inside-out, make you as addicted to his everything as intensely as he is yours, get you so strung out on him that the only thing to quell your trepidation would be to fall into his arms—one’s that were made for you to be in. A place where you rightfully belong.

“Don’t have to fucking tell me twice.”

There’s no formal prompting, only the hasty removal of both his and your undergarments. His nostrils flare at how absolutely drenched your panties are, a dripping mess of your previous arousal and release, a string connecting you to them as they’re shimmied down your thighs. His cock twitches at the sight.

Soon he’s spreading your legs and positioning himself at your entrance, teasing your lower lips with his tip and lathering it up in your essence. Just as he’s about to breach your walls, and finally connect the two of you in the most intimate way possible, he pauses. Your lips part to ask if anything was wrong, when suddenly his hand comes up to grip yours, fingers intertwining as he pins them to the bed. Your heart flutters in its cavity, and you can’t wait for both his and your own to beat as one, just as the universe intended.

His forehead rested upon your own, and for a moment you forgot where you were and what you were doing, just by how easily lost you got in his eyes—but he’s quick to remind you. A gasp leaves your lips and a grunt leaves his, as he surges forward, and sheathes himself inside of your dripping sex.

Inch by bleeding inch, does his cock breach your walls, and he nearly loses himself then and there at the feeling of being inside of you. But can anyone blame him, with the way your cunt just squeezes the life out of him? As his hips come flush against your own, and he finally bottoms out, he can’t help but never want to leave the home which he’s found in your body.

“F-fuck… squeeze me any tighter…” His teeth latch onto his bottom lip, abusing the pink appendages, attempting to ground himself in any way possible. You’re no better, nails raking down his spine soon to leave puffy red welts, and legs quivering as you try to adjust to the intensive feeling of finally being whole.

“Katsuki…” His member positively pulsates with need at your call of his name, and he meets your glassy stare.


And then you roll your hips, and it’s but a taste of what’s to come, but it still sends pleasurable tingles up your spine.


It’s like a flip was switched, his eyes narrowing then darkening, as if he were possessed by something deep from within the pits of hell. Pulling his lithe hips back, until cock leaves the tight confines of your cunt and only his weeping tip is nestled in your folds, he proceeds to surge forward and give you what you asked for. They’re deep, powerful thrusts, leaving you gasping for air and moaning his name out like a sacred mantra.

There’s nothing but white, hot pleasure coursing through your veins and dizzying your mind with lustful delight. You felt impossibly full, wrapped up in him and the moment, wishing to slow down time just to savor it. The way he looked at you, held you like you were meant to be handled with care, and relished in the connection you two were cementing—it had your heart pounding with overwhelming feelings of adoration. There was no turning back, and you simply couldn’t imagine doing so anyways.

“God you feel so good… your pussy takes my cock so damn nicely.” He gets out through gritted teeth, not once letting up in his effort to fuck you into the mattress and finally make you irrevocably his. “Like it was made for me, and only me.” And your answering moan is more than enough of a response for him.

You could feel it in his movements too, that his goal was to take you to cloud nine and keep you there for as long as possible. Keeping your hands tightly interwoven, his other moves to lift one of your legs up over his waist and you cry out, as his cock drives impossibly deeper. Katsuki’s movements became rougher and less calculated as the minutes passed and you were both brought closer to your end, but he still hit every pleasurable spot just perfectly. It felt like he knew your body better than his own, as if were familiar and very well studied. It was the first time you’d ever been so close and intimate with him, but the sex was like a practiced dance, one you’d both been doing for such a very long time.

“Kat- I’m gonna—“ The words were broken and interrupted by gasps, but thankfully he seems to get the message.

“Cum? Fuck. Do it.” His words were filthy and you loved it, and he could tell from the way you clenched down on him as soon as they left his mouth. Savoring the new pressure, he takes a moment to slowly draw out of your pussy, groaning at the way you grip his shaft. “Cum on my cock, [Y/n].”

As if in cue your back arches off the bed, a long drawn out mewl of his name escaping your lips as you writhe underneath him. He fucks you through your release before he falls off the edge himself, bottoming out inside of you and cumming hard with a throaty moan. You shutter in the aftershocks as well as the searing heat of his seed coating your walls white.

After a few more lazy thrusts as he rides out his high, he slips his cock out of you slowly, mindful of the way you hiss in displeasure when he retreats, as now that you’ve been so full of him nothing can compare. He flops down beside you ungracefully and you’re both panting messes, skin slick with sweat but it doesn’t stop either of you from clinging to each other like you need the other’s body heat to survive. Slinging an arm across your waist, he buries his head between your tits, and you can’t help but rake your hands through his silky blonde strands.

“Mhm. I always knew these would make good pillows.” His voice is muffled by your breasts but you hear them well.

“You’re so embarrassing.” You can only turn your head away in hopes that he doesn’t see the blush blooming on your face. But he does.

“Hey, I’m just being honest here.” He smirks lazily, still too blissed out to make any biting remarks.

The squeezing of your hand draws you attention away from his teasing eyes, and over to the point you still remain connected. The entire time his hand never left yours, fingers remaining clasped together and enveloped in his rough and larger ones. Your stomach fluttered with glee, and you squeezed his hand back.

All your life you’d pondered just who the person your soulmate would be. Them having a vulgar way of speaking was something you accepted long ago, as from the moment of birth the words ‘God dammit’ and ‘fucking’ were tattooed onto your skin, and all within a few words of each other no less. You knew you’d be the one to speak first as they explicitly say that you’re their soulmate, so you spent lots of time introducing yourself to others, and carefully studying their reactions in hopes of seeing realization wash over their face. Though, the part about you dying… you never quite wrapped your head around that bit. Were you damned to finally meet them when you’re teetering over the edge of life and death, having their grief stricken expression be the last thing you saw before crossing over? These thoughts influenced your course in life no doubt, and left you a bit wary of your fated meeting—but it definitely played out in a way you never could have imaged even in your wildest dreams.

“Katsuki?” You ask softly, to which he hums. “What do we do now?”

“Now?” He props his head up on his arm, fingers coming up to move the hairs that dare to cover you from him. His movements stop, and then he’s cupping your cheek, and it’s so large that it nearly swallows your face whole. “We do whatever the fuck we want. We live, simple as that. Together.”


And you meant it. Never before had everything felt so right in the world, even though it wasn’t. There were a million problems you’d have to face, but at least you’d do it together.

Bakugo Katsuki always hated the color red.

Reminded him of bloodshed and the damning hue of the past sins, the shade of the hell that awaited him, the one he deserved. But as he gazed at your figure, curled up into him topped off with a loving smile brightening up your face, he couldn’t help but feel his mind changing. It was after all your favorite, and though you never explained to him as to why, he could now make a couple of guesses.

Maybe it was because it reminded you of happiness, the color of flushed cheeks and jovial smiles that the children you worked with would always adorne when you were around. Could be because you adored the scents of those flowers you took pretty shit care of back on your balcony? Anything was possible. Or maybe it was because of love. He couldn’t really describe why he found the feeling to be associated with such a color, but somehow it just made sense. Red is warm like fire, and love embodies those flames by a tenfold, until you’re feverish with affection and overheating in the best way possible. He knew all that, because that’s what he felt with you. He saw red in you.

So maybe… just maybe Bakugo Katsuki doesn’t hate the color red anymore.


I’m still a bit new to writing so this was my first time really writing an explicit sex scene but I hope I did alright. I know it’s not particularly filthy and hot, but I just wanted to make it really loving and sensual, so uh let me know if I delivered.

But yeah, this is the ending to Meet Your Mark! I hope that the ending was satisfying enough for you all, but let me know if you’d like a third part and I could wrangle that up for you if you have any ideas on how you’d want me to proceed.

Let me know your thoughts

-gemcell <3

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Genuinely cannot remember the last time I opened my inbox, but send in your requests! I have so much time now because of ~quarantine~ and I want to write as much as I can.

I still have five requests that I’m going to get to that are in my inbox and I plan on finishing “The Villain” soon too.

Can’t wait to see your requests :)

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last first kiss

headcanon: (fem)reader hasn’t had her first kiss yet and she asks her best friend if he can help.

“I don’t know what it’s like to be in love with someone,” you had confessed after a long night of sleeplessness. “I haven’t even had my first kiss yet. how much of a loser am I?” you chuckled out, too shy to meet his gaze. but then, a crazy idea blinked on your mind.

“can you kiss me?”

Izuku Midoriya

  • he chokes on his own saliva when you ask
  • he thinks you’re kidding at first
  • but then he turns to you and realizes you’re actually waiting for an answer
  • who’s blushing harder? only God knows
  • “m-me? why me?”
  • “because… you’re my best friend? and the only guy i trust enough to do this.”
  • man is he flustered
  • he wants to do it
  • but boi is Nervous™
  • he stutters trying to unscramble his own ideas
  • a little nervous laughter escapes from you as his widening eyes try not to stare
  • “you don’t have to do it…”
  • why is he fidgeting so much?
  • “NO! i’ll do it, just-”
  • “it’s okay, izu, i can just ask bakugo”
  • but he’s not throwing away his shot
  • you’re about to apologize for making him feel uncomfortable, but he interrupts you
  • “don’t move”
  • he takes a step closer to you
  • and then just suddenly smashes your lips with a quick peck
  • ouch
  • what just happened???
  • “i don’t think that’s how people kiss–”
  • but he interrupts you once again, this time with a real, soft and kinda awkward kiss
  • and his hands are cupping your face
  • he’s too embarrassed to admit this is his first kiss, too

Bakugo Katsuki

  • “WHAT?”
  • obviously he just had to snap at you
  • “are you CRAZY?”
  • geez, relax man
  • you imitate his hard gaze, knowing he’s not angry, just too embarrassed
  • (and trying to make you feel the same way)
  • “you could’ve just said NO
  • ohh she snapped
  • he’s a little taken aback
  • but too prideful to show it
  • “it’s not a big deal, i’ll just ask someone else”
  • ohh no
  • not on his watch
  • he looks like a little corn kernel about to pop
  • “oh my– look, forget i asked, okay? i’m going to go. goodnight”
  • you walk away from him, annoyed
  • why did he get so mad?
  • his hand grabs your arm before you make it to the door
  • “don’t think you’re walking out of this, you stupid… little… girl”
  • you can’t help but chuckle at his lack of a nickname for you
  • “what do you mean–”
  • he doesn’t answer, but pulls you back to him abruptly
  • his hands grab at your waist firmly as he holds your body against his
  • “you’re getting the whole experience, babe
  • you look up to him, eager to feel the touch of his lips on yours
  • and oh. my. God.
  • who knew he was such a good kisser?
  • your lips melted together and danced in sync for a few seconds
  • “now how’s that for a first kiss?”
  • good luck to anyone trying to fill his shoes

Shoto Todoroki

  • “oh”
  • even though he acted as calm as always you could feel him tense up
  • you immediately regretted asking him
  • “okay”
  • what?
  • you looked up to him but he was already leaning closer
  • /panic! at his dorm/
  • “shoto wait–”
  • he leaned back and looked at you
  • like a confused puppy
  • “was it a joke?”
  • you almost melted at the sight of him slightly disappointed
  • “no, no, i just- i panicked. sorry”
  • he gave you a reassuring smile
  • “don’t worry, we’re just practicing”
  • oh my goodness, he was the cutest
  • “let’s try again. close your eyes”
  • he took your hands and placed them on his chest, just hanging off his shoulders
  • then he cupped your face
  • “ready?”
  • your stomach was twisting with nerves as you nodded
  • you felt his breath close to you as he leaned over
  • and when he finally closed the gap between you both you couldn’t help but jump a little
  • his lips felt so soft you longed for more when he pulled away
  • literally, that skincare routine of his worked really well
  • you smiled nervously as he studied your reaction
  • “can we practice some more?”

Tenya Iida

  • he jumped back and started panicking big time
  • his arm was almost invisible as he was swinging back and forth it so fast
  • “what is this? how could you ask this? it’s not right! it’s crazy! friends should not kiss!”
  • honestly he was scaring you
  • your hands in front of you in a surrender way
  • he saw your flustered expression and tried to calm down
  • he pushed up his glasses and crossed his arms
  • “but i can pretend i don’t know you…”
  • you laughed as he came up with something that could make it less awkward for him
  • he was your best friend after all
  • he wanted to help !!!
  • turning around, took off his glasses, rearranged his hair and took off his jacket
  • “hello, i am a stranger who wants to kiss you.”
  • you bursted out laughing at his newly created character
  • he snapped and started once again shaking his arms like crazy
  • “what? you don’t like it? isn’t it that convincing?!”
  • “no, it was good, but i was just– it’s okay. we don’t have to do this”
  • he didn’t want to push you, so you both just dropped it
  • an hour later, as he was about to leave, you were surprised to be kissed goodnight
  • on the lips
  • your eyes widened like plates when he separated
  • “don’t ever talk about it! this will be a secret!”
  • right… your secret

Eijiro Kirishima

  • he didn’t think it was that bad
  • mostly because he hadn’t had his first kiss either
  • so you both thought it would be nice to be each other’s
  • but man
  • two hot messes = a giant mess
  • every time you were just about to do it, one of you pulled back
  • “wait! i wasn’t ready!”
  • honestly just two dorks trying to figure out this kissing thing
  • “alright but don’t laugh if i’m bad at kissing!”
  • “how will i know? it’s my first time too!”
  • “we should watch a tutorial”
  • you didn’t think such thing existed
  • boy, were you wrong
  • five minutes later and you’re both cringing so hard
  • “that looks DISGUSTING, gosh”
  • “yeah, let’s not do that”
  • then you’re just sitting there, in silence
  • “oh fuck it, on the count of three”
  • you turned your face to him, waiting for him to start counting
  • but he just went “three” right away and smashed against your face
  • and then… more silence
  • “should’ve been softer”
  • “yeah”

Denki Kaminari

  • he’s immediately in
  • it’s like he was waiting for you to ask
  • maybe gets too excited??
  • you’re surprised he’s almost eager to help
  • but it’s only because he’s kissed like two girls his whole teenager life
  • he spends teen minutes telling you you shouldn’t feel like a loser and that everyone lives at their own pace
  • and obviously have you completely curled up in embarrassment
  • he’d jump into full “teacher” mode
  • “alright, so you tilt your head like this,”
  • ”and then you lean closer like this”
  • “not that close”
  • you do as he says and wait for him to engage
  • but he’s just staring at you absentmindedly
  • “denki?”
  • “oh, yeah, right”
  • suddenly he’s nervous?
  • like that little spark on his stomach is betraying him right now
  • “okay, i’m coming in”
  • you hold back a giggle
  • but suddenly you feel him really close to your face
  • your brain and tummy just go wee woo
  • you can literally feel a small rush of electricity run from his body right through yours
  • his eyes when you pulled apart? adorable
  • his fingers playing with one another? adorable
  • he just looked at your reaction, hoping he wasn’t that bad
  • you give him a warm smile as a thank you
  • “hot diggity dog!”
  • yeah, he ruined the moment

Hitoshi Shinso

  • “only if i get something in return”
  • shit
  • you had forgotten his not-so-hidden feelings for you
  • you suddenly felt really awkward and embarrassed
  • “i- nevermind, i was just kidding”
  • he rolled his eyes as a sarcastic grin formed on his face
  • “come on, now. you ask for this and leave me hangin’?”
  • knowing him, there was no way you could walk out of this now
  • in reality, you weren’t complaining
  • maybe because you also had feelings for him but always thought he was a fuckboy
  • you were about to respond, but you realized he could use his quirk if you did
  • you just gave him a look that screamed ‘i know what you’re thinking’
  • he sat back on his bed and looked up to the ceiling
  • “y'know, i always thought you were secretly dating one of your classmates… you two seem close”
  • he was obviously talking about todoroki, your first friend, quirk twin and training partner
  • “shoto? no way, he’s not into relationships”
  • you laughed it off
  • “are you sure?”
  • “a hundred percent”
  • and that was it for him
  • he had you on his lap in a second
  • but he was no abuser so he made you snap out of it before he did anything
  • “THE FUCK–”
  • “you want this or not?”
  • you stared wide-eyed at him, pressed your lips on a thin line and nodded
  • and when he kissed you… damn
  • you didn’t have a doubt he was a fuckboy now
  • “hmm, i didn’t get that. let’s do it some more”

a/n: hello, this is me trying to get rid of writer’s block!!!

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Originally posted by somos-deseos

A/N - I know i haven’t posted in forever, so i decided to write this! It’s short though, but i’m getting there! Also “she” is basically referring to the reader, i was to lazy to go back and change it.

Pairings: Katsuki Bakugou x Fem! Reader

Warnings: Kind of angsty but mostly fluff!


“Katsuki…?” The girl whispered, her voice questioning herself. Once she had seen the figure standing at the end of the hallway, she froze. Her heart seemed to skip a beat and her breath stilled. She watched as he lifted his head, scanning the hallway for who called his name. His eyes stopped on her, widening ever so slightly. He was no longer listening to Kirishima’s happy rants, his ears blocking out every sound.

She suddenly started to run straight in his direction and Katsuki reacted quickly, placing his arms in front of him. She crashed into his arms, clenching his shirt tightly in her hands. He hesitated before placing his arms around her, in a tight embrace.

Kirishima stopped his ranting, smiling at the couple and quietly walking away.

Katsuki placed his head on her’s while lightly rubbing her back. He could feel her slight trembles and her sharp inhales.

“You’re back,” she hiccuped. After a moment, she leaned back, moving to meet his eyes. Once her eyes met him, she noticed something off. Gently, she moved her hands, that rested on his chest, up to his cheeks. “Are you okay?”

He sighed, leaning into her hands. They were warm, something he hadn’t felt in a while. Being kidnapped wasn’t something comforting and affectionate, so he needed this. He needed her.

“No,” he replied honestly, looking dead into her eyes. She nodded her head slightly, understanding his response. Katsuki lifted his arms from her waist and copied her actions, placing his hands over hers. “But I will be.”

She would have bombarded him with questions, but she knew that look in his eyes. He didn’t want help, he wanted comfort.

Taking her hands, he leads them to the back of his neck. Placing them there, his arm went back around her waist and pulled her closer to him. She smiled slightly as he buried his face in her neck. His breath tickled her neck, leaving goosebumps against her skin. She lifted her hands into his hair, gently messaging his scalp while also combing his hair with her fingers. He sighed, making her shudder slightly from the sudden exposure to air against her neck.

“It’s okay, I got you.”


I’m so sorry this is short! You guys deserve so much more 😭


Soooo in order to celebrate this special 1k, in a short while i will open my request box again.

However, sadly i will not be doing matchups, only request. For now…


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❝I love you.❞

i actually live for bakugo being this huge softie to his s/o and if you don’t appreciate it, idk what’ll please you😔 jk.


warnings: suggestive themes and self-doubt.

bakugo x fem!reader

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

katsuki bakugo–class 1A’s resident loud and hot-headed boy. his actions were harsh and brash, the words that sprouted within him were foul, and he was cunning and kind of a dick, but that isn’t the point. the point was how he got you, his complete opposite, to go out with him. you were a sweetheart, often being the one everyone wanted to be with because of your natural kind nature and elegant presence. heck, even monoma from the 1B liked you. so, how?

how did someone so explosive swooped you off your feet?

the answer is quite simple; bakugo was never harsh nor bad with you. it started back in the entrance exam, where you showed him how to fight despite him pinning you down. you were quick, strong, and the the way you harnessed your quirk was incredible, he thought. you didn’t need someone because you were independent on your own. after the exam, he wanted to see you again, he wanted to know who you were, and what class you were in.

you were a remarkable girl and bakugo wanted to fight you–perhaps get to know you as well. he came to UA to be number one, but upon seeing you sitting in the same class that he was in, he was drawn in by your stunning charisma and beauty.

“are you sure, katsu?” your soft voice floated through his ears as his heart leaped at the nickname you gave for him. he scoffed at you, opening the gate to his house, “yeah, the old hag and my dad is on vacation so they asked me to look after the house until they get back.” which wasn’t a lie, he just invited you over so he could have an excuse to see you more. you nodded and walked inside, your boyfriend trailing behind you.

you’ve been in the bakugo residence before, even before dorms were assigned, and it was because mitsuki often asked for you. she grew a soft side for you and was amazed of how tamed bakugo was when you were around. it softened her heart to see her little boy be smitten over an amazing girl like you. as you stepped inside the house, you took off your shoes and looked back at your boyfriend, who was doing the same. he looked up to you and raised a brow, “what is it this time, dollface?” his voice was gruff, making you smile. you shook your head and walked to the living room. as you sat down, bakugo walked to the kitchen, asking if you wanted a drink–to which you kindly accepted.

he came back with a glass of juice, handing it over to you as he sat besides you. he placed his feet over your lap while he turned the television on, watching some lame news channel. you, on the other hand, observed how your boyfriend’s natural grumpy face was softened and he wasn’t being his usual loud self; something he would always do when the both of you were together. you smiled softly, leaning forward to lean your body to his.

despite his harsh nature, bakugo was always calm with you–gentle even. he never pushed you away when you had a problem and was always caring. your boyfriend was the best there is, his looks and strengths were a plus.

as you leaned to lay your body against him, he pulled you closer and rested his hand upon your hip, snuggling closer to you. he smelled of caramel, making you bury your face into his neck.

“hey, bakugo?” you broke the comfortable silence, pulling away to look at his beautiful scarlet eyes. he looked back at you, combing your hair with his hand, “yeah?”

you gulped, fingers shaking as you trailed them across bakugo’s jaw, “i think… i’m ready.”

bakugo never forced these things on you, even if he was hot-headed, he was patient with you. being with you for two years made him gentle and he was more aware of his surroundings than he was before. you would always be the one that he’d find after a long day and he hoped that you were the one he’d come home to in the future.

as you laid on his bed, bakugo hovering above you, you saw how his eyes sparkled with delight and softness that you caressed his cheeks. he smiled, dipping down to kiss your lips. the kiss wasn’t like any other kiss, it was filled with passion as he moved his mouth with yours. he bit your lower lip softly, asking for entrance and you allowed him to enter. his wet muscle explored your mouth and you moaned, making bakugo pull you closer to him. “(name),” he panted, a blush spreading across his face. he threw his shirt off and you bit your lower lip at his toned chest. he began taking yours off, but then you pulled away from him when your upper body was exposed. he raised an eyebrow, placing a hand on your cheek, “what’s wrong?” he asked, worry instantly filling his eyes. he didn’t want to pressure you into this–no, he would die if he did. you gulped, looking up before taking a deep breath, “i’m s-scared.” you admitted and he smiled softly before kissing the top of your head.

“don’t be, angel. i’m here.” you didn’t mean to ruin the moment, but you snorted, making him roll his eyes. “you literally just quoted all might when we’re about to have sex, huh?” the lightness in your voice made bakugo chuckle. he placed another kiss on your forehead as he looked down on your chest, the only thing separating him was your bra. he placed a kiss over them, making you moan out softly. you arched your back as he undid your bra, once your breasts were fully exposed, he smirked at you.

“you’re so beautiful.” which wasn’t a lie, even with a bare face, you were stunning in bakugo’s eyes. as he sucked on the bud, his other hand caressed the other, igniting pleasure within you. you moaned, closing your eyes. bakugo moved back to your neck, licking and sucking on one side before going all over your collar bone and shoulders. his hand continued to squeeze and caress your breast, as his other hand began undoing your jeans. he skillfully pulled them away from your legs, leaving you in your underwear.

it’s not like bakugo was a stranger to these kind of things–sure, he had a few hook ups here and there but he never treated them as he treated you like this. he was being careful with you and that scared you the most. what if bakugo didn’t find you as satisfying as he did with them? what if he thought you were bad at it?

as bakugo began pulling your underwear down, you suddenly pulled away from him again and bakugo looked up to you–his expression mixed with worry and hurt.

“k-katsuki,” you choked out, tears forming in the corner of your eyes. bakugo immediately grabbed you and hugged you, rocking you within his arms. “i- i’m sorry.” you muttered out and it broke his heart. using your chin, he made you look up at him, “talk to me, angel. what’s wrong?”

“what if– what if i’m too (fat/skinny) for you?” that pierced his heart. you were doubting yourself. “and what if i’m not nearly as good enough as the girl you were with before? katsuki, i– i don’t want to disappoint you.” it broke his heart even more. god, he wanted to punch himself for ever making you feel this way. the way your broken eyes stared into his made him want to hold you close.

he buried his face into your neck, rubbing your hair with his hand as you sniffed, “are you… going to break up with me?” that broke him even more. he looked up to you, kissing your face all over, “angel, that is the last thing i want to do and it has never crossed my mind.” he admitted, laying you down once more.

“i love you so much and that’s never going to change. you’re perfect here,” he kissed your stomach. “here,” he kissed your shoulder. “and here.” he kissed your lips. your heart fluttered as he caressed your cheek, “you’re the epitome of perfect and you’ve made me the luckiest man alive. the others can’t compare to you because you,” he grabbed your hand, placing it on top of his heart.

“you made me believe in love when no one else did. despite my roguishly good looks,” you giggled and bakugo wiped the ghost trails of your tears away. “and harsh attitude, you stuck by me and you brought out the best in me.” he leaned forward once more, capturing your lips with his.

“no words can compare to how much i love you, (name). i won’t pressure you but please,” his eyes sparkled with the same hope and passion from before.

“let me show you how much i love you.”

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✦ 25 - wet-shirt


[Katsuki Bakugo x Fem!Reader]

(College au.)

[Warnings: normal smut, throat fucking]

[I don’t own any of the characters or the art, all credit goes to original creators.]




“Okay Y/N, truth or dare?” A smug blonde male looked at you, along with all his friends, Kirishima Eijirou, Mina Aishdo, Denki Kaminari, Sero Hanta, Jirou Kyoka and Momo Yaoyorozu.

You weren’t expecting those two to be in the group but you needed to make the group equal.

You hated parties, but when you partied you partied hard.

You were buzzing right now on four shots of tequila and three cups of some weird concoction Denki had come up with.

“Dare.” You answered Katsuki Bakugo, the king of these parties and of the football field. You were the decorated nerd of campus but that’s why you and Katsuki were at each others throats because even though he was a jock he was extremely intelligent.

Gods knew why you ended up with this group but maybe it was just your bad luck.

He just smiled taking in your appearance.

“Jump in the pool and come back. Fully clothed of course.” He dared, you almost told him to fuck off but you stood up and gave him a nod as you stalked over to the pool.

The group had stood up and went over to watch you dive into the water with no hesitation, it took you a moment to come back up and get out of the pool, a chorus of cheers and claps came from a few of your peers especially since your now wet shirt clung to your body, showing off the frame that you often hid away from prying eyes.

But the gaze that caught you off guard was Katsuki’s, those crimson hues couldn’t leave your face nor your body for a second and you couldn’t tell if it was because it was dark or because your eyes were playing tricks on you.

But it looked like Katsuki was blushing?

It was weird. Seeing such an expression on the blonde was normally nonexistent, but you were the only one to notice it.

No one else noticed it.

You didn’t say anything about it as you rung out your hair and walked back to the group.

“Ya really got a pair on ya Y/N!” Katsuki said that blush replaced by that smug ass expression he usually wore.

“Yeah? Well I got bigger balls than you blondie, let’s go, this is your place and I’m soaked to the bone I need a towel.” You said, you didn’t know of it was the alcohol or the cold water that made you say that but Katsuki just blinked at you and grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the group.

Of course they didn’t bother protesting to you dragging away their blonde haired friend.

And not to mention the two of you were ignoring the fact that you were dripping water all over the floor.

He didn’t look pissed off when you ordered him around like that, no in fact when he brought you to the bathroom he ended up shutting the door, no chance of anyone entering. The music was muffled out by the door, the thumping of the base filled the silence inside the bathroom.

He pulled a towel out of the cupboard and handed it over to you, you immediately took the towel and set it on your head drying off your dripping hair as he looked at you.

“What you pissed off with me?” You asked staring into those crimson hues which didn’t leave your face.

“Why would I be pissed off with you dumbass?” He asked shoving his hands into his pockets as he watched your expression which shifted from calm to slightly annoyed.

“I dunno, the fact that I did your dumbass dare and called you blondie.” As you spoke you dried off the rest of your body, of course removing your shirt and pants leaving you in your bra and panties as you dried off your skin, you looked away from his face as he drank in your frame.

He shifted slightly, it caught your attention but you didn’t react.

“I… I didn’t know you looked like that.” He breathed out.

“Like what? Curvy?” You asked with a scoff.

“What does that make you like me more or less?” You had then asked and he shook his head.

“You’re still the same damn nerd, nothing changed.” He breathed out, there was a brief pause between you, but he pulled you close, wrapping an arm around your waist and the other gripping the back of you neck.

His lips crashed onto yours, the kiss was sloppy.

Of course you kissed back.

You and him had this thing called “sexual tension”

You were always at each others throats academically. So that pissed him off, but it also turned him on, he found your intelligence to be refreshing compared to the standard book smart student.

He broke the kiss, staring into your eyes now.

There was just silence for a moment, both his hands now resting on your hips, fingers digging into the skin.

Your arms wrapped around his neck, fingers threading through ash blonde locks.

“Just fuck me already…” you whispered to him and it made him grin, he eagerly kissed you again.

This time it felt less sloppy, but he managed to lift you up, letting your legs wrap around his waist, the towel you had in your hand dropped onto the floor.

The kiss became heated, his tongue sliding into your mouth, your tongues immediately rubbed against one anothers.

His hands cupped your ass as he pinned you up against the bathroom wall.

Pressing himself up against you.

You somehow managed to grind yourself up against him, you could feel him starting to harden against you.

He felt bigger than you imagined.

You were a bit surprised and he noticed because he bucked his hips against yours earning a groan and a moan from the both of you.

You broke the kiss as your fingers tugged a little at his hair.

“Gettin’ feisty princess~” he teased licking his lips for a moment before he started kissing your neck, of course you tilted your head slightly allowing him more access to your throat.

“I’m feeling a bit left out… I’m the only one in my underwear~” you hummed still grinding your hips against his cock which was now standing at full attention in his pants.

He scoffed before he set you down. Quickly stripping off his shirt and pants, but oh he didn’t stop there, he pulled off his boxers, letting that cock spring out.

He smirked at your expression as you drank in his cock.

Equally as big as his ego and oh so very hard…

“You wanna have a taste before I fuck you silly?” He asked as a hand wrapped around his cock jerking it a little.

“I should~” you hummed as you got down on your knees in front of him, watching his smug expression as you took his cock in your hand and gave his tip a lick, your tongue running over his slit.

His fingers ran through your damp hair making you hum a little before you started taking him into your mouth.

“Look at you~ who knew you would look like such a pretty princess with my cock buried in that pretty little mouth~” he hummed happily.

A hum escaped your lips which sent small vibrations to his cock making him buck his hips slightly making you take more of him into your mouth.

Your tongue dragged along his shaft making him grunt a little.

“C'mon princess~ take a little more~” he coaxed you into taking more and you did.

You took more of him into your mouth, eventually his tip hit the back of your throat making you gag slightly, but he didn’t let you stop there in fact, he pulled your hair into a pony tail, gripping it tight before he thrusted his hips forward burying his cock in your throat now, your nose buried in blonde pubic hair.

You choked your eyes widening slightly from the size and roughness.

“Fuck~ that throat is so nice and tight for me princess~” he grunted.

Keeping that firm grip he pulled his hips back noticing you were starting to struggle to breath, he kept his tip in your mouth allowing you to breath for a moment before he shoved himself back down your throat.

His movements were rough, fast, creating a string of saliva from your chin to his balls, causing your eyes to tear up slightly from his harsh movements.

Gagging noises escaping your lips as well, although he pulled back completely.

“Look at you, so sloppy~” he grinned.

“To think a nerd like you could look so fucking pretty~” he cooed, you just gave him a smile and he lifted you up, pulling you close so he could kiss you before he pulled down your panties.

A slick connecting to your panties and your folds.

He dragged a finger along your slit making you whimper quietly.

“So fucking wet…” he grunted as he lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist as he pinned you up against the wall, your arms wrapped around his neck and your fingers threaded through his hair.

You gasped quietly feeling his saliva covered cock pressing against your folds.

“Just enough too…” he grunted before thrusting himself into you, your fingers tugged at his hair and his lips muffled your moans.

His cock was touching all your sweet spots, it was like you were in heaven, but oh… gods heaven only started when his hips started moving.

He took long harsh strokes.

Keeping himself pressed against you as you shared a kiss.

Skin smacking against skin as he moved inside you. His fingers digging into your plump ass.

“Fuck… you’re so tight~” he groaned against your mouth as his hips moved, he slowed down only for a moment as he adjusted himself, lifting your leg up so it could go over his arm, resting between his forearm and bicep, before doing the same to the other.

The only thing keeping you from falling was him and the wall, but there was no hesitation in his movements as he basically started bouncing you on his cock, the tone of your moans having changed from the sensation of his cock starting to hit a different sweet spot, the one you could never reach when you masturbated.

His lips found your neck as your moans filled the bathroom, sounding somewhat louder than the music thumping away in the house.

Your fingers tugging at ash blonde locks as he showed no signs of stopping.

You found yourself slowly reaching that orgasm, your legs tensing up as your walls tightened around him, causing him to groan but it didn’t stop him from moving pushing himself closer to his own orgasm.

“F-fuck… I’m gonna cum… I’m cumming~♡” you whined out and you felt it, that extraordinary high you get when you have an orgasm, your mind going blank, feeling nothing but pleasure as he had his own orgasm too, his teeth sinking into your skin.

Taking a few moments to come down from your highs, Katsuki set you down.

“I should take you back to my room so we can go one more round.” He teased and you rolled your eyes in response.

“Maybe you’ll be more thorough~” you breathed out as he handed you his shirt to cover yourself up due to your clothes still being soaked.

“Oh baby, I’ll be eating that pussy out like it’s my last meal~” he remarked making you laugh.

“What a horny bastard you are… but I won’t deny I find it kinda cute~” you said pulling his shirt over your frame.

It ended about mid thigh.

“Let’s go then baby!” He said as he scooped you up in his arms bridal style carrying you to his room.

Completely ignoring the fact that there was a party still going on in his home.

The two of you ended up fucking about four times, about half way through you heard who you believed to be Kirishima and Yaoyorozu chasing everyone out due to how late it was and the group that remained was the group you played truth or dare with.

Kirishima accidentally walking in on you and Katsuki, Katsuki having you facing the door as he took you from behind, of course Kirishima just turned around and proclaimed that you and Katsuki were asleep and no one should disturb.

It was an interesting night to say the least.



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Meet Your Mark

[Assassin!Katsuki Bakugo x Reader]

[Modern AU, Soulmate AU]



[words : 8.3k]

warnings : mentions of violence, death, explicit language

Katsuki Bakugo is the devil desperate souls seek to make deals darker than sin. A stone cold assassin infamous in the crime underworld as Ground Zero, a well trained killer who never misses his mark. A simple transaction and consider whoever’s flame one seeks out to extinguish, already as cold as a corpse, as nobody can escape clutches of Katsuki Bakugo once their name is signed on the dotted line. And he always get’s the job done, cleanly and without repercussions.

Well, that was true. Until he heard these simple words that turned his whole world upside down and sealed his fate all in less than ten seconds flat.

“So sorry I didn’t see you there… want an apple?”


Red. The color of fresh roses on a sweet summer day, adorned with dew along the petals making them glitter in the sunlight, beckoning those to relish in their beauty—and coincidentally the same hue that weeps from one’s skin when pricked by their sneaky little thorns. Blood. The elixir of life, a necessity if one wishes to continue breathing their lungs to life—and a complete fucking pain to get out of jeans.

Bakugo absentmindedly circles the faded burgundy spot that stained the worn denim on his thigh, the nail of his index brushing along the edges, around and around until he decides to end the pointless cycle. His eyes narrow ever so slightly. The liquid that pumped through his own veins was something he’d grown to despise.

One would be surprised how much blood a human body can expel before their soul finally has enough of it and departs. A fucking lot. And a certain ash blonde detests messes. Pooling all over the ground in a grim sea—taunting him, quite literally getting it on his hands where he’d rather leave his deed in metaphorical form. Don’t even get him started on the texture: syrupy but fluid like water, until it catches and begins to dry, making for a revolting sticky mess all the while sweetening the pot by darkening into a murky brown. And oh God- the stench! Just thinking about the putrid iron assaulting his nostrils like a sucker punch to the nose, has him biting down a grimace from the vivid memories, hell; he’d rather suck on a fucking quarter just to replace one metallic sensation for another.

Bakugo Katsuki hated the color red.

And you, [L/n] [Y/n], seemed to absolutely adore it.

Cherry tinted satin sheets, crimson throw pillows that more times than not left their rightful spot on your couch in favor of the floor, even carmine colored drapes that you never bothered closing. Though even with their slight differences in hue, they all fall into the same category: Red.

Your wardrobe remained a bit of a mystery as you kept your closet drawn closed majority of the time, but from the light summer dresses to the oversized tees you lounged in—that fucking color always seemed to be adorned on your figure in some way, shape, or form. The boxy scrubs apart of your work uniform were even the deepest cranberry, and since your schedule had you out and about nearly every day of the week, you never went long with the shade draped along your [s/t] skin. Even the daintiest garnet stone that never seemed to leave it’s place along your bosom, dangling from a gold chain he doubted was real; nevertheless he watched as you stroked it with gentle adoration throughout the days.

A bountiful assortment of fire lily’s lined the perimeter of your otherwise bland balcony and bringing about a flamboyance, and he observed the way you never stuck to a schedule when it came to watering them, sometimes leaving them to the beating sun’s mercy before swooping in at the last second to revitalize them with your touch. Lilies symbolize that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death, and distantly he wonders if it will ring true for you.

At the very least you didn’t limit yourself to that damning color, as the other prominent shades that made up your aesthetic consisted mainly of vibrant golds and tangerines. It was like you took inspiration from the stars and just decorated to your heart’s content.

Even so, It was a fucking eyesore.

His focus remained drawn to the red, akin to a matador and a waving muleta, taunting him with every catch in the light. Where your eyes shone at the beauty of it, Bakugo’s twitched with heavy distain.

(To him it looked like the fucking Kool-Aid man showed up on your doorstep one day and just busted all over your home. But to each their own and all that shitty jazz.) 

An assassin, trained in the dangerous art of bloodshed. Bakugo Katsuki. Two sides of the same coin, one in the same. He was the devil desperate souls sought out, bargaining away their morality as well as someone’s life. His livelihood relied on those selfish enough to seek him out, choosing to depend on him to make their problems disappear. Really he was a grim reaper of sorts, reaping poor unsuspecting individuals and making them meet their God far too soon, all in exchange for a hefty check.

It was a complex gig.

He didn’t revel in the image of their bodies hitting the floor, nor the eulogies that inevitably made front page local newspaper days later, reminiscing about ’a spirit taken too soon’ or how they would be ’missed by many’—but he certainly didn’t dwell on their misfortune either. It was just all in a day’s work, and if it weren’t him pulling the trigger it would’ve been someone else. Most likely with less panache as well.

Their fate was sealed long before Bakugo ever brought it into finality.

But fucking hell, if he wasn’t good at his job. He wasn’t given the title of Ground Zero for nothing—part of it stemming from his short temper—that signified the amount of times he’d missed his mark; Zero. A name that sends shivers down spines and fear penetrating still beating hearts, and if they wish for the muscle in their chest to continue drumming, it was respect and silence to be sent his way. And if not, there is nothing quieter than a corpse snug in their grave.

Bakugo always found it somewhat amusing the lengths law enforcement would go to cover up what was clearly an assassination, too fearful of the powerful influence the crime underworld held over their heads. His style consisted of long-range shooting—decided after realizing how much simpler and significantly less messy a bullet to the brain is—and a simple one-over from a rookie detective could detect foul play. He had them trapped under the hero of his boots, securely prisoners under his influence, bound to keep their mouths closed or reap the consequences—but Bakugo was just another average citizen passing them by on the streets any other normal day. It’s not like they’d even know who they were looking for in the first place, as no one had ever seen the full extent of his face long enough to tell the tale. Even now, an obsidian mask sat snug on his face, obscuring his features in the empty apartment he possessed. But while easily blending into the shadows and slyer than a fox, he sat tall on his throne of bones.

  The current job he had taken was not dissimilar to the countless others he’d taken in the past. Bakugo couldn’t care less about the reasoning behind why he was currently staring down a [h/c] haired woman, the strands currently sat atop your head in a messy bun to keep from falling all over your face while watching some action movie from your tv, through a scope and the blinds you never bothered closing—quite irresponsible if you were to ask him, you really never know just who is watching from the other side nor their intentions. However, he almost wished he stuck around to know why someone wanted perhaps the most ordinary person to ever walk this earth, dead!

Following his typical routine, for the past week his entire focus never strayed from his target; you. Memorizing your schedule down to seemingly unimportant intricacies such as the exact time you woke up or prepared breakfast, the interpersonal relationships you keep whether it be the coworker you spent every lunch break with or the bus driver you never forgot to warmly greet, and down to simply studying your habits and little hobbies. He knew you had a sickening sweet tooth from the concoction you dub ‘a cup of joe’ in the morning, where heaps sugar and flavored creamer made the actual coffee unrecognizable. Watched day and day again as you would struggle to put on your makeup in the mirror, tongue poking out of your glossy lips in concentration to perfect the little wing-shits on your eyelids, even though to Bakugo the stress wasn’t worth it as they didn’t make that much of a difference in you appearance either way. Let’s not forget the fact that you wore socks to bed!—point being, even the smallest details all served to paint a vivid picture as to who you were.

  One of the things that stood out to him though was just how unlike you were to any other target he’d had before. From the mirthful pep in your step to the selfless deeds you committed whenever given the chance, never prompted and always out of the goodness in your heart. That also made you incredibly naive, easy for people to take advantage of your kindness and lead you into a dangerous situation—if he wasn’t planning on slaying you he would’ve thought that you should be more careful. But fucking hell—Just from the first damn day of tailing you he could already tell the jackass security guard at your work had a thing for you, simply from the fucking heart eyes he gave you whenever he scanned your key-card, but your little ass was none the wiser. Seriously, it was a gift.

Besides your questionable interior decorating and borderline worrying innocence, you just had this blinding smile. Whether it crept up onto your face from a cheesy joke from a sitcom you were watching, or it erupted at such a force that your cheeks surely ached due to a trick your cat did that you found entirely too bemusing—the sun no doubt writhed in jealousy from how bright those pearly whites shone whenever you deemed necessary. No seriously, it was some Colgate commercial worthy shit. He was no dental hygienist—he’s actually taken one of those out before, something having to do with a chipped tooth and insurance fraud—but no doubt nine-out-of-ten dentists would recommend you keep doing whatever the fuck you’re doing.


He’d witnessed the phenomenon countless times before, watched as lips furled upwards and kissed unsuspecting teeth, unaware of the fate that awaits them from the other side of the scope directed at their face. But there was something different about yours—and no, not that he was sure it was minty fresh. It stirred something deep within him, twisting up his insides in the most vexatious way, like an internal itch he just couldn’t scratch. It’s like his body had a mind of it’s own, evoking reactions that he fought off tooth and nail. Hell, he’d even found himself digging into the depths of his suitcase for gloves due to his hands secreting sweat at an alarming rate, making his fingers slick and his grip against the deadly rifle loosen, nearly making for an unfortunate event involving a bullet and a street lamp.

  He supposed it was due to your occupation, being a pediatric nurse and all. A reassuring grin could go a long way when it came to calming down hysterical children trying to fight for their damn lives over a simple flu shot. Bakugo wasn’t one to compliment others for doing their stupid jobs correctly, but that being said; you were pretty fucking good at yours. Tots of all kinds naturally gravitated towards you, drawn in by your sunny disposition and reassuring words that worked like magic to ease the worries that big scary hospitals could bring. Sobs turned to laughs from your presence, small tubby arms eager for your warm hugs, and high pitched pleads asking for you not to leave—it was a routine you had down effortlessly.

It didn’t stop there either; meaning you were smart as fuck. According to the files he collected on you, you’d graduated both college and nursing school with flying colors, not to forget top if your class when it came to graduation—which is why he found it strange that your ranking was so low at your job, even being demoted in the quietest way possible recently. Must be weird hospital politics or some shit he couldn’t care less about, but it didn’t deter you from doing your absolute best. Sprinting to the scene of any emergency like a fucking Olympian, taking vitals at lightning speed and doing the quickest math he’d ever witnessed—you brought your damn A game every day of the week.

  But it’d been going on for days now, and he sure as hell wasn’t some sickly patient on the receiving end of your grace. Feelings continuing to bubble and threatening to break out onto the surface, sweat slicking his skin, and his heart fluttering as if it sprouted fucking wings and was trying to fly right into your arms. What were you, some sort of shitty witch, casting spells or hexes or whatever the fuck and screwing with his body for laughs- cackles? If soulmates were a sure thing in this world, could he really count pointy hat wearing magicians out of the realm of possibility? Now that he thought about it, you did have this weird ass looking broom in your living room…

  God dammit. Bakugo grumbles to himself, his hands balled into fists in the pockets of his jeans, so tightly the knuckles were surely bone-white. Witches, really? He couldn’t wait for this damn job to be done and over with so he could get you out of his head forever—right after he removes you from the world of the living. Have a fun time trying to mess with him from hell—God dammit that’s a lie, Bakugo knew that if there really was fiery underworld meant to torture souls of the damned till the end of time, it was him receiving a one way ticket and not you. No, you- you practically already walked around with a golden halo atop your tresses and feathery white wings behind your back, too good for the unappreciative extras of this earth.

  There he goes again, instead of dehumanizing you like he so easily does with all his past jobs, he only gets reminded of all your good qualities, making it near impossible to see you as simply a thing he’s meant to snuff out. It’s annoying, frustrating, but above all fucking infuriating. His blood boils at the thought that some measly target that he’s never even spoken a word to—and is blissfully unaware of his existence—can have such an effect on him.

Which is exactly why he had to get this shit done so he could get the hell out of dodge, leading him to speeding things up by a couple of days, and currently placing him at the entrance of your apartment building. He wasn’t going to fucking kill you right now, but there was this stupid thing he had to do in order to get to the final step. Honestly it was a complete fucking nuisance, and if he didn’t see any use in it he would’ve just opted to skip out entirely. It was simple in theory, just get as close to your mark as you can to make a final observation. While getting someone’s dimensions up close may seem redundant in the grand scheme of things, it helped carry out the job immensely.

Which is why as soon as he caught sight of your figure sauntering his way, he didn’t make any moves to conceal himself as he’d been doing thus far. It didn’t matter if you saw him now anyways, you’d be gone by the time the sun rises tomorrow morning. Clad in those cranberry scrubs that hung a bit loosely on your frame, hiding the actual curves he knew you had underneath, you made your way to the entrance of your complex with a carefree grin.

To you, this was just another end to a tiring work day, and coupled with a quick grocery run upon remembering you were running low on food, you were eager to get home and relax. With the promise of a warm awaiting bed fueling your movements, you didn’t notice the hooded figure coming your way, and as a consequence ran right into them.

With an apologetic trill, words flew out of your mouth without second thought, unaware of the ramifications they brought.

“So sorry I didn’t see you there…” He’d heard those same words countless times before from clumsy passerby’s in the street, bumping into him and offering empty words of apology, but it never made his heart jump like your sweet voice did just now. He didn’t even have to look at the shiny plump object in your hand to know what it was, his breath already caught painfully in his throat in anticipation. Ignorant to the blonde stranger’s internal dilemma, you offer a bashful smile, easing the ripe fruit closer to his unblinking person. “Want an apple?”

  Red, ripe, and adorning zero imperfections as if born from the soil precisely for this moment in time.

With every syllable your sweet voice utters his chest burns brighter, the words etched into his skin since birth roaring to life, begging for attention. Practically yelling, ’Do something! Don’t just stand there, idiot!’. But even echoing in his mind fall they on deaf ears, remaining stiff as a statue with his lips sealed shit. Euphoria washes over him in startling waves, goosebumps making every hair on his body stand tall the moment crimson locks with fluttery [e/c] eyes.

He hadn’t ever had a color he preferred over any other, but now, with the sunlight reflecting in your glistening orbs and making them practically glow—[e/c] might just be his favorite. Oh- Jesus fuck, what the shit is he even thinking?

This has to be a mistake.

As far as Bakugo was concerned, the two of you couldn’t be any further from what a soulmate was supposed to be, on completely different sides of the spectrum with nothing in common other than the heart’s beating inside your chests—Well, yours was probably beating normally, while his was hammering away and trying to break his fucking ribs.

For every bare of his teeth you only radiated a thousand blissful grins, his lips forever stuck down in a scowl while yours remained curled up towards high heaven, kissing you gums innocently while his were tainted with sins unimaginable. His body, scarred with remnants of battles from his past, while yours remained soft and unblemished. His rough hands took lives while your soothing ones saved them.

Yet as much as he wanted to deny it, the stars were practically aligning right before his very self, reflected in your twinkling eyes which seemed to hold a blitheness only pure celestial beings could. Before he could even realize what was happening, his hand enveloped the fruit offered to him, his grip lax and just barely holding onto the smooth red skin as he remained lost in the moment. He just barely snapped out of it when you address him again, readjusting the bags in your arms and engaging in some friendly chit-chat that you’re known for.

“I don’t believe I’ve seen you around here before?” Well at least he didn’t fuck that aspect of his job up. Your eyebrows furrow a bit as you study him, lingering on the mask covering his features as if you’d just noticed it now. With a bit of an ‘aha!’ your grin widens as you playfully point a finger in his direction. “You must be new! Did you move recently?”

Stiffly he nods, brain only continuing to short circuit the longer he was in your presence. His entire world stood still on it’s axis, but that didn’t mean yours did as well. In fact, you were completely ignorant to his crisis, instead continuing on with some friendly small chat with who you assumed to be a new neighbor.

“Ah, cool! This is a great area, huh?” With no response given, you tilt your head to the side thinking perhaps he wasn’t keen on making friends, and maybe in a hurry to go. But as he made no moves to leave or tell you off for wasting his time, your eyes snapped back to the mask covering his mouth and came to your own conclusions that he couldn’t talk. And much to your delight, after a few moments he nods once more, your grin widening a bit in return.

As much as you may have wanted to continue on with your conversation, even if it was pretty much one sided, your sore feet from being on your feet all day urged you to return home faster. So with a bit of a wave, you started walking in the direction of your apartment.

“Glad you like it here! Hope to see you again, neighbor!” And with that you were on your way, leaving behind an unstable bout of destruction in your wake, still none the wiser.

He stood in the same spot for nearly five minutes, legs glued to the cement underneath even after watching you retreat up your stairs, garnering a few odd looks from passerby’s having to maneuver around him—but he couldn’t care less. The ever so perfect apple in his hand began to bruise under the pressure of his grip, panic beginning to seize his body as the reality of your meeting began to really sink in.

While a million thoughts ran through his head, they all sounded like they were underwater, muddled by the blood rushing in his ears. But one was significantly clearer than the others:

Oh. Fuck.

They carried into the late night, even as he prepared his dinner, washed up in the shower, and set up his equipment by the window that peered down into your bedroom from across the street. Crouched onto his knees as moonlight acted as the only source of illumination, he readied for what should’ve been an easy means to an end. The tip of his index molded with the curve of the trigger, every muscle in his body pulled taut as even breaths fell from his lips, hitting the obsidian rifle in his grasp.

Deposit snug in an offshore account, this was simply another job soon to be well done.

“Just another job.” Bakugo whispered, repeating the words that echoed inside of his head, desperately trying to find truth in them but his chest twinged painfully with every syllable uttered, denying himself the falsehood infallibly.

Still, he clicked the safety off, one step closer to bringing about your demise.

Bakugo detested having a soulmate his entire life, cursing the universe for damning him with such a fate, shackling him to some stranger not worthy of his time nor energy. It drove him mad, forsaking the words etched over his heart any time he passed by his reflection and caught sight of them, bold and clearly written across the skin of his chest.

Soulmates were a dying breed, but according to the lessons he half-listened to in high school, it used to be the norm. He spent the majority of his life hiding the identifying marks to the best of his abilities, even if that meant wearing high collared shirts every day of his life and never taking his shirt off in gym. But still, slip ups occurred and the response he got was nearly always the same, stupid sparkly eyes and faces full of awe. ‘You’re so blessed’ is what they would tell him, ‘so lucky to have someone irrecoverably yours’—and the sad thing is, he used to believe them too.

His very own parents were among the other estimated ten percent of the population to be soul paired, but their bond was different than his own. Among the rarer forms they shared pain, and met in college when studying for design. It wasn’t until his father pricked his fingers on a sewing machine and the aggressive but beautiful blonde woman next to him cursed out in pain, that they knew. They were an unlikely pair, his father calm and reserved, while his mother was definitely more out there, with a spitfire personality and zero-fucks attitude—but he could always spot the love in their eyes.

It wasn’t until the universe which so graciously paired them together also decided to cruelly take them out, leaving behind a small child made from their combined love, that Bakugo decided this whole soulmate bullshit was more of a curse than anything else. He tried to remind himself of that now, of why he detested his link to you in the first place, but nothing seemed to be working in his favor.

Relief should be rolling off of him in fucking waves right now! He should finally feel the freedom he’d craved his entire life, the sweet, sweet release of unbinding him from a destiny he strongly opposed with every fiber of his very being! He should be itching to finally sever the link, for no longer would he have the thoughts of you lingering the back of his mind, his soulmate wandering into his life one day and messing everything he built up—because you wouldn’t be around to do any of that! He should be practically jumping for joy, barely able to contain the elation that threatened to spring to life and leave his trembling in anticipation body!

But instead his fingers twitch for a reason that juxtaposes that sentiment entirely.

His breathing shouldn’t be picking up, ragged and unsteady for the first time in years as no amount of air seems to satiate his burning lungs. His heat rate shouldn’t be picking up at the sight of your soft smile as you stroked the small cat in your lap, ignorant to the man destined to be both the one to make you burn your brightest and extinguish your light, watching you with a means to your end in his palms. Every nerve within his body shouldn’t be screaming at him to quit while he’s ahead, battling against his instincts that itched to feel the satisfying recoil of the bullet leaving it’s chamber, signifying a job well done.

But that was the past.

Because everything made sense now. The pull he felt towards you, his body’s strange reactions to just reading your name, to the sense of completion he felt when his body just barely grazed yours. He didn’t even realize something was missing until he met you.

You were the present, and as much as he tried to fight it—he needed you to be his future.

With a small click, the safety clicked back on into place.


The very next day he ’ran’ into you, and although he occupied an apartment in the building across the street from yours and had no real reason for wandering around the entrance of your complex, you didn’t question it, accepting his wordless offer to help carry the shopping bags in your grip up to your home. Conversations consisted mainly of you taking and him listening, occasionally putting in his two cents in the form of a grunt, nod, or shake of the head. His answers left a lot for interpretation, but the emotions displayed in his eyes spoke louder than any measly response he gave. Either way you didn’t seem to give a shit which he was grateful for, just content with his company no matter how lousy he may of thought it to be.

He pretended to trail a bit behind you to let you lead the way, not wanting to give off the impression of some creepy stalker that already knew the route to your place… when it actuality that was kind of what he was. Ah fuck- he totally was like a stalker, a professional one at that. Hell, he even knew your bedtime from watching you with the scope of a fucking gun! Not to mention that you seemed to prefer keeping to one side of your mattress rather than sprawling all out, almost as if keeping it free for someone to occupy… perhaps your soulma—

  “Well, this is my stop.” Your soft voice interrupts his embarrassing thoughts, drawing him back to the present. Sure enough, keys attached to a puffy cardinal accessory are held between dainty fingers, outstretched towards the door of your apartment. Gingerly taking the shopping bags from his hands—all of them, since he didn’t give you a choice in carrying any yourself when he ripped them all from your grasp—your lips stretch into a radiant smile, those pearly whites on full display, the gratitude directed at him in a fashion unfamiliar to him. “Thank you for helping me… um- actually I don’t know you name!”

  As you apologized for your apparent rudeness in not asking before, the blonde only gulped. For someone usually so meticulous in preparing for any possible outcomes for the future… in retrospect Bakugo really hadn’t thought this through, nor planned this far ahead. It’s not like he could just tell you outright, he’d already committed to the role of a masked mute—oh, and yeah- the whole reason behind his voicelessness: you being his soulmate! Just a simple slip of the tongue and this entire thing would fall apart before it even had a chance to begin.

  All of a sudden an object is thrust towards Bakugo’s face, his carmine hues dilating from the bright light it emitted.

  “Since you’re not big on talking… or can’t! I- geez I’m not good at this…” You fidget under his gaze, the fact that he made no moves to grab your phone only added to your embarrassment. “Because of your…” Bakugo raises a brow, the mask not doing much to hide his amusement with your campy ways in trying not to offend him for his fake condition. “…situation, we can text instead! I mean, that’s if you want seem like a cool guy and all..helping me with my bags…b-but you don’t have t—”

  Putting an end to your misery, Bakugo snatches your phone still presented to him, wordlessly punching in his information. Noticeably you perk up, back straightening up and outright beaming as he accepted your invitation to communicate. It’s not long before he’s handing you back the device and giving a lazy wave to signal his department, you watching as his tall figure got smaller before turning the corner and leaving your sight. With a slight heat creeping up your cheeks, you peer down at your screen, blush deepening as you test his name out on your lips.

  “Bakugo… huh?”

  That was the real catalyst, the beginning to a story really neither of you were expecting. From the very first text compromised of a simple ‘hello’, leading to conversations bleeding into the late night and early hours of the morning. It was so easy with you, speaking—well, texting—almost as easy as breathing, your juxtaposing personalities complimenting each other in the most surprising of ways.

You were like an open book, one he wanted to read cover to cover, over and over again until the contents were so deeply ingrained into his brain that he could recite them effortlessly. Every new thing he learned about you left him with a high, his dopamine levels shot through the roof like he was strung out on fucking heroin or some bizarre shit like that. Bakugo was a private person for good reason, as even the most minuscule thing could be used against him should the information get into the wrong hands—but he just couldn’t help but let you chip away at the fortified walls that guarded his heart.

It wasn’t long before things evolved from interacting over a screen to face-to-face communication. With the off-mentioning that he enjoyed cooking and could—and I quote— ‘makes the best fucking curry you’ll ever taste in your entire sorry-ass life’, he was on your doorstep with an arm full of groceries and a wicked gleam to his eyes. It defiantly didn’t help that you egged him on by playfully doubting his skills, but you defiantly didn’t wind up with the short end of the stick by scoring a free meal and spending time with your newly acquainted neighbor.

He barely payed you more than a sideways glare before pushing your door fully open with his foot and bristling past you to your quaint kitchen. There wasn’t much you could do other than watch in awe as he got to work, expertly chopping up veggies and seasoning them in ways you’d never even thought to do, but it created a most mouthwatering aroma. It was quite a sight, the sleeves of his shirt—black, like everything else he wore—rolled up to his elbows exposing some faded pink scars, the exposed muscles flexing as he lifted various pots and pans on your stove.

“This looks really good!” Your mouth watered at the vibrant dish packed full of rice and curry soaked potatoes, the slightly spicy savory smell only enticing you further. You had no idea how he knew where you kept your finer bowls and silverware, but you couldn’t really care either. To be completely honest, you were a bit thunderstruck at just how good it looked. “Where’d you learn to do this?”

But before he could respond wordlessly, your eyes widened and you lifted a hand as if to say pause—much to his annoyance—and hopped out of your seat at the dinner table. After making a quick trip to your room, you surprised him by whipping out a whiteboard and erasable marker from behind your back, which you borrowed—okay yeah so maybe you stole it—from the hospital you worked at. But they had enough and were hardly used in the first place, so it’s not like anyone would miss one. Besides, you had a much better use for it in mind.

“Wait! Use this!” You eagerly awaited for him to accept, bouncing on the heels of your feet in poorly restrained excitement.

Shooting you a glare that didn’t have nearly enough malice to be deemed threatening, he snatched the object from your hands and uncapped the marker with his teeth. ‘This is fucking lame’ was scrawled out in big, messy letters when he presented it back to you, garnering a giddy laugh from you in turn. It was just so like him, from the cursing to the harsh way he pressed the marker as if he were punishing it; you just found it hilarious how rough and rugged he was through and through, yet gentle when it came to you.

Sure, he referred to you as an idiot so often that you wondered if he even knew what your actual name was, and chastised you any chance he got whether it be you tripping over nothing or finding joy in something so utterly beneath him. But the nicknames were always followed up with odd words of care, such as ‘dumbass, you left your door unlocked. What are you, trying to entice a robber?’ even if you were home alone and knew he was coming over. It were his hands that would always catch you, shooting out the moment he saw you begin to sway, always followed up with a glare and reprimand to be more careful. And even if his comments would suggest otherwise, he never once tried to stomp out the little things you loved, even quietly engraining them into his own life—but if you ever caught him, say, watching that tv show he supposedly despised, he’d be quick to tell you ‘there simply wasn’t anything else on’ and ‘your dumbass was practically begging him to view it’.

That was the first night of many, full of easy-going conversation and ending with full bellies, leaving you both satisfied and wishing that your time together could last longer. Soon your days were full of him, spending any break you had from work to shoot him a text, to spending your days off with him by your side. He was so unlike anyone you’d ever met before, and quickly became someone you couldn’t picture not being in your life.

You had penetrated the hardware that protected his heart, gotten under his skin and filled his brain with thoughts and memories of you. Your happiness was infectious, and brought smiles unforeseen by you to his lips, ones that he was sure he wasn’t capable of. No more did he curse out the universe for bringing the two of you together, instead silently thanking it for allowing you to grace his life, and save him when he didn’t even know he was in need.

Long since had he ended the contract that was supposed be a means to your end, but only resulted in his beginning. Hell, he practically dropped off the face of the planet, or at least to those who knew of his existence and were likely in disarray over his disappearing act. But all those losers could fuck straight off, he’d hung up his crown and really couldn’t care less about anything other than the present, and the future hopefully full of you.

Time had flown by, and it’d been about three months or so since fate brought you stumbling into his life, and you two were closer than ever. There was this undeniable connection between you, and while you had no clue as to what it was, Bakugo sure as hell did. And he was getting ready to finally bite the bullet and tell you. One, because not talking was beyond fucking annoying. And more importantly, two, you deserved to know.

Very briefly had the topic of soulmates come up and your answer was not one he was expecting. With a soft frown, and a hand coming up to unconsciously brush over the words tattooed across your heart, you answered in the most hauntingly beautiful possible:

“I haven’t found them yet, but I’ll wait forever if that’s how long as it takes.”

He wanted to yell out, right then and there, ‘I’m right here, you don’t have to look any further!’, but the moment just wasn’t right. But the more days passed, and the more moments acquired, the urge to finally complete the bond became more apparent and harder to quell. But it soon hit him that being stuck on that was only making things overly-complicated for no good reason.

There was never going to be a ‘right time’ to tell you, and besides, that shit wouldn’t matter in the long run—and he was stupid for even worrying about it. Anyways, the real problems would spring to life after he finally revealed himself. Would you be upset at him for lying? About being a mute? About being your soulmate? Both? Hell, maybe you didn’t even want him as a soulmate. There were few things that could hurt Bakugo Katsuki other than physical pain, but you rejecting him was definitely up there as the biggest.

His entire life he’d been labeled as unwanted, thrown from shitty foster home to even shittier foster home with no luck in his sight. Maybe it was his crude behavior or tongue sharper than knives, but nobody had ever held onto him longer than absolutely necessary. He changed his entire life around on a whim just to pursue you, so if you, the very person created to accept and love him, were to not want him too… God, even just the thought twisted his stomach into tightly wound knots.

But, it was a risk he needed to take or the two of you would never get anywhere. Which was why after a lot of deliberation, he was going to just come out and say it, rip off the bandage and allow you to do as you please; whether it be mortally wounding him or accepting him in full, he’d take it. Well, he wouldn’t exactly be all fucking fine and dandy with you crushing his heart but- ah fuck, whatever.

Bakugo was currently walking you back to your apartment after a quick outing to a ramen shop your coworker had raved about and you somehow convinced the angry blonde to accompany you. Really it wasn’t much of convincing, more-so he pretended he didn’t want to go but as soon as you even entertained the thought of going alone he had a sudden craving for noodles. ‘It’s not like I want to go’ he’d text you, ‘it’s just convenient’, and while you knew better, you still let him be as to not be at the end of his embarrassment fueled wrath.

“Wow! That place was great!” You piped up, a lazy smile on your features as you were still blissfully full.

The sun was just dipping over the horizon, casting an orange glow on your companion’s features and making the crimson in his eyes look like liquid fire. God, you really- really adored his eyes. You were beyond grateful that he always kept them uncovered, as it always allowed you to greedily drink the sight of them in.

After being friends for quite some time, you’d still never seen the full extend of his face—even when you both ate he was very careful in not letting anything below his nostrils show, really it was a talent—but even without seeing the full picture you were sure it was equally as handsome as the rest of him. For a while you entertained the possibility of an injury or scar causing him to keep covered up and limit speech, but after getting a glimpse of his unblemished upper lip one day you crossed that off as a possibility. Maybe it was for a personal reason he just hadn’t gotten around to tell you about yet, but whatever it may be you didn’t really care. You’d grown to adore the spiked-haired grump and his quiet company.

Normally he would’ve noticed your extended studying of his face, and retaliate with a glare or arched eyebrow in a silent question if there was maybe something on his face, but not today. His eyes remained trained on the concrete below, his shoulders pulled taut and hands shoved deep in his jeans pockets, appearing closed off and deep in thought. While it was a bit odd, you didn’t take it too seriously and continued in your attempts at conversation.

“I still can’t believe you ate that super spicy Tonkotsu!” Your hands waved around in exasperation, the movement finally garnering his attention. “That stuff smelled so spicy, and you didn’t look phased at all!”

He shrugs his shoulders and replies with a grunt, not an unusual response for times when there was no writing material at the ready. But still you noticed how strained his movements seemed to be, only getting worse the closer you got to your apartment. Bakugo was a pretty private guy, you’d gathered that much by his subtle deflections whenever you asked anything too personal and having only been in his near barren apartment once, but you still knew enough about him to tell when something was bugging him.

After fishing out your keys, you pause before inserting them into your keyhole, the worry for your friend overriding any wish to hurry your goodbyes so you could hop in a bath and soak away all your stresses.

“Hey, if there’s anything that’s bothering you, you know you can always come to me- right?” You tread carefully, knowing he wouldn’t appreciate you asking if something was wrong, because that would mean he was poorly masking his feelings and he’d only work overtime to prevent such a thing from happening in the future.

Your soft eyes bore into his own, and it’s only then do you realize just how close he is, hard chest just shy of brushing against your own. A heat quickly creeps up your neck, no doubt painting your cheeks with a twinge of pink. Attempting to create some distance so your face wouldn’t catch aflame, a small squeak escapes your lips as your back meets the cool wood of your door, effectively caging you in.

God, if you only knew how that sound nearly made him say fuck it all and just comment on how stupidly cute it was.

“B-Bakugo-san, what a-are you doing?” Your voice pitifully cracks as he only shuffled closer, his tall figure now looming above your own as he seemed to debate on how to proceed. His motives were so very unclear, and for once the silence was unnerving, which only served to make you shiver despite the weather being no where close to chilly. The look in his stormy orbs was unreadable, yet all-encompassing, making you freeze in place from the sheer intensity of it.

Just as his brows unfurled in a silent show that he’d made up his mind, everything happened so fast you had no chance to process. In an instant his eyes widened to the size of saucers, his arms quickly coming to latch tightly around your figure, pulling you flush against him then diving straight down onto your apartment floor’s hallway. As soon as the hard floor met your back, even with Bakugo’s arms to cushion the fall, your breath was harshly knocked from your lungs. It didn’t even register the way his body was positioned over yours, shielding you from something unknown.

With a gasp you desperately try to breathe air into your crushed lungs, attempting to not focus on the caustic pain to your backside. “W-what? What’s going on Bakugo-san—?”

But he didn’t give you the chance to finish your question.

You were cut off by a bruising force against your mouth, swallowing up any words you wished to dispel. You hadn’t even realized that the mask that hid the lower regions of his face had been torn off, exposing his chiseled features and pink appendages, but he didn’t allow you any time to relish in the newfound sight. Lightly chapped lips smashed against your own, effectively stealing your breath away, and though it lasts but a moment it was enough to envelop your mind with a thick fog.

Just as you begin to melt into the bliss Bakugo bestowed to you, he detaches suddenly and unexpectedly, coming to hover above you with his palms on either side of your head, caging you in—though it’s not like you had any desire to escape. With furrowed brows he pants lightly to catch his breath, taking a moment to memorize every detail of your delicate face, it didn’t matter that he’s seen it for nearly every day of the past few months of his life, he just couldn’t help it, not knowing if it will be last time he ever gets the chance to take you in. The visage of you so remained utterly bewitching even with your hair messily haloed around your head and eyes glossily half lidded, it can’t help but remind him of vulnerable prey caught in the clutches of a most fearsome predator.

Fierce crimson eyes bore holes into your own from above, and you can’t help but feel like you’re staring into the pits of hell itself; blazing in an endless inferno but you wouldn’t mind getting burned. You find yourself lost in him—lost in his breath fanning against the lips he just kissed, lost in the heat coming off his body in waves and blanketing you in it’s warmth, lost in how he looked at you like you were the only person to roam this earth. It was all just so much and completely out of nowhere, overwhelming you into silence—hell, you still didn’t even understand why you were on the floor—but nothing prepared you for what was to happen next.

There were so many things he wanted to say to you, take every word from the dictionary just to string them together in long drawn out sentences to describe all the things he felt for you—but the words fell from his lips before his mind could fully register what was coming out.

“God dammit, you’re my fucking soulmate… I can’t let you die.”


This took an annoyingly long time to finish, but every time I thought it was done and read through it, I just fucking hated how it didn’t give me the feelings I wanted to evoke in the reader. I just really wanted this confused but strong longing to be shown in Katsuki, like he didn’t understand why he felt so drawn to you but the feelings just couldn’t be quelled. Then it’d all make sense when he found out who you were, and he just couldn’t fight off the pull when it came down to business.

Still not entirely happy with it, but this is as good as it’s gonna get.

Besides that, I’ve been rewatching GoT and the books to help with my Fantasy-ish AU, so inspirations been flowing pretty strongly for that one. The language used in it won’t be very modern and more akin to that era ('my lady’ and shit like that)

Anyways, tell me your thoughts! And if you enjoy my writing send in requests! I don’t really like writing stuff for the canon plot, so please be creative! After those two there is a something else I have in the works for a Mulan style AU, but it’ll be more of a mini series.

-gemcell <3

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I saw you requested asks so here I am!! So, the world needs more fantasy au Bakugo whether he’s a dragon king or barbarian. Like, I don’t even know what to request. I like the idea of fantasy bakugo going to rescue a damsel in distress (maybe a princess), and he’s in it for the kill of the beast that’s captured her but when he’s escorting her back, they actually connect and he finds the girl he wants to marry. There can be smut included I really don’t mind. So, take this idea and do your best :)

hey, there! i think i’ll put this in two parts cause why not? both parts shall be uploaded tomorrow, too! for the smut, it’ll be my first time working on smut so please bear with me 🥺👉👈

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In Your Face!

Back at it AGaaaainnnn. Uh ha ha.

(Bakugou x Fem! reader)

It’s been at least a good hour of everyone trying to touch Bakugou’s hair. Why? Because you said once that Bakugou’s hair was soft.

When you walked toward the common room you could hear Bakugou yelling. “Hands off Racoon eyes!” You thought it was just one of his common tantrums Until you heard explosions. When you reached the common room you saw Mina aggressively trying to touch Bakugou’s hair. Death wish.

“Oh Come onnnn Bakugouu, you let Y/n touch your hair, let me!” Mina whined. Bakugou growled. “If you touch me one more time i-” “Oh hi Y/n!” Mina cut him off as Mina waved at you. “Hi? What’s going on here?” You asked, but it already seemed obvious. “Bakugou won’t let me touch his hair!” Mina pouted “And you said it was sofft.” “You made us curious!” Sero said in the background. 

“How long has this been going on for?” “A hour.” Kirishima said, crossing his arms in defeat. Bakugou huffed and looked up at you. Too easy. Mina reached up rested her hand in Bakugou’s hair. Death. Wish.

Bakugou snapped his head back at Mina with a look of Murder. Tiny explosions forming in his hand. The look on Mina’s face was priceless, she knew she fucked up. “Bakugou can we not try and murder someone today.” You walked over to the ticking time bomb and placed each one of your hands on his cheeks, making him look at you.

His face slightly softened at the sight of you, but he still looked like he wanted to kill someone. “Calm down fire cracker.” You smiled at him. The tiny explosions in his hands disappeared as he scoffed. 

You took one of your hands that was on his cheek and put it on his head, ruffling his hair through your fingers. Bakugou’s hair was soft, most would think it would be rough and spikey, bit it actually soft.

Bakugou growled as you played with his hair, but he didn’t swat your hand away. At this very moment you felt like a god. THE Bakugou didn’t mind you touching him, that’s something to brag about.

“In your face, Mina!” When you looked over at Mina she looked absolutely defeated. “Well, of course Y/n has the upper hand, they’re dating.” You smiled and looked back at Katsuki, soon gently scratching is scalp.

You kissed his forehead. “Ok, hands off loser.” Bakugou growled as he looked up at you. “Or what, you gonna punch me?” When Bakugou raised his hand and formed a fist you stepped away. “Ok, Ok i take it back.”

Just because you were his girlfriend doesn’t mean he won’t punch the living hell out of you when you piss him off. Well, that’s how he likes think of it as.

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Yokai are Japanese folklore ghosts made to explain the unexplainable. The essence of a spirit is left behind and combines with a spirit of a animal or object. The process is only chosen for people who died too early to for-fill their destiny. To for fill it they have to gain their old life back. The memories of the past life accept for death will be unlocked as time went by. So… why is this being said? Well we are here to tell a story of a young hero called Ground Zero….


It was 12:50 and hero training class was in session. Everyone in class broke off into groups working on their special attacks. By himself Katsuki Bakugou was practicing ‘AP Shot’ on walls Cementoss had made for the students to break over and over.

Bakugou’s targets got bigger and bigger to see how much damage he could make to buildings to know his limits. It was very tiring but it made rubble for Uraraka and enough rubble to have Aoyama aim persistently at falling bits.

As the targets for bigger Bakugou kept the explosions the same size until… the incident happened. He accidentally let out a bigger explosion from before and rubble fell straight towards him. He panicked a little and started to get out of the way exploding any rubble about to hit him. Kirishima rushes over along with a few more students to help stop the rubbles from falling onto everyone. Bakugou got hit from behind by some rubble and he fell down loosing balence.

“BAKUGOU!” Kirishima yelled rushing over to be a shield. More rubble started to fall down onto Bakugou and covered him. A scream escaped him as pain suddenly covered his whole body. Kirishima got there and started to move the rocks off hoping that everything will be ok.

All of the rubble got removed and Bakugou seemed to be nearly dead. He was slowly breathing despite being awake. He weakly looked up trying to move but he got some broken bones. He could just tell death was near and mustered up the rest of his strength to say something. “Kirishima…. I’m sorry…” he mumbled out passing out into a black.

“Wait no Bakugou! Don’t do this now! Please… don’t leave me!” Kirishima cried out as the rest of the students came over worried. Izuku picked up Bakugou and started to rush to the nurses office using 20% of his power.

“R-recovery girl! Please please help kacchan! He hadrubblefallonhimandhejustpassedoutandidontknowwhattodopla-“ Izuku mumbled out quickly. He put Bakugou on the bed and recovery girl did the best she could. She kissed the broken bones to be healed up as Bakugou was passed out. He didn’t wake up at all though and his movements stopped. Izuku was crying when he was told the news and walked back to class with a sad expression.

“I’m sorry…. K-K-Kacchan is dead…”


“No… it can’t be…”

“Why now!?”

“I wish I could’ve helped more!”

“As this ever happened in UA history!?”

“Bakugou’s dead…. why WHY!” Kirishima cried out banging his desk. He broke down into tears trying to calm himself down but he failed. Mina came over with her own tears in her eyes. She gave Kirishima a shoulder to cry into with a hug. The rest of the squad joined in to cheer each other up. The rest of the class split up into groups to cheer each other up. Aizawa helped around the class to take care of everyone and just hope emotional damage wouldn’t end up being too much.

Meanwhile A light appeared in the middle of nowhere in a forest. Another joined in as a spirit of a fox. The fox curled up around the light and the two fused into one. A body started to come out of the light very slowly as sparkles of light formed around a ball and slowly started to take form. The light stopped collecting and gently floated down a sleeping Kitsune that was Bakugou.

After a while Bakugou woke up confused and scared. He felt a throbbing pain in his arm, head, and back. “Ow! What the hell is that!!?” He hissed out rolling up his kimono sleeve. He didn’t seem to realize he was just born in a way. He rubbed his arm from where the pain was and looked at a marking of a diamond shape and a V shape under it. He reached for his back feeling some very fluffy tails. He looked at them and touched them in confusion.

“Why am I a fucking furry!” He complained noticing he had six tails. He touched his head feeling ears also. He looked like a fennec fox like this. He grabbed at his head suddenly getting a headache. He suddenly remembered what happened in class but was confused. He knows those people but only knew one person by name.

“Kirishima… am I close to him?” He asked himself and sat down into a crisscross position. “…but why did I die like that..? I said sorry to that redhead. There must be something else about that… fuck why can’t I remember anything else!?!” He was starting to get frustrated. He started to question to himself a flood of questions he could never seem to answer. He shook his head his tails floofing up.

“Shut up Katsuki! I have to find out what the hell happened here. I just need to figure out where I am..” He stands up and stretched. He started to walk around careful to lift his tails off the ground so he doesn’t trip. He walked around the forest to atleast try to find something to eat or somewhere he regonized remotely.

He found a rabbit and slowly crept up instinctively stalking the rabbit quietly. He approached slowly and surely he soon caught this rabbit as he ran up and pounced exploding the rabbit. He was proud of himself as he let out a small fox purr. He sat down under a tree not really knowing how to cook anymore. He didn’t remember if he could even do something that simple. He just decided to fuck it and started to eat the rabbit raw.

Now on a full stomach Bakugou leaned back and started to stare off into space. He had a lot to think of now sense he had almost all of the time in the world to think.


Thanks for reading! This is my first post about the AU. I had fun writing this small part of the AU

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