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Here’s May 24th’s “Slow Dance”!!
I couldn’t figure out an easier way to do this so I used what I had. The song I chose for Shiori and Katsuki’s slow dance is called Gavi’s Song by Lindsey Stirling! It’s a favorite of mine and I thought it would fit pretty well with the theme ❤️

#mhapromnightau #mhaprom #mha #shiorikubayashi #mhaoc #katsukibakugou #bnha

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                               Bakugou x (ex villain,fem)Reader

Warning: cutting, sad stuff, and at the end we get 13+ or 16+

Part 1?

Word count: 10,872

Here you were, in the office of UA’s principal. How did you get in here again? Oh yeah, after kidnapping bakugou they caught you and because you were 16 they decide to make you a deal. You wouldn’t go to prison and serve your sentence for death if you trained to become a hero. Your dumbass actually agreed to this. Now you were starting to regret it. You were sitting in the chair while Eraser Head was standing behind your arms crossed an all. You were spinning in the chair arms dangling waiting for the principal. “Stop that” Eraser head said clearly annoyed. You stopped. facing him you stuck your tough out and rolled your eyes before turning around. After a while, he finally entered. When he sat down in front of you he spoke. “Hello Mei Koharu, villain name Deadline how are you doing,” he asked putting the paper down. “Mind reading the rest of what’s on that paper, I wanna remember,” you said with a smirk. He picked up the paper and began reading. “16 years old, kill count 164. Sentance, death.” he read before putting it down. You nodded. “I’m good,” you said with a smile. “Glad to hear, anyways let’s get to the rules,” he said. You nodded looking to the side. “You are not allowed to use your quirk unless it’s training,” he said. “Yup,” you said with popping the p. “That’s why I have these bracelet things on right,” you said quirking an eyebrow. He nodded. “You can not leave campus unless you are with a trusted classmate or hero, When using your phone a student must be able to hear the phone call or read the message. You must be watched by a hero or classmate all the time until we can trust you.” he finished. You nodded as he spoke. “Sence your quirk is a hero worthy and is strong you will be in class 1-A,” he said. Your eyes widened. “What, why that class of all classes,” you remarked eyebrows furrowing. “Because I and one other person will be keeping an eye on you” Eraser head said bluntly. You groaned. “Here go change into this,” he said handing you a Uniform” you groaned again walking out of the room to the bathroom. There was no use trying to escape, you wouldn’t get away. As you were changing you started wondering who else was going to be keeping an eye on you. You blew the thought off finishing. You had the shirt unbuttoned one, the tie was hanging lose the shirt was half tucked in and you kept the retro combat boots you had on from before. You hadn’t worn stocking in a long time. You dint even bother putting on the stupid blazer thing, that was a bother you didn’t want to put up with. You folded your sleeves up to your elbows and slipped on your black and white gloves. Your hand managed to get them under the bracelets. You walked out of the bathroom and back to the office where you saw all too familiar wings. “Oh, shit,” you said loud enough for them to hear you. “Nice to see ya, again kid,” he said turning around to face you with a smirk on his face. “Can I get a hug?” he asked walking towards you. You figured it would be fine seeing as you did just disappear on him when you were 12. You gave him a hug. “Hm, still the two, I’m already late,” he said softie I know. Unbelievable how YOU could kill that many people” he said with his chin on your head. You hummed in his chest. “Well, I had my reasons,” you said, both of you pulling away. “Anyways your not even a little mad” you questioned quirking an eyebrow. “No” he answered. ‘But I do think you’re extremely stupid” he said flicking you on the head. “Heres your dorm key” Eraser head said tossing you a key. You caught it. “Let’s go you walking out of the room. You and kaigo started talking. “So you cut your hair,” he said picking up some of your light black hair. “Yeah, right on top of the shoulders, ya like it,” you said. He let it fall. “Looks nice,” he said before putting his hands in his pockets. You looked up at him with your eyes that faded from black to a whitish-gray “He’s doing fine don’t worry” you said looking up at him. “You can read me like a book,” he said ruffling your hair. After talking a bit more you guys had made it to the class door. You were then handed a black choker by Kaigo. “Here, you left it at my place the last time I saw you,” he said tossing it to you. It was a stretchy velvet so you had no problem putting it on. “Don’t call me eraser head call me Mr.Aizawa,” He said before opening the door. A sigh escaped your lips as all three of you walked in. The reason you didn’t really want to be in this class was that you knew 4 of them. That frog girl, gravity girl, todoroki, and bakugou. Hell, you had a major part in kidnapping the blond. You could hear whispers when you stepped in. Then a boom went off. “What the hell is she doing here” bakugou yelled slamming his hands on the desk with a small explosion. “I’ll get to that in a minute,” Mr.Aizawa said stopping as did you and kaigo. “Alright as some of you may have heard we are letting a villain join our class, Some of you might know her as the Deadline others might know her as the number 3 villain in there ranks. She is known for the murders of number 7 hero 4 years ago VIP” he said. VIP was the number 7 hero but you hand killed him, and also he was your dad. One of the reasons you became a villain in the first place. “W-wasn’t that h-her d-dad,” a green-haired boy asked. All eyes turned to you. “I wouldn’t call him my father, more of a major two-faced prick,” you said with a smile. Kaigo elbowed you on the side. “In other words yes.” he answered for you.  You saw the class tense and you smiled. Kaigo flicked on the head with a smirk. “Explain your quirk,” Mr.Aizawa said. You sighed. “My quirk is sanity, I can cause someone to lose all their sanity if I want and the more sanity they lose the more energy I get from them. So if they lost there complete sanity I would get their complete energy. Oh, I also black wings, I get them from my mom. I cna control weather i want them out or hiden.” you said casually. In all honesty, you were here because you didn’t want to die. You were different when it came to kaigo but with others, you were always so rude and difficult to handle. “Alright go take a seat,” Mr.Aizawa said turning to the board. You did as he said kaigo following behind. Jeez, the whispers from the class were really starting to get on your nerves. A lot of people wondered how you were such a strong villian with your quirk. Some thought your quirk was villian type but you only used sanity when you were toying with someone or you just want a show. Sometimes you killed with that if you wanted but because you trained with kiago for a while with your wings, you used them to kill.You heard learned to control each feather faster than he expected. At first, your wings were just supposed to help you fly but kaigo new you could use them for more. You had been sitting there with kaigo behind you messing with your hair checking the bracelets and just being bored. You were too. After a while, Mr.Aizawa said that the rest of the class was free time. Kaigo sighed when he said that. He hadn’t talked for so long, at least for him. “Finally” kaigo sighed of relief. You nodded putting your head down. He sat on the desk and patted your head. “What’s your mom doing,” he asked. “I don’t know, isn’t she still a hero,” you said rolling your eyes. “What are you talking about, I thought you had her or something,” he said getting off the desk. Your headshot up. “I haven’t see n her in 2 years,” you said worry on your face. “She disappeared a couple of weeks ago,” he said. You both looked at each other. Then you remembered something. “Oh shit glitch was serious,” you said pulling out your phone and showing him a picture. The picture was of your mom’s wings cut off but still alive. “Holy shit,” he said. “I thought it was photoshopped,” you said rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly. “Read the messages I sent,” you said putting your hands down. “Good job,” he read. “Kid, why,” he asked giving you your phone back. “ I didn’t think it was real so I just said that I didn’t know glitch was capable of that,” you said with a light laugh. He slapped the back of your head earning the attention of the class. “Report it next time,” he said. “Let’s hope she’s still alive,” you said rubbing the back of your head. “Adress,” he said. You told him all of glitches favorite kidnapping places. “What are 16-year-olds doing now a day.” he sighed. “Well I gotta go,” he said getting ready to fly. “Tell me if she’s dead,” you said leaning back in your chair with a laugh as he flew out of the room. “Kid” he wined. You just laughed at him. The class was looking at you, they seemed to want to know what that was about. “Moms probably dead by my best friends. Gotta problem” you said rolling your eyes. “Who’s y-your mom,” the green-haired boy asked. “Number 274 hero, rescue hero. Fly” you said rolling your eyes. “If shes dead so be it, if not then great.” you said putting your head down. You heard a certain whisper, not sure by who but it caught your attention. “Does she even love her” you heard a girl’s voice say. You looked up. “ Don’t get me wrong I love her, but she was never there for me when I need her so I’ve come to resent her a lot. WIch is why I don’t care if she’s dead or not.” you said putting your head back down with a sigh. “I know how that feels” you heard a monotone voice say. It seemed really close. You picked up your head to meet miss-match eyes. “Endeavors son. I’ve heard a lot about you from your brother.” you said sitting up straight. “My brother” he questioned. “Oh shit I said that out loud” you panicked. “Well you were going to find out one day.” you sighed. “Touya,” you said averting your eyes. You put your hands behind your head. “Big Bro” he whispered. You closed your eyes before speaking. “Yep, he’s still alive but” you tailed off with a sigh. “What!” he yelled. You opened one eye to see his face. He seemed surprised. “He’s a villian” you whispered loud enough for only him to hear. “What!?” he yelled. “Who is he I haven’t seen him,” he said grabbing you’re the collar of your shirt pulling you up. You put your hands up in defense. “One, he changed his look completely. And two I’m not qualified to tell you his villain name or anything. He would kill me if I did. Hell if he finds out I even told you he’s still alive I’m dead” you said with a smirk on your face. “Well that is if he can find me, for all he knows I’m dead,” you said with a laugh. “Tell me who he is” he shouted. “Damn, and he said you were usually so calm” you chuckled. “Tell me” he shouted. “Todoroki-Kun calm down,” the green-haired boy said. Putting a hand on his shoulder. He threw you down on your seat. “Have I seen him before?” he asked hands on your desk. “Mhm more than once I think, not really sure,” You said putting your hands behind your head closing your eyes again. “Also he’s my ex,” you said loud enough for both boys to hear. “But he’s like 20 and your 16,” he said. “Pfft, age doesn’t matter to villains, and plus I was more a toy to that bastard,” you said with a scoff. “He’s not like-” he was going to say. But you cut him off. “What can I say that bastard changed, When I asked him if it was true he said I was just a toy to him.” you said clearly annoyed. He wanted to say something but you spoke again. “Keep in mind it’s your dad’s fault he’s a villain anyway’s. More fuel for you to hate your dad right” you said with a laugh. “Todoroki, don’t believe her. You cant trust a villain like her.” a brown-haired girl said. “Yeah Todoroki, don’t believe me. Don’t believe the girl who worked with him for a good 2 years” you said sarcastically. All three of them walked away. Bakugou had watched the whole thing. You seemed like such a bitch to him when you kidnapped him and even now. What the fuck was your problem. You seemed so nice to hawks but it seems like you put your guard up when he left the room. What happened to you. He wanted to know for some reason. “Bakugou” he heard kirishima say snapping infront of his face. “What do you want shitty hair” he said loud enough for you to hear. You covered your mouth trying to hold a laugh in. “Are you ok” mina asked. “Im fine racoon eyes” he yelled. You weezed at the names. “Why are you looking a her” Kaminari asked. “Shut it dunce face” he yelled making small explosions in his hands. You cuoldnt help it, you laughed. It wasnt loud but enough for them to hear. “The hell are you laughing at” he yelled. “T-The n-names” you siad pointing a them. “Shitty hair, racoon eyes, dunce face. You’ve gotta be kidding me” you laughed. The nthe door opened. “Kid shes fine she wants to see you.” he said grabbing the back of your collier and dragging you out. “Tell your teacher were in the office kids” he said before closing the door. You stopped laughing when the door closed. He dragged you there knowing if he let you go you would go straight back to the class. He knew you didnt want to see her but he was gonna make you. When you guys got the office he opened the door and threw you in with ihm fallowing behind. He closed the door trapping you in. “oww that hurt” you said getting up. “You saw your mom with tears in her eyes. You pittyed her. A tear rolled down her face and you walked closer and wiped it off. “Dont cry over me. Im not worth it” you siad looking at her back. “There really gone” you whispered. “It was glitch right” you said moving behind her. You rubbed her back. “Wow,” was all you said. Her wings were only for flying she couldnt control the feathers or anyttihng wich is why she was a rescue hero. “You rubbed small circles on her back. She calmed down as she spoke. “Im sorry” she said. “Im sorry I wasnt there when you needed me, I was a bad mother” she said trying not to cry. You stepped infront of your mother with a smile. “I forgive you” you said before giving her a hug. She was surprised at first but she hugged you back and started crying. There was only three people you ever forgave that easy. Your mother, kaigo, and glitch. Everybody else had to work for it. If you ever saw glitch agin you wouldnt be mad at him at all. Honestly you were kind of proud. You let her cry for a while before pulling away. “Kid,” kaigo said catching your attention. You hummed. “Glich is coming to the school next week because he got the death sentence too” kaigo said. “Really” you said exited. “Yup” he said with a sigh. “But he’s the last one” he said. You didnt care you were just happy your bestfriend was coming. You, your mom, and kaigo were all talking for the rest of the day. You basically skipped the rest of your classes. When the principal said that your mom had to go and you had to go to the dorms. After saying your goodbyes you and kaigo were walking to the dorms. “Im surprised you didnt get mad or somthin’” kaigo said patting your head. “Yeah, I actually surprised myself” you said sheepishly. “How do you think glitch is gonna do here” he asked hands now in his pockets. “Well, as long as im with him I dont think hell hurt anyone.” you said. Glitch was his villian name, his real name was Yuuto, Touma. You sometimes called him yuu, but you usualy called him glitch or glitchy. He called you mei, deadline, or princess. You guys still used eachothers last names even though you both were fine using first you both felt more comfortable that way. He was the the number 4 villian in villain ranks. People hated how two 16 yearolds were so powerful. You guys had your own villan groups. You werent part of the league but more just a watcher for feedback. You had known the pros were coming so you tried to leave but was caught half way. You beat 3 pros but you hadnt noticed one of them behind you. Glitch tried to help but you told him to leave, You both argued before he finally gave in. Alot of other villans said you guys were dating but he was gay, and it annoyed the both of you. You looked up at kaigo feeling a bit guilty. He noticed. “Whats wrong kid” he asked. You looked down. “I feel bad that I used what you tought me to kill, I mean if people found out you knew me what would happen to you.” you said. “He knocked on your head. “Comon kid, you know I dont care about that. Or did you forget.” he said with a smile. “Yeah your right, but still” you said. “How about this, ill teach you more tricks if you promise to do good alright” he said. “Deal” you said with a smile of your own. He really didnt see the point of labels like villains and hero’s so when he found out you were a villan he didnt mind. Him and glich were the only one who knew about your past and what your dad did to you. You guys made it to the dorms when kaigo got a call about villans attacking near him. He told you he had to go so you were left to face your classmates alone. You walked into the dorms and was headed to the elevator beofre someone called out ot you. “U-uh deadline” you heared a familiar voice say. You turned to see the green-haired boy. “Whats up” you said with a smile. He looked to the his classmates that were pretendding not to look. Then he turned back to you. “I-I wanted to k-know more about your quirk” he said opening his notebook to a blank page. “Oh ok” you said with a smile. He seemed nice so you figured it wouldnt hurt to be a little nice. You both walked to the stepps to sit. His classmates were watching you closely not wanting you to hurt him. “SO can you you explain more about your quirk like all the spacifics” he asked. You then continued to explain your quirk to him and you swear his eyes had literal sparkles in them with everything you said. After he was done he was about to leave. “Hey uh, can i see what oyu have in that notebook of yours.” you asked. He looked down at it before handing it to you. “Sure, just give it back tomorrow” he said before walking away with a smile. You walked to the elevator reading the notebook as he sat down beside his friends. When you got to your dorm on the 4th floor you closed it and started looking for your dorm number. You found it and entered. There was a security camra in the corner of the room. You went ot the bathroom to see if there was any in there, luckly no. You threw yourself on the bed and started reading what was in the notebook again. After a while of reading you saw that he had started notes on toga and dabi. There wasnt much he knew so you figured he woulnt mind if you put down what you knew. You started writing on the notebook about there quirks and personality something you saw he did with the other pages. You put the notebook down and came out ot get something ot eat. You went to the kitchen and made yourself some ramen before going back to eat in your dorm. You were on your way up when you heard a voice. “Would you like to come down and eat with the rest of the class” you heard a soft sweet voice say. You turned back and saw a girl with a ponytail in light pink shorts and a white shirt. “Uh thnks but im fine, I dont think bakugou and todoroki would like me there. I mean I am a villain so I dont think alot of people would like me there” you siad with a nervous smile. “Oh ok. I dont want to pressure you” she said. “Thnak you momo” you said before walking up the stairs. You knew her name because of midoriya’s notebook. When you got back to your room you changed into a black tanktop with gray legings. Your food had cooled down and you started eating. They had let you keep any form of technology but they made sure all contact with other villains were cut off. You opened youtube and started watching random video’s when a notification popped up. Glitches channel had been uptated. Weird you though he was in custaty waiting to come to the school. “Going to UA for rehab in 6 days” the title read. You laughed clicking on the video. “Im going to UA, I would have taken the death sentence but a surtan birdy said my bestfiend was still alive and if I wanted to see her I would have to go to UA. I took the deal only because I want to see her. Prinsess im coming to the school in T minus 6 days. I would have taken the death but I dodnt because of her. Curse you dead line.” he spoke rasing a fist and looking up. You laughed at his boyish playfulness. “Anyways they finally caught us so we are technically no longer the number 3 and 4 top villains. Suckes to leave it behind honestly but all my other villains do us proud” he said before turning off the camra. It looked like he snuck his phone in based on were he was. You let out a sigh. Before hearing 3 sharp knockes on the door. Its was 6:30pm everybody should still be eating. You got up and opend the door. Your eyes met dark crimson ones. You jumped back reconizing who it was. “B-bakugou, what are you doing here” you asked stepping aside to let him in. He walked in with a plate of food and put it on your desk. “Eat” was all said before throwing his body on the bed laying on his back and putting his arms behind his head. He was dressed in a black tanktop with black sweats. You closed the door and sat down at your desk. “W-what are you doing here” you asked putting some food in your mouth. “Ponytail told me what you were eating, Shits not healthy. You need something with greens protean carbs and all that shit. So I made you food.” he said in his husky tone that only fit him. “Damn this is good” you said before shuvling more food on your mouth. “Damn right it is, I made it” he said clearly proud of himself. You replayed the video wanting to hear your bestfriends voice again. You let out a small laugh not wanting ot desterb the blond on your bed. “Who’s that” he asked eyes closed. “My bestfriend glitch, hes 16 and hes coming to UA in about a week” you said with a smile on your face. “Thats the kid Mr.Aizawa was telling us about then” he said. You hummed in response. “ I thought you were like really mad about the whole kidnapping thing,” you said lening back in your chair. He pulled it back making you fall. You let out a yelp. He moved his body laying on his stomach now looking down at you with a smirk. “I dont hold grudges dumbass” he said before getting the now clean plate before getting up. You had completely forgot that you didnt have the gloves on so when he held out a hand to help he saw them. He helped you up and when you were going to pick up your chair he grabbed your wrist pulled you up turned you around and flipped your arm over. You had no Idea what he was doing at first but when his eyes widend you looked down to see what he was looking at. Your eyes widend and you pulled your arm away picking up the chair and grabbing your gloves and putting them on. “You should leave” you said in a wisper. “Im not leaving without an explanation” he said putting hte plate down. You looked away. He sat down on your bed waiting for you to sit. You could see he was trying to cover up the fact that he really cared but you could see the general worry in his eyes. You sighed and sat down next to him throwing your back on the bed. “I guess lets start at the beginning.” you said with a sigh. “My mom and dad were pro heroes,um. They were gone most of the time so I was usually left alone. My dad abused me and my mother. When I was 9 he” you trailed off voice shaking and tears threatening to fall. “He rapped me” you siad voice low but he still heard. His eyes widend when you said that. “More than once, saying he needed to releve stress and that mama wasnt good enough.” you said a tear rolling down your face. You took a breath. “He did that to me alot to the point were I just stopped fighting him. I always did in the begining but soon gave up. I was 10 when I met hawks. He was the first person I told and even though he tried everything he could noone would believe him. Not even the cops. I dont know why thay just didnt.” you said getting up and wiping the tears. “I know I look weak right now. Especialy for someone who’s killed so many people” you said letting out a small laugh. “Hawks had me with him alot to get me out of that but it still happened, not as much as it always idd but it happend.” you sniffed. “When I was 12 I ran away and became a villain. Hawks had tought me how to use my wings for other things than flying so I used that alot.” you said looking down at your hands. The cloves were covering half of your palm. “Me and glitch met when I was 6, He knew about everything but he didnt have family that cared and of course noone believed us. We both became villains and after a year we were known as deadline and glitch the number 3 and 4 most powerful villains.” you said. He just listened in shock. “When people knew our names we decided it was time to kill my father. We killed him on live TV. We didnt hide our faces because we wanted people to know who we were, after that, then they belived me about everything he had done but it was to late. Last year I ‘dated’ a villan named dabi, the one who pulled you into the portal.” you said quietly. “It wasnt so much dating as I was a toy for his disiars.” you said more tears fooling down your face. “And that whole time that happend I didnt feel anything. I dodnt feel resentment, saro, anger, or anything. I just felt pity. Pity for the people who had to live through my crimes. I always felt broken. I felt not wanted. There are few people that I know actually care about me. And I dont know why you do if I hurt you” you said looking up at him tears rooling down your face. He didnt know what to do so he just pulled to his chest and wrapped his arms around you. You were surprised at first. Your hands were on his his chest and you could fell the tears wanting to spill out. “Go ahead” he said. Your lover lip quivered before all the tears you had been holding back all these years finally spilled out. Your gripped his shirt in your fists and buried your face in his chest crying and rambling. “Why did it have to be, why was I the one it happend to. What did I do wrong. Why did they hate me.” you yelled into his chest. He felt like crying himself but he held his tears back for your sake. What was this feeling. His heart was beeting fater and faster. Hes hand were getting sweaty his checks were dusted in a light pink and his stomack felt all tingly and weird. He felt guilty thats for sure but that other feeling was new to him. Yes he had noticed that the smile you gave was fake, hell he could see right through it. But he had no idea you were holding all this back. He didnt even know why he cared in the first place he just did. After a while you had fallen asleep in his arms. He put you under the covers before walking down to the common room. It was about 7:30pm and he needed to put the plate in the sink. He walked down with his shirt wrinkled and a bit wet. “There you are bakugou, we thought she killed you” kaminari said. In all reality he was saying what everybody was thinking. “Yeah bro what happend did she hurt you” kirishima asked. He was getting questions left and right but all he was thinking about was what had happend to you. He snapped out of it when he heared a remark uraraka made. “ She’s a villan, she cant change so ofcourse she did something” she said talking to midiriya. As soon as bakugou registered what she was saying he threw a blast at her that was inches away from her face. It flew by and hit the wall. That caused everybody to jump and for them to look at him. He turned to face her. “Shut your fucking mouth, You have no idea what she’s gone through” he said throwing the plate in the sink before walkin up to her and grabbing her by the collor. “You have no diea what just happend so shut your god damn mouth round face” he said before throwing her on the ground. Some of the girls rushed to help her. She wasnt hurt but she was surprised. “Bakugou what was that for and what are you talking about” tsu asked helping urarak up. “Yeah bakugou, that wasnt manly at all” kirishima said. “No” bakugou barked. “You know whats ‘unmanly’ judging someone based on what you’ve heard and not actually knowing them. Thats unmanly kirishima” All the talking stopped when they heared bakugou use his name and the nickname he had given him. Was it really that bad. Nobody knew what had happend but for bakugou to use to use someones name, then they knew he ment what he said. After they all calmed down and uraraku forgiving bakugou even though he didnt apolijze he went to bed as the others stayed behind for a while longer. Bakugou was still trying to figure out what that feeling he was having earlier was. He lied in bed for a while thinking about you for reasons unknown, here he was thinking he had it bad blaming himself for allmights retirement when there was someone else dealing with bigger pain. He always felt like he had to be stronger. Sence the kidnapping he had been deeling with anxiety and all that so to a surtan extent he knew somewhat how you felt. He felt horrible for thinking you were just a nobody villan. The only reason he had went up there was becuase if he knew anybody wasn’t eating the right thing he would of done that, even if it was damn deku. What if he hadent gone up there and stayed. He hadnt planned on it but something told him to. He was actually glad that he did. He had a new image of you in his head one that wasnt leaving.

A beautiful but broken girl.

When you woke up the next morning you felt well-rested, something you didn’t feel often. Maybe it was the fact that you were actually sleeping in a bed. You sat up and rubbed your eyes. You sat there for a couple of seconds before remembering what happened yesterday. You felt your cheeks go red when the thought of you crying on him came rushing back to your mind. You got out of bed and took a shower. The thought had your face pink the whole time. You changed into your uniform the same way it was yesterday, again not bothering to put on the blazer. You doubted you were ever going to put it on.  You pulled on the choker and slipped the gloves on again. You had spilled your life story to the boy you kidnapped and he actually cared. You were still surprised. You grabbed your phone plugged the earbuds in and put them on your ears and playing the playlist you had. One thing you hadn’t said about your quirk was that you needed music to trigger it. You just needed to listen to it but it became a habit for you to start singing. You grabbed your bag and walked out of your dorm humming to the song that was playing. When you saw midoriya in the common room you pulled out his notebook and took out one of your earbuds. “Midoriya,” you said walking up to the boy. “Here,” you said handing him the notebook. He thanked you and you put the earbud back in before walking to campus. You thought you were the early one but a guy named iida was first. He was a class rep. You just walked in and sat in your seat. You noticed that there was an empty seat next to yours but you figured it was for glitch so you paid no mind to it. You had fallen asleep and stayed asleep even when class began. So you missed the part were glitch entered the room. You only noticed when a 3 then 6 taps were on your shoulder. You woke up and rolled to the side. You took out your earbuds and looked up. “Damn you figured it out princess,” he said sarcastically with his arms open. He was wearing the uniform like you were but no cloves or choker.“You got up and jumped on him wrapping your legs around his torso and your arms around his neck. You got off of him and he walked to the front of the room. “You can call me glitch, my quirk is basically my name. I can make myself glitch so if you try to hit me its tenacity impossible. I can also make other thing’s glitch if they have my blood on them. I can make stuff that only I can touch it won’t do any damage to anybody and they can’t do any damage to my stuff. I can also create a glitch of myself or someone else again if they have my blood. Um, I can also create a glitch of someone’s quirk but that takes a lot of energy out of me. Wich is were deadline comes in, I don’t think she told you but she can also give energy” he said giving a knowing look. “Well, I didn’t see that as a necessity at the time. He rolled his eyes. The next thing you knew someone had flicked you on the head. It was glitch. “Oh yeah and the glitches of myself, they can hurt you but you can’t hurt them you’ll go right through,” he said with a smirk. “Arent you supposed to have these on,” you said raising your arms showing him the bracelets. As if on cue kaigo came rushing in with them in his hands. “Kid you have to put them on,” he said. “I said if only you could catch me,” he said crossing his arms. “Yuu,” you said sternly. He sighed. “Fine,” he said letting kaigo put them on him. He rolled his eyes. “Dam it birdy,” he said with a light laugh. Kaigo just smiled. “Go sit down,” kaigo said giving him a light push. He just smirked and did what he was told. Kaigo just went to the back of the classroom as he did yesterday waiting for this to over. “Alright, today we are going to be learning about the types of villans you will eventually face,” Mr.Aizawa said crossing his arms. “After that, you guys will be fighting deadline and glitch for training,” he said with a really creepy smile. The class looked at you guys. You and glitch were both just had small smiles on your faces. The class turned back to Aizawa. “Mei and Yuuto, what kind of villans are do you too think they are most likely to encounter. You both got up and you spoke first. “Well there are the blood type villans for sure.” you started. “Yup, those villains are the ones like stain and toga” he continued. “ “ Toga, By ingesting someone else’s blood, she can transform to look like that person, her quirk is called transform.” he finished. “Yeah people with blood type quirks tend to be a little psycho, rarely will you find someone who isn’t. I know her personally and she’s a bit of a yandere. Midoriya I’m looking at you, try to stay away from her” you said with a smirk. “Now stain, Stain’s Quirk is the ability to paralyze the person of whom’s blood he licks. The length of how long they are paralyzed depends on the person’s blood type, with blood type O having the shortest time. Midoriya” he said looking at the boy. “What other types.” Aizawa said. “There are also the ones with quirks that can burn things to ash or disintegrate things. Like shigaraki and dabi.” you said. “Shigaraki’s is Decay, Tomura’s Quirk allows him to turn any solid object that is within his reach to dust. When he touches an object with his hands, it will disintegrate and turn into dust.” Glitch finished. “Dabi’s is Cremation, Dabi’s Quirk grants him the ability to generate large amounts of highly destructive blue flames from his body. However, Dabi’s body has a low tolerance for his own flames and he will get burned if he uses them for prolonged periods of time.” you said a little quickly rolling your eyes. “And then there are younger villains like us,” you both said walking in front of the class. Mr.Aizwa said stepping to the side to let you both speak. “See the younger they are the more crap they’ve been through and the more recent it was,” glitch said crossing his arms. “Yeah, so when you are fighting a villain or more like us remember that anything you say can trigger them and they will do their damn harvest to kill you, so don’t just go trash talking them like their nothing,” you said crossing your arms. Bakugou knew what your past was so he understood. “Yes there are some villains that just generally hate heros for random reasons that aren’t really that good of a reason to kill.” he said. “But most of the villains have been through some shit and others are just psychopaths,” you said with a shrug. “There are younger villains than us you know,” he said. You saw some people a little shocked. “Yeah I know shocking, of course, they are lower ranked ones and not may know them but they have their reasons for what they do. Of course, to heros those are just excuses” you said rolling your eyes. “But they make excuses when they kill us villans too but because were considered the bad guys it’s fine right,” he said. Kaigo just smiled at the both of you. “We really don’t see the reason for labels is what there trying to say,” kaigo said walking to the front of the room. “Now don’t get me, wrong kids, I’m not on the villain’s sides or the hero’s side at this point and neither are they.” he said standing with you guys. “Were on our own side here” glitch said. “Yeah, something the media failed to say was that most of our kills were villans about half of them were,” you said. “Take our kill counts, mine 127” glitch said. “And mine 164,” you said. “About half or more were villains and the rest either hero’s or abusive people,” you said. “The pros I killed were always made out to be the good guy but in behind the sense, they were bad people with bad intentions” glitch said. “ And before you say anything we aren’t off-topic, these are the types of villains you will encounter. They seem like normal civilians but you don’t know what goes on.” you added. “Trust me I’ve known these kids for a sense they were like 7, You may not understand know but you will soon,” he said patting your heads. “This is basically what a villans life is like and what goes through there head.” glitch said. “If you guys are always focused on their quirks that’s not going to get you anywhere.” kaigo said. “Try this, if a villian seems to be broken or hurt in someway talk to them and don’t automatically resort to fighting. If they can tell you’re being sincere then they will most licky give in. But that doesn’t mean slap the cuffs on them and then leave, no. let them cry in your arms for a while and if they’re in prison visit or something.” you said with a small smile and a shrug. That smile you hed made bakugou’s stomach do a flip. He knew that was a genuine smile right there. You both went back to your seats and sat down as kaigo listened to something in his earpiece. “Alright well I got a mission so ill probably be back in about 5 days at most,” he said before opening the door. “You too, don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone.” he said closing the door. After about 5 seconds he opened it again. “Oh and mei, Footage, room, talk. Heh, I’m talking to you later” he said before leaving again. Now you knew it was serious he never used your name unless he meant business. You gulped. Bakugou was able to connect the dots. He didn’t see the camera in your room. You saw glitch looking at you curiously. You just shook your head. You hadn’t noticed that he had cut his hair differently. It was an undercut with a part on the side, although the shorter side had grown out and it didn’t have jeel. He didn’t like in the first place so the longer part was more in his face, his hair was naturally wavy. He was a good looking guy. He had an eyebrow piercing and his eyes were like a golden light yellow. It matched great with his ash-blond hair. It reminded you of bakugou’s just a little bit darker. “Alright, let’s go to the training ground now.” Mr.Aizawa said opening the door.After you had all changed mr.aizawa took off the bracelets from you guys. You hadn’t used your quirk in like 1 week so you were exited. You had already told him about you needing music to use your quirk and he allowed it. “Actually weren’t you supposed to come in 5 more days or something,” you asked glitch while you guys were getting warmed up. “I was bugging and bugging them to bring me today, I was too impatient to wait,” he said with a light laugh. “And you changed your hair,” you said. “You notice that now!” he said a little offended. You just laughed. “I mean it looks good,” you said ruffling his hair. The only reason you did was that he was really tall and as of right now he was sitting down doing leg stretches. You being about 5’0 and him about 5’8 was a weird match. He got up and ruffled yours. You did your secret handshake that took a long time to perfect but you got it. It was kinda long and seemed tricky so you both enjoyed seeing the disbelief on some of your classmate’s faces. You both snickers before going to the fighting area. “Who’s that” glitch asked. “I think Uraraka, her quirk is zero gravity.It gives her the power to manipulate gravity, such as making objects weightless or making objects float. With this Quirk, she is also able to fly, though this ability is limited.” you said. “That sounded so professional,” he said. “I read it out of that the kid’s notebook. Hers and a few others I memorized what the page said” you said pointing at midoriya. He just nodded. “Alright, you two I want a fair fight don’t kill or do any major injury. Understood” Mr.aizawa said. “You guys kind of took that as an offense. What gave him the right to assume you guys were going to kill her. Rude. None the less you both nodded trying not to seem to annoy. “So she can make thing float if she touched it, so why don’t we do the thing,” He said with a smirk. You thought about it for a second before a smirk was plastered on your face and you nodded. “Alright, ill give you the go when to start.” mr.aizawa said holding what looked to be a stopwatch. All three of you started activating your quirks. You were going to just use a bit of the sanity to slow her down, your wings and glitch would do the rest. “GO!” you all heard mr.aizawa yell. “You brought out your wings letting you fly up a bit but you were sure to not go to high but jumping distance for glitch. You started draining her energy so she was starting to run slower and she seemed more twitchy as you put it. You figured that was enough and stopped. You used 4 feathers and shot them toward her. Glitch jumped and the feathers sharpened cutting him a bit. Not to deep but the feathers had his blood in the now. The feathers stayed sharp and shot down at her. You were sure to not cut her in any way so you just pinned her to the ground by her clothes. Two no her sleeves and the other two on her pants. She tried to move but was too weak. You gave her her energy back allowing her to move now. She went to make the feathers float put her hand went right through the feathers with a glitch of light blue dark blue pink green and red. She tried aging earning a light laugh from you guys. “The two-win,” he said stopping the watch. Glitch put blood on your hand allowing you to grab the feathers and pull them out. You really didn’t need to. They would come back by demand but you just wanted to brag. The feathers stopped glitching and they went back to your wings. You let out a small laugh before walking away. “How are your hands,” you asked glitch. “Fine, just like a paper cut,” he said with a smile. You pulled the earbuds out and wrapped them around you phone before sticking it in your pocket. “How did you do that” midoriya asked with uraraka behind. Both seemed so interested. Nobody had ever asked that really interested more or less out of fear of not getting out of that or something along those lines. A light blush covered both of your cheeks before speaking. “Well like glitch said if his blood is on something only he can touch it.” you said. “But how did you touch it,” urauraka said stepping in front of midoriya. “Oh, that because I had some of his blood on my hand. But in order for someone to touch them they have to have some of his blood and trust them” you said rubbing the back of your neck. Glitch just let out a small chuckle. “I know this seems weird but can I touch your wings” she asked. “Oh uh, sure i guess just dont pull them” you said. She nodded before both of them went behind you and started petting your wings. It felt good to the point were you actually let out a purr. You covered your mouth as a blush rose to your face. They both stopped. “That was so cute” glitch, urauraka, and modoriya said. You turned away. When you did your eyes met bakugou’s crimson ones. He was close enough to hear the purr along with ihs friend kirishima. Your blush deepend and you looked down still covering your mouth to stifle the purrs that threatened to come out from them petting your wings. “Im gonna pull it” glitch warned. “NO, NO, NO, dont you dare-” you cut your self off as he pulled on your wings earning a moan loud enough for some of the class to hear. Glitch laughed as the other two stopped, feces reddening along with yours, kirishima’s, bakugou’s, kamianri’s and mina’s. Your face reddened as you pulled away hiding your wings agin. “Glitch your so dead” you said cheeks as red as kirishima hair. “You wouldnt” he said with a smirk. “Damn it fine, but next time I will hurt you” you thretend. “You say that all the time” he said waving you off. Ok now that pissed you off. You kicked his thigh close to his more private area. He winced. “Next time it gonna be worse” you thretend. He knew what you were talking about and the next thing you knew he was like 15 feet away form you. Your face was still red but you had a smirk on your face. You turned to uraraka and midoriya. They both apoligized. “No, no, its fine. Thats why I said not pulling. Jeez that was embarrassing” you said. You were a little shorter than them but still, they both seemed so nice. “Dude that was so cool”  you heard a blond say. You turnd behind you to see bakugou, kirishima, kamianri, mina and sero there. “Oh thanks” you siad face still a bit red. Glitch was standing by you now. “Shes not a man but that really manly of you to not hurt her when you had her on the ground” kirishima said putting a fist up in the air. “Thanks, that was actually really hard to get it through the shirt and pants without hurting her” you said. You were a little confuse on why now everybody was being nice, it felt weird sence alot of people hated you. “You and glitch wanna eat lunch with us” sero added. “Yeah please im tired of being the only girl in the group. Mina said grobbing your hands. You looked up at glitch who was a bit surprised himself but he smiled at you. “Uh sure” you said. “I like your gloves were idd you get them” mina asked. Your eyes widened for a second. “Oh I made them myself actually” you said sheepishly. You looked at bakugou who seemed to tence. “Why do you wear them” she asked. You and bakugou tensed. “Oi, racoon eyes stop” you heard baugou yell. “Why” she asked turning around hands on her hips. “Because your voice is annoying” he said turnig to her. She just laughed. “Of course you’ed say that” she said with a sigh and a smile. You could feel glitches eyes on you and you tensed. You looked up at him and he seemed worried, now you felt guilty for not telling him. Bakugou grabbed the both of you buy the collor and pulled you guys out of view from the others. Bakugou and glitch were covering the view of you by standing infront of you. “Show him” bakugou said hands in his pockets. You looked up at glitch who still looked extremly worried. You already felt like you wanted to cry. You looked down at the gloves and slowly took them off reveling the cuts on both your wrists. His eyes widend when he saw the cuts. He grabbed your wrist and started counting. “12 on the right and 7 on the left” you heard him wisper under his breath. He couched down and he pulled you into a hug as a tear rolled down your face. Bakugou crouched dwon infront of you and wiped it away. He still had his normal scowl on his face but you could see in his eyes he did care, he had a light pink. He seemed so vilont all the time. He got up as glitch pulled back. Glitch stood up and you stood up straighter. He looked at bakugou. “Howed you find out” he asked the other blond. Bakugou explained the story from just a night ago. You felt better now that you had told someone how you felt, it felt like a weight had been lifted. You could finally breath. Your tars dried as all three of you walked back. Your small figure inbetween the two guys talking literally over you. Jeez you hated being short. It had its perks but still. When you guys had got back it was time for the second round with midoriya. That one was actually kind of hard for you guys. Yes you guys won in the end but his quirk was so strong, the way he moved, and everything he did was amazing. You and glitch were at some point getting kind of board and thats when you guys decided to just finish the damn fight that you swear went on for hours. You and glitch hated long fights. You guys were the finsih the job quik type, not really determand for 35 minuts straight kind of person midoriya was. His qurik was alot like allmight and quit franckly because you used to work under him you knew about the whole successor thing with one for all. You figured midoriya was the succer of all might. Your were planig on surprising th two by just saying it when there alone. Glitch knew alittle but you figured he probly figured it out. You guys saw the now retired hero standing there talking to the boy and you gave glitch a knowing look. He smirked and you both walked over to the guys. “Hey all might” you said with a wave. “Oh hello kids, how are you too licking it here” he asked. “Oh were fine” glitch said. “Hey midoriya, can you teach us some moves with one for all please” you asked. “OH sure-” he cut himself off when he realised what you jsut said. “Yeah isnt that what its called” glitched questinoed with a smirk. You 4 were alone so nobody heard. “How do you guys know” midoriya said panicked. “ I used to work under all for one and he kinda told me everything witch I told glitch about” you siad with a smile. He was still panicked as was the retired hero. “Dont worry we wont tell anyone, were not those kin of people” glitch said giving them a sencer smile. “Yeah people who do that honestly piss me off” you said crossing your arms. “How did you figure it out” he asked calming down a bit. “ I mean it was kind of a dead give away the way you use it and the similarity’s so we kind of conected the dots.” you said with a shrug. “But we promise we wont let this get out” glitch said as a reminder. “Yeah and we were serious can you tech us some thing” you asked. “Oh, uh. Sure” he said.  The rest of the day dragged on. Pretty boring with all the classes. And finally the end of the day came.

Its been about 5 weeks since you and glitch came to the school and now you both really want to be heroes. The bracelets that held your quirks back had been taken off 3 days ago. You both felt at home with the class. But there was something still bothering you. It was Bakugou, you had gotten to know him better but there was so much he was hiding behind all the yelling, cursing, insults and pride. You had noticed that when he felt like his opponent wasn’t going to there full extent he deemed himself unworthy of them he felt weak. It bothered you so when you two had to fight you never held back, although he didn’t say it you could tell he appreciated it. You had found out a lot of things about him that nobody knew. Nothing really big just the thing he enjoyed. Like how when you played with his hair he never complained he just let you, or when you rubbed circles in his back when your watching movies in the common room with the class, or how he likes resting his head on your lap, or bearing his face in your chest when he needs or wants something or just when he feels like it, Or how you give him a massage after training with Kirishima or just training in general. The list goes on and on. But even then, you could tell bakugou was hiding something. And you know because you’ve hidden your feeling before you know how it feels and he knows that but he still refuses to tell you. All you wanted was to help him but his pride always got in the way, yes he had a special place in your heart and you in his but there always that one thing that just wasn’t right. You cared for him a lot. You actually had a crush on this boy, the very angry boom boom boy that a lot of people didn’t like but that was because nobody ever really got to know him the way you did. “Hey bakugou,” you said as the blond lied in your lap as you played with his hair. “Hmm,” he grumbled about to fall asleep. “Nevermind,” you said. He wanted to know what you were going to say but he was so tired from the training Mr.aizawa put you guys through. He ended up falling asleep in your lap a while later. About 30 minutes after kaigo decided to pay you and glitch a visit. After about 2 weeks of keeping an eye on you and glitch, he was there less and less. Not that you guys minded. He opened the door to the dorms and walked in to see bakugou on your lap asleep and you scrolling through social media playing with his hair. You hadn’t noticed him there until you looked up to meet a smirking kaigo looking at you and then his eyes falling on glitch sleeping on Kirishima’s lap. He had already said he liked Kirishima and Kirishima told you he liked him so you worked your magic and got them together. It’s only been like 3 days since then but it seems like they’ve been dating for months. You told both boys you like bakugou but begged them not to tell, they both agreed and didn’t tell bakugou, as far as you knew. Your face grew a bit red as you stopped playing with the blonds hair earning a light grumble from him and him moving his head slightly telling you to continue. You did so keeping an eye on kaigo. Kirishima just let out a small laugh not wanting to wake glitch or bakugou. “So you got a boyfriend,” kaigo said with a sly smirk. You felt your face heat up. “No, but glitch did,” you said looking at Kirishima whos face was now red. “So you haven’t told him,” kaigo said. You had no idea how he knew but kaigo was a mysterious one. “No,” you said looking down at the blond. Kaigo, you and Kirishima had been talking before bakugou woke up about an hour later. The other classmates had already flooded the common room by now. Nobody questioned you or bakugou because they were already used to the site by now but that didn’t stop some of them from teasings once in a while. Bakugou got up from his position and looked to the side to see you looking at him with that smile that was only reserved for him. He’s liked you for a while now. After figuring out what that strange feeling was he knew he did. He blushed a little before patting your head and getting up to go to the kitchen. You looked back at the class and kaigo. They all motioned and moth for you to go. In other words, tell him you liked him in the kitchen. Hell, even Mineta. You bit your lip before a sigh escaped and you got up. You gave them all a nervous smile as they nodded. You went to catch up with bakugou he was already in the kitchen drinking water when he turned to see you. He drank a cup of water before speaking. “What,” he said putting the cup in the sink. You were about to speak when you heard a chuckle from him. He turned to face you, his cheeks were red and he started walking towards you. You started walking backward till your back hit the wall, he slammed his hands on the wall beside you making you jump a bit. He was so close to you. He moved his leg in between yours causing you to blush even more. He just smirked seeing your red face. He moved his hands down and grabbed you by the waist pulling your body against his. You could feel his warm breath. You leaned into him giving him permission to do what he was going to do. He took one hand off of your waist and tilted your chin up, he looked into your eyes asking for permission once more. When you gave him a small nod he leaned in and kissed your lips, he pulled away for a second before kissing you again passionately hand moving back down to your waist as his other trailed down under your leg. You lifted it up as he did the same with his other hand. Soon your legs were wrapped around his torso your back against the wall. You pulled apart to take a breath a string of saliva still connecting you two. He leaned over to your neck planting kisses on your skin. As if asking for more you tilted your head to the side allowing him more room. He took it. He kissed, licked, sucked, and bit the tender flesh. You had done this before but that was forced this wasn’t this felt right. “Your mine, nobody else’s understood,” he said before kissing your neck again. “Y-yes” you breathed out. He had given you about 3 to 4 hickeys by the time you both got back to the common room. Glitch and kaigo weren’t the happiest with what he had done but you both blew them off. “There’s no camera in my room anymore” you whispered in his ear. He blushed as he put you on his back and you both made it to your room. Kaigo and glitch would have to wait for now you guys were going to enjoy yourselves.

If you want a part to that would be NSFW tell me I have no problem making it. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it.

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Summary: You tag along with your friends to save Bakugo only to get caught in the fight

Quirk: Shield

Warning: Swears, injuries, angst


Originally posted by nneito

I had one job. After working all night to save him, I had to do one thing to turn this all around. Call out to him. I’m the only one he’ll listen to right now. I’m his last hope. I have to trust that Midoriya won’t drop me mid air so I can reach Bakugo.

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Katsuki Bakugo: Domestic life with Black s/o

a/n: this ended up being longer then i expected😂


Originally posted by katetcake

  • bakugou would be a great father. a strict one but still a good one.
  • you guys would have a daughter who resembled you a lot but had his ash blond hair color and piercing red eyes.
  • she had your skin color, your hair type, your nose, and your lips. basically a mini you.
  • and he loves that
  • if anybody is racist towards you or her they are gonna hear his mouth
  • no one is going to be disrespectful to his family

hair care

  • he would usually buy you the best hair products but now he would have to double them
  • knowing both you and your daughters hair literally eats up all the product which leads to you guys using so much.
  • don’t tell anyone but he would buy you guys matching silk bonnets
  • a big one for you and a baby size one for your daughter
  • he doesn’t know how to do his daughters hair which lowkey upsets him
  • but he would watch you do it and would be mesmerized by how quickly you can braid
  • he’ll watch natural hair videos to learn (in private tho)

cultural exchange

  • due to you guys already living in japan your daughter would already be accustomed to her japanese side
  • therefore you would teach her about her black side
  • like how the food you cook would be different from the food he would cook
  • you would cook: fried chicken, rice and peas, oxtail, cornbread, baked macaroni and cheese, curry chicken, curry goat, curry shrimp etc. (my caribbean side jumped out at the end😳)
  • (thanksgiving be the best with you)
  • the music that’ll be played in the house would be mix. put you’ll definitely put your daughter onto to some bomb ass 2000s rnb music.
  • and if you’re a sneaker head katsuki would buy you three matching jordan’s.
  • your daughter would be going to school with her uniform on but with 11s on her feet
  • if you’re talking in english and use slang , your daughter would start talking similar
  • katsuki: so what do you say when someone compliments you
  • katsuki:……

visiting your side of the family

  • you and karsuki would alternate during holidays
  • so you guys would go to his parents house for thanksgiving and your parents house for Christmas
  • and ur parents spoil her on the Christmas
  • she wants a new doll house? she got it.
  • she wants more play-doh? she’s getting all the colors.
  • if they are not together:
  • when you visit your mom, she’ll be the type of grandma to give your daughter a $20 bill and say “don’t tell your parents”
  • she’ll feed you guys food like you’ve never ate before
  • she’s also the type to speak words of wisdom
  • she’ll tell your daughter that she shouldn’t be ashamed of her skin and that they’re will be people telling her otherwise.
  • when you visits your dad, he’s literally like katsuki and treats her like a princess.
  • he’s a story tell so he’ll tell your daughter a bunch of stories
  • stories about him and the type of trouble he used get in
  • stories about you and how you when you were growing up
  • even stories about katsuki and how their first meeting was
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This is so cute.

I like this version 1,0000000x more than the original. Buttt then again my opinion is very biased because Bakugou is my favorite character.

~I’d imagine raising Katsuki would be like raising a gremlin

~He’d be the kid that would have to wear those human child leashes in public.

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↝ Although most of the media refers to his rude behavior, Bakugou’s daughter would never let anyone badmouth her father, not when she was there to tell them off.

A/N: I will gladly use any excuse to write about dad!bakugou and I always use the name Suki because I’m too unoriginal to come up with another name lol. Also I’m sorry if this is shitty it’s not my best :( Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy! :)

Pairing: dad!bakugou x female!reader

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2432

✐posted 05.23.2020✐


“I’m gonna be late to the agency, cover for me,” Bakugou said curtly into his phone, looking at his watch as he stood outside under the beaming sun. He wiped a streak of sweat from his forehead, leaning against his car outside of the middle school. The bell would ring any second and a hoard of children would stampede out the doors soon. And Bakugou was not looking forward to that.

“I’ll see what I can do. You know the boss isn’t gonna be happy, right?” Kirishima sighed through the other line.

Bakugou scoffed. “As if I give a shit about what he has to say. I have to pick up the brat today, Y/N’s stuck in the office later than usual.”

Kirishima laughed. “You call her a brat but you know damn well you’d do anything for that little girl.”

Bakugou smirked, sliding his hand into his front pocket. “She’s my kid, of course I’d do anything for her.”

Finally the bell rang and Bakugou hung up, shoving the device into his back pocket. The front doors to the school opened and a surge of little children came rushing out like swarms of bees in a hive. Parents waiting idly by and inside their cars began roaming around, searching for their kids.

Suki took her time moving out of the classroom, sticking beside her friend, Sana. Sana noticed her friend looking down on this particular day, different from her usual bubbly attitude. “What’s wrong, Suki? You look sad.”

Suki looked at her and let out a little sigh, her thumbs latching onto the loops of her bag straps. “I haven’t seen my dad in a while. He’s been busy for the past few days and I just miss him.”

“Cheer up,” Sana swung her arm around her shoulders, “You’re dad’s the coolest hero there is! I always see him on the news saving people and beating villains up so it’s not like he wants to leave you alone!”

“I know.” Suki jutted her bottom lip out. “It’d be nice to see him more though.”

The two girls made their way out onto the main entrance and Suki began searching for your (H/C) hair amongst the crowd of parents and children. “That’s weird, I can’t find Mom anywhere.”

“Really? She’s usually never late,” Sana commented, looking around along with her friend. As she searched, she let out a gasp, pointing at the infamous ash blonde that was receiving the most attention out of any adult there. “Suki, look!”

Suki looked along where Sana was pointing and gasped as well, sprinting towards her father. Sana followed her as you would drop her off to her own home everyday after school. Bakugou, who had given up searching momentarily for his daughter and was currently switching his phone off to ignore any calls from his boss, was not prepared when Suki tackled him into a hug. He had luckily managed to catch her body in the last second, his back hitting his car which was behind him for support.

“Dad! You’re here!” Suki said excitedly, nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck.

“You fucking scared me,” Bakugou muttered, shifting Suki in his arms so that she was more secure in his hold.

Suki pulled away, looking at her father with her crimson eyes practically sparkling. “Mom’s usually here, why are you here?”

“She’s busy at work so I’m here,” Bakugou said briefly. He set her down where he finally acknowledged Sana’s existence who was waiting idly and was too shy to speak up. “You’re Sana?”

She nodded, smiling. Bakugou opened the door to the backseat, gesturing at the two girls. “Get in.”

Suki and Sana exchanged energetic glances to one another as they practically jumped into the car. Suki was shaking with exhilaration as it was not often that she would get to spend time with her father outside of the house. But it wasn’t as if Bakugou never saw Suki, he was just busy maintaining the peace in the country as well as protecting innocent civilians from the prying hands of evildoers. Nevertheless, Suki did have a sense of pride whenever her classmates would approach her and talk about her father in which she would use all of her bragging rights in those moments.

Suki leaned forward, her hands grasping onto Bakugou’s seat. She was smiling from ear to ear and Bakugou couldn’t help but smile as he sat down in the driver’s seat. Then he turned his head, scoffing at the sight before him. “How many times have I told you to put your seatbelt on? You’re gonna get hurt if you don’t put that shit on!”

Suki rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest in annoyance. “But it’s annoying! It’s always in my damn way.”

Bakugou sighed, getting out of the car once again and opening the back door. He pulled on the safety belt and secured Suki into her seat. He looked up at Sana who began to panic momentarily under his piercing gaze. “I-I can put it on!”

“It’s alright.” He went around, opening the other door to help her out. He pressed the belt in place with a click and moved towards the driver’s seat once again.

Sana slid towards Suki as much as she could against the restraining belt as Bakugou started the car and exited the school parking lot. “Your dad isn’t as scary as everyone says!” Sana whispered quite loudly as Bakugou was able to hear although he pretended to not listen.

Suki smiled happily, cupping her hand around Sana as she whispered back, “Dad’s really sweet when you actually talk to him.”

Bakugou smirked, making his way down the road and towards Sana’s house. As she lived only a few blocks from the school, it didn’t take long for Bakugou to drop her off. Sana’s mother was waiting by the front door, a shocked expression on her face to see one of the top heroes being the one to drop her child off. She waved hesitantly at him in which Bakugou just raised a slightly belligerent hand. Sana laughed at their exchange, opening the door and exiting the vehicle. She turned around with the widest grin on her face. “Thank you, Ground Zero! You’re even cooler than I thought!”

Bakugou smirked. “Thanks, kid.”

“Bye, Sana!” Suki exclaimed, waving goodbye to her best friend as Bakugou turned the car around towards the direction of his home.

Suki attempted to sit up and move closer to Bakugou’s seat only to be pulled and held down by the restraint of the seat belt. She grumbled under her breath about it but quickly got over it. “Dad, are you really staying at home today? We can finally spend some time together!”

Bakugou let out a sigh, immediately feeling a twinge of guilt. “I’m sorry, kid, I’ve gotta head to the agency right after. My boss’ll kick my ass if I’m late even more.”

Suki felt a pang of disappointment, sitting back in her seat. She was used to this but was still upset to hear her time spent with her father being cut short. “Okay, it’s okay.”

Bakugou felt even more guilty as he saw the sight of her slumped body looking out the window in sadness in the rearview mirror. He genuinely did want to spend more time with his only daughter but it was difficult with such a demanding occupation. Bakugou gripped the steering wheel, pulling over the curb and putting the vehicle in park. Suki sat up, looking at her surroundings in confusion. “What’re we doing here?”

Bakugou turned around. “I’ll call out today. We can do whatever the hell you want.”

Suki gasped in excitement, smiling from ear-to-ear. She took her seat belt off quickly and exited the car with the same amount of speed. Bakugou scowled, quickly rushing to her side as she was almost in the middle of the road where cars were still drifting off. “Be careful! You’re gonna get hit!”

Suki laughed, walking towards the sidewalk. “Sorry!” Although her tone didn’t match her words, Bakugou knew he wouldn’t be able to be upset with her for long.

Bakugou joined Suki at the sidewalk as they began walking side-by-side. He pulled his phone out, sending a quick text to his boss about his calling off from work. Even though he could technically use his vacation days, being a hero was a difficult occupation to throw around vacation days. Bakugou also sent a text to you, wanting to inform you that he was taking Suki out and would return home late.

“So what’re we going to do?” Suki asked, her eyes practically beaming with joy and excitement as she looked up at Bakugou.

“Whatever you want,” Bakugou restated. Suki began scanning the area, squealing as she laid her eyes on the one thing any kid of any age would be excited for: ice cream.

She pointed towards the ice cream truck parked on the side of the curb. Bakugou sighed. “Of course you’d want some fucking sweets. Just like your mother.”

Suki giggled and began moving forward, pulling her father behind her by the hand as she made her way to the truck. Bakugou sighed, ignoring the numerous onlookers staring at the sight of the father-daughter pair. It wasn’t often that mere civilians would get to see one of the top heroes, let alone a hero off duty and spending time with his child. As Bakugou and Suki went to wait, the people in the long line at the truck stared as well, whispering amongst themselves.

“Why’re they all looking at us?” Suki whispered loud enough for Bakugou to hear, looking up at him.

Bakugou sighed, patting her head. “Don’t worry about them. It’s ‘cause I’m a hero.”

Suki nodded, stepping over to the side. Bakugou’s phone began buzzing in his hand and he groaned at the sight of his boss calling. “I’m gonna answer this, just give me a second.”

Suki nodded once more, watching as Bakugou stepped off to the side to answer the call. She smiled as she could see how annoyed he was getting, rolling his eyes a few times.

“That’s Ground Zero?” A young woman in front of Suki whispered to an older woman beside her.

“Yeah, can’t believe he’s here.” The older woman looked towards him, a disgusted look on her face. “I heard that he punched a reporter the other day in Hosu.”

The younger woman gasped, cringing at the sight of Bakugou. Suki frowned, not understanding why these two grown women were gossiping about her father. “Can’t believe he’s the number one hero.”

The older woman nodded in agreement. “Heroes like Deku and Shouto are better choices for number one than that. I have no idea how he’s married or that he has a kid.”

“Mhm, he’s never been seen going out with his wife and daughter in such a long time. He’s probably a bad father like he is a bad hero.”

Suki felt her hands bunch up into fists at her sides. She took a few steps towards them, grabbing their attention with her presence. “He’s not a bad father.”

The two women were startled, not expecting a young child to overhear what they were saying let alone confront them about it. The older woman cleared her throat. “I beg your pardon?”

“He’s not a bad father,” Suki reiterated. “It’s because of people like you that everyone thinks he’s a bad person but he’s the one risking his life for you.”

By now a few other people in front of the two women turned around, wanting to know what the commotion was. “You all think that you know what heroes go through ‘cause that’s all you see in the news, but heroes put others before themselves to save your sorry asses.”

The older woman gasped at Suki’s language and tone. “Young lady, you’re being really rude right now.”

“What? Like you weren’t being rude while talking about other people as if you have nothing better to do?” Suki retorted. “My dad busts his ass off out there to save people like you. But you can dismiss all of that just ‘cause he doesn’t like these nosy ass news reporters trying to barge into his private life?”

The women were quiet now, feeling the eyes now shifted onto them as the others waiting in line whispered in disapproval and disappointment. At this point, even Bakugou, who had finished his brief phone call, was stunned by his daughter sticking up for him. He smirked, feeling proud to have a daughter not take anyone’s shit, no matter who it was.

Not wanting her to have to deal with the women any longer, Bakugou decided to step in, placing a hand on Suki’s shoulder. She was startled, turning her head towards her father. The women shifted under the intensity of Bakugou’s gaze. “If you don’t mind, I’m gonna take my kid and leave. You know, just be a bad father and all somewhere else where we don’t have to hear this bullshit.”

The women were now looking wide-eyed at Bakugou and Suki, feeling embarrassed as they finally acknowledged the stares they were receiving. The older woman grabbed the younger woman and walked off in the opposite direction, mumbling incoherently under their breaths.

Suki laughed, walking beside Bakugou as they walked towards their car. “Serves them right.”

Bakugou nodded. “So much for wanting to spend time with each other before heading back home.”

“We could get Mom and spend time as a family,” Suki suggested. “Maybe we can show some more people about how much of a ‘bad father’ you are.”

Bakugou laughed, Suki joining in. Being a hero was difficult in every aspect. Not only is your safety being jeopardized, but the media doesn’t help at all either. Heroes who are known for being abrasive or dismissive are ruled to be rude and disrespectful and their merits are completely unacknowledged. Bakugou never cared for any of these comments nor did he ever care for what others had to say about him. Besides, having a daughter defend him and his heroism made it easier to deal with and made it all worthwhile.

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A/n: I’m so frustrated

Summary: Bakugo needs comfort after a nightmare

Warning: None


Originally posted by d00msd44y

It was late and you were exhausted. Your agency had been pushing you much harder than usual, but you didn’t back down. You wish you did, because your body is sore and worn out.

You’d be asleep by now, but your boyfriend, Katsuki, was stirring. He’s deep inside a dream that clearly bothers him. It hurt to watch as his brows wrinkled his skin. A frown has stretched on his lips.

You rest a hand on his cheek, slithering closer. You plant soft kisses around his face. Within seconds his eyes are open and glassy. He blinks away the tears filling his eyes, taking in your features.

“Hey, it’s okay.” You assure him in a soft voice. He remains silent, but his arms wrap around you. He tugs you closer, pressing his face to the crook of your neck. His breathing is heavy and unstable, but it’s slowing down. “I’m right here.” Your hand trails across his back, soothing him back to sleep. His body radiates heat, putting you into so deep sleep.

You two will always be there when you wake up.

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Summary: None

Warning: Angst, mentions of death


Originally posted by eagle-flies

You tried everything. Everything that your quirk allowed. But the outcome was always the same. No matter how hard you tried. No matter how far back you went.

The moment you enter Bakugo’s life, the same thing happens a week later. He’ll die in your arms trying to protect you. Every single time. Even when you try to prevent him from arriving at the scene.

At this point, you’ve watched him die forty six times in a row. You almost gave up at twenty five. But something pushed you forwards. It was indescribable, but it quickly faded around the thirty first try. There really was no hope for you two.

As you flip the switch in your mind, you flash back to a week ago. 

You’re standing in UA’s hallway, next to your locker. This scene has played out many times. This being the foundation of everything that happened.

My eyes lock onto the blond male walking towards me, a group of people I know everything about surrounding him. I squeeze my lips together and turn to my locker, opening it and stuffing my bag inside. A warm patch of heat drifts across my back, reminding me of a simple time.

I slam my locker closed, shifting to see the group walking past me. In the past trials, I’d call out his name or attract his attention, but I know better. As I turn to walk away, a rough voice calls out,

“Do I know you?” His voice is ingrained in my head. I’d recognize it anywhere. I spin on my heel to see Bakugo’s eyes locked on me and a confused expression plastered on his face. This has never happened before. He’s never called out to me in any scenario.
“No.” I shake my head. Just like that he shrugs and walks off with the group of friends.

Even with such a strange change, I can’t watch him die again. I don’t care if that was the universe telling me it’s correct this time. I’m no longer connected to him.

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GUYS! I decided to do BNHA×reader asks!

I’ll write for the following characters:

  1. Bakugou Katsuki
  2. Todoroki Shouto
  3. Aizawa Shouta
  4. Shigaraki Tomura

Cause I don’t think I can write the other characters too well except maybe Midoriya but HE’S TOO PRECIOUS TO BE LEWDED!!

I’ll do both smut and fluff requests with literally any kink you can think of but please, I suck at doing angst cause your girl has a weak heart 🥺. While I totally support homosexuality, (I’m bisexual myself so duh) I really don’t know how to write male readers or gay smut so I’m sorry about that in advance. I’ll do any AU except maybe Villain AU or mermaid AU. That’s pretty much it.

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Yes! Okay! I love that idea! I feel like that is such a unique and honestly really cool Quirk and props to you! I will make it some smexy but not too much but mostly fluff! 


☁ Bakugou had had enough and just about threw you out the window when you promised to cool down.

☁ Word count (HAHA figured it out!): 1276

☁ Fluff + suggestive

☁ Warning: Cursing, cute, suggestive

⤔ Leggo


You were fiery. Both literally and figuratively. Bakugou liked that about you. But it also annoyed the shit out of him.

“I wonder what will happen when you get full grown, y’know?” Mina asked you, touching your tiny wings protruding out of your back. “Like, will these grow or what?”

You sighed, “I kind of hope they don’t, I think they’re cute just small.”

“You’re just cute in general,” Kaminari piped, winking at you.

Bakugou overheard this and glared at Kaminari. How dare he say such a thing to his girl? “You got a death wish, Dunce Face?” he growled.

“Woah!” You jumped up and grabbed Bakugou’s arm to keep him from doing anything rash. “Kaminari didn’t mean anything by it, right?”

“Nope!” Kaminari yelped and sprinted off, his tail between his legs.

Bakugou was still seething after him. “That bastard better not have.”

“He didn’t, Kaminari’s just being Kaminari, jeez,” Mina rolled her eyes.

“You wanna say that again, Raccoon Eyes?” threatened Bakugou and you couldn’t help but roll your own eyes at your over-protective boyfriend. Yes, when he was being protective he was his most attractive self, but still, he didn’t have to go soo overboard. Especially not since he knew that you would never leave him. You were completely and utterly devoted.

Mina shook her head and scurried out of the room, grumbling about how Bakugou was an over-protective asshole. Bakugou huffed in victory and sat back down on the couch, pulling you down onto his lap.

You frowned down at him, pouting. “Seriously, Katsu? You just had to drive them away, huh?”

“Sorry,” Bakugou smirked, showing that he really wasn’t sorry. “But I just wanted you alone.”

“Uh, you aren’t getting anything,” you said, acting mad at him because he had driven your friends away.

Bakugou’s smirk grew wider as touched your tiny horns. “You sure about that?”

“Positive,” you huffed, raising your chin and looking away from him.

Bakugou groaned because he knew that when you were acting like a big baby he didn’t stand any chance in getting anything. Not even a simple kiss on the cheek. He would never admit it out loud, but he loved it when you kissed him. It just made him all tingly inside. He still couldn’t believe that he was even dating you. And you couldn’t believe he was dating you.

You sighed and pushed Bakugou down onto the couch and straddled him. “You’re the most annoying human being on Earth.”


“But I love you,” you said and just flopped down on top of him, poking his chin with your horn. You two stayed like that, just hugging each other.

You’d been dating for around two months and it had been heavenly bliss to both of you. Although Bakugou was still rough around the edges and overall just a jerk, you were patient with him. And thank God for that because he started to open up and become not so mean to you. Of course, he was still an asshole to everyone else―especially Deku―but he wasn’t so mean to you anymore. But nothing could stop him from calling you names.

Your guys’ relationship was courtesy to Mina and Kaminari, surprisingly. Mina had been instantly kind to you when you had first met her and the two of you had grown to be the best of friends. And then you both kind of just drifted into Bakugou’s circle. At first, you hated Bakugou’s guts. You couldn’t understand why he was so mean to everyone and why his ego was larger than the galaxy. But then, as they say, there’s a very fine line between love and hate. And that proved to be true when you started to develop feelings for the angry dandelion. You hated yourself for it, but as you continued to deny any such feelings they only grew and grew. Until you were full-blown crushing on him. And whenever he was around your skin rocketed to boiling temperatures causing you to become a human heater machine. Mina immediately knew then.

Bakugou, on the other hand, had no such feelings. In fact, he hated you more than you had hated him. He didn’t know why, but just being around you instantly made him pissed off. He didn’t even know your name. Unlike the others in his group―whom he knew just never let on―he genuinely had on desire to learn your name or anything. He even outrightly ignored you. How you even developed feelings was a mystery to both you, him, and God. To Bakugou, you were that human heater who was just so painstakingly annoying. He chalked it up to you being similar to that damned Deku.

But then Mina came in, dragging Kaminari into the fray. She locked you and Bakugou in a room together where for the first five hours neither of you spoke or even looked at each other. But then it soon began to become too much because you, being the human heater because of you proximity to Bakugou, increasingly made the room hotter and hotter. Bakugou had had enough and just about threw you out the window when you promised to cool down. It took hard work, but you did. And then you guys got to talking and somehow Bakugou didn’t completely hate you. But it still took a while for him to actually develop any sort of feelings―a month and a half to be precise.

By then you were just about to give up, but then he just asked you out. Granted, he didn’t even look at you but at that point you didn’t even care.

So that’s your guys grand love story. Made you pretty fucking happy.

You looked up to see Bakugou staring down at you. 

“Ugh, what?” you groaned playfully.

Bakugou didn’t say anything and you shut your eyes for a second, knowing what was happening.

“Fine!” you let out, exasperated and you kissed him.

He immediately reacted by sitting up and pulling you closer to him. You hands made your way up into his hair and he grinned against your mouth as you rolled your eyes. He was supposed to be the biggest hothead, turns out we was just the needy motherfucker you happened to be dating.

Your make-out session grew more heated as Bakugou’s hands dropped to the hem of your shirt. Your hands also dropped to the buttons on his own shirt, undoing them as you continued to go to town. Bakugou hiked your shirt up halfway when you pulled away, gasping for breath.

Bakugou let you take one breath before going at it again. Bakugou tugged one last time, signaling to pull away so that he could take your shirt fully off when a voice interrupted you guys.

“Don’t mind me, I’ll just get some popcorn.”

You pulled away and shrieked in surprise when you saw Kaminari standing in the doorway, grinning so wide it must hurt. You rolled off the couch and literally shoved Bakugou away from you as you struggled to make yourself presentable again. Your tail ended up wacking Bakugou in the face as he glared at Kaminari.

“You wanna fucking die, Dunce Face?” growled Bakugou, getting up and stalking towards him.

Kaminari stiffened and laughed nervously. “Haha! You’re funny, I―uh, it’s not my fault you decided to have a make-out session with Y/N in the open!”

“Better fucking run,” Bakugou glowered and charged after Kaminari.

Kaminari full on screamed, and you could hear their footsteps pounding away as Kaminari yelled one last time, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to chase me half naked!!”

You sighed and relaxed against the floor, giggling. You really were quite lucky. 


I’m not sure if this is what you meant, but I absolutely loved making this! Hehe. Also, something very similar happened to my OTP in my story “Shadows” over on Quotev. Hands down, favorite scene I’ve ever written.

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(Bakugou Katsuki x reader)

☁ You had imprinted yourself into him. And he found himself looking for that smile wherever he went.

☁ Word count (how do I count this?): 1500+

☁ FLUFF (yay!)

☁ Warning: Cursing, cute (hey, cute stuff should be a serious warning)

⤔ Leggo


It may have been just a little irrational, but did you care? Not really. It was just staring at you with those big, wide eyes that you couldn’t help but feel drawn to it. Hence you bought it. You didn’t even know if animals were even allowed in the dorms but you didn’t care. It was done. You had a puppy.

“Y/N!!!!” Ochaco squealed in surprise at the squirming, white maltese in your arms.

“SHHHH!!!” you hissed, trying to get Ochaco to calm down. “Ochaco, please, shh!”

Ochaco gaped at you. “Y/N, why did you buy a dog?”

“It was just staring at me, I had to,” you pouted.

“B-b-but you could get in trouble for this!” she protested.

Your pout only deepened. “Will you tell anyone?”

Ochaco opened her mouth and closed it a few times, wanting to protest since she didn’t want you to get in trouble. On the other hand, she didn’t think that having a pet in the U.A. Class 1-A dorms would be such a good idea. 

“No,” she sighed, “but you really have to keep that on the down low, okay?”

“Okay!” you chirped, happy that you could now have your puppy. Of course, caring for such an animal would be a hard feat. Firstly, you didn’t know the slightest thing about animals. Secondly, keeping it hidden from everyone was going to be tough.

A few days passed and nobody noticed a thing. Everything was going smoothly. Almost too smoothly. But you were too happy to even notice how too good everything seemed to be going. Unfortunately, the others started to notice that right after dinner you would disappear off into your room and not show up again until the next day. They also noticed you sneaking around. Whenever it was brought up though, Ochaco simply walked out, trying not to give anything away.

But Mina had had enough. “Okay, guys, I think we’re all in agreement that Y/N has been especially suspicious, right?”

Kaminari nodded eagerly. “She’s always sneaking around, staying in her room, what could it be about?”

“Maybe she’s just sick of us? Could be a possibility,” said Kirishima, not wanting to accuse you of anything without any evidence. It was the manly thing to do.

Sero piped up excitedly, “We should have someone go and interrogate her!”

Everyone immediately turned to Bakugou who was sitting back and relaxing. He found all of their sneers on him and he scowled. “Fuck no.”

“Pleaseeeee, Bakugou! We’re just curious!” Mina pleaded. “All you have to do is go ask Y/N what’s going on with her and why she’s acting so suspicious.”

“Who’s Y/N?” Bakugou asked. He didn’t pay attention to any of the extras in his class. Besides, she sounded like she would hang out with that damned Deku.

Sero rolled his eyes. “She’s in our class, how do you not know her?”

“Fuck if I care she’s in our class, Tape Dispenser.”

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