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budding-poet · 3 years ago
Kyun aaj bhi teri aawaz sun ne ko dil karta hai
kyun aaj bhi tera chehra mere dil mein basta h
tu pass ni hai,
phir bi kyon tujhe khone ka darr lagta hai
Kyo aaj bi tera phir se laut aana mumkin lagta hai
teri khusboo aaj bi meri rooh se lipti hui hai
aaj bi kyun teri seerat mujhe sabse haseen lagti hai
yaad rakhta hu aaj bi teri hasee ko,
tere haath ki narmi ko
aaj bhi tera kaan mein khus-phusana sukoon deta hai
~Rahul Agrawal
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desbianherstory · a month ago
Kavita Arora and Ankita Khanna’s love story is like any other. They met at work, fell in love and—over eight years, they moved in together and built a life in New Delhi.
But as a same-sex couple in India, their relationship was a crime until a 2018 ruling by the supreme court. Despite that landmark judgment, Arora and Khanna’s relationship has no legal status—making it difficult to transfer property rights, make medical decisions for each other in case one is incapacitated or, in short, enjoy rights heterosexual married couples in India take for granted.
“We have created a great life together, but where is the legitimacy to that?” Khanna tells TIME.
In October, they petitioned a Delhi court for the constitutional right to marry—arguing that without official recognition, they are “strangers in law.” Their petition, along with two others, will be heard by the court starting Jan. 8, beginning what could be a years-long legal battle for marriage equality for the more than 2.5 million Indians who identify as LGBTQ. Victory is by no means assured—there is already resistance from religious groups and the top lawyer for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has advocated against legalizing same-sex marriage. The Delhi court has hinted at a favorable judgment, saying that it is time to “shed our inhibitions,” but the Indian supreme court could overturn any ruling.
Nonetheless, Arora, 47, and Khanna, 36—and many members of India’s LGBTQ community—remain optimistic. At minimum, they say, the case has brought the topic into the open in a country where LGBTQ issues are still largely considered taboo.
It was work that brought Arora, a psychiatrist, and Khanna, a psychologist, together. Since 2006, they worked together at a mental health service co-founded by Arora that focuses on treating children and adolescents. In 2012, Khanna walked into Arora’s office with a cup of tea to talk about her New Year’s resolution to improve their working relationship. In the months that followed, they grew romantic, and they eventually moved in together, brought together their families and found support among friends and colleagues. 
At first, their lack of legal status didn’t bother them as much. By the time the supreme court struck down the colonial-era law that outlawed same-sex relations, they were already in a long-term and secure relationship. “It never felt criminal to us,” Arora says.
But the ruling had a profound effect on the young LGBTQ patients Arora and Khanna see in their practice. They started getting more questions about gender and sexuality and saw greater self-acceptance and confidence, especially in people from smaller towns. “The verdict helped young people embrace their identity in all its complexity,” Khanna says.
However, the couple’s lack of legal recognition made many of the aspects of normalizing their relationship increasingly difficult in bureaucracy-laden India. It started with the refusal by banks to let them open a joint account. Then, the couple had a hard time establishing a permanent address for Khanna after she moved in with Arora. Every official they approached questioned their relationship, asking if they were sisters, mother-daughter or landlord-tenant. “There is no vocabulary for couples like us,” Khanna says.
The COVID-19 pandemic helped convince them it was time to stand up for their rights. They realized they would not be allowed to make medical decisions on behalf of each other, should one fall seriously ill. As they considered filing a legal petition to allow them to get married, they questioned whether it would be worth putting their lives under the public and media scrutiny that they knew would come.
It was again their profession that brought them together. Working with struggling young people resonated with their own childhood experiences of not having safe spaces or role models. “When I was 18, I wish I had an ordinary couple to relate to,” Arora says. “In many ways, I am doing this for my younger self.”
Khanna, nodding in agreement, adds: “We did zoom-out [to] think about what this petition will mean for every young person we work with. That really was a turning point for us in this.”
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budding-poet · 2 years ago
Ooncha pyar
Wo 'yeah' hai aur tum 'yes' ho,
Wo bahut kuch hai aur tum basss ho,
Wo thehri kitaab angrezi ki, aur tum is maamle mein bhi thassss ho
Wo lagti zindagi hai aur tum pal pal bebas ho....
Wo coffee hai mehngi si aur tum udhaar ki chai ho,
Wo peshe se kaheen ki sahiba hai aur tum sadak chaap shayar ho
Wo aati hai car mein aur tum bus mein sawaar ho,
Wo jo hai dhadakti hai, aur tum jo ho bekaraar ho
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wonderwander4511 · a year ago
Sun ..
Aaj apne takiye par nahi,
Tere seene se lag ke
Rone ka jee hai
Aaj apni aankhein band Karke nahi,
Teri aankhon mein dekhke
Rone ka jee hai
Zara khud ko sambhaal
Le meri khabar bhi ab
Ki ab mera bhi bekhabar
Hone ka jee hai
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etherealwwords · a day ago
intezaar karna bhi koi chaand se seekhe jo din bhar chupa rehta hai, ki kab shaam aye aur humse guftagu kar sake.
- naik || @etherealwwords
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st-a-y · 2 years ago
Kaab tak ye saval rehega
Aajadi me jaal rehega
Ki ladki he to kam rehegi
Ladko se kamzor rehengi
Ladke jakar naam layenge
Vo hi ladki ka dil payenge
Ladki he to kya Karegi
Raat ko to andhere se daregi
Par fir hamne kya kara ese
Jo Ham koi kum ho unse
Jisko janam hamne diya
Hamare bina unko kya milega
Janam bhi nahi aur kisi ka dil bhi nahi
Hamare bina to tum kuch bhi nahi
To batao na zara
Kab tak ye saval rehega?
Kaab tak hampar ye jaal rehega..?
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budding-poet · 6 months ago
Ek arse se koi subah nahi hoti,
Andhero ke aage andhere hain,
Dasht mein durr tak koi roshni nahi hoti,
Dibba band is zindagi mein,
Khwabon se ab dosti nahi hoti,
Ye kaisi karwat li hai waqt ne,
Ke zindagi mein ab zindagi nahi hoti,
Jo huya so huya,
Ye meri aankhein naumeed kyun nahi hoti?
Sochta hoon ke kal phir dhup niklegi,
Ye meri hasratein kam kyun nahi hoti?
- Rahul
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deltasim · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
this is Kavita
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sadharan · 3 years ago
फर्क पड़ता है
मुझे गरीबी या अमिरि से फर्क नहीं पड़ता मगर अपनें रूठ जाये तो फर्क पड़ता है
मेरा नाम हो या मैं हो जाऊं बदनाम, फर्क नहीं पड़ता मगर किसी के काम न आ पाऊं तो फर्क पड़ता है
कोई मुझे मारे पिटे, फर्क नहीं पड़ता मगर माँ के हाथों से थप्पड़ न पड़े तो फर्क पड़ता है
कोई मुझे भला बुरा कहे, फर्क नहीं पड़ता मगर पिता की डांट न पड़े तो फर्क पड़ता है
मैं अंधेरे में रहूं या उजाले में, फर्क नहीं पड़ता मगर किसी के लिए रौशनी न बन पाया तो फर्क पड़ता है
कोई मेरा कहा सुने या न सुने, फर्क नहीं पड़ता मगर मैं किसी के शब्द न सुन पाऊँ तो फर्क पड़ता है
भीड़ हो या सन्नाटा  फर्क नहीं पड़ता मगर किसी के अकेलेपन को दूर न कर पाऊँ तो फर्क पड़ता है
तुम मुझे मिलो या न मिलो, फर्क नहीं पड़ता मगर मेरे अंदर प्यार न हो तो फर्क पड़ता है
~ राहुल सिंह 
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deceptivelips · 2 years ago
We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational , so disciplined they can be free
Kavita Ramdas
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adoginthemanger · a month ago
कुछ अल्फाज़ अधूरे,
अनकहे से।
कुछ तुम्हारे थे, कुछ हम थे।
वे कहते होंगे कि, तुम्हारे बिन कहे,
सब सुन लिया, उन्होंने।
हम तो न बिन बोले, सुन पाते हैं, न जान पाते हैं।
दो शब्द कह कर,
न तो शायर बनते हैं,
न कवि कहलाते हैं;
हम तो बस, जो मन ने कहा,
उसे पन्नों पर लिखते जाते हैं।
-simrum boi <३३
hindi wali kiss supremacy <३३३३३
Haye Haye Haye Haye Haye Haye Haye Haye Hayeeeeeee simrum maja hi aa gaya yaar :')
Bohot khaamosh ho kar tumhe dekha karte the
Kehte hai na, ibaadat mai bola nahi jata.
Ab naraz hai khuda meri ibaadat dekh kar,
Kehta hai mai paanch waqt aur wo har waqt?
Ibaadat ho ya musibat, har waqt saath the wo hamare
Jaane anjane mai mile the
Jaane anjane mai kho bhi gaye
Ab to guzarish bhi hogi, ardaas bhi hoga
Dar pe jaake uske darkhast bhi karoge
Jaane se mere pachtawa bhi hoga,
Mere jaisa mile tumhe zindagi mai, aisa dobara nahi hoga
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wonderwander4511 · 28 days ago
Mohobbat woh
Jo rooh ne mehsoos kiya
Ishq woh
Jo mohobbat ne samajh se
Jeet liya
Samajh woh
Jisne ikraar ko rok liya
Ikraar woh
Jisne har had ko
Tod diya
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kavi-ki-diary · a day ago
11:14 PM
कई हफ़्तों से नींद में या सोने जाते समय कहानियां आती हैं और बिखर कर आकर उड़ जाती हैं.. डैन्डलाइअन के फूल की तरह. कुछ तो ऐसी भी कहानियां जो कभी सामने से हो कर नहीं गुज़रीं. विशुद्ध कल्पना. उन्हें दर्ज़ न कर पाने की कसक बींधती रहती है, घुटने के पुराने दर्द की तरह.
इस्मत चुगताई की कहानियां पढ़ीं. उनका अपने पात्रों पर जैसा अधिकार होता है, और जैसा वे यकीन से लिखती हैं उन पर, उनके गिर्द, जैसे वे उनके अंतरंग लोग हो और उनको वे इनसाइड आउट जानती हों. हिन्दी अभी ऐसे हुनरमंदों की मुहताज है.
आजकल की बारिश बिल्लियों जैसा बर्ताव करने लगी है. कभी ऐसे गायब जैसे थी ही नहीं, कभी आकर एकदम से सब झिंझोड़ देना, कभी धीमे-धीमे घुरघुराते रहना. छुओ नहीं, टोको नहीं, दूर से देखो.. शांति से. उसकी तुनकमिजाज़ी में देखो उसका प्रेम.
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sailaab · 3 years ago
एक ही ख़्वाब ने सारी रात जगाया है ,
मैं ने हर करवट सोने की कोशिश की
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wonderwander4511 · a year ago
Seene mein
Chhupa liya
Na kisi se kaha
Mera apna, hai
Mehfooz yahan
Seene se ufan kar
Sir mein
Chadhne laga ab
Nashe sa
Apne aaghosh mein
Karne laga ab
Itna sashakt
Bann chuka ab
Meri taaqat
Banne laga ab
Mere darr se
Ladne laga ab
Apne aap mein
Kitna poora
Dheere dheere
Tabdeel hota
Ek honsley mein
Haan, ek fainsley mein
Kar gaya
Mujhe bhi
Poorna ab
Jwala bann
Bana gaya
Mujhe koyle se
Heera ab
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bakaity-poetry · 21 days ago
प्लास्टिक के पेड़
नाइलॉन के फूल
रबर की चिड़ियाँ
टेप पर भूले-बिसरे
लोकगीतों की
उदास लड़ियाँ...
एक पेड़ जब सूखता
सबसे पहले सूखते
उसके सबसे कोमल हिस्से—
उसके फूल
उसकी पत्तियाँ
एक भाषा जब सूखती
शब्द खोने लगते अपना कवित्व
भावों की ताज़गी
विचारों की सत्यता—
बढ़ने लगते लोगों के बीच
अपरिचय के उजाड़ और खाइयाँ...
सोच में हूँ कि सोच के प्रकरण में
किस तरह कुछ कहा जाए
कि सबका ध्यान उनकी ओर हो
जिनका ध्यान सबकी ओर है—
कि भाषा की ध्वस्त पारिस्थितिकी में
आग यदि लगी तो पहले वहाँ लगेगी
जहाँ ठूँठ हो चुकी होंगी
अपनी ज़मीन से रस खींच सकनेवाली शक्तियाँ।
~ कुँवर नारायण
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shabdpurvaiya · 3 years ago
तेरे साये में गुजरते वक्त ने
कुछ ऐसा कर डाला जिंदगी
कि शायद लोगों ने तो याद रखा मुझे 
मगर मैं खुद को खुद ही भूल गयी...
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