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#kayak fishing

My beloved job was eliminated thanks to the pandemic. I was a graphic designer in the planning department of a really well known zoo, responsible for signage, point of purchase, wayfining, etc. across their four properties. The department of 15 is down to 3, if that says how badly the zoo is doing financially, after our best year ever.

Since I’m jobless, horribly depressed, and trying to find a connection to nature for some sort of stability, I took up fishing. Then I bought a $200 sit in kayak and outfitted it to be a fishing rig. Fishing and being out on the lake near me is one of the only things keeping me any sort of sane right now.

The above photo is the proudest catch I’ve had yet, and I got it earlier today. A huge Black Crappie. Not anything spectacular in the grand scheme of sport fishing, but for clinically depressed me in my budget tupperware boat? A huge accomplishment.

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youtube is the best

I just learned how to put fishing line on a reel, how to put a jig on a line, how to put bait on that jig, how to put a weight on the line, and how to properly attach a bobber. all in about 10 minutes. It’s all been done for me in the past, and I’m damn proud to know how to do it myself now.

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