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#kayak fishing
jaubaius · 2 months ago
Fish:I can't, because I love you ...
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ancaporado · 22 days ago
What's nice about Wyoming or however it's spelled I've already forgotten?
No income tax
Crypto is fully legal and non taxed
Constitional(no permit) carry of open and concealed firearms for residents and non residents.
Lowest population density in the lower 48
Lowest population in the union.
Beautiful mountain ranges, plains, desert, forests, etc...
Skiing, climbing, hiking, hunting, riding, kayaking, rafting, fishing capitol of the west.
No legal weed... yet
We've got a ballot initiative from the LP and NORML to get it done this year and we have polls showing +55% support.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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maraudersftw · 28 days ago
Had the most wonderful time writing this piece of pure fluff with the beautiful @petalstosarah, who also happens to be unbelievably talented and the sweetest person. ❤❤
This is our submission for @efkgirldetective’s Summer of Jily prompt #2:  Swimming with friends + Today we're younger than we're ever gonna be 🌊🏖
(Does it still count as friends if it’s just James and Lily?)
The summer sun was blazing over the beach, creating a landscape of umbrellas that sat atop glittering white sand. Colours red, orange, yellow, and blue popped out of the ground; the view of an endless rainbow from the top of the street. It was almost picturesque, like a postcard waiting to be delivered, when looking down at it.
Beyond the colours, the ocean shone like a turquoise jewel that begged to be explored. Ships rode the waves back and forth across the little bay. People were kayaking, fishing, and diving off cliff-sides into the deep blue water.
Lily was certain she’d never seen an ocean quite as blue as this one before. It almost looked fake, as if part of a painting in a gallery rather than the tangible spread before her, sticking the salty air to her skin. She took a picture with her camera, desperate to commit the sight to memory.
“Can you believe we’re in Greece?” She turned with a smile, looking at the man standing behind her. “I still can’t.”
Read more on: AO3 || FFN
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disgruntledspacedad · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Adventures with Frankie
a Frankie Morales x f!reader series
Hey guys! I am super pumped to announce my newest project. Adventures with Frankie is an easygoing miniseries following Frankie Morales and a female thru-hiker called Mouse. It will be comprised of several loosely connected one-shots, including:
Trail Magic
Fly Fishing
Hot Tubbing
Mountain Biking
Skinny Dipping
I am very excited for this one guys. Look for Trail Magic to release immediately after IIF24.
See ya at the summit!
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deepdeepjoyandpain · 7 days ago
Last weekend I realized that this is my first summer in my entire life where I do not have to work on the weekends. Combining that with my desire to slow life down, quitting church, the effects of the pandemic and embracing a day trip over a weekend away has made these July weekends feel long and lovely! Flexing some Fridays off helps too. Last Saturday we kayaked, fished and had a backyard fire. I read two books last weekend. The kayaking day yesterday was all I needed it to be. Amazing and restful and my anxiety about transporting kayaks is diminishing. Tonight we are going to a minor league baseball game, tomorrow we have a pool day with friends, and I need to mow, groceries, laundry, clean. But it feels like there is plenty of time to get that stuff done without stress. Can I finally be reaching some of the balance that always felt so out of reach?!
Tumblr media
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animezinglife · 27 days ago
Which do you choose?
I’m particularly bored this evening and I didn’t find any of these I liked, so I made my own.
Tag any number of others to see how they respond.
Which do you prefer?
coffee or tea
print books or e-books
trucks or SUVs
driving or flying
breakfast or brunch
sports bars or clubs
tailgates or dinner parties
cookouts or barbeque
four-wheelers/ATVs or dirtbikes
small towns or cities
Sundays or Saturdays
structured dates or chill dates
football, baseball, or basketball
mountains or beach
ocean or lake
fishing or kayaking
dressed up or casual
sweet coffee or black coffee
larger friend groups or small ones
cold weather or warm weather
old country music, new country, or both
work hard/play hard or work/life balance
career motivated or just paying the bills
spend money on experiences or money on things
re-watching a favorite film or binge watching something new
You tell me:
Which films are in your top 5?
Which [music] artists are your favorites?
Your top three hobbies?
Which goals are most important to you?
Anything fun or funny that’s on your mind you’d like to share.
Tagging @gayfortheconstitution, @bluecollarmillennial, @cosmicjoke, @mrscanoodle​, @libertarianblue, and anyone else who wants to join in. I’d love to read your responses.
I hope each and every one of you reading this are having a great Saturday night!
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walkingstormnimbus · 21 days ago
Tagged by: @sweet-silly-black-gyal ❤️❤️
Coffee or tea
Print books or e-books
Trucks or SUVs
Driving or flying
Breakfast or brunch
Sports or clubs
Tailgates or dinner parties
Cookouts or barbecues
Four-wheelers/atvs or dirt bikes
Small towns or cities
Sundays or Saturdays
Structured dates or chill dates
Football, basketball or baseball
Mountains or beaches
Ocean or lakes
Fishing or kayaking
Dressed up or casual
Sweet coffee or black coffee
Large friend group or small ones
Cold weather or warm weather
Old country music, or country music or both
Work hard/play hard or work/life balance
Career motivated or just paying the bills
Spend money on experiences or things
Rewatching a favorite film or binge watching something new
which films are in your top 5?
Prince of Egypt/The Illusionist/Blindspotting/Shoot Em Up/Devil
which [music] artists are your favorite?
Childish Gambino/Kyle/Tobi Lou
your top three hobbies?
which goals are most important to you?
Ensuring the people around me don’t suffer.
anything fun or funny that's on your mind that you'd like to share?
I’m gonna be moving soon and I can’t wait.
I’ll tag: @arayofsunlight @tierrabc @reba-sheba @princess-adronitis @agent-ladybug-returns
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emilou-keen-gear · 23 days ago
Ducktales: Who likes camping more? Part 1
This is all according to my own headcannon. I kept thinking about the DT characters while I was camping the last three days. 
Drake: ♥♥♥♥♥
Level: Advanced
             It’s his second favorite thing (Darkwing Duck being his first). He loves all outdoor activities including camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, white-water rafting, rocking climbing, and—in the winter—snow-shoeing, skiing (mostly cross-country), and ice-fishing (although he has never gone ice-skating). During the warmer months, he goes most weekened or inbetween acting gigs. He’s the type to buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of gear each year. Even though he’s always lived in the city, he’s loved the mountains and the outdoors. He even likes the taste of dehydrated food.
           His love of camping stems from his parents, who took him camping all the time. His mother loves nature, and he learned a lot of survival skills from his father. When his father died when he was seven, his mother kept up the tradition when she could. When Drake was ten, she remarried an older man. Drake’s step-dad and his (much older) step-brother didn’t like camping, so Drake and his mom would go with just the two of them. Now that Drake is grown up and lives far away from his mom, he tries to visit once a month and take her hiking or kayaking on a lake. It’s getting harder for her to do things now that she’s getting older (she’s nearly fifty), and can’t go out on her own, so Drake makes sure she gets to do the things she enjoys.
(I’ll go more into Drake’s background at a later time. Or you can “ask me” about it.)
 Webby: ♥♥♥♥♥
Level: Advanced
             Growing up, Webby was confined to McDuck Manor except for the occasional secret training trips that Mrs. Beakley took her on. These are preciouis memories to Webby not only because it was quality time with her grannie, but these were the only times she got to see the world, even if they didn’t go out of state. Mrs. Beakley made sure Webby learned everything she needed to know about surviving dangerous and extreme situations. Webby soaked the information up, but always wondered why she was taught these things if she was never allowed outside the manor. But once the boys came along and Scrooge continued adventuring, she realized her training was useful for something.
 Launchpad: ♥♥♥♥♥
Level: Intermediate
             Launchpad loves camping. Well…he also loves a lot of things with that same level of passion. He’s a fun-loving, excitable guy. However, despite all his experience, he still has trouble with some of the basics like putting up a tent and starting a fire. But he’s always willing to help and follow instructions to the letter.
    His family—all pilots—were always too busy to take him camping when he was young, but Launchpad never missed out a Woodchucks campout. Even when his friends went camping with their families, he someone cajoled or persuaded them to take him with them. He’s easily the type of person you want to take camping, always up for a good time, always happy to be there. His favorite things about camping are S’mores, fishing, and telling stories around the campfire (although not the scary ones.)
I’ll post more characters later. I didn’t want to put up a huge post.
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shaddockfishing-blog · 3 years ago
This giant manta ray washed up on the beach in a fishing net. Everyone was standing around taking pictures until one guy took charge.
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alternate1985 · 7 years ago
Tumblr media
Fly fishing at Laurel Lake.
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amospoe · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“Everything is octopusied.” ― Wendy Williams
[Historic moment #2,459: Seal bitch-slaps kayaker with octopus - 9/24/18]
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lifecyclesofmayflies · 7 years ago
Tumblr media
beautiful sunrise at the lake at 5:30 am
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shaddockfishing-blog · 3 years ago
Eagle waits for Fisherman
More exciting pictures and videos, follow Shaddockfishing
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ericatkins · 7 years ago
Tumblr media
Sunrise on a tiny river
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shaddockfishing-blog · 2 years ago
This is one of six jumps Chris’ 9’4” sturgeon made!
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isaacsfishingcorner · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I took my kayak out on the Ohio River for the first time and did a little fishing
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