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Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries


I was watching this movie Killing Them Softly on Netflix last night when this song “Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries” started playing. Of course, with Taylor being on my mind 80% of the time these days (lol), this led me to remember the bowl of cherries in the Speak Now room.

Here are the lyrics to the song:


Pretty existential song if you ask me, but the main message I get from it is that life is going to give you tough road blocks, so learn from the pain and maintain your happiness till the end.

Live your truth and be your true authentic gay self while on this earth!


It’s funny how the bowl of cherries are in the Speak Now room - a time when critics, fellow musicians and the public questioned Taylor’s artistic integrity. She showed them, though! Created an amazing album with no co-writes 😏

Taylor has faced a ton of road blocks that have stopped her from living her truth - her masters being bought from Scooter might be the toughest one yet (but remember: love will triumph…Taylor selling her rep merch on sale seems like a good sign). So, I can see how this phrase, life is just a bowl of cherries, helps keep her grounded when time goes and gets tough.

Her and Tree do know how to pivot, that’s for sure!

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Alright, let’s talk about cherry picking! This is a logical fallacy where someone chooses only the best parts of something to use as evidence for their case/claim. Other examples of cherry picking are when super conservatives bring up the Bible as evidence for hating gay people, but ignore the entire passage that those words came from where it says things like “don’t eat shellfish” or “don’t get a tattoo.” Go to Taylor’s insta right now and try to screenshot a rainbow without moving around the order of posts. You cant. Let me do what ts7eggs did for someone else’s insta… let’s try Selena Gomez.


Doesn’t that look like a rainbow to you? These were all sporadically chosen from her instagram and cherry picked to show you only the evidence that supports my conclusion. Which is exactly what ts7eggs did in their post.

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huh sorry if my head was in the sand and this has already been said but i just realized that karlie posting from the balcony that overlooks the graveyard back on may 13th in a sense foreshadowed the lwymmd cover, what with the lwymmd video beginning in a graveyard and all. and if i am counting correctly the killing eve episode happened 11 days after she posted. a 13th and an 11 😊

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Derek Blasberg Instagram Story

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if you weren’t here in 2015 here are some of the songs we (gaylors) obsessed about and used for fanvids…feel free to add more :)

  • radio friendly pop song by matt fishel
  • secret love song by little mix
  • drive by halsey
  • girls by the 1975
  • water under the bridge by adele (this was more in 2016 when karlie mentioned it in an interview)
  • riptide by vance joy (of course!)
  • friends by ed sheeran
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It’s also more than just public events too. It’s little things, and little comments she makes. It’s hard keeping a relationship private, even harder when you scared letting the world in and risking that destroying it. Her slowly being more vocal about it, no matter how little the movement may seem, is a BIG step.

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You aren’t the first person to say this. I honestly think it’s because more people are catching her in her lies/attacks etc. As they like to point out, there is an influx in Anti-Blogs. So more eyes are on her. She can’t get away with things like before. Especially since a lot of the antis used to be Kaylors. We know how she works.

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