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kissinginmay · 22 minutes ago
I’m the only person I’ve seen say this so far but the cast for Shadow and Bone is a lot different than what I pictured when I was reading the books.
Specifically the Darkling, Zoya, Alina, Nina, Jesper, and Kaz were different in my mind. I pictured the Darkling much younger in appearance and with longer hair and very pale skin. Alina and Ninas actors look nothing like I picture them whatsoever but I do think they’re good choices regardless. Kaz is close but not quite what I imagined, especially the voice.
I do love the cast for the show now but it doesn’t quite match what I expected. Anyone else?
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kazbrekksr · 53 minutes ago
domestic wesper is canon and kaz has a secret tunnel that leads to their house
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metamorphysm · an hour ago
thank u to @ludgatelatte for opening my eyes to “kaz and inej are dating the whole time” because it changes my perspective on every single kanej scene and just.... chef kiss. it makes everything so much BETTER sdgjkdfhjk 
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ze-crow-club · an hour ago
We've been talking about Kaz vs the Darkling, but what about Kaz vs Bhagra... I mean, it would be a battle of the canes. If I heard that phrase without the context, I would assume that is just a couple sweet little grandmas fighting, but kaz and Baghra are terrifying and I'd pull up a chair to watch that match.
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blackasmysoul · an hour ago
I've seen many many memes and stuff about shadow and bone but the one thing we all want is the darkling getting whacked by Baghra or/and Kaz with their stick and cane respectively
Or just Kaz whacking anyone with his cane will also be satisfactory.
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ludgatelatte · an hour ago
people will talk about kanej like “it’s fun to have ships but remember these characters’ traumas!” like....these two things are not mutually exclusive. the trauma is part of the ship because it’s part of both characters. you can’t remove the trauma from kaz and inej’s relationship just like you can’t remove the romance/desire. shipping them is examining how the trauma affects their romantic dynamic, how they could begin individual and joint healing and make progress towards physical intimacy, etc.
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iamthebonecarver · an hour ago
Why don’t we talk about how Jesper fahey really saw some dude and was “ooo! daddy. 😜” and then dropped out of school to join his gang
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bookworm-jedi · 2 hours ago
Once we get the Bathroom scene in the tv show, I will simply ✨pass away✨
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wylan-van-sunshines · 2 hours ago
just thinking about how much kaz loves inej i can’t breathe
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obissimp · 3 hours ago
hi :) since the whole grishaverse fandom has watched freddy’s lil horse show by now im just gonna be dropping my free rein fanfic here :)
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macaroniandbooks · 3 hours ago
My knee keeps giving out and my leg muscles keep tearing so I have to be in a cane (and sometimes a wheelchair) and damn now I want to take on a city, commit a heist and capture the most powerful Grisha in the world
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izzyberdara · 3 hours ago
an open letter to leigh bardugo.
dear leigh,
after chapter 39 and 40 of crooked kingdom, we believe you hate love and happiness. we may need 6 months of therapy to get over this sadness, and we're expecting you to pay it.
thanks for giving us a broken heart,
soc fandom.
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Kaz: Literally name one thing better than a dog
Nina: Two dogs
Kaz: Shit you’re right
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starksov · 4 hours ago
Lord, I'm sorry for the person I'm about to become when shadow and bone drops 😓😞
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likefirings · 5 hours ago
how to do romantic tropes right:
friends to lovers - kanej
strangers to lovers - wesper
enemies to lovers - helnik
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