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#kaz x inej
ludgatelatte · 7 hours ago
people will talk about kanej like “it’s fun to have ships but remember these characters’ traumas!” like....these two things are not mutually exclusive. the trauma is part of the ship because it’s part of both characters. you can’t remove the trauma from kaz and inej’s relationship just like you can’t remove the romance/desire. shipping them is examining how the trauma affects their romantic dynamic, how they could begin individual and joint healing and make progress towards physical intimacy, etc.
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that-lantsov-bastard · 18 hours ago
Kaz: I am become a lockpick.
Inej: What?
Tumblr media
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httpscrows · 20 hours ago
"Stay,” he said, his voice rough stone. “Stay in Ketterdam. Stay with me.”
- kaz brekker
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ihatelifelolimdying · 23 hours ago
Jesper: oh, I can't live without you!
Nina: no! Not him! Please, choose me!
Jesper: nay, you evil sorceress! Let us duel to see who will win the date!
Nina: so it shall be.
A heated battle later
Jesper (stuffing his face): you are fortunate that I was held back
Nina (stuffing her face too): as was I. We shall fight when we are less occupied
Date palm: ...
Matthias: did we make a mistake bringing up the date pa-
Wylan: yes
Inej(robbing a state bank by herself): a little help would be nice
Kaz: exactly you stupid m-
Inej: I mean from you you've not let my hand go and now I can't reach the tall man's head
Kaz: he's not tall you're just a short term investment
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x-winging-it · a day ago
Tumblr media
I would have come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together- knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting 
Shadow and Bone countdown 9/14 (x)
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naerysthelonesome · a day ago
Line Without a Hook by Ricky Montgomery is THE Kanej song.
I could elaborate, but that would require thinking and not feeling. Besides, I don't think I have to. Just listen !!!
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wendigostag · a day ago
everyone rags on kaz (jokingly but somewhat rightfully) for thinking all these romantic thoughts about inej and then proceeding to not speak any of those thoughts aloud and saying something tactless instead but like... don’t we all do that??? cover up for all those warm feelings with something decidedly cold so you don’t have to spill your guts.... anyways kaz brekker most relatable teenage gang leader of all time
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ungodlyravenpuff · a day ago
Man sometimes I really hate myself for dreaming about the Netflix Shadow and Bone show like...calm down. mental health is a thing. just,,,enjoy the freaking show and don't build it up so much in your mind?? It's supposed to be fun
My brain:
This is it. this is what you've been waiting for. your whole life has built up to this hour. Dare to feel disappointment, and you shall die a gory death.
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preraphaelitebimbo · a day ago
mirrorball is a kanej song (a thesis by user preraphaelitebimbo)
"i'm a mirrorball, i'll show you every version of yourself tonight"
the thing about disco balls (or as taylor so eloquently puts it, mirrorballs) is that they're these beautiful, obtrusive sparkly things at first glance, but in reality they just reflect whatever light is around them. even though kaz and inej are dangerous and feared in their own right, they are also just a reflection of their trauma and shitty circumstances.
"you are not like the regulars, the masquerade revelers, drunk as they watch my shadow edges glisten"
both kaz and inej have this incredible mythology they've built up around themselves, and sometimes the only way they are able to shed that is around each other. also shadow edges??? masquerade revelers??? it's them your honor
"i'm still on that tightrope, i'm still trying everything to get you looking at me... i'm still a believer, but i don't know why"
i'm not crying you're crying. in terms of tonality, mirrorball is such an intimate, whispery song, and underneath the glamorousness of the language, it's unspeakably sad and hollow, but at the same time very hopeful.
"hush, when no one is around my dear... you'll find me on my tallest tiptoes, spinning in my highest heels, love, shining just for you"
inej's whole gimmick is that she's able to blend in anywhere and render herself virtually invisible, which is why the greatest thing kaz does for her over the course of the duology is just see her, and acknowledge her past and her wishes for the future. and she sees him in turn and learns to accept him for who he is.
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guns-blazings · a day ago
Games I think the crows would be best at:
Kaz: monopoly or literally anything to do with cards. Pretty obvious this one. He would definitely cheat his friends in monopoly. He would laugh as he takes the last few bills from Inej’s hands and lord over half the board. For in monopoly there are no friends. Only victims
Inej: twister. She’s a nimble acrobat and VERY flexible. The worst case was when she ended up with a leg over her head. Most of the time the spinner is removed and the rest of the gang just say places they think she can’t reach. They are always wrong
Wylan: Pictionary or charades. Being unable to read I think Wylan has gone through life using pictures and signs to guide him so he knows a lot more than the others. I would also say he’s pretty good at trivia too because he actually had a formal education
Jesper: I want to say gambling games but he sucks at gambling. So I’m going to say drinking games. I think Jesper started drinking games in the Slat and Kaz isn’t happy about it. Things like spin the bottle and Irish snap. Man has a stupidly high tolerance but everyone else is really low. Multiple times Matthias has been so drunk he started singing the Fjerdan national anthem, with Wylan as backup
Nina: operation. Not just for the obvious reason of her being an old heartrender. To be a grisha does require a steady hand anyway to perform the most intricate tasks. She’s never set off the red light. However she does like to jump scare everyone else so they set it off so she wins
Matthias: honestly he’d be pretty good at any form of strategy game. He and Kaz are masters of chess and the only thing they bond over is a game of chess. It can take a few hours to finish though. Nina has a tally in her room of who’s winning
However I think the best game for all of them is Cards against Humanity. Matthias only picks the innocent ones but Wylan and Kaz always go for the darkest cards. Jesper has played the Bees? card at every opportunity and Nina plays the strangest cards possible. Inej is the only one with sensible answers
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velarision · a day ago
nina: *unconscious*
matthias: *tied up*
wylan: *kidnapped*
jesper: *shot*
inej: *locked up*
kaz: ah, yes, exactly as planned.
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velarision · a day ago
what the six of crows gang’s favourite types of books would be:
kaz: only psychological thrillers and murder mysteries so he can get an ego boost and feel smug when he figures out the plot before the book reveals it. absolutely brags about it to jesper.
inej: a sucker for old school romance novels. secretly adores the idea of true love and thinks finding your ‘soulmate’ is a beautiful concept. (even if kaz complains and says it’s stupid)
nina: you won’t catch her dead in a library but instead will spend hours reading smut on ao3
matthias: extremely well read, not bound to one particular genre, enjoys fantasy books with extensive world building & characters with depth, (cries everytime a character dies).
jesper: very much a movie over book person, can’t focus long enough to sit down and read a novel, but if he’s going to read it’s going to be a dystopian. he’s read divergent once but watched the films 9 times because the male lead is hot.
wylan: haha
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crooked-kingdoms · a day ago
last time promoting my kanej drabble before i post chapter one of my new kanej fic on sunday <333 ive received so much love on this fic and im super thankful, i can only hope you like my new fic as well!! if you like angst then im sure you will find something to look forward to till sunday hehehe
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that-lantsov-bastard · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Is this unoriginal? Yes.
Is this unnecessary? Absolutely.
But you gotta have a creative way to express your interests so just take it.
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greatest-wonder · 2 days ago
inej: *possibly in danger*
kaz: all right, who am i going to kill?
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endlessdaydream · 2 days ago
Okay there are so many things I’m excited for with the S&B/SOC series. But I cannot MF WAIT for Weylan and Jesper content. Like holy shit. It’s gonna be so fucking cute I’m gonna die.
And all the angst w Inej/Kaz and don’t even GET ME STARTED on Matthias/Nina. Like literally, I’m sorry, just give us SOC 😂 I honestly don’t care abt S&B
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