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includes: itto, dainsleif, kazuha, xiao, diluc, zhongli, childe, kaeya & albedo (w/ afab! reader)
Tumblr media
kinks: oral (giving) , size kink, praise kink
(i can’t see him having many kinks. He’s the sweet guy you’d bring home to your mum not the guy she tells you to stop seeing.)
your eyes closed from the unbearable pleasure greeting you as the man eating you out chuckled. His grip around your thighs tightened as you instinctively tried to close your legs. itto enjoyed how you tasted and took his time licking your clit.
“you taste so good baby- that’s it, cum on my tongue,” he’d urge you. Then, he would continue to flick your clit and stuff his tongue in you through your orgasm.
kinks: corruption kink, semi-public sex, exhibitionism, orgasm denial.
(i can see Dainsleif having a few kinks, but he’d still be quite soft with you so you don’t get hurt.)
soft pants could be heard from a statue of the seven. You were pinned against the statue, unable to move with Dainsleif’s cock stuffed you. It had been ten minutes of him denying you of your orgasm, almost laughing at how you frowned every time he’d stop moving.
“what is it? you want to cum? beg then,” he’d state. And he wouldn’t let you finish until you were pleading for him.
kinks: praise kink, (he doesn’t really give me kinky vibes. He gives me more romantic slow vibes.)
“you’re doing so well, baby,” Kazuha exclaimed from above you, smiling as he gazed into your eyes. You squeezed his hand as he bottomed out and sighed with pleasure. “Ah- you’re so good~”
all he wants to do is make love to you while holding you in his arms. The stars shine through the open window dimly illuminating the room and making such a moment feel even more magical than before. And at time like this, Kazuha knows there’s no place he would rather be.
kinks: slight degradation, voyeurism, oral (giving), orgasm denial
-he definitely wouldn’t be the first one to initiate anything by the way. Just finds more enjoyment in certain things than others.
“xiao-“ you sighed out from the bed, letting out a sharp moan as you reach your climax. All of a sudden, Xiao appeared at the bottom of your bed, eyes wary as if preparing for a fight. His eyes studied your figure in its lewd state, shaking his head slightly but not as if mad or disappointed.
“mortals..you’re all so needy.”
he crawled over you with ease, leaving small kisses down your body. He stopped at your pussy, licking you just to hear your sweet moans and savour a taste much better than almond tofu.
kinks: thigh riding, cock warming, overstimulation, biting.
while he was working, you decided to crawl onto Diluc’s lap. He placed his head in the crook of your neck, kissing you softly. A sharp pain pricked your neck as he bit down eagerly. One of Diluc’s hands rubbed your back while the other finished signing another document.
“mmn.. if you’re so needy, why don’t you ride my thigh, hm? I’ll help you after I finish work.”
you obeyed, rocking back and forth slowly on his thigh, chasing the pleasure it provided, even though it quickly tired you. You slumped onto Diluc’s shoulder and sensing you were too tired to continue, he laughed lowly. “Don’t worry, honey. I can take care of you now.”
And he led you to the bedroom.
kinks: cockwarming, bondage, blindfolds, praise kink.
-I’m sorry but he gives off romantic take you for dinner and slow dance with you in the dark husband rather than kinky spicy bf 😈
you couldn’t see a thing with the blindfold covering your vision and the red ribbon binding your hands together above your head. Your senses were heightened in this state and suddenly you could notice every breath, every movement and even the slightest feelings in your own body.
“You look so pretty, darling. I wish you were able to see yourself…” Zhongli sighed out, tracing your figure gently. You felt your breath hitch when his fingers ran down the edge of your thigh.
this truly was teasing taken to the extreme.
kinks: overstimulation, face sitting, degradation, praise, bondage, pain kink, public sex, thigh riding.
-everything is on the table for this guy. His EXISTENCE is kinky.
your whimpers filled the room but somehow went unheard by Childe who continued to make swift work of lapping your cunt dry. Maybe he hadn’t realised this was your fourth orgasm or perhaps he wanted to hear the cute little noises you made some more. His grip tightened when you tried to close your legs and your fifth orgasm dawned on you. Flopping onto his chest, you began to relax.
“Oh, you thought I was done?” Childe chuckled, flipping you so you were underneath him. He let you relax, choosing to not to put you into a mating press, but still separated your legs and shuffled between them. He wouldn’t stop until he had finished himself.
kinks: public sex, orgasm control, orgasm denial, temperature play
cold hands played with your nipples tentatively and Kaeya’s mouth clashed onto yours. His hands felt like ice cubes chilling your sensitive skin and overwhelming you. You hummed in satisfaction as his hands travelled further down your waist to your thighs, squeezing them slightly. Then, he began to play with your clitoris, flicking it.
it didn’t take long for you to be moaning out his name, close to orgasming. Kaeya’s hands stopped playing with your body and one caressed your cheek.
“Not yet sweetheart. Not until you’ve earned it.”
kinks: temperature play, orgasm control, sensory deprivation, dumbification
-he likes to experiment in bed if you know what I mean-
how long had it been since you had been blindfolded and cuffed to the bed? You didn’t know, but it felt like hours. Hours of begging and screaming, tears making the blindfold wet against your face. Albedo enjoyed your whimpers, finding them adorable and relishing in the way you desperately tried to close your thighs to no avail.
“Aw, does my dumb little puppy want to cum again? You’re so greedy, aren’t you?”
the way you babble as if unable to form coherent sentences almost has him orgasming himself, but instead he leans forward to kiss your cheek and pull off your blindfold. After all, he wanted to be able to see your pretty eyes when he fucked you.
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General relationship HCs
Characters: Gorou, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Tartaglia, Xiao, Zhongli
-The fact that Gorou loves you is always as clear as day.
-He does what he can to show you that he loves you.
-His love languages are quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation.
-Gorou loves to hear about your day.
-He takes an interest in your life that nobody ever has before.
-He’ll hang onto every word that you say and it’s because he wants to, not because he has to.
-Gorou loves hugging you.
-Every chance he gets he’ll have his arms wrapped around you.
-Leans his head on your shoulder if he can reach, otherwise he’ll nuzzle it into your shirt.
-He’ll steal quick kisses randomly throughout the day.
-Gives you headpats no matter your height, simply because it makes him happy to be able to do so.
-He loves to compliment you.
-Not a day goes by where he doesn’t call you stunning.
-He just about always says what’s on his mind, so the compliments often come out of nowhere just because he’s thinking about how amazing you are.
-He’s often too busy to take care of you if you get sick, but when he can he’ll be by your side.
-Makes sure to prepare some food for you to eat while you’re sick. If he doesn’t have time, he’ll ask somebody else to.
-He’s decent at taking care of you when you’re injured, but not the best. He’ll ask somebody more experienced to help out if it’s not something minor.
-Gorou is in love with you and you’ll always be reminded of that, whether it be due to his actions, his words, or other people going on about how in love with you he is.
-Kazuha’s love languages are quality time and receiving gifts.
-Kazuha enjoys feeling at home near you, so he tries to spend as much time with you as possible.
-He likes getting away from people and it just being you and him where you two can talk in private and update each other on everything that has happened in your lives.
-Part of him wants to ask you if you’d consider traveling with him, but he decides against it when he remembers how many times people wouldn’t open up their home to him. He doesn’t want you experiencing something like that.
-He enjoys receiving gifts and giving gifts.
-Whenever he comes back from one of his travels, he’ll give you a trinket that he picked up along the way. It’s always one that reminds him of you.
-He might not have anywhere to place the gifts that you give him--you’ll have to hold on to most of them--but he’ll always bring one with him.
-He’ll take it out and look at it when he misses you, it’s comforting to have with him.
-Beidou once asked him what he was doing when he was caught staring at a small trinket you got him and he could only respond with a smile, “I’m just thinking about (y/n).”
-Beidou could only laugh as she pat his back, noting that he’s never looked forward to going back to somewhere so much before he met you.
-It’s true, ever since he met you he has started to look forward to returning to some place, returning to you.
-If he’s there with you while you’re sick, he’s great at taking care of you.
-He’ll get you anything you need if you just ask for it.
-He’s gotten sick on multiple occasions from staying out in the rain as he tried to find shelter, so he’s experienced at nursing himself back to health and will use that knowledge to help you.
-Arguments are rare to have with him.
-Confrontations are rare too just because he’s so easy to get along with, but confrontations are more likely to occur than arguments.
-Kazuha takes you on dates to places that aren’t busy since he prefers people being far away enough to keep your conversations private.
-He’ll spend as much time as possible with you before he goes on his next trip.
-Scaramouche thought that he’d hate being in love and hated the idea of being in love, but falling for you changed how he viewed it. He doesn’t mind being in love anymore and actually rather likes it.
-The most he’d admit to that is “It’s not that bad.”
-His love language is quality time and words of affirmation.
-He’s a busy man so he doesn’t often get the chance to spend time with you, but he spends every second he can with you.
-He doesn’t care if the time spent with you is in silence, is filled with the two of you talking, or on a date; he just wants to spend time with you.
-He hates to admit it, but he does miss you sometimes.
-He’s not the best at it at first, but he does his best to compliment you.
-His compliments are things such as “I guess you’re not that bad after all.” at first, but they slowly get nicer.
- “You’re better than other people.” becomes “You look nice today.” and “You’re doing good.” after some time.
-He claims that you annoy him daily, but truth be told, you always amaze him.
-Arguments with him aren’t uncommon, but they aren’t too common either.
-He doesn’t like backing down in arguments, so he won’t unless he’s certain that he’s in the wrong.
-He’s capable of holding himself back, so he never goes too far in an argument unless you do first.
-He’ll get you basic things when you’re sick, but chances are that you’ll have to take care of yourself. He’s a busy man, but he’ll try to be there for you when he can.
-Part of him is worried what you'll think of him when you learn that he isn't human. If you do figure it out and still accept him, he won't say anything about his worry, but he'd be internally thankful.
-He’s two-faced, yes, but once you’re close enough to him he’ll settle into his true colors around you.
-Tartaglia is playful and teasing in a romantic relationship.
-He’ll lean in for a kiss and purposefully miss.
-His love languages are physical touch and receiving gifts.
-He absolutely loves holding you in his arms and giving you kisses.
-Claims that it’s his favorite hobby.
-He’s very honest about when he wants kisses.
-He has no problem stealing them from you, but he does like it when you initiate it too so he’ll ask you to give him a kiss from time to time.
-He absolutely loves receiving gifts from you and giving you gifts.
-The moment he spots something that reminds him of you is the moment he buys it, so you have a lot of stuff from him.
-If you don’t want him to get gifts for you, he’ll try to hold back as much as possible, but some things are just two perfect to pass up on.
-Absolutely adores matching with you.
-It can be a little charm that matches, a hat, a shirt, anything, it just brings a smile to his face.
-He’ll shower you in affection and gifts every chance that he gets.
-You make him happy and he wants to show you that.
-Given that he has siblings, he’s grown accustomed to taking care of people while they’re sick, so he’s the perfect candidate to take care of you when you’re ill.
-He has everything prepared and checks up on you regularly. If he has the time, he’ll just stay by your side the entire time you’re sick.
-When you blush he’ll feel your forehead and jokingly ask you if you have a fever since you seem to be burning up.
-Tartaglia might enjoy a good fight, but his love belongs to you and you only.
-Xiao is absolutely afraid of relationships at first.
-He’s worried that he’ll mess up or his karma will affect his s/o.
-It takes him a while to be more affectionate towards you because of this.
-His love language is physical touch.
-He doesn’t initiate physical touch much at first, but he’ll begin to initiate it more as your relationship progresses.
-Loves littering your face in kisses.
-Not too into PDA, but sometimes he’ll hold your hand in public.
-He prefers to keep intimate moments between the two of you.
-However, sometimes if he’s feeling touch-starved he’ll hug you in public, ignoring the world just for a moment.
-Refuses to leave your side when you’re sick unless it’s necessary.
-He’s not the best at taking care of you at first, but he tries his best. He does everything you ask of him as long as it’s in his power.
-Learns how to make soup just for you.
-The same goes for if you’re injured, he won’t leave your side unless he has to.
-Depending on how you got injured, he might blame himself for it.
-You’ll have to reassure him that it’s not his fault, unless it’s clear that it is. If it is due to his burden, you’ll have to convince him that it’s okay and that you still love him.
-Xiao doesn’t think he’s good enough for you.
-There are times where he wonders why you’re with him when you could be with somebody else.
-He doesn’t bring it up often, but you can tell by him hesitating to give you affection when you’re alone.
-Reassure him that you love him to ease his worries.
-You’re the first person he has fallen in love with and he doesn’t want to lose you.
-Zhongli is a gentleman through and through.
-He’ll say “please” and “thank you” just to hold your hand.
-If you thought chivalry was dead, he’ll convince you otherwise.
-His love languages are acts of service and quality time.
-He genuinely likes doing what he can to help you.
-He’s rather tall, so he doesn’t mind you asking him to help reach things.
-He’ll learn when you need help before you even ask him for it.
-If it’s something he can do on his own, he’ll try to help out while you’re gone.
-A good portion of the time he prefers helping you out with you still being around so you two can spend time together.
-Zhongli wants to spend what time he can with you.
-He finds your presence to be relaxing.
-He’s not the best at taking care of you when you’re sick, because while his remedies work, they’re usually done being prepared just after you’ve gotten over your sickness.
-He eventually learns other ways to take care of you while you’re sick, but the first few times he isn’t much of a help.
-The dates he takes you on are usually classy and not in extremely busy areas. A good portion of the time it’s a nice dinner.
-He usually forgets mora in other cases, but always remembers to bring mora on your dates.
-Arguments are rare with him and they usually don’t last long since he does his best to understand where you’re coming from. If it’s him being concerned he won’t back down as easily though, not until you understand where he’s coming from.
-Yes, he’s an archon, but he still has feelings and emotions like everyone else. Don’t forget that.
-He enjoys telling you stories of the past. Not the violent ones, but the ones of beautiful nature that you weren’t able to see. He describes everything so perfectly that you could imagine yourself there.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
kaedehaera kazuha - poster
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burnt out
xiao, kazuha x gn!reader (separately)
okokok im back and have another idea :)
synopsis: how they react to you falling asleep at your desk from overworking yourself from school/college/overtime at work.
warnings: none. maybe not perfect grammar bc it's 5am and I just woken up when i wrote this. buuuut besides that...
genre: it's just your average fluff/comfort junk :)
a/n: i haven't written anything in so long bc i myself was burnt out so you could call this a bit self indulgent ehe. im also more than willing to do a pt 2 w/ different characters wink wink
it was getting quite late and you were really tired. the sun had set hours ago but you really need to get this work done as soon as you could.
before you know it you slowly start to hunch over your desk more and more, so slowly start to fade in and out of sleep. you try to shake your head to keep yourself awake but it was pointless.
xiao will stop in every night just because he knows you've been overworking yourself too much recently. tonight was no different of course.
he walks into your bedroom just too see you hunched over all your papers nearly fully passed out. he scoffs at this.
"y/n..." he walks up to you. "y/n. if you're going to sleep, use the bed right next to you. this can't be comfortable." he spoke softly hoping to not startle you.
you slowly drift back into consciousness. "huh?" you heard xiao but nothing fully registered of what he said yet. you rub your eyes and you feel someone's hand on your back. "xiao?" you whispered. "yes." he replied. you are fully sat up and still a little confused from you desk nap "what are you doing here?" you said as you turn and look up at him. "you worked yourself to sleep." he tries to get you up and leads you to bed but you stop him half way. "but xiao I really need to get this work done-" he cuts you off by him dropping his head a little and sighing.
"don't you think you need some rest, y/n?" he looked back at you. "but my work..." you barely were able to properly speak because you were so exhausted. "it can wait. you need rest" he said as he guides you to your bed. you didn't bother fo refuse because you knew it was pointless. you were way too tired, as soon as your head hit the pillow you were out. xiao decided to stay the night with you to make sure you slept well.
he knows you've been working on this project that's had you tied down to one city. you insisted on him to keep up with his travels but something was stopping him. he knows you too well.
kazuha walks into your shared room from a day wondering around the city and no suprise he sees you at your desk passed out. he quietly laughs to myself and sighed. "you know y/n, you can't keep doing this to yourself" he said as he walks over to you with no real intention of waking you up.
he lifts your head up and grabs your legs to carry you to your bed. he gently lays you down and puts the blankets on you. this wakes you up. "oh my apologies. I didn't mean to wake you." kazuha said in softened tone. "kazuha.."
kazuha hushed you with a gentle kiss. "get some rest my love. you can work in the morning." he smiled. with his reinsurance you fell back into slumber.
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Tumblr media
Synopsis: Going out on a walk with Kazuha goes wrong.
Genre/warnings: Hurt/comfort, injury/burn mention, gn!reader, not proofread. (If there are anymore please comment below/send to my ask box)
Featuring: Kaedehara Kazuha
A/N: This was going to be out sooner, but I've been feeling really sick lately. Hope you guys enjoy! Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Being with Kazuha was an easy, almost carefree lifestyle; traveling from place to place together, and exploring everything that the world had to offer. It was a dream come true for the both of you, two free spirits that remained unchained by the laws of the seven nations for the time being. You could almost hear Venti saying something along the lines of 'allow the wind to guide you on your journeys, and keep you safe as you travel away from your home.' Oddly enough, it was the wind that guided you, always leading you back to one person. Kaedehara Kazuha.
The air was cool, gentle breeze drifting through the canopies of the trees, carrying the whispers of the danger ahead to your boyfriend's ears, assisting him in figuring out what lurked around every corner. Large maple trees surrounded the two of you, leaves rustling as the breeze tried misplacing the leaves, only succeeding in knocking a few down at a time between delicate gusts. Stretching out your hand, you catch a scarlet leaf in your palm, holding it towards the sun to admire the captivating shade it currently holds. Oh, how you loved to walk amongst the extravagantly colored trees that reminded you endlessly of your beloved boyfriend.
It only takes a few seconds of observing before you drop the maple leaf, allowing it to fall back into the sea of red covering the surrounding area where you and Kazuha stand. 
"You're unusually quiet today, my dove. Is something on your mind?" Kazuha's soft voice breaks through the comfortable silence, pretty vermillion eyes meeting yours the second you turn to look at him. 
There may be a sea of red around you, but oh how those little vermillion pools draw you in like a moth to a flame, breath catching in your throat and smile curving up the edges of your lips into a loving smile. A chuckle breezes past your lips at the question your boyfriend asks, head shaking to confirm nothing was wrong as you tug the man close with a gentle hand. With your body pressed flushed together, Kazuha's hands come to rest on your waist, face burying in your neck as the two of you take a moment to just exist together. 
Two souls forever intertwined after finding each other by a mere chance of fate.
It isn't long before the moment of peaceful silence end, a booming laugh interrupting the two of you and drawing a startled gasp from you. Kazuha pulls away from you without a moment's hesitation, bandaged hand on the handle of his sword and ready to strike if needed. Standing in front of the two of you is none other than the Fatui, even on a 'deserted island' these horrid creatures still roam. This was going to be quite a fight for both of you.
A Cryogunner, Electro mage, and a Pyroslinger bracer are standing not too far away, smirks on their faces as they start to charge up their abilities, ready for a fight. All you can do is get one good look at Kazuha before he is launching himself up into the air, the force of the wind caused by his anemo vision, brings the Pyroslinger and Electro mage forward. You need to take out the Cryogunner by yourself.
"It's time for a flash freeze!" The Cryogunner's voice rings out as his shield activates, thank god you were an electro vision holder. Using an electro-infused sword, you take out his shield in record time, weaving and dodging through his attacks as you slice at his body with your sword. 
After the shield is broken, the Cryogunner becomes embarrassingly vulnerable to the sword blows and ends up crumpling to the ground in a matter of minutes. Now to help Kazuha. Your boyfriend is still facing off with the Pyroslinger Bracer while the Electro mage is nowhere in sight. Maybe he defeated her already. Wrong.
Just as that thought crosses your mind, a purple ring forms on the ground around Kazuha. No! Using your electro powers to launch you forward, your hands come in contact with the soft material of your boyfriend's clothing, shoving him out of the circle just as a large bolt of electro slams into you. Intense hot pain sears your body, your vision darkens and the scream you let out is drowned out by the loud ringing in your ears. All thought vanishes as your vision blacks out, body hitting the ground with a soft thud that leaves Kazuha's thoughts screaming as he finishes off the Fatui. 
Not again!
It feels as if your body is on fire when you finally start coming to. Burning pain stretches from your right shoulder down to your fingertips and the sensation only intensifies as you shift slightly. You're not on the ground. Hell, you're not even outside anymore. You're lying on something soft, a mattress maybe? Instead of smelling the grass where you're sure you should be lying, a soft scent fills your nose. It's fragrant almost like flowers, but you can't tell what it is without opening your eyes to check visually. By the faint sound of the waves lapping somewhere nearby, you know exactly where you are; The Alcor.
With a soft groan escaping your lips, you crack your eyes open to see the wooden ceiling above your head, but no natural light was pouring into the room which meant it was no longer daylight outside. How long have you been out? A soft snore catches your attention from nearby, head moving to find the source when you see Kazuha sitting at the desk of your shared bedroom, head resting on his arms as he sleeps atop the no doubt uncomfortable wood. Oh no, for him to have fallen asleep like this you must have been out for a while. His hair is undone too, messy to signal he had been running his hands through it out of nervous habit when he was stressing about something.
"Kazu.." Your voice cracks under the syllable, throat dry as if you swallowed a handful of sand or cotton. You needed water if you were going to be able to say anything else to your beloved boyfriend.
As soon as Kazuha's name is croaked from your throat, he is sitting up almost instantly being the light sleeper he is, wide vermillion eyes scanning over your form for a few seconds. It takes a moment for his brain to register that you're awake, that you're trying to sit up in your shared bed. That you weren't going to die and leave him as Tomo had all that time ago. Silence hangs in the air for a few seconds, his owlish eyes blinking over at you before he is in motion, his movement fluid like the wind as he grabs you a glass of water sitting nearby.
Sitting up proves to be a whole new hassle on its own, the right side of your body burns, but with Kazuha's help, you adjust so you can drink the water he provided for you. Only now do you see the bandages covering your body, stretching from your shoulder to your fingertips and even around your torso. How badly do these wounds look under the pristine white bandages covering them?
Before you can dwell on that thought, your beloved boyfriend is moving closer to the edge of the bed, his hand reaching out to delicately cup your cheek with his warm palm.  A shaky breath breezes past Kazuha's parted lips, and as you turn to look into his vermillion eyes, you can see the glimmer of unshed tears in them. What were you thinking, scaring him like that after you knew about Tomo?
"Oh, Kazu..." Your voice is soft, a mere whisper as you lean into the touch of his palm, reaching out to brush a stray strand of his ashy blonde hair from his face. 
The very moment your fingertips come into contact with his skin, the wandering samurai looks as if he is about to start crying on the spot. Who could blame him? He had nearly lost easily one of the most important things in his life! Reaching a trembling hand up, you cup Kazuha's cheek in return in an attempt to reassure him and let him know that you are still here with him. That is all it takes for him to break in front of you, face crumbling and lip trembling slightly as his tears finally begin streaking down his pale cheeks.
You can feel your chest tighten, heart breaking at the usually strong samurai crumpling in on himself so quickly. These tears were ones you had let out before, a mixture of fear and relief at the same time after going through something so rough without being able to cry. Carefully pulling Kazuha into the bed with you, he wastes no time in snuggling up to your uninjured side, face buried against the warmth of your bare torso.
At that moment you decide that being his guardian was worth it, yes, you got hurt in the process...but you'd do anything for the anemo vision holder. He was your boyfriend and someone you couldn't live without.
You were simply two souls forever intertwined after finding each other by a mere chance of fate. 
That's how it was meant to be.
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Xinyan, setting down a card: ace of spades bitch
Kazuha, pulling out an Uno card: no, +4
Xiangling, pulling down a pokemon card: FLAREON I CHOOSE YOU
Beidou, looking at this hapenning on her ship: what the fuck do kids these days play?
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mapleleafssss · a day ago
Hello! So i really like ur works btw and saw ur requests open can i ask an angst scenario for kazuha or albedo where they are in an established relationship with reader but he fell out of love for them?? It can either be a sad ending or a happy ending!
Love is Harsh (Albedo, Kazuha x GN!Reader)
Summary: Your relationship is on the edge right now. Will you be able to let go or pull yourself up?
Warnings: Angst
a/n: I was gonna make both endings but I couldn’t find the time to😭
Tumblr media
Lately, Kazuha has been… distant. It was very unusual, because obviously, you’re his lover. Although he was distant before the relationship, he’s never been distant during the relationship.
You made up your mind. You were going to court him at the place where Kazuha confessed to you. The very thought made you nervous, but you were determined to find out.
You were determined.
“I apologize with all my heart, but my feelings discrete with yours.” The samurai said, as if it was a poem.
An overwhelming feeling washed over you, but you pushed away your feelings carelessly. “Oh…” You muttered. “That’s… That's completely fine, Kazuha.”
A tear escaped your left eye, but you wiped it away. “You could’ve just told me honestly. Though, I should’ve taken the hint.”
Kazuha looked at you with a hand on his heart. “I just feel like an intimate relationship is not the best for me at the moment.” He stated, a genuine look lingering his eyes. “But I do hope that we can still have contact.”
You shook your head. “No, no. It’s fine. Please don’t.” You assure him.
But when he sent a letter to you a few days later of his travels, he didn't get a reply back. He found it odd at first, but...
Why didn't he feel anything?
Tumblr media
Albedo had told you to come up Dragonspine today. It was unusual, as Sucrose was helping him today and he'd call you over if she wasn't available.
It's not a lie that he's been odd lately. It's like he forgot about you and would often wave when you pass by. He'd usually give you a peck or two on your cheek and nose, but...
When you did arrive, you didn't think that it was this.
"I often hear that romantic relationships are supposed to get... intimate, but I don't that's the case for us, Y/n." Albedo stated, crossing his arms.
Your mouth slightly opened in shock, but you closed it. Albedo thought that you'd be 'sad' but instead, you gave him a smile. It was the smile that showed that you were holding in something.
"I didn't expect this, but..." You paused for a mere second. "It's absolutely fine. I've noticed your lack of affection, even when we pass by on the streets of Mondstadt."
Albedo heard from numerous love stories that there would be crying of a broken heart, but this wasn't the case. "So you've noticed... I guess this is the compromise of our relationship."
"If there isn't anything else, then I'll be leaving." You said, turning away. "I knew relationships weren't your thing, but I still wanted to give it a chance."
With that, you left. After you got out of view of Albedo's campsite, you felt that feeling in your nose, as if you were going to cry. You stopped in the snow, trying to hold it in.
But you couldn't. The snow froze your tears.
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meirisuu · 11 hours ago
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had a vision that kazuha would be really good at braids
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sprayio · 2 days ago
Kazuha x Siren!reader fanart
Tumblr media
HELLO!! This is so long overdue lmfao but I finally had a chance to sit down and have a big drawing session so I got some wips in of @kazewhara ‘s amazing siren au (PLEASE CHECK IT OUT OMG ITS 3am and IM STILL BRAINROTTING OVER IT!! )
I really like all of Zuzu’s fics on it but I’ve been wanting to doodle their first interaction (the first fic where they meet) for FOREVER and I’m so happy I finally got the time for it!!
When I have time I may be nipping in to draw stuff from my favourite ccs on tumblr hehe ><
AGAIN this concept isn’t mine, please support the original fic here ;D
☆◇☆◇☆◇☆◇☆◇☆◇☆◇☆◇ Support me on Kofi ❤️
Please consider reblogging or commenting! Reminder my asks are open :)
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𝖺𝗋𝖾 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝖿𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗂𝗇 𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾? 𝖨'𝗏𝖾 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝖿𝖾𝖾𝗅𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝖺𝗋𝖾
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hanayasei-artwork · a day ago
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Kazuha and cat
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pepa-estrella-art · 2 days ago
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euphoric-author · 2 days ago
"You can say you love me but words ain't enough,"
"Then let me show you the world and more,"
I will probably write this djbdjxbbx
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4NEMO #1 - Kazuha! ♥
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hanavbara · 3 months ago
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inazuma final act⚡️⛩
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thepenguininspace · 5 months ago
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Occasionally he opens his mouth and flowers come out instead of words. 
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always with you.
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“There you are, little friend.”
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