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#kazuichi souda

“gundam is trans and kazuichi is his cis bf” “kazuichi is trans and gundam is his cis bf” you fools. they’re t4t

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good day to: mondo kinnies, monomi kinnies, RYOMA KINNIES, kazuichi simps, people who can explain the entire fnaf lore, people who understand and the danganronpa lore, imposter kinnies, warriors of hope kinnies, bitches who aren’t allowed to drink energy drinks but want to, people who have pet birds, bitches that make kandi, people who wanna look like a cartoon villain character, bitches who kin lord hater from wander over yonder, and bitches who wanna look like a mix between beetlejuice and edward scissorhands

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That last post wasn’t a joke, guys they won’t leave my mind. They’re camping in there right next to Ishimondo and pekobuki

(ull probably have to click for better quality tumblr hates me)

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danganronpa: thh :

celestia: so are we going to ignore the fact that toko is a serial killer with a split personality?

yasuhiro: yeah, i mean what else can we do

meanwhile, in danganronpa 2:

nekomaru: lmao nagito is sus, let’s tie him up in the crime scene


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  1. Blame Hiro and Ibuki for this one. It was one of those coffee-fueled, late-night decisions that seem funny at the time, but are viewed differently after a night’s rest.
  2. So, yeah. The entire squad adopted the goose they bought, because what else were they gonna do? Ibuki, Kazuichi and Teruteru got Gundham to make sure they knew how to care for it.
  3. Besides, Kaito remembered this one American show where the guys raised a duck and a chicken, so how hard could it really be? It might actually be a lot of fun for them all.
  4. Except that the goose was almost as chaotic as they were. It went around bothering people and sometimes stole things like notes and stuffed animals from everyone.
  5. But, hey, so would a dog. Not like that’s anything new, and it was cute, so there really wasn’t a problem. Besides, it made for great conversations when they explained it to the Hope’s Peak faculty.
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kazuichi being allergic to the devas

gundham has to leave them behind or else his boyfriend becomes a sniffly sneezy mess

when he’s around them, his eyes start watering and they start to itch. he feels the pressure build up in his sinuses. he can’t breathe as easily as he normally can and starts wheezing, coughing very frequently. when they crawl on him, his skin turns red.

after gundham wrapped kazuichi in his scarf for a romantic gesture, he realized what was happening. his scarf is covered with hamster fur.

one time, kaz took some benadryl before going to gundham’s cottage, but he doesn’t remember any of it. he was really sleepy and out of it the whole time.

gundham washes his clothes very often and has a designated hoodie that kaz can borrow that none of his animals are allowed on, seeing as how he’s allergic to most other furry animals as well.

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gundham with maid dress. kaz in maid dress. they go to arbys together. they commit tax fraud.

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TW; Yandere, Danganronpa Blood (pepto bismol) (just a little lel), drawing of a knife

I’m sorry I can’t put a cut on mobile

Doodled my Yandere AU Kazuichi

No I’m not romanticizing the trope, I’m not trying to be creepy or fetishistic or weird, I just think the concept is interesting and fantasy scenarios intrigue me

That out of the way, here’s my Yandere boy, his…“senpai” (idk I hate that word in a romantic sense so pretend I know something better) is Fuyuhiko, so it’s Kuzusouda hours boiii

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