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Tumblr media
mitsuya , draken , mikey , kazutora , chifuyu
➭ random headcanons i have for tokyo rev boys as boyfriends
➭ notes / warnings : all chars are bonten timeskip , kazutora’s is way too long bc im biased , gn reader , no warnings.
Tumblr media
☆ always makes sure that you two have proper meals where you sit and eat together, since he can get tied up with work and other junk and can’t be around as much as he’d like to.
☆ adores it when you cook for him. he literally could Melt.
☆ very casually touchy when you guys are alone, like grabbing your shoulders when he walks past you or standing behind you and rubbing your back if you’re doing something at the counter or table.
☆ mitsuya is a hugger. he hugs you. all the time. in his sleep, on the couch while you’re watching a show together, in the shower, he’s a hugger.
☆ noises of confirmation when you tell stories or talk to him. (humming/nodding.) he doesn’t want to interrupt you, but wants to make sure you know he’s listening.
☆ takes candid photos of you all the time.
☆ HE BUYS YOU FLOWERS!! you always have a vase of fresh flowers on your countertop.
☆ he calls you pretty a lot. he thinks you are so pretty and makes it known.
“you look so pretty right now.”
“i’ve been awake for 30 seconds. i still have sleep in my eyes.”
“you look pretty.”
☆ sometimes when mitsuya is tired he’ll just rest his head on your shoulder and mumble or groan.
☆ he is a human heater. he is so warm to sleep beside. half the time you just ditch the blanket entirely and hug him. of course he doesn’t mind one bit.
☆ he’s like a grandma sometimes.
“do you need me to sew that for you?”
“theres a hole in your sweater, let me fix it.”
“want me to patch that for you?”
☆ mitsuya pick me. pick me pick me pick m
Tumblr media
☆ teases you all the time and cracks tons of jokes. you two make so much fun of each other.
☆ always calls you on his breaks at work to ask about your day, he just likes to listen to you talk.
☆ like mitsuya he’s also very casually touchy, but not just in the confines of your own home. he likes to put an arm on your head when you stand next to him or pat and hold onto your thigh when you’re sitting together.
☆ get’s you to help him do his hair in the mornings when he’s way to tired to.
☆ speaking of mornings, if you live together, draken 90% of the time relies on you to get him up in the mornings.
he gets used to you sweetly waking him up, which eventually turns into him sleeping through his alarms and you drumming on his chest to get him to wake up and turn them off.
☆ sleeps like a rock, and is about as heavy as one too.
☆ god forbid you have somewhere to be on his days off. he is not waking up unless the world sets on fire.
“ken, wake up i gotta start getting ready.”
“wake up holy shit you are literally crushing me.”
☆ he’s just shnooorrreee mimimi
☆ normally makes breakfast for himself when he wakes up before work, and always leaves you a portion of what he made in the fridge.
☆ love love loves taking you for rides on his bike. literally his favourite thing to do with you.
☆ not much of a date person? he’d much rather order food and hangout with you at home where you can both relax.
☆ i like to think you guys would try to invite everyone over every so often, and it brings draken a lot of warmth to see how well you get along with his found family around a table of food and far too many drinks.
☆ (also loves to watch you bicker with mikey.)
☆ draken is someone who most definitely treasures a somewhat domestic lifestyle with you. just waking up next to someone, eating dinner with them, and leaving leftovers for the other are things he never really got to witness outside of media growing up.
☆ (you are his first real home :sob:)
Tumblr media
☆ this is in my own little world where mikey got to be happy post-tenjiku like everyone else ok.
☆ a relationship with mikey would not be something that happens quickly at all. it takes a lot for him to be open and vulnerable with another person in a way he generally never has been with anyone else.
☆ so when you two start going out, you’re already beyond comfortable with each other, and have an immense amount of trust.
☆ he’s not a sappy person whatsoever, so he shows his affection by teasing you or just random acts of kindness / gift giving.
“by the way i fixed that problem with the spark plug on your bike you mentioned.”
“oh, i went back and got you that sweater i saw you eyeing at the mall the other day.”
☆ mikey and you don’t go out to big restaurants or anywhere crowded. but he does take you out a lot.
☆ you two will race down the streets of shibuya to go to your favourite cafe, or hangout at your favourite park long after dark so you’re alone.
☆ (mikey will break every road rule for a parfait.)
☆ alternatively, you two go out to eat with his friends a lot. hot pot, barbecue, bar hopping, anything. normally its you, mikey, draken, takemichi and occasionally emma and hina.
☆ you two do however also do your fair share of staying at home.
☆ mikey really treasures his alone time with you, because thats his prime time to relax and let down his walls.
☆ he loves to lay with you and tell stories about his time with shinichiro as a kid.
☆ mikey always insists you guys should watch a movie and order in on lazy nights.
he then proceeds to eat his share of food (and a good bit of yours) in 5 minutes and falls asleep on top of you 20 minutes into the movie. his ass his not waking up, get comfy.
☆ mornings with mikey are a coin flip. he’s either grumpy and refuses to get out of bed or just sleepy. normally the grumpy can be subsided with a few extra minutes in bed of messing with his hair.
☆ overall, your relationship with mikey is a very special one and he is trying his very best. you’re helping him to heal.
Tumblr media
☆ literally my scrungly.
☆ he is the sweetest bf i do not CAREEE my ass is not listening he’s amazing.
☆ like draken, he calls you on all of his breaks, sometimes will convince u to come down to the pet shop and see him.
“but theres the cutest kitten here you have to come meet him!”
so you go down.
“where’s the kitten?”
“aww you just missed him, he got adopted in the 10 minutes it took you to get here. lets hangout since you’re here anyway!”
☆ you’ve really gotta stop falling for it.
☆ he sweet talks you into eventually adopting a kitten with him. that cat is so spoiled.
☆ being in a relationship with kazutora is just…comfy. you guys are just used to eachother.
☆ you two make breakfast together on the mornings when you have time, and go back and forth on who gets to decide what you eat.
(kazutora just lets you decide most of the time.)
☆ kazutora’s rather clingy with you. sometimes he gets a little insecure about it, but a little reassurance and he’ll be just fine.
☆ always puts your legs on his lap when you sit on the couch together or kisses your cheek when your pass him. he loves to play with your hair, fingers, hoodie strings, he just likes to be touching you.
☆ he’s not the same way in public, pda isn’t really his thing, but he is aaaaalways holding your hand. his friends have most definitely poked fun at him for it.
☆ sometimes kazutora struggles when it comes to being a good partner, since he never exactly had a great example growing up. but he really does try his best, and wants to make things work with you as best as he can.
☆ id say he is doing a fantastic job personally! he’s always very careful with you.
☆ hugs you in your sleep, don’t you dare wake him up he’s comfy.
☆ takes notes of things like candles and drinks and snacks that you like so he can make sure you’ve always got them at home.
☆ lots of midnight gas station snack runs, and hanging out in the car in some empty parking lot.
☆ im starting to see a reoccurring theme here, but you guys stay home instead of going out most nights. he enjoys having you to himself, in the comfort of your little home together.
☆ you make dinner together, with some shitty soap opera you both make fun of playing in the background, bickering at each other throughout the process.
“no, tora, the heats too high it’s gonna burn.”
“im watching it babe its not gonna burn.”
“i don’t wanna have to remake it if it burns just turn—“
“i’m not gonna burn it im right here.”
☆ you are very happy and gross and domestic together.
Tumblr media
☆ i think chifuyu would be your boyfriend and your bestie.
☆ you like to hangout, and chifuyu gossips. idc. that boy likes to dish. he tells u about all the wack job customers he gets.
“so this chick starts FREAKING the hell out when we tell her no, we can’t refund the cat food you bought and already used.”
“kazutora is trying not to pop a vein, she’s banging on the counter, i have no fuckin’ idea whats even going on—“
☆ it’s the average dinner conversation in your house.
☆ chifuyu will get stuck working late a lot, when he comes home he just absolutely crashes onto you.
☆ except u have to go to bed with him for him to actually fall asleep. soz if you had something you had to do, chifuyu said its bed time.
☆ looking at chifuyu matured and living a normal lifestyle, sometimes you wonder how he used to be in such a huge gang.
☆ he is the biggest baby.
☆ you two have your own little schedule and routines. chifuyu makes breakfast, you make dinner, you do laundry, he does dishes, etc.
☆ he likes to take you out on your days off. local restaurants mainly. sometimes you just get drive through food and go on drives around the city while chifuyu steals your french fries.
☆ he’s clingy but not in the same way kazutora is.
☆ he’ll text you lots throughout the day, will poke at you to tease you, ruffle your hair, stuff like that.
☆ you guys have a pet together, and you let chifuyu pick the name of the stray black cat you adopted.
☆ he named him kei. (bawls my fucking eyes out.)
☆ i do not doubt chifuyu takes up all of the space in your shared bed. he falls asleep holding you on his side and wakes up horizontal, with you somehow still on the bed underneath him.
☆ you sleep in his clothes a lot and every single time he’ll say some stupid shit like “nice shirt, where’d you get it?
☆ i feel like chifuyu would associate songs with you. sometimes he’ll play a song in the car and say :
“this song makes me think of you.”
☆ kickin my feet a lil….
☆ life with chifuyu is a very good one, where you both relish in each other’s company and really are best friends.
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Tumblr media
( CONTENT WARNINGS ) ⑉ afab-reader, explicit smut, predator play, dub-con, oral acts, cunnilingus, unprotected, cum play. word count — 1.3k
( SYNOPSIS ) ⑉ Kazutora just wants a taste of the bewitching angel that occasionally stops by his pet shop.
( NOTES ) ⑉ based on this request. hope you like it :'> i didn't actually think i was gonna able to pull this off. I'm glad how this turned out at the end.
Tumblr media
Angelic. That was the only word that flashed through his mind when Kazutora Hanemiya first laid his eyes on you as you walked into his life at a weeping dusk.
Being the halo of the moon, Hanemiya always had trouble speaking his mind and expressing himself in presence of others.
But when you gazed back at him with the slightest curve along the corner of your lips his heart thundered amongst his velvet bones of the ribcage screaming nothing but ‘my moon.’
At that moment, a feeble voice at the bottom of his heart told him that he found his moon.
Wait, wait and wait. All he could do was wait for you to look back at him every time you visited the pet shop, but you never did.
So, his flickering light of hope was becoming feeble day by day thinking the first time you glanced at him was merely a fluke, an eclipse.
The hardest part for him is to watch you gleam whenever Chifuyu greeted you with his handsome smile. You looked so soaked in his warm affection that it almost made his soul burn in affliction.
Secretly, you had an idea why the ebb of your emotions didn’t reach him, the cold shore that remained deprived of the madness of the abyss only you could offer, an abyss of a new moon who swallowed her halo.
The way he became stiff, the way he tore away his gaze when you brushed Chifuyu’s shirt to get rid of the dirt, the way he faded into the storeroom - declared it all, proved how hungry he was for your attention. Perhaps, your touch.
Every thought of you that started with touching himself at the lonely fark corner of the storeroom recoiled like a wire at the urge to soak you in his wild desires.
But he was a fool to hope for such a miracle, more stupid even to think that his dearest friend didn’t get a whiff of this whirlpool going on between them.
“Tora, you remember y/n right?”, he froze at the mention of your name. Great, couldn't he be more obvious! And of course, he remembers, why wouldn't he? You have been snapping every ounce of his sanity.
“Well, I’ll be visiting Baji-san’s mom tomorrow. Y/n might come tomorrow, probably around closing hours. She mentioned taking some photographs for a survey. Oye ka-zu-to-ra are you listening?”
“Yeah, Alright! I’ll take care of it.”, and then he carefully kept the kitten in the cage before indulging himself in work again. Chifuyu didn’t stir the silence in him. He knew if he would, Kazutora might get a boner just talking about you.
While Kazutora was in the dark about why on earth you were so cold to him, Chifuyu had an idea since you bluntly mentioned that the silent ones are your type; over a smoke. 
Kazutora was restless throughout his entire shift. His amber iris would flash on to the door every time the bell chimed.
On most days, that sound was nothing but an annoyance even today until you walked it and the very ring turned into a sweet melody.
It was quite an ordeal to hold his grin but when you ignored him as usual and strolled in the shop in search of the sunshine boy, Matsuno all you were bestowed with was Hanemiya’s vexed stares.
“Is ‘Fuyu not here?”, 
“Why ? do you like him?”, that wasn’t just curiosity in his voice. You did a quick scan on him and he was so easy to fathom from the beginning, it was placid possessiveness.
With that familiar smirk plastered at the edge of your face, you responded, “He’s nice but I don’t like him.” You shifted your eyes to him for a moment before standing at arm’s length looking at the empty cage along his way of vision.
And for the first time, you noticed a smile on his face. It was hard to decipher since his smile reeked of something you wanted, something he wanted, something both of you wanted. 
Each time he looked away, you watched him and each time you looked away he watched you, atleast you hoped for it.
“Then, want me to show you around ?”, his voice so mellowed yet so bold. That alone sent sparks of fire along your nerves. All you could manage to do was to nod locking your eyes on him.
It’s so silent here. He showed you around the pet shop but he was always behind watching you. The moment Kazutora locked the door of the room, you could feel his eyes boring into you.
You didn’t speak, and if you had to you owe him an apology for tormenting him for a month. 
It was almost electrifying when he stood behind you, his breath fanning your nape. You could feel him smile, but the moment you tried to turn around he grabbed you by your waist.
His body was warm, unlike his touch that slowly roamed under your shirt, grabbing the fleshy mounds.
“ Ah Fuck, you smell just like I imagined”, he whispers rubbing his nose against your nape as he strongly squeezes your boobs.
A low whimper escaped your lips as you felt his cold calloused fingers rubbing your pussy against the thin membrane. “Please… Please”, 
“Please what angel ?”, he rasped as he pressed his heavy bulge against your ass. 
“Please fuck me, Tora”, and god sounded so pathetic but all your desperate plea didn’t go in vain. You heard a light smirk before he rolled you placing against the work surface. 
One of his hands held you by your waist to keep you in place while the other was already exploring your folds. Under the reflex, your hands flew at his shoulders as he started to rub your folds, moving his fingers two and fro.
God, you wanted to kiss him, his soft peachy lips but you knew he would deny it just to swell in delight.
You’re totally at his mercy, helplessly moaning his name begging him to fuck you. “You made me wait so long, Angel. At least you could do the same for me”, his words laced your skin with goosebumps.
He pulled away his hand just before reaching your high, leaving you all aching and tears pooling at the corners of your eyes.
You were so weak from the overstimulation when he stared at you with insatiable hunger as he jocked down in between your thighs. One broad lick made you squeal and squirm in pleasure.
“Please…”, but your soft cry turned him on making him suck on your nub.
“Please no more !”, you cried once again earning his doe-eyed gaze. 
You noticed a slight curve of amusement along his lips. And as he stood up with his mouth and nose slick wet from your arousal you couldn’t help but kiss him. 
He didn’t resist like you thought he would. Instead, his arms snaked along your inner things pulling you closer to his body and rubbing his cock against your pussy.
You broke the kiss feeling his heavy cock against yours. You were so swept by the pleasure that you didn’t notice when he had sprung his cock free. 
Kazutora has been waiting for this so long yet seeing you begging like this, deluded in orgasm he couldn’t wait to thrust his cock into your cunt.
“Look at me, look at me while I fuck you”, he remarks guiding your chin towards his face as he sheaths himself into you. 
You were already so aroused that it didn’t take many strokes to have you cum on his cock. A few broad, heavy strokes and you creamed around his aroused cock. Heavenly.
Kazutora pulled out and before you could say anything he shut you up with a kiss as he pumped his cock to get his release. The sound of the doorknob startled both of you, it was just peke-j.
Kazutora knew he didn’t have the guts to share his dark angel with his pal, Chifuyu, with anyone as he watched his cum shoot all over your lower belly.
Tumblr media
⌗ tags — @michiphoria @manjiroscum @haitaniapologist @8kh
⌗ networks — @downtown-roponggi @tokyometronetwork
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spicym3i · 18 hours ago
tr peeps in a hot 14 hour long road trip 👀
I smell death and agony ahead 💀 thanks for the request!!
TR peeps and long road trips
Inui, Mikey, Wakasa, Ran
On their last string of sanity
Koko, Draken, Rindou, Kazutora, Yuzuha
Takes that light reflection and shines it on people
Hanma, Baji, Smiley, Sanzu
“I spy with my little eye….”
Hanma, Emma, Chifuyu, Hakkai, Angry
“500 bottles of rum on the wall, 500 bottles of rum..”
Shinichiro, Sanzu, Senju, Ran
Staring out the window with earphones in, imagining they in a music video
Izana, Takemitchi, Emma, Hakkai
Has to piss at every gas station
Mikey, Takemitchi, Kazutora, Hakkai
*literally in the middle of nowhere* “Are we there yeeeetttt??????!”
Ran, Taiju, Hanma, Senju, Mikey
The poor driver
Mitsuya, Draken, Koko, Kakucho, Benkei
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animekingfans · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kazutorasgloryhole · 2 days ago
6:58 pm
Tumblr media
tw: minor chubby descriptions, consensual somnophilia, thigh fucking
Tumblr media
when ever you’re asleep kazutora loves stuffing his hard throbbing cock in between your soft thick thighs. slowly thrusting in between, his hands placed on your hips, moaning softly carefully trying to not to disrupt your sleep. “fuck, princess.” his other hands gripping your thighs enjoying how plush and soft the skin is. “‘m gonna cum, princess.” he moans thrusting his cock faster between your thighs. sensitive cock ready to cum and with a couple thrusting he makes sure to cum directly in between your thighs, making it sticky and kissing your shoulders before going back to bed.
Tumblr media
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reallyromealone · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We are writing each other's comfort characters with a ballerina boyfriend please check out @gaybitchfx they are writing smiley my beloved
Please enjoy
Warning: pet names (baby, good boy), power bottom reader, sub top Kazutora
Tumblr media
Kazutora had a problem.
Well it wasn't a problem but it was distracting.
Really distracting.
On the floor in their apartment was his beloved boyfriend doing stretches, legs completely stretched out and his plump tight covered ass on display to Kazutora to look at and god did he look. Leaning against the doorframe he just stared at his boyfriend stretching into positions.
You see (name) was a danseur, a male ballerina and God was he hot in those tight clothes.
"Tora? When did you get back?" (Name) asked curiously as he moved to sit Cross-legged on the floor and looking at his boyfriend with a soft smile "not too long ago angel, what are you doing?"
"Just stretches and then I'm gonna practice a few moves" (name) said as Kazutora helped him stand up "how was work?" (Name) asked softly as they were now standing nose to nose "it was good, missed you" kazutora said wrapping his arms around (name)s waist and holding him close.
Kazutora was always a little insecure (name) learned early on and always needed reassurance when they were in the mood "I wanna practice some leg extensions...wanna help?" And when Kazutora nodded (name) grinned "you cool if I use your shoulder as a leg rest?"
"Sure..." Was all he got as Kazutoras pupils were blown wide "thank you tora..."
And with that (name) lifted his leg high, back arched and his shin resting on Kazutoras shoulder the yellow eyed man's crotch close to (name)s ass as (name) slowly moved his body back to grind slightly and grinned at the soft moan that escaped the others lips "I wanna try another position... Can you hold my hips baby?"
"Great! Thank you tora!"
And with that (name) moved so his back was flush against Kazutoras chest and the others hands firmly holding his hips as (name) completely folded himself to touch his toes as his ass was completely flesh against the others crotch and grinned when Kazutora began gently rocking his hips with a pathetic moan and (name) rocked back "Such a pervert Tora... Grinding into me when you're helping with stretches" as if (name) didn't orchestrate this to get his back blown by his shy boyfriend "s-sorry..." Kazutora said meekly with a halfie in his pants.
"Poor thing.... Lemme help you" was all that (name) said as he gently backed Kazutora onto the couch before removing his tight clothing, completely naked before a fully dressed Kazutora "lemme take care of you baby" a soft kiss to Kazutoras nose before undoing his belt and jeans, fishing out his leaking cock "poor baby..." (Name) said gently tracing his finger up the vein of Kazutoras cock and watching the other shudder before going into his knees and in one go deep throating his pretty tiger.
"S-shit!" Kazutora cried out as he felt the tightness of his boyfriends throat as he began bucking into the others warm mouth, glancing down to see (name) staring at him hazily as he bobbed greedy.
It never took long for Kazutora to cum from a blowjob, cumming down (name)s throat as some spilt down his chin and Kazutora almost came again as he saw (name) collect the remaining from his face and lick it like it was frosting.
"Such a good boy tora~ let me take care of you" kazutora groaned as he felt (name)s lubed and pre prepped ass rub against his already hard cock and that confirmed his suspicions that (name) planned this "look but don't touch tora" (name) gently cupped Kazutoras jaw before lowering himself into Kazutoras cock and Kazutora watched (name) as he let out a gasp like moan and removed a hand to touch his stomach before beginning to rock his hips, (name) watching Kazutora struggle not to touch him.
He wanted to do bad, he would do anything to touch his pretty skin.
"G-good boy!" (Name) said as he rode Kazutoras cock, wrapping his arms around the others neck before licking up his pulse point "always so good for me, aren't you baby?"
Kazutora let out a breathy moan, face flush as he nodded "yes! I'm a good boy!"
"And good boys cum when I tell them yeah?"
Kazutora nodded and yelped when (name) nipped his collar bone "verbal baby"
"Then cum" (name) commanded and watched Kazutora crumble beneith him as he filled his ass with warm sticky cum (name) cumming seconds after.
"Good job baby, so good" (name) praised sweetly and slowly removed himself off Kazutoras limp cock "let's go take a bath yeah?"
Kazutora nodded as he let his lover lead him to the bathroom, body shaking from that orgasm.
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sano-manjirou-2 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tokyo revengers
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tokyorevroles · a day ago
*brushes kazutora's long hair* kazutora you are such a pretty boy! ♡
*nervous* "I...thank you, you're very pretty too, could I call you that way? Pretty...that sounds nice...please don't stop brushing"
Tumblr media
©️ unknown if you know pls dm me!
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pseudopeachy · 2 days ago
Kazutora: Chifuyu won’t come out of his room
Baji: Just tell him I said something
Kazutora: Like what?
Baji: Anything factually incorrect
got it from here lmaooo they fit in perfectly <33
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dumbellhoney · 3 hours ago
Me n @r0ck3t-r4v3 collabed on making little lockscreens for ourselves!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ladyviciousart · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here is something 😊
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clovers-garden-co · 23 hours ago
I’m dead.
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spicym3i · 18 hours ago
Hi Hi can I request things TR characters do that would irritate people. (Examples pouring milk and then cereal, biting a KitKat instead of breaking it, opening a chip bag the wrong side up, etc)
Oh my gosh Connor 💀 This request if beautiful
Please don’t come after me for this….
Irritating/Odd habits the TR peeps have
Milk first, then cereal
Mikey, Ryusei, Inui, Kazutora, Hakkai
Doesn’t break the kit-kat
Draken, Baji, Taiju, Senju, Kakucho, Benkei
Doesn’t leave the room when they’re on a phone call
Ran, Shinichiro, Emma, Izana, Koko
Pokes a hole in the center of a chip bag
Mikey, Chifuyu, Hanma, Koko, Yuzuha, Hanma, Hina
Plays music out loud in public
Ran, Taiju, Shinichiro, Chifuyu, Hakkai
Wears waaaay to much cologne
Sanzu, Rindou, Ryusei, Izana, Smiley, Takemitchi
Puts empty containers back in the fridge
Hanma, Wakasa, Angry, Takemitchi, Inui
Leaves the toilet seat up
Hanma, Sanzu, Baji, Smiley, Izana, Ryusei
Talks with their mouth open
Shinichiro, Mikey, Hanma, Koko, Kazutora
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ghostlybaji · a day ago
Thinking about Baji with a septum piercing 
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levilover124 · a day ago
Tumblr media
He’s so precious to me ❤️
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shirotume · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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