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#kc rambles

I’m listening to for him after years and I’m not kidding when I say I’m being hit by ALL the Klance feels. Legit, ALLLLLL of them are attacking me right now and I just


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(One of the first few gifs that sourced my intense love for them. Thank you fandom for always being there when canon fails. ❤💙)

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How have you all been doing? Have I missed out on anything new in the fandom or otherwise?

Feel free to ask me some questions if you wanna catch up. In the meantime, I’m gonna try to get to as many old asks as I can. :D

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find someone who looks at you the way tessa looks at mo and his bedhead

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was watching tessa’s live with the arkells and MO JUST POPPED OUT OF NOWHERE IM???!

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Is trying to draw 92-104 comic pages in under 6 months a bad idea?

cuz I’m like… 27 pages in and starting to think I might be in over my head?

And my brother said “wtf are you doing? Do you hate yourself? 100pages in SIX MONTHS?”

And I’m just trying to figure out if I’m doing that thing again where I try to do more than healthily capable or not?

Because theoretically 92-104 pages sounds doable by June 2020?

But I’m also starting to get the ‘demon thoughts’ that tell me I’m wasting my time and energy on my current project and that robotically ramming through 92-104 pages will waste far MORE of my time and energy.

And I mean, I trust my friends and siblings to reassure me that my project isn’t a waste of time… but I also don’t trust them to not be lying to me to at least SOME extent as to not hurt my feelings.

So back on topic!

104 pages in 6 months?  Crazy or Not Crazy?

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Whelp.  I played one hour more than my “TURN IT OFF” alarm.  Over all that’s good.

Gabumon became Monochromon and we had fun.  We recruited

and Centarumon.

Hauled dirt for Drimogemon,
Kicked a different Drimogemon’s ass,
got killed by Tyranomon,
Learned four new attacks through raw unadulterated book learning, and like… one through combat despite my best efforts to learn magmabomb from Goburimon.

Monochromon had faded away of natural causes and before going birthed an egg.

I didn’t pick the game so I ain’t picking the egg.
Choose egg 1,2,3 or 4.

Until then I chase Wallis and get back to work.

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Legit I just wanna live in a van like Jennelle Eliana. Rent here is just too expensive, and I don’t wanna stay with my homophobic family anymore.

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Dino coloring from a while ago! I forgot to post it… ^^; The last one was me trying to use all the colors in the 64 box of crayons; I only had a little bit left but it was all browns!

Tan, burnt sienna, tumbleweed, apricot… there were like 5 or 6, all brownish or orange-y or peachy! It’s because I don’t have any people in the books I got, and cartoon animals = “colorful!” in my head.

The blue one was me using all the blues and purples I missed, but there were only 3 or 4? So it was easier and came out nicer.

(it still felt like winter here so everything i made got warm colors! if there’s no sun i’ll just draw one ☀️)

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