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sprucewoodmpreg · 3 days ago
best part abt trafficblr is how fucking nuts everyone goes for even a scrap of a cool concept. one of the CCs was like “yeah the golden apples are a little buggy right now, so we can’t use them” and 24 hours later you have art of people dramatically severing their soulbonds via golden apple, complete with garden of eden/forbidden fruit parallels. theres an ENDLESS amount of content that’ll immediately pop up about the most mundane of concepts and yet the writers and artists all somehow manage to absolutely nail it. how the hell 
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secretlysheikah · 9 months ago
STOP! This is a mandatory rest station! Time to take a drink of water and breathe for a moment.
Please pick up a heart container on your way out, and don’t forget how amazing you are. Feel a bit better? Good, carry on.
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Me when i see a lokius account :
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acciohanbrough · a year ago
alex : * breaths *
magnus :
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hjbender · 9 months ago
I know you’ve left the fandom, but I recently finished my second read through of In Side Out and I just had to come tell you how amazing that series is to me. In all my years of reading fics in many different fandoms, I don’t think I’ve thought about one as much as I’ve thought of that one.
Your writing is one of my favorites, you’ve made me experience every emotion ever, and most importantly but probably at my expense, you’ve made me fall even harder for Thorki.
Thank you so so much for sharing your writing for as long as you have, and for putting so much effort and time into your work. It truly pays off.
That's 140,636 words. 140, 636 words you read just for fun. Because you liked them. I--
Tumblr media
Thank you, anon. This is such a wonderful compliment and you've made me so incredibly happy to receive it. Literally the highlight of my day! The thorki fandom is fantastic, and even though I'm not actively creating content for it at the moment, I'm still very much in it (and in love with it) and enjoying watching the action from the sidelines ❤
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mushroom-gt · a year ago
shoutout to trans giants, we’re out here doing god’s work
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chuuyasonlyfans · a year ago
the Todoroki family dinner with their significant others would be so chaotic
where raging lesbian Fuyumi has brought home Mirko who enjoys eating the Mapo Tofu her girlfriend has made and they both can't stop being sappy which disgusts endeavor a lot
endeavor is just fine with the fact that hawks is his elder most son's partner but isn’t happy with his villain son who is after both his career and life even at the dinner table
Midoriya is having a mental breakdown to finally meet Rei. he chooses to ignore the fact that endeavor is glaring him every second while Shoto sips his soba silently counting his boyfriend's freckles
Natsuo. FUCKING NATSUO tries not to laugh every time his s-rank nationwide wanted villain husband Shigaraki Tomura interacts with the number one hero.
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cyberdevil04 · 4 months ago
I love the fact that when you search up peacemaker on here, most of what comes up is vigilante fanfiction.
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fearlessmind28 · 9 months ago
Thanks to all the updates accounts
@louisgalaxy @dailytomlinson @hldailyupdate @quetzal-28 @louistomlinsoncouk and the rest of the blogs I didn't mention cause my memory is lacking today 🤧 sorry.... Also all the great fans that shared clips and pics, to see the dash packed with beautiful Louis content means the world to many of us, cause he's our shining rocknroll indie star 🌟 so massive Thank You for the hard work and dedication 👏 ❤
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zeussim · a year ago
Tumblr media
It's called V2 because I made a lace dress set for the female frame which wasn't "scandalous" either. It's literally a reference to my first Scandalace because it was so successful. Furthermore, don't assume the connotation of a word just because you've seen it used in a negative way. In this case it means "shocking" as in will shock you because it looks too good and also because the sets are sexy. And yes for me scandalous = sexy.
Now, I am in a foul mood this morning so I apologise but the set's been out for 9 months and you're the first person to remark upon it. Also it doesn't seem like you know me so A) new follower B) only comes for the cc.
Both are fine but it takes away your right to criticise me for smth I named a cc set 9 months ago. If you'd known me you would have seen my posts on how the young Eddie Izzard was really sexy with feminine clothes and makeup. And how I think men that wear dresses look oh so good and that everybody regardless of gender should wear dresses. But you don't know that and you don't know the posts that went ahead of me releasing that set. You just assumed that I thought it was disgraceful for men to wear dresses even though I spent HOURS making the beautiful set and perfecting it. WHY would I use a negative connotation with something I spent hours of my life on?
Normally, if someone had complaints such as these I would listen but this is simply too one-sided and I cannot get behind scandalous having only a negative connotation.
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fearthefuzzybear · 7 months ago
i leave for 2 hours and now everyone is like "oh x snores like shnrzzzz oh jimmy snores like snonk shpoooo" whats up with that
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slasherboyos · 6 months ago
it made my day! 💕 (marko art post)
Oml your art is one of my favorite pieces of fanart that I’ve seen of Marko. The vibes are just… immaculate……AUDNIWSJ
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tigerseye46 · a year ago
If you're still taking prompts, might I put one in for #16 with Chimerashipping where it's Mei and Red asking MK for art lessons? I think it'd be cute! It can just be platonic Traffic Light Trio if you're more comfortable with that.
Yep! I’m still taking prompts! Hope I can do this ship justice!
16. Teach me how to [insert skill here]?
Red and Mei sat there on MK’s bed, waiting for Pigsy to let him off of work. They were looking at various things in MK’s room, well it was mostly Mei, the boy never seemed to mind so they could do what they wanted while waiting. Mei picked up MK’s sketchbook.
“Hey, don’t touch that! Could be personal!” Red yelled, Mei kissed his cheek in response with the demon’s hair flaming up slightly at the contact.
“It will be fine. MK sometimes shows me his sketches. I just want to take a peek.” She opened MK’s sketchbook to a random page, she gasped and Red leaned over to see what she was looking at, he was astonished. The sketch they had seen was MK, Mei and Red. The demon was in the middle, his arms wrapped around both of them, all of them had blushes on their face.
“Wow…” Red stared at the drawing with adoration. “This is beautiful.”
Mei nodded. “Hey! We should ask him to teach us when he gets back!”
“Wh-what? You sure?”
“Yea! He’s so great at it! I’ve always wanted to learn!”
“Hmmm, me too. He has a lot of talent.”
“Yes he does! Let’s ask him soon!” Red nodded as he flipped to another page, every sketch was so unique and gorgeous.
It wasn’t until a few minutes went by that Xiaotian came upstairs, he didn’t have a chance to take off his shoes before the two appeared right in his face. He yelped and was about to ask them what they were doing when Mei suddenly asked, “Teach us how to draw?”
“H-huh?” Were all that escaped from Xiaotian’s lips.
Red coughed and wrapped an arm around Xiaotian’s waist. “What she’s trying to say is, can you teach us to draw like you do? We were looking at your sketchbook and we wanted to draw.”
“O- okay. My sketches aren’t that good...” Mei and Red glared at him. “What?”
Mei punched him in the shoulder lightly. “You’re a great artist, MK!”
“She’s right! Now Noodle Boy, are you going to teach us?”
“O-okay!” He smiled brightly, he gestured for them to sit down on the bed, he grabbed the sketchbook that was laying there and flipped to a new page. He passed them blank pieces of paper along with three pencils and gave one to each of them. “So ummm… what you do first is draw a circle,” he explained and drew a perfect circle. Red and Mei tried to repeat his actions but their circles were sloppy, they winced. “Don’t worry! A perfect circle is hard to do!”
“You seem like you have it handled, Noodle Boy.”
“Well I have been doing this for a long time!”
Mei nodded and kissed MK’s cheek. “He’s been drawing ever since we were kids! He’s always had a talent for it.”
“Mei…” he muttered and blushed.
“What? I’m telling the truth.” She wrapped an arm around his neck and leaned into him, MK turned more red.
“S-so what you do is you outline the pose of what you want to draw,” he said and drew a pose of a figure holding up something. The two’s eyes sparkled, it wasn’t even finished and it was already so amazing. “Now you work on actually drawing the thing you want to draw.” He stuck his tongue as he concentrated on drawing, he moved his hand to brush some eraser shavings off. When it was finished, it was a drawing of the Monkey King, holding his staff up high on a small rock. “Done!”
Red kissed the Noodle Boy on the lips. “You are amazing!”
Mei hugged MK. “You are!”
MK stuttered, “Tha-thanks… you two should try!”
The two nodded and began sketching for a few minutes. They showed their sketches to MK, it was ummm… “How did we do, MK?” Mei questioned.
The monkey boy observed the sketches, the head Red had drawn was disproportional, the feet were weird. For Mei, the hands were off and the hair didn’t look great at all. He winced. “Uhhhh… it’s great?”
The demon looked at him. “Really?”
“You can tell us it sucks! We won’t mind!”
“Well… uhhhh, Red, the head and feet are,” he coughed, “kinda weird and Mei, the hands and hair need some work. But that’s okay! You’re still learning! I’ll show you!” He took the pieces of paper from them and started showing them how to refine them, the two nodded as he politely pointed out the flaws. The two fixed their sketches, it wasn’t perfect but it was better than what they had originally. “Wow! Those look great!” He complimented in all sincerity.
“Thanks, Noodle Boy. It’s not as good as yours!”
MK held his hand and shook his head. “It’s still good! Every artist has their own unique style! It just takes time to develop, it’s hard work but it’s fun!”
Red and Mei cooed and Red kissed his cheek. “You’re right! I think we’ll get it down in no time if we just keep practicing!”
Red nodded and wrapped an arm around both of them. “Well we should relax a bit. What do you two want to do now?”
MK and Mei pondered for a bit before they shouted, “CUDDLING!” MK put their sketches on his bedside table and they flopped onto the bed. They peppered kisses across Red’s face.
“We can sketch more later!” The monkey boy stated. “I’ll teach you all kinds of things!”
“I don’t doubt that, Noodle Boy.” He contently sighed. “I love you both.”
Mei replied, “We love you too!”
They continued giving each other affection until later when Xiaotian gave them more art lessons, none of the art the two made believed was perfect but in their partner’s eyes, it was and he would continue to teach them art with a happy smile in his face as he basked at the love and happiness both had when he taught them.
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terreurs · a year ago
bisexuality is so cool
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fitzrains · a year ago
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!!
taako artwork that just looks like Justin in a pointy hat is GOD TIER
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thehoneymushroomhealer · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hello my little mushrooms! It’s your Munster speaking! I wanted to show off the positively delightful commission I bought from @clownplague , It was a lovely early birthday gift I got for myself!
It’s my beloved Goose and Thicket having some father+son book time! I positively adore his style, Clown-plague was incredibly polite, very friendly, and their commission prices are totally affordable! I would definitely like to get another commission sometime in the future! I most assuredly recommend them, so be sure to check them out! Even if it’s not for a commission he’s very funny and makes lovely art! 
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me, waking up and checking tumblr: okay hellsite what do you have for me today
tumblr: *jatt doyle*
me: what the fu-
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spn-moosechester · a year ago
Sometimes I forget how powerful the Supernatural fandom and their influence is.
Like the fact that collectively we were able to raise a hashtag to trending on Twitter????
Tumblr media
I’m stunned.
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therealterriblelizard · a year ago
Death-Scout’s Au
Lea: Hey Roxas, check out my new outfit! Xion picked it ou-
Roxas: *Covering his eyes* NO! Every time you get a new outfit, somewhere your skin is showing! Last time it was your ass! I can’t hanDLE THIS ANYMORE!
Xion: *Hiding with her camera* Damn, you are no fun Roxas.
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Tumblr media
His Name.
@eternalglitch 's fanfic: "Like Father Like Son"
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