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#kei tsukishima
chatterbox73 · a day ago
Kinktober 2021.
Day 20 - Degradation.
Kei Tsukishima x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This story is a smut story for kinktober, I’ll be writing more characters x reader one shots for kinktober and if you want to see a character please let me know...
You must be 18 years or older to read this...
Summary: you want to have your first time with Tsukishima, however he is convinced you’re not ready. Though after you acting like a brat Tsukishima loses his temper and you like it, maybe a little too much and so he decides to show you how mean he can be to brats like you.
Word count: 1k
CW: NSFW and adult content, degradation, unprotected sex, rough sex, first time (reader), mention of masturbation, oral (m!receiving) and daddy kink.
Tumblr media
You had been with Tsukishima since high school, so for about three year and in that time you and Tsukishima have never had sex… well Tsukishima did have sex once before with someone else before your relationship, which you didn’t mind of course. However you had wanted to try it with Tsukishima for a while now, so you had decided to asked Tsukishima about having sex.
“Hey Tsukki, can I ask you about something?” You asked as you sat down at the floor table “yeah, what do you want?” Tsukishima asked in a blasé tone, you felt your face go red as you slowly built the courage to ask him about sex. “I was wondering… I want… if we… maybe we can…” you stammered and Tsukishima just raised a brow at you, “maybe we can what?” He smirked while you just shrunk back into yourself. “I just thought…” you mumbled and Tsukishima sighed in annoyance, “you just thought what? I could finally fuck you” he chuckled.
Tsukishima knew you weren’t ready, however he also knew about how desperate you were getting and the late night pleasure sessions in bathroom when you thought Tsukishima was asleep.
Your face went bright red and your eye as wide as dinner plates, Tsukishima instantly stopped chuckling when he caught your expression, “no, you’re not ready” he stated flatly and you were shocked, “what… I… I’m an adult, I can do it if I want” you muttered. “Oh you’re an adult huh?” Tsukishima quipped as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “you could’ve fooled me” he crossed his arms, at this point you were so annoyed with him… who was he to tell you, you’re not ready… “well it seems like you’re easily fooled and besides if you won’t give it to me, I’m sure someone else will” you huffed and got up to make your way to the bed, Tsukishima felt an uncontrollable rage twist in his stomach.
Tsukishima followed after you, he grabbed your arm and slung you onto the bed, before climbing on top of you and grabbing your face, “who’s foolish?” Tsukishima snarled in your face, “who’d want you? You’re a disgusting whore” he spat venom, however you couldn’t help but moan at his words, “what you like this? Truly a horny skank” Tsukishima hissed but realised that maybe you were ready for sex. “You really want this?” Tsukishima looked you dead in the eyes, with a stern expression and you whined out a ‘yes please’, “tell me a safe word you’ll remember” Tsukishima sat back on his legs and continued to hold his stern expression, you looked around the room and noticed Tsukishima’s dinosaurs book. “Dinosaurs” you said with a smile, “good choice” Tsukishima smiled back, “now remember it and use it as soon as something is beginning to feel uncomfortable, because I won’t stop for ‘no’ or ‘stop’” Tsukishima grabbed your arm and pulled you off the bed.
You sat naked on the floor looking up at Tsukishima, who was sitting comfortably on the bed, “why did I ever start dating a girl like you? You’re so ugly” he said as he pulled off his shirt and then pushing off his pants and underwear, “get up slut” Tsukishima demanded and you instantly stood to your feet. Tsukishima spat on his already painfully hard member, rubbing his saliva over it, he then reached out and grabbed your hand before he pulled you onto his lap. You moan as Tsukishima rubbed his tip against your lower lips, “oh please Tsukki, put it in me” you ground on his tip but before it could slip in you he pulled it away, “firstly you dumb whore, you call me Kei… or Daddy, but only if I’m desperate to cum… and Secondly I’ll put it in when I’m ready” Tsukishima snarled. “I’m sorry Kei, I just really want it” you pout and Tsukishima laughs out “ha, you’re such a needy slut… well seen as it’s your first time having cock, I’ll indulge you this once” he brushed a hand over your cheek before pushing you down onto his cock without warning, you screamed out at the unbelievable stretch. Tsukishima was far more thicker and longer then your fingers, “tight slutty cunt” Tsukishima hummed as he began thrusting up into you, you whined and moan as the more he thrusted into you the better it felt. You learned forward and rested your head on Tsukishima’s shoulder, however this didn’t last long as he grabbed a fist full of your hair and pulled your head back so you were sitting up straight, “if you’re going to whine like a little cock hungry slut, then you’re going to ride like a little cock hungry slut” he growled in your ear, you moaned and squeeze around him, getting ready to reach you peck. “You fucking whore, all ready to cum on Daddy’s cock” Tsukishima moan and licked up your neck, “fill me daddy” you cried and slipped over the edge, Tsukishima grunted as he released his seed in you. Tsukishima lifted you off him, “suck it clean my little slut” he grabbed the base of the cock and held it steady for you, you got down on your knees in fount of him and began licking his tip, before you took his cock in your mouth. You slowly took Tsukishima deeper and deeper until you knew you couldn’t anymore, soon you clean of his member completely, “good girl” he sighed and helped you up to your feet, before walking you into the bathroom to bathe and clean off all the traces of pleasure from moments before.
You sat in the bath with Tsukishima resting against his chest, “do you really think I’m ugly?” You questioned with a hint of sadness in your tone, “no I think your the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, it was just heat of the moment” he racked his fingers through your hair. “Thank you for letting me take your first time” Tsukishima hummed and kissed the top of your head, “thank you for making me feel good” you smiled and pressed further into his chest.
Tumblr media
Masterlist (coming soon)
Day 19 - Cigarettes /// Day 21 - videotaping 
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tendousfingers · a month ago
𝒌𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒔𝒖𝒏𝒐 + 𝒇𝒂𝒗𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒆 𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
× summary : i tell you what the karasuno boys favorite positions are based on my personal opinion and headcanons.
× contains : hinata , kageyama , tsukishima , yamaguchi , tanaka , nishinoya , daichi , sugawara , ennoshita , asahi , keishin ukai, takeda. ; fem! reader
× karasuno , seijoh [coming soon]
Tumblr media
× shoyo hinata ↴
hinata's favorite position is mating press. he likes to pick your legs up and fold them to your chest. he'd tuck his hands under your knees and use that grip as leverage to bounce his hips off of you, eager to go fast and please you. though, if you're a long time girlfriend of his, you'll start to notice that after going pro and beefing up, his thrusts have grown a lot heavier. they'll knock the wind out of you, pounding down into your g-spot just right. heavy, deep strokes that leave you winded and starry eyed everytime.
× tobio kageyama ↴
in my opinion, he's another missionary type. his balls are heavy and they slap down on you with every thrust, practically plowing you into the bed. differentiating from hinata, i think kageyama props himself up on his elbows or hands, sometimes hooking your legs over his arms and sometimes not. he'd also fold you up into a mating press if he got a little carried away. he tends to get lost in the feeling of your plush walls around him. i think he'd also enjoy reverse cowgirl, it just seems like him.
× kei tsukishima ↴
he likes it when you're on top. really gets a kick out of watching you struggle to take him in or if youre having a hard time keeping a steady pace. he'd definitely pick on you, but ultimately wrap his long arms around your waist and plant his feet down, before bucking up into you with quick, hard hitting thrusts. he also likes this position because he wouldn't have to do all the work. tsukki just doesn't do things he doesn't have to do, so when you offer to ride him instead he's all for it.
× tadashi yamaguchi ↴
our sweet baby yams.. im firm believer that he's all for the prone bone position. (you on your stomach, him on top) it's a perfect position for him to fuck into you at a rapid pace, hands planted into the mattress on either side of your head, (or on your head, considering tadashi can get carried away fairly easily, not that you mind) his hips roll and bounce off of your ass quickly as he fucks you like a jackrabbit. on the other hand, this position would be ideal for long, slow strokes into your core, yamaguchi differentiating between the two as he pleases.
× yuu nishinoya ↴
doesn't have a favorite. everything is just so lewd and sexual, he'll stare at you in awe no matter what position you're in. however, he does like to do 69 alot, and actually favors it more than anything because both of you get to please each other. his hips rock up as his hands are pulling yours down, smothering himself in your sopping pussy. he just cant get enough of it, of you.
× ryūnosuke tanaka ↴
im a firm believer that our boy tanaka is an ass man. and with that knowledge i can conclude that he enjoys doggy style the most. he loves watching the fat off your ass bounce off of his hips, gripping and rolling the fat of your hips in his palms as he pulls you back over and over again. he'll lay his hand firmly on the bottom of your spine, thumb grazing and pushing at your winking asshole.
× daichi sawamura ↴
MATING PRESS MATING PRESS HELLO. im a firm believer that daichi is one of those guys with an instatiable need to breed. he loves to pin your legs to the bed and just fuck, and fuck until you're so full with his cum that it's dribbling out of you and down the seam of your ass. he's big n strong too, so no matter what your size might be daichi can all too easily fold you up just how he likes you and empty his big heavy balls into you over and over again.
× koushi sugawara ↴
pretty boy likes to watch as you slide down on his cock, inch by inch. he enjoys the way your brow pinches as he reaches your most deepest parts. he'll have you lean back on your hands and bounce, while he reaches forward and rubs slow circles into your sensitive little clit. he'll either praise you or degrade you, there's no in-between. goes with soft coos of, "yeah? feels good doesn't it pretty girl?" or "look at you, fuckin' yourself on my cock like that, dirty slut." and either way it makes you clench and gush around him, to which he bucks up into you even faster.
× asahi azumane ↴
asahi is a little basic, to be honest. for the longest time his favorite was just missionary, and that's really all the two of you would do. he was just a bit too shy to try out anything else, finding all the various positions out there to be quite risque. but after convincing him to try some new things, nothing can quite compare to the look on your face when he's got you pressed up against a wall or any solid surface, hips holding you up off the ground with his hands gripping you beneath your ass firmly. he likes to bounce you up and down, in awe of how far his cock reaches in side of you and just how hard you squirt against him within the matter of a few thrusts.
× chikara ennoshita ↴
likes to fuck you when he's tucked real tight behind you, arm around your waist. he'll lazily push your panties to the side and slide in, groaning lowly in your ear because of how tight you feel around him. while you're walls are nice and snug, your thighs being pressed together is what makes it all the more suffocating around his cock. ennoshita starts out with slow thrusts, holding onto your hip as leverage. he also likes to slide his arm beneath yours and reach up to grip your shoulder, holding you in place as he humps you from behind.
others !
× keishin ukai ↴
reverse cowgirl, most definitely. not only does this feed into my headcanon of keishin being an ass man, but also can you fucking imagine doing this position with him? legs sprawled out haphazardly, a hand lazy guiding you up and down on his cock while the other holds a cigarette to his lips for him to take long draws from. he likes to smack your ass over and over until it's raw, and if you're into it, hell twist a cig out on your asscheek. when his hands are free, he likes to use his thumbs to spread you open nd watch your greedy pussy take him in as you do all the work.
× ittetsu takeda ↴
sweet boy, gets too excited that he can't even decide on just one to be his favorite. in all honestly, it probably doesn't matter to him no matter what, but i feel like takeda just likes to be dommed. likes it when you ride him, tits bouncing in his face as you pin him down and rock back and forth on his cock. he doesn't even have to be inside of you, instead you could be giving him a pussy job and he'd be just as satisfied. but most of all, he likes it when you bounce on his cock til he's cum two or three times, cheeks red with over exhaustion and eyes fucked out and wet with tears as you overstimulate him, all while he cries for more with jarred lips.
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corporalswhore · 2 months ago
— into you (kei tsukishima)
Tumblr media
summary; your best friend discreetly fucks you on the couch in the midst of a party.
warnings; smut, nsfw. curses. kei being snarky as usual. thigh-grinding, penetration, cumming inside. mentions of alcohol. i think that’s it.
a/n; this is kinda crappy but i wanted to post something :))) okay enjoy loves <33
Tumblr media
“I didn’t bring you here to cause a scene, settle down,” Kei says as you messily plop down onto his lap. His left arm engulfs your waist as he tries to accommodate you. There’s a goofy grin spread across your face as you lazily sip on your drink, leaning back on his chest.
You shuffle a bit on his lap, your skirt riding up your thighs in the dim light of the living room. Kei clicks his tongue, hands already reaching towards the fabric to pull it down.
You gaze up at him, your head lolling back on his shoulder blade. Your intoxicated grin only receives a huff and displeased look from the grumpy male. “Come on Kei!” you groan, pouting childishly. Why was he such a party pooper?
“Give me this.” He demands, palms raising from your thigh and taking your cup away. “Hey!” you shout over the loud music as your now-empty palm encloses around a bottled water.
“Drink,” he says sternly, fingers peskily pinching the flesh of your thighs. You groaned once more but opened the bottle anyway. You might’ve been drunk but you knew better than to get on your best friend’s nerves.
You lean forward, hoisting yourself up from his chest and gulped down the tasteless liquid. It felt weird downing the bottle but Kei's grip on your thigh urged you on. You turn to him as if a parent just forced their child to eat broccoli for the first time. Water dribbled down your chin as you sulk.
“What are you? Five? I didn’t come here to babysit you.” he chided, attitude and actions not really coinciding as he wipes your chin with his thumb.
You sink your face into his neck as you close your eyes. Body twisted in an uncomfortable angle, your legs up on the couch as your upper frame rests on Kei’s chest. You can feel the cold air caressing the skin of your ass, hinting that your skirt has definitely hiked up and you know you should care but you’re too tired. The alcohol is finally taking a toll on you.
You hear him sigh into your ear. His hands on your thighs immediately find their way to your hind, pulling the hem of the fabric down as much as possible to hide what’s left of your modesty. He told you wearing this skirt was a bad idea, you were a hassle to deal with when intoxicated – and if you had been just a little less drunk, your mind would’ve understood what he meant by that.
The feeling of his hands ghosting over your ass has you burying your head deeper into the crevice of his neck. Your drunken state wants to giggle like a high-schooler but you press your lips against Kei's shirt to muffle your silly actions.
God, he was going to be the death of you.
Just thinking about his large palms grasping your ass has you feeling more light-headed than the alcohol in your system.
If you don’t get sober quick you’re gonna do something so stupid.
“HUH? IS SHE SLEEPING? TSUKKI WAKE HER UP -- WE’RE GONNA DO SHOTS!” Kotaro’s voice bellows through the music from afar. Kei flinches upon hearing his voice and props you up properly against his lap so your ass isn’t in full view to passersby. The living room is fairly dark, save for the light emitting from the kitchen nearby and the cheap strobe lights.
His hands encircle your waist once more and you grumble at the way he manhandles you.
“Don’t blame me, you’re dressed like a fucking whore. I’m just trying to help you out.” He taunts, fingers coming up to tuck stray strands of hair behind your ear.
You hum tiredly, “Y’know Kei, for a complete dick you sure are awfully nice.” Your words are like honey to his ears. Yes he was a dick, but he’d do anything for you – not that he’d ever admit that.
He scoffs, “Be grateful.”
And you were. He was your best friend. Second to none was the hot-headed arrogant asshole.
Kotaro finally makes his way to you both, his hyperactive self is doubled with the amount of alcohol he’s ingested. “C’mon, Kuroo is already downing the bottle of vodka! There’s gonna be none left if we don’t hurry!”
You’re about to speak up when Kei cuts in, “I think she’s had enough for the night.” He says flatly, left palm gripping your knee.
Kotaro’s palm reaches up to his face and he quite literally, slaps himself as he squeals. “Ooh I see, you lovebirds want some time alone.” He concludes with a lop-sided grin.
You feel Kei stiffen behind you, glancing back you see him rolling his eyes at Kotaro.
Kei’s about to quip back when Kotaro takes your hand in his and pulls you away from Kei's embrace. You’re still very much drunk so the sudden movement has you falling onto the owl-haired man.
He grins, arms wrapping around your wobbly figure as Kei seethes in his seat. The hem of your skirt is merely bunched up underneath your ass and both men seem to realize that at the same time.
Kotaro’s hands innocently travel to fix it for you but Kei's quicker. He abruptly rises from his seat and closes the distance between the two of you, fingers gently fixing the fabric. Like hell, he was going to let another man touch you (when you were drunk). Something territorial overcame him, but the man just chalked it up to the thought of you being more comfortable if it was him that fixed it.
Sneering, Kei plucked you away from Kotaro’s embrace and sat back down in his previous position, pulling you onto his lap once more. “She’s only drinking water for the rest of the night.” He decides and Kotaro shouts choruses of boo’s in his drunken state before stating, “More for me!” and goes about his merry way.
“But I really wanted to shot tequila!” You whined into Kei's shirt. Hands clutching the fabric at his chest. You don’t need to look up at him to know he’s rolling his eyes at your antics.
“Can you handle tequila right now? Huh? No, you can’t. So behave.” He reprimands, voice laced with annoyance. You huff, removing yourself from his lap. “Where are-“ he starts but is cut off when you turn around and plop back down onto his thighs.
But this time your cunt rests flatly against his left thigh. Both of your legs are on the floor as your back arches to lean against him. The familiar ache in your cunt throbbed at the sudden pressure.
“Is this really appropriate?” He mocks, as you wrap your hands around his neck and bury your face into his chest.
“Would you stop being a buzzkill for one minute?” You grumble into him, tiredness seeping over you. Along with trying to rid yourself of your lewd thoughts.
“Why don’t we just head back to my place if you’re so tired?”
“No!” You were planning on sobering up enough to reach the tequila table. “Once I get ahold of myself ‘m gonna do shots!”
“You’re fucking dumb,” he stated matter-of-factly, flicking the side of your head. You yelp into his shoulder.
Mindlessly, he starts to slowly bounce his leg. Earning a quiet fuck from you because what the fuck? Thankfully Kei didn’t notice, too caught up in the sight of Shoyo and Tobio trying to outdrink each other.
He suddenly picks up a pace, softly chuckling to himself at his teammates' foolishness. So unbeknownst to your dilemma. You were trying your best to restrain yourself but the pressure just felt so good. The heat of your cunt grew with each upthrust of his thigh.
Raising your head from his shoulder, a soft gasp escapes your lips. Kei stares down at you incredulously, halting all movements. His brain short-circuits for a second at the sight of your redden face, plump lips sucked between your teeth as you stare at his shirt.
“Fuck. I didn’t mean to — sorry,” You don’t know what else to say. The situation sobers you up immediately and you’re about to remove yourself from him when he grips your waist tightly.
His leg bounces once more and you whimper loudly at the friction. Kei smirks, “You’re so sensitive, sweetheart.”
Sweetheart? Fuck you’re about to cum.
Your wide-eyed expression must have been amusing because he laughed softly and ran his hand up your shirt-covered spine, shaking his head in amusement.
“You act like a bitch in heat, rubbing your desperate cunt all over me — it’s pathetic,” he teases, grinning like an asshole. “Want me to help?”
Fuck yes.
You only nod in response, afraid your voice might betray you.
“Wanna hear you say it, just nodding doesn't count. How would I know that you actually mean it if you don't humiliate yourself a little in the process?” He taunts.
Typical Tsukishima. That sadistic little prick.
You groan, palms coming up to your face to hide your blush. “Please,” you beg.
“That’s my girl,” he mused. Kei’s hand lay on your thigh, gently caressing the soft skin beneath your skirt and you hum in pleasure, eyes drifting half shut.
Delicate fingers grip tightly to Kei's shoulders, you rolled your hips so your cunt ground down on his thigh. It didn’t feel like much, not at first, but as you wiggled and circled your hips, you soon were gasping in surprise at the aching tingle in your cunt from how your clit was being pressed against the hard muscle of his thigh.
“So desperate, it’s embarrassing honestly.” Heat shivered through you at his quip, his lips parting as his gaze fixated on your mouth. In your hazy mind, you noted the way he hesitated for a moment before pressing his thumb over your bottom lip.
“Such a pretty little slut.” He murmurs, pulling on the skin gently as he bowed his head, entranced by your clothed-cunt grinding on his jeans. Your mouth parted a little more and on some instinct you didn’t even know you had, you moved a bit closer and closed your lips around his finger.
His eyes widened, breathing growing heavier. Flicking your tongue across the pad of his thumb, you let out a soft, involuntary noise at the taste of his skin.
There’s no time to react when he pulls you firmly into his chest and his lips find yours. Your groans fell to deaf ears over the loud music. Kei’s lips are firm and demanding and some distant part of your brain wondered where your best friend had learned to kiss like this.
You furrowed your fingers through his blonde locks, tugging on them to pull him even closer. Kei moaned into your mouth and his lips left yours to trail down the column of your throat, burning a path across your skin.
“So,” nip “fucking,” nip “dirty.”
By the time he had finished his assault on your neck, a sheen of sweat had broken out on your forehead and you were panting and moaning, close to your release.
“Fuck, Kei!” you moaned into his ear. He chuckles deeply, “You’re really pathetic y’know? Getting off in a place like this? I turn you on and like a fucking whore you’re ready to pounce on anything.”
Like a masochist — that’s all it took for pleasure to blind you and for your body to slump onto Kei's, a broken wail slipping from between your lips.
“Good girl,” he says as his fingers run through your hair, giving a quick kiss to your head as you try to catch your breath.
Shifting against him, you could feel his hardened cock against your cunt. Your hand lazily finds its way to his jeans and is about to palm him until he grips your wrist.
“You’re drunk,”
You shake your head, jutting out your bottom lip in a pout, “’M not! Please! Let me help you!”
He raises his eyebrows at this, but releases his hold on your wrist anyway. His fingers pull the flowy fabric of your skirt over his crotch and cover his hands under as he unzips his pants — he doesn’t miss the chance to slip your underwear to your side as well and the contact was enough for you to whimper. It’s so dark in here that the fabric of your skirt isn’t needed to hide his actions but Kei Tsukishima is nothing but cautious in everything he does.
His cock springs out, hard and already pulsing under your skirt. “Turn around princess,” and you shift slightly in his lap, body blocking his naked area to others.
Kei momentarily falters the moment your ass touches his dick, almost jolting in his seat. “Lift your hips for me, love.” He mutters in your ear, and you’re putty in his hands. You oblige - raising your ass in the air for a few seconds before you slowly plop down into his dick. Your orgasm from earlier gives him an ample amount of slick to easily slip into you - it gives him shivers to think he had made you that wet.
You almost topple over on his knees from the unfamiliar contact but Kei immediately wraps his arms around your waist as he fully sinks into you.
“Oh fuck,” he groans into your ear, face nuzzling into your neck as you bring your hands to your face. It’s too much.
Neither of you moves for a few seconds; you feel so full that the thought of breathing itself seems meaningless right now. You’re still dazed from your recent high and the alcohol in your veins threatens to wear you down even more.
“Look at you taking me so well, who would’ve thought? My pretty little whore,”
You whimper, grateful for the dark atmosphere because you know you’re beet red as of now. Head dizzy as he jerks his hips once, a moan leaves your lips.
“Go ahead, ride me,” he whispers, breath fanning your ear.
Immediately your head turns to his, astonishment written all over your face.
“It was your idea, wasn’t it? What — the feeling of me in you makes you dumb? I wanna see how greedy you are when given a chance so, ride me.”
“Kei- how? There are so many people here,” your voice almost raises to hysterics as you frantically look around, hoping no one can deduce that your best friend's dick is inside you.
He shrugs, “Not my problem, you wanted to help, remember?”
He’s a sadist, the realization hits you once more. A prick in other terms. You hate him.
Slowly, you lift your hips - hands pressed onto his thighs to steady yourself. The movement is so minute, could easily be mistaken as you drunkenly swaying on your best friend - how cute - but you’re reminded with each lift when his dick threatens to slide out of you that this is far from adorable.
You hear a few grunts from behind you, Kei's hands now rest firmly on your hips. Soft wails leave your lips as they part with each movement and your head bows to hide your ditzy expression.
“Hmm? Acting all shy? Isn’t this what you wanted? To be fucked in front of everyone here — fitting for a whore like you, to be honest,” He rasps behind you, right arm wrapping around your neck. He pulls your back flush towards him.
“Kei,” his name falls like a prayer, like you’re begging for something, you just don’t know what. His fingers, it’s so fucking risky, he thinks, but he can’t help but slip them under your skirt and add pressure to your sensitive bud. The action would’ve had you doubling over but the grip he has around your neck is rigid.
Your hands flail around your lap to try to hide the vulgar scene of his fingers in your cunt but it’s no use — tears prick at the corner of your eyes, you don’t care anymore. There’s something building in the pit of your stomach and suddenly you’re gripping his forearm around your neck as you grind yourself against him.
Heavy breaths fan your neck as your best friend's lips find solace on your skin. The situation is the same for you as you nip at the skin of his forearm — the pleasure is getting overwhelming, heat builds up once more and you’re unable to hold back as you lose all your senses. You shake slightly in Kei's embrace as stars dance in front of your eyes as your lids close. His hands move rapidly to cover your mouth — he knows. Your second orgasm for the night overtakes you — and shortly after, Kei's first settles deep inside you.
His grip on you loosens, both of you panting as you lean on him. Kei gives you an once-over — deems you fucked out as he takes in your parted lips and heaving chest, you lock eyes with him and he realizes there’s not a thought behind yours. Still, he can’t help but softly tilt your head and bring his lips to yours, endearingly brushing his thumb across your cheek.
“Hey! What’s going on over there?” He breaks apart from the kiss and is suddenly very aware that his dick is still in you when he hears Kotaro's voice boom over the music.
Kotaro has his hands wrapped around a tequila bottle as he stands in the kitchen, downing the liquid like water as he points at you two.
And oh my god he’s marching towards you both.
“I’m gonna need you to get up baby. Let’s go home,” Kei offers but he doubts his words register in your worn-out state.
“Nuh-uh,” you mumble, almost yawning as you start to lean forward, “Time to get drunk!” You shout happily, all tiredness disappearing as your eyes fall on Kotaro making his way to you with two bottles of tequila. “Kotaro!” you beam at him, ready to stand up and meet him halfway, until you’re being gripped down by a palm around your arm.
“Don’t be a fucking dumbass,” Kei hisses at you, “you’re done for the night and in case you’re ditzy brain has forgotten, my dick is still inside you. Don’t fucking move unless you want him to know my cum is dripping down your thighs.” He reprimands — and all you can do is nod meekly because what the fuck.
He’s right but holy hell you’re just realizing your best friend is inside you along with his cum — and oh look, Kotaro.
“Give me this,” you snatch the bottle from Kotaro's hands and take a large gulp — you need something to steel your nerves. “I’m keeping this,” you inform and all he can do is shrug, walking away whilst chugging the other bottle.
Thank god he didn’t mention that kiss, Kei thinks, he doesn’t think he can handle all that commotion right now.
Fuck, it’s been a long night.
Kei watches as Kotaro hollers something incoherent at Kuroo before the rooster’s eyes fall on the both of you, a smirk gracing his lips.
He snatches the alcohol from you (much to your displeasure), takes a swig, and rests it aside.
“We need to go home now.”
Tumblr media
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leehama · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I like to think that Yachi, as a fellow blonde, is an honorary member of the Sendai Frogs (even though it’s hard to fit her in photos with Koganegawa, Tsukki, and Kyoutani) 🐸🌟
(I think I’m going to sloooooowly start uploading some of the HQ fanart from my side twitter to here!  I apologize for the spoilers, but I’ll tag them properly!)
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Tumblr media
love interests :: k. tsukishima x gn!reader
extra :: established relationship, fluff, short and sweet, 690~ words
Tumblr media
“Please, Kei.”
“No, Y/N.”
You’re currently splayed over top of your boyfriend on the couch, arms crossed over his chest and chin propped up on your wrist. Tsukishima lays beneath you, annoyed expression etched onto his features and bored eyes staring back at you. The two of you had previously been sleeping when you had disrupted him to ask a supposedly important question.
For the past five minutes, you’ve attempted and failed time and time again to convince him to let you try his glasses on. Every plead and promise is quickly shut down as he does his equal best to ignore your insistent pestering.
“I’ll be really careful! Just for a minute, then I promise to give them back.” You flash him your best set of puppy eyes as an extra attempt of convincing.
He pinches the bridge of his nose with a sigh. “How many times do I have to say it for you to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’?”
Lips pushing out in a pout, your once soft gaze turns sour. Tsukishima is hardly deterred, shooting back his own glare.
“Why won’t you let me try them on?”
“Because you’ll break them and I can’t see out of cracked lenses.”
“I’ve already promised I won’t!”
“I have no way of proving whether or not that’s true, and before you say it, no you trying them is not an option.”
Mouth dropping open, you scramble through your thoughts for a retort only to come up empty handed. Stumped, you click your mouth shut and bury your face in his shirt in defeat. His eyes bore into the top of your head like he’s waiting for something to happen. The longer he waits, the worse he feels for denying you something so trivial.
“Hey.” When you don’t pick your head up immediately, he nudges at your shoulder, grabbing your attention after a few pokes. Avoiding your sad gaze, he looks off to the side and mumbles almost too softly to hear, “You can wear my glasses.”
You instantly perk up, eyes wide and corners of your mouth stretching into a grin. “Really?” He doesn’t miss the cheery tone to your voice; it almost brings a smile to his face - almost.
“Only for a few seconds, and if you promise to never ask again?”
After getting a confirming nod, he reaches up to take his glasses off then hands them towards you for you to take. You gently pinch the temples between your fingers and flip the pair of glasses around. The earpieces slip behind your ears as you carefully push the glasses onto your face.
A delighted smile breaks across your cheeks. “How do I look?”
They don’t fit perfectly, as expected for not being yours. The bridge slides a small bit past the top of your nose, and the lens make your eyes look odd. And yet, with how mildly goofy you look with his glasses, he also can’t help but find you absolutely adorable.
Tsukishima lays speechless beneath, mouth slightly agape. How could something as simple as you wearing his glasses leave him this tongue tied? And even better question, why hadn’t he let you sooner?
“Tsukki?” A minute passes and no response. Sitting up slightly, you raise a hand and wave your palm in front of his face.
His eyes blink shut a few times like he’s snapping out of a daze. Clicking his tongue, he swats your hand away with a grumbled, “Stop it.”
“You blanked out on me. Are you not able to see without these?” Before he can say anything or stop you, you’re already sliding his glasses back into their place against his nose. You smile softly to yourself like you completed some big task. “There.”
Content, you place a quick peck to his lips, then drop your head onto his chest to resume your nap. He waits for your breathing to even out before whispering softly for only himself to hear, “You look perfect.”
Tumblr media
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Don’t forget to drink your water & ilysm
For more haikyuu
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sugardaddykenma · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
daichi sawamura ➝ “police be mine" 
koushi sugawara ➝ “i would hide a body for u”
asahi azumane ➝ “i am writing this valentines card mid panic attack”
yuu nishinoya ➝ “im used to carrying a team so please let me carry you to bed”
ryuunosuke tanaka ➝ “love is temporary, swag is forever - be my swagentine”
tobio kageyama ➝ “happy valnedetines vlaentines valentines” 
shoyo hinata ➝ “roses are red, violets are blue, i literally have a processing disorder how do i finish rhyming this”
kei tsukishima ➝ “i was told valentine cards are non-negotiable in relationships so pretend this says something nice and just eat the chocolate silently”
tadashi yamaguchi ➝ “youre like a fresh cup of prozac in the morning <3″
ennoshita chikara  ➝ “let me break ur back”
kiyoko shimizu ➝ “ sapphos wrote about us”
hitoka yachi ➝ “im in lesbians with you”
Tumblr media
tetsuro kuroo ➝ “commercializing our sacred love is the least we can do for our country”
morisuke yaku ➝  “lets make that friends to lovers trope a reality”
kenma kozume ➝ it’s all the Unown pokemon organized to say “plz b my valentine”
lev haiba ➝ “i already told my sister about you so please be my valentine so she doesnt bully me”
Tumblr media
tooru oikawa ➝  “oikawa. do you know whats beautiful, read the first word”
hajime iwaizumi ➝ “my entire arm workout is dedicated to you”
issei matsukawa ➝ “my love for you burns hotter than any crematorium” 
takahiro hanamaki  ➝ “thank you for being my sugarparent”
akira kunimi ➝ “i hate everyone but you. youre on thin ice until you say yes to being my valentine”
Tumblr media
keiji akaashi ➝ “whenever i edit a romance manga it reminds me of us”
akinori konoha  ➝ “theres one thing im actually the best at, and its being yours”
Tumblr media
wakatoshi ushijima ➝ *generic valentines card* “thank”
satori tendou ➝ no card, just a box of chocolate called “russian roulette” and you might get a sweet chocolate or a chocolate covered ghost pepper
tsutomu goshiki  ➝ “ive told my therapist about you so you cant leave”
shirabu kenjirou ➝  “youre what we call clinically insane because how have you not left me yet”
Tumblr media
atsumu miya ➝ “arent ya so luck to have me as a valentine?”
osamu miya  ➝ “ive always been bad with words, but good with food, so here’s a reservation to your favourite restaurant”
rintarou suna  ➝ “thirst following you was the best decision of my life”
shinsuke kita ➝ “you are the best part of my daily routine”
Tumblr media
takanobu aone ➝ “kenji told me to write ‘ive locked onto you’ but i have a feeling that would be a crime against humanity, anyways love u”
kenji futakuchi ➝ “you are begrudgingly my match in talent and looks”
kanji koganegawa  ➝ “adopt, dont shop. consider making this stray your permanent valentine” 
Tumblr media
yuuji terushima  ➝ “im a very persistent valentine, heres card 9″
sakusa kiyoomi ➝ “thank you for pushing my boundaries”
Tumblr media
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cybersvoid · 2 months ago
How They React To Someone Flirting With You 
Tumblr media
♡ Pairings: Tsukishima x Reader || Kenma x Reader || Hinata x Reader
!!Warnings!!: Manipulation, Obsession, Cursing, Controlling, Threats, Jealousy, etc.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
+ He’s silently fuming
+ Gripping his console so tight in his hands that his knuckles turned white
+ ‘Game Over’ screen had been displayed for a few minutes already, but his attention was elsewhere
+ His eyes were locked onto you... more honestly, locked onto you as some nobody gave the most shittiest attempts at flirting with you
+ He knew going to this party was a bad idea, but Kuroo insisted
+ You were too precious and clueless for your own good. You didn’t know that the only thing this asshole really wanted was to get in your pants, but that’s okay! That’s what he’s here for
+ As your boyfriend, it’s his job to protect you, and it’s past time he got to work on just that
+ “Y/N, this party isn’t really doing it for me. Why don’t we head home and have some fun just the two of us?”
+ Now you and Kenma both know that what he actually meant when he said that, was playing video games together while you sat in his lap, but it could easily be misunderstood by anyone who isn’t the both of you, which was exactly what he was counting on
+ By how red the guys face got, Kenma could definitely say his mission was a success, but just to put the final nail in the coffin, he made sure that the guy saw as he pulled you in for a kiss
+ Not usually one for public displays of affection, he didn’t mind making an exception every now and again when someone needed a reminding of just who you belonged to
Tumblr media
+ Now this is what he calls entertainment
+ There’s no way in hell that this idiot blubbering away in front of you actually thought he had a chance with you… right?
+ There was only one person in the world worthy of you and that was him
+ He couldn’t help but start to chuckle after watching this guy make attempt after attempt in trying to win you over, which really just came across as shitty bragging
+ Feeling more generous than usual, he decided to put the poor soul out of his misery and made his way over, wrapping an arm around you and placing a kiss on your forehead before sending a smirk to the guy in front of you
+ “Oh... my bad.” Tsukki grinned, rubbing the back of his head in an attempt to fake some sort of non-existent embarrassment “I didn’t see you there shorty. Hope I wasn’t interrupting something important.”
+ “Oh, he was just telling me about how he and his team were just a few matches away from making it to the final selection,” you explained on his behalf
+ “Is this your first time?” Tsukki questioned the kid, who nodded in response “Well, I guess we all have to start somewhere.”
+ That’s how the entirety of the conversation continued. Your boyfriend sending passive-aggressive blow after passive-aggressive blow to the poor kid’s ego before the guy had enough, and made a random excuse to leave
+ Leaving Tsukki standing victorious while you stood at his side, completely confused on what just happened
Tumblr media
+ He disappeared for a second, just a second, to go grab a water bottle after a practice match
+ He left you in the hallway while he ran off, expecting to come back and have you greet him with that smile he adored so much
+ But instead your precious smile that was supposed to be reserved for him, and him alone, was being wasted on some nobody on the opposing team
+ Although he’s normally very bubbly by nature, Hinata is also known to get very serious and straightforward when it comes to things he’s passionate about
+ Therefore he would have no problem walking right up and putting himself between you and the idiot trying to take you away from him
+ “Was it not enough that I kicked your butt on the court? You really wanna come back for a round two off the court as well,” he grinned
+ Although his smile said friendly, his eyes were sending the complete opposite message. Telling the guy standing in front of him that he had about 10 seconds to get out of his face
+ He picked up on the subtle delivery loud and clear, responding with an apology and seeing himself out of the building
+ “I really can’t leave you alone can I?” Hinata mumbled, wrapping his arms around you and placing his face into your chest “Sometimes I really do just wanna lock you away”
+ You grinned, finding it funny how he joked about keeping you prisoner like you were some sort of royal, needing to be locked away in a tower for your own protection
+ But would you still be laughing it off if you realized just how serious he was?
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sugawarassoulmate · 3 months ago
Congratulations on 1k! I’m new to your blog and I really like your content. I’d love to join your event if that’s alright. Can I please request tsukishima x red dress 🍑. Thanks :)
ok consider this.....pussy drunk tsukishima???? 👀
Tumblr media
words: 618
cw: fem!reader, body worship, unprotected sex, minors dni
Tumblr media
tsukishima liked to pride himself on a lot of things but mostly his restraint and intelligence. nothing could catch him off guard and nobody could beat him in an argument. that was until you two started dating. your tall, quick-witted boyfriend didn’t have that much of a smart mouth on him when he was inside you.
“jesus,” he breathed when your hips met. he took a few seconds to get used to your warmth around him. tsukishima liked to fuck you deep but sometimes he needed a moment to gather himself.
“that good?” you teased, leaving kisses along his jawline.
tsukishima slaps your thigh in annoyance, a quick “shut up” leaving his lips. he finally bucks his hips, earning a surprised gasp from you. before long, he’s fucking you properly, thrusting into you with such force that you’re shifting up the mattress. he always manhandles you, his nails digging into your skin and leaving behind marks. “love this cunt so much.”
his long fingers find your clit, pinching it when his hips slap against yours. “yeah?” you sob, walls squeezing down on him just how he likes.
doing that ignites something in tsukishima, it gets rid of all his reserve and he can’t but help to fuck you into the mattress. filthy words spilling from his lips the entire time. “god, it’s like you’re choking my cock. bet you love that, huh? love it when i fuck this silly cunt, hm?” but his harsh words hold no venom, not when his honey-colored eyes are looking at you as if you held the sun. “your cunt feels like heaven—fuck, stop doing that, you’re gonna make me cum, stupid. don’t wanna end this yet. wanna be in you longer.” and you could have sworn you heard a “please” under his breath.
“oh god, kei,” you whine into his neck, pulling him close to you as his hips never falter. “please cum in me? want you to fill me up, please.” you really loved making this man suffer. he’s so mean and teasing all the time but when you’re like this, closer than two people could ever be, he turns into putty in your hands willing to do anything for you.
tsukishima curses under his breath, wanting to edge both of you to prolong this but you can tell he’s close. “such a stupid slut,” he gasps, still trying to keep up the façade. “gonna force me to make a mess? your pussy is already drooling all over me and you want more? shit—you better cum with me then, idiot.”
but his cock is practically kissing your cervix and his fingers abuse your pretty clit, you’re practically bursting with how bad you wanna cum. “kei!” you cry, doing your best to meet his movements, practically sobbing when you finally release. your walls involuntarily constrict, tightening around tsukishima’s cock. he goes feral, grunting, groaning, and cursing about how good your “fucking pussy” feels before he’s shooting his load inside you, seeing stars behind his eyes.
he collapses on top of you, a mess of sweat and limbs. sometimes you wonder who gets more fucked out between the two of you. the next few minutes are spent running your fingers through his hair and whispering sweet words. he only lets you coddle him like this after fucking your brains out. he props himself up on his elbows after a while, adoration in his eyes.
you can’t help yourself. “that good?” you ask again.
one of his hands reaches for your throat, not pressing down but holding you in place. “don’t make me fuck you ‘til you cry, brat.” he warns before kissing you. his own special way of saying “i love you too”
Tumblr media
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ovurtime · 9 days ago
𖧷 [ 7:38pm ]
Tumblr media
tsukishima lifts his head to find you asleep, eyes closed with your head resting peacefully on your arms.
"hey," he taps your nose with the eraser of his pencil, "wake up."
your nose scrunches under his light movements, making his steady heart skip a beat. you really didn't want to wake up; you were having such a wonderful dream, where you and your beautiful boyfriend were studyi- oh. it wasn't a dream.
"how long was i asleep?" you mutter through your growing smile.
"only a couple of minutes." his hand comes up and rests on your head, ruffling your soft locks. "c'mon, you've got a test tomorrow, and i refuse to be held accountable for your failing grade."
its times these that make your heart melt. the golden hues of the setting sun flood in through the window behind you, reflecting off kei's features. his blonde hair shines in the light as his honeyed eyes bore into yours, making his gaze intoxicating.
"i love you, kei."
the tip of his ears flush a furious red as a giddy smile threatens to crash through his stoic barrier. "that's interesting," he quips, still running his taped fingers through your hair, "i could've sworn you said that you can't stand me just a few moments ago."
"mmm, do we have to keep studying?" you whine, bringing your hand up to cup his jaw, tracing his features with the tip of your finger. "its been hours, and i just..."
"you just, what?"
you finger stops at his lips, giving extra attention to his cupids bow. "i just want to be with you."
time feels as though it stands still as his hand travels down to your cheek, bringing your face up to his as your lips collide in a soft, saccharine kiss.
"fine," he mutters in between kisses, "but don't come crying to me when you see a big red F on your paper."
Tumblr media
© ovurtime2021 - do not copy, edit, claim, or repost as your own. all rights reserved.
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ghxstwriter666 · 21 days ago
Tsukishima’s the kind of guy who’d steal your underwear and laugh when you cry about it to him before stuffing them in your mouth and fucking you.
”please tsuki…give them’s dirty!”
You whispered agressively to tsukishima who had you pulled off to the side of the corridor, slender arm lent over your head to pin you against the wall. sadistic smile on his lips as your pathetic little face pouted up at him.
”hu? No way, they’re mine for the day now…although“
he hummed, pulling the garment from his pocket and dangling it off his finger in full display.
”I guess if you beg hard enough I’ll consider it”
your face heated up as you watched your soft pink panties dangle from his finger just metres away from the hallway where any class mate could see.
You scolded through your teeth as quiet as you could to not draw attention but he just smirked more, a soft low chuckle coming from his throat as you tried reaching for your underwear
“ah ah ah…tut tut y/n“
he purred stepping closer to limit your movement, your heart began beating in your throat as he lingered closer to your face. “naughty girls aren’t allowed panties“
He smiled and you fiddled with the hem of your skirt out of anxiety, almost as if if you didn’t hold it down it’d fly up and expose yourself to everyone. -
later you were waiting in the gym hall for Tsukishima and the rest to turn up for practice, still pantyless. your bare ass was pressing against the cold gym floor and you shifted uncomfortably at the feeling. The door slid open earlier than usual and a familiar blonde stepped inside “your early?” You asked him as he came to stand in front of you. You checked the time on your phone before looking up to the towering boy, if he wasn’t tall enough when you were standing he was even taller when you were sat crossed legged.
“hm that a problem brat?“
he smiled as he knelt down and you huffed, maybe any other day you’d be excited to see him but with the game he’s been playing today you weren’t so sure. ”pff yeah it is“
“oh? Come on, you’re not still pissed at me are you?”
he faked a sad face and tone
“of course I am tsukishima! Anyone could have seen me..just for your sick little game”
you scolded him, punching his arm harder than your usual playful taps but he just laughed at you.
“you want them back?” he teased, his tone was one you knew oh too well and despite knowing what he meant by that velvet tone you still quirked a brow
Without saying anything else he tightly griped your wrist and pulled you to your feet, dragging you behind him as he led you to the store cupboard. A place you‘d been many times before. The heavy door slammed behind you and echoed loud before he pushed you with one hand on your chest making you fall back onto a thick gym mat.
“tsuk-HM!” you got cut off by silky fabric shoved into your mouth, your panties.
“shut up”
Tsukishima spat, quickly undoing his belt and pulling you by the ankles with your legs spread.
“There you’ve got them back, now quit crying about it and be a good girl for me“
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livinghostly · a month ago
cat’s out of the bag
kei tsukishima x fem!reader
Tumblr media
words: 1.6k
pronouns: she/her
a/n: first tsukishima fic! first haikyuu fic! open to requests and also criticism!
Tumblr media
tsukishima narrowed his eyes at his teammates on the other side of the net, their practice match had been going on for thirty minutes and they were still neck and neck for the first set. his fingers were becoming red and strained from being hit by the ball so much– but that meant he was doing good, so he really couldn't complain. well, he could. and he had no issue doing so.
"all these spikes, and are you getting any better short stack?" he taunted, looking down at the ginger. "really, if this keeps up, i'm going to have bruises on my hands by tomorrow. you could at least try aiming for an opening."
"what?" hinata stomped towards the net, his offense nearly loud enough to echo through the gym. "practice is supposed to be helping us get better, what are you complaining for?"
"if it were an actual challenge, i would be getting better," he let out a dramatic sigh.
from behind him, tanaka called out. "stop arguing and get back into position so asahi can serve the ball!"
the boys did as they were told, tsukishima falling back into line with kageyama and tanaka. the ball went straight over their heads, though nishinoya provided a perfect receive, squaring out his body. then, tanaka was the one to spike it– or attempt. suga shot it back down with his block.
"come on, man!"
the next round started up again, the served ball slapping against tadashi's forearm before being saved by noya. to their right, the gym doors opened and closed with a thunk, though most of the boys were too caught up in the game to spare a slight glance in the direction.
sugawara noticed. his desperate curiosity tore his head that way, eyebrows drawing upward at an unfamiliar face. "who's that?"
plenty of people wandered in their gym during practice, primarily first years that get lost on the way to their club meetings. they almost immediately back out with apologies under the inquisitive stares of the third years— but this person didn't. instead, offered a small smile and stayed quiet. just watching.
daichi received the ball, hitting it up in the air towards their setter's direction. kageyama raised his hands and kept his eye on the ball, waiting for his signal. the ginger propelled forward, eyes barely open as the air from his jump hit him in the face.
tsukishima jumped, limbs straightened out to be as tall as he could be.
"hey, kei."
he faltered, the structure in his arms going weak, bending at the elbows. confusion flashed in his face at the voice, although familiar, unexpected. he looked to his right, eyes locking in with the proud grin you presented.
hinata's spike tore through tsukishima's now slack fingers. nishinoya didn't try to save it as it bounced against the hardwood floor. instead of lurching forward, his feet brought him to tanaka.
"woah!" "did she say kei?" "can i call you kei?"
the voices of his teammates all spoke up at once, two of the second years, along with hinata, crowding around tsukishima with wonder. he took in a deep breath
tanaka patted him on the back with heavy, unexpected force. "woah, tsukishima! how'd you get a pretty girl like that to come to practice?"
"yeah, what are you, some secret casanova?" nishinoya barked out laughter at his own joke.
tsukishima sighed, pushing up his glasses after they slid down from tanaka's hit. he straightened his posture, now towering over the boys more than before.
"she's my girlfriend, you idiots."
his teammates froze, bodies becoming stiff as sticks as they stared. as he pushed past the suffocating crowd that had formed around him, their eyes followed. mouths dropped open, and eyebrows were brought together in an expression that could only be described as horror.
as he made his way over to you, the third years tried to console the frightened boys. you could hear suga in the distance, "come on, guys. what are you freaking out for?" the only response he got was wordless babbles.
each step brought a larger grin to your face, despite his stoic expression. he blocked the view of his teammates once he came to a stop in front of you, with minimal space left between the two of you.
"you did that on purpose," tsukishima said, as matter-of-fact. he wasn't wrong.
"i could see the scoreboard. they deserved a point."
"no wonder you're not in any sports clubs, you're too soft for competition." he straightened up, glancing to the caged clock adorning the wall next to them. it wasn't even 4:00. "speaking of, what are you doing here? aren't you supposed to be in—"
"meeting ended early," you answered, then tilted your head. a small smirk ghosted over your lips. "don't act like this isn't a pleasant surprise, pretty boy."
at the mention of your pet name for him, a slow blush blossomed at the tip of his ears. soon enough it would be spreading to his cheeks.
from the benches, the boys looked on. they couldn't seem to break their gaze, eyes following each movement in analysis. the way he turned his head away slightly when he spoke, and despite his blank expression your smile never left your face, you adored him— was he standing taller?
your fingers subtly, or it would have been subtle, if not for the onlookers, delicately reached out and toyed with his fingertips. he didn't stop you, didn't bother to glance down either. there was a brief moment where his thumb swept over the back of your hand before falling slack in your grip again, letting you do as you pleased.
a question lingered in the back of tsukishima's mind, he trained his eyes on you and tried to figure out the answer before he'd ever ask.
"tsukishima!" the tone was almost angry.
it was then that your smile was wiped away, eyebrows raised in surprise as you looked over to the benches. small doubt pressed on your stomach, wondering if you broke some rule by interrupting practice.
"are you gonna introduce us to your girlfriend, or what?"
the blond's head rolled over his shoulder to look at them, regretting his decision as he met their giddy expressions.
as you reached them, tadashi waved excitedly. "hey, y/n!"
"you knew about them, tadashi?" hinata questioned, straining his neck next to the green-haired boy as if to intimidate. seeing him stand on his tippy toes, you stifled a laugh.
"well, yeah-"
"why didn't you tell us?" tanaka cut him off, mirroring the ginger on tadashi's opposite side and leaning in dangerously close to his face. "what, are we keeping secrets from each other now?"
"i wouldn't mind," tsukishima muttered. if he still had the attention, they would've watched as he side-stepped slightly in your direction. you bumped his arm with a playful glare.
tadashi babbled off an answer, a half-assed one at that. he faltered under the looming shadows of his teammates, betrayal prominent in their faces. as he slouched and brought his hands up to his chest in fear, you shook your head and looked up to your boyfriend.
he looked as if he'd rather be dead.
a new face jumped in front of you, his proximity catching you by surprise. he had his hands on his hips and puffed his chest proudly. you furrowed your eyebrows, racking your brain for a name blonde tuft of hair at the forefront of his brunette cone and a devilish grin that took up most of his face.
"it's nishinoya, right?"
his eyes lit up and the inquisitive demeanor dropped. he looked from tsukishima, to you, back to tsukishima. he swelled with pride and you could've sworn that he'd fallen in love with the blond.
"tsukki," he sang in adoration, "you talk about us?"
"woah, i didn't expect that," daichi laughed, placing a hand on the back of his neck to clamp down on the slight nervousness.
kageyama rolled his eyes, looking off to the court. "we all know it's nothing good anyway."
you smirked, looking up at tsukishima. you had the opportunity to throw him to the wolves, which would undoubtedly bestow a lifetimes worth of teasing. he met your gaze, and a part of you expected a nonverbal plead to keep quiet. instead, his eyes were cold and daring. do it, he challenged.
but you wouldn't. and he knew that. for as long as the teammates would hold the compliments against him, no matter how backhanded they were, he would hold his grudge against you for letting it out in the first place.
"it's nice to meet you, y/n!" sugawara finally stepped forward, waiting his turn.
"you're suga?"
"yeah, that's me. the hair was a giveaway, right?" he chuckled nervously, blushing.
the boys had you guessing their names as they welcomed you to the court, tanaka laughing loudly at his own jokes toward tsukishima. you giggled along until daichi slapped his back as a warning to play nice.
they tried to pry information out of you, anything that could be damaging to tsukishima's reputation. fortunately for him, you kept your mouth shut, instead opting to talk about the team.
"we should go."
tsukishima's voice cut through the bouncing energy of the group.
"what? kei, you still have practice—" you started,
"how can i practice when these idiots are giving me a headache?" he drawled. he looked at you with his eyebrows drawn upward and together. his way of saying please when he couldn't force the word out of his mouth.
grinning, you prompted, "ice cream?"
he turned away and walked towards the gym doors leading outside, and you picked up speed to catch up with him. a chorus of mocking "aw"'s were called out from behind.
you waved goodbye to the team, making sure to say how nice it was to meet them. even your goodbye's were cut short, your boyfriend speeding up to reach outside and you scrambled to follow.
once away from the crowd, he linked his hand with yours.
"that wasn't so bad, was it?"
"i'm never hearing the end of it."
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ahoney--girl · 2 months ago
Kei Tsukishima
Tumblr media
Overstimulation? Dirty Talk?
I am deeply in my Tsukishima phase please someone help.
“it's tooo muuuch.” Your moan drags out trying to shift your body away from Suki’s mouth. His hands on your hips dig further in pushing you back to the bed. “Stop moving not done yet.” He grumbles mouth barely leaving space between your pussy long enough to make the command. Then going right back to exploring, tongue first. Despite the mess from your last orgasm. “How are you...still going..” You moan out arching further into his mouth. The hypersensitivity of your clint shaking your body Tsuki pauses. Hands still pinning your body down onto the bed as he pulls away further this time. Looking up at you fully as your chest rises and falls as you chase your breath. “Do you know your name?” Scrunching your face you turn your head at him in question. “Uh yes..” Nodding at your answer he adjusts himself on his stomach pulling your body back to him. “Then the jobs not done.” “Ah fuck.” You moan out as he pushes his tongue back onto your messy cunt. His hand drags down your hips, to your thighs, pulling away then landing back on your thighs in a sting. “Watch your mouth princesses. This can very easily turn into punishment.” “Is it not already?” You moan out falling back onto the bed trying to calm your erratic breathing. “Oh, no princesses.” He hums, rubbing his free hand from the burning spot on your outer thigh, then to the inside, landing on your pussy. “This is a reward for being such a good girl today.” Slowly he pushes one finger in. “Showing up to my game.” His finger curves, dragging lightly on your walls. “Wearing my jersey.” His finger is pulled out to just the tip, then another one is added. “Cheering so loud for me.” His fingers push in curling as they go. His face drops down to kiss your clit, flattening his tongue on it. “Jumping up and down in those god damn tight ripped jeans." He groans eyes visibly fluttering closed as he recalls the image. "Your thighs peeking out as your boobs bounce from your jumping and cheering. ...fuck.” His fingers start to thrust slowly in adjacent to the rhythm of his tongue. Moaning your body starts to shake at the rising tightness that builds in your lower stomach. “This is a reward for being such a good fucken girl today..showing everyone how lucky I am and how unlucky they are because all of this is mine.. now cum again.”
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tameshrimp · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Haikyuu!! Spooky Season Headers!
⭑ Hope you guys like these! I had soo much fun making them!
⭑ If you use one, credit in bio would be much appreciated! Feel free to send me a screenshot of the one you use! I’d love to see it!
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bunnywrites1414 · 14 days ago
Day 1- Size Kink
Hi reader!!! -- Kinktober Masterlist
Today is size kink with Tsukishima Kei
hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
          You never had to tell Tsukishima that you love the size difference between you. The look in your eyes when you smile up at him on your first date tells him all he needs to know. When you glance up at him through your lashes, and a soft peach color dusts over your cheeks, and you curl into his side standing in line for some stupid game at a carnival. Or after the first game of the season when his team wins, when you see him after his shower and you leap into his arms and plant lingering kiss on his cheek, mumbling praises about how well he played. When he finally releases you and your feet touch the ground, and you glance up at his face and you blush again and hide into his chest, disguising it as a hug.
         So 4 months into your relationship, when he pulls you into his lap for the first time during a make out session, leans you both back against the couch, trails kisses down your neck, and mumbles "you're so small, so easy to move" mindlessly against your pressure point, the small whimper that escapes your lips is no surprise to him but he can't help but smirk and tease you about it. "Yeah? Does it make this little pussy throb when I tell you how little you are? When I tell you how easy it is for me to manhandle you? Like my own personal doll." He rasps and you whimper and nod grinding absentmindedly against him. He hums a little and pushes you a little harder onto his crotch. "That feels so good." You whine at him, he throws his head back and nods a little "yeah, feels really good baby, fuck just like that, keep going" he groans, you take advantage of the fact that his neck is exposed and place open mouthed kisses along his throat, sucking bruises onto the skin. He pushes his hips up and pulls you down and you whine shaking a little. His hands slide up under your shirt holding your waist and hissing a little. "You looks so pretty like this baby" he mumbles and slides his hands up further running his hands across the soft material of your bra. "Can I?" His eyes meet yours for a few seconds and you nod leaning forward and touching your forehead to his "please touch me Kei" You feel him throb underneath your core. "Love it when you ask for it, s' so hot" he says sliding his hands around you to unclasp the bra. You pull the straps off your arms and throw the bra behind you curling yourself back over his chest and reconnecting your lips to his neck. His hands slide up and over your breasts grabbing handfuls and kneading softly.
        She pulls a little at his shirt "off, please?" She pants out. He doesn't respond, only leans forward and pulls the shirt up and over his head throwing it over the arm of the couch. His hands return to your chest and your own make a path up his torso, tracing his V line, running your finger tips over his abs, up his pecs to his neck where you hold both sides of his face. At this point he's taken over the moving for you. Guiding your hips back and forth over him. "Need more" you breath and he nods in agreement.
        You grab both of his hands and pull them away from your hips, ignoring his noise of protest you slide out of his lap and pulling off your sweatpants and the t-shirt you neglected to take off. He takes the few seconds to slide his own sweat pants down and onto the floor kicking them off his ankles before welcoming you back into his lap. You drop back into your previous position and whimper at the feeling of his cock hard against your crotch without the barrier of the two layers of thick cotton in the way. He groans and pulls you into a hard kiss, sloppy and rushed, and pushes his hips up into you. Now with only the thin cotton of your underwear in the way you can feel every throb and twitch underneath. He takes back over moving your hips for you, slow almost teasing you and himself, "You're so big Kei" you pant into his mouth whining a little, and he is, six foot two inches to your five foot something. Built like a door, lean and strong from the years of volleyball and training. But that's not what you were talking about, from through the thin material of his boxers you can nearly make out every vein as it sits, if he's guiding your hips from his tip to the base each time you'd have to put him between 8 and 9 inches, and it's thick enough that, through your underwear, your lips part accommodate all of him.
         He smirks against you can pushes up his hips again "I know baby, far to big to fit in this little pussy yet." He teases, his fingers begin trailing from your hip to your navel, slowly bringing them to the sit just under your belly button. His trail continues down to the waistband of the cotton under you wore. Tracing the small detailing along the waistband and the arch on her hips, and down to rub gently over the spot where your clit sits. The whine you let out makes him laugh a little "Kei please". "Since you asked so politely.." he trails off and dips his fingers into the top of your underwear, down into her heat, spreading her wetness along her folds. He slides two fingers up to you clit applying a little pressure and starts to make small circles.
          You lean over his chest and moan pushing your hips into his hand. He stops moving and gives you a pointed look "Will you sit still? I can make you feel good all on my own." He smirks and continues moving his hand adding a little more pressure. He moves his hands away from your clit and slides two slowly into your leaking hole. Before he has a chance to move you grab his wrist and hiss. "Awe are you too little to take my fingers? Poor baby" he feigns sympathy and starts to thrust slowly. You keel over and whine in his lap thighs shaking around his own. "Oh god, Kei" you gasp as he curls his fingers against your front wall nudging spots until he finds the soft spongy area. You gasp and jump a little and groan in his ear. He curls his fingers against it a second time just to be sure and when he gets a similar reaction he smiles "Is that your spot? Hm? Does it feel good?" You nod frantically against his shoulder and draw out a moan. Your thighs start shaking harder and you muscles start to clench and you can feel the coil start to form in your stomach. "Kei m' getting close. Please please don't stop." And he smiles and kisses your bare shoulder "Go on baby get there. Such a good girl so little and perfect for me" he muses against your shoulder and adds another finger, speeding up a little. "Fuck fuck fuck. Right there! KEI!" You shriek as the coil in your stomach snaps, you shake and moan above him crying into his shoulder as your heat convulses around his fingers, he continues moving his fingers at the same pace while you cum above him wetting the crotch of your panties and spotting the top of his boxers with your slick.
          When you whine at him in overstimulation pushing at his wrist he stops and pulls his fingers out, wiping your slick on your thigh. You recover slowly still curled on top of his lap. He runs his fingers along her sides "you come back to me yet baby?" He teases running is fingers along your sides. You roll your eyes and laugh against his neck "Thank you Kei." You say softly and relax into his lap, and then you feel his cock throbs against your heat. You gasp and jump a little "Oh Kei... can I help?" You ask pulling back a little. "It's ok baby, you don't have to, I'll handle it later", he says blushing and rubbing the back of his neck all shy. You pull out of his lap and sink to the floor in front of him on the couch, "Let me help you Kei, please?" You mumble and kiss the inside of his knee, and trail kisses up the inside of his thigh slowly, when you reach his crotch you mouth over his cock through the thin brief's he's wearing he still looks unsure. "Pleaseee" you draw the word out and give him the best pouty face you can manage given the situation. His eyes darken a little and he shifts extending his legs a little farther. "Alright go ahead" he says reaching forward to hold your face. "Let me see how much you can fit in your mouth"
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haikyuuublog · 2 months ago
Tsukishima: I'm not that mean. Name one mean thing I’ve ever done.
Yamaguchi: When we were younger, you convinced me eggs weren't real.
Tsukishima: They're not.
Yamaguchi: Haha, very funny.
Tsukishima: I'm serious. Didn't you hear?
Yamaguchi: No... what happened?
Tsukishima: ...Why would you fall for this again-
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slutbench · 2 months ago
tw: size kink
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kei tsukishima is the boyfriend that is lowkey sensitive especially when cockwarming. whenever he’s tired from his training you sit on his lap while he watch movies from the couch and when you slowly grind on it, his cock just gets solid hard. he tries to deny it but the tent forming around in his shorts says the otherwise.
it’ll all happen until he destroys that panties while he leisurely place his hands around your waist, kissing you passionately while he feels your dripping pussy from the warmth of his cock. he’ll bring his fingers on your mouth, making sure you lick his thumb while he stares at you with lust. slowly and filled with excitement, he pushes your pussy to his cock, controlling the rhythm while he hears you moan for his name. “that’s it, c’mon ride for me like a good little girl”
Tumblr media
taglist: @polraidz @rokudaddie @crystal-lilac
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