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eri-eee · 2 days ago
00:00. officially midnight.
Tumblr media
there’s an indescribable feeling that’s met when two souls finally meet. when they both finally see what’s in front of them and embrace it; slow and hesitant at first, then wholeheartedly and passionate at last.
it could’ve been the cheap spirits you bought. it could’ve been how his slice of pizza landed with a loud and succinct “thwack” onto the cold, hard concrete after falling two stories from the roof of the house. or it simply could’ve been how you’re both drunk off of each other’s giggles.
the bright glow of the full moon hung high in the sky, stars thrown carelessly across a dark blue sky. eventually as the giggles died down and you both finally are able to see each other, that’s when you know. that’s when you know how they were there for you through long nights of highs and lows. how you know that they’ll always be ready to get you food at the ungodly hours of the night. not as after every argument they didn’t hesitate to apologize once the storm cleared. the friendship tenderly kept alive by the memories made day by day, afraid that maybe if one of you confessed your obvious feelings towards each other, everything will change.
but it didn’t matter. not really. not as you both started to lock eyes and slowly gravitate towards them. not as you can see how dark their cheeks became from the spirits you drank, and the eye bags under their eyes from probably too many all nighters. not as you both started tilting your heads to the right as your lips brushed past each other ever so slightly. not as your lips started to move in sync with theirs, your hands finding their way to their hair and their hand resting on your cheek.
in that moment as you both pulled away, for one sober moment, it became as clear as the night sky. smiling as you both quickly pulled each other into another kiss, you could hear the soft whisper that spilled from their lips:
“i love you,”
Tumblr media
[ repost with your special favorite character in the tags! ]
( sorry if it’s bad, i haven’t written in so long, hope this is okay!)
credit to eri-eee on tumblr
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Dabi: I want coffee.
Hawks: What’s the magic word?
Dabi: Get me some coffee?
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cremazione · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tiredhawks · a day ago
Can you imagine Hawks making public jokes about liking both Endeavor and Dabi and then after Dabi's identity reveal Hawks just posts a video of himself standing there like 🧍and it becomes the biggest meme of the universe
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mukagentropy · a day ago
brainrotting in the middle of work because i have a meeting in a few hours and it’s making me meh /:
yandere keigo takami alright?
he has everything in the grasp of his hand, his golden talons which he manifested after gruesome training from the hpsc. after outshining and working unparalled and becoming the #2 hero. he wants to be optimistic towards the world, he really does. he wants to save people, make their lives a better place, be the glimmer of hope they foresee and yearn for. but it has always disappointed him. the world is rotten and as much as it gives him the opportunity to protect, he doesn’t want it.
ESPECIALLY when it comes to you. his adoring little intern in his agency, quirkless, just into the academic domain and oh so gullible. why do you have all these walls around you? is if because you’ve been hurt? by who he wonders… or you just mind your business and don’t like small talk, or any talk for that matter.
weeks turn into months; and hawks now knows everything about you. your family home, how you have a sibling you adore, a pet too eh? of course he is going to know when you want to leave the agency, when you start thinking it feels stagnant and when your conversation with your best friend suddenly lands you a promotion. “weird, kate. i told you i was feeling really weary of my position; imagine i suddenly got a promotion?” you hummed to your bestfriend, not really understanding the depth of how deep you’re into keigo’s little game. how could you? no one in the right mind would think hawks… PRO HERO HAWKS of all people— would have his heart set on a random civilian.
things are fine, nothing really bothers you, or hawks at this point. you are busy with work, he is busy with work, but then— why would you suddenly smile a little too much at one of the co-workers? why is he making your favorite dishes for you, why is he helping you? y/n… you are self sufficient are you not? out of all the people, it should be hawks that holds your shoulder, leans against your cheek and whispers soft nothings of aid. “that’s not how you do it sweetheart, let me help,” as his fingers languidly touch your throbbing clit— that’s the help you need. not this scummy asshole around you hovering like an annoying mosquito.
that is the first time, takami keigo realizes what he feels for you is rooted way too deep to fathom. his senses going ballistic at the thought of losing you someday if he doesn’t make a move. and so he does… calls you into his cabin one fine day, smiles and grins like a young man who’s charm makes people weak in the knees. you know what’s dangerous? a charming man, who knows what to do with it. of course you are going to let him ask you out on a date, of course you are going to be ecstatic about it, of course you are eternally grateful to be treated oh so well by him.
but it’s when the high and the zeal of the relationship stopping, it’s then you notice. you were too blinded by the gold to see it was a cage. too enthralled by the presence and soft assurances of the pro hero to notice it was a grip around your neck. keigo has everything, keigo controlls everything. now? he also has everything that could control you.
“come on, babygirl. don’t be like that, all i said was you can’t go out today. why? whadya mean why? it’s not easy as it is for me to be couped up by work. you want me to get worried about you and not focus on saving, the fucking civilians?”
“ain’t wearing that on my watch lil bird. i mean- if you want to wear that skimpy lil dress might as well let me take it off you, go around being naked in the house. go ahead, i don’t mind. but- (one step) don’t you (two steps) dare, (three steps) go out in that”
“why the hell are you crying? sweet thing, sssh~ s’ gonna be okay. see? i’m not hurting you, am i? i wish you didn’t push my buttons so much baby-“
hell, life is a living hell with takami keigo.
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leoiguro · 2 days ago
MHA Characters x Transmasc Reader - Headcanons
Tumblr media
Includes: aizawa, yamada, takami
Warnings: the usual things such as transphobia, dysphoria, and misgendering. some swearing.
Reader: transmasc, he/him pronouns are used
a/n: i feel like this is kinda awful but whatever. aizawa's part was so awkward for me to write because i view him as a father figure but hey i give the people what they want :) also look at me actually posting something quality for the first time in months (also watch it not get any attention because people are transphobic lmao). this was requested in the comments of my "mha boys x transmasc reader headcanons" if you want to check it out. you can find it on my masterlist :)
Tumblr media
♡Aizawa Shota
Tumblr media
you being trans never changed a thing between the two of you
it was getting late and he was marking tests, sighing as he went through kaminari's while you were just lounging around
you figured he should take a break and made him something to drink when you decided that fuck it - you were going to finally tell him
and when you sat back down he could tell from body language that you were nervous
he pun down the test he was marking and gave you a look you knew to mean "what's up/what's wrong?"
"I'm a trans man." was all you said
"you're...okay with this?"
"why wouldn't i be?” and then he leaned forward to rest his hand in you shoulder
“i'm really proud of you, (y/n). i love you so much, and nothing can change that.”
he’s not loudly supportive about it - and what i mean by that is he’s more quiet about it because he doesn’t want to make you feel as though he’s making a big deal about it
he puts the pronoun pin you got him on his sleeping bag and even got some for his students (he educated them on gay rights and stuff)
and speaking of his students - they think you’re so cool
one time you dropped by to bring aizawa something he forgot at home and the entire class freaked out because why the hell was pro hero (y/h/n) doing here giving aizawa something?
you realized they were acting weird because aizawa never told them about you or the fact that he was dating a man???
anyways 1-A kept asking aizawa questions all class because, in ashido’s words: “sensei your boyfriend is cool - how did you pull him?”
and aizawa is just cringing because “boyfriend” sound so immature and stupid so he just decides to marry you
basically ashido is the reason he proposed
this is getting super off track now
he's quick to understand when social situations gets distressing for you - what I mean by this is that as a trans person i often start to get uncomfortable if I'm out in public for too long and start to worry about how i'm being perceived and presenting
he notices these things quickly and will bring you to a more secluded are to make sure you're okay and/or if you want to leave
sure, you're a pro hero but like aizawa you work more from the shadows and your hero costume covers most of you
it's mainly in public at normal times outside of hero work when i imagine the dysphoria would spike
he doesn't take it personally when you need space or when you have period mood swings
he'll just leave the cat in your room (because you two have adopted a cat) and leave you alone until you feel better
before you moved in together and after you told him you were trans he made sure to keep pads/tampons and advil at his place for when you need them
as much as he tries to deny it, he's a very caring person
♡Yamada Hizashi
Tumblr media
he's genderfucky himself
when you came out to him he was so emotional. "THAT'S SO AWESOME OH MY GOD I'M SO PROUD OF YOU"
really good at calming you down if you panicky during dysphoria
accompanies you to pride events if you ever go to them
one time there was a transphobe who he decided to take down due to hate speech
he normally takes down villains by just yelling "YEAH" but this time he decided to make it extra fun and yelled "GET FUCKEDDDD"
it got posted everywhere on social media
mic became the 'protector of gays' overnight and he wears that title so proudly
he always corrects people if they fuck up your pronouns
you don't even get a chance to say anything before he's jumping in like "HE!"
he just loves his trans boyfriend so much and wants everyone to know it
if you take t shots he always wants to help, especially if you don’t like doing them yourself he’ll do it for you
he's actually useless at buying pads or tampons the first time you ask him to. he comes home with the completely wrong thing
how he messed up was beyond you because it's really rather simple
he got way better at it though and offers to go get them for you
oh my gosh he gets so upset when you lash out at him from period mood swings
after you have to comfort him like "yes i still love you. i didn't mean it i promise."
really good at helping you feel better when dysphoric
he'll distract you and make sure you're comfortable
he's always talking about you to people
talks on his radio show about you "oh wait listers, my boyfriend just texted me. i love him so much."
talks to his class about you all the time
he just really loves you and wants the whole world to know it
♡Takami Keigo
Tumblr media
you’ve been super stealth since even before you because a pro hero, no one knew you were afab and it’s not because you were ashamed, you just didn’t feel it was necessary for people to find out
you came out to hawks when you were close friends, and also on the day you got together
you were both sitting in a roof at the end of a patrol when you told him
“hey bird brain, i wanted to tell you something”
“yeah, sure dude what’s up?”
“i just wanted to tell you because we’re close friends and stuff - i’m trans”
he was really supportive about it
“ah, that’s cool! you didn’t have to be so scared to tell me though, dummy. also i already knew that.”
and you’re like “what do you mean? how did you know?”
and he gives you a look like really? “i’m at your place all the time. you keep pads and tampons in your bathroom and you leave your binders everywhere. you’re not slick. it would be shocking if i didn’t know”
“why didn’t you say anything?”
he just shrugged “i didn’t wanna make you uncomfortable”
“oh. well, thanks for not telling anyone.”
“why are you thanking me for that - that’s literally just basic decency”
“you’re right but people suck so the bar for decency is incredibly low.”
“true. why haven’t you told anyone else yet? i mean, i’m honored that you trust me but why do you have to hide it?”
“Are you kidding me? if the media found out they’d be jerks about it. ‘pro hero (y/h/n) has been posing as a man!??’”
“that’s so fucked.”
“i know.”
and then a few minutes later
“you’re right though. about the media. i feel like they’d also lose their shit if they found out about me”
and you were like ??? “what do you mean”
and he gives you a lazy grin “that i happen to be super fucking bi, and like said super cool trans hero, (y/h/n)”
“you like me?!”
“yeah. i figured i might as well as confess now since you just did.”
you tried to keep your relationship a secret for a while - not because of shame or anything but because you both knew the media would never leave you alone
a few times hawks has been in interviews where they are not very respectful about you
one time during his patrol he was swarmed and asked questions which he tried to answer respectfully
until “so, tell us about your girlfriend, pro hero (y/h/n) - why does she pretend to be a boy? isn’t that odd for you?”
his usual persona changed completely, and everyone could tell he was angry
“i don’t have a girlfriend, i have a boyfriend. no one is pretending, and i think we’re done here.”
he wears a pronouns pin and even tried to give one to endeavor
(endeavor refuses to wear it but keigo keeps pestering him)
he likes to ironically wear those super ugly pride shirts that say shit like “i love my trans boyfriend!”
he’s really good at cheering you up when you’re down because of dysphoria
surprisingly knowledgeable when it comes to helping you on your period
he'll go out and get everything you need for you (he makes sure to bring you plenty of chocolate)
many nicknames for you, all gender affirming like “pretty boy”
sends you trans related memes to cheer you up
and as much as he acts like a menace and a terror he really does try his best to be there for you
but he also LOVES it when you let him lay across your lap
sure he likes it when you lay on him, but sometimes bird boy just loves to be held
he's so cute
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hawksinacup · 2 days ago
Having Canon or Fanon Hawks as your boyfriend.
Canon knows he is late. But he can't help being held up by a villain attack right as he just finished his patrol. What luck, am I right? He tries to make up for it with extra love and quality time with you, but you don't really mind it anymore. You are used to him being held up with being a hero, or modeling. You knew he couldn't cook, or clean, or even do his own laundry. You did all of that for him and he loved you endlessly for it. Whenever he expended too many feathers and had to recover them, he spent his time with you. He would take you on dates, take you with him at his modeling agency, or sometimes just stay home and spend time there. He would usually come back home with take out, but would still finish his plate of food when you cooked for him. He always respected your boundaries and never tried to put you in uncomfortable situations. Sometimes he would vent to you after a long day if patrols, or about one of the newer models who thinks they are better than Hawks. Hawks can me messy, loud, and down right annoying, but you love him. Regardless of his flaws or when he smacks you with his wings on accident, you still love him. His feathers are a pain to clean with how often they shed, you could make a replica of his wings with all of the shed feathers you find. He always apologizes and tries to help clean up, but you shove him away and do it yourself. Sometimes when he is in the mood, he will flirt with you like you two were completely strangers. Sometimes he would wrap his wings around you as he held you close and whispered sweet words into your ear as you fell asleep on his chest. Hawks saw you as his world, as his goddess. He worshipped you and tended to your every need. You loved him just as much, and couldn't ask for a better boyfriend.
Fanon loved being with you. But sometimes it was a bit overwhelming being with the number 2 pro hero. And along with that, you two weren't even public. Hawks did it to keep you safe, you knew that. Whenever he did interviews and they asked about his love life, he always said the same answer. "My work is my love." Or something along those lines. Whenever he would come home from patrols, he would always give you a hug and kiss. Even if he was on deaths door, he would still come home to you first before going to seek medical help. Sometimes he would come home so bloodied and bruised that you took up medical training to patch him up at home whenever he was too tired to fly or walk. He would always flirt with you and sneak kisses from you at home. He would play music and dance with you in the living room, or sway with you in candle light on rare occasions. Hawks never spoke about his work, the most he would say is that it was stressful or a breeze. Modeling with female agents would make you jealous, and Hawks would tease you about it. He always loved you and loved taking care of you. He was naturally the caring type. He would always make sure your needs came before his, and he would always tend to you before he did anything else. Whenever Hawks had the urge to nest or would go through a rut, you would always be there for him. He loved you for it, so so much. He knew that sometimes he could be rough with you, but always made up for it with lots and lots of aftercare. You would enjoy whenever he would sing a bird like tune, or whenever he would carefully rake his talons through your hair or back. The feeling was a beautiful bliss. Whenever you did the same to him, you would hear soft chirps or see his wings ruffle. Hawks would clean sometimes or sometimes he would try his best to cook. You would both end up having take out instead due to him burning the rice half the time. He may be stupid at times, loud, abnoxious, and even irritating, but you loved him. You loved all his imperfections and all his perfections. You loved his sassy remarks and quick tongue. You loved the way he made you feel special in bed, the way he praised you endlessly. You loved him. And he loved you just the same.
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keigoswifeyysblog · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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assassin1513 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hawks The Wing Hero <3
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latuuart · 2 days ago
Hori has ruined Hawks character so much to the point people believe he is a worse person than Endeavor..
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rubiria · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's VERY important Tokoyami, he swears!!
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sleepwalkersqueen · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hawks and doves <3
(they're trying to adopt him)
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thegreatanso · 2 months ago
Colourful stuff about Toya healing physically and mentally, Keigo being there and being supportive 🤲🏻❤️💖
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hope you enjoy it… Very self-indulgent work but it’s good for the soul 💕💕🤲🏻🤲🏻
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hokusu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✩ Hawks + World Heroes’ Mission OVA ✩
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tiredhawks · a day ago
Hawks, having a breakdown and crying because he doesn't know how to do adult stuff: "this was a horrible idea! I don't even know what taxes are??"
Dabi, who wants to go to bed: "you just won a lawsuit against the Commission and got all your back-pay. You have more money than Endeavor. Just fucking hire someone to do it dipshit."
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mango-mothss · 2 months ago
Slapping Headcanons || MHA Boys X Reader
A/N: These hands are rated E for Everyone.
Warnings: Implied fem reader for Iida, Mild smut themes for Izuku, Bakugou and Shoto’s are pretty mild as well, Eijirou is where it gets into the more smutty part. Denki’s includes degradation, riding, cream pies, and just general masochism. Implied smut with Iida. Dabi’s has major dom/brat themes, mentions of teasing in public, and punishment. Also implied smut.
Characters: Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Eijirou Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Tenya Iida, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Hawks
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Izuku Midoriya
With Midoriya, it was an accident.
We all know this boy is too pure to exist
What could he do to make you slap him
You were talking to a friend when he snuck up on you, he thought it was adorable that you were so excited
You were flailing your arms around and punctuated your sentence with them in the air
And you hit something
Really hard
When you turn around, Izuku is standing right there, a red handprint on his face
His brain altogether stopped working
Did I… like that?
Yes, yes he did
“Oh my god, Izuku, I’m so sorry! I totally didn’t mean-“
“It’s alright! I’m fine! See?”
Won’t bring it up again until he’s sure the two of you are completely alone
“Will you… hit me?”
His face is as red as a tomato
“Y’know… like you did earlier, just. On purpose.”
You bring a hand to his face, rubbing his cheek, before bringing it away all of a sudden
“Are you sure?”
You bring your hand back and slap him. It leaves a sting in your hand.
“Harder. Please.”
Katsuki Bakugou
With Bakugou, it wasn’t an accident.
He pissed you off. He was being mean, ignoring you for too long.
“What’s wrong, Kats?” Kiri would ask.
“(Y/N). I haven’t seen them anywhere.”
“I’m right here, asshole.”
“It’s almost like I can hear them.”
Kirishima, who definitely didn’t want to get in the middle of whatever this was, backed away slowly. He knew better than to get involved.
At some point, you were fed up with this silent treatment.
“Kats. KATS.”
He just scoffed.
“Fine. You wanna play this game? Ignore this, bitch.”
You smacked him. Hard. Katsuki was used to being slapped but never by you.
“Oi, the fuck are you doing?”
You let out a little “hmph,” and walked away. You got your point across.
As soon as you rounded the corner, a smile fixed itself on his face. He was glad that you had the courage to stand up to him, and he loved seeing your attitude shine through.
He apologized later that day.
Shoto Todoroki
With Todoroki, it was sort of an accident.
To be fair, you didn’t know this is what truth or dare would turn into.
Mina invited you, most of Class 1-A was playing truth or dare in the common room.
Todoroki sat opposite of you.
Bad choice.
He smiled at you, giving a little wave
Todoroki was comfortable for you, and you him. You got along more than anyone else in the class
So when Izuku dared you to slap the person across from you, you didn’t know what to do.
Izuku, however, knew exactly what he was doing.
Just hours before this game of truth or dare, Todoroki admitted that he’d always thought about being slapped by a pretty girl
And he knew how you looked at Todoroki
You stood up and Todoroki followed suit, meeting you in the middle
He gulped, then nodded quickly.
Your hand came back and then landed with a loud SMACK.
You soothed the red that was spreading on his cheek, leaning in to whisper.
“Sorry, love, but I don’t back down from a dare.” You winked at him.
He was flustered, but he was trying his hardest not to show it
He was failing.
Eijirou Kirishima
With Kirishima, it was not an accident.
I don’t know what it is about Kirishima
But I can see him straight up asking you
“Will you slap me?”
“It’s for science,” he’d say, a goofy grin across his face
“What kind of science?” You knew what he was getting at, but you weren’t going to let him have it that easily.
“Here, let me-“ He cut himself off, grabbing you by the thighs and hoisting you over his lap.
“Now just. Slap me.”
He didn’t have to tell you twice
You smacked him hard across the face, a red handprint left on his cheek. “That good?”
“Eiji, are you sure?”
“Please, harder, (Y/N).” You could feel him starting to harden under you, obviously very into this.
You hit him again, this time hearing him hiss. “Shhh, baby.” You took his face in your hands and kissed his cheek.
“Eijirou, if I hit you anymore, you’re going to bleed.”
“Maybe I want to.”
Denki Kaminari
With Kaminari, it was an accident, but not in the way you’d think.
You were having sex with him. Riding him. Today he asked you to be mean to him, call him names, and hurt him.
You knew Kaminari had masochistic tendencies, but you didn’t know how far it went.
And you wanted to see how far the rubber band would stretch before it snapped.
“Pathetic whore. I bet you can’t even get off without me, can you?” He was a drooling mess, had been since the second orgasm.
“Look at me, Denki.”
He was too far gone.
“I said,” SLAP “Look at me!”
His eyes focused on your face for a few seconds, the same way they always did when he was trying to hold on for you.
“Let go, baby.”
He nods, his body shaking underneath you as he releases, cumming inside.
“Feel good?”
“That was hot,” he says, trying to catch his breath. “My cheek hurts.”
You soothe his face as he pouts, pulling your hand back to kiss the knuckles. “I love you,” he says softly, looking you in the eyes.
“I love you too, Denks.”
Tenya Iida
With Iida, it was not an accident.
Iida had pushed one too many buttons with you.
He didn’t mean for the things he said to come out like they did.
It just happened sometimes.
He was raised very respectfully, came from a house that taught him to respect women.
So when he said that you shouldn’t go anywhere without someone
He didn’t mean for it to come out as
“You’re too fragile and weak to handle yourself.”
“Iida, I am perfectly capable of handling myself.”
“I don’t think it’s a good idea, (Y/N). You need someone with you.”
You huffed. You were about to leave when you heard him mutter, “Lowest in the class….. can’t handle herself…”
You marched right up to him and slapped him across the face.
“Don’t you ever talk about me like that again.”
He was taken aback, to say the least.
You left before he could apologize
And he did make it a point to apologize to you.
“I’m sorry for what I said earlier.” It was way past curfew, and he probably shouldn’t be at your door.
But you invited him in anyways.
“I just don’t want you to be hurt.”
“Thank you, but I’m sure I can handle myself.” Your face was stern. You folded your arms over your chest, sitting on the edge of your bed.
“But (Y/N), I just. I care about you so much. More than anyone. I care about you more than I thought was even capable, and I’m so scared to lose you.” He sat down beside you, brushing the hair out of your eyes.
You kissed him before he could talk anymore, fisting your hand in his shirt and tugging him towards you.
He fell on top of you, hands holding his own weight up beside your head as he stared down at you.
Needless to say you didn’t get much sleep that night.
Tomura Shigaraki
With Shigaraki, it was an accident.
This one is technically not a slap but I thought it was funny
You were gaming. He was just trying to get your attention for a meeting.
You couldn’t even hear him calling you.
“(Y/N), we have a meeting.”
Your eyes were glued to the screen.
“(Y/N), it’s time to go.”
“YES. TAKE THAT, FUCKERS!” You threw your controller across the room when you flailed your arms in the air, and it landed right on Shigaraki’s face with a loud thunk
“Oh my god, babe, I am so, so sorry.”
His hand moved to scratch at his neck, a scowl painting his features
“It’s fine. Let’s go.”
You felt bad all day about what happened
And you made it up to him with extra kisses, cuddles, and love in general
He forgave you
After he had his time to pout and sulk
And milk the attention he was getting from you
With Dabi, it was an accident. You told him that over and over, but he knew it really wasn’t an accident.
You were being a brat
Very plainly
And you decided that today would be a good day to test Dabi’s patience
It was not.
You were teasing him in public again, something he was very familiar with
And he was lecturing you over it, deciding the way he should punish you
He saw you roll your eyes
“Y’know, I think this would be a lot more fun if you let me take control once in a while.” You loved your position as a brat, but you loved to tease him even more.
“You don’t get to make that decision, now do you?”
You rolled your eyes again.
“Try it again, bitch.” His hand was on your throat in a matter of seconds and your back was against the wall
And then
As if your fight or flight response was activated
You slapped him
The hand that was around your neck moved to rub at his face. He sighed.
“I- I’m sorry, I didn’t-“
“Oh, no no no, baby,” he tutted. “you did this to yourself. You have to pay the consequences.”
He picked you up by the waist and slung you over his shoulder, carrying you away
You weren’t walking the next day.
With Hawks, it was definitely not an accident.
Something you had to grow accustomed to with Hawks was his flirty personality
Half the time, he didn’t even know he was flirting.
You and Keigo were engaged, but you both decided not to go public with the information
He had a public image to maintain, and you didn’t mind that
Some of which you got pushed aside for
One day where you were particularly feeling ignored by him, you went out to get yourself some boba
Hawks was standing in the middle of a crowd of girls, many of which were flirting to no avail
He took pictures and signed autographs, and you weren’t too interested
“So, Hawks, are you seeing anyone right now?”
“No,” he said simply. That wasn’t what struck a chord, with you.
“You could be seeing me,” the girl said. And then
He winked at her. “I could make arrangements for that.”
You waited for the, now screaming, crowd to leave before approaching him
“She was flirting with you.”
“I thought we agreed that it wouldn’t be good to go public.”
“You didn’t shut her down.”
“I thought you didn’t want to go public.”
You slapped him across the face.
“It’s not about whether I wanted to go public or not, it’s about the fact that you flirted back with her.”
Hawks brought the prettiest flowers he could find that night. As well as your favorite candy, a stupid rom-com, and his cat, Peanut (you can’t convince me he named his cat something normal) in hopes of making you feel better
He apologized a thousand times, and you finally gave in, throwing your arms around him
You could never stay mad at Hawks.
“I think we should announce that we’re engaged.”
“Really? You think it’ll be good for your image as a pro?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know much of anything anymore. But I do know that I want everyone to know that I found the most beautiful person to love.”
A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been too active recently, I’ve been struggling with motivation, but I’m doing better now! Hopefully there will be even more soon!
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balcony meeting under the moonlight
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hawksinacup · a day ago
Hawks crying in a corner over the fact that Dabi left in the middle of the night and is worried he left him. Only for Dabi to come back an hour later with some fast food and sees Hawks in the corner crying his eyes out. When Hawks sees Dabi he rushes to him engulfing him in a big hug and cries in his chest about how mad he is that he left him. So now Dabi is having to calm him down and explain how he was hungry and went out to get some food and even got him some chicken nuggets. This makes Hawks stop crying and forget Dabi, as he is now invested on the chicken nuggets and making happy bird noises as he eats them. Dabi just sighs and eats his food knowing that Hawks was probably hangry since they both skipped out on dinner.
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Happy birthday tokoyami!!! 🎃✨
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miss him
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