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BNHA 303


Hawks is such a cutie 🥺❤ and Best Jeanist is a bad bitch 👏🏾 PERIOD KING!!


Best jeanist is funny as hell 😂 he really used Bakugo’s full title 😂❤ we love a supportive mentor

I don’t have much to say about this week’s chapter, but I did enjoy seeing more of best jeanist and our UA babies 🥲❤ it was also refreshing to see hawks be more open and passionate about being a hero instead of the laid-back kinda nonchalant hero/villain lol.

Really glad that most of class 1-A are on track with healing/recovering, but I am still a little worried about the others we don’t know about.

Also, there is currently 29 more days until season 5 airs 🥳🥳🥳

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Also I love Hawks so much oh my god

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As a dude with exceptional deductive reasoning I wouldn’t be surprised if Hawks connected the dots between Finger Destroyer Kid and All Might and One for All on his own. All he needs to do is look at Deku’s background and a timeline of All Might’s degeneration combined with everything else that has happened thus far

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“A team up between the top 3” why does hawks still have a job hes a literal murderer

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Hawks isn’t a millennial. If you want to line up BNHA ages with irl generations he’d be on the older edge of GEN-Z.

Hawks, would have been born in december of 1997 if this year is the current point in the manga, and seeing as how Gen-Z is from 1997 to 2012, HE WOULD BE ONE OF US!!

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This started as a joke but low-key I accidentally convinced myself so now it’s a 100% serious analysis.

Spoilers for the manga below


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Dabi (27), Hawks (24), Tamaki (20), and Mirio (20) x Fem!Reader (20)

Warnings: General 18+ Smut Warnings, Fivesome/Orgy, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Handjobs, Overstimulation, Tiny Bit of Angst, Sappy Lovesick Themes :)

Word Count: 3.9K

Author’s Note: This is in celebration of not only my favorite holiday (that has already passed lol), but also reaching a milestone that I thought I’d never reach. This storyline kind of put me on the radar, so it only made sense to add another installment. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog. I honestly am so appreciative of the love and care you guys continue to show me. Please enjoy! :)

Part 1 | Part 2 

Valentine’s Day had always been a big deal for you even before you were in a relationship. It was the easiest way for you to show affections towards all of the important people in your life. You had even given Mirio and Tamaki handmade chocolates back when you were still just friends. You always put in the utmost care and love into all of you confections. If you had to have any other quirk, showing love and affection freely would easily be yours.

You had left your college campus early, even skipping the last half hour of your review lecture to prep for tonight’s festivities. It was the first Valentine’s Day that you’d be celebrating as a fivesome and you were honestly nervous. You wanted tonight to be perfect. Things were getting serious between the five of you and you didn’t want to mess anything up.

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I’ve been working on drawing again for the first time in quite a while. Specifically Hawks because I love that bird.

Basic night/evening silhouette is done but I’m going to be doing an actual full color version just… Not today. Will probably actually start on that tomorrow. But I wanted to actually post original content for once.

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Hi there! There were a lot of things here JSJCJS so I focused on the freedom topic and exchange of feelings, it turned out a little bit short but hope you like it🥺 Btw, I apologize if there are writing mistakes, I did this on my phone and the headache is killing me😢


Somewhere in the world, in a quiet peaceful beach when the clock stroke six pm.

Things were crazy. From Hawks being exposed to him losing his wings. From the commission coming to and end to civilians using weapons to protect themselves. Those were crazy, crazy days. He had even helped Endeavor together with another hero to solve his domestics issues. Hawks trulu deserved better.

And so did you. Both were raised by the commission, being trained as weapons was exhausting as much as physical and emotional. But now? It was over, you and Hawks were no longer part ot that institution, and to be honest it did felt kind of weird, what was your purpuse now?

All of those thoughts roamed Hawks’s head as he rest his forearms on his knees, eyes looking at the ocean. He was a free bird now. Just as free as the ones that were flying in front of him.

You smiled when you saw him, and certainly, he looked different. Not only because of his undercut, but because he looked a bit older despite his youth, he looked tired but at the same time? His eyes were free from weight. You smiled at yourself, feeling hopeful when you saw the naked bumps on his back, his wings were supposed to be out any time, at least they were not burned to the core. There was still hope for the bird boy. Slowly got to his side, sitting on the warm yet cold sand beneath your feet.

“Hey you” He said giving you a sided smile.

“Hey you” you imitated him, eyes fixed on the ocean as well.

There were no words needed. Both of you knew everything about each other, and how you two felt after all of the terrible events lived months ago. Yet, there were some things rambling inside his little head.

“Do you think they still hate me? The people?”

“Some of them still might, that guy Dabi didn’t go easy on you” you let out a tiny laugh “but there are others that keep supporting you, and waiting for your return. I’m sure about it.”

“You’re so optimistic I always believe you” Hawks laughed and looked at the sand for a few seconds “Yeah, they might be happy when I get back. But… It feels good to be here”

He looked so pretty with the golden sunlight hitting his face and the breeze moving some of his longer locks.

“After years I’ve been nothing more than a bird in a cage, and I did things I regret but… But I’m trying to be better, y'know” His eyes were on the horizon again “I feel good now… I’m free from my shackles. And I don’t mean it because my wings are growing back and I’ll be able to fly again, I mean it because I finally have nothing weighting on me” His honey like eyes were this time, on you.

“I’m happy to hear that you’re feeling like that, Kei. You do deserve all of this. You’re a good man, the best I’ve ever met.” Your cheeks turned red. Truth was, that you did have feelings for him, but you only discovered that when you were about losing him forever.

“The best one? I’m pretty sure your man wouldn’t like to hear that” He scoffed, “Speaking of which, want me to drop you to the airport tonight?” Keigo asked, raising his eyebrows. Those damned cute eyebrows.

“Actually,” you doubted, what if he wasn’t feeling the same way? “We broke up”

“You did what” His eyes were open in surprise “You broke up to weeks prior marrying?”

“Yes, but we both agreed. After having a long conversation, we came to the conclusion that we work better as friends, and apparently he had found someone so” You shrugged your shoulders.

“I could’ve never imagined it, kid” He laughed “but if that makes the two of you happy, it’s a good choice I guess” Keigo smiled at you “and what about ya’? Did you found someone too?”

“Actually… I did. But I didn’t know it until I almost lose them” and there it was. Your eyes were locked on his, screaming that you had found him. “And I don’t know if you found me” those words came out in a whispering, hoping for the worst.

He raised his eyebrows and remained silent for a second, his heart beats stopping and the words refusing leaving his mouth.

“I… I knew I found you since the first time I saw you” Keigo let out a shy laugh.

And so did you. The two of you look in awkwardness, changing it then for laughs and shy smiles. Hawks put his hand on your nape, pulling you closer so his forehead was touching yours in a lovely, intimate way. Noses were brushing each other too, and his thumb was caressing bits of your skin. Both of your hands were on each side of his neck, playing with his earings and loving his warm.

“Be free with me, what do you say, you?” He closed his eyes and said nothing more.

“There’s nothing I want more” you smiled at him.

And before any of you could tell, your lips met in a simple, yet tender kiss. Slow, free from shame. You had no idea what was going to happen from that day on, but who cared? You didn’t, and less did Hawks. All that matter was that the two of you were free from the abuses, restrictions, orders, blame and pain. You two were finally, free from your shackles.

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