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#keiji akaashi
seyooni · 17 hours ago
✧ — alive
feat. keiji akaashi cw. comfort/vent — language, insecurities, lil cringey but thats just how it feels when you’re screaming in public, gender neutral reader unless i messed up and put a pronoun, second time posting this cause the first one got borked cries
Tumblr media
the cold wind bites at his skin, causing his nose to run. your seated next to him, your oversized puffy white coat makes you look like a marshmallow, and the large puffy earmuffs on your head only add to it. leaning against the guard rail, the view of the city at night is bright but not overwhelming. his hands clench and unclench inside his coat pocket, and he realizes that if he doesn’t keep his arms tight against him, a gust of air flows right up from the bottom and up through his shirt. a mild inconvenience, but he can overlook his mistake in coat choice this one time. he lowers his head into his scarf in an attempt to keep his face warm, though its not much help.
the two of you have been like this for a while. he's not sure why you've brought him here, but he knows that you needed him. you've been dealing with a lot over the last month and while you haven't let on much, your actions spoke louder than your words. you've chopped your hair, dyed it, and have been retweeting relatable but sad tweets.
you haven't been like this since high school, which gives him the sneaking suspicion that something in your daily life is digging up all the unresolved feelings you've been burying since graduation—feelings you've only ever been able to confide in him with. you weren't the most sociable person then, and neither was he, so when your two kindred spirits finally collided in an english class, you've been linked ever since.
"i come up here to get away from everything." you begin suddenly, drawing his attention to his left. your parted lips release a warm breath of air that turns into a translucent cloud in the winter weather. "i figured out no one really comes around after nine oclock. maybe a jogger, or someone walking their dog, but they leave me alone so that's nice."
he eyes you, trying to figure out if he needs to pick apart what you're saying or if you're speaking honestly. "you've told me about this spot before, right?"
you nod. "you're the only person i trust these days, keiji." you give him a tiny smile before returning your gaze to some fixed point in the far distance. "you've always listened to what i have to say, always treated me like a permanent figure instead of some... ghost in the room or something, i dont know." you circle your hands as you try to think of a phrase to use, but ultimately drop it into your lap when you give up. "you make me feel like i'm worth something, like i'm meant to be here and i'm not just some fuck up in the grand scheme of the universe."
"is something going on? you sound like—"
"like i did in high school, yeah." you laugh shallowly. "turns out burying your insecurities is not healthy."
"did you just figure that out?" he asks, a light joking tone accompanying his stagnant facial expression.
you stand up suddenly, throwing your arms up into the air. you drop them to your sides, inhale deeply, and then you scream.
he's startled, jumping slightly from the sheer volume and emotion packed into it. he can hear how tired you are, how frustrated with yourself and the way things are going, how much pain you've been holding in for who knows how long.
"I HATE MYSELF!" your voice cuts through the night air cleanly, and he stands from his spot hand reaching out for you.
"wait, maybe dont yell this late—"
"you do it." you turn to him, eyes wide and mouth parted. you look manic.
"what? i'm not going to—"
"no, there's gotta be something you're holding back. just fucking AHHH like that!" when you scream as an example, his shoulders rise tensely, his underlying fear of consequence scratching at the base of his spine.
"that's not respectful."
you scoff. "keiji." you grab his biceps tightly. "fuck being respectful. you know how many times i come up here to scream into the void? a lot. anyone down below probably knows me as the screamer by now."
you turn away towards the skyline again, inhale, and yell something new. "I HATE BEING TREATED LIKE I'M AN IDIOT!" glancing at him again, you go again.
i hate my job, i hate being lonely, i hate being ignored—you just kept rattling them off until your voice began to crack. he watches you, conflicted. he knows better than to disturb people, he knows this is wrong, he knows someone's probably called the police and they're probably on their way to pick you up for public disturbance or something, yet, somehow, a feeling washes up from his gut up to his throat. he turns towards the skyline, sets his jaw, inhales, and screams just like you.
its loud, its raw, its embarrassing, but he feels relief flush through his veins when he recovers. he wonders if he's ever felt like this before, like all his energy is floating on the surface of his skin ready to be released, but he's not sure. when he hears you cheer from beside him, he looks to see you smiling happily.
he feels empowered in this moment, and going against his better judgement, he throws precaution to the window and yells into the night.
"I HATE MY HANDS!" he yells, eyes closing as he forces the air from his lungs. "I HATE BEING ANXIOUS. I HATE OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING."
you cheer loudly, clapping when he's finished, hunched over for air like he'd sprinted a mile.
"you did amazing! how do you feel?" your voice cracks. he stands up straight and exhales through his nose, eyes glancing up towards the stars.
Tumblr media
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amarinthe · 2 days ago
Akaashi Keiji x Reader
Tumblr media
Perfect by Ed Sheeran
I found a love for me
Oh darling, just dive right in and follow my lead
Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet
Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keiji is the type of boyfriend who wakes you up by pressing a soft kiss to your temple. He makes your coffee the way you prefer while you get ready for work, always makes sure you walk on the inside of the sidewalk, and you both walk together with both of your hands interwined in his coat pocket.
He always blushes whenever you press a kiss to his forehead and he surprises you with your favourite flower on random days. He plays with your fingers whenever he's bored, while you're working he presses soft kisses to your fingertips and nuzzles his face into your hand. He reads you your favourite book whenever you can't fall asleep, as you lay in his lap he cards his free hand through your curls and softly rubs your cheek with his thumb.
Tumblr media
sfw m.list nsfw m.list
Tumblr media
© amarinthe 2021 - content rights belong to @amarinthe
Do not plagiarize or translate my works onto other sites. Reblogs/Comments are very much appreciated.
Tumblr media
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toorusplant · 2 days ago
idk if i’ve mentioned it but i’m actually a pretty big fan of haikyuu
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luvboku · 21 days ago
feat. atsumu miya, hajime iwaizumi, keiji akaashi, kōtarō bokuto, osamu miya, suna rintaro, tōru oikawa, tobio kageyama
mdni or else i'll cast a spell on you
Tumblr media
pussydrunk!atsumu, who’s addicted to your essence. he laps it up like a starved man, his strong hands pinning your waist down against the bed as you tremble and sob from overstimulation after he’s made you cum for the nth time of the night.
pussydrunk!hajime, who wakes up every morning with soiled boxers. every night, his dreams are filled with fantasies of you, your body, and fucking into your pretty pussy in every which way. the images of your frame beneath his and the sounds; god, the sounds he knows you would make while two of his fingers are knuckles deep inside you – they drive him to the brink of insanity.
pussydrunk!keiji, who can’t do anything but stay still as he bottoms out inside you. he feels your plush walls grip and squeeze every ridge, every vein, and lets out labored breaths when your cervix brushes over the slit on his head; his most sensitive part. he's afraid to move, even in the slightest, because he knows if he does, he'll blow his load inside you right away.
pussydrunk!kōtarō, who shows up at your house in the middle of the night without warning and begs you to let him have a taste, having gone the whole day salivating at the thought of your sweet essence spreading over his tongue and coating his cock. how could you refuse when he asks so sweetly?
pussydrunk!osamu, who licks slowly and deliberately at your folds while his index and middle fingers quirk against the one spot inside of you that has you seeing stars as you spill all over his face. he doesn’t mind at all, though, and takes it down his throat like the smoothest of fine wines.
pussydrunk!suna, who grunts sweet praises against your ear as he kisses your cervix with every agonizingly slow thrust into your velvety walls. grunts of "such a perfect pussy," and "taking my cock so well, this pussy's made for me" has your legs tightening around his waist and fingers clawing at his back as your vision goes white.
pussydrunk!tobio, who ruts into you like he’s never been in pussy before. his face is buried in your neck, soft whines and breathy babbles of how he's gonna cum escape his lips as he shakily rolls his hips against yours, chasing his high. he drowns in the feeling of your walls clamping down on him and your own voice calling out his name as you writhe beneath his frame.
pussydrunk!tōru, who excuses himself to the restroom every half an hour while at practice, just to fuck into his fist imagining that it's your cunt. his pants and moans of your name bounce off the walls as he cums over, and over, and over again. of course, it doesn't feel as good as your pussy; nothing does, but it'll have to do until the evening when he comes home to the real deal.
Tumblr media
reblogs + comments are sooo appreciated (◕ᴥ◕)
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toru-oikawas-milkbread · a month ago
The Haikyuu Boys Responding to you Sending Them a Message Meant For Somebody Else | Pt.4
Pairing: Haikyuu boys x f!reader
Notes: Quick note about this series: multiple characters over this series will have 2-3 parts, but not every single one of them will have three, only a select few if not only one. Therefor there will be more than 4 parts to this series. In these chapters the boys have a message first, that’s to start off the conversation and indicate how you accidentally messaged them instead of a friend that you were originally thirsting over them with. I hope that you enjoy this kick-off chapter with the boys, I will get out the rest as soon as I possibly can
Extra note, in this series I will have a friend that you are texting, I put her name as Mei instead of (f/n) to make things look a little more smooth! Every single character in this series is 18+ and in some 18 and still practicing with their high school team
The character I have in chapter are: Ushijima, Akaashi, Bokuto, Hinata, Kageyama, and Tsukishima! I have a second one today just because. I’m feeling Kageyama biased today. Damn hands. 
If you want to check out my masterlist for the texting series posts as I make them, you can follow {this link} to the page!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hheavenlysinful · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
✘ a.k. x reader
summary: akaashi bought you a cat but now all he wants is to respectfully yeet it.
wc: 1 k
✘ fluff; no warnings
✘ an: hi!!! omg i just love akaashi like <33333  i hope you enjoy ^-^ asks are open!
Tumblr media
AKAASHI was torn. on one hand, he wanted to melt at just how adorable you looked. on the other he wanted to physically throw the small, black cat you carefully held to your chest. he silently fumed as you purred at the cat, slathering its face with small, feather-light kisses. those were supposed to be his kisses and his kisses alone.
you had been dating for a while now—hitting the hearty 6 years in one month. and it was a big step, the mere act of raising a pet together. nourishing it and loving it as if it were your own child. though, akaashi couldn't help but feel envious of the feline who nuzzled its furry head into your chin. you gave the cat a smile, mewling soft words of love into its ear, scratching its head.
"that's a good kitty, who's mommy's favourite."
akaashi stilled.
now that crossed the line.
the cat had been in your life for a few mere weeks. it was nothing compared to the six you both had spent together. he always made sure to litter your faces to small pecks right before you slept. he even woke up early just to kiss you more. you were on his mind from the moment he opened his eyes in the morning till the moment his head rests upon his pillow. and even then you graced his dreams, giving him small smiles and long kisses.
he was yours. as you were his.
and no cat could change that.
not even the seemingly innocent cat.
"love?" he moved from the doorway, walking towards your lying figure, stretched out across the dark brown couch.
"keiji!" you smiled at him, fingers still caressing the cat. akaashi gritted his teeth.
"do you need anything?"
you gave him a curious look at the question that seemingly came from out of the blue.
"no—," your eyes lit suddenly, "wait, xiao needs some treats can you get them? they're in the kitchen."
disappointment welled up in akaashi, as he unclenched his teeth, sighing.
"aww keiji what's wrong?" you pouted at the slightly dejected look he tossed you.
"nothing." he muttered as he stalked to the kitchen, searching for the cat treats you desire.
he placed the small bag of treats beside the couch, drawing a chair closer so that he could watch you.
"come sit here," you scooted over, a small space revealing itself. akaashi smiled as he rolled his eyes.
"i can't fit there love." he stroked your hair lovingly.
it was illegal, that pout of yours. with that look on your face, akaashi couldn't even attempt to deny your request. no matter how impossible it was.
"if you move the cat, then maybe."
the words came out too clipped to be casual.
you looked up at him, a devious glint lighting your eyes.
"the cat?" you looked curious, before gesturing to the black lump of fur that still rested on your chest. "oh you mean mommy's favourite boy?"
akaashi's hand stilled, awkwardly hovering over your head. he gave a strained grin.
"hmm? yea. xiao is mommy's favourite." you hummed as you kissed the cat once again.
"yes yes xiao has the most beautiful eyes, such a beautiful aqua green, they're so—"
"i have nice eyes."
you almost choked at the odd way akaashi stretched his eyes open as if you had never noticed the blue-green eyes that oddly looked like an ocean. indeed a wave did crash through akaashi.
a green wave of jealousy that brought out the green specks of colour that painted his pupils.
"but look at xiao's fur. it's silky and soft and—"
"my hair is better."
akaashi couldn't hide the bitterness that fell from his lips.
"is it? i should check."
with xiao still on your chest, you leaned forward motioning for akaashi to do the same.
he bent his head forward, almost purring as you dragged your fingers through his dark locks. he closed his eyes, humming in pleasure as you combed his hair with your fingers.
"i still thin xiao's is better." you joked, your smirk turning into a full-blown smile as you witnessed akaashi's face morph into disgust.
"i'm just joking, sweetie." you laughed.
akaashi merely stood up, walking away back into your shared bedroom.
"well then," akaashi gave you a smile as he disappeared through the doorway, "have fun with your little kitty cat."
you heard the door click, choking on the laughter that threatened to burst your lungs.
"come on, xiao," you hummed to the cat that peacefully slept on your chest, "daddy's jealous."
the cat merely purred as you cradled it in your arms and walked towards the room.
you couldn't help giving the cute cat attention. especially when its features so closely resembled your lover. but seeing akaashi jealous like this....maybe giving xiao more attention would give another benefit.
you weren't home, leaving akaashi to cat-sit xiao.
"might as well take advantage of this," he said to the cat who tilted its head in innocent confusion.
he fumbled with his wallet, searching each pocket for a certain image. his eyes lit up as he found the picture.
he bent down to the small cat, holding it up to the cat.
"see this beautiful, amazing, kind, talented person?" he waved a picture of you to the cat, who purred, placing a paw on the image, "this is mommy."
the cat purred again.
he then pointed to himself, a stern look in his eyes.
"and i'm daddy."
he waited for the cat to respond, annoyed as it merely licked its paw in disproval.
"daddy loves mommy and mommy loves daddy. so daddy gets to have mommy's love first and then you can have the leftovers."
he rambled on to the cat, following it around as it stalked away, tail high in the air.
"and that's why—"
"keiji?" you stood in front of the door, groceries in hand.
akaashi walked away, a picture of you still in his hand.
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noaprugna · a month ago
Autumn ships | Bokuaka
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi hi!!!
It’s been a while😅
Since school started and I’m not able to do elaborated stuff, I decided to draw a series of quick doodles.
For the choice of the fandom, haikyuu was the most voted and for the theme, “ships” and “autumn aesthetic” were in pair.
Well, you get both!
Here we go then with our first couple✨🧡
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isseikuns · 3 months ago
you get accidentally hurt during an argument with them
-> Atsumu -> Sakusa -> Osamu & Nishinoya -> Oikawa
Akaashi Keiji x reader
for @ririakaashi hope you like it✨
Word count: 1,3k
Warnings: pure fluff
Tumblr media
Akaashi and you organised a barbecue party for Bokuto’s birthday since you hadn’t seen him for months, after all, life as a professional volleyball player was also a busy life. 
You had invited some old friends from highschool over and you all waited impatiently, seated in your backyard, for Akaashi to finally come back since he went to pick up Bokuto at the airport. When your doorbell rang, you swiftly ran off to greet your boys. 
“Koutarou! You’re finally here!” you happily squealed at the sight of your childhood friend, standing at your door, and gave him a tight hug.
“Hey, hey, hey! Of course I’m here. As if I would miss my own birthday party!” he replied, throwing his hands cheerfully in the air, as you let him enter your house, Akaashi trailing behind him and greeting you with a peck on your cheek. 
“I bought some snacks on the way back and-” Akaashi started speaking but you just cut him off. 
“Thanks Keiji, just put them over there” you motioned to the kitchen counter and focused your attention back on Bokuto.
“We got your favourite beef, and a few of the sausages you love so much, Akaashi will soon light up the grill and- .. oh yeah by the way, baby could you get the drinks out of the fridge?” you asked your boyfriend, not even waiting for an answer, as you looped your arms around Bokuto’s arm, quickly dragging him to the garden, where everyone greeted the birthday boy.
“Yeah.. of course” Akaashi quietly sighed, even though he knew that you wouldn’t hear him. He understood that you were happy seeing your best friend again, since you and Bokuto basically grew up together, having lived in the same neighbourhood, so you considered each other siblings.
But Akaashi would be lying if he said that his insecurities wouldn’t win the upper hand and that he wasn’t at least a bit jealous at the attention you would give Bokuto, especially during these kind of reunions when you would meet after a longer period of time. 
Of course he knew that you loved his straightforward, calm nature and his sarcastic humour, but he also knew that, even though he was not really a shy person, he couldn’t compete with Bokuto’s bubbly and dynamic demeanour, which was very similar to yours. 
The evening went really well, you were all sitting at the large garden table, discussing everything and anything, while eating the grilled meat. Obviously you and Bokuto would engage the most into the conversations and crack some jokes here and there, slightly irking Akaashi as he felt left out and out of place in his own home. 
When the guests were almost all gone, leaving only Konoha and Bokuto, you all started to clear the place up. 
“Hey Keiji, do you need any help?” you asked, after having finished bringing all the dishes and food leftovers in the kitchen, while Konoha and Bokuto gathered the trash lying around.
“Nah, why don’t you help Bokuto-san? I’m sure he would like to spend some more time with you,” Akaashi scoffed, rolling his eyes, while rubbing the excess ashes from the grill.
You knew Akaashi long enough to know when he was pissed. He would always avoid your gaze, his left eyebrow slightly twitching out of irritation, and the most obvious sign, his usually warm and funny, sarcastic tone would turn cold and arrogant. 
“Baby is something wrong?” you approached him, placing a hand on his shoulder but he immediately shoved it away, a bored but at the same time hurt expression adorning his features. 
“Y/n, I really can’t deal with you right now. Can’t you just go and bother someone else? I just want to clean this up and go to bed.” 
You were used to Akaashi’s honest and unfiltered words and you appreciated them, but they could also be very destructive and hurtful. Bother? Since when am I a nuisance to him?
“What do you mean? Keiji just tell me what happened.” you insisted, slightly worried at the unusual behaviour of your boyfriend. 
“God Y/n, don’t you understand I don’t want to talk about it?” he snapped, lifting hastily the paper bag of coals up, to carry it back to the garage. 
Blinded by his rage, his shoulder bumped so hard into you, while he was storming off past you, that you lost balance. Out of reflex, you tried to steady yourself on the grill, which clearly hadn’t cooled down yet, but before you could quickly retract your hand, the painful sting had already kicked in, making you hiss and let out a small whimper. 
“Y/n? What..” Akaashi turned around at the rattling sounds but before he could ask anything, you dashed into the house to the kitchen sink. The pain was only getting worse and you just wanted to cool your hand, so you instinctively held your hand under cold water as tears brimmed your eyes. 
“Are you okay” Akaashi asked, slowly entering the kitchen, and grew worried at the sight of tears streaming down your face. “Y-yeah, I only burnt my hand a little but it’s okay.” you tried reassuring him, but by the way you thightly clutched the counter with your other hand, he could tell that you were clearly in pain. “Just go back to whatever you were doing, I don‘t want to bother you.” you sarcastically added, your voice cracking as you couldn’t hold your sobs back anymore.
Wordlessly, and ashamed of his previous behaviour, he took a cooling pad out of the fridge, wrapping it in a cloth and carefully took your wrist to hold the pad against your burnt hand, making you slightly hiss at the first contact but the cold feeling started numbing your pain and you let out a relieved, shaky breath. 
Awkward and tense silence engulfed you two, Akaashi holding your injured hand, staring at it, completely in thought and zoned out. You knew that something must have been bothering him, but you just couldn’t figure out what it was, and then his words crossed your mind again.
“Keiji, am I annoying?” 
“W-What? No, angel where did you get that from?” he asked dumbfounded, as he thought that your question was completely out of context.
“I don’t know, you seemed rather pissed earlier. Don’t think I didn’t notice your grumpiness and the way you restrained yourself the whole evening. I mean, I know when Bokuto and I gather up, we can be pretty noisy but-”
“No, no it’s not- You.. you didn’t do anything wrong.” he cut you off, his smooth fingers gently tracing patterns around the irritated skin. “It’s stupid.” 
“Kei..” you urged with a more demanding voice.
“It’s just... every time I see you hanging out with Bokuto-san, I feel kind of weird, knowing that my girlfriend gets better along with our best friend than with me. It’s like you don’t see me anymore when he’s around.”
That’s when it finally hit you. You tried to suppress a giggle, but Akaashi’s cuteness was just too much for you. “Akaashi Keiji, don’t tell me you are jealous... of Bokuto?” The simple thought of it made you grin like a fool, still trying not to laugh at your boyfriend, who started feeling embarrassed and avoided your gaze. 
“Baby, he’s like a stupid big brother to me.” you put your hand on his cheek, making him look back at you “and what’s more, he’s the reason I met you. So of course he’s important to me, but not more important than you, dummy.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck but the lack of coldness on your hand brought the pain back, making you wince at it. 
“Careful..” Akaashi whispered and placed the cooling pad back in your hand, smiling at his s/o‘s clumsiness, and placing a soft kiss on your lips, before leaning his forehead against yours. 
“Hey Y/n-cha-”
“Shut it Bokuto” Konoha whisper-shouted and put a hand on his friend’s mouth, not wanting to disturb you. The owl-like boy peeked in the kitchen, staring at your intimate moment with Akaashi. “Do you think they want a group hug?” whispered Bokuto, thoughtful rubbing his chin, at which Konoha simply rolled his eyes and shoved him to the backyard.
Tumblr media
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