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aww thank you!! i hope you’re doing well and i’m glad that my writing can help you out through tough times because honestly i love writing and if it can help/comfort people when they need it that’s all i ask for!!! <33 Sorry for taking so long to respond as well, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after break T-T!!

If this isn’t what you had in mind, or if you want me to rewrite/change something please let me know, Enjoy!! 


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Akaashi Keiji 

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oikawa’s plan to pop the big question was very intricate, to say the least.

he has a whole plan ready; gathering help from iwa, matsu and everyone else on the team; even though it had been years since they’d graduated and grown apart.

he wanted it to be special, something you’d never forget; going all out to make the perfect setting until he finally got down to one knee and bought out his ring- realizing that it wasn’t the props that made the moment special, but the way your face glowed in the sunset.


❧ send me an emoji + character and i’ll tell you how they propose / confess

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Haikyuu ghost headcannons because I can part 4: kuroken

Note: kuroo the conspiracy theorist coming later, and sorry this is later than usual! I had an AP chem test 😔😔

  • Kuroo and kenma saw a ghost together not once, not thrice, but two times
  • There is a haunted house in their neighborhood and kuroo dragged kenma there when they were children
  • They saw a ghost in the upstairs master bedroom, but kenma is convinced that it was a trick of the light
  • So, naturally they went back later in high school
  • Kuroo was talking about it and kenma was still refusing to admit that they saw a ghost
  • So kuroo dragged them back there again
  • They saw the very same ghost in the upstairs master bedroom
  • Kuroo swears she’s the victim of a tragic murder by a scorned lover
  • Kenma says the dust motes and curtains combined with the flashlights are bound to have the same effect they had when they were children
  • Kuroo is appalled that kenma still refuses to acknowledge the paranormal happenings in their very own neighborhood
  • Kenma is stubborn
  • Kuroo tells anyone who will listen that he and kenma saw a ghost
  • Kenma tells anyone who will listen that kuroo suffers from visual hallucinations
  • Guess who people believe
  • (It’s kenma)
  • Whenever kenma is tired, kuroo tries to trick him into admiting it
  • This tactic has never once worked
  • Kenma knows they saw a ghost, he just likes messing with kuroo
  • He eventually admits it when hinata says that he thinks it’s rude that he’s been lying to kuroo all these years
  • Kuroo is so happy
  • Like
  • So happy
  • Kenma finds it enduring, because of course he does
  • Unfortunately, kuroo also holds it over his head for the rest of their lives
  • Not that that’s very hard to do, with kenmas height and everything
  • Hinata even mentions the story in his speech at kurokens wedding, much to kenmas dismay and kuroos delight
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𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗽𝘁: “will you marry me?”
𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲: this is actually my own wedding idea


Friday nights in your apartment were slow. They were cozy and warm and highlighted by takeout from a restaurant down the block and a random shitty movie on Netflix. Kenma cherished them more than any routine in his week and part of the reason (honestly, a huge part of the reason) was you. Kenma looks over to see you twirling noodles between your chopsticks, lips pursed as you blow on them slightly. With a happy sigh, you shove the food into your mouth.

“Is it that good?” he says, a teasing tilt to his voice.

“Fuck you,” you respond, cheeks stuffed with food.

He huffs out a laugh through his nose, eyes returning to the screen in front of him but his mind not really straying from thoughts of you. He thinks you look pretty, even now with sauce dripping down your chin and wearing one of his old baggy shirts. His heart soars when you look at him and the words are out of his mouth before he can stop them.

“Will you marry me?”

You choke on your food. Kenma moves to pat your back, an amused smile on his face. Once you recover, you manage to turn to him with wide eyes and silence falls between the two of you. The tv behind you falling into a small hum as you stare at him with wide eyes.


He shrugs one shoulder. “Yeah. I do want to marry you.”

For a minute, you stare again before a bright smile erupts on your face.

“Kenma,” you coo, moving towards him.

You crawl into his lap and he welcomes you with open arms. As he holds you close, his head comes to rest on your chest.

“Kenma,” you repeat, carding a hand through his hair. “I want to marry you too.”

He sighs against you, takeout forgotten as he revels in being the object of your affection. You press a kiss to the top of his head.

“We should make our wedding minecraft themed,” you say playfully.

“Minecraft?” he says, voice soft, but still with that hint of familiar amusement.

“Yeah,” you say. “The chairs can be blocks! And all the guests have to come dressed up as villagers or else they won’t be let into the reception.”

The giggle he lets out against you makes something warm bloom in your chest.

“And we can serve exclusively beetroot soup and square shaped cakes,” he chimes in.

You laugh and Kenma pulls away to look up at you, his eyes fond and a sweet smile curling at his lips. With a hand on your cheek he pulls you closer to his face so he can press a kiss to your mouth. You smile into it, kissing him back.

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✧・゚: *Kenma cuddling ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

a/n : AHHHH I haven’t been active for so long I’m so sorry 🥺🥺 school has been killing me honestly!!


  • Kenma wouldn’t be comfortable with affection at first, but that’s because he just isn’t used to it
  • Now, don’t get me wrong, Nekoma would probably throw Kenma around like a volleyball for fun, intentional or not, but he wasn’t used to sincere, loving affection
  • The poor baby would feel kind of guilty when you’d ask him for cuddles but he didn’t know how to cuddle you
  • But it didn’t matter to you because all you wanted was lay in his arms, so whenever he was gaming you’d crawl up into his lap and nuzzle into the crook of Kenma’s neck
  • The baby would turn three shades more red the first few times you did this, but he eventually got used to it, and even started pressing occasional kisses to your forehead as you drifted away in the comfort of his arms
  • Sometimes, Kenma would get exhausted from volleyball, with Lev and Yaku screaming around, Kuroo being himself, and Yamamoto only speaking about girls ; he just craved comfort.
  • So, on those days, he’d lay onto your lap while playing animal crossing
  • So precious
  • Kenma would NEVER admit (but you knew anyways), that he loved when you played with his hair
  • It soothed him in thousands of different ways and even go as far as stopping to play his games
  • Kenma would also just crawl up to you and snuggle in your arms, enjoying the warmth
  • Enjoys Eskimo kisses PERIODT
  • no further arguments taken
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The Moon and The Sun

Chapter 21: Talk about fate.

Synopsis: After finding out that your online friend has a crush on someone that he met online and has an idea who she is. You got curious and wanted to know more. Unfortunately, your online friend deactivated his twitter account and gaming account. Will the answer to your curiosity left unknown?

A/N: If you would like to be on the taglist, feel free to send me an ask or leave a comment! I hope you enjoy my first smau/written work! Also feel free to chat me, I would love to interact with everyone!😊


Kenma’s POV

 "What the hell are you doing?“ I asked Kuro. He’s typing something on my computer.

 "I’m helping you socialize. You need to meet new people,” he explained.

 "Why do you care if I socialize myself or not, besides it’s not like I’ll meet whoever the hell you’re inviting into the game,“ I scowled. He’s always forcing me to socialize, to eat or whatever else. He is more persistent than my mom.

 "Just trust me! They say she’s really nice!” he exclaimed.

 "Who told you that? Have they meet her already? Have you meet ‘they’?“ I raised an eyebrow at him. He is obviously talking about his online friends, which he has not seen in real life. "A girl? I hate playing with girls.” They just joined the game to flirt with boys and will pull down the whole game. In short, a bunch of noobs.

 "I know I know. Just give it a shot,“ he argued. "It’s not like she’ll know that you’re Kodzuken the youtuber.” At this point he’s just trying to find an excuse for me to play with this girl. If she’s really a girl, anyways.

 "Fine! I won’t promise that I’ll be nice to her,“ I groaned, I know he won’t leave me alone until I do whatever the hell he wants me to do. "Just go home, already,” I growled.

 "Yes, sir! Enjoy your game!“ he said. "Tell me what happened tomorrow, alright?” He finally left my room. If there’s going to happen. I’ll block her immediately if she’s like those other 'gaming girls’.


 "So, what happened?“ Kuro greeted me with this question. A smirk is plastered on his face.

 "It was nice,” I shortly answered. It was great. She was really fun to play with and it seems like she’s been playing it for a long time now. She’s a pro.

 "Hmm? Are you sure that was it? There’s no tea?“ Kuro asked, impersonating a female voice with his last statement. He kept nagging me about it, so I eventually told him what happened.

 I would always invite her to play with me. After a couple of weeks, I asked for her twitter account. She gave me her second account. It was obvious there was no picture of her in that account, not that I mind though. I also gave her my second account.


 Although it was pretty late I was hoping I could play with Mika tonight. So I dmed her. I woke her up, she said that she fell asleep while studying.

Even though I really wanted to play with her, I didn’t insist that she play with me. I noticed that she’s pretty conscious about her grades. So I told her I need to sleep early too, which is half a lie and half true.

The truth is I do need to sleep early, Kuro would scold me if he found out that I slept late, but of course sometimes I don’t really care and play ‘till dawn.


 I came out of the bathroom and I saw Kuro holding my phone. "Kuro, what are you doing?” I asked. He flinched when he heard my voice, he looked at me and smiled sweetly.

 Oh no, this idiot did something. I snatched my phone from his hand and I saw that he messaged Mika saying that 'I’ want to know her better. I threw him the water bottle that was on the table. “You!” I groaned in frustration.

 "You’re welcome,“ He grinned. I returned the smile with a sarcastic one. She’s going to think that I’m some kind of creep. Suddenly asking for her personal details. If someone did that to me I would be weirded out. I followed her so I could get to play with her more not to personally know her.

I felt my phone vibrates in my hand. She replied that she’s 15 years old and a first year in high school and that she lives in Miyagi. "See, now you know where she lives and her age.”

 "Like I was planning on finding it out,“ I scowled.


While we were having a break before the match against Karasuno. I noticed a girl taking pictures of the other team.

She was wearing a plain white oversized shirt and black pants, her hair was (H/C) and (length of your hair), her eyes were (E/C).

I think she’s the one Shoyo was talking about the other day. The one that helped him study for the exam and that she was not a Karasuno manager but she’s still coming to the training camp. I didn’t realize that I was staring that long to her that long until Kuro interrupted me.

I walked over to Shoyo and called him. He was talking to the girl that were taking pictures earlier. I wanted to talk to her but I know Kuro is eavesdropping from behind and I don’t want him to get the wrong idea and think that I like her or whatever the hell he might think. So I talked to her like how I would approach anyone.


I was chewing the food that Kuro forced me to eat. My gaze suddenly landed on Y/N. It seems like she’s playing with Karasuno’s other middle blocker, I think that’s Tsukishima and the guy who is always following him around, I think that’s his best friend, Yamaguchi. She looked really focused, eyes fixed on her phone and brows a little furrowed.

Kuro being his annoying and observer self, once again caught me staring at her, and of course I denied. I was just looking at her for a couple of seconds, not staring. He gave me back my phone and he started walking towards Y/N’s direction.


"You would not believe who I played with, earlier!” Kuro exclaimed after he entered my room. The training camp just ended and I go straight home. I don’t know why Kuro isn’t going home yet. Is he not tired? Why is he always in my house?

I plopped down on my bed and closed my eyes. I can hear Kuro turning on my computer. “What is this about now?” I sighed, eyes still closed. I heard him gasped and he laughed like a maniac. I opened my eyes to look on what he was doing.

“I was right!” he laughed, bopping his head side to side. I furrowed my eyebrows out of irritation and walked over to what he was so hype about. “Bro! I just met your crush!” he exclaimed.

“What?” I barked with disbelief. He was on Mikakunin’s profile.

“Oof he did not deny that he has a crush,” he mumbled but I heard it.

“Shut the hell up. What did you say?” I asked for clarification.

“Well it seems like the girl you’ve been playing with and the girl you were staring or should I say crushing at the training camp was the same person!” he explained, with a bit of teasing in his last statement. I looked at him not believing any words that is coming out of his mouth. “Talk about fate.”


“Is she free?” I asked peeking through Kuro’s phone. I’ve been nagging him to have a practice match against Karasuno. Just to know the person I’ve been playing with for months a little better. Nothing more and nothing less. Just trying to see if she’s nice like they said.

“Yes. she is! But you left a rude first impression to her…” he said, “I don’t know what she might feel if she found out you’re coming with me,” he continued.

“I know…” I sighed, “that was because you were eavesdropping on our conversation!” He just laughed, see it was true he was eavesdropping.


“Don’t make her come here, Kuro! It’s so embarrassing!” I groaned in frustration. How can I be this stupid I texted it in the group chat. ARGH!

 "I know you want her to come here.“ he smirked, typing something on his phone.

"No! I- do not make her come here!” I tried to steal his phone.


I felt really weird like I was mad or maybe angry. I don’t really know I haven’t felt this feeling before. Is it because its my birthday and I initially planned on playing with Y/N but she can’t because she’s meeting up with someone?

I mean she had rejected my invite to play with her before. This is nothing new. It’s just another day of her rejecting my invite. It’s just my birthday just another day nothing in particular. I could just invite someone else like I would normally do, right?

So what is this feeling? Am I sad? Maybe I’m mad? Why would I be mad? Or maybe… I’m jealous? Jealous that she’s meeting up with someone instead of playing a game with me. Why would I be jealous? That’s me being selfish. She has the right to hangout with whoever the hell she wants to. Why am I feeling this?

Do I like her? Do I like Y/N? No. No. Now that’s just me jumping into conclusions and overthinking. I scratched that thought immediately and started a game to get it off my mind.


After we found a seat, I felt Y/N’s head leaning on my shoulder. I glanced at her and she was asleep. I smiled. She must be really tired because after her class she immediately went to my house. She was still wearing her uniform.

I let her head to lean all the way on my shoulder. I saw a strand of hair in front of her face. I tucked it behind her ear, that made her flinch a little but thankfully that didn’t wake her up.

That’s when I decided to end my other accounts. Trying to get closer to her through that account doesn’t seem fair, I know who she is but she has no idea that it’s me.

And I’m also coming to the conclusion that I do like Y/N.


A/N: I don’t mean to offend anyone of how I described a gamer girl. I know that not all of them are like that. It’s just for the sake of the story. I hope no one is offended.

This chapter is to show Kenma’s POV through out “The Moon and The Sun”.

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goth girlfriend || rintaro suna x fem! reader


- Chapter 1 : mr. daddy anonymous


“Hey hey hey Y/N!” Bokuto yelled loudly to get your attention. “Hi,” you waved from where you were. Then soon started squeezing through a couple of people in order to make your way to get to the kitchen. The loud chatter mixing in with the blasting of music in the background. “Finally you made it, I thought you got lost,” he smiled with closed eyes, ruffling your hair. “Do you want a drink?” Kuro yelled from the other side of the kitchen holding up an alcoholic beverage. “I’m fine, Kenma’s waiting for me upstairs to start the stream,” you waved while walking away. “Oof-” you felt the back of your body collide with person behind you. Of course with your luck, you run into more people while being extremely late to get to the person you had to go to initially. “I’m so sorry,” you sighed and looked back only to be facing chest. Looking up, he had that familiar bleach blonde hair that wasn’t toned whatsoever.

“Piss baby?” You questioned making him freeze up. Bokuto and Kuro both started laughing their asses off in the background, an irk mark grew upon the stranger’s forehead as the two wouldn’t stop laughing. “That’s Atsumu, he’s also a streamer. We’re close friends,” Bokuto snorted, his laughter coming to a stop. “Sorry that’s what your fans call you so-” you panicked and put up your hands in defense. “Nah yer fine..” he suddenly went silent while staring at you. “Holy shit you’re Y/N-” he yelled after that beat of pause. You only nodded and hummed in response, but he held in a breath as if he has something else to say.

“We went to school together remember?” He finally questioned, putting a hand behind his neck. “I’m pretty su-”

Your phone suddenly rang twice, two new messages.

kodzuken started a livestream

1 new text message from “kodzuken 😼”


“Shit- can we talk later? Kenma’s going to kill my cat,” you panicked. “Oh uh yeah that’s fine-” he stuttered, but right before he can finish you were already booking it upstairs.

“What’d I miss?”


“Oh Kenma’s streaming right now, Y/N’s with him,” The boy said to the blonde haired male while scrolling on his phone then joining the live. “Yeah anyone that reaches out I guess,” Kenma answered which made a light bulb turn on in Suna’s head.

“@bigtiddygothgf @kodzuken among us collab?” Y/N read, “From taro tea?”

“Bet, just dm me on twitter and we could sort it out,” Kenma said in a monotone manner, but Y/N’s face scrunched up with confusion. Taro tea? A username that sounded strangely familiar. “Who?” She muttered to herself while searching who she was following on twitter. “You two are mutuals,” the blonde haired boy pointed at his profile, an ohh leaving her mouth recognizing him. “That anonymous dude with a cute voic-” her sentence then being rudely interrupted by the door opening wide open. “Hey hey hey!” Bokuto yelled happily and jumped over to you to give her a big bear hug. “Ooh you’re streaming! Hi chat!”

“What the fuck, she’s here?”

“Did I not tell you?” Astumu questioned, extremely positive that he had told him before. “All you said was that L/N called me piss baby,” He argued. “No, you said that some girl called you piss baby,” he replied back. “Yeah? That some girl being L/N??” The brown haired boy stared at Atsumu with a deadpanned expression, “I was supposed to know that how exactly?”

“Guess who I brought back!” Bokuto yelled loudly from the top of the stairs with an awkward Kenma by his side. Y/N just off in the back laughing because she know how much Kenma hates being the center of attention. Why throw a party when he hates when people asks how many subs he has? Ask Bokuto and Kuro. They’re the ones that planned this shit out. Everyone in the party smiled and all congratulated him before going back to what they were originally doing. While the three of you were walking past, everyone at least once stopped the blonde haired boy to congratulate him again. The more people that come to him, the more the remaining of his soul leaves his body. “Kenma,” Kuro said with a smirk once he came back to the kitchen with a disgusted expression.“Is Shoyo here,” Kenma muttered and looked around. “He said he’s about to pull up now,” the black haired boy said looking at his phone. Without anything said, Kenma again leaves to go wait for Hinata outside.

“Y/N yo, yer free now right?” The piss baby walks up to you with a person by his side. “Hi yeah what’s up,” you smile and turn to fully face the boy. “We went to the same school when I was a 2nd year,” Atsumu explains which caught you offguard. “Hah?” You questioned, now fully into thought. “Inarizaki,” he adds. “Ohh yeah I went to that school in my first year- that was so long ago, five years was it?” You said causing Kuro’s ears to perk. “No way you lived in Hyogo, why didn’t you tell me,” He gasps, his back fully straightened. “You guys never asked!” You shoot back. “Oh right yeah this is Suna, he went to Inarizaki too,” he points over to his friend who had a mask on. “Nice to meet you,” you smiled and put out a hand for him to shake. “Yeah hi,” he shakes your hand, his voice muffled by the mask. “Huh.” You tilted your head in confusion which made Atsumu and Suna pause. I should’ve just played mute, Suna thought to himself.

“I like your voice.”


“Oh so you are doing it,” Atsumu teased, staring at Suna’s phone.

“Suck my dick.”


thank you for reading <3

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