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network love ✧ special chapter: second life



— HI EVERYONE !!! this is the last update for network love T__T once again, thank you for reading. i’m so so so grateful for all the love and support i’ve received whilst writing :( GENDNRMFNFJS CRIES AGAIN

— anyway, here’s kenma and y/n in their second lives. i hope this heals yalls hearts even if its just a little 💔😔💔 + and yes U read that right. hiraku is their daughter in this life 🥲🥲🥲


extra note: and if you noticed, there were just a few written chapters, its bc i really wanted to focus on how dependent on technology their relationship was and all that 😫👍 OK THATS ALL – basically everyth has like a hidden meaning to it


taglist in the reblogs! <3

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kenma, taking a nap on kuroo’s lap:

kuroo: *reading a book*

kenma, still sleeping: goddamn piece of crap, wHo dO yOu tHiNk yOu aRe

kuroo: ಠ_ಠ

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New Dad Moments Part 2

Kageyama Tobio, Tsukishima Kei, and Kenma Kozume


here’s the link to part 1 w/ kuroo, oikawa, and tanaka :))

A/N: back at it with self-indulgent fluff and hq boy chaos heheh. this was also my first ever request (that wasn’t for an event) so sending you all my love. also thank you for being so patient with this <33 kageyama’s is more interaction with his baby than w/the reader but i still like it alkjsdf. i was in my tsukki feels when i was writing this and playful tsukki got me weak so now we’re here BAHAHA. ALSO i was not expecting to write that much for kenma but the words just spilled out so i went with it. anyways i like how these came out and they made me smile so enjoy!!  tw pregnancy/labor/delivery


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29 days from today is my birthday and since i cant really celebrate it, I’m holding an event :3

Requesting: OPEN


How to request: Pick 1-5 characters and a prompt number and send it as an “ask”

Format: headcanon, drabble, social media au (please specify)


Characters I’m comfortable writing for:

  • Shōyō Hinata
  • Tobio Kageyama
  • Kei Tsukishima
  • Tadashi Yamaguchi
  • Yū Nishinoya
  • Ryūnosuke Tanaka
  • Sawamura Daichi
  • Kōshi Sugawara
  • Azumane Asahi
  • Tetsurō Kuroo
  • Kenma Kozume
  • Lev Haiba
  • Tōru Oikawa
  • Hajime Iwaizumi
  • Shimizu Kiyoko
  • Hitoka Yachi
  • Saeko Tanaka
  • Keishin Ukai
  • Issei Matsukawa
  • Takahiro Hanamaki
  • Kentarō Kyōtani
  • Kōtarō Bokuto
  • Keiji Akaashi

Prompt list:

  1. It’s too early to get out of bed
  2. Give me attention
  3. Shh you’re safe
  4. I think I love you
  5. Your voice is nice
  6. I wasn’t sleeping anyways
  7. Did you hear that
  8. Please talk to me
  9. You’re not okay
  10. Can I kiss you?
  11. You’re freezing
  12. Stop being so cute
  13. Kiss it better
  14. I’m just…tired
  15. It’s cold
  16. Phobia (specify)
  17. It’s okay to cry
  18. Come cuddle with me
  19. Coffee first
  20. Slow dancing

You can ask for other prompts when requesting too :)

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goodnight to my lovely 16 followers maybe i’ll do something fun when i hit 20 maybe i’ll tag u guys as haikyuu boys or ship you with them or smthn based of whatever i know about you ❤️❤️❤️ love you all!!! goodnight!

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Hey- I have haikyuu brain-rot and like writing and love hearing people’s ideas! So far on my page I just have smut posted, but I’m on archive under the same username and have non-NSFW stuff posted, I just like writing smut requests, so hey, have free range little sluts, let me hear your thoughts

(Ignore most of tags, just trying to get reach)

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haikyuu boys reacting to you flinch

characters: suna, kenma, oikawa, yamaguchi

a/n: hey guys, um- i know i usually keep hcs here vv light hearted and i’m also sorry for extending the process on part 5 of the tsukishima fic. but today has been a fairly great day but yet i’m kinda just bleh rn thinking about how much i want things in the future like moving away, certain plans, ideals, who i still want and dont want to keep in my life if i do end up doing things i deem right, and if i think i’d genuinely be happy if someone labeled my problems with a diagnosis or any reason for that matter. sorry i’m reALLY OVERSHARINGKSDJGHDFSJK but uHH this is vv self indulgent w all my main (haikyuu) comfort characters xoxo ty for understanding and i’m sorry if you dont. i’ll post this in the morning when wifi comes back #savemyanmar uwu

ps. i’m also sorry if you think y/n doesn’t sound like someone you can project on, on some she’s very apathetic and indifferent, and in others she’s lashing out a lot. again its bc this is vv self indulgent. (gender neutral except f!reader for yamaguchi)

warnings // some timeskip spoilers (for suna) mentions of panic attack, (implied) physically abusive relationships too #traumatingz🤗

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e boys are ruining my life

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I saw some people saying how much serotonin this image of the stage play actors gave them so I had to draw it!!!

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