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First kiss headcanons with Haikyuu!! boys
Tumblr media
wow two posts in one day who am i 😳
this was a request by @culpa-fate <3 tysm for the cute request! i hope you enjoy :)
cw: fluff, kissing, gn reader
characters: bokuto, osamu, kenma, oikawa
wc: 700ish
Tumblr media
Bokuto Kotaro
i feel like a first kiss with kotaro would be clumsy and awkward, but in the sweetest way
he would be so excited to kiss you that he would miss and only kiss your upper lip, probably clash teeth a little bit
you both pull back and look at each other for a second before breaking out into laughter
god if you could capture his face at that moment; flushed, wide-eyed, and practically oozing with adoration for you
he would insist that he needs more practice, so he’ll keep asking you to kiss him over and over
you can feel his smile against your lips as you kiss him again and again
he’s trying to play it off as being his usual goofy self, but you can feel his heart beating hard and fast under his chest
he will request a kiss before every game now (even practice matches) just ‘for luck’
in reality he just can’t get enough of you and wants to kiss you 24/7 (please let him)
Miya Osamu
a first kiss with osamu would be super romantic
the setting would be perfect, a nice picnic at sunset with food made by him
he would be the type to take it slow, bringing a hand up to your face and caressing your cheek before kissing you softly and sweetly
and then immediately ruining the mood by blowing a fat raspberry on your cheek
i’m just imagining the corners of his eyes crinkling as he smiles, watching you get after him for ruining the mood, but the smile on your face tells him you’re not really mad
he makes it up to you by kissing you on both cheeks, and then planting an overly dramatic ‘mwah’ on your lips
he didn’t think he could fall in love any more than he already had, but when he sees your blushing and smiling face he knows he’s wrong 🥺
mom help i think i fell in love with a block of text 😭
Kozume Kenma
a first kiss with kenma would be hesitant and shy at first, he doesn’t know where to put his hands or how long he should kiss you
his whole face would be red, averting eye contact but still refusing to let go of your hands
he finally lifts his head to look at your face and oh no you’re so pretty and cute and perfect aaaaand he’s blushing again
but he slowly gets the hang of things and kisses you again more properly and confident this time, putting his hands around your waist
run your fingers through his hair while you’re smooching and he will melt 😩
big fan of body kisses; shoulders, hands, foreheads, you name it
he will ask for a kiss in nonverbal ways, like hugging you from behind and draping himself over you
if he’s playing a game and beat a level/boss, he’ll just turn and look at you, asking silently for a reward
please give it to him 🥺
Oikawa Tooru
a first kiss with tooru would be intimate and tender, but not too serious
he would try to make it as perfect as possible, creating a romantic atmosphere and making sure you’re alone
caressing your face with one hand and the other holding yours, he leans in slowly…
only to be interrupted by his phone ringing, the one thing he forgot to address in his master plan 😭
poor guy would probably be so embarrassed, just laugh it off and tell him it’s okay and he’ll fall in love with you even more
you can practically feel the smile on his lips when you kiss him for the first time, he can’t help himself from smiling because he is completely smitten 🥰
immediately pulls you in for a hug, squishing your face against his chest so you can’t see how red his face is
later he’ll fuss at iwaizumi for calling him (to which he responds “you shoulda just muted your phone dumbass how is that my fault”)
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Tumblr media
Their first time they said those three words were quiet almost mumble like sound they came from out of the blue.Not only did it throw you off guard but they didn’t expect to say it themselves.It was unexpected, soft and definitely not unwanted.It was easy to return those feelings, situations like these make it hard not to.
The second time they said those three words it was confident and flowed so easily.It felt so right as if it was made for only you two, and to be honest it was, that is what they thought anyway.You can’t disagree.
₊˚ˑ༄ Megumi, Iwaizumi, Itadori, Atsushi, Yamaguci, Bokuto, Miwa, Chuuya, Kenma, hinata & Yachi
Tumblr media
© Kismix 2022 all rights reserved
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shoyouu · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary ;; after a ruined date night with your boyfriend, you decide to fix things up in a different way than usual. (i'm terrible at summaries sorry lol) word count: 1.4k
pairing ;; kenma x fem!reader. (female anatomy)
cw ;; established relationship. blowjobs. handjobs. hair pulling. orgasm delay/denial. oral m!receiving. slight edging. cum swallowing. reader is called baby, doll, and angel a few times. let me know if i missed anything !
a/n ;; first smut one-shot I'm posting on here, this is just testing out my smut writing skill lmao. some things might not make sense plot wise (?) but that's just bc i wrote the smut before the plot. regardless, enjoy!
MINORS, AGELESS, AND BLANK BLOGS DNI !! you will be blocked.
Tumblr media
It isn’t your fault, really. 
After a ruined date night resulting with a heated argument between you and your boyfriend; all you want to do right now is bury yourself in the comfort of your bed, watch your favorite show and sleep it off. Arguing with Kenma was rare enough – and on top of that, you both chose to ignore each other the entire ride home and into the house. 
You know he didn't mean it, he didn't mean to say all those things. You come to the conclusion that it was said in the heat of the moment; and you've also said your share of words back at him, too. In the end though, you can't help but feel upset over the whole situation.
Usually after date nights like these; you two would get to spend some quality time in the bedroom. Which also means no streaming or gaming for kenma. And for the most part – you think it's worked out pretty well throughout the years. Setting boundaries and learning what both of you are comfortable with is important in a relationship. 
Already accepting the fact that this night was ruined – you decide you want to get back at him for saying all those things to you and lashing out, or at least trying to salvage what's left of this night. You think it might be a way of apologizing…but, not really .
And that’s exactly why you’re sitting right under his gaming table, in his dark room – bent forward just enough so you’re lined face-to-face with his cock. His swollen red tip leaking with pre, resting solid hard on his lower abdomen. The hoodie he’s wearing tucked in between his teeth as he lustfully stares down at you. 
“already this worked up, baby?” you tease, gazing at him through your lashes. You grab a hold of his length in your hand as you slowly start to stroke up and down, keeping a firm grip on him. He hisses through his teeth at the stimulation, eyebrows furrowing while trying his best to remain focused on the game he’s playing. 
You watch as he grows impossibly harder in your hand – smearing his pre all over and using it as lube. At the first lick of your tongue; he gasps and you feel his thighs tense under your touch. It's not hard to tell that he’s trying to keep up with this facade; pretending to be unbothered as he continues to game like nothing is happening.
‘you think this is so funny, huh? playing around with me like this,’  he isn’t voicing it; but you already know that those would be his exact words. His eyes are darting from your face and back to his monitor screen repeatedly as you continue to lick up and down his length, circling it around his tip but not quite fully in your mouth yet – and it’s driving him mad . 
Already fed up with your teasing; he tries his best to resist the urge of fucking straight into your mouth and having his way with you – letting you have your fun with him just this time. The cotton of his hoodie in his mouth is starting to grow damp between his teeth, biting down hard enough that it's painful . 
His eyes and head rolling back in pleasure as soon as you fully engulf him in your mouth; taking him straight down so that his tip lightly nudges the back of your throat. He isn't paying attention to the game he’s playing anymore – fingers no longer rapidly clicking his keyboard and mouse. The only sounds emitting from the room are the squelches and his heavy panting.
He lets himself indulge in the feeling of your warm, gummy walls around him. Could come on the spot – he thinks. Lips parting – his hoodie slips out of his teeth as he chooses to have his focus directly on you, watching you work your magic. 
You drag your tongue around the underside of his length just how he likes it – and it pulls a guttural moan out of his pretty lips; a sound you've been waiting patiently to hear all night. 
“..fuck, baby–” he lets out, inbetween short breaths. He brings his hands down from his desk to brush the stray strands of hair away from your face, gripping it firmly and using it as leverage to guide you up and down his throbbing cock. He thinks you look absolutely beautiful, “doin’ s’ good.. sucking me in like that,” you hum in return, creating a pleasant feeling of vibrations down his shaft. You feel your arousal grow because of the praise; pussy aching from the lack of stimulation.   
From the way his hips have started to stutter, and his muscles clenching under your touch – you know that he’s nearing his high. “..just like that, doll,” he groans, you don’t stop licking and sucking until he’s right on the edge; a thread away from his release. 
This is exactly when you completely pull away from him; your mouth leaving his cock and hands are back down to your sides. “w-what?– babe, please,” he whines, long and loud. His breathing becomes ragged and you notice the frustration written all over his face, “I told you, I’m sorry–!” 
His muscles continue to tense and clench as you massage over his thighs. “yeah? well …” his length now standing straight up, long and completely solid, “I don’t really appreciate it when you lash out on me, kenma..” you fake your annoyance, bottom lip turned up into a pout.
“I really wanted to, you know, spend some time with you and enjoy our night,” he groans at your words, seeing that you’ve already started to trace his cock with your index finger. His stomach matching the quick rise and fall of his breaths – the pain from his shaft slowly dying down as you start to stroke him again. 
“I– was just, oh fuck,” he struggles to speak his words as feeling your warm mouth wrap around his tip, twitching in your mouth, “..I was just, angry– angel, y-you know I didnt mean it,” he reasons, stumbling over his words. And you think you’ve played around enough, if you give him what he wants – you might just get something in return tonight as well. 
He notices the drool is gathering around the sides of your soft lips, taking his thumb and wiping it while you continue to suck him, hoping that this time you’d finish what you started. 
You simultaneously bob your head up and down his length while using your free hand to jerk whatever you couldn't reach. “so perfect, my sweet angel,” making direct eye contact with him – seeing his flushed face and blissful look; his adam's apple moving with every hard swallow. Some of his dual-coloured hair sticks to his forehead, a result of the sweat that's gathering.
He's nears his high again, hips thrusting back up into your mouth and hitting the back of your throat. His entire focus in this moment is only on you, what you're doing, how you're making him feel. The grip on your hair is getting tighter, and the continuous twitch of his cock in your mouth only means one thing. 
One, two, three more strokes of your wet mouth around him and he comes straight down your throat. His head is tossed back as he lets out a deep, long moan of satisfaction. The salty substance fills the spaces in your mouth and your instinct is to swallow all of it.
The room is quiet for a few moments, taking deep breaths in and out as he starts to calm down. He looks back down to check on you, seeing that you’re also catching your breath, “..let me see, baby,” tracing his thumb along your slick-covered lips encouraging you to open your mouth, “ah, that’s a good girl. swallowed every last drop,” you stare back at him from where you're kneeling, and he pulls you up to sit in his lap, placing his palms and roughly kneading your ass. 
“you still mad at me?” he asks, and you let out a soft giggle, shaking your head. Returning your soft gaze, he uses his free hand to wrap behind your head, pulling you from the nape into a deep kiss. You hum in approval, kissing him back.
“good, ‘cause I’m not done with you yet.” 
Tumblr media
thank you for reading !! likes + rbs appreciated <3
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{streaming with kenma thoughts}
this is literally just a bunch of plot points for myself for a full one shot I want to write using some of these details later. but i’m super busy rn and don’t have time to write the full thing, so this is just so i don’t forget anything!! but i thought i’d share them with you :)
major time skip spoilers! idk if I still need to add a spoiler warning at this point but I will just in case
you, kenma and kuroo have all been friends since you were kids, but you and kenma were the same age (and you were nekoma’s team manager at his request)
you started dating in university after years of pining and lots of teasing from kuroo
obviously when kenma said he wanted to start streaming, you were supportive. it was something he really loved after all, so you knew he’d work hard
and work hard he did
it made you so proud to see what he had accomplished and how far he’d come from when you were kids
and like, that’s a lot of stuff- you were dating a YouTuber, stock trader and the CEO of Bouncing Ball Ltd (his own company)
all of that and he was still in college
like kenma how do you do it 😐
and he always supported you, too, obviously- you never had to doubt that
you didn’t normally love being in his videos or on his streams, but sometimes you would make an appearance at either his request or his viewers’ 
your presence was especially appreciated on streams where he played horror games
you guys just got so into it and the commentary was hilarious
and the yelling and purposefully scaring each other, too
“what are you doing?!” “what do you mean, I’m running away!” “yeah and leaving me behind, why am I the sacrifice for this monster?!”
no major pda on stream or in videos, but everyone can tell you’re head over heels for each other
whenever kuroo joins in he makes sure to point it out when you lean into kenma a bit more
kenma will either remove him from the call or flick his arm when that happens
one time you were on a work trip or something and you had to be away from him for a bit
so you kept up with everything he did of course, cause you missed him
kuroo helped you surprise him a day earlier than you told kenma you’d be back
so when he’s streaming that day he takes a water break and leaves the stream running
so everyone sees you rushing into the room to sit in his chair
when he comes back he’s surprised but he’s very happy and he gives you he biggest hug, which is like??? the most amount of affection he’s ever shown online
kuroo’s kinda just there
but all in all streaming with kenma is never a dull moment
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hajiberry · 2 months ago
“you’re so pretty”
“you’re pretty”, you said again, smiling as his cheeks started to heat up.
“Shut up”, he mumbled, throwing his arm over his face, laughing, you sat up, peeling his arm off his face and leaning in closer to him.
“Stop, I wanna see your pretty face”, groaning, he gently shoved your face away from his.
“Stop saying that oh my god”, giggling you leaned down, lightly kissing on his face,
“Naaah, my pretty boy”,
sighing he looked at you, studying your face before softly mumbling,
“I love you”, your face broke out in a huge grin,
“huh? couldn’t hear you?”, glaring at you, he rolled his eyes,
“You heard me you idiot”, reaching for your waist he pulled you on top of him,
smiling you kissed him, before mumbling out “I love you”,
raising an eyebrow he smirked, “huh? couldn’t hear you”
KENMA, sakusa, suna, kageyama, tsukishima
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luvbub · 4 months ago
Oh I've just read the "Surprising your long distance boyfriend" and I love it so much! Can you do the same for Hinata, Kenma and Suna. It's okay if you don't want to and just ignore my ask. Love u! ❤👉👈
surprising your long distance boyfriend - part two
feat. Hinata, Kenma, Suna
part one
Tumblr media
“I miss Y/n” Hinata sighs, slumped over on the restaurant table. He and his teammates had gone out for dinner, but his mind was only on you and how long it’s been since he’s last seen you.
“Yes okay we get it Sho, you miss your s/o, let’s talk about something else now” Atsumu rolls his eyes, clearly sick of how much he’s heard his teammate complain about missing you. But he had a point, so Hinata did his best to shake off his longing for you.
The boys continued to chatter as the waiter came by with their plates, with Hinata being the most rapt by their talks. And as the waiter left, Bokuto couldn’t help but burst out into laughter.
“Hmm? What happened?” Hinata asks, taking a bite of his food.
“No, no it’s nothing” Bokuto wheezes, sharing a knowing grin with both Atsumu and Sakusa.
Hinata thought nothing of this- as far as he knew, this wasn’t far from their normal behavior. And so dinner continued like normal for the four. It wasn’t until Atsumu called the waiter over, asking if they could refill all of their waters.
And as Hinata picks up his cup to hand over to the waiter, he finally glances up, his gaze casually trailing to the waiter. His eyes widen, the empty cup slipping out of his hands.
Because why on earth were you standing there, refilling his teammates’ cups. Still in shock, Hinata hurriedly stands from his seat to rush over to you, embracing you in his arms.
“Please tell me you just showed up now, and that you weren’t our waiter this entire time” Hinata murmurs, moving his hands up to cup your face.
“Will lying make you feel better Sho? If so then yes, I definitely showed up now. And I most definitely was not the one who brought out your food” you chuckle, placing your own hands on top of his.
Hinata had no way to hide the flustered look on his face. He was just going on about how much he missed you, and for him not to notice you was quite embarrassing.
But honestly, he couldn’t care less if he looked liked a fool in front of others. You were the only one on his mind now.
Just kidding he feels bad for not noticing you earlier.
When Kenma returned to his stream from his bathroom break, he was greeted by a large box in his stream room.
“Oh yeah, while you were gone a delivery man came and dropped this off. I think unboxing it would make for great content” Kuroo says, lounging on his chair like it was nothing.
Kenma shrugs to himself and takes out a little pocket knife, ready to open the box.
“I- OKAY we don’t need to use sharp objects on a box that says fragile on it, now do we? Look, you can just peel the tape off. So let me just...” Kuroo says, quickly taking away the knife from his best friend.
“You see that chat? I’m a grown adult and I’m still being treated like a child” Kenma rolls his eyes. But he complies with Kuroo’s wishes, peeling the tape off the top of the box. And when he does open the top flap, he sees you balled up inside the box, looking back up at him.
“I’m so glad you didn’t use the knife to open the box,” you joke, waiting for some sort of reaction from your boyfriend. Kenma goes speechless, reaching out a hand to help you stand up. And when you do, he pulls you in for a hug, still in disbelief.
“I- when did, how, I... oh my god” he sputters out, his embrace tightening ever so slightly. You were here. Right in front of him. He honestly didn’t know what to think, but he still held onto you tight. Part of him thinks that this is some sort of prank and that when he lets go of you, he’ll discover that it actually isn’t you.
But he eventually does scoot back to look at you, confirming his sights.
“Kuroo helped me plan this” you explain, and when the two of you turn to Kuroo, he gives two thumbs up.
“Yes I did and you’re welcome. But I kindly ask that you save the PDA for when I leave please” Kuroo awkwardly chuckles.
Unfortunately for him, Kenma refuses to break contact with you- even going as far as having you sit on his lap for the rest of his stream. He still needs to have you so close to remind him that you’re actually here.
Suna’s days are more or less the same. They’re not necessarily bad- he surely is enjoying his life, but he’s just living day to day. And today is no exception as he trails along with his friends towards a restaurant for dinner.
He nods along to the conversation about how this restaurant is seemingly all the rave these days. Suna even mentions how he heard getting a 30 minute wait is considered lucky.
But suddenly, Suna stumbles forward a bit when a passerby bumps into him from behind.
“Ugh, can you watch where you’re going” they sneer at him.
“I didn’t even-” Suna starts to retort but he pauses midway. There was familiarity in that voice. His hand quickly reaches out to grab the stranger’s arm, his thoughts scrambled as he surely hopes that his intuition is right. And when you turn to face your boyfriend, a grin adorning your face, you watch as his eyes widen ever so slightly.
In one clean swoop, Suna has your wrapped into his arms amongst the cheers of his friends. He buries his face into the crook of your neck, silent as ever. Lingering around are his friends, and after taking an abundance of videos and pictures, they continue their walk, leaving you and your boyfriend in each other’s embrace.
“Hey Y/n, we’re gonna head to the restaurant first to grab a table, we’ll meet you two there. Suna knows where it is” Osamu says.
As they walk away, you notice how Suna still hasn't lifted his face or moved from his spot.
“We should probably catch up with the rest of them” you murmur, but you feel Suna shake his head.
“Rin, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, can I at least see your face?” you chuckle.
And like that, Suna slowly lifts his head, a small smile forms the moment he locks eyes with you.
“C’mon, let’s go to-”
“It has been so long,” Suna interrupts you, earning a cute pout from you, “So I am kindly asking that I get to have a little bit of alone time with you right now. Please.”
And so the two of you stay on the sidewalk for a bit, simply enjoying each other’s presence. Suna’s days may be more or less the same, but on ones where you’re with him, they become his best days.
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shoyotime · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
FT. kenma, atsumu, bokuto, ushijima
W. none
AN. repost.
Tumblr media
blinks blankly. he was grabbing some snacks from the kitchen when you randomly popped up with a goofy smile and a questionable stance in front of him. "is this supposed to be a new trend?" he waits for your response, only for you to shrug lightly before your smile grew wider. kenma places the packet of chips on kitchen counter before making his way towards you. "tell me if i'm doing something wrong?" and he inches closer, placing a soft kiss on your cheeks that leaves you flustered. he retracts slowly, gazing into your eyes as an obvious attempt at teasing you— which certainly worked, might you add. "was that right?" you sigh, averting your eyes to a stray corner. "you were supposed to hug me but i don't mind a kiss or two either."
this man has no clue. he was on his way to the bedroom after spending his afternoon watching match replays, only for you to greet him with a grin plastered on your face as you stood in front of him with your arms wide open. you stare at him, anticipating an answer, while he standing frozen with a perplexed face, brows creased in a way as if he's thinking of a potential response. a few seconds pass, and all he does is spread his arms in front of you, mirroring your actions. "are we t-posing?" — "tsumu, gosh, you're suppsosed to hug me!" a soft 'oh' escape his lips as he pulls you into an embrace, planting a soft kiss on your temple as you wrap your arms around his torso. "you're so dumb," you mumble, a chuckle rolls off his tongue. "at least you get to hug me." and he plops over the bed with your in his arms, pulling you impossibly closer. no, he's not getting off you anytime soon
you were lying idly on your bed when this impressive idea managed to slide inside your brain and within no time, you're on your way to your boyfriend who is busy doing whatever in his study. his brain went blank when he spot you standing with your arms wide open in the hallway, a smile climbing up his face before he sprints towards you, engulfing you in his arms ( or more like crashing into you ) as if you're going to disappear the next second. "kou what—" he pulls back, a bright smile waltzing on his lips. "what? i thought you were going to catch me." you pause, brows furrowed in confusion before you break into beads of laughter. "we're not playing that but sure, let's do it again." and he smiles, stepping away before standing with with his arms open in front of you. "your turn, sweets."
stares blankly part two, but gets the message quickly. he expects you to pull tricks on him every now and then, what he didn't expect was from you was you standing in front of him with arms wide open at eight in the morning. while you expected him to ask a few questions, ushijima pulls you into his arms without wasting another second. "did you miss me?" you didn't expect that question. well of course, he arrived late last night; late enough for you to be fast asleep. your lips curl into a smile as you pull away, hands still wrapped around his torso while his' are snaked around yours. "today's a day off so let's go on a date." now, who are you to refuse.
Tumblr media
taglists in the rbs.
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euphoricimagination · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
𝑺𝒂𝒚𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒚 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕 𝒕𝒐 𝒎𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒐𝒈𝒆𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓
Feat. Kenma, Atsumu & Suna
Warnings: None, just fluff
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ever since you started dating Kenma you made a weekly routine of going to his house every weekend and watch movies together or play. And this didn’t change a single bit when he got his own house; if anything, that led into him asking you to come by more often. And who are you to deny that offer.
At first it was a few days a week, but by now you barely even leave, your boyfriend loving every second you´re around. He has made his mission to have everything you may need in there. Your favorite shampoo? It´s right beside his. The clothes you have there? Part of his closet it´s yours. Favorite snacks? He has a special cabinet full of them just for you. You like to have scented candles because you think its homier? You bet he buys a ton of them so you don’t run out. And it’s all unconsciously, having you around always felt natural and familiar, so he just does it.
Right now, you’re sitting next to Kenma, who’s playing something in the TV, while scrolling through the Ikea page looking for a shelf to buy. He has been running out of space for his games, so he asked you to look for a similar one, after all most of the interior furniture was chosen by you.
“What about this one? I think it will fit good in our hou- I mean, in your house” you say, quickly correcting yourself. When Kenma heard it, his eyes went wide, a little smile forming once the words process. It was the first time either of you refer it as ‘our house’, and he loves the sound of it.
“Yeah, it will look good. Maybe we should buy a sofa too, ours is not comfortable” says trying to not to blush “Is there something you wanna bring from your apartment apart from the rest of your clothes?”. You look at him smiling, you knew that by saying that he was basically asking you to move in. Subtle, but he knew you would understand, you always did.
Tumblr media
You were hanging out in Tsumu´s apartment like you normally do after a long day. Today you were having a movie night, cuddling in the couch with a fluffy blanket covering your bodies.
He absolutely loves whenever you around, whenever you cook dinner together, or when you go to Osamu's restaurant to have his food. He loves when you stay the night and he gets to see your beautiful face first thing in the morning, the sun peeking through the curtains; when you eat breakfast together after his morning run. And he swears he falls in love a little more whenever you decide to make him lunch. Whenever you are here, in his apartment, it just feels like home.
“Ya should move in with me” whispers Atsumu in the middle of the movie, making you choke with the drink you were having. He tried to act cool, but the blush on his cheeks let you know that it was an accident. The movie was long forgotten.
“Come and live with me” says simply, however he was super nervous about it. He’s been thinking about it for a while honestly, worrying about how to bring it up; but now with you in his arms, it just felt right. Plus, the couple of the movie were having a conversation about the same thing, which made him blurt the question out too.
“You want me to live with you?” you say, a little surprised by how relaxed he pitched the idea.
“Yeah, we’ve been dating since forever! Imagine how amazing will be to live together, cooking together…just spending more time together”
“I…I was thinking about it too” you say breaking into a smite.
“Really? And why ya didn’t let me know sooner! I was here breaking my head about how to ask you!”
“And the only idea that occurred in your head was when I was drinking? I almost choke”
“It came out, ok?!” says pushing your head into the crock of his neck, making you chuckle “I’m happy though, ya with me forever”
Tumblr media
“How much more are you staying here pretty?” Suna asks you back-hugging you while you were washing you face. You feel a few drops of water on your shoulder, after all he just finished showering and only had a towel on his waist. He can't help his heart from beating way to fast at the sight of you in his t-shirt getting ready to climb into bed with him.
“2 more days, apparently the whole apartment still stinks” you answer with a little pout. Your building was under repair, so your wonderful boyfriend had no problem in having you in his “Are you bored of me already?”
“Like that could ever happen. I love having you here”. And he wasn't lying, while you spend a lot of time here normally, having you in a more permanent way felt so much better. “Your building sucks, you should more. If not the noisy neighbors, it's something breaking”
Turning around, completely unaffected by his nakedness, you say “And where will I live? I've been looking and it's either worse than mine or way to expensive”
“Just stay here, you basically live here anyway” he rolls his eyes at you, pretending to be annoyed by it. But he likes having you around, cuddle against your chest after a long day of practice, waking up and falling asleep beside you. He likes how cozy his apartment feels with you, because whenever you go back to your place, it feels empty “I’m kidnapping you so you stay here forever”
“That’s the weirdest way to ask me to move in with you”
“Do you want to or not?” says with a soft smile on while pulling you closer to his chest.
“Fine, fine. Now please put some clothes on”
“Don't act like you don't enjoy the view” he teases you with a smirk “I'll wait you for you in bed to cuddle”
Tumblr media
@crystal-lilac @dai-tsukki-desu
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kageyuji · 6 months ago
the voicemail he leaves
Tumblr media
oikawa, kenma, akaashi, iwaizumi, atsumu ; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff n more fluff
notes: as always please reblog, they really help me :) !!
Tumblr media
━━ oikawa;
hey lovely, how are things back home? …i miss it. i miss you. don’t get me wrong, things are great here, it’s just… it’s not the same, y’know? i always like going out after games an’ stuff for junk food and i can’t really do that anymore. or even after practices, i can’t come home and lay my head in your lap.
it’s kind of cruel, actually. no one here wants to play with my hair.
anyway, i hope everything is okay there. call me back whenever you get this, yeah? one last game, then i’m coming straight home to you, i promise.
━━ kenma;
i’ve come to the conclusion that the bed is extremely cold without you in it, where’d you go? mm, anyway, sorry for the morning voice, but if you want to get me coffee on the way home i will love you forever.
i have also come to the conclusion that i’m lonely without you around so get home soon. i had a really weird dream last night i want to tell you about too. we adopted a monkey… anyway, i’ll tell you about it whenever you get home.
stay safe, love you.
━━ akaashi;
hey, you’re home right? i’ve had kind of a long day and i was wondering if it would be alright for us to just stay in tonight. i mean- not- you know what i mean… i think?
sorry, i’m a mess. long day like i said.
but hey, listen. i was thinking i could pick up some takeout on the way home and then we can just watch some cheesy movie and cuddle? i don’t think we have plans tomorrow so we can stay up however long we want. oh, we can do face masks too?
…i’m rambling, i know. just text me what you want for dinner whenever you get this and i’ll pick it up. i love you, bye.
━━ iwaizumi;
haha, i’m assuming you’re still sleeping? either way, good morning angel. i hope you slept well, make sure you get up and get some breakfast eventually. or if you want to wait, i can cook or get something for you on the way home.
i was just calling to say something came up and i had to leave in a hurry. i’ll tell you about it when i get home. i shouldn’t have anything else planned though so i’m yours for the rest of the day, i promise.
i should go now, but i love you and i’ll be home soon.
━━ atsumu;
Y/N! hey, is everything alright? i know you’re with your friend so i didn’t want to interrupt, but you said you’d be home around half an hour ago. i just wanted to check up on you is all.
i hope the movie was good, it’s been a while since you’ve gotten to go out. tell me about it when you get home, yeah? it’s been really quiet without you here, i missed you.
oh, and still haven’t gotten a shower if you wanna wash my hair when you do get home though heheh. i’ll even let you dry it or put bows in it or whatever you want. anyway, i’ll go now. have fun angel, i love you.
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ughgojo · 2 months ago
ft: suna rintarō, iwaizumi hajime, kenma kozume, akaashi keiji, miya atsumu, & matsukawa issei
synopsis: haikyuu boys and weird but romantic quirks idk
content warnings: swearing + mentions of drinking.
notes from the author: i can assure you, i’m not writing anything new lol. just moving old posts onto here so it’s easier (?) for everyone to access them. but as always i hope you enjoy and likes, comments, and reblogs, are appreciated.
Tumblr media
he loves to take care of you when you’re too drunk off your ass to do it yourself. (mostly to get videos of you embarrassing yourself that he can show you in the morning). with little to no complaints as well! he follows almost every step in your nightly routine if you have one and tries to get you in bed as safely as possible. has a bottle of ibuprofen and water along with a trash can if you need it. kisses you on your forehead and tells he loves you once you’re sleep and he absolutely can’t wait until you wake up in the morning so he can show you the recaps of the night before.
he finds it very endearing when you tend to his wounds and no matter how many times you scold him for pushing himself too hard during games he can’t help but wanna do it all over again just so he can see your lip slightly jut out from pouting while you focus on putting neosporin on his cut or taping up his wrist. he knows it’s no point in trying to explain himself so he just sits there and take it with a slight wince every once in a while. he always tries to make you smile after just so he knows that you’re not too mad at him.
sitting on his lap happens almost every time he starts gaming. he just wants you to be close to him because he knows that he can play for hours and leave you feeling lonely, so he pats his lap for you to sit and waits for you to get comfortable before mumbling into your shoulder asking if you’re gonna be okay like this. of course you nod, being content with being in your boyfriends lap while he’s doing something he enjoys meanwhile he’s trying to stop the heat from rising on his cheeks.
waking you up really early so you can watch the sunrise together. you’re usually not that much of a morning person but it’s all worth it once keiji buys you your favourite drink & snacks from a convenience store so you aren’t hungry while he drives with his hand attached to your thigh. you two set up camp at a beautiful and secluded area, patiently waiting for the tiniest bit of sun to peek through the sky before he turns you to face him, placing a soft kiss on your lips that says everything that he can’t at the moment.
atsumu is a thrill seeker and it’s no secret. which is why him dragging you on the highest roller coaster in the entire amusement park while knowing you were afraid of heights didn’t surprise you. the nervousness in your stomach never left as the ride began, atsumu also beginning to regret his idea, but, he still manages to kiss you in front of the ride’s camera. it’s a short and sweet kiss that was soon interrupted by atsumu’s scream.
sneaking you out of your house to pull a random all nighter at the restaurant of your choice. a random burst of energy causes you two to blast music out of his car and dance under the flickering street lights. everything about this moment makes you feel so alive. his eyes catches yours for a moment before leaning in to kiss you. makes some sarcastic comment before pulling away and you end up sharing more kisses.
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naturallykenma · 2 months ago
holding hands (various haikyuu)
a/n: hello to whoever sees this...it’s my first time posting anime writing and my first original post on this blog!! im v excited but v nervous hehe. i used prompts from this list !! pls rb/leave feedback/hmu okok <3
warnings: fluff, mentions of anxiety/nerves/crowds in sakusa’s, brief mention of crashing a car but nothing too bad 
featuring: timeskip kenma, akaashi, iwaizumi, sakusa <3 
Tumblr media
kenma: holding hands under the table
when kuroo invited you and kenma out to dinner as a way to catch up with the both of you, you agreed, but you weren’t expecting the majority of the nekoma team to be there as well. you and kenma were known to be quiet and not social, especially when it came to big groups of people. nevertheless, you couldn’t exactly walk out of the restaurant so you just took your seats, kenma next to kuroo and you next to kenma. 
“hope it’s alright I invited the team, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to catch up!” kuroo stated once the two of you sat down and quietly greeted everyone. 
“this wasn’t part of the deal.” kenma mumbled quietly, only loud enough for you and kuroo to hear and grabbing your hand softly under the table. 
kuroo’s response was interrupted by lev asking kenma how the streaming was going and if he had seen hinata lately, while kenma’s thumb rubbed over your knuckles softly as you caught up with yaku. 
“you alright?” he nearly whispered, breath fanning over your ear. 
“yeah bub, ‘m fine.” you smiled, causing kenma to smile softly in return. 
the team smiled at the interaction, though they couldn’t hear the conversation, they could tell kenma was madly in love with you. 
akaashi: holding hands in a museum to pull them to the next exhibition 
the two of you had found your way to the art museum when it started raining during your picnic date. although you have only been dating for three months, akaashi knew he loved you. he didn’t dare say it yet, scared you didn’t feel the same. 
you were concentrating on the piece in front of you, but akaashi could only focus on you. you looked so cute when you were focused, your eyes scanning over every detail of the painting. 
“did you read this?” you asked, pointing to the plaque next to the painting. 
“yeah. ‘s interesting.” he replied, knowing he didn’t pay attention to it at all. 
“it is! oooh keiji-” you gasped, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the next room. “look!” 
your hand stayed laced with his as you pointed at the biggest painting in the room. “‘s my favorite!” 
akaashi didn’t mean to zone out, he really did try to listen to you, but he was too focused on the way your eyes lit up, how your grip on his hand got tighter with each new wave of excitement as you talked about the art. 
“I love you.” he blurted out, cutting you off. “sorry, i didn’t mean to cut you off. i just- i love you.” 
you paused, keeping your hands laced together as you looked up at him with a small smile. “I love you too.” 
“really?” he breathed. 
iwaizumi: holding hands while driving 
the first time hajime asked to hold your hand while he was driving, you didn’t let him. 
“i won’t let you drive with one hand. you need both hands, haji!” you told him, crossing your arms and hiding your hands from him. 
“come on baby, you don’t think i’m a good enough driver?” he teased, pulling out of the parking lot. 
“‘s not that. i just don’t wanna be the reason you’re distracted and crash.” you pouted. 
“you’re always distracting me, baby. you’re too pretty.” he smiled. 
“shut up.” you mumbled, despite the smile tugging on your lips. 
a few minutes later and your arms were uncrossed, one of your hands sitting in your lap while you scrolled on your phone. hajime took his opportunity, grabbing your free hand and lacing your fingers together. 
“haji! i told you to use two hands while driving!” you exclaimed, trying to take your hand away. 
“just lemme hold your hand.” he whined, keeping his tight grip on your hand. “we’re almost there anyway.” 
“fine.” you huffed. “but this is the last time.” 
hajime chuckled, but knew it wasn’t going to be the last time. it became a habit now for him to reach for your hand in the car and even if you insist he use two hands, he still notices the way your hand reaches for his. 
sakusa: linking pinkies 
sakusa hates crowds and pda. he hated how many germs were transferred in a crowd and he hated displaying affection in front of people, particularly random strangers who could take pictures and put them on social media. 
dating a pro volleyball player was no joke and sakusa knew that. he also knew you got overwhelmed in the crowds that tend to form around him after a game or when he’s out in public. 
you knew he wasn’t big on pda, which is why you compromised. 
whenever he notices you getting overwhelmed in a crowd or starting to feel anxious, he simply links your pinkies together, a silent sign that he’s there for you. 
lately, however, he does it whenever the two of you are out. he knows you find the gesture comforting, but so does he. to him, it’s a subtle way of showing everyone that you’re with him. it doesn’t matter if the two of you are shopping, walking around a park, or waiting to enter a restaurant. he links your pinkies together as soon as you leave your shared apartment. 
sometimes when you’re in a more secluded area, he’ll press a kiss to your pinky and mumble a “love you” while smiling under his mask at the sight of you smiling softly and returning the statement. 
sakusa hates pda and he hates crowds, but he loves you. 
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iwaizumis-bitch · a month ago
kenma bf texts
notes: female reader
content warnings: mentions of blowjobs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · 7 months ago
omg!!! i really loved the ‘drunk haikyuu boys says something offhand’ and i was thinking if you could do pt2 but with suna, kenma and tsukishima? :]]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: kenma + tsukishima + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: suna was in part two <3 don't know how i feel about this but here you go!
part one / part two / part three
Tumblr media
kenma's eyes were barely open as kuroo led him to your shared apartment. he had a slight stumble to his walk but he'd had fun tonight. he normally didn't like to drink and let loose, especially not without you, but you convinced him. and now he was more than ready to come home to you. well he was, at least.
they had just made it inside to the apartment when kenma's eyes widened a fraction and he suddenly stopped. "no––"
kuroo looked up to see you walking towards them, still a little far into the room (it was a spacious apartment) and looked back to his friend with raised a brow, "huh?"
"don't wanna see y/n..."
kuroo laughed awkwardly, glancing at you for a brief moment, tension suddenly rising in the room. kenma hadn't seen you yet so you slowed down uncertainly. "what do you mean, man? why not?"
kenma blinked sluggishly before mumbling back a response, some of his words muffled in his hand, so quiet neither you nor kuroo could hear them. "can't see...don't wanna look...y/n's face..."
you were only a few feet away now, the hurt obvious on your face and it made kuroo's heart clench for you. "ken–"
his friend suddenly looked up at the ceiling, letting his eyes close, a look of almost anguish on his face. "just know, y/n'll be in pajamas––" he rubbed a hand on his face, muffling his words. "too cute. g'nna say somethin' stupid."
kuroo's face broke out into a grin. "well i don't think y/n would mind."
kenma simply groaned and glared at his friend when you finally spoke up, making him turn to you with wide eyes. "yeah, i don't think i'd mind."
you looked at him with a knowing, teasing smile and he groaned again, immediately coming over to you and wrapping his arms around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
"can you forget what i said?"
you laughed, kuroo staring at the two of you with a smile. "not a chance."
Tumblr media
tsukishima's gaze looked as bored and critical as ever, even tipsy. the one thing that gave him away, was the constant blush on his cheeks that you'd normally have to work hard to see, normally with a teasing comment or a flurry of kisses.
but his stare, that was the same as ever. as he looked down at you, arms by his side, almost like a child, you couldn't help but wonder what was on his mind. it could have been anything, something good, something bad, something funny––
"what are you wearing?"
you looked down at your sweats––the pants were yours, but the sweatshirt was his. you knew he knew that, so why was he asking?
"um..." you looked back up at him. "pajamas?"
he sighed, the look in his eyes now more clearly exasperated. "why are you wearing that?"
suddenly you felt anxious, did he not want you to wear his clothes anymore?
"i...i just wanted to? they're comfy. and i missed you while you were out..."
something flashed in his eyes briefly at your words but you couldn't decipher it fast enough.
his eyes scanned you from head to toe and you couldn't help but feel like you were being scrutinized. "you just... you look..."
"what?" you wrapped your arms around yourself. "what is it?"
he clenched his jaw and looked to the side. "you look...cute."
the tension left your body but you were still in shock, silent as you looked at him for a few seconds. "...what?"
he clicked his tongue, "don't make me repeat it."
your lips quirked up into a smile and you stepped closer to him, wrapping your arms around him as you propped your chin on his chest. "aww you think i look cute?"
he looked up at the ceiling, despite his arms slowly moving to hold you. "i take it back."
"nope. you can't." you laughed when the blush on his cheeks spread, obviously from your teasing this time. "i think you look cute too, baby."
slowly, he gave in and looked down at you, his eyes much softer than before. "not as cute as you, though."
Tumblr media
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veenxys · 26 days ago
「Different ways Haikyuu boys say ‘i love you’」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Bokuto
the protector “i love you”; he takes care of you in the purest and most genuine ways of all. he holds you when you cry or when you need comfort. he only sleeps after making sure you slept. no matter where you two are, he will always be by your side to protect you and take care of you; he puts everything aside to come to you because you are the most important person in his life and he will make sure that never changes.
⤷ Kuroo
the “i love you” demonstrated by subtle gestures; it’s the affectionate way he brushes the hair out of your face as you speak so he can see you better; the way he gives you his jacket when you’re cold. it’s the way he wraps the blankets around you in the middle of the night so you don’t feel cold or the way he leaves a glass of water by your side in case you feel thirsty at night. it’s the small, subtle things, but that’s how you know how much he loves and cares about you. this is how you feel the most loved and cherished person of all.
⤷ Atsumu
the “i love you” shared by the look or kind smiles; whenever he thinks of you, he makes eye contact and smiles. whenever he wants to know how you’re feeling, he’ll look deeply into your eyes, brows raised in a silent question. there is always a fleeting glance here and there throughout the day; he finds your eye contact intoxicating and can’t help but smile genuinely as he looks at you.
⤷ Osamu
the “i love you” said with subtle touches; there’s something about the way his fingers run over your body in the morning, even before you wake up. in the way his little finger searches for yours when you walk side by side, and also in the way his fingers gently trace every detail of your face when you look at each other; as if he want to explore with his fingers every universe in you.
⤷ Oikawa
the “i love you” spoken by words that come out so naturally; it’s the ‘i love you’ he sincerely says before leaving the house or before going to sleep. it’s the way he looks at you like it’s the first and last time as he says the words against your lips before kissing you, demonstrating that everything he says and feels for you is true and real.
⤷ Nishinoya
the loud and unsubtle “i love you”; because he wants others to know how much he is in love with you, for the whole world to know, for the trees and the sky to know that you are the love of his life. the kind of i love you that he yells with a gleeful smile on his face as he looks at you in the crowd after scoring a point on the court. he makes an exaggerated heart with his hands and jumps around happily, looking at you like you’re the only one there. and honestly at this point nothing else matters because you’re too busy smiling and waving back at your idiot to care about anything else.
⤷ Kenma
the “i love you” is said through messages; it’s through little things like “let me know when you get home”, “did you sleep well?” “i will always be here, you know that, right?” “did you eat today?” “i saw this and remembered you” “take care. i love you” that’s where he shows his love and care for you; it is through messages with gentle and subtle words that make your heart soften in your chest and make you fall in love with him a little more.
⤷ Suna
the “i love you” said through the look; the purity and genuineness of his love is visible through the sparkle in his eyes every time he sees you; delighted with every little detail of you that he loves so much. to him, you are the most beautiful work of art there is and that no artist will be able to capture your brilliance and beauty. and he is so lucky to call this work of art his.
⤷ Sakusa
the “i love you” shown through actions; his love is felt in that meal he prepared for you on a date night, because he found it is your favorite recipe and he is secretly learning to cook it and perfect it just for you. his love and affection is felt in the little things he does for you, like when he helps you with your chores without you having to ask or in the way he takes care of you so dearly. his ‘i love you’ isn’t something you hear often, but you feel the depths of his love in silence.
⤷ Hinata
the ‘i still can’t believe you chose to be with me’ i love you; is said with bright eyes and a soft smile that spreads into a passionate, happy smile during the most random little moments, like when he sees you in his clothes or when you’re cuddling on the couch and the afternoon sunlight falls on you perfectly. he still can’t believe you’re his, and he’s totally yours; he is so grateful and happy to have you, the most beautiful angel he has ever seen.
Tumblr media
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ tags! @avocamich, @yfneccentric, @hazyspells, @belovedserenityy, @shrimpy109, @rorikau, @mlb-hp-hoo, @insomniacwreck, @afairywithacrown, @risuguru, @solyxa, @belsumu, @gwynsapphire, @jahnvi-d, @gratefulstranger, @mayukhii, @uravichii, @seanicsiren, @toxji, @b4ngal, @thezegendofzelda, @kageyama-i-want-tobiors, @i1k, @chaotic-fangirl-blog, @shoutaswhore, @gluchie, @bobakugo, @taurus852, @shimshim42, @hiraimonoma, @tiredcrystal, @unused-3nergy, @micheya, <3
.˳⁺⁎˚ taglist + masterlist! ˚⁎⁺˳ .
Tumblr media
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shingia · 3 months ago
If you don't mind can i request a part 3 of scolding their pregnant so for doing something dangerous with hinata, kageyama, kenma and oikawa? I'm having serious baby fever right now and i absolutely love your writing 😭💕
Tumblr media
[pt.3] scolding their pregnant s/o for doing something “dangerous”
Tumblr media
↳ timeskip!kageyama, kenma, hinata, oikawa | fluff
↳ absolutely you can!! i could’ve sworn i had already done oikawa but turns out i haven’t :o and tysm<33
↳ cw: kageyama picks you up (well, him and his beefy arms hehe)
part 1 | part 2
Tumblr media
“i’m in the kitchen!” you exclaimed as soon as you heard that kageyama had gotten out of the bedroom. you had decided to do some cleaning while waiting for him to wake up, and were standing on the counter to clean the top shelves. still half-asleep, he abruptly stopped walking when he reached the doorway.
“that’s- you’re not supposed to do that!” he exclaimed, but sounded a bit drowsy. you didn’t listen and kept on dusting, careful to keep your balance. “wait, let me rephrase” he spoke again, “i’m not letting you do that”. immediately, a pair of thick arms locked around your waist and lifted you up. “back to bed, i’ll bring you breakfast”, he stated, and didn’t even let your feet touch the ground as he began to walk to the bedroom. “breakfast in bed? careful i could get used to it” you joked with your feet dangling in the air. “good, that’s exactly the point” he answered, looking at you with the hint of a smile on his lips.
kuroo’s new apartment was one of the most expensive-looking places you had ever set foot in, even though the floor was still littered with cardboard boxes. kenma was in the kitchen, fixing the last shelves to the wall, while you and kuroo were distributing the boxes in the right rooms. luckily, it wasn’t too much of a struggle for you, considering that you didn’t even have a bump yet. but kenma, as usual, was a little bit more dramatic.
“are you out of your mind?!” he yelled, running towards you, but you quickly realized that it was more directed to kuroo than to you. “they’re pregnant for fuck’s sake!”. you rolled your eyes, but on the other side of the room, kuroo was frozen, eyes wide. “you’re pregnant?!” he articulated, and dropped the box he had in his hands. kenma and you shared an awkward look, and he mentally cursed himself for not holding his tongue. “i’m… gonna be an uncle?” kuroo’s voice cracked, and you nudged kenma in the ribs, urging him to answer: “yeah man… of course you are” he smiled blankly, bracing himself for the upcoming hug.
the sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, it was a perfect spring afternoon. you were on your balcony, picking up the laundry you had left outside to dry on the rack when you realized that a few bits of pollen from the nearby trees had landed on your bedsheets. so, naturally, you decided to shake them over the balustrade. freshly out of the shower, hinata walked in on you bent over the railing, and the panic was immediate: “what are you doing?!” he exclaimed, which made you drop the bedsheets. but luckily, he had good enough reflexes to catch it before it could fall to the ground. “you shouldn’t be doing this kind of stuff! ask me, that’s what i’m here for!” he insisted, and the hug he gave you let you know how scary it had been for him to just think about you falling. “i’m sorry shō, i’ll ask you next time” you promised, kissing his temple. “ok… anytime, mmh? even if i’m at practice! call me, and i’ll be there”. you smiled, looking right into his concerned eyes: “i promise”, then kissed the tip of his nose, feeling more grateful for him than ever.
you couldn’t remember the last time you had dusted the top of your bookshelf, and it was a good enough reason to do it. so you grabbed a chair, and got started. but something - or rather someone - interrupted you very quickly. “baby get down from there!” oikawa ordered you, his voice quivering in panic, and he immediately held his hand out to help you. as soon as you had both feet on the ground, his hands moved to your face, almost as if to make sure it was still intact. it took him a few seconds to finally sigh in relief… and after that, even fewer seconds to begin his reprimands: “you can’t be so careless! it’s dangerous, it’s not healthy for you, or for the baby, and it’s terrible for my nerves! so, no more cleaning up there, understood?”. you stayed speechless, eyeing him up and down, until a satisfied smile formed on your lips. it was now your turn to put your hands on each side of his face: “oh you’re gonna be an amazing dad. look at you being so protective!”. the blush was immediate, and he didn’t even try to hide it: “i’ll try my best. well… actually, i am trying my best”. you felt your heart squeeze at his words, and brought your lips to his almost automatically: “i know, and you’re doing really great tooru”.
Tumblr media
reblogs always help! <3
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kage7ama · 22 days ago
his daughter calls him by his first name —pt 3
Tumblr media
feat. gn!reader x kuroo tetsurou, sugawara koushi, tsukishima kei, kozume kenma
cw. food mention (tsukishima, kenma), sassy children, tooth-rotting fluff
note. I don't think I ever posted this part previously but if I did, it's from my old account @/atsuvu !!
pt 1. pt 2.
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsurou.
“Come on sweetheart, you’ve got plenty of dolls at home,” Tetsurou sighed, tugging his daughter’s arm away from the shop window. She whined, trying to grab the display with her free hand.
“No, this one’s special, Daddy! Her hair grows, you can pull it and make it longer!” Tetsurou sighed. That was exactly what the house needed, another doll to step on in the dark.
“I said no, and that’s final. Some kids don’t have any dolls at all, and you have… at least more than four! Be grateful for your toys and let someone else get that one.” She sniffed, her hand falling from her dad’s.
“Tetsu, please buy me this doll?” She pointed, her eyes gazing longingly in his direction. He nearly did a double take upon hearing the familiar whine; after all, it had only been a matter of time before she’d start mimicking you to get what she wanted. He sighed, walking back to pick her up and place her on his shoulders.
“You copycat. You know that won’t work on me.” Well, it would’ve, if you hadn’t told him he’d be sleeping on the couch if she came home with another toy.
Tumblr media
sugawara koushi.
“Look at my drawing, Papa!” Your daughter giggled, running up to his desk and holding her paper just above the surface. He smiled, but didn’t turn, still grading his students’ tests. He’d put it off all weekend, and now he needed them finished for the next day.
“You’re very talented, dear.” She frowned, disappointed at his lack of attention. After all, he hadn’t been able to take his attention off of her all weekend long, so why was he ignoring her now?
“Koushi! Eyes this way!” She demanded. He raised a brow, circling the last mistake on the sheet before placing it in the completed pile and turning to face her.
“What was that?” She fiddled with the corner of her paper guiltily.
“I said… Papa look this way?” She didn’t sound very convinced herself. Koushi shook his head, picking her up and setting her on his lap.
“Your drawing is very nice, dear. If you want, you can sit on my lap while I finish my work and then we can put it on the wall, how does that sound?” She nodded ecstatically. “But I need you to be my good little girl and not cause trouble while you’re here. That’s easy enough, isn’t it?”
tsukishima kei.
Tumblr media
You were very lucky Akiteru was in town, otherwise you wouldn’t have the opportunity to go out for a much-needed date night with Kei. He didn’t want to leave your daughter with just any babysitter, and his brother was more than willing to take care of his niece for a few hours. When you stepped in the door, not suspecting a thing, she quickly hopped up from the couch and ran across the lamp-lit living room to hug her parents. 
“Isn’t it past your bedtime, missy?” You questioned, while at the same time, she exclaimed, 
“Kei!” Your husband, who had turned away to hang up coats, cocked his head toward the couch, where Akiteru sat innocently.
“You turned my daughter against me.”
“What? How was this my fault?” Kei bent down to pick up his daughter, bouncing her slightly, knowing how much she loved being so high up in the air.
“You know you’re supposed to call me Dad,” he murmured, smoothing down her wild blonde hair. She giggled, resting her head on his shoulder. “So why aren’t you asleep, huh? Did he give you candy?” She pouted.
“No. I jus’—” she yawned “—wan’ed to see you before I went to bed.” Akiteru grinned.
“She was really well behaved, helped me make dinner.”
“I didn’t ask you.”
kozume kenma.
Tumblr media
“Wait, what time is it?” Kenma mumbled, checking his phone. “Oh, okay, so I’ll end the stream in… let’s say about 15 minutes, that’s probably when we’ll eat dinner here.” The chat was flooded with disappointed messages and a few asking how his daughter was or cooing over how cute it was that he loved his family so much. “Hm? Something behind me?” 
“Kenma!” Said father’s eyes widened slightly, his shoulders quaking with silent laughter. Spinning in his chair, he faced his daughter, hands folded like a stereotypical CEO. 
“What was that? Just now, I thought I heard someone say my name. Did you hear it?” She shook her head.
“Nope. Not at all. Are you playing games?” She stood on her tip toes, trying to peer around him to see his monitors. 
“Yeah, I’m playing the slime game.” Her eyes light up.
“Did you get any new pretty girls?”
“Not any as pretty as you. I have to do more quests and save up to get more pretty girls.” He brushed her bangs out of her eyes. “Did you come to tell me something?” Her eyes lit up and she face-palmed lightly.
“Yeah! Dinner is ready! We’re having meat and rice!” She skipped out of the room, shutting the door and bringing back the dark atmosphere. Turning back to his stream with a small smile, Kenma exited the game.
“Well, then our stream is over now. Kuroo, stop spamming. I’ll see you all next time.” He paused before ending the stream, reading something in the chat. His blank expression softened. “Yeah, she really is the best.”
© kage7ama 2022. do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform.
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 4 months ago
when their relationship gets revealed
feat. Kenma, Oikawa, Suna
Tumblr media
Kenma kept his life as private as he could. While you didn’t particularly care one way or the other about being known as Kenma’s s/o, he wanted to keep some aspects of his life to himself.
Tonight, Kenma was exhausted as he was ending a particularly long stream. He set down his headphones, burying his face into his hands. Out of frame, you saw just how tired he was and thought about ways you could help him unwind.
When Kenma lifted his head up again, he looked straight at you, beckoning you towards him. You tentatively walk towards his desk, pointing at his computer- he was still streaming.
“It’s fine” Kenma replies before muting his mic. You walk to your boyfriend and into the view of the camera. But because you were standing, his audience would only be able to see your neck down.
Kenma wraps his arms around you, pulling you close so he could rest his head against your stomach. You chuckle, resting your own hands on top of his head as you play with his hair.
“You shouldn’t stream for so long, you know” you hum, glancing over at his stream. The chat was going absolutely insane.
I knew kenma HAD to be dating someone
okay but why are their hands kinda......
You wave to the camera, allowing his audience to grow even more excited at your presence. Lowering your hands to cup Kenma’s cheeks, you lift his face so he’s looking up at you.
“Looks like your fans found out” you chuckle, watching as Kenma’s tired expression brighten up.
“Eh, it was going to happen eventually. I just thought it would be better to slowly ease you in, yknow?” he shrugs. He removes one of your hands from his cheek, watching carefully as you raise an eyebrow at him. And without even breaking eye contact with you, he kisses the back of your hand before turning off his stream.
Honestly, Kenma was glad your face was cut off from the camera view- your flustered expression was one he wanted no on else to see.
Oikawa knew one of his ‘so called friends’ was an absolute rat. The infamous setter was careful with what he would share to his general fans- so of course he had two accounts. One was his public one, curated to build up a favorable impression to his fans and the general public. He posted scenic photos wherever he was at, fun clips from practice, and the occasional selfie.
His private one, on the other hand, was probably the closest thing to his personal journal. Nights out with friends, adoration towards his family members, and of course you. Lots and lots of photos of you.
So when a particular set of photos he had recently posted on his private account found their way onto the trending tab, Oikawa was both furious and worried. There wasn’t anything wrong with the pictures, it was just a photo set of you grinning, holding up a cute birthday cake.
One of his friends had leaked those photos. And for what reason? What did they have against the two of you to put your relationship into the spotlight like this? Oikawa was betrayed- but first and foremost he had to make sure you were alright.
He walked into the bedroom to find you scrolling on your phone- and sure enough you were reading all of the tweets about you.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry about what happened. I never wanted you to have to go public and I’ll find a way to fix this!” he pleads, taking a seat next to you on the bed.
You raise an eyebrow at him for a second before resting your head on his shoulder.
“..It’s fine. I mean I was caught off guard at first but honestly, we go out so often- it was bound to be revealed. Plus, your fans are saying super sweet things about me!” you show Oikawa some tweets from his own fans. They clamored on about how adorable you were and how they weren't sure if they were jealous of you or Oikawa.
“Still! Someone I know decided to leak these photos to the public! I’m lucky things went well, but I can’t forgive the person who decided to expose our relationship like that” he shakes his head, truly frustrated at the whole ordeal. Just who was it that betrayed him like this?
You took a deep breath, wondering what would be the best way to tell him.
“Tooru....no one leaked it. You’re the one who accidentally posted it to your public account...”
When pictures started popping up on the internet of Suna with his arms wrapped around someone, sports fans went wild with wondering who this person was. The pose was ambiguous- no one could tell whether or not this was a casual acquaintance or Suna’s potential lover.
So when the EJP Raijin game ended, reporters flocked to Suna’s side.
“Suna, great game tonight- was there anyone in particular you were trying especially hard for?” one reporter asks, beating around the bush.
“Yes, I was playing for my team. They really wanted to win.” Suna answers with his usual deadpan expression.
“What about the leaked photos of you embracing another person? Who were they and are the two of you dating?” another reporter cuts straight to the point.
“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about” Suna shrugs, much to the dismay of the journalists. They were absolutely positive that Suna was trying to hide something from them. 
At that moment, you manage to squeeze through the crowd, making your way to Suna’s side, handing him a water bottle.
“Here you go Rin!” you grin at him. You look around, slightly confused at the crowd who were all staring at you with recognition in their eyes.
And for the first time, reporters and journalists alike see Suna’s lips curl up into a smile at the sight of you. He leans down, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“Thanks babe” he says, wrapping one arm around your shoulder before turning away and walking off with you. The reporters start clamoring about, fumbling over their words, trying to confirm your identity and relationship to Suna. But you and Suna continued walking ahead, effectively ignoring them.
“Suna is that your s/o?” one journalist yells loudly above the rest.
Suna stops in his tracks, and before he turns back around to the reporters, you hear him let out a small chuckle. The eager reporter looks wide eyed at Suna, watching as the volleyball player glances back and forth between you and the crowd.
“I have absolutely no idea who this person is,” Suna answers before turning back to you, “okay let’s go home babe”. The two of you walked off, unbothered.
Reporters stopped bothering Suna after games. And honestly, Suna wasn’t even trying to hide the relationship in the first place- nor was he even aware there were pictures of the two of you together in the first place.
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
You're jealous but you can't do anything because you're not dating him
Tumblr media
There's jealousy and there's the more frustrating kind of jealousy when you cannot even act or make your feelings known since you ain't dating the person.
Pairings: Asahi x Fem! Reader | Kenma x Fem! Reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
A/N: I haven't been able to stop thinking about this idea and I knew I had to write this asap. These were supposed to be much shorter but I have no control over myself. I hope you like it, though!
P.S. Of course I'm going to start this series with Asahi.
Tumblr media
Azumane Asahi
Oblivious. If you had to describe Azumane Asahi using one word, it would be oblivious. Because that's how he had always been. Oblivious to your feelings, oblivious to your light flirting and completely oblivious to the fact that you had been pining for him for far too long but were too afraid to confess and scare him away.
To be honest, you had never been in a hurry to confess to him either. You simply enjoyed his company and revelled in the fact that he spent all his free time with you, his best friend outside of the volleyball team. He wasn't a very popular guy in school and girls usually did not find him attractive the way you did so you had no reason to worry before now. However, it all changed when the Vice Principal brought all your classmates to the Shiratorizawa game to cheer for Karasuno.
That was where people saw the powerful and formidable Ace in action. And suddenly, he was popular.
You both barely get to talk alone anymore since he is now always surrounded by people. This one girl, in particular, has been really friendly and flirtatious towards him. You've been trying to ignore the heavy feeling in your chest for a while but it just keeps growing every time you see her talk to him or laugh with him or playfully shove him. You can't blame her, either. She's a really nice girl and she is simply seeing now what you saw in Asahi for years. If anything, you're kicking yourself for not confessing sooner.
The ever thoughtful and intuitive Asahi sensed something is wrong and asked you several times if you're okay. But you can't even be honest with him about how you're feeling since he's not your boyfriend.
All you can do currently is pout silently into your lunch box as she talks to him and Sugawara about their game. Asahi had asked you why you were so quiet but you had brushed it off saying you weren't feeling well.
"- and that serve? Damn! It was so powerful. I really couldn't take my eyes off you. You really were something else out there, ace," she says to Asahi, batting her eyelashes at him. Your heart sinks even lower as you watch Asahi blush furiously and stutter a thanks with a small smile on his face.
"So... I have been wanting to ask you something."
Oh no. You know what is coming. She is going to ask him out. You can't be here for this. You can't watch her take the step you were too afraid to take and walk away with him. You're already on the verge of tears and you know you won't be able to control them anymore. You stand up quietly and start to leave your seat. Asahi immediately turns towards you, the expression on your face making him worry.
"Y/N, are you okay?"
"Yeah... I'm just not feeling well. I'll be all right, I just need some air, I think."
"I- I'll come with you," he says and begins to stand up but you shake your head. It's taking every ounce of self-control you have to not cry in front of them. You just want to be alone and cry your eyes out.
"No-no. I'm fine, I promise. I think I ate something weird last night and it's making me queasy, I just need some air," you put your hand on your belly to make it more believable and briskly walk out of the classroom as fast as you can.
You break into a run as soon as you're out of the classroom and you don't stop running until you're on the school grounds. You make your way to the large tree at the end of the field and sit on the bench under it. It was one of your favourite spots to hang out with Asahi. This was where you both came whenever you wanted some peace and quiet. After making sure there's no one around, you bury your face in your palms and finally let your sobs escape freely.
At this moment, he must be saying yes to a date with that pretty girl. If you could go back in time, you would ask him out before any of this happened. But, before, you were too scared. And now, you are too late.
Asahi's worried voice breaks you out of your thoughts and you look up from your palms to see him looking at you, brows furrowed with concern.
"Asahi. What are you doing here?"
"I was worried about you so I came to check up on you. Does your tummy really hurt that bad? It must be serious if you're crying like that. Let me take you to the nurse, please."
Completely, utterly oblivious.
You gesture at him to sit next to you. You wipe the tears on your face and turn to him. He is looking at you with such worry in his eyes that it is making you want to burst into tears again.
"I'm fine, Asahi. I'm not crying because my tummy hurts. I'm crying because of something else- and before you ask me, I would rather not talk about it right now."
Asahi, who had opened his mouth to ask you what was wrong, shuts it and nods. You both sit there in silence until you finally calm down a little.
"So... what did she want to ask you?"
"Huh? Who?"
"That girl who was talking to you and Suga during lunch. She'd said something about wanting to ask you something."
"Oh. That..." he rubs the back of his neck with his hand and looks down, "She-uh -she asked me if I wanted to go on a date with her."
Your worst fear has come true. You fix your gaze to the ground and try to blink away the tears that are threatening to spill again.
"I- I said no, though."
You look up at him in surprise. He is looking at you apprehensively.
"Why?" you ask him, quietly.
As you watch him, he starts fidgeting in his seat, "I- I- because, well... I don't know if this is the best time since you're so upset and- I'm sorry it's nothing-"
You put your hand on his and squeeze it. He stops stammering and looks at you. "Tell me," you say, looking directly into his soft brown eyes, encouraging him to speak.
He swallows hard and nods. "I said no because... because I like you."
You are so shocked that you just look at him wide-eyed. You cannot believe your ears.
He continues, "a-and you seemed so off today and all I wanted to do was h-hug you and help you feel better. A-and as nice as she was, even when she was asking me on the date, all I could think of was if you were okay and - and- NOO why are you crying!? I am so sorry! I knew I shouldn't have said anything. Please, it is totally okay if you don't feel the same wa-"
He is cut off by you throwing yourself on him, wrapping your arms around him, sobbing even more loudly than before.
If he wasn't confused before, he definitely is now.
You finally, between loud sobs, tell him everything. "I- I was crying before because I figured she was about t- to ask you out and I thought I'd lost my chance with you forever."
It is Asahi's turn to be surprised now.
"What? Really?! You were crying for me? You like me too?"
"Yes, I have for a very long time now but I was just...scared to tell you and I just couldn't bear the thought of you going out with someone else so- so I came here to cry."
Asahi pulls you in tighter, cooing and shushing you until you've calmed down. He lifts your face from his chest and cups his hands around it. He uses his thumbs to wipe the remaining tears rolling down your cheeks.
He looks at you with the most loving gaze as he smiles and says, "You don't have to worry about me going out with anyone else because you are the only person in this world I want to be with."
Tumblr media
Kozume Kenma
Kozume Kenma is not a person who makes friends easily. So, the fact that you are one of his best friends and someone he can openly hold a conversation with, is a matter of much pride to you.
Unfortunately, that came with its side effects and the more you got to know the kind of person Kenma was, the more you fell for him. To the point that you are now hopelessly crushing on him.
But, you haven't been able to confess your feelings to him till now. For one thing, he is always guarded about his feelings so you don't know whether he likes you back or not. For another, it took him so long to be so open with you that you are afraid if he doesn't feel the same way about you, he will get awkward and shut himself off again. Your only solace for now is that he doesn't talk to any other girl except you.
Your friendship started when you both discovered your mutual love for gaming and now you are his go-to partner when teaming up in gaming tournaments. You have taken part in, and won, several tournaments as a team.
School has been tough lately and you've been spending less time with Kenma these days. So, when he told you that he had been teaming up with a new gamer girl he met online, it made your heart squirm with unease.
"Oh? Well, it's nice you found someone to play with during my absence. Does she play well?"
"Yeah, she plays really well, actually. I asked her to be my partner for the doubles gamer event next month."
"What? I thought I was going to be your partner for that?"
"Didn't you say you were gonna be out of town that weekend?"
He is right. You will be visiting your maternal grandparents that weekend.
"Right. Forgot about that. We are still doing the Star Gamer Tournament together, right?"
"Of course. I'm only doing this event with her because you are not available."
"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. It's my grandparents' anniversary celebration so I can't skip it. Anyway, would you like to game tonight? I'm free and I can come over. It has been a while."
Kenma hesitates a little. "Uh- actually Aiko is coming over tonight since we need as much practice playing together as we can before the competition. You can come and watch if you'd like."
"Ah. Right. Of course," you say, your heart sinking down to your feet, "You guys go ahead. I will just catch up on my homework. Have fun."
Kenma spends more and more time playing with Aiko as the competition draws near. You met her once when she came to your school to walk with Kenma back to his place. She was really friendly and had a very pretty smile which just made you feel worse since you cannot even think of a reason why she wouldn't be a good girlfriend for Kenma.
What with Kenma playing with Aiko and his volleyball practices, you barely see him for a few minutes a day now and the hollow feeling in your chest just grows day by day. It feels like he is slipping away right in front of your eyes and you cannot do anything about it.
So, when the time came for you to go out of town to celebrate your grandparents' anniversary, you welcomed the break with open arms. Having your family and cousins around you helped take your mind off everything for a while. The celebration went on till 6AM in the morning and, tired but genuinely happy after a long time, you trudged upstairs to your bedroom.
Before sleeping, you sent Kenma a text wishing him luck for the competition.
You were so tired from all the travelling and celebrations that you slept through the entire day and woke up at 5PM the next day. You check your phone to see you have messages from Kenma and Kuroo.
Kenma @ 8AM: Thanks.
Kenma @ 3PM: We won.
You decide to check Kuroo's message before replying.
Kuroo: I thought you were doing the Star Gamer tournament with Kenma?
You are wide awake now.
You: What do you mean "were"? I still am?
You wait anxiously for his reply. Thankfully, he responds instantly.
Kuroo: Oh? I asked because Aiko told me that she signed herself up with Kenma. Kenma was there too and he didn't deny it so I thought...
You: I see. Thanks for telling me.
Kuroo: No, wait! He was distracted at the time so maybe he didn't hear! Let me ask him!
You: No, it's all right. I'll ask him myself. :)
Kuroo: Y/N...
You: Kuroo, it's fine. I'll clear it up with him.
Kuroo: Okay. Take care.
You're angry and heartbroken at the same time. You were kind of expecting this to happen. So, why does it hurt so much? You're tearing up as you type your response to Kenma.
You: Congratulations. I knew you would do it.
You: I guess she played well enough for you to sign up for Star Gamer with her, huh? Kuroo told me.
Kenma sees the message but does not reply, which basically confirms it for you. You throw your phone away and bury your face in your pillow, wetting it with your tears.
You're back in Tokyo now. Kenma still hasn't replied to your message and you haven't texted him either. Whatever little happiness was remaining from your short break with your family has disappeared completely as you shut your bedroom door and plop face-down onto your bed.
Your phone dings and you see it's a message from Kenma.
Kenma: Come outside.
You: What? You're outside?
Kenma: No.
Kenma: Of course I'm outside, why else would I ask you to come?
You: I'm kinda tired...
Kenma: Just come.
You: Fine.
You make your way outside and see Kenma standing outside your gate. He is standing with his hands in the pockets of his red hoodie that you like so much.
He gives you a small nod as you walk up to him.
"I just came here to give you this."
He says and pulls his hand out of his pocket and gives you a piece of paper. It is the ticket to Star Gamer Tournament and it has your name on it.
"Star Gamer? I thought you were going with Aiko?" you look at him questioningly.
"No. And I never said that."
"But Kuroo..."
"After our win, Aiko got excited and signed us up without asking me. Kuroo was there when she informed me but I was giving my GamerID to someone so I couldn't talk to her at the time. I turned her down later because I had already made plans to do this with you."
"Oh. I see. But, honestly... if she plays better and if you like playing with her, you should go with her. I was angry but it's okay now. I'll be fine with it."
You say you are fine but the way your heart clenches as you say this contradicts your words. You look at the ground, waiting for his response.
The tightness in your chest eases a little.
"If anything..." you look up and see Kenma looks a little agitated. He shifts his weight from one leg to another.
"If anything?" you repeat.
He doesn't look at you as he responds, "If anything, spending time with her made me realize how much I enjoy playing with you and miss your company."
You stare at him, very surprised to hear these words coming from his mouth.
"Really?" you ask, eyes lighting up with hope.
He nods in response. He finally looks up and sees you looking at him with such hope in your eyes. It gives him the boost of confidence he needs to say what he actually came here to say.
"Y/N. Would you like to go out with me?"
Flabbergasted. If you had to describe what you were feeling with one word, that would be the word you would choose.
"W-what? You like me back?"
He simply nods in response, a smile forming on his face now.
You smile broadly at him as you slip your fingers in his pocket and pull his hand out so that you can hold it.
"Yes, I would love to go out with you."
He starts to walk, pulling you along with him.
"Where are we going?"
"I just told you how much I missed gaming with you. We're going back to my place so that we can start our practice straight away."
Tumblr media
Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6
Hope you liked it! Reblogs appreciated. This is an original work, please do not steal or repost.
You can comment or send me an ask to be added to the taglist for this series.
Check out THIS POST to know what all characters I have written and will be writing for in this series.
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euphoricimagination · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝑳𝒊𝒕𝒕𝒍𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒚 𝒅𝒐 𝒊𝒏 𝒂 𝒓𝒆𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒑
Feat. Kenma, Sakusa, Suna, Atsumu, Osamu, Oikawa, Akaashi, Bokuto & Kuroo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He talks more. Kenma is known for being more in the quiet side, only talking when necessary or giving short answers. And while he still likes spending time with you silently, he enjoys talking to you. You love asking him for game theories or let him explain how his game works because his eyes light up at the topic, and he loves explaining them to you because not only he loves you but also because he knows you actually care about it.
He doesn’t take as many precautions as he normally does. He’s always with a mask on, hand sanitizer or wet wipes when he’s around people, always cautious of getting sick, but with you he doesn’t really bother to use them or even having them around. He trusts you and knows that you take care of yourself. He loves how he can relax and enjoy your company without having to worry too much.
He deletes photos/videos. He loves capturing everything, so it’s no surprise he has embarrassing photos of everyone. The twins have begged for some to be deleted, but he never does. However, if there’s a photo or a video that you’re particularly uncomfortable with he doesn’t hesitate. You never really fight him much for the unflattering photos he has of you, it’s normally a playful banter with him assuring you that he loves them; so in the rare occasions you seriously ask him to, he does it right away. He knows that it doesn’t make you happy, so it’s not worthy to remember it.
He is more vulnerable. Atsumu is known to have a lot of confidence, and while he does have it, he still has a lot of insecurities that he tends to hide, but with you he doesn’t have the need to do that. If he has an off day, or there’s something bothering him, had a nasty fight with Osamu, you will be the first one to know. He likes being in your arms while telling you about his worries, because he knows that you will try your best to help him out or comfort him.
He always brings you food. Even before you two officially got together he was bringing you snacks, from simple cookies to full bentos, always saying that ‘he just made extra'. You had insisted many times that he didn’t have to make you lunch everyday, but he was stubborn and insisted that he loves seeing you eating something that he made for you. No matter what you say, he’s bringing food to you every day.
He makes more time for you. He tends to over-practice a lot, always trying to go for more, making Iwaizumi slap some sense into him most of the time. But ever since dating you he has go easier in terms of practice; he still puts a lot of effort but now he takes a lot more time off to be with you. He knows that dating him is hard, especially when you wait for him to finish his practice with that sweet smile of yours, so he makes sure to spend part of his afternoon with you in one way or another.
He relaxes. Akaashi overthinks a lot, he thinks about every possible thing that could happen, good or bad, and that inevitably makes him anxious. You help him to forget his worries for a bit, help him to distract from all those scenarios in his head. He stills overthinks a lot, but now he knows that he can go to you to relax and forget the many ‘what if’s’ in his head
He’s calmer. Bokuto has A LOT of energy on him, and you love it, you love how outgoing he is and how much excitement he brings in your life; but with you he also learned how to love the simplest moments. He loves chatting with you and going out, but he also loves just lying with you in his chest quietly, both just enjoying each other presence without the need of talking. He’s still loud, but now he loves those moments a little more.
He helps you. Kuroo is a really supportive and caring person, being friends with Kenma for so long helps a lot with that. Studying? Reaching things? Midlife crisis? A hug? He’s there for whatever you need without a single complaint. He may tease you a bit if it’s something small, but if it’s serious, teasing doesn’t even cross his head. He likes to make sure that everything is okay and that you’re okay.
Tumblr media
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kageyuji · 9 months ago
flustering him
Tumblr media
⤷ oikawa, akaashi, kenma, iwaizumi; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff, pda (iwaizumi + kenma), oiks and the reader are in the shower together but it’s not sexual, mentions of jealousy in iwa’s
notes: please reblog !! i’ll pinky promise to give u my first born <3 /j
Tumblr media
━━ oikawa;
call him pretty boy. call him pretty boy. call-
he’s really easy to fluster tbh he just won’t admit it
1000/10 v cute when he’s flustered
“baby?” he hums, stepping into the living room, where you’re currently sitting. your eyes don’t leave the tv screen, though you’re listening to him nonetheless.
“yeah?” you respond, eventually looking over to him. a towel hangs around his hips, his hair dripping, and a bottle of his shampoo in one hand.
“you- uhm,” it’s now that you notice the blush coating his cheeks, turning the tips of his ears pink. “do you wanna wash my hair?”
it takes a moment for you to understand. earlier, he’d mentioned the long day he’d had, and you assumed that’s why he disappeared to the bathroom to shower. you were right... partially, anyway.
you smile. “yeah, i’ll be there in a minute.”
it didn’t take long before you were stepping into the shower behind him, letting him press a quick kiss the the place between your eyebrows, losing your hands in his wet hair.
he sighs as he leans into you and rests his forehead into the crook of your neck. you can feel his breath against your skin, the ghost of his lips.
“what, do you like that?” a bubbly laugh escapes you.
oikawa doesn’t answer, he just hums as you continue you run your nails through his hair. when you get out, you’ll assume the red coating his face is from the heat of the water... you’ll be wrong.
━━ akaashi;
he’s so soft !! (and easy to fluster)
it’s easier to fluster him in public but it’s so much more fun to do it in private, you’ll get more of a reaction
as opposed to the “akaashi.exe has stopped working” you’ll get in public
“do you know where my—” akaashi didn’t finish the sentence. he had his answer now, emerging from your shared bedroom and his eyes landing on his sweatpants.
the sweatpants that you were wearing.
“hm?” you asked innocently, momentarily unaware of why he was staring at you. “oh, i can take them off if you want. they just looked comfy.”
“no!” akaashi said all too quickly, and then again quieter. “no, you can leave them on. i have a different pair somewhere.”
you just stared at him for a while, trying to make sense of the look on his face. for a moment, you thought that he was anxious or... maybe embarrassed? you couldn’t quite tell.
what you were sure of, however, was that his face was dusted pink all the way to the tips of his ears, and he was playing with his fingers.
he was about to disappear back into the bedroom when you spoke again.
“is everything alright?”
he cleared his throat as his eyes darted to the ground. “yeah, i’m okay. i’m alright.”
━━ iwaizumi;
if you try to fluster him it won’t work, it’s honestly just random, seemingly insignificant things that make him malfunction
tbh though you can just kiss him and he short circuits </3
also pda,, any small amount of pda,,
“y/n!” iwaizumi called, maneuvering through the crowd of people. it always got like this after games.
despite not being able to see him, you could hear the smile on his face. a similar expression crossed your face as he finally reached you. his hand found the small of your back and he pulled you towards him, staring directly at the random guy that had decided to start flirting with you.
“hi, i’m iwaizumi.” he said, giving a tense smile and holding out his hand.
the stranger introduces himself as well and moves to shake your boyfriend’s hand. you watched iwaizumi’s knuckles turn white with how hard he gripped the other guy’s hand.
its a rare occasion that iwaizumi gets jealous. nevertheless, it’s almost heartbreaking after the fact; he gets insecure and cuddly, giving you a pitiful look that you wouldn’t be able to find in any other situation.
you grab his hand, causing him to look over at your beaming face. a blush begins to creep across his face, but that’s not what does him in.
“he’s actually my boyfriend.” you say, still smiling, like he’s the best thing that ever happened to you.
there might have been more to the conversation — iwaizumi’s not sure, he’s still processing what just happened. the smile on your face is imprinted in his mind by now, but he doesn’t have any complaints about that.
the guy makes up a quick excuse and leaves, giving you an opening to press a quick kiss to iwaizumi’s cheek and begin pulling him away.
━━ kenma;
pls kiss him while he’s streaming
or really just do anything affectionate while he’s on stream
words cannot describe the pride the fills his chest when his chat explodes with compliments about you, saying how lucky he is
from the next room, you could hear kenma talking and the loud clicks of his keyboard. what you failed to notice was the time; you assumed he was talking to his friends, not streaming.
you knocked lightly on the door, walking on in before he could even answer. he took his headset off on one side and his eyes flicker over to you. a smile crosses his face.
“i’m almost done,” he says. “i cant really pause right now.”
“that’s fine, just missed you.”
you make your way over to him, wrapping your arms around him and setting your chin atop his head. you move to press a kiss to his temple, then glance at his screen. it’s then that you notice that he was not, in fact, just talking to his friends.
you feel your face heat up. quickly, you step out of view of the camera and almost begin to apologize. the laugh that escapes kenma is what stops you.
“i’ll be done soon, promise.” he says, and there’s no denying the blush on his face. kenma looks back over to his computer screen, seeing the comments flood it.
‘wait was that y/n!!!!?!!??!’
‘if he treats them wrong i’m right here </3’
needless to say, “i want someone to look at me like kodzuken looks at y/n” became a popular template for a while.
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