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Power Interruption
Timeskip! Kenma Kozume x F!Reader
this is for @134340am 's sundress szn collab! i apologize if it's too short (;´∩`;)
masterlist is here if u wanna check it out :D
Tumblr media
Kenma was bored. Very.
His streams are cancelled because the power went out and his switch is on low battery so he can't play.
He was thinking of ways to get rid of his boredom when he heard footsteps on the stairs. Looking at the stairs, he sees you. You were just so beautiful.
“Hey, love.. look!” you twirled around infront of him. “I found this sundress on my closet and i never remembered that i have 'em” you added.
“you look very pretty with it on, love” he said standing up and coming up to you.
kissing your cheek, he started asking. “but why did you wear that right now?”
chuckling, you answered him. “well, i'm bored too and my phone's not working so i thought i'd just dress up.. why, do you not like it?”
“oh i like it, very actually” kenma said. he hope you could see what you're doing to him, you're driving him mad with that little sundress of yours. the slit on the side, the tightness of the dress, the way it envelopes your chest really well... he's going insane with what you're wearing.
“oh really?” you teased. you know what's happening.
“want me to show you?” he asked, he's very excited.
“nah, i'd just change in a more comfortable shirt than this” you teased again, you like seeing him like this
“what do you mean? it literally looks perfect on you.” he loves this sight of you, so really, why are you gonna change?
“i don't know.. will my husband tell me how good i look in this?” you mused.
“oh love.. i'd tell you how you look good in every inch of this dress” he whispered.
maybe this power interruption was not very bad, maybe it just got very interesting, and maybe you won't be able to walk when the power goes back on.
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Tumblr media
** Permission to post it was granted by the artist Do not repost/edit the art without permission Please, support the artist on their pages too **
Artist : 一春虫虫人 (weibo / twitter)
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Flower Shops and Forgotten Dates
Pairing: Kenma x Reader Flower Shop AU
Word Count: 2.5k
Kenma POV
Kenma liked plants, he liked taking care of his garden in animal crossing and he liked creating beautiful scenery with the many plants he had acquired while he was playing the game. Kenma also liked collecting plants in minecraft so that he could create different potions, as well as having them for the decoration around his house.
But Kenma did not like plants in real life, they needed to be taken care of constantly, and Kenma usually forgot to do that. They were messy, especially when his cat knocked over the pots they were in. And they gave off pollen, Kenma was allergic to pollen. But he always seemed to have a bunch of plants littered around his home, and if you didn't know him you would have thought that he loved plants.
But there was a reason for the amount of plants he had in his house, and that reason was you. Now to fully understand why you were the reason for all the plants Kenma would have to back track to a few months prior.
Kenma was not a fan of the outdoors; he was even less of a fan when it meant he had to talk to people for more than his rehearsed take out orders, or when being told the total of his purchase. Now he had to go outside, and talk to someone as he had to pick up flowers for Kuroo because Kuroo was running late to his date, that he totally didn't forget about, and he couldn't get showered and ready for the date and have time to pick up flowers, as that would make him more than fashionably late in his eyes.
So here Kenma was, walking along the sidewalk trying to locate the shop he looked up so he could get this whole thing over with. Just as he was about to give up he noticed a bright spot of colour just a few doors down from him, rushing there Kenma was glad to realise that he had found the ever elusive final boss he was looking for.
Opening the door of the small shop Kenma was immediately hit with the overwhelming scent of flowers, and other plants alike within the shop, all trying to suck up the sun and reaching out to something or someone inside the shop.
As Kenma finally noticed that there was in fact another person in the shop he watched you for a few moments waiting for you to notice him standing there, as the bell that went off when he entered seemed to have pulled you out of the trance you were in as you went around the area watering the plants and humming a tune as you went.
Waiting just a few more minutes and realising that you weren't going to notice him by yourself, Kenma cleared his throat to gain your attention. The sudden noise seemed to startle you as you dropped the watering can you were holding, the tin of the can making a loud noise once it hit the ground startling the both of you.
“Oh, I’m sorry I didn't hear you come in, please come this way.” You said, as you beckoned to him making your way to the desk located at the back of the store. The desk there fit right in, the light green wood paneling along it and the top counter being covered in flowers, plants, ribbons, and vases of all sorts really matched the entire energy that the shop gave off.
“Alright, is there anything that I can help you with today?” You asked, as you started to move things around on the counter in case he did in fact want your help.
“Yes, I would like your help. I am trying to find flowers for my friend so that he can give them to his date because he forgot about it and he needs to get ready.” Kenma answered back, quickly smacking himself mentaly for going on the long tangent of why he needed the flowers, when he could have just said that he would like some help.
“Well, do you know anything about your friend's date, because that would help in picking out the flowers.” You responded, as you made your way from behind the counter and to the aisles of plants.
“I know that they have a green thumb if that helps.” Kenma spoke out, as he looked around at all the different plants on the shelves. As he was looking his eyes fell back onto you, he couldn't help but admire the care on your face that you showed to each plant, and the way the sun danced off your face making you look like some kind of immortal being.
“So a potted plant would work better than a bouquet of flowers.” You commented, mostly to yourself as you made your way to the smaller plants.
Picking up some of the plants you finally settled on the orchids.
“I would suggest the orchids, they are temperamental plants and can be killed off easily if you are not careful, but if they enjoy gardening they would know how to take care of the flower.” You said calmly, moving out of Kenma’s way so that he could look at all the different orchids.
Finally settling on a purple orchid he brought it to the counter so that he could pay.
“Is that everything you need today?” You asked Kenma, as you started to ring him out. Kenma just shook his head and picked up the plant once you were done.
Thanking you for your help, Kenma quickly exited the shop and started making his way back home. As Kenma walked he couldn't seem to pull his mind away from the flower shop he had just been in, deciding then he knew he would have to go back there. He just hoped he could find an excuse for himself.
Over the few months since Kenma had first been into the shop he has come back on several different occasions each time buying another plant. And now his apartment was filled with over 20 different plants scattered around each room that he cared for diligently, and he totally didn't care for them so well because he thought of them as his and your plant babies.
Going to your shop for the third time in two weeks, Kenma had decided to finally ask you out on a date. He had the whole thing planned out, he just needed you to accept and it would all work out according to his plan, and if that plan did work the two of you would end up married, but back to focusing on just asking you out and not accidentally proposing to you.
Walking into the shop Kenma made the familiar path towards the back counter where he knew you were going to be. 
“Oh Kenma, did your friend forget to pick up flowers for his date again? Because if he did I think he needs to start managing his time better.” You chuckled out your greeting, to the man who had constantly been coming in.
“No, I wanted to get flowers for someone I like.” Kenma replied, as he looked over the different kinds of flowers that you might like. With his back turned from you he wasn't able to see the slight falter in your smile at the fact that he liked someone.
Deciding on a bouquet of lilacs, he informed you on his decision. While you put the bouquet together, Kenma got a card for the bouquet and started to write out his confession, making sure to use the penmanship skills he had learned throughout his school career.
“Alright the bouquet is all done.” You said, while handing over the bouquet to Kenma. Kenma attached the note to the string you used to tie together the bouquet and the paper wrapped around the flowers.
You rang him out and started to go back to what you were doing before he came in, Kenma stood at the counter awkwardly as he tried to figure out a way to give you the bouquet. Finally coming up with some courage he coughed to gain your attention, this caused you to quickly turn to him as your face morphed into one of surprise.
“Kenma, is there anything else you need?” You questioned, obviously confused as to why he was still here.
“No, I just needed to give you these.” Kenma spoke quickly, handing the flowers over to you. He smiled as the processing look on your face turned into realisation and then the brightest smile he had ever seen broke out onto your face. You opened the note and quickly read it over, smiling at Kenma and nodding your head.
“I would love to go on a date with you.” You spoke out excitedly, putting the bouquet down to write out your phone number.
After the two of you had exchanged numbers and bid your goodbyes, Kenma made his way home so that he could start preparing for his date.
Kenma POV
The two of you decided to have your date the Saturday of that week, so as Kenma rushed around his apartment trying to make sure he had everything ready and that he looked presentable, he almost missed the chime coming from his phone.
‘Are we still meeting at the cafe, or do you want to meet somewhere else?’ you texted, Kenma quickly replied back telling you to meet him at the cafe.
With that text sent off Kenma looked over everything once again and headed out the door to meet you.
Arriving at the cafe Kenma wiped the palms of his hands across the fabric of his pants. Making his way into the cafe, he sent you a text saying that he arrived at the cafe and that he was going to grab a table for the two of you.
Kenma decided on a table beside the large window at the front of the shop, the table itself was surrounded by hanging pots filled with plants of all varieties soaking up the warm sunlight that glowed through the pink tinted glass of the cafe's windows.
Kenma jumped slightly as he felt someone had rested atop his own, looking up to who had pulled him out of his admiration of the decor he was met with a soft smile from you.
“I didn't mean to scare you, you just looked so cute lost in thought.” You giggled out, turning your head to look up at the waitress that had walked over to the orders of the two of you.
Kenma ordered a tea and a slice of their fresh apple pie, while you ordered a glass of raspberry passion fruit lemonade and a fruit salad to go along with your drink.
The date went smoothly and by the time Kenma and you had left the cafe he forgot why he was so worried about this date in the first place.
“Where are you taking me?” You gasped out, trying to suppress your giggles as Kenma began pulling you behind him leading the two of you to the location of the next part of the date.
Kenma finally slowed down slightly as his grip on your hand loosened, Kenma led the two of you inside the building. Once you were inside bright neon lights, the smell of popcorn and plastic met your noses, Kenma had dragged the two of you to his favorite arcade, not only did it have newer more modern games that he loved but it also had some very classic and retro arcade games that always stressed Kenma out because he could never figure them out.
“Alright where should we start?” Kenma asked, before he was pulled by you over to one of the many racing games the arcade had to offer.
“You ready to lose?” You yelled over to Kenma, who only returned the challenge with a cocky smile before turning to face the screen of the game.
After many games and many losses on your part both Kenma and you decided that it would be best if the two of you continued your date away from the arcade. Just as the two of you were making your way out Kenmas vision landed on something that he had seen in almost every romance movie he had ever seen, a claw machine. In that moment he knew he needed to win you something from it, anything from it he just needed to win you something.
“Alright, pick something and I can get it for you.” Kenma stated triumphantly, after dragging you over to the claw machine. He watched as you looked over the plush toys behind the glass of the machine and waited patiently for you to pick one that called to you. When you decided you pointed to the large reversible octopus plushie in the middle of the machine. Kenma had never been so determined to win a game in his life.
“Kenma if you can't get it, it's fine I don't need it.” You said, as you tried to persuade Kenma away from the game after many failed attempts at getting the toy, Kenma only squashed you and continued on with his round, and finally the octopus dropped down into the slot of the machine ready to be collected.
“Here you go, one octopus plushie.” Kenma said, as he handed the toy over to you with a gentle smile. You gave him a big smile back as you squeezed the toy in your arms. Kenma then gently took your hand into his and started leading you outside the arcade.
“I have one more place to take us, if you don’t mind?” Kenma asked, looking back at you for confirmation that you were still up to continuing the date. You nodded your head in confirmation and so Kenma led the two of you to the final location of your date.
The field that the two of you were in was beautiful. It was full of wildflowers that only bloomed in that specific region along with a few trees spread out across the field. Kenma and you settled down under one of the trees to watch as the sun started to disappear beyond the horizon.
“Today was really fun Kenma.” You spoke out, Kenma smiled at this and wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you slower to his side you leaned your head onto to his shoulder and shifted so that you were even closer to him than you were before.
“It was fun, we should do this again sometime.” Kenma respond.
“Is that your way of asking me on a second date?” You joked, as you lifted your head to look Kenma in the eyes.
“Maybe it is, is that your way of saying yes?” Kenma quipped back, leaning even closer to you.
“Ya it is my way of saying yes.” You whispered.
The peace shared between the two of you was nice and Kenma was more than happy that Kuroo could not keep track of his schedule.
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Damage Control | Chapter 17
kenma kozume x reader
warning: none, fluff
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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baby streamer
ft. dad!kenma kozume
warning(s): none
notes: kenma’s kid takes over his stream when he goes afk
pt. 2
Tumblr media
“Give me one sec. I’ll be back, I’m just getting something to eat,” Kenma pushed himself out of his chair a waved to his chat.
kyanmaaastan nooo don’t gooo
fairy62738 take your time!!
The letter ‘f’ rolled in the chat as Kenma disappeared. Not even thirty seconds later, a small human popped into the room. The chat was going crazy as they approached the gaming chair.
_hitsuki_27 come to chat don’t be shy
The four year old plopped into Kenma’s gaming chair. She grinned and waved. Her short, brown hair swished as she tilted her head.
“Hi, Daddy’s chat!” Her small voice greeted.
Chaos. The chat was furiously rolling as those watching swooned and laughed.
The little girl’s face scrunched up, “Call of Duty! Daddy says he never plays that!”
The little girl grabbed the game controller and exited the game that Kenma had been playing. The screen of Kenma’s monitor was still streaming for the chat to see.
She scrolled through the number of games until she got to Minecraft. When she clicked onto it she smiled at the game monitor.
“I’m going to show you the world that Daddy and I have been making!”
oronoyaora stop this is soo cute 😭😭😭
hasanabi she’s gonna show us her socialist empire
The screen loaded and her character spawned. She put herself in flying mode and moved away to give a tour to the chat.
“This is my house,” she showed a purple, castle like structure, before turning.
A significantly small, cobblestone house came into view, “And this is Daddy’s house! I made his house and he made mine!”
The chat rolled with laughing emojis and hearts. Kenma returned and noticed that his chat was going crazy. He saw that his game monitor screen was streaming Minecraft. He chuckled.
“What are you doing?”
Baby Kodzu turned her head and grinned, “Hi, Daddy! I was showing your chat our Minecraft world!”
“Well,” Kenma lifted Baby Kodzu before sitting down and placing her on his lap, “I guess we’re playing Minecraft now.”
“Did you know that Daddy’s scared of the Endermen and Skelly’s?”
Kenma pinched her cheek, “Don’t expose me like that.”
Kuroosterhead LOLOL
Gyanugyanu don’t be shy baby kodzu, tell us more
“ I don’t know what that means, Daddy,” Baby Kodzu shrugged.
Kenma shook his head with a smile, “Go grab another controller, so we can both play.”
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— when they're asked about you in an interview
gn!reader | timeskip bokuto, kenma, atsumu, osamu, suna, sakusa note from nia: oh to have a famous boyfriend who's hopelessly in love w me even on camera for the world to see o)-(
✧* BOKUTO's eyes light up (even more than usual) at the chance to gush over you. "is it safe to assume you're excited to go home to your partner after this win? how's our favourite couple doing?" he grins and his grip on the mic tightens a little, "i am! we're doing super great and i still love them as much as usual, which you probably know by now." the crowd laughs a little at his comment, but he seems to ignore them and the camera flashes while he continues with a love-struck gaze, "i miss them and eating dinner together and seeing them when i wake up and, y'know, just being with them. they texted me after the game you know?" bokuto looks up suddenly. his eyes flicker between the cameras, "baby! i know you'll see this eventually so i just want you t'know i love you! i promise i'll treat you to something when i come back!"
✧* KENMA blinks, "my—? ah, uhm...we're alright, yeah." to be honest, all he wanted was to be home with you right now, but he's never been super vocal about your relationship—he kept most comments and news to streams where fans might see your head pop in sometimes. he's gone through enough interviews that he doesn't usually slip up on it, but sometimes they'll ask about something specific and he can't help himself. "in your recent stream, i saw you guys were talking about them playing with you and some other pros. are you excited about it?" a soft smile forms on his lips at the thought of your face when he proposed the idea, "yeah, we wanted to do something like a charity stream, maybe. we don't usually get the opportunity to do something like this together so i hope you all look forward to it."
✧* ATSUMU may love talking about himself and how well he spiked the ball near the end of a match, but talking or thinking about you is second to nothing. "my partner? they're as great as they usually are. still bringin' me lunch and kissing me goodbye before practice, thank god," he sighs dramatically, grinning when he's met with laughter. "lucky catch, huh, miya?" atsumu's never been the best with words, but he wishes he could tell everyone on the planet about how right the interviewer was, "the luckiest." and he knew not every interviewer had honest intentions—that they were just doing their job—but atsumu couldn't help but mentally thank them for what he got to do at the end of the interview each time. "babe! ya better be ready to give me a dozen kisses when i win this next match, alright? love ya!"
✧* OSAMU has a hand on his hip while the other scratches the back of his neck, "well, they're not in right now, but sometimes you'll catch 'em helping me out around the shop." he doesn't know how many times he's talked about how you got together and what opening the restaurant was like, but he never minded small questions about you. "better than having to talk about my idiot brother," he'd say while leaving a kiss on your temple. the interviewer says "they must be lucky to have you and your onigiri, huh?" and he lets out a small laugh, "oh yeah, they better appreciate me and my craft." his smile softens as he turns to glance at the store front, "but, uh, no, i'm the lucky one. don't know where i'd be without 'em, to be honest." he takes a mental note to save some of your favourite for dinner tonight.
✧* SUNA reaches for the bracelet on his wrist at the mention of your name, "mm, i've been away from home for a while now, to be honest. i just hope they haven't started stealing and using my things more than they already do." his lips quirk into a smile when he thinks of you watching, probably doing exactly what he says he fears the most. he hopes you can tell it's a lie by his voice and the way his eyes flicker to your initials on the bracelet you gave him months ago. "what are you going to do when you finally see them again?" suna's mind seems to hesitate, trying to choose between making another joke or being sincere. ultimately he lightly sighs and leans back before responding, "just drag them to bed so we can sleep, probably. i miss that more than any of the other stuff."
✧* SAKUSA is quick to respond, "we're doing fine. i'm happy with them." your relationship isn't something he's afraid to talk about—sakusa just enjoys his privacy and is always looking out for your own safety. his teammates look at him but he refuses to meet their gaze, knowing full well they'll try to tease him given the chance (though he can feel their stares burning holes through him.) the interviewer only continues, "their birthday's coming up soon, isn't it? will you make it home in time to see them?" he hesitates for a second, not because he's unsure of his answer but because he suddenly remembered he has to check on your gift. sakusa nods, the only thing on his mind being your smile when you see what he has planned, "that's not even a question—of course i will."
@devilgirlcrybabiey :) [waves] HLEPL
my taglist form if u'd like to join !!
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zohanimenthusiast · 6 months ago
New Haikyuu illustrations from the Haikyuu x Right On collab!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I reblogged this with Kita and Konoha because I couldn't fit all 12)
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luvbub · 6 months ago
calling them by their first name for the first time - part two
Tumblr media
feat. Kenma, Sugawara, Sakusa
note: pre-established relationship in sugawara’s
part one
Tumblr media
It’s become a bit of a habit for you and Kuroo to hang out at Kenma’s- even while he’s streaming. And today, it was just you over. You just stayed in the background of his stream, working on your own affairs as your best friend entertained his audience.
Kenma didn’t mind at all. In fact, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but lift at the sight of you. And as much as Kuroo (and Kenma’s fans) loved to tease the ambiguous relationship that you and the streamer had, at the end of the day you two were just friends. 
But after some time, you walk over to him, pulling up another chair to sit on the left side of Kenma’s. He briefly glances over at you before his eyes shift back to his monitor.
“Hey, here to watch?” he asks, not thinking too much about your presence. You’ve done this millions of times before. His fans knew of you and have grown to adore you (moreso than Kuroo admittedly).
“Yup, whatcha playing Kenma?” you innocently ask back.
Kenma’s hands freeze for a split second. But even when he got back to the game, his playing was sloppy, and enemies that would normally be easy for him were now landing hits. Not only that, but his reaction was being streamed live- and every one of his viewers saw how red his cheeks became. And his chat ws absolutely calling him out for it.
lmaoooo look how red he’s getting
nonono but my ship is actually sailing?? kenma x y/n supremacy y’all
i've never seen him so flustered omg
Kenma pauses his game and mutes his mic before turning to you, eyebrows raised.
“What, did I do something wrong? All I did was ask what you were playing” you ask, confused as ever.
“And what did you call me” Kenma says in a low voice, even though the mic wasn’t on he still spoke quietly.
You backtrack your words, and when the realization hits, your hand finds its way to cover your own mouth. While everyone else called you and Kenma by your first names, the two of you referred to one another by your last names- despite being best friends. It was just one of those lines that neither of you were brave enough to cross.
“Sorry...” you softly whisper, fiddling with your thumbs.
“It’s alright... Y/n” Kenma says. Your eyes dart back up to him and he teasingly sticks his tongue out at you and smiles before unmuting his mic. And just like that his attention is redirected back to his stream, leaving you completely flustered.
Because if you embarrassed him on stream, it was only fair if he did the same to you, right? Surely that was why he called you by your name.
No other reason.
As you walked down the empty hallways of the school, you gripped onto the bag in your hands just a bit tighter. In no time, you found the classroom you were looking for. Sugawara’s classroom.
You peeked your head through the slightly ajar door- it wasn’t your first time seeing his class but you still felt nervous. But sitting at the teacher’s desk was your boyfriend, peering over different papers. Every so often, he would write scribble something down before moving onto the next sheet. He didn’t seem to hear you, so you march up to his desk allowing yourself to come into his periphery.
He didn’t know it was you just from the corner of his eyes, so when he lifted his head, his eyes widened in surprise. Did you tell him you were going to have lunch with him- was this something he forgot? But the cute smile on your face only signaled to him that this was a surprise you planned yourself.
“I- Y/n! What brings you here?” he asks, shuffling his papers away so he could give you all of his attention.
You hand him the small box of macarons, “I stopped by the bakery near here and thought you’d like some treats!”
“That’s so incredibly sweet of you, thank you!” he chuckles, opening the small box.
“No problem... Mr. Sugawara” you cheekily grin at your boyfriend, as he rolls his eyes at you.
“Funny, last time I checked, you weren’t one of my students” Sugawara says, taking a bite of one of the macarons.
“Fine then. I suppose I should just call you Koushi, huh?”
Sugawara nearly chokes on his macaron from hearing you say his first name. When he’s composed again, he looks at you in shock, unable to say a single word. His mind was overflowing with so many thoughts trying to process it. But his prolonged silence only made you freak out.
“I’m sorry! I won’t call you that-” you try to backtrack.
“No!” he shouts suddenly, clearing his throat before speaking in a quieter tone, “no. Uh, no please keep calling me...by my first name”
Sure, he was absolutely caught off guard hearing you say that, but he loved the way it sounded when you said his name. He could listen to that a million times had he had a recording. But he didn’t need one anymore, and every day he would look forward to hearing you say his name.
You kept your boyfriend company up until lunch ended. As Sugawara walked you to the door, you snuck a quick kiss before skipping out of his class.
“Bye Koushi! See you after school!” you call out before any of his students see you.
Sugawara’s cheeks were still a rosy color by the time his students walked into the class. And leave it to the highly perceptive kids to notice his sudden blush.
“Why is your face getting red? Did you get a sunburn? Mommy says its important to wear sunscreen!” one student asks.
“Maybe he’s blushing because he’s in love” another student chirps up, inciting the entire class to fall into oohs and ahhs. Soon enough, they were all teasing their dear teacher, trying to figure out who this special someone in his life was.
They’ve never seen him like this before. Just who was this special person who could make their teacher flustered so easily? Who would be able to make his heart beat like crazy?
Only Sugawara knew who.
Sakusa just couldn’t really get a grip today during practice. His spikes weren’t doing as well as they could, his serves were sub-par compared to usual- everything just felt off.
Maybe it was because today you made a sudden appearance to MSBY’s practices. Of course his three friends took it upon themselves to invite you to watch one of their practices. And it was your presence alone that shook Sakusa up.
“Don’t worry about how terrible you’ve been doing today Omi, everyone has their bad days!” Atsumu pats Sakusa on his back, blissfully unaware how truly unhelpful his words are.
It isn’t until the setter sees the death glare in Sakusa’s eyes that he steps back from his friend with an apologetic smile. Atsumu nudges you forward.
“Go on Y/n, tell Omi that it’s okay!” Atsumu awkwardly chuckles. He knows about the unspoken feelings that you and Sakusa have for one another- but his little move was more about self-protection. Surely you could get Sakusa to calm down so that Atsumu doesn’t get reprimanded later.
Sakusa looks at you with a blank expression- he doesn’t want to seem off putting, especially around you. But with how practice was going, he couldn’t help but be in a sour mood.
“You got this Kiyoomi!” you exclaim, giving Sakusa two thumbs up.
On the outside, Sakusa looks as indifferent as ever. But in his mind, Sakusa is in a turmoil. Because you just said his first name for the first time. Did you know what you were saying? No, it didn’t seem like this was an attempt to tease him or anything...
Sakusa clears his throat, “Thanks Y/n”. He tries his best to remain indifferent, but his flushed cheeks were a dead giveaway to anyone who saw him. Including you.
You didn’t think he’d blush at hearing his first name- heck you didn’t even think about saying his name. It just felt natural to call him that. And after seeing his reaction, you couldn’t help but tease a bit.
“Oh? Your face is getting quite red. You alright Kiyoomi?” you ask, using his name once again. Your hand reaches out to touch his cheek, but he quickly grasps your wrist gently, holding it as if it was fragile glass.
Sakusa leans down so that your foreheads are nearly touching.
“You already saw me embarrass myself earlier during practice. And yet you still want to push me further, huh Y/n?” he murmurs so only you could hear. Sakusa lets go of your wrist, smirking at how flustered you’ve become before returning to practice.
And what do you know, Sakusa starts to perform beyond expectations for the rest of practice.
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tojialways · 2 months ago
𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐦𝐞𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦 𝐢𝐧 𝐩𝐮𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐜
Tumblr media
#TAGS ! … f! afab! reader. car sex. exhibition. humiliation. praise. degradation. mentions of and implied breeding.
#NOTE ! … i’m not thaaat horny but i will spread my legs for LITERALLY! anyone who cums comes into my messages rn
Tumblr media
he leaves the party right away. he doesn’t care if you just got to the party, he’ll simply grab your wrist and pull you out to the backseat of his car. he can’t help but bend you over to reveal your soaking pussy to fuck his cum into you as many time’s as he likes. how could he hold himself back when you’re wearing that pretty little dress of yours?
“what were you thinking in that little head of yours, huh? wearing that short ass dress out? such a pretty fucking slut. fuck baby, keep squeezing me like that, wanna fill you up like a good girl”
++ matsukawa, iwaizumi, kenma, tsukishima, kyotani
Tumblr media
he will not hesitate to fuck you in front of everyone. will 100% sit you on his lap before freeing his already hard cock, pushing up your skirt and shoving himself inside of your pantiless cunt. he likes to see his friends’ eyes widen with lust with every angelic moan you breathe out. he likes to see your pretty cheeks blush in humiliation as you gush all over his pistoning cock.
“fuck you like that? yeah? you like acting like a little whore, don’t you? so fucking dirty angel. god you want me to fill you up like a filthy slut in front of the boys is that it? yeah thats it princess good fucking girl”
++ SUNA. atsumu, matsukawa, iwaizumi (both again lmaoo), tanaka, semi
Tumblr media
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nagisa-cchi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
☆*:・゚HAIKYUU!! A Day in the City *:・゚☆
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lizethdraws · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
genderfluid kenma for the win
original quote from @haikyuu-incorrectquotes
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tatakaebomb · 3 months ago
Hardcore Stutty non con the filthest thing could be said to reader I'm thinking Atsumu, Suna, Kuroo or kenma
Tumblr media
I did all four, scenario type things :) enjoy.
- ash
tw : non con, dub con (?), smut, cervix fucking, fingering, nipple play, oral (m+f), i consensual filming, yandere themes, perverted thoughts, sadism, vouyerism (?), dark themes, probs more, 18+
NSFW 18+
wc : 1.1k
Tumblr media
・❥・Kuroo Tetsuro
- He had you choked by your throat, back arched back as your ass began clapping on his bare thighs, tears streaming down your throat as he wouldnt stop until he bred you. He wanted that cunt plugged and fucked so hard he could feel his sperm swimming in your stomach.
- You started off as his pretty assistant, so obedient and sweet for him, but he wanted more from you always, always catching the swell of your breasts cupped from your shirt. Your hips expanse in your skirt, and the sway in your walk. You were so sexy, just his type, he couldn’t wait to take you home one day and take you all in, and I guess that day had to be today.
- ‘Mmm- too much’
- ‘Can feel me cant you hm?’ He asks, hand pushing against your swollen stomach, chest filled with pride
- ‘A-ahh FUCK!’
- ‘I told you you’d like it, fucking slut’ a small condescending laugh escaping his lips as he watched your reflection in the table, your perfect makeup smudged and smeared. Nipples swollen from the pinching of his harsh fingers and ass red and sore from all the spanking he did.
- The office was dead at this hour, everyone gone home so he knew your helpless screaming meant nothing - he had the upper hand, and he wasn’t gonna stop until you admitted yourself into being his personal sex slave. His one and only, the one that takes their clothes off at just the click of his fingers, pretty poses and your sweet lips wrapped around his overworked cock without him even having to ask.
- He would of done anything to make you his, he needs someone as beautiful as you, as sexy, and as perfect to hold his seed.
- You will be his.
・❥・Rintaro Suna
- ‘Yeah, smile like that baby want everyone to see them pretty lips.’ Was his words as he pushed you down on his cock, your throat retching and mouth aching from how long he’s had you sucking him off. Drool pooled around your cleavage and mouth, some even dribbling on the floor. Messy, just how he liked it.
- You were his manager, the one that helped with his team. Gave them their motivational talks, helped them get anything they need. It didn’t help that you were so pretty along it, such a pretty smile and so sweet at all times. Even when EJP lost games, you were still there, patting his back and telling him to get them next time.
- So when he saw you struggling in the supply closet, reaching upwards to try grab something, he took his chance, pushing you down forcefully on his cock. Ejaculating straight down your throat over and over until you can taste his urine. He wants everything he can get of you and he knew you were getting off to this. Such a whore for him.
- ‘Your wet arent you?’ He dragged you off, examining your beaten face.
- ‘Suna please…’ a cry bubbled from your throat as your glossy lips stared up at him, begging him for mercy on you. It’s not your fault you got so wet, you liked your men dominant.
- Your legs were so weak, you felt so used but he couldn’t help but get hard again over that, smearing his cock against your bruised lip, watching the way you squint your eyes shut and furrow you brows, knowing that there’s nothing to do with how he’s about to fuck you next
- ‘Open those fucking legs and keep that mouth shut, unless you want the rest of the team seeing this video?’
- Let’s just say, he wants as much as you as he can get
・❥・Atsumu Miya
- You was his next door neighbour. The attractive one, the one with the nice hair and good figure. Always working out, always active, always so greeting.
- Single, Young, Flirty and thriving. Just something a man like him once to rub his cock off too every now and then, wants you to push your beautiful tits together and jack him off - his mind was curious, and you helped fuel that.
- It was almost inevitable you two was to get so close so fast, and for him to invite you over to dinner one day just to have you be the actual meal took you off guard, especially because he lost all his asking manners.
- ‘Atsumu p-please a-ah no p-please…’ you moan, gripping the table as you attempt to kick him off, his strong grip on your thighs making you immobile, tongue feasting into your wet cunt as you force out your third orgasm already.
- It was horrible that he was so good at this, the growing erection in his pants tightening every time you sighed out a whine, a little disapproving message saying how you don’t want this, when he knew you were lying, you were always so bad at lying.
- ‘Tastes so fucking good, been keeping this from me hm?’ He asks, glaring up at you with his pretty, hungry eyes. Your juices splattered all over his tongue - embarrassment spread over your cheeks.
- You were so comforting, always there with him to watch a film, or share a meal, a little kiss planted on his lips was the furthest you guys ever went.
- He caught you staring at him, watching him work out in his garden, he could hear your small moans from your thin walls, he knew what time you masterbated and even deducted it down to the type of porn you watch.
- So do you blame a man for wanting more?
・❥・Kenma Kozume
- ‘FUCK!’ You scream, back arched and legs teared apart by his stronger body, fingers pushed deep inside your pussy as his cock was joined along side it, slow thrusts of his hips had you going feral, body so weak and tired under him. But he wouldn’t stop, not after how terrible his streaming went, he needed someone to blame, and sadly you - his roommate - was the closest thing.
- Being kind was always on the top of your list, you were so sweet to kenma and he knew that, but he just loved it. The caring motherly figure you thought to always take on.
- You heard him shout, throw his headphones on the floor as he angrily stormed around the room. Knocking on the door, he let you in. You let him rant to you, use you as a warm Bath even - only for the glint in his eyes to turn red and next thing you know you were pinned under him. Cum spilt all over your body as he used you as the sex toy he’s always wanted too.
- ‘Shut up- so fucking LOUD’ he deeply thrusted into you, a silent scream leaving your lips, eyes red and cried out. Tits swollen and cervix practically bruised from how much he’s played you out.
- Could you blame him? Such a pretty roommate, always wearing short shorts and tight tops with no bra’s letting your nipples play out under his sight, all he wants is a glass of water and there you are, always approaching him with your kind smile and warm hugs. The erection in his pants not always so easy to hide as you mindlessly grind into it, relieving him of some of his built up tension.
- He wanted you one day to himself, wanted to use that tight pussy as a cum bank every time he got annoyed at his profession
- You were such a fucking tease - can you blame him for doing this?
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leons-d3n · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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oranoyaora · 2 months ago
streamers 4 life until...
ft. dad!kenma kozume, baby kodzu
warning(s): the one time kenma doesn’t let baby kodzu win
notes: read the warning again trololol. your comment inspired this @levistiddies. ​make sure to read part one if you haven't!
pt. 1
Tumblr media
Kenma was really tempted.
He always let Baby Kodzu win in every game they played. He let her collect the diamonds he found in Minecraft. When they would play Mario Party, he always let Baby Kodzu win the mini games every single time. 
Today, they were playing Mario Kart, and Kenma may or may have not put on the 200cc mode. Kenma was trying to hold in a laugh as Baby Kodzu cried out every few seconds.
Kuroosterhead  did he really just choose 200cc???
gyanugyanu  kodzuken water u doing 😭😭😭
“Ah! That’s the fourth, red turtle shell that hit me!” Baby Kodzu exclaimed.
Kenma snickered. He was going to hell for this. Baby Kodzu noticed that a small smirk tugged at the corner of Kenma’s lips. She frowned.
“Did you do something, Daddy?!”
“No,” Kenma snickered. 
“You’re lying! Mario Kart is never this hard!” Baby Kodzu crossed her arms and pouted. 
hinsho_  i can’t believe you would really do that to baby kodzu
The word ‘liar’ flooded the chat with laughing emojis. Kenma narrowed his eyes at his chat. When the race ended, Baby Kodzu got last place while Kenma got first. She threw her controller into her lap and whipped her head and gave Kenma a glare. 
“You had it on 200, didn’t you?!”
Kenma side glanced at her, “...”
“You did!” Baby Kodzu stood up, look of betrayal filling her eyes.
She started to sniffle.
jujuluilui321  I'm taking back my subs
Kenma’s eyes widened as he saw tears fall from his daughter’s eyes, “Love-”
“No!” Baby Kodzu stomped and pointed a finger at the streamer, “I’m not playing with you anymore! You’re a cheater!”
Her face was scrunched, brows furrowing, as she stomped out of the room. Kenma sighed.
tsukimoonboy  we protecc, we attac, but most importantly, we take our subs bacc
... an hour later...
Kenma cracked the door open and peaked his head into Baby Kodzu’s room. She was laying down in her bed, arms crossed, and glaring up at the ceiling. 
Baby Kodzu merely side glanced at Kenma before looking back up at the ceiling. 
“I’m mad at you, Daddy,” Baby Kodzu pouted.
Kenma sighed and entered her room. He sat down beside her bed.
“I know.”
Baby Kodzu looked at Kenma, waiting. 
“I’m sorry for secretly changing it to 200 on Mario Kart,” he sighed.
“You know I can only do 50 or 100, so why did you change it?” Her lower lip quivered.
Kenma lowered his head onto the bed, staring back at Baby Kodzu.
“I don’t know, but it was mean of me to do so,” Kenma sighed again.
“You promise to not do that again?” Baby Kodzu narrowed her eyes.
Kenma nodded with apologetic eyes, “I promise.”
Baby Kodzu stared at Kenma before smiling and sat up. She shuffled over to him and hugged his head. 
“I love you.”
“Right now I can’t say I love you back, because I’m still a little mad,” Baby Kodzu mumbled into his hair.
Kenma smiled, “That’s ok.”
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luvring · 4 months ago
— how fans find out you're dating
characters: kenma, atsumu, suna (all post-timeskip) warnings: in suna's the reader is being approached/harassed (not physical, just an annoyingly pushy person) + he swears once note from nia: these scenarios are a guilty pleasure i will never get tired of them
KENMA's stream had come to a null when you poke your head in the door. he had texted a few minutes earlier, asking if you could bring water before a new game started. his fans watched as he smiled at his phone when you responded and asked who was making him all happy. the only response they got was a playful glare, "why are you guys always so nosey?" he makes sure not to look up, letting you quietly walk over with water and snacks to fill the mini fridge. "am i doing anything for valentine's day?" he reads out, and you raise an eyebrow as he looks over while he responds. "uhh, maybe. maybe not. who's to say?" he goes back to reading the chat with a small smile on his face as they yell and make fun of him. you hear a dono go off, "kenma tricks his audience into thinking he has someone with him **NOT CLICKBAIT" and you have to stop yourself from laughing. "yeah yeah, whatever," he says, picking up his phone. you see a notification pop up on yours, "what if, and hear me out, you showed yourself rn just to laugh at them." but a second text comes almost immediately, "half kidding. don't have to if you don't want to." you had talked about it before and always put it off because of the risks, though you knew it'd happen eventually. you text back and forth for another couple of minutes, reassuring each other that you'd both be fine revealing your relationship (really, you should have expected it to go something like this) before he finally looks up and speaks again, "actually there's someone i think you guys should meet."
ATSUMU was sitting at the table, looking at fan letters and gifts he had recently gotten. "babe, do you want some of this chocolate?" you look up and tsk, "'tsumu those are for you." all he does is frown in return, "but look at all of this. i love it but i have a physique to keep ya know? plus i can share with my partner if i wanna." you snort as he holds up a piece and wiggles his eyebrows but comply and take it into your mouth. "oh this is good. i'm stealing some," you say, still chewing, and sliding the box near you. atsumu sends you a look that says "i told you so" and you roll your eyes, motioning to keep opening gifts. usually he'd do this alone (especially after an incident where he cried reading a fan's message), but sometimes he'd sit near you in case something entertaining was in the pile. he makes a face while he reads a letter and you ask what's wrong. "'my mom said i should find someone like you and settle down, so if you're interested, here are my socials.'" you choke out something between a laugh and an "aw" before teasing, "someone's interested in you, baby. you should dm them." atsumu sends an offended look your way, "but 'm dating you! i only want you, how could ya say that to me?" leaning your head on his shoulder you hum, "they don't know that, though." "well, maybe they should." you look up, surprised, and he holds your stare, "i want everyone to know i'm yours already. if—if you want that too." and maybe his management would kick his ass later, but there's a grin on his face as he posts a photo with your face hidden while sitting beside him captioned "mine :))"
SUNA had planned surprise you after your closing shift at work. he still remembers the conversations you had about him providing for you, and smiles at how you stubbornly rejected because there was "no way in hell you were going to make him work harder than he already is." he kept his head down, a hat and mask on—it was risky to visit, but he had been spending more nights practicing and wanted to make it up to you. he spots you in the window talking to a customer and slows down before he notices the uncomfortable look on your face. when he walks in, you don't seem to notice it's him before you call out "be with you in just a minute!" he stands at the doorway and listens to the person asking if you were free while you respond curtly, "i'm sorry but like i said before, i have plans." they look around and scoff before turning to you, "alright, with who?" before you can reply, you hear a voice from behind, "with me." suna wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you into him, "hey. i'm their boyfriend." he ignores the way you hit his torso and the whispers from the table beside him about "v. league suna rintarou" in favor of glaring down the person in front of him. they only clench their jaw, "seriously? i'm just supposed to believe you?" suna scoffs and takes off his mask and hat before turning to you. "rin! what are you—" "can i kiss you?" you vaguely notice someone choking at a table near you and you panic, "i—you can't, rin, put your mask back on." he frowns, "fine. but i'm waiting here to take you home. and you"—he glares at the customer again—"fuck right off." you're both trending later that night, "volleyball player suna rintarou protects his partner", and maybe you'd be more antsy if it weren't for his pout and apology against your skin.
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beekugou · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ @zhowongli + requested . . . ꜜ
·  ·  ·  · ♡ timeskip!kenma  ⇢ coloring 
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kayekozume98 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Okay first time using Tumblr to post my Art so please bear with me while I try and figure out how this app works 😅😅
In the meanwhile, please enjoy an old fanart I made for Haikyuu!!
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savoryscribbles · a month ago
**✿❀face sitting headcanons with my fav shiraatorizawa and nekoma boys!!❀✿**
Tumblr media
request: “can i please request some face sitting headcanons for shiratorizawa and nekoma bois with a fem so? thank you!”
pairings: kenma x afab!gn!reader, kuroo x afab!gn!reader, ushijima x afab!gn!reader
tags: pussy eating, face sitting, thighs :D
warnings: fem language but no use of she/her or fem pet names
word count: 393
a/n: m'sorry, i don't really write fem!reader, but i did do afab!reader, the only difference being i didn't mention pronouns! also, sorry these are short! its really all i could come up with haha.
haikyuu masterlist | general masterlist
Tumblr media
loves it!!! he can be a bit lazy, and sometimes he just wants you close to him... so the solution? face sitting!!! loves the feeling of your thighs squishing the sides of his face, literally cant get over it
loves it so much but so shy about it too lmao
he'll walk up to you in an oversized hoodie and puppy dog eyes and be like "sit on my face pwease"
to him, face sitting = morning sex, is actually confused if you ask for anything else in the morning
also,,, wont hold you? like his hands are either at his side, behind his head, or stroking his dick. you have do to all the work, smh...
another one who loves it(tbh all three of these boys do)
much more handsy, will pull you down on him... so don't try going anywhere mk?
this is just a general pussy eating headcanon but eh, eats it like he's starving. always.
very messy too, especially when you're on top. spit everywhere, your juices all over his face, etc.
not sloppy though, very meticulous about his messiness.
askes in the weirdest times too. you both will be grocery shopping and he’ll whisper in your ear “babe wanna sit on my face?” while your literally just comparing prices of two brands.
he says he eats pussy for his pleasure, but he actually taught himself how to please you best.
but how he learned how to please you?
he made you sit there for hours!
anything that got any sort of positive reaction he keeps in the back of his head for future use
while he isn’t very vocal about how much he enjoys it, but he does, just as much as the other boys
but isn't shy about it either, like he isn't afraid to ask, cause sometimes when he comes home all tired from training, you sitting on his face is just what he needs
sometimes he holds you, sometimes he doesn't. if he is he’ll be running his hands along your sides.
to me he doesn't seem like he’d enjoy you sucking/jerking him off, i think he gets a surprisingly large amount of pleasure from pleasing you
he was a natural too, as much as i love awkward ushi not knowing how to touch you, he was just good at it from the start.
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emmyrosee · 2 months ago
I…. Would like to discuss boys who start stiff in your relationship, then melt into another soul who swooned you more. part 3 here!
Like Ushijima, who shows his comfort by coming home after a long day of practice, soaked with rain and so tired he can barely move, finding your frame laying on the couch and immediately beelining for you and laying on top of you like a massive dog. “Ushi! You’re cold!” you whine around giggles, to which he chuckles, “and you’re warm. Hug me.”
Like Kageyama, who shows his comfort by having your name as absolutely ridiculous things in his phone, including but not limited to “loser🖤” “ugly💍” “hoodie stealer👑” and when a teammate just happens to glance at his phone, his wallpaper is an incredibly goofy picture of you both in face masks with a text from “booger eater💋” displayed.
Like Kita, who shows his comfort by coming up to you after a long, hard day where he’s been baking in the sun, and after a nice hot shower comes up to you to rest his head in your lap with an innocent smile, “okay. I’m clean now. I’m ready for your attention.” you giggle back “shin, I’m reading.” “And I’m ready for your attention.”
Like Sakusa, who shows his comfort by being incredibly snicker-y and giggly when you make a bad joke. He can stay absolutely stone faced for anyone else, but the minute you tell him a world without women would be a pain in the ass, he snorts against his had to hide the fact hes even laughing at your dumbassery.
Like Kyotani, who shows his comfort by responding to your texts in a goofy way. “Babe I just saw the CUTEST DOG-“ “and you didn’t send any pictures??? Divorce.” and “would you love me if I was a worm?” “No bc then I couldn’t smack your ass tf you think this is”
Like Tsukishima, who shows his comfort by stealing your food in cheesy ways. He’ll be like “hey wait, what’s that over there?” And when you turn to look, boom, four fries gone. He’ll talk to the waiter and when you turn to look as well, a forkful has been stolen. “Kei, you could just ask you know!” “Yeah but then I’d be a hypocrite for teasing you every time you ask for a bite of my food and I’m not going down like that.”
Like Kenma, who shows his comfort by stealing, and I say this with my whole chest, your hoodies. If you’re on the bigger side, forget it, there is no “your hoodie” it’s “our hoodie”, if you’re smaller, he tries to be discreet about it, but when you come home and he’s chilling in a light blue hoodie with a cheesy quote on it, he has no shame. “What? You know I look good,” he hums when you try to hide your laughter.
I’m sorry, stiff dorks who turn playful and ridiculous when they fall in love are my drug of choice and I say that with my whole chest 💍✨
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sugawarassoulmate · 5 months ago
Kenma (about love 🍑), he's tired after his streaming so when he heard you're innthe shower he decided to follow you 🚿
he's so cute 🥺
Tumblr media
words: 679
cw: fem!reader, shower sex, pussy job, fingering, minors dni
Tumblr media
“thanks for sticking around with me, everyone, i’m gonna head off now,” he said finally closing out of his game. it was a really good stream today but kenma had gone on a few hours longer than he intended and he was starting to feel a bit restless. “let’s raid shoyo’s stream.”
he sent his audience off to the other stream before giving his final goodbyes and going offline. taking a few moments to stretch out his neck and back, kenma overhears the shower running and your distant voice singing a song he can’t make out.
without thinking, he takes his headphones off and walks down the hall. you don’t notice the door opening, which makes the look on your face even funnier when kenma pulls back the shower curtain.
you let out a cute yelp, dropping the loofah you were washing yourself with. “jesus christ, kenny, what the fuck?” you snap, trying to tug the curtain from his grasp. kenma chuckles shrugging off his shirt and kicking his sweats down until he’s bare, joining you inside and pulling the curtain back. “thought you’d still be streaming for a bit longer.” you grumble, allowing him to pull you into his chest.
as the two of you stand under the water, kenma washes and rinses your hair and lets you do the same to him. it was wholesome at first until your boyfriend's hands started going astray. his fingers linger in between your legs longer than normal and it’s obvious that he’s not trying to help you get clean. “kenny…”
“please?” he asks so sweetly. sometimes it seems that kenma’s more interested in his games and streaming more than anything else, but even when he drowns himself in his work, kenma’s always thinking about you—always aching for you.
you let him touch you, his fingers spreading your lower lips while he bites down on your neck. “can’t you fuck me in bed?” you whine, still spreading your legs a bit to allow kenma more room to play with you.
kenma hums, grabbing his cock to rub along your slit, both of you gasping when the tip just barely catches your clit. “i will, just let me have this,” gently, kenma lifts up your leg, making sure you hold on to the tile wall so you don’t slip while he ruts against you.
it’s cute how quickly he’s able the glide his cock between your folds, knowing it’s not the water from the showerhead that’s making you so wet. kenma sucks deep, purple marks into your skin, wanting so desperately to play with your tits but he keeps his hold on you to ensure you don’t fall. maybe when the two of you are in bed…
“touch your pretty clit for me, kitty,” he whispers, purposely hitting the sensitive bud to get a reaction. your free hand, shaking from the pleasure pulsating through you, reaches down towards your sex. you can feel kenma’s cock, oozing with precum, thrust between your folds, making sure never to slip in. it’s such a tease but you’re the one who wanted him to fuck you properly later.
you do as he asks and soon enough your cunt is drooling so much that kenma nearly loses his rhythm and thrusts inside you. “ken!” you gasp, reaching for his cock but he slaps your hand away.
“take what i give you,” he snaps, humping against your cunt until you’re buzzing, just at the edge of your release. “don’t even have to fuck you and you’ll cum for me anyway, yeah? lemme make a mess, please, kitty, please…”
it’s so wet when you cum. kenma could just slip in and fuck you if he wanted and he wants to so badly—wants to stretch you open on his cock until you’re pushing him away because it’s too much for your little brain. he nearly loses himself, rutting against your sinful cunt until his cum spurts between your legs, leaving a white, sticky mess behind.
“oh, kitty,” he coos, holding your twitching form. “now, i gotta clean you up again…”
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2022 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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