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sukunababy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
— Bokuto Kotaro, Kozume Kenma, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Iwaizumi Hajime, Akaashi Keiji x f!reader
cw. oral, fingering, squirting, 69, face sitting — rbs are appreciated — m.list
Tumblr media
When he'd told you after a grueling practice with the team that he needed something good to eat you didn't think you'd find yourself with your thighs pinned open, your knees pressed to your chest and his tongue buried in your creamy cunt.
"Ko, please," you sob, your body twitching when he hums in response, just watching you with his golden eyes as he sucks on your clit, pressing his tongue to the bud when you pull his hair.
Your eyes roll to the back of your head when a harder lick makes your nub throb against his tongue, "yeah cumming huh" he coos against your folds, rubbing two fingers on your upper wall.
He almost cum in his boxers when you squirt in his face, your cum running down his chin as he runs a hand through his hair and pulls his fingers away from your sensitive pussy, "that was hot, pretty" he moans wiping the lower part of his face with the back of his hand.
Bokuto smiles satisfied as you slump down on the pillows, his eyes bright as he licks his fingers and pulls his fat hard cock out of his boxers, "you can do that here too, pretty."
Tumblr media
You're on your knees hovering over his face, the headboard clenched between your fingers as you sway your hips.
"Shit, fuck, Ken ..." you groan when Kenma grabs onto your thighs and pulls you down onto his mouth, his tongue sliding back and forth between your folds before he circles your puffy bud.
"Oh fuck," you gasp, eyes in the back of your head as he sucks hard, his fingers leaving marks on your ass making you squeal lewdly as his cock gets bigger and bigger in his boxers.
You think you're going to end up cracking the headboard as your knuckles turn white, your hips starting to spin on his face as you gush over his lips, "Ken, fu-fuck its good" you meow swaying back and forth, riding your high in moans and squeals.
Your slick slit tightens around his tongue as he pushes it in, fucking you dumb not leaving you any way to get up, "just a second" he hums against your core making you clench your thighs around his face.
Tumblr media
"Omi please ... it's too much" you cry when he holds your thighs wide open with his elbows and wrists firm in one hand, his tongue licking your pussy covered in your own cum.
"Can you please fucking stay still" he moans opening your folds with two fingers and starting to suck your nub into his mouth.
You pant wiggling under him as he circles your bud with his tongue, "it's too much..." you blab throwing your head back, your fingers grazing his raven curls as your cunt throbs on his lips.
You can feel a smirk on your folds as you arch your back welcoming another orgasm, your cream sliding down his chin as you tremble in his hands.
Tumblr media
Your eyes roll back in your head as you try to focus and relax your throat, the thick head of Iwa's cock presses deep in your throat making you gag causing him to moan against your cunt, "fuck, baby ... shit you're going to make me come."
He raises his hips to thrust deep before pushing his tongue into your creamy hole, his hands cupping your ass cheeks as he licks and sucks around your slick folds and your puffy bud.
"Fuck, Haji I'm gonna cum" you whimper as he starts rocking his head up and down, your walls clenching making your cream drip down his chin and his eyes rolling to the back of your head as you start sucking on his tip and jacking off what you can't reach with your mouth.
His cum is hot as it slides over your tongue, "fuck, baby ..." his moans are muffled as he slurp your clit, "you're so good."
Vibrations rattle your thighs on either side of his face, moans mix together as you cream on his tongue, "Haji, p-please" you sob as he keeps lapping at your sensitive folds with each tongue stroke, tightening his grip on your ass when you try to wriggle out of his mouth.
Tumblr media
His head hums as you moan lewdly, your head thrown back and your toes curled, "Kei, s-so good, don't stop, pl-please" you stutter clutching your fingers to his hair.
He can't help it, his cock throbs tightly in his fist as he desperately moves his tongue between your glistening folds, his moans sending vibrations through you making you squirm and moan his name in a messy way.
"God, ... fuck," you squeak closing your thighs around his head, his tongue never ceasing to lap at your nub before circling it with his lips and sucking it deep.
His moans are too much for you, as he hums against your dripping pussy you gush over his mouth, your tight hole throbbing around nothing as you ride your orgasm over his lips, "you're so fucking good" you moan meeting his blue eyes and a smirk on his lips.
Tumblr media
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andraxicated · 2 months ago
fuck and run!
Tumblr media
Pairings: Iwaizumi, Kenma, Suna, Kuroo, Akaashi x f!reader
Synopsis: Haikyuu men who sets you aside after railing you
Tags: suggestive | mildly explicit | established relationship | fluff | smut
Tumblr media
will do his sports science things after railing you so hard that you have to call in sick the next day. you whine and blame him that it’s all his fault that your pussy down there hurts. yet, he knows all of your antics and pays your whining no mind as he types away on his laptop.
“you’re really mean Hajime Iwaizumi! how could you focus on your work while a naked woman is on your bed!” you huff and puff as you pick up and wear a discarded robe on the ottoman chair.
“distract me and I’ll make you cry again.” he cooly threatens that you stop tying the ribbon of your robe with wide eyes. heat rushes down your body as you clench your thighs together, nipples perking beneath the thin robe exactly as his eyes travel on your body.
it’s so easy to fluster you yet it’s him that’s even more flustered.
"I would like that." the brat in you replies with an amazing brazenness that you haven't processed what you said too. your cheeks feel warm when embarrassment seeps into the silent room. gosh, you really hate it when this man makes you feel so awkward.
iwaizumi's member throbbed when he heard your snarky attitude, the same tone you use in challenging him. his lips twitch a little when he sees you getting uncomfortable with the silence. should he let you suffer more? but he really loves you too much.
he sighs and signals for you to sit on his lap. "you better be quiet while I work."
a hand clamped tightly on your mouth, your ass against his cock; kenma releases his load into you as tears prick your eyes from the feeling of being filled along with the pressure pressing down on your mouth.
he’s on mic with his friends in-game while he challenges you to stay quiet as you two get nasty behind the screen. kenma finally releases his grip on your mouth and you loudly suck in your breath making him pinch your ass from the annoyance of your loud breathing.
“get off and pick up your shorts,” he instructs and waits for your wobbly legs to stand and bend over to the floor.
as you pick up both of your thrown bottoms, a startled shriek rips through the air. his light kisses on your back tickles that you can't help your mouth. “kenma!” you quickly shut your mouth with wide eyes, head whipping to your boyfriend’s direction. but to your surprise, his cat-like eyes just softly smile at the cute expression you made.
“come here.” kenma grabs both sides of your waist, then he settles you down on his naked lap. your warm, uncovered lower halves touch against each other; the feeling makes him suck in his breath and throw his head back against his gaming chair.
“I’m sorry if I’m too mean. It was actually muted the whole time.” he presses apologetic kisses along your shoulder as a furrow on your brows slowly forms upon learning his trickery.
“and…can you please move your body a bit? I can’t move my hands easily…” kenma’s request trails off as he sees your blank face and burning eyes. oh no.
he has no self-control when it comes to you. how could he when his cute girlfriend is walking towards him with sleepy eyes, his oversized shirt draped over your frame, plus with no panties! suna is all ready to go to his practice but the sight of you had him stopping in his tracks. a sigh goes out of his mouth as he puts down his sports bag and strides over to you.
“do your thighs hurt? shouldn’t you be resting?” he asks with a concerned tone as he remembers the night before when he manhandled you for hours. he suddenly carries you to the couch, much to your surprise that it wakes you up.
“were you going to practice? I heard you shuffling early in the morning…” you say to him as your boyfriend presses a kiss on your head. to be honest, it made you sad the moment you woke up and realized he left you after that night. you thought he would at least stay as the apology for holding your thighs up harshly.
“I’m sorry, but I’ll come back later with your favorite food.” suna pecks your cheek with a kiss while the corners of your mouth lift. “that’s a promise?” “it’s a promise.”
he goes back to pick up his bag that’s been left at the door and waves at you. “I need to go now, I’ll stay with you tonight until the next day.” you wave back at him and nod as his figure retreats and closes the door.
should you go to his practice? or relieve yourself on your own? “but suna will get angry” you whisper to yourself with a pout as you plop down on the soft couch.
when you asked your boyfriend for help, this was not what you expected. you expected the both of you to sit side by side with notebooks and pens. you crying out of frustration because your dumb head can’t get the problem and him laughing about how you’re not even listening.
you cry out because of how much the stretch of him hurts and kuroo’s laughing at your whining when you took him a lot of times already. “shhh, it’s okay baby, relax and let me in.” his voice gives butterflies to your stomach and so, you lay back, close your eyes and let him do the work.
“now, do it yourself. just solve it based on what you know and I’ll correct it later,” kuroo instructs while handing the notebook full of gibberish numbers to you. your disheveled hair and unbuttoned blouse don’t go unnoticed by your boyfriend as he steals a few glances here and there.
“you know I just orgasmed like minutes ago?” you sassily throw back at him, not bothering to look at your notebook. how could he act as if nothing happened before? kuroo nods as if he understands and says: “study hard and finish your degree, then I’ll wife you up.”
at that, you pick up the pen and grab the notebook closer to you. it doesn't seem so bad coming from his mouth!
boyfriend akaashi who fiercely takes off his glasses with one hand and grips your chin, directing your lips to his mouth for a heated kiss. your muffled moans start when his slender hands rummage under your skirt, pushing aside your panty and entering a finger to test the wetness.
“hold on tight to me, let’s go to the bed.” he huskily whispers as you moan in response when your lips once again crash into each other.
the sound of two people catching their breathing is heard throughout the room. “keiji, where are you going?” your small voice asks when you see him standing up and putting on his pants.
akaashi turns to look at you with a smile, ruffling your bed hair before putting on his glasses. “just sleep, I’ll go next room to do my work.”
you grab onto his wrist before he could take a step further away from you. your boyfriend turns back in sweet surprise at the loving gaze in your eyes. “what is it?” he asks and you reply: “hold my hand while you work.” you sulkily say, stretching your hand over to him with half-closed eyes.
akaashi chuckles and moves away to bring the table closer to the bed. “now go to sleep. I’ll work with one hand, princess.” he tangles his fingers with yours, caressing the soft skin of your palm as you slowly drift off to sleep.
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kaedehcrying · 2 months ago
+ gn reader
Jealous boys who, no matter how annoyed they are, can't help but dote on you <3
Jealous boys who absolutely destroy your hole on their fingers and tongues, whose speed and roughness never give you the time of day to catch your breath,
Jealous boys who are fuelled by the sounds you make, your helpless pleas, "please, please, I'm gonna - ngh! Ahh- s'too much, s-slow down!" Who grind themselves harshly against the nearest surface, getting off to your pleasure and desperation~
Jealous boys who listen to your pitiful cries, "I'm - ngh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," who respond in the cruelest, coldest, softest, most alluring tone,
"Too bad."
Jealous boys who, although had planned to ruin your orgasm, watch the way your back arches when they send you into your high, who decide that maybe they aren't that angry,
Jealous boys who let you ride their fingers through your climax, who press a soft kiss on your lower stomach and squeeze your hand in a quiet declaration of love.
Kageyama, IWAIZUMI, TSUKISHIMA, Kenma, Kentaro, Sakusa
KAZUHA (lemme dream), Tartaglia, XIAO XIAO XIAO, Diluc, mayybe Zhongli
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kshira · 3 months ago
𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐱 𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐞𝐬
+ oikawa, kenma, sakusa, suna, atsumu, kita, bokuto, hinata
tw. fem!reader, cursing, praise, virginity loss(just once) m!&f!masturbation, f!oral, creampie, dirty talk, soft dom w/ sub reader
an. hiya i’m back and i present this <3
Tumblr media
+ “i think i love you more than fucking you”
sometimes things just happen—oikawa believes it’s just coincidence that he’d found someone to share his lifestyle with so perfectly. whenever he wanted to fuck, you were there—anything besides the circumstance just really didn’t phase him and at the end of the day, oikawa believed it was a casual relationship but he started to love more than fucking you in every room of his house, eating you out as you both struggled to watch a tv show or even when you wanted to blow him as he drove down a busy highway. oikawa started to live his life around you, he grew butterflies in his stomach when you were on your way to his house and even began blushing when you made a flirty remark—oikawa was falling into something he didn’t think he could get out of. “fuck toru, right there” your nails scrape against his back, feet locked on his muscled hips and god—your lips struggled to keep themselves on his own, oikawa pounded harder into you, searching for that spot that always had you cumming in seconds but as he pulled away to cup your cheeks, he knew he couldn’t do it, he had to say something. a nervous laugh vibrates through his chest and as you lock eyes, oikawa just simply smiles back, “i think i love you more than fucking you.”
oikawa regrets what he said but you didn’t seem to mind—maybe you didn’t hear him clearly, you obviously were still wanting more of him as you chanted his name like sweet honey melting your voice. he just assumed the words were left among the air and it’d stay like that, cradling the back of your head as he drove his cock harder inside you, pressing his lips into the crevice of your neck and whimpering when your walls clench harder around him. “i love you too toru” you whisper, combing your fingers through his brown locks, oikawa immediately shivers, straining his grip on your head and a blush staining his cheeks. “i love you so much, princess” oikawa replies, knowing he’s already about to cum and with your orgasm washing through you he just wishes this could last a little bit longer. but oikawa has time, feeling his seed leak from your hole when he finally cums, gasping out at how good it fucking feels. and oikawa regrets he didn’t tell you sooner, because fucking you feels great but fucking someone you love feels like his heart is burning and lips searching for you, never content unless you’re with him.
Tumblr media
+ “take my virginity”
kenma practically chokes on still air as you ask the question, strands falling from his messy bun as he pounds his fist against his chest, “you want me to take your virginity?” kenma repeats the question, using his lithe fingers to card through his hair as you nod slowly. “is that what you want?” your fingers feel kenma’s hand gently interlock with your own, gulping nervously before inhaling a sharp breath, “yes, i trust you.” his eyes widen, a small smile creeping through his lips, “i trust you too angel, i’ll try to make everything perfect.”
a bellowed whimper escapes your lips as kenma shifts between your legs, he leans up to wipe your juices from his chin. “are you ready or do you want me to make you cum again?” you feel the cockiness filter his words, chest heaving from the waves of pleasure kenma brought on his tongue. “come here” your arms open wide, watching the blonde crawl over you crashing his lips into your mouth, “see why i keep making you cum baby? you taste so good” kenma groans, hovering his cock at your slit, fisting the length while your legs wrap around his waist. “keep looking at me princess” kenma coos, cupping your cheek as he finally plunges his cock inside you, the burn singes through your body, wincing as kenma slowly pushes past the tight ring around his cock. he rocks his hips against you, bringing the other hand to hold your face within his grasps, nose rubbing along one another at the steady pumps inside you. “almost there, a-almost there” kenma whines, watching as his eyes hazily closing from how fucking tight you are, the juices of your pussy slathering his thighs. the pain finally subsides as kenma keeps his lips attached to your mouth, reeling his hips back to snap them right back into your tight hole. “so perfect” kenma whispers, sliding his thumb to place between your lips, “you’re so perfect angel, so fucking perfect for me.”
Tumblr media
+ “stop asking, i’ll just show you”
“why are you asking me so many questions?” sakusa raises his eyes, onyx orbs glaring at you from his spot on the couch beside you. you shift uncomfortably in his gaze, placing your arms over your chest in defense, “i’m just curious” you murmur as sakusa begins inching closer to you until his face is inches away from your own. “is it because you want to know what it’s like to fuck me, princess?” sakusa brings his hand up to brush strands of hair behind your ear, leaning down to press his lips against yours, “stop asking so many questions, pretty” sakusa murmurs through your mouth, gently pushing you down on the couch as he crawls over you—sakusa lays his hand flat on your stomach, slowly guiding his fingers to the hem of your shorts. “i’ll just show you” his hot breath fans over your lips, gasping as you feel his rough pads dip between your folds, “you’re so sensitive, this won’t take long.”
sakusa strips off the final piece of his clothing and you really could cum right on the spot—body sculpted like a god, chiseled like priceless marble, skin glimmering under the dim lights and dark curls bouncing through his fingers as he cards through them, “like what you see?” sakusa smirks, bending down to stifle your answer with his lips as his cock finally plunges into your hole. “i kept playing with this messy pussy but you’re still so fucking tight” sakusa groans under his breath, teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he struggles to push past your walls sucking him in. your fingers wrap around his curls tugging him on your warm mouth while sakusa grips the back of your knees spreading your legs wider. sakusa pounds into your pussy with vigor, snapping his hips to drive his cock harder inside you. and you think he’s fucking you to impress, paying close attention to your puffy clit rolling between his fingers but as you watch him easily pull your orgasm to the surface—this is just how he fucks, uses your body for whatever he wants but places your pleasure above his own. lips memorizing your skin, tongue exploring every inch of flesh and fingers tracing along the shreds of sweat dripping off your body—sakusa leaves soft words fluttering from his lips making your cheeks burn from his absent affection and finally when your eyes meet—he softens, placing a gentle kiss against your lips. “can i make a mess inside this perfect pussy? dump all my cum inside you till i know you’ll always be mine?” sakusa cups your cheek, watching your lips tremble with eyes half clouded and he can’t even control the way his cock twitches with every beautiful feature crossed along your face—almost like it’s second nature with another stroke before he cums deep inside your hole. sakusa was just showing you all the answers you kept asking but now he’s left with questions of his own like why his stomach burns for more and chest aching if he even thinks about going without your touch.
Tumblr media
+ “i keep dreaming about fucking you”
it’s the same realm of questionable intentions every single night, suna wakes up saturated with sweat, head dizzy from the dreams riddling his mind and his cock is so strained against his briefs that it’s almost unbearable. maybe it started when he noticed you from afar at a small shop he frequented or the couple of dates he’d been on with you—or maybe, just maybe, it was when you were with him the other day and your hand just so happen to slide across his thigh and suna thought he’d combust right on the spot. he’d had enough of dreaming about sinking his fat cock inside you, waking up with his chest heaving and practically cumming untouched to the filth covered thoughts. it was time—suna finally grows some courage as he is awoken again with his cock throbbing for release, he has to call you, he has to have you.
“i keep dreaming about fucking you” suna pants, propped against your door with his foot is wedged at the space from the frame so his abrupt crashing into your house doesn’t startle you too much—but he really hasn’t thought this through fully, running off of that heat pooling in his gut and you. just how much he wants you—any shape or form that you would give him, suna is willing—he’s that desperate for just a slither of your cunt. “fuck me then rintaro” suna desperately struggles to make eye contact with you, shifting his lips to curl a cocky smile, he leans down to line his vision with yours, “yeah? you know in that dream, you kept begging me to make you cum—think you can make my dreams come true?” and suna thinks—absolutely believes he’s died the single moment his cock becomes buried in your pussy, larger palms cupping under your knees as he presses them to your chest. the sight before him is so beyond words ever explained, reaching a divine high as he watches you being split open by him. suna truly thinks heaven is his resting place when it feels this fucking good, walls milking him dry as suna reels his hips back to feel your juices spill from your hole before he is slamming right back inside you. “god, you’re so fucking wet princess” suna rasps, leaning his heavy form down on your body while his hands cradle the back of your head, he places a sloppy kiss against your lips, “i’m going to cum so fucking deep in this pussy” he mumbles picking up the pace as he feels your cunt clench in response. “make it mine, make you mine” suna leaves his mouth agape as the rush of his seed paints your walls, a silent moan escapes his lips and suna secretly loves those wet dreams he’s been having—maybe it’s time he makes all of them a reality.
Tumblr media
+ “don’t stop touching me, please”
atsumu was tapping his fingers along the steering wheel to an obnoxious tune playing through the radio, humming steadily to a beat as he drove you and him back from a date night. his sleeves were pushed up to his elbows—revealing those toned muscles adorned on his arms, hair pushed back with just a few strands curtained on his face and a seldom smile on his lips. atsumu looked so good without even trying and you felt so filthy for a heat vibrating in your stomach gawking at him. “whatcha ya lookin’ at angel?” atsumu drags his eyes from the road, traveling them across your face down to your thighs rubbing together. a smirk toys along the corners of his mouth, “my girls needy, bet you’re so fucking wet right now.” atsumu feels your weight shift in the car, his face being peppered in wet kisses as your hand palms at his crotch. atsumu knuckles turn white as your fingers roll over his growing bulge. “m’gettin’ hard princess” atsumu grits his teeth, the car struggling to maintain the lane atsumu begins drifting so you pull back—but he’s deranged, lust drips from his eyes as he darts them back to you, grabbing your hand and shoving it back on his throbbing clothed cock. “keep touching me like that” atsumu groans—knowing he has to have you now.
“fuck princess just like that” atsumu groans, digging his nails into your hips as he bounces you on his cock, the angle bumping right up against that spongy spot—eyes crossing when he leans you back on the steering wheel to swip his thumb over your clit. “ride this fuckin’ cock angel, a-all yours” atsumu flips your shirt up to toy with your tits, bucking his hips up to meet your shallow strokes down on his cock. there could be cars passing by—headlights cascading down on your two bodies melting together while atsumu pounds harder in your soaking cunt but you have no shame, you do not care when he fucks you like his life depends on it. “baby stop clenchin’ i won’t last long if you keep making yer pussy so fucking tight” atsumu drops his forehead against your shoulder, mercifully rubbing harsher on your clit until an orgasm bubbles to the surface, his deep audible groans panting in your ear only aids you to fall over the edge, crying out while you cream his cock—atsumu shivers feeling his cum reach deep inside you. “all for you” he sighs, wrapping his arms around you as he gains some breathing room and who would think atsumu always seems to make you want to indulge in your most filthiest desires including him fucking you on the side of the road.
Tumblr media
+ “is this just sex?”
it seems shinsuke kita is oblivious to a lot of things but there’s on thing he is very keen on—fucking you. at this point you’re waiting by your phone, one quick message and you’re crawling into his bed, clothes pulled on the floor and bodies entangled—spoken like a mantra, his name falls from your lips so graciously. yet, that’s the summary of your relationship with kita—nothing more and nothing less, he seems to be content with the arrangement and you were until his fingers were interlocked with your own, kissing away frustrated tears as you creamed around his cock and the overload of affection he blessed your body with after everything was said and done. kita was someone that you craved—a being you wanted for yourself but asking the question became insufferable as he showed zero interest in anything other than fucking you. maybe that’s why anger clouded your judgment tonight as he pounded your pussy for all it was worth, strands of his hair brushed on your cheeks while kita nestled his face further into your neck, he stops as you mumble out the words almost like he’s terrified as the phrase slips from your lips, “is this just sex?”
“does it feel just like sex?” kita mumbles out, pulling his face from the crevice of your neck to linger his brown orbs down on you. he shifts from his position to drape one of your legs over his shoulder, bringing his hand down to circle your clit. “does it feel like i’m just fucking you when i want you to cum first?” kita averts his gaze to his cock slowly sliding through your folds, calloused pads circling your bundle of nerves while he rolls his hips to angle his length to bump right against your sweet spot. you can’t fathom a sentence by the way kita is fucking you, slowly bringing your orgasm to the surface while he continues pumping his throbbing cock into your clenching walls. “you’re more to me than just sex—a lot fucking more, angel” kita grunts, struggling to keep a rhythm as he watches your body wither beneath him. you fall so easily to his cock, the way he fucks you through your orgasm just to watch you fall apart all over again. you succumb to his spell—whatever it might be, kita has that effect on you, juices gushing around his cock and a sheen liquid spraying amongst his lower gut. he swallows a thick lump at how messy you are for him, he’s completely in love with every single feature adorned across your form and he craves just another look of your face when he’s pushing his cum deeper inside you—kita bends down to press a kiss on your forehead, slowly smiling when you can’t say anything back but a throaty moan, “does that answer your question? or should i just say that i want you for as long as you’ll let me have you, my pretty girl.”
Tumblr media
+ “i can’t stop thinking about you”
another week without you and bokuto thinks he’s going absolutely insane besides how much comfort he gets with your body sleeping beside his—it’s the feeling of your fingers tracing his skin, how you pay close attention slowly wrapping your lips around his cock, digits cupping his sensitive balls while all he can possibly do is throw his head back begging and moaning for more. with his phone on standby bokuto grabs it, quickly dialing your number, he hears how much croak enables your voice in the second ring. “hey pretty girl” bokuto shifts in the hotel bed, grimacing how the sheets are stiff and his left side is so cold, “hey kōtarō, it’s late you need to be asleep.” bokuto rolls his sweats down to his thighs, listening to his thick cock smack against his stomach echoing through the room. “j-just need you so bad princess” bokuto whimpers, blowing through any introduction as he notices how angry his cock looks twitching against his stomach, “i can’t stop thinking about you.”
bokuto usually takes his time working his orgasm to the surface but when his own hand is doing it—it’s completely a different story, “i hear how wet you are for me baby, just imagine i’m there—how much you need my cock.” bokuto can hear lewd noises drifting through his ear, soft throaty moans while he props the phone on his shoulder as the other fists his cock faster and faster till his thighs begin to tremble. bokuto screws his eyes shut, painting a pretty picture of you above him, bouncing on his cock while he slaps the fat of your ass, tits perfectly pouncing to every thrusts he pounds harder in your cunt. he loves how much your body begins to dissolve before him, he hates that his cum won’t be in your weeping hole, grunting and panting when he’s so fucking close now. “i’m about to cum, fuck i’m so fucking close angel” bokuto groans out listening to you hitting your peak, fast—shrill whimpers linger through his eardrum as he feels hot liquid splatter his stomach. silence seems to cast among your voices, bokuto sighs uneasy once his eyes finally crack open, it’s not enough—truly not enough. “video call now, i have to see you pretty baby, i have to see what’s mine” bokuto whines in the phone and you cannot possibly say no to him when his begging is just so cute.
Tumblr media
+ “nobody has ever made me cum”
“she’s totally exaggerating” you huff, watching a sex scene appear on the screen while you’re neslted under hinata’s arm, he softly chuckles, the vibrations of his chest stir your limbs, “yeah but when you cum really hard it can sound like that, babe.” though you haven’t had sex with your new boyfriend yet, the topic of discussion has come up a few times but never to the missing detail you seem to always forget to tell him. “oh, yeah totally” you avoid his lingering stare, providing your attention back on the show. hinata squints his eyes back at you before a playful smile tugs at his lips, “can i ask you a question?” you want to sink into the couch, you already know what he’s going to ask so before he can feed into his own curiosity—“nobody has ever made me cum, i know that’s what you’re wondering.” hinata hums back in reply and you silently watch the rest of your show but honestly—you wish he’d have a better reaction than that.
“shoyo—y-you don’t have to do this” your voice strangles in your throat as hinata leaves wet open mouth kisses on the insides of your thighs. “why would i not want to make you cum?” he smiles so sweetly and the insanity of thinking hinata really would just leave you another day without feeling what it’s like to cum—hard, he truly wants to make you sound just like on the tv shows you watch together. “b-but like this?” you squeak, chest heaving as hinata gently flattens his tongue to slide down your slit, “just relax angel, i want to make you feel good like you deserve.” he groans when you fist his hair in your grasps, jerking him harder on your heat as hinata begins running circles on your puffy clit with the tip of his tongue. his nails indent into the plush of your thighs as he laps and sucks the spillage of your juices from his ministrations. you’re already about to lose your mind, back arching off the bed while hinata flicks his warm muscle on your bundle of nerves, smirking against your pussy when you begin reaching a higher choked moan. “that’s right baby, cum on my tongue” hinata muffles through your cunt, bringing two fingers up to plunge into your tight hole, pumping the digits vigorously as he feels your orgasm quickly approaching. “sho—i think i’m gonna cum” your hips buck into his face, hinata hums into your cunt—the vibrations sending you straight over the edge, “no princess, you’re going to cum” he watches as you gush on his fingers, tits bouncing with the sharp breathes exhaling from your lungs as the orgasm hits you hard—enough to break the sound barrier with your moans alone. “if you sound like that i can’t fucking wait to hear you cum on my cock, pretty girl” hinata groans, crawling over you with a taunting grin sewed on his cheeks.
Tumblr media
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culpzome · 29 days ago
embarrassing sex moments
fandom: haikyuu
warnings: second hand embarrassment(?), nsfw, mention of rough sex
kenma, kyotani, & ushijima x gn!reader
requested by anon
Tumblr media
- oh boy…
- okay so he cums too early but like— he’s embarrassed about it so he just keeps going
- and he gets whiny bc he didn’t know overstimulation was a thing
- so you have to stop him and ask what’s wrong, he reluctantly tells you the truth with a red face, so you gotta reassure him
- ngl… he tears up at your reassurance
- you let him know that there are plenty of ways he can help and you kinda have to guide him through it
- but <3 he gets real good at it real quick
- not sure if this is embarrassing but—
- he was fucking you so hard that the bed broke
- like the frame just snapped. he had to stop because the broken frame put you two in such an awkward position.
- not to mention… y’all came right when the bed broke…
- you, of course, teased him about it
- but the poor baby was frustrated and embarrassed
- but after some comforting, the two of you eventually got cleaned up and started hauling the broken frame to the dumpster
- maybe this wasn’t embarrassing for him? but it was for you.
- he was so silent. like he didn’t make a peep. it made you feel like you weren’t doing good.
- so you stopped him, and of course told him how you felt.
- it was dead silent for a moment. it made you feel awkward of course.
- but he just looked surprised and then continued what he was doing.
- this time he DID make noise. which was really hot. like cum in an instant hot.
- after y’all finished, he told you that he was afraid you might’ve been weirded out by his moans and grunts— you had to tell him how hot he sounded.
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sugugs · 11 days ago
incoming message from sugugs…
Tumblr media
warnings: various x fem!reader, fingering, pussy slapping, finger sucking
word count: 273
from jupiter: repost bc the first one didn’t show up in the tags, if you liked this pls rb/let me know! feedback is always appreciated <3
18+ content. minors dni. reblogs are encouraged and appreciated!
Tumblr media
pretty, slender fingers, smooth palms, calluses from work barely even noticeable since he takes such good care of his hands. uses the same hand cream as you because 1) it leaves his hands really soft and 2) it reminds him of you <3 soft, gentle fingers curling and uncurling, rubbing up against that spot that as you twitching and squirming and reaching out to grab his wrist because “it’s too much! ‘m too sensitive!” he thinks it’s cute how much you like his hands, how often you hold them, how often you guide them to your lips, sucking his fingers gently, letting him map out the entirety of your mouth. he’s not overly fond of his hands, but he can’t deny they look best when he’s making his pretty girl feel good.
sakusa, TSUKISHIMA, OIKAWA, kuroo, kenma, kageyama, SUNA, yamaguchi, TENDOU
Tumblr media
thick fingers, rough hands. keeps a two-strand thread bracelet along his wrist that he made in your favorite color. hands that lack gentleness when he fucks you, but are full of love nonetheless. hands that hold a bruising grip on your sides, hands that cup your face lovingly while his cock splits you open. thick fingers that dig into the fat of your thighs as he spreads your legs. warm palms that slap down onto your cunt over and over again while he coos in your ear. strong hands attached to stronger arms that wrap around you as he holds you close, confining you in his love. hands that look like they could cause damage, but are always oh-so tender when they’re on you
matsukawa, IWAIZUMI, ushijima, BOKUTO, MIYA TWINS, kyotani, daichi, HINATA
Tumblr media
© SUGUGS 2022. do not copy, repost, or translate my work on this platform or any other platform.
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kurooh · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
minors do not interact !
cw - characters are timeskip, not proofread. i wrote this in a sluttish haze sorry.
Tumblr media
sexting with oikawa on snapchat, you’re sending each other teasing snaps back and forth. you, hand buried between your thighs, body sporting his old jersey from high school. him, with his head tipped back and his hand wrapped around his cock.
sitting on atsumu’s face, his lips suckling your clit and his tongue fucking in and out of you. he’s eager to taste you, his mouth working quickly against you. he’s moaning into your pussy, the vibrations from each moan making your legs shake beside his head.
sucking osamu off after hours at his restaurant; all of his employees are gone for the day, and the door isn’t open for any hungry customers. he’s behind the register, hands gripping the counter as he tries to keep himself steady, hips desperately jerking into your mouth.
tying kenma up and helping him de-stress after a difficult stream; your fingers are wrapped around his cock, continually making him cum. you make sure you draw out every orgasm and overstimulate him.
marking up bokuto’s thighs. or just him in general. the muscle rippling under your palms as you suck another bruise into his skin. he moans loudly from above you, whining when you finish up with his thighs and then move to his hips.
kageyama railing into you from behind, absolutely enraptured by the sight in front of him; in the mirror, he sees your face looking absolutely fucked out, and your tits, waiting to be sucked on. he smacks your ass, groaning when you clench around him.
making out with semi after a concert, lipstick stained kisses decorating the smooth expanse of his neck. he looks pretty like this, with his messy hair and pink cheeks. plus the pout he has is cute too.
sakusa choking you, his hand around your neck as he fucks into you. he’s asserting dominance, his grip tightening for a few seconds, and then quickly loosening.
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sanoinc · 6 months ago
♡ Sharing -: ✧ :-゜・.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ Summary: Haikyuu captains sharing you with their best friends.
✧ Characters: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Daichi, Sugawara, Kita, Aran, Atsumu, Ushijima, Tendou, Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi.
✧ CW. AFAB reader, consensual cucking, voyeurism, dom! W/sub! Reader, size k!nk, dacryphilia, oral (m. & f. Receiving), fingering, spank!ng, dirty talk, pu$sy slap, edging, overstim, full Nelson, chok!ng, degradation, praise, handjob(?), exhibitionism, MDNI
Tokyo rev version
#tags. @festive @yuujispinkhair @shigadabni (come get ur blond fox) @r1nf4iry
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!
Tumblr media
»» Oikawa + Iwaizumi
“If you want to come you better beg." A deep growl falls on your ears but how can you form any words when the muscular ace has his cock buried so deep inside you. Rough palms pressed your knees to your chest and with each thrust, he hit your cervix
"Hajime, please please, need to cum s'bad," Your clouded mind forgot your brunette lover's presence. But you're soon reminded when your wrist is grabbed by a large hand,"No slacking off, baby." Oikawa guides your fist on his cock, leaky tip throbbing under your touch.
“Don’t forget who you belong to.” The possessive tint to his words made your pussy clench around his friend's cock,"'m sorry, Tooru," Your hand resumes to jerk him while Iwaizumi wrecked your pussy with rough strokes right on your cervix.
Just as you feel the band in your belly snap, a feeling of emptiness washes over you. The spikey haired ace fisted his angry red dick at the sight of you whimpering underneath them,"Aww, did you really think you're allowed to cum on anything other than my cock?"
Oikawa coos, kneading your breasts in his large palms before pinching the hard buds harshly. Iwaizumi chuckles at your squeak, releasing hot spurts of white on your fluttering cunt. He delivered a hard slap on your pussy,"Be good f'your boyfriend, yeah?"
»» Daichi + Sugawara
“You feel amazing.” Pretty brown eyes admire you with gentle hands tracing your body,"No more," Your hot palms pressed on the setter's chest as your body trembled above him,"No more, daddy." Your eyes flew to land on the captain's dark brown ones, begging for relief.
“You can take it, you’ve done it before.” His smirk told you he won't let you rest anytime soon, “Be a good girl for daddy.” Sugawara's hands cupped your breasts as they slid up your torso slowly, drumming his fingers gently on your heated skin
"Yeah be a good girl for daddy." With a shuddering breath, you resume bouncing on the grey haired man's cock, your pussy quivering from overstimulation. They had made you cum thrice on their mouths and fingers before this and you're sure the session is barely over,
"Think you can take Asahi next, baby?"
»» Ushijima + Tendou
Through your blurred gaze you could see the red haired man's smirk,"You look cute like this, baby." Breasts heaving with shallow pants from the two men's antics as you whimper,"'Toshi, please, lemme cum, will be good f'ya'."
Your sob clashes with Tendou's chuckle,"Where's the fun in that?" Long fingers slide inside your folds with ease,"When we can have you moaning like a whore like this," Your thighs close around his arm when he nudges your sweet spot again.
“Be a good girl and spread your legs.” A deep voice rumbles near your chest and soon your nipple is engulfed in a hot mouth,"Maybe he'll let you cum then." You don't believe him but you obey your dark haired boyfriend's words anyway.
Ushijima gives a rewarding tweak to your other bud and watches with amused eyes as you squirm under him. Tendou hums, pressing his thumb to your clit and teasing the puffy bundle of nerves till you're crying out all sweet for him,“I love the way you look with my fingers inside you." Maybe he will let you cum this time.
»» Kuroo + Kenma
“Use your tongue.” Kuroo whispered into your skin as his hands wrapped around your body, holding you still for his friend. Dyed blond locks brushed soft on your thighs with Kenma's hum resonating against your wet folds.
The setter pressed a kiss on your puffy clit before licking a smooth strip up your slit. Kuroo's knees held your legs apart so that you don't crush Kenma's head. A globe of hot liquid dropped on your pussy followed by a soft snicker.
Your head falls back on the team captain's shoulders with an unintentionally loud moan as Kenma slides in two slender fingers through your entrance.
"Be quiet," Kuroo purrs in your ear, fingers massaging your breasts through your shirt. He's got you on his lap in the boy's locker room as his friend knelt between your legs,“If we get caught I’m killing you.”
Your complain dies down to a whimper when Kenma curls his fingers upwards,“Oh kitten, don’t make me tell you twice." Kuroo pinches both your nipples with a devious smirk.
»» Bokuto + Akaashi
Your mind is foggy as your jaw aches from hanging open for so long but the hand behind your your head keeps you from pulling away as the dark haired setter in front of you continued to fuck your face,“You’re so sexy when you’re hot and bothered.”
A moan vibrated on Akaashi's cock at his captain's words,"Fuck," Hearing the usually composed and calculated man curse under his breath made a fresh gush of arousal wash over you,"Oh, oh fuck,” Bokuto's golden eyes roll back from how good your cunt feels around him, tighter and wetter than ever before.
“You can get louder, can’t you?” His grip on your hips becomes almost bruising as he goes harder, plunging his cock deeper. Bringing his palm down on your ass, Bokuto snickers,"Be a bit louder for us, yeah?" Akaashi's hips stutter from the loud whimper you let out. His vein pulses on your tongue before he's cumming in your mouth,"Swallow."
Another slap is delivered on the aching cheek when you falter at your boyfriend's command. His junior shudders when he feels you gulp around his sensitive cock before pulling out,"Good girl." He caresses your tear stained face. Your arms give out under you when Bokuto starts fucking you mercilessly.
Grabbing your wrists, he pulls them behind you as his hips met yours with messy wet slaps,"Now, I want to hear you scream."
»» Kita + Aran
"Too big," You huff, pressing your cheek to the sheets,"Please, can't." A dark hand takes your chin softly and turns you to face brown eyes,"But you're doing s'good for me, darling." Aran pants as your walls wrap snug around his hard length,"She can take it,"
Your lashes flutter up to meet your boyfriend's eyes, a regaled shade of lust hazing them. Kita smiled down at you,"Right?"
Not trusting your voice, you nod with a whimper. Immediately cursing yourself for that when Aran thrusts lightly inside you and your back arches because of how his thick cock pushes in your tight cunt
"Aran, please," The said man can't help the low growl originating in his chest at your mewl.
You look so cute like this, tiny hands clawing at his bare chest as he fucks you dumb in front of his captain,"Hm, darling?" His appreciative hum is followed by a roll of his hips, he'll show you just how grateful he is that he got to be here, buried in your pussy.
»» Kita + Atsumu
“This feels dirty.”
“That's because it is.” Kita's lips mould into a smirk at his junior's words. You tuck your face in the blond's neck with a whimper,“Don’t pretend to be s'innocent.” The wall is cold on your naked back but Atsumu's body is hot against yours,"Not when yer' takin' my dick s'well."
His lips are a breath away from the shell of your ear. Large palms hooked under your thighs to hoist you up as he rut into you, cock hitting all the good places inside your pussy,"In front of yer' boyfriend none the less."
"'Tsumu!" Your ankles lock around his waist as your arms wrap around his shoulders,"Aw are ya' shy?" He bites your earlobe, pulling it slightly before releasing the burning cartilage. You whimper in response,"Drop the facade, y/n."
A cool hand slithers around your neck before fingers press into your jaw and turn you to meet the blond's captain,"I know you love this." Kita's lips are on yours, whisper fanning your skin before he kissed you
"No need to pretend you don't want Atsumu's cock to rearrange your guts." His words made your walls squeeze impossibly around his junior, who grunted and stilled so as not to cum right away,"Yeah? That right, baby?"
You whimper against your white haired boyfriend's lips,"Then admit it."
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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Tumblr media
#genre: Smuttt
#includes: Multiple boys
#warnings: breeding, creampie, degradation, praise, daddy kink, mommy used, organism denial, dacryphilia, spanking, slight marking, afab reader.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Loves pushing your legs up to your chest, so he has a clear view of his dick splitting your pussy. There’s a creamy white ring surrounding the base of his dick indicating you’ve already cum multiple times and he’s already shot a few loads into you. He loves the feeling of pushing his cum back inside of you and hearing you whine about how full you feel but he just wants to make sure it sticks because his pretty baby deserves that. You’re clawing at his chest telling him you can’t take it anymore so with a few more sloppy thrusts he buries himself deep inside of you and releases his third, no fourth load. He lays his forehead against yours and lowly whispers “fuck baby, you done so well” “Mmh feel so full, I don’t think I have room for anymore” “shh shh I know baby i know, just want to make you a mommy”. He slowly pulls out and watches as his cum dribbles out of your pulsing hole and makes its way down the crack of your ass. With careful deliberate movements he rubs his cum into your pussy and pushes two of his thick digits back into your hole to plug you up, “can’t have you wasting anymore baby or else I’ll have to fill you up again”
Osamu, Ushijima, Daichi, Iwaizumi, Aone, Asahi, Ukai, Yaku, Matsukawa, Bokuto, Washio, Reon, Miein, Daishō, Atsumu, Akashi, Lev, kuroo, Kita.
Something about the way you breathily whine out the word daddy makes him go feral. It makes him feel as if he’s in charge of looking after his pretty baby in and out of the bedroom. Face down into the mattress with your eyes rolled back and tongue lolled out while he hammers into you from behind while you scream his name as if it’s a prayer “daddy daddy fuck!” “That’s right baby, daddy’s right here. Does that feel good? You like it when daddy fucks this pretty pussy?” “Mmh yess! Don’t stop please” and you know it was stupid to tell him that because there’s no way that he’s able to physically stop with how tightly you’re clenching around him. Every time he pulls out your pussy grips him and tries to suck his cock back in “Look at your greedy fucking pussy, won’t even let me pull out” “fuck, it’s just for you daddy, all for you”. And he knows that because you don’t think any other man can make you cum like he does, and no one will ever be able to take your daddy’s spot.
Daichi, Ushijima, Sakusa, Aone, Nishinoya, Tanaka, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Yamamoto, Hanamaki, Iwaizumi, kyōtani, Konoha, Bokuto, Hinata, Semi, Goshiki, Tendō, Terushima, Akashi, Sugawara, Suna
Tumblr media
A sick thrill runs through him as you wither and squirm on the bed, begging him to go faster, harder, add more fingers, use his tongue but he just ends up doing the opposite of what you’ve begged him to do. You can’t count how many times you’ve been on the brink of cumming and he’s pulled you away from it countless times and it’s so frustrating you could pull your hair out. “Fuck, please baby! Please, I can’t do it anymore, just make me cum” “Aww but I’m having so much fun” he mockingly pouts. He knows it’s cruel to keep toying with you like this, but he can’t help it, knowing that he’s the only one that can push you over the edge surges him with power he shouldn’t have. He loves seeing you at his mercy, pleading with him to just let you taste the sweet nectar of release and him bringing you so close before pulling away. He leans in close to your face and kisses your wet cheeks before licking the salty drops that remain, looking into your red eyes he whispers, “how badly do you want it?” “So bad baby, I’ll do anything”. A slow smirk makes its way across his face, and he raises one eyebrow in interest, “anything?” He hums. You hurriedly shake your head “yes yes” as you buck up into him. He pulls away and situates himself against the headboard and pats his thigh “well if you want to cum tonight you’ll have to do it yourself pretty baby but down worry I’ll enjoy watching you ride my thigh”
Atsumu, yamaguchi, Sugawara, Daichi, Sakusa, Tendo, Ukai, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Komori, Tsukishima, Terushima, Shirabu, Semi, Osamu, Suna, Konoha, Matsukawa, Hanamaki, Kenma, Ennoshita
Tumblr media
The feeling of his hand coming into contact with the supple flesh of your ass and the gasp you let out has him twitching in his shorts. It’s his go to punishment whatever the case may be. He has you sprawled across his lap, skirt pushed up and ass on display. He makes sure he doesn’t stop until your ass is bright red, and you can see outline of his hand, a permanent reminder that you’re his. Loves making you count how many spanks he’s given you because he enjoys watching you struggle to get the words out through whines and tears. But he doesn’t do this just for his enjoyment, he does it for you. Because even though you may whine and complain about how it stings and that you won’t be able to sit tomorrow, he can see the arousal pooling in your panties and leaking onto your thighs. With one hand he’ll massage the globes of your ass and with the other run his fingers through your slit, catching your clit, “I thought you weren’t enjoying this baby but it looks like you’re a slut after all. Enjoying the punishment I give you like a true whore but don’t worry it’ll be our little secret” “Mmh , I’m not a slut! I promise it does hurt it’s jus-” “shhh no excuses, you’re dripping onto my legs and making a mess, so if you want a reward then you’ll sit there quietly and take it like a good girl” “….yes sir”
Sugawara, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Takeda, Kenma, Yaku, Oikawa, Kyōtani, Kindaichi, Fukiage, Sakusa, Kamasaki, Daisho, Washio, Konoha, Semi, Tendo, Hyakuzawa, Hiroo, yamaguchi, Kita, Suna, Aran.
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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kiribakuswife · a month ago
What about Kuroo finding out that you never gave a blowjob?
Pairing: Kuroo x fem!reader x Kenma
Warnings: oral (m. reciving), penetrative sex, cuckold(?), slight cum play, 3some mmf with slight mlm
A/N: I started writing this in class sjjsks. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and let me know if I missed any warnings.
He finds out after a few times you had sex when you ask if you can give him head, because your first times are all about pleasuring you and mapping your body. But when you try he immediately understands that you are inexperienced and the fact that your gag reflex kicks in immediately when you put a little more than just the tip in your mouth confirms his thoughts.
So as the good boyfriend he is, Kuroo decides to train your throat. But of course he understands that he's too big, so he asks Kenma to help, because he is more average and on the thinner side (and he knows that before meeting him you had a crush on Kenma).
And that's how you found yourself in this position: on your knees with Kuroo's hands in your hair moving your head while you suck Kenma, who is sat on your boyfriend's lap.
Pretty breathy moans leave the lips of the boy, that has his head thrown back over his friend's shoulder. He would have never guessed it was your first time with the way you were moving thanks to the indications of Kuroo and your will to be good. Plus, the fact that he was taking you mouth virginity and that you were his best friend's girlfriend stimulated his corruption kink.
But he wasn't the only one who was fulfilling a fantasy. Kuroo always dreamed about sharing his girlfriend with Kenma, so the sight of you giving him a blow job and the music that came from him made him probably the hardest he has ever been.
Without anyone paying attention to it, he started rutting his hips against Kenma, making him shove more of his dick down your throat, which resulted in both of you to moan. The vibrations of yours sending shivers of pleasure through the boy's body.
After some practise, and a lot of edging Kenma, you were finally able to take him all to the base in your mouth and to pleasure him without needing Kuroo's indications. At that point you gave Kenma a real blow job, alternating between sucking his dick and his balls, giving more attention to his most sensitive spots and deep throating him.
With all the stimulation he already got from you practicing, it didn't take long for the boy to get close. So, with permission from your boyfriend, who made you move, he came on your cute tongue while you stroked him, making the prettiest sounds.
Kuroo made you shallow it and fortunately it was sweet (Kenma definitely didn't eat fruits to make it taste better for the occasion, yeah, definitely not). Then he commanded you around, positioning you on all fours with Kenma behind you and him before your face.
He said that to thank Kenma for his disponibility to help you practice, you would have let him have your pussy,and at the same time you had to start exploring his dick.
When Kenma penetrated you you didn't feel the usual stretch that you got from Kuroo. Not like you didn't feel nothing, it was more than pleasurable, especially with the way his tip, a little curved, hitted perfectly your g-spot, like it was made for it. He finally sheeted all his dick inside you and both moaned at the same time.
"F-fuck, she's so thight"
"Mhh, she's still thigh after 3 orgasms, can't imagine without prep"
Kuroo took your chin between his fingers to make you look at him. "Say pretty baby, does Kenma make you feel good like you to him?"
"Yes, feel so good" "Good thing. Then, why don't you try sucking me again, you can do that now, right?" You nodded and took his cock in your hand, giving kitten licks, while Kenma started moving.
After little he was thrusting into you at a high speed, arms around your waist and his head in the crook of your neck, whispering in your ear how much you made him feel good. At the same time you were outlining all the veins on Kuroo's dick in between moans from getting fucked. Then, decided that it was easier, your lips attached to his balls while you stroked him. The vibrations of your moans and the sight of you and his best friend quickened his orgasm.
"Open your pretty mouth princess"
With the tip in your mouth he cummed, but told you not to shallow. Instead Kenma turned your head and kissed you. A mess of saliva and sperm escaping your mouth as your tongues twirled one with the other in the attempt to share your boyfriend's cum. As you cummed together you moaned in the kiss and Kuroo swore he could have had another orgasm at the heavenly sight before his eyes.
From now on whenever you and Kuroo had to try something new you'll definitely ask Kenma to help you.
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maytey · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
ft. akaashi, oikawa, kenma, bokuto
cw: 18+ mdni, fem!reader, oral (f and m receiving), fingering, tit sucking, exhibitionism
a/n: went a lil crazy with these, i was having too much fun with the set up for each one
Tumblr media
❁ akaashi
between work and other unavoidable life things, it left like it had been an eternity since the last time you and your boyfriend saw each other. his roommate was going to be out that night, leaving the apartment to just the two of you. akaashi had the night all planned out. a nice home-cooked meal ready by the time you arrived. dessert he picked up that morning from a near-by bakery. and then taking his time with you in the bedroom.
after so long without seeing each other, there was bound to be some tension built up. there was only so much you could do on your own to relieve some of that tension. by the time he had you laid out naked on his bed, your pussy was a sopping mess. he had to peel your panties from your body. it embarrassed you, the obviousness of your desperation, but it drove him crazy.
he kissed your thighs, dancing around your needy pussy. pathetically thrusting your hips toward his face, you whined. “keiji, please. don’t tease me.”
he loved hearing you beg. it made him weak. his hands gripped your hips, holding you in place as his tongue licked the first stripe up through your folds. a stuttered sigh escaped you at the feeling, head thrown back against the pillows. your hands wove through his hair as his tongue flicked back and forth over your clit before his lips wrapped around it. he repeated the pattern of flicking and sucking. and then he was trailing one hand down, a slender finger slipping inside your wet cunt.
your back arched, a moan simultaneously slipping from your lips. akaashi rutted his hips into the mattress at the sound. he was always methodical and thorough when it came to your pleasure. he knew everything about you, knew just what to do to have your toes curling and mind going hazy.
with his mouth toying with you clit and his finger rubbing against that one spot, your thighs clenched around his head. you came on his face with a moan, back arching. once you came down from your high, he pulled his mouth off you. "one more," he said before dipping his back down and latching onto your clit yet again.
you were nearing the peak of yet other orgasm, his tongue and finger working in tandem, when you both heard the tell tale sound of his doorknob twisting. as soon as the door opened, akaashi was above you, leaving you empty and desperate. he tugged the sheets over your bodies for added protection. the look he leveled his roommate was serious. he didn't even give him a chance to get a word out, a flat but commanding, "leave," exiting his mouth. his roommate, wide-eyed and red in the face, nodded and backed out immediately.
akaashi sighed, forehead pressing against your own. his eyes were closed as he apologized. "i'm sorry, he was supposed to be out all night."
it was hard for you to care about being interrupted when all you could focus on was the ache between your thighs. you opened your mouth to say something but were interrupted by akaashi's phone vibrating on the nightstand.
he leaned over to check it. he let out a breathy chuckle. "it's my roommate, he said, 'i'm going to the store for a couple hours'." he looked back to you. "what do you want to do?"
you couldn't wait any longer, your desperation getting the better of you. you wrapped your arms around his neck. "fuck me, please."
he smiled, dipping down to kiss your lips, one hand running down your thigh and lifting your leg up. his fingers slid between your legs, making teasing circles around your desperate hole. "not until you give me one more."
❁ oikawa
after seeing you show up to his practice in that adorable sundress just this side of too short, how could he not pull you aside to the locker room. he didn't even bother telling anyone he was going to step away for a minute. he merely disappeared with you in tow. not a word was said until he had you straddling his lap on one of the benches, tucked away amongst the standing lockers.
his hands ran down your sides, toying with the hem of your dress. "you know i can't focus when you show up something like this." his hands slid down to your ass and he pulled you against the bulge in his shorts. "feel what you do to me?"
you wiggled against him, pulling a deep groan from him in response. his hands gripped firmly on your ass, head tossed back as he regained his composure. when he looked back at you there was an impish glint in his eyes.
"i can't go back to practice like this," he said. "you wanna help me?" you nod enthusiastically, how could you pass up such an opportunity? he grabbed your chin between his thumb and forefinger. "uh-uh i need to hear you."
"yes," you breathed, crumbling under the intensity of his stare.
"good girl." his hand reached around you and under your skirt to pull your wet panties aside. no time to undress at all, this was a time sensitive matter. your hand reached down to free him from his shorts. he guided you onto his cock, slowly sinking you down its entirety.
he stretched you so beautifully. you knew he felt it too by the way he sucked in a breath. never did he tire of feeling your tight pussy wrap around him. the hands on your ass helped you begin to move, steadily guiding you up and down. with the way his cock brushed against your sensitive walls it was near impossible to keep quiet.
once you'd built a steady pace for yourself, he tugged the top of your dress down, watching as your tits now bounced freely. he leaned down, taking one nipple into his mouth and sucking on it. the action had you instinctively pressing your chest against his face. he released your nipple, a string of saliva connecting it to his mouth. he looked up at you only briefly before latching onto your other nipple, leaving the other cold without his attention.
the door to the locker room swung open, heavy footsteps getting louder. with your back to the direction the person was approaching, you couldn’t see who walked in, only knowing it was one of his teammates or coaches. you tried to turn to look, curiosity getting the better of you. but oikawa grabbed you jaw, soft but firm, with his hand. “eyes on me baby.”
“is this really what you ditched practice for?”
you could barely focus on their conversation as oikawa’s thumb began to circle your clit, his other hand still guiding you on his cock. it was almost exciting being watched by someone. almost. his eyes remained on you as he spoke, "it's just a quick break."
"you've been gone for 15 minutes."
with how casual he spoke, it had to be a teammate. his thumb pressed harder on your clit, speeding up at the same time. you were right on the edge of your orgasm. though you tried to keep quiet with someone else present, a moan slipped out of you. your cheeks heated in embarrassment. you buried your head in the crook of his neck. your thrusts came to a total halt. it was too much.
the hand rubbing your clit moved to stroke your thigh. "the sooner you leave, the sooner i'll be back."
"it's kinda hard to practice without you," the teammate grumbled as he left.
oikawa rubbed at your back with the hand that was previously on your thigh. he placed a soft kiss to your temple. "i pushed you too far didn't i? i'm sorry. i should have just sent him off immediately."
you didn't want anyone but oikawa to see you in that vulnerable a state. it excited you at first but quickly became more than you wanted. you were going to suggest continuing, for his sake, when he pulled you fully off him and sat you sideways on his lap.
"when i get home, we're doing all this over and so much more," he said, stroking your cheek with a thumb. "i'm gonna spend all night apologizing."
❁ kenma
it was a casual day in, both of you doing your own thing while existing together in his room. stumbling upon a particularly suggestive picture on your twitter feed had your eyes wandering toward your boyfriend, arousal pooling between your legs at the mere thoughts running through your head.
kenma was seated at his desk, tapping and clicking wilding at his keyboard and mouse. he didn't notice you crawling under his desk. he only realized your there when your hand slid up his thigh, causing him to start at the sudden contact. he paused his game and slid the chair far back enough to peer down at you. his eyes narrowed, knowing you were up to something. and he had a very good idea as to what.
your hand slid further up his thigh, feather light against his cock. and then immediately pulling away. teasing him the way you knew he hated. "i'm bored," you said, fingers dancing along the waistband of his sweatpants.
kenma swallowed. he'd never admit it out loud, but he loved seeing you on your knees in front of him. your eyes peering up at him, silently begging. and yet you were still totally in control. the whole display had him getting harder and harder the longer he looked at you.
"can i play with you, kenma?" you asked, hooking your fingers in his waistband and tugging lightly. he nodded, eyes fixed to your lips. with his silent approval, you tugged harder at his waistband, his cock springing free. pre-cum was already beading on his tip. you smeared it around his tip before wrapping your hand around him. he moaned at the experimental tugs you gave him.
you licked up the vein on the underside of his cock, swirling your tongue around his tip and taking him all the way in your mouth and coming off him with an audible pop. he swore under his breath, head tossing back against his chair. "do that again."
using your hand to jerk him off, you said to him, "so demanding." you threw a teasing grin up at him, but obliged his request. the repeated action drew a moan from him.
you were just getting into a rhythm, taking his cock all the way in and pulling back to just the tip, when his bedroom door swung open. "yo, kenma we're gonna play--" his roommate, kuroo, cut off when he saw you, mouth still wrapped around kenma. you hurried to pull off him. "oh, i didn't know you were here."
kenma stood and pulled his sweats back up, moving to cover your embarrassed form with his own equally embarrassed form. despite the flush coating his cheeks, kenma's face bore a frown. "get out, kuroo, we're in the middle of something."
his roommate smirked, leaning against the door frame and folding his arms over his chest. "I saw."
"get. out."
kuroo raised his hands in surrender, chuckling under his breath. “alright, alright. but be safe kids. use protection.”
the door shut before kenma could respond. he let out a frustrated sigh, hands clenched into tight fists at his sides. he sank back down into his chair and turned to face you, nestled under his desk, face still warm with waning embarrassment. he buried his face in his hands. "i'm so sorry. i need to implement a stricter knocking policy."
it was funny to you, nekoma's former brain could analyze an opponent and form a counter attack fairly easily, but he didn't have to foresight to anticipate a possible intrusion while getting head. you wouldn't say that to him, though. not yet, at least.
for the time being, you handed him a controller. "why don't we play something together?"
❁ bokuto
the rush of victory was still fresh in veins, even after celebrating with the team. he snuck you away early back to his hotel room. with all of the commotion, he hoped no one would notice the lack of his overwhelming presence.
he was on you the moment you stepped out of the elevator. hands roaming down the length of your body, lips locking onto yours. he couldn't get enough of you. his hands slid down your back, stopping once they met with your ass. he gave them a rough squeeze. if he had to pick a part of you he loved most, your ass would be a top contender.
he only parted from the soft flesh to fumble with room's keycard, unwilling to let go of you anymore. he let out a small triumphant noise when he got the door open, making you giggle against his lips. he led you into the room, already having unzipped your dress by the time the door closed behind you both. you kicked off your shoes. he slipped the sleeves of your dress down your shoulders, letting it then fall and pool on the floor.
he pulled away from you. his gaze was intense, hungry, as he looked over your naked body. his hand cupped you jaw, finger sliding over your bottom lip, wet with your mixed saliva. the words that met you never failed to make your legs weak, "how did i get so lucky with someone so perfect."
he held the sides of your face in his hands and leaned in to kiss you once again. you made quick work of his clothes, parting from his lips for no longer than necessary. he loved the feeling of you kisses. no matter what they were always so sweet to him.
his hands moved to the backs of your thighs, picking you up with ease. he couldn't be bothered to carry you to the bed yet, instead sitting on the dresser and one hand already dipping between your thighs. two fingers slipped inside your wet pussy and he caught your first moan in yet another kiss. once he built a steady pace, he moved to kiss and nip at your neck, intent on leaving his mark.
at the feeling of you clenching around his fingers, he could have cum right then alongside you. he wanted to play with you a little longer, but he didn't have that sort of patience at the moment. he picked you up and set you on top of the bed, over the covers. he spared a moment to appreciate the way you looked splayed out on the bed. and then he was hovering over you.
he brought your knees up and lined up his cock with your awaiting hole. he shuddered as he sank into you. "feel so good," he muttered. he'd never get tired of the feeling. the pace he started was slow, pulling out and then sinking back in. letting you get used to him again before he really got started.
hooking your legs over his arms, he began to quicken his thrusts until skin started slapping against skin. your sweet moans filled the room, spurring him on. the way you squeezed around his cock made it hard to focus on anything else. whenever he was this intense in bed, he tended to get quiet except for his own noises of pleasure.
through the haze of your approaching orgasm, you thought you heard the sound of the door clicking shut. your eyes opened to find his teammate stumbling into the room. he froze and stared at the display in front of him. bokuto didn’t seem notice, his thrusts still pounding into your spasming pussy. you slapped at his chest until his intense concentration broke. he finally stopped, brows furrowing.
"what is it? what's wrong? did i hurt you?" you shook your head and wordlessly pointed at the sudden audience. he turned, eyes widening for only a second. “can you give us like 20 minutes to finish up?”
the teammate nodded, a faint blush rising to his cheeks. he nearly tripped in his effort to get back out the door as quickly as possible. you felt a little bad, having kicked him out of his own room. but that guilt faded away almost immediately. bokuto began moving his hips again, pulling an involuntary moan from you.
“alright, babe, we only have 20 minutes, we gotta make this quick.”
Tumblr media
@kazuwhora @aces-high @withlovetengen @amaejiki @renxnana 
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complexgods · 2 months ago
Lazy Sunday Sex with the Haikyuu Boys
Tumblr media
Characters included: Bokuto, Asahi, Iwaizumi, Kenma
Warnings: Minors/Ageless blogs DNI, gn!reader, no pronouns used, unspecified genitalia, lazy sex, dry humping, this is the most vanilla thing I've ever written I think, go me /hj.
A/N: I wrote this as an exercise to get back into writing more like I used to, I hope it's okay! Also if you would like to see this with other characters from other shows, let me know!
Tumblr media
Bokuto would be the kind to wake you up by humping your back or leg depending on how you sleep, setting the tone for the day from the very beginning.
He’d be the kind to keep you in bed all morning by lazily fucking you or being lazily fucked by you or both, just adoring your company more than anything, praising you and telling you over and over again how lucky he is to have you.
If this is your first day off together in a while, he will make sure to show you exactly how much he missed you by making you cum so hard you see stars <3. He definitely won’t stop until you’re both absolutely sated and spent, but he will order takeout for the two of you afterwards, moving to the couch after having whatever takeout your heart desired. It’s a calm atmosphere, domestic and familiar, and neither of you would trade it for the world.
“Baby,” you wake up Bokuto, who has been humping your ass for the past minute, waking you up in the process. It wasn’t bothersome but you could feel how hard he was and you’d rather he cum in you or your mouth than on the fresh bedsheets. Sundays are days of rest, after all, not the time to do laundry and make the bed.
“Hmm? Oh- sorry,” he says sheepishly once he was conscious, his voice thick with sleep, rubbing his eyes as his grinding comes to a halt.
“It’s okay.” You smile, turning around to place a tender kiss on his lips. You pull back making a face, which he reciprocated. Morning breath.
“Want me to help you out?” You ask, knowing the answer before Bokuto can even give it.
You spit in your hand before gliding it down Bokuto’s body, grateful you both sleep naked, taking his heavy leaking cock into your hand.
“I’m so glad we have the day off.” You say, pumping his length slowly, smiling at the way he slowly thrusts into your hand.
“Me, too. Love you. Missed you this week,” he whispers against the shell of your ear, slightly nibbling it as he groans shamelessly, cumming into your hand. Well, at least the sheets weren’t ruined.
But, from the look in Bokuto’s eyes, you know it wouldn’t matter anyway.
He likes taking his time with you no matter what, which is why when you have a day off, he will make sure he makes you cum on his mouth, his hands, his cock, whatever it is you need he will give it to you, so lazy sundays are the best time for him to really make you feel amazing.
He would probably initiate it in the early afternoon, spending the morning eating breakfast and reading together on the couch, like the old couple you are. But at some point in the afternoon, he makes sure to call you over to him in order to kiss you passionately, letting you know what you are in for. He loves drawing all those pretty sounds out of you, making your back arch and skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Definitely a passionate lover, and if the time allows it, lazy fucking is more than on the table. It’s his favourite way to take you completely apart.
“Come on, another round, please.” Asahi begs quietly, smiling at the way you thrust back against him.
Your back is flush against his as he lazily thrusts into your hole, the sound from his length dragging in and out of your walls absolutely lewd and so hot, you completely lose yourself int he feeling.
“Okay,” you sigh, not because you’re annoyed but because you’re feeling so good, it’s almost overwhelming. You lost count of how many times you’ve cum, and you don’t know if you can hold on much longer with the way Asahi’s cock is hitting that sensitive spot inside you with every other thrust.
“That’s my baby,” Asahi whispers, finding your nipples and tugging at them, making you groan lowly in response.
“Don’t hold back, let go, you deserve this.”
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!!! He is the most passionate lover in the Haikyuu universe. He will have you however you desire, and will heed to all of your needs. You both work a lot, so getting a day off together is a blessing, and he makes sure to take good care of you. He wakes up before you, so he brings you breakfast to bed, and once you’re done, he gently spoons you as you scroll through your phone, his hand idly wandering across your body, eliciting goosebumps as those hands travel further south, making sure you’re okay with it before dipping a trained hand into your underwear, kissing your shoulder as he jerks you off, grinding his hardening cock against your ass. It’s not desperate, or forceful in any way. There’s some comfort to it somehow, familiarity and love that can only exist if you’ve established a good relationship which, thankfully, you and Iwaizumi definitely have. He pours everything he can’t say into his actions, just lazily fucking you until you come undone. He’ll also cook you lunch which you’ll eat watching a movie later.
“What are you doing?” You ask with mock-suspicion at the way Iwaizumi’s hand was trailing across your sensitive spots he’s memorised ages ago.
At this point, you both knew you weren’t focusing on your phone anymore, closing your eyes as Iwaizumi drags his nails so tantilisingly across your skin.
“Mmh, feels good.” You murmur, now completely discarding your phone. In response, Iwaizumi kisses your shoulder, dipping his hand into your underwear, finding your already aroused sex, smirking against the skin of your back.
“I’m glad, baby. You deserve to feel good. So don’t hold back, I’ll make sure to take good care of you, okay?” He whispers as he starts stroking your sex in earnest, kissing your neck and nibbling at the soft skin.
With Kenma it always depends on his mood. I think his libido is definitely insane and he loves desperately fucking you, no matter what, and he definitely likes it rough. However, after a long stream, on his day off, he’s just happy to spend the day with you wihtout having to use too much energy, eating ramen in front of the TV, watching a movie both of you have seen so many times you can recite it line for line. It’s a comfort thing, and you both cuddle on the couch, Kenma on top of you as you idly hold hands. But, when he starts kissing your neck and you feel his growing erection against your thigh, you can tell neither of you are going to focus on the movie anymore in a second.
It’s not like you didn’t know the movie that was playing on the flatscreen TV of your apartment. In fact, it was both yours and Kenma’s favourite movie. However, it was hard to focus on whatever was going on when your boyfriend, was grinding against your crotch, kissng you absentmindedly, moaning against your lips.
“You taste like ramen.” He mentions, breaking the kiss for a second, smiling softly at you.
“So do you,” you reply, poking him in his side, which made him jolt slightly.
“Hey, no fair…” He murmurs, but ultimately returning to kissing you, his hands wandering under your shirt.
“Wanna turn off the tv and go to bed?” You ask quietly, but Kenma shakes his head.
“No, want you here,” he whispers softly, pulling down your boxers enough to expose your aroused sex to the cool air.
“Okay,” you respond, taking his cock into your hand. You loved lazy Sundays with your boyfriend.
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crimsonbubble12 · 27 days ago
cw. nsfw, hand kink, finger sucking, drool, gagging *not proofread, just pure horny
♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡
hands. pretty hands. big hands. soft hands. veiny hands.
hands so pretty, they would look so pretty in your mouth. their fingers pressing down on your tongue to keep your mouth open. spreading two fingers to either side of your mouth, watching you tongue slip out of your mouth.
feeling your drool drip down your chin and their fingers. wrapping your lips around their fingers and sucking them into your awaiting mouth. them pushing their fingers down your throat, a smug grin on their face as you choke around their fingers.
♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡
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sunarc · 3 months ago
Which haikyuu boys jerk off most to least?
Boy who jerk off the most
Tumblr media
These boys jerks off every night, he can’t help himself. He’s practically always horny. Sometimes he can’t help the way his cock gets achingly hard. If he is hard he is going to relieve himself even if he has to run to the bathroom because there are people around. When he filnally cums moaning and whining, back arching off the bed ( if he can make it to the bed) as the grip on his cock gets tighter he feels so relieved. His sex drive is so high if he could he would fuck every night, but for now he’s content with the feeling of his hand stroking his cock
♡ Hinata, Bokuto, Atsumu, Tendou, Kuroo, Hanamaki, Oikawa, Gojo, Itadori, Toji, Kageyama
He definitely jerks off often but not to the point where he has to relieve himself right then and there. He has no problem fucking his hand with soft whimpers about how good it feels. He doesn’t feel the need to do it often probably around once or twice a week but he definitely gets horny. It’s so hot when he fucks his hand breathing heavily desperately chasing after an orgasm. He’s quite tame though so he isn’t fucking his hand every night.
♡ Matsukawa, Iwaizumi, Semi, Kenma, Osamu, Choso, Getou, Sukuna
He’s not too big on jerking off. It isn’t a case of him not being horny at all because trust and believe me he gets horny. He does jerk off and when he does its so intimate. He will light a candle for himself, work himself up and when he finally cums its as if the world stops because it feels so good. If he ever gets hard in public he’ll excuse himself to the bathroom. He’d bite his lip with a death grip on the sink breathing heavily chest heaving as he tries to calm down. It’s honestly the hottest thing ever watching him try to calm himself.
♡ Sugawara, Daichi, Tsukishima, Akaashi, Ushijima, Kita, Suna, Sakusa, Megumi, Nanami
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tojialways · 2 months ago
𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐦𝐞𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦 𝐢𝐧 𝐩𝐮𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐜
Tumblr media
#TAGS ! … f! afab! reader. car sex. exhibition. humiliation. praise. degradation. mentions of and implied breeding.
#NOTE ! … i’m not thaaat horny but i will spread my legs for LITERALLY! anyone who cums comes into my messages rn
Tumblr media
he leaves the party right away. he doesn’t care if you just got to the party, he’ll simply grab your wrist and pull you out to the backseat of his car. he can’t help but bend you over to reveal your soaking pussy to fuck his cum into you as many time’s as he likes. how could he hold himself back when you’re wearing that pretty little dress of yours?
“what were you thinking in that little head of yours, huh? wearing that short ass dress out? such a pretty fucking slut. fuck baby, keep squeezing me like that, wanna fill you up like a good girl”
++ matsukawa, iwaizumi, kenma, tsukishima, kyotani
Tumblr media
he will not hesitate to fuck you in front of everyone. will 100% sit you on his lap before freeing his already hard cock, pushing up your skirt and shoving himself inside of your pantiless cunt. he likes to see his friends’ eyes widen with lust with every angelic moan you breathe out. he likes to see your pretty cheeks blush in humiliation as you gush all over his pistoning cock.
“fuck you like that? yeah? you like acting like a little whore, don’t you? so fucking dirty angel. god you want me to fill you up like a filthy slut in front of the boys is that it? yeah thats it princess good fucking girl”
++ SUNA. atsumu, matsukawa, iwaizumi (both again lmaoo), tanaka, semi
Tumblr media
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solarchuu · 7 months ago
penis hard
men moaning
Grim i cri💔💔💔💔💔
No bc pretty moans from pretty boys I- :(((
specifically those pretty boys like tsukki, atsumu, issei, and makki, who try so hard to hold back but end up basically screaming out your name just because having you, having all of you against them while you’re telling them how good they make you feel is just too much for their horny brains to handle </3
but also guys like osamu, ushijima, daichi, iwaizumi, and ukai, who let out those really cute grunts and choked out moans every time you tighten around them, not even willing to speak because they know if they said anything more than “fuck, pretty one”, you’d know just how affected they were by you
pretty babies like kenma, akaashi, sakusa, and yamaguchi, who don’t even realize they’re letting out porn-star worthy moans when you touch them, too caught up in how good they feel every time you’re with them
and lastly,,, guys like oikawa, sugawara, tendou, bokuto, and kuroo, who don’t bother stopping any of their pretty noises, not just because they know how much it turns you on, but also because they love showing you how good they feel, how good you’re making them feel, because that’s the whole point in getting intimate <3
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kaedehcrying · 2 months ago
Mean guys who tease at you, who take pride in bullying and breaking you, who have you on all fours begging for their dick -
"Yeah? If you want my cock so bad, then come get it yourself," he sneers, pushing his tip against your hole.
Every time you come close to close to his cock he moves away; if he's feeling extra mean he'll push himself half way into you before pulling back and laughing,
"You're gonna have to try harder than that, love."
ATSUMU, OIKAWA, Osamu, Daisho, Daichi, Tsuki, Kenma, Akaashi <333
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iwaizumis-bitch · 3 months ago
content warnings: kitchen sex, tit sucking, implied overstim, degradation, one spank, ass play, teasing, backshots, mirror sex, sex toys [vibrator], daddy kink, squirting
word count: 850
notes: haikyuu and aot men!! also most of them are in more that one category
Tumblr media
pleasure/service doms.
all these men care about is making you cum as many times as possible in the least amount of time.
‘pretty cunt won’t stop sucking me in’, he mumbles, eyes focused on where the two of your bodies are connected. you’re sat on the kitchen counter, panties hanging around your ankles and your shirt somewhere in the corner of the room. you hook your ankles together behind his back, squeezing him when he plunges his fat cock back into your gooey cunt. he knows your body like the back of his hand. he knows exactly when and where to touch you to make you go absolutely crazy for him. one of his hands moves from your hip to rub comforting circles on your clit as you continue to adjust to his sheer girth. his other hand is holding your left tit up, lips latched around your areola as his tongue flattens against your nipples, groaning against it whenever he feels your cunt flutter around him. your pleasure is always first in his mind, which is why he’s trained himself to hold back his orgasm for so long. he won’t cum until you’re absolutely ruined, begging for him to just breed you already. his motions on your clit become fruitful as you start to blabber out incoherent words, just how he likes it. he uses his three fingers to press up and massage your clit until you’re cumming around his cock with a squeal for the first of many times that night.
kita, daichi, kenma, osamu, atsumu, shoyo, akaashi, aone, ushijima, jean, armin, reiner
Tumblr media
hard/mean doms.
brat tamers through and through. he’s not afraid to bend you over his lap the moment you step out of line.
‘you like that?’, he teased, pressing his thumb against your puckered asshole again. ‘no!’, you whine out, but it’s clear to both of you that you’re lying through your teeth. he curled his two finger inside of your pussy, giving you a harsh spank. ‘don’t lie’, he seethed pumping his fingers back and forth. ‘of course a slut like you wouldn’t be satisfied with just one of your holes full, dirty girl needs both of her holes stuffed’. you cries were muffled into the bedsheets as he pushed your neck down. ‘oh stop your tears, i’ll give you my cock since you seem to not be able to function without’, he said, stepping out of his boxers. he scoffed as he watched both of your twitching holes clench around nothing, the warm air making you clench. he lined the head of his cock up against your entrance, slowly sliding his tip in. he groaned out in pleasure, eyes fluttering shut at the sensation of his precum hitting your slimy insides. ‘what a greedy pussy’, he sighs, keeping just his tip inside of you. ‘please just put it in’, you mutter out between tears. he didn’t have to hear anything else. he slammed his hips forward in one strong motion, bringing them back and repeating it visciously. the sound of his hips hitting your ass was heard every two seconds, then every second, then he was groaning as he felt you cum around him, opting to pull out and release his load all over your back.
tsukishima, sakusa, iwaizumi, atsumu, keishin, matsukawa, tendou, semi, armin, levi, zeke
Tumblr media
soft/daddy doms.
my favs🥺. soft daddies who’ll communicate with you and constantly make sure he isn’t hurting you, all whilst bullying his fat cock inside of you.
‘that feel good?’, he whispers, turning the vibrator up another level. you nod curtly, trying your best not to squirm around on his lap. he brings his hand to you jaw, tilting it up and making eye contact with you through the mirror. ‘words’, he said, voice deep and husky behind your ear. ‘feels good daddy’, you say quietly, watching as he slips his cock inside of you. you’re used to his massive size by now, but when he rocks you back and forces you to put all your weight on top of him, you can’t even talk. your mouth is wobbling as you struggle to come up with words to say. you’ve never felt him this deep inside of you, and it’s obvious with the way you’re tightening around him. ‘you look so fucking pretty right now’, he says from behind you. your eyes flicker up to your face. your lips are in a small circle shape, and your eyes wide with lust. ‘s alright, you don’t gotta say anything. just keep squeezing, fuck, keep squeezing around daddy like that’, he grunts, bringing his lips to suck on the junction where your neck and shoulder meet. he fumbles with the vibrator, flicking it back on and putting it against your clit. ‘oh!’, you gasp out suddenly. ‘daddy, feels weird, shit daddy i’m gonna-‘. you babble out incoherently in a few seconds as you let out a cry, squirting your juices all over the vibrator and the mirror. you look up in horror, but there’s so much of your fluids on the mirror you can’t even see yourself. you’re breathing out harshly, when he brings his lips off of your shoulder, watching the skin grow dark pink and says, ‘you think you can do that for me again?’
bokuto, osamu, iwaizumi, aran, oikawa, matsukawa, semi, erwin, zeke, eren
Tumblr media
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tatakaebomb · 3 months ago
Hardcore Stutty non con the filthest thing could be said to reader I'm thinking Atsumu, Suna, Kuroo or kenma
Tumblr media
I did all four, scenario type things :) enjoy.
- ash
tw : non con, dub con (?), smut, cervix fucking, fingering, nipple play, oral (m+f), i consensual filming, yandere themes, perverted thoughts, sadism, vouyerism (?), dark themes, probs more, 18+
NSFW 18+
wc : 1.1k
Tumblr media
・❥・Kuroo Tetsuro
- He had you choked by your throat, back arched back as your ass began clapping on his bare thighs, tears streaming down your throat as he wouldnt stop until he bred you. He wanted that cunt plugged and fucked so hard he could feel his sperm swimming in your stomach.
- You started off as his pretty assistant, so obedient and sweet for him, but he wanted more from you always, always catching the swell of your breasts cupped from your shirt. Your hips expanse in your skirt, and the sway in your walk. You were so sexy, just his type, he couldn’t wait to take you home one day and take you all in, and I guess that day had to be today.
- ‘Mmm- too much’
- ‘Can feel me cant you hm?’ He asks, hand pushing against your swollen stomach, chest filled with pride
- ‘A-ahh FUCK!’
- ‘I told you you’d like it, fucking slut’ a small condescending laugh escaping his lips as he watched your reflection in the table, your perfect makeup smudged and smeared. Nipples swollen from the pinching of his harsh fingers and ass red and sore from all the spanking he did.
- The office was dead at this hour, everyone gone home so he knew your helpless screaming meant nothing - he had the upper hand, and he wasn’t gonna stop until you admitted yourself into being his personal sex slave. His one and only, the one that takes their clothes off at just the click of his fingers, pretty poses and your sweet lips wrapped around his overworked cock without him even having to ask.
- He would of done anything to make you his, he needs someone as beautiful as you, as sexy, and as perfect to hold his seed.
- You will be his.
・❥・Rintaro Suna
- ‘Yeah, smile like that baby want everyone to see them pretty lips.’ Was his words as he pushed you down on his cock, your throat retching and mouth aching from how long he’s had you sucking him off. Drool pooled around your cleavage and mouth, some even dribbling on the floor. Messy, just how he liked it.
- You were his manager, the one that helped with his team. Gave them their motivational talks, helped them get anything they need. It didn’t help that you were so pretty along it, such a pretty smile and so sweet at all times. Even when EJP lost games, you were still there, patting his back and telling him to get them next time.
- So when he saw you struggling in the supply closet, reaching upwards to try grab something, he took his chance, pushing you down forcefully on his cock. Ejaculating straight down your throat over and over until you can taste his urine. He wants everything he can get of you and he knew you were getting off to this. Such a whore for him.
- ‘Your wet arent you?’ He dragged you off, examining your beaten face.
- ‘Suna please…’ a cry bubbled from your throat as your glossy lips stared up at him, begging him for mercy on you. It’s not your fault you got so wet, you liked your men dominant.
- Your legs were so weak, you felt so used but he couldn’t help but get hard again over that, smearing his cock against your bruised lip, watching the way you squint your eyes shut and furrow you brows, knowing that there’s nothing to do with how he’s about to fuck you next
- ‘Open those fucking legs and keep that mouth shut, unless you want the rest of the team seeing this video?’
- Let’s just say, he wants as much as you as he can get
・❥・Atsumu Miya
- You was his next door neighbour. The attractive one, the one with the nice hair and good figure. Always working out, always active, always so greeting.
- Single, Young, Flirty and thriving. Just something a man like him once to rub his cock off too every now and then, wants you to push your beautiful tits together and jack him off - his mind was curious, and you helped fuel that.
- It was almost inevitable you two was to get so close so fast, and for him to invite you over to dinner one day just to have you be the actual meal took you off guard, especially because he lost all his asking manners.
- ‘Atsumu p-please a-ah no p-please…’ you moan, gripping the table as you attempt to kick him off, his strong grip on your thighs making you immobile, tongue feasting into your wet cunt as you force out your third orgasm already.
- It was horrible that he was so good at this, the growing erection in his pants tightening every time you sighed out a whine, a little disapproving message saying how you don’t want this, when he knew you were lying, you were always so bad at lying.
- ‘Tastes so fucking good, been keeping this from me hm?’ He asks, glaring up at you with his pretty, hungry eyes. Your juices splattered all over his tongue - embarrassment spread over your cheeks.
- You were so comforting, always there with him to watch a film, or share a meal, a little kiss planted on his lips was the furthest you guys ever went.
- He caught you staring at him, watching him work out in his garden, he could hear your small moans from your thin walls, he knew what time you masterbated and even deducted it down to the type of porn you watch.
- So do you blame a man for wanting more?
・❥・Kenma Kozume
- ‘FUCK!’ You scream, back arched and legs teared apart by his stronger body, fingers pushed deep inside your pussy as his cock was joined along side it, slow thrusts of his hips had you going feral, body so weak and tired under him. But he wouldn’t stop, not after how terrible his streaming went, he needed someone to blame, and sadly you - his roommate - was the closest thing.
- Being kind was always on the top of your list, you were so sweet to kenma and he knew that, but he just loved it. The caring motherly figure you thought to always take on.
- You heard him shout, throw his headphones on the floor as he angrily stormed around the room. Knocking on the door, he let you in. You let him rant to you, use you as a warm Bath even - only for the glint in his eyes to turn red and next thing you know you were pinned under him. Cum spilt all over your body as he used you as the sex toy he’s always wanted too.
- ‘Shut up- so fucking LOUD’ he deeply thrusted into you, a silent scream leaving your lips, eyes red and cried out. Tits swollen and cervix practically bruised from how much he’s played you out.
- Could you blame him? Such a pretty roommate, always wearing short shorts and tight tops with no bra’s letting your nipples play out under his sight, all he wants is a glass of water and there you are, always approaching him with your kind smile and warm hugs. The erection in his pants not always so easy to hide as you mindlessly grind into it, relieving him of some of his built up tension.
- He wanted you one day to himself, wanted to use that tight pussy as a cum bank every time he got annoyed at his profession
- You were such a fucking tease - can you blame him for doing this?
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