#kenny mccormick x reader
cartmankisser 2 days ago
you should just write hcs u wanna write n not wait for ppl to request !! (does that sound agressive??) but i get having a base to start off w isndjx,,, maybe craig, kenny, kyle and whoever else u want w dates they鈥檇 wanna take their s/o on? not sure if that鈥檚 too specific but it seems like a fun idea :)
reblogs > likes
for craig,, he'd probably like something chill!! just a lazy date at home with junk food and movies, maybe you two could walk to the park or something else that's close to his house!
he just wants to make a comfortable environment for you two to just relax!! he doesn't want to do anything too crazy or intense, just something where you two can enjoy eachothers company peacefully!!
for kenny,, he does not want you at his house,, but he still wants something chill like craig! maybe a quiet picnic at the park!! picking flowers and messing with frogs and bugs that you two find!
he's definitely embarrassed about his living situation, but he still wants to be the dominant and "cool" one in the relationship and invite you out to dates, and he thinks this is a good compromise!! he brought tons of junk food and soda for the two of you, so i mean it's pretty much the same thing as craig's date,,??馃し
kyle wants to show you how much of a gentle man he is!! he'd love to take you to a nice restaurant where he can show you how good of a boyfriend he will be to you!!
he'd let you buy appetizers and desserts and still pay for you!! like this man,, empties his pockets for you 馃槥with money he stole from cartman, doing extra chores around the house, and maybe even picking up a small part time job like babysitting, like he just has to show you how much you mean to him!!
(also i could totally see him taking you to a school dance for a first date, but i think this is cuter)
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michu-writes 3 months ago
Can I ask hcs for main 4 + Butters for reader who is something like a parent figure? like they take care of them, make cookies, let them sleep over and talk about what's happened to them lately, what they're worried about and sometimes play video games with them?
A/N: You didn't specify romantic or plotanic or if you wanted it separate or not, so I made it plotanic and just with the whole gang. I hope you're okay with it!
Tumblr media
The boys loves you.
Cartman accidentally called you either mom or dad at least ONCE and got picked on by it. Who could blame him though?
You're just so hhh /pos!! You're literally the one who keeps the group in control LMAO.
Kenny would make "Mommy/daddy" jokes so you'll have to spank him with a shoe. He's weird, but a sweetheart.
When Cartman is having an outburst, literally just say a simple "stop" and he will. He has a soft spot for you, but wont admit it.
Stan always vents to you (with permission of course), and feels so comfortable around you. You both could talk about anything, and he loves how he knows that you wont judge him for anything. The same goes for Kyle.
They love your cookies, they always brag about you to others! Cartman would eat/steal most of the cookies though and the others would get really mad-
And of course theres always sleepovers whenever they can. Like at least once a week or something /hj. It's so fun, and you have to make sure that they don't do anything stupid or stay up too late.
Kyle would probably be like "Listen to (y/n)!" and "Guys how about (y/n)?" like bro omg
Their parents loves you too so much, they're really happy that they have such a sweet friend like you always around!
Also I feel like the others would always go easy on you when you play video games together because they don't want you to feel bad or anything LMAO
Tumblr media
Since when were kids in South Park so sweet and nice what /lh
Would ALWAYS brag about you to his parents and Cartman and the others. Nothing could stop him
He'd always say yes to sleepovers as long as he can stay with you! He thinks being around you is always a stress reliever, and he feels so safe. Also bake together, that would be so nice.
He absolutely loves your cookies! He'd ask you to bake it for him all the time. He says that your cookies could never get passed anything else.
Knowing he coulde talk to you about anything makes him so happy. He thinks you're sucha good listener and everything aaa.
He really do sees you as a parent figure.
He'd gladly play video games with you, it's always really fun!
Cuddles? Cuddles.
Cuddles with him is literally the best what. It's just so fucking comfy and soft and-
No seriously he's literally all in when cuddling, and he's always the small spoon because yeah.
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vrisrezis 4 months ago
main 4 with a touchy s/o? like not sexually just like a lot of hugs and rubbing their arm or something like that lol
Stan doesn鈥檛 mind, he would probably like it actually! Wendy wasn鈥檛 all to physical other than occasional hand holdings and kisses, so he appreciates somebody that always wants to hug him. Though, he has to push you away to puke sometimes.
Kyle is always red in the face from it, but he loves it regardless and always tries to reciprocate anyway he can. He gets shy about it sometimes, and usually opts for you holding onto his arm or something that isn鈥檛 too noticeably to other people.
Cartman might be a bit dramatic, claiming that you鈥檙e too overbearing to his friends. However, he secretly likes it and always reciprocates and gets mad when you鈥檙e not being touchey. Everyone knows he likes it btw.
Kenny loves it, might even brag to his friends about how touchy you are with him. He鈥檚 always hugging you, or holding your hand. Physical affection is his love language so out of the four buys id say he loves this shit the most.
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plushiesssforcrying 4 months ago
Craig, Kenny and Kyle; with a crush who is usually silent around the boys, but once around their (readers) friends they suddenly turn chaotic? They mumble the things they randomly think about "wish i was a snail, snails dont have homwork" - "would you still love me if i was a worm?" And such, often deciding to 'threathen' their friends to fight behind mcdonalds? - 馃枍 might be too specific , but sounded like a fun scenario
this is so funny, i also used my oc's gang for reader's gang (it consist of mal smirnov, gregory of yardale, damien thorn and gary harrison)
other characters under the cut
warnings? swearing
art by; HikariShiroki on Twitter
Tumblr media
craig would be caught off guard by how loud you were
it was the first time he sat with you and your friends during lunchtime and he didn't expect you to be loud
your friends did warn him a few times but wow
"Don't you wish you were a snail?"
The sentence came out of your mouth fairly quick, confusing your boyfriend.
"Elaborate." Mal, one of your friends, quickly asked, drinking from his flask.
"No homework."
"They probably have snail school." Gregory spoke up, a look of mischief across his face while he read his book.
"What is there to a being a snail, you eat leaves, fuck shit up, mate with another snail, lay eggs then die!"
"Your small brain just can't comprehend how hard it is being a snail." Damien shook his head, obviously fighting a growing smile as he joined in teasing you.
"You guys are fucking with me." You turned to Craig, still confused how none of your friends are bothered and your sudden change of personality. "Craig, do you think there's a snail school?"
"Uh, no?"
"Hah! See? Craig is smart unlike you guys!" The rest of your collectively gave a small laughter, some rolling their eyes playfully.
later on, he asked your friends about your change in behavior and they only tell him that it's something you do around them
later on in the relationship, you'd be as loud as you were with him like when you were with your friends
tricia finds it weird how different you became while you were around her and when you were around craig
he doesn't mind it, he likes hearing you rant
he would fall asleep hearing you rant
he loves your voice and is glad he gets to hear it more
art by; day_artist on Twitter
Tumblr media
kenny would actually love your energy
the first time you were really loud is when you invited him to hang out at mal's house
You groaned frustratingly when the game over screen appeared on the TV screen while Damien smirked smugly.
"Let's go! You and me! The back of the McD's, let's throw down!" You shouted all of a sudden, putting your hands up while still seated beside Damien on the floor.
Kenny had been watching you the whole time when you cursed out your friends whenever you lost a game or when they teased you relentlessly.
Catching his amused stare, Gregory explained that this was a normal scenario while the rest of your friends laughed at your stupid tough guy act.
he loves hearing your stupid thoughts when you got comfortable enough in your relationship
karen often gets confused by your sudden out-loud thoughts
when you say something like "let's run into a river for no reason" he'd happily do the request
he's a little bit of a chaotic shit himself
art by; katsutaaki on Tumblr
Tumblr media
kyle would also be caught off-guard by your sudden change in demeanor
he thought you were just shy or something since that's how you acted before around him
and then he started hanging out with your friends
"Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
"No." Gregory didn't miss a beat to respond to you, while Kyle was still processing what you sudden thought.
"Fuck you! Kyle, would you still love me if I was a worm?" Kyle stuttered before replying with a questioning, "Yes??"
Gary pat his back pitifully, "Don't worry, Kyle, you don't have to lie, we know worms are disgusting." he sneered as you started to protest loudly.
He could only watch you, amused.
takes a bit for him to adjust to your change
he actually finds your questions interesting and frustrating
ike finds it funny how you drive his brother crazy
you asked something like, "if the sun disappeared, how would the world react?" and he's on his way to find out and possibly make a presentation on it
it's kinda helpful sometimes
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allabtsouthpark 3 months ago
Main 4 and reader wants to play with their hair
kenny and cartman under cut
Stan would be flustered a bit;
"u sure?? are u really sure???"
sometimes he skips taking a shower bcs 1. he has more time, 2. showers take work, 3. depression what else can i say
so yea he will let you play with his hair but depending if he has taken a shower or not
if he hasnt taken a shower, reassure him that its fine if he hasn't taken a shower, sometimes its hard to do but that doesn't make him any less cool or whatever else adjective you describe him
just make sure to praise him when he has showered as it encourages him to not skip so often
back to the hair playing, he loves it! melts when he feels you running your hands on his hair and becomes relaxed :]
Kyle,,, well;
"sorry, no"
he doesnt really want you to touch his hair when its curly
not bcs hes really insecure about it-- its just that it might hurt his curly hair, cause knots on it and stuff according to his mom and what he knows of it (yes this is true info)
so he will flat out decline you, sorry
but once he cuts his hair, you get a bit of freedom for a little while
he tells you to stop but sometimes he doesnt want it to so he acts as if he forgets and lets you continue
but really, you should stop for his sake lol
overall, the whole thing is really nice for kyle but he doesn't want to deal with his disrupted hair afterwards
he will play with your hair if you want though!
Kenny lets you do so immediately;
"holy shit yes!"
you think this guy hasn't fantasized about this before?? well youre wrong! he sure fucking has
his hair is pretty messy, tangled up and no its not because he cant afford a comb, he just doesnt mind to do so because he wears a parka
but dw just comb it and you'll be fine
he melts immediately and is all giggly when you do so
if he wants u to play with his hair, he will say "hey i combed my hair today" and hope you get what hes trying to say
overall, he rates it a 1000/10, said so himself
Cartman doesnt really like it;
"ew what the fuck"
doesn't get why its cute and he dislikes it
he doesnt HATE it but it doesnt work for him
hes like a cat
he doesnt want to do it when you say so
but he does it when he thinks you need it
hes not emotionless
so if youre sad or mad, he will let you play with his hair
he likes the feeling a bit but gets bored overtime
overall, its just cartman being cartman
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dezzzi 5 months ago
鈥淵ay, Dezzi has finally posted after falling off the face of the earth.鈥
-you, probably
Married headcanons with the Post-Covid!Boys鈩
Gender neutral reader cause I love yall.聽
Post-covid spoilers ovi
Stan Marsh:
- Stan has such a negative self image that someone loving him is so out of the realm of possibility.
- Tell him you love him eight times a day or he鈥檒l be convinced you hate him. /hj
- Will refuse to admit he has an alcohol problem.
- Takes a while to get him to go to AA meetings but eventually you convince him.
- But he鈥檒l only go if you go with him.
- Gets flustered easily.
- Stan when he gets any kind of affection:聽 馃挀馃檳馃挆馃挊馃挐鉂p煓堭煉烉煉
- Giving affection he鈥檚 kind of nervous聽
- Doesn't matter how long you鈥檝e been married, he still hesitates a little when he kisses you.
- Also cries during arguments a lot.
- Very protective. (doesn't want to lose you like he lost Sharon and Shelly)
- like the please don't leave me or I'll die kind of way.
- Wants to feel useful so he does all of the household chores when you go to work.
- He鈥檒l try and cook for you too but it鈥檚 all microwaved. (Omg trama)
- Hug him from behind while he鈥檚 doing chores. I dare you.
- Spoiler: he鈥檒l die聽
- Malewife core Stan ftw
Kyle Broflovski
- If Stan is a malewife, Kyle is a girlboss
- Wins EVERY argument -lawyer brain-
- Doesn't matter if he鈥檚 wrong. He will be right.
- Has gotten a hold on his anger issues but does slip up sometimes.
- He feels awful afterwards and showers you with affection and apologies.
- If you both work he鈥檒l surprise you at your workplace.
- If you work from home (or don't work) and bring him lunch he will cry.
- Kyle is also very protective.聽
- Like in a 鈥淚f anyone even looks at you wrong I will snap鈥 kind of way.
- Is romantic as hell
- like he will buy roses and recite poetry.
- Yall are attached to the hip honestly.
- like he misses you while you're in the bathroom.
- Wants to have kids.
- But if you don't it鈥檚 fine.
- He just has to get a refund on a shit ton of baby clothes.
Kenny McCromick聽
- First of all yall are not married.
- You two have a common law marriage. Since you've been together for 1 million years.
- Not because he doesn't love you or anything. He just doesn't see the point in spending a lot on a wedding.
- You two are still the cutest couple.
- I honestly see Kenny in a poly relationship with Butters but that's for another day.
- Like all three of you cuddle piling.
- Is busy all the time, so anytime he gets to hang out with you is amazing.
- He鈥檚 got his lab husband but what about his house spose.
- Very Common for him to crawl into your lap after getting home.
- Doesn't matter how much bigger he is than you. He will make a home on your lap.
- He鈥檚 just clingy tbh.
- Anytime he is home he鈥檚 just on you.
- Cuddling, Hugging, smooching,...other stuff. He just wants you around.
- Y'all barely ever argue, but when you do, he tries to resolve it as soon as possible.
- He has seen what fighting can do to a marriage and he鈥檚 breaking the cycle.
- Kenny is best girl tbh
Eric Cartman
- Nothing.
- He has a wife and her name is Yentl
- Also I just found out that Yentl鈥檚 name is a reference to Baraba Streisand because of course it is.
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glitz-park 3 months ago
Kenny McCormick
So yk how Kenny鈥檚 poor and shi- what if Kenny came over and you wash his hair for him 馃槱 (non seggsualy and like fifteen) he def has mad dandruff
Request: Yes
Bath Time
Kenny sat in your tub at the house with swim shorts on, it had been seven months the last time water has touched his body. The water was warm and there was bubbles surrounding the boy, your sleeves were pushed up and Kenny sat there relaxed.
You put some shampoo on your hands after getting the boys hair wet, your hands went through his tangled gold hair. 鈥淜en close your eyes鈥 you spoke while grabbing a cup to collect water, the boy squeezed his eyes shut and put his head back as you poured water over his hand and scrubbed.
Kenny liked the feeling of you fingers combing through his gold locks, you put a good amount of conditioner in your hand and scrubbed at his head causing it to bubble up, he let out a low groan at the feeling of your fingers leaving his hair.
You made him wash his body while the conditioner sat for a little, (he threw the bubbles at your face) after you finished rinsing out his hair he dried off his body and you let him change.
Once he was done you walked back in to dry his hair, pulling out a hairdryer and took the towel. You sat on top of the sink counter and pulled him forward, drying majority of his hair with the towel and then you turned on the hairdryer.
鈥淒oes that feel better Kenneth?鈥 You only got a hum in respond but a smile on his face.
anytime the mf made some sexual joke you pulled his hair.
he definitely splashed you with water.
Tumblr media
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dreams-of-my-childhood 6 months ago
hi! could you do a main 4+ Butters x insomniac reader? I've been struggling with insomnia lately and Im curious how you would think they'd help the reader with insomnia
Of course, please take care of yourself anon!
Eric Cartman
Eric is honestly a bit of an insomniac himself.聽
He could go to sleep anytime he wanted but he just doesn鈥檛. Instead he prefers to stay up texting you.
He鈥檚 honestly no help at all- he鈥檚 an enabler.聽
When you finally decided to head to sleep and send him a goodnight message, he鈥檒l complain, whine and ask you to stay up longer to talk to him.
But the weird thing is, he doesn鈥檛 seem to loose any sleep at all.
It鈥檚 like he鈥檚 never tired at school, even though you know you were messaging him until 4 in the morning.聽
Eric is a weird one, but at least unsleepable nights aren鈥檛 as lonely.
Kyle Broflovski
He鈥檚 also no help at all.
Kyle is the type to fall asleep the moment his bed hits the pillow so he can鈥檛 relate to you all that much.
He will try to understand and do his own research about insomnia.聽
Basically, this is what his search history looked like;
what is insomnia how to treat insomnia聽 how to help a loved one with insomnia sleep meditation does cuddling help with insomnia
After his afternoon of googling, he will try to tell you tips to help you sleep (but its nothing you haven't heard before).
Ultimately he does understand better, and will help you through long, tiring days of school.
Stan Marsh
Stan is similar to Eric, in that he stays up to chat with you but he does not have insomnia.
He actually falls asleep on call with you a lot.
鈥淵ou should come over to my house, you鈥檒l sleep easier with me.鈥
鈥淪tan, that鈥檚 really not how it works.鈥澛
The enthusiasm is there, but he doesn鈥檛 know how to help.
He did buy you sleeping vitamins, and they somewhat helped.
He鈥檚 very soft and understanding when you鈥檙e tired at school, or lethargic. He鈥檚 actually relatively comforting.
His shoulder is always free to lean on <3
Kenny McCormick
Kenny uses your insomnia as an excuse to sleep with you.
The mf will show up at your window and push you aside to get in bed with you.
He鈥檚 a tight cuddler
It鈥檚 actually quite comforting
He makes sure you stay off your phone and keep your eyes closed, and.. it does help.
You鈥檝e been getting a lot more sleep than usual
Who knew you just needed a smelly poor boy to sleep with??
Butters Stotch
Butters gets a little anxious about you being an insomniac.
He wants to help but doesn鈥檛 know if he can??
He overcompensates by taking super care of you at school.
He gets your lunch, offers to do your homework, carries your books and somewhat babies you.
鈥淏utters, I鈥檓 not sick or anything. You don鈥檛 need to keep doing all these things for me.鈥
He鈥檚 just worried about you, but he will back off if you tell him he鈥檚 doing too much.
The blondie still will worry about you, no matter how many times you tell him you鈥檙e fine.
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southparkbrainrot 9 months ago
饾惌饾悺饾悶 饾惁饾悮饾悽饾惂 饾悷饾惃饾惍饾惈 饾惏饾悽饾惌饾悺 饾悮 饾悹饾悽饾惈饾惀饾惒 饾惉/饾惃
Tumblr media
a/n 釢 first fic :) hope it鈥檚 good (=麓鈭锝)
warnings 釢 none! (i think?)
reader 釢 gender neutral
Tumblr media
饾悶饾惈饾悽饾悳 饾悳饾悮饾惈饾惌饾惁饾悮饾惂
he really likes your personality, but warms up to your clothing. it鈥檚 just so鈥 feminine..
cartman will never let you paint his nails or do his makeup when others are around. you have to promise to never tell anyone else if you really want to dress him up and stuff 馃え
will buy you all the stereotypically girly things you could want (by whining to liane for money鈥) - skirts, lipgloss鈥 anything. literally anything
1 time, someone at school was bullying you for your clothes and how you were 鈥渄eliberately trying to be in the male gaze鈥
you told eric, and in typically cartman fashion, he literally fkn creating a whole plan on how to get revenge
searches through your stuff to understand more about girls
he likes to listen to pop music with you secretly, even if he acts like it sucks
Tumblr media
饾惉饾惌饾悮饾惂 饾惁饾悮饾惈饾惉饾悺
stan thinks you鈥檙e adorable!
when you come over to meet his parents, his parents also think you鈥檙e adorable
if he comes over to your house, he鈥檒l be baffled by how feminine your place is. the collection of pop cds, magazines..
likes to do crafts with you like making sea shell necklaces, taking cute pictures with polaroids, etc.
doesn鈥檛 really like going shopping with you, but likes to watch you get excited over small things
like cartman, you can only do stan鈥檚 makeup if you promise to never tell anyone
too bad butters walked in on stan and you while he had blue eyeshadow and winged eyeliner on 馃樁鈥嶐煂笍
after that, you aren鈥檛 allowed to do his makeup anymore :,)
Tumblr media
饾悿饾惒饾惀饾悶 饾悰饾惈饾惃饾悷饾惀饾惃饾惎饾惉饾悿饾悽
unlike the others, kyle will let you style him, even if he gets teased by his friends <3
鈥渨hat鈥檚 with the clown get-up?鈥
鈥渟hut the hell up, cartman!鈥
paints your nails and decorates them as best as he can - he鈥檚 trying his best ;w;
kyle and you both make cookies!! he even bought pink frosting and sprinkles, although his cookies are considerably more messy鈥
will blush if he sees you in a skirt
buys you some cute necklaces from forever 21 whenever he gets his hands on a couple of dollar bills
loves to dick around with your stuff when you鈥檙e not looking
Tumblr media
饾悿饾悶饾惂饾惂饾惒 饾惁饾悳饾悳饾惃饾惈饾惁饾悽饾悳饾悿
this man has never met someone as girly as you before
but he totally adores your personality and sense of style - it鈥檚 cute ^^
kenny can鈥檛 really afford to buy you gifts, but he vows to buy you at least a couple of accessories like tiny handbags
you鈥檙e not allowed to do his makeup or nails at all. period. if you put it on him when he鈥檚 sleeping, he鈥檒l thankfully laugh it off and find a way to enact revenge later
helps you decorate your room
also likes to mess around with your things, even when you鈥檙e present. will tease you relentlessly
will go through the process of dying and being brought back to life just to get you some cd or a piece of jewelry that you like
Tumblr media
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yujitado 2 months ago
pov: kenny overstiming you
18+ ofc!!! aged up to post covid!!!
kenny鈥檚 hands gripped your thighs as his tongue lapped your clit. you recently orgasmed yet he kept going. he was so hungry for you. your pussy to be exact. he enjoyed your light whines and the juices that danced on his taste buds. he鈥檇 been paying so much attention to your clit that he forgot about the rest of your body. you craved to be filled. you wanted his cock so bad but selfishly, he wouldn鈥檛 give it to you. 鈥渒en- kenny, waitt鈥 he was in pure bliss. i mean why do you taste so fucking good? 鈥渉mm?鈥 he hummed underneath you making you slightly jolt for the vibration 鈥渟鈥檛oo much- ahh鈥 you whined, hoping for him to give you a break..but he didn鈥檛. he was hungry for the sweet sounds of your release and the juices that might鈥檝e sprayed out of your pussy. 鈥渕mmmm鈥 he hummed again. this time a little longer, now that he knew how much it affected you. to much of your disliking your second orgasm washed over you. those sweet sweet sounds pouring out of your mouth and those sweet sweet juices spraying outta your pussy. 鈥済ood girl鈥 kenny hummed
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cyb3rs0na a month ago
I wanna request team stan with a friend who has a resting bitch face 24/7 that looks really mean but ends up being an absolute sweetheart- helps you with anything, occasionally bringing candy for other, forgives other no matter how bad it is- yk?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
: 虠虁鉃 Includes: This is platonic, gender neutral reader.
: 虠虁鉃 Note: First request on this account! Also, this is my first time writing South Park, so I apologize if it's occ. I assume you want them聽separately, but I can always do them as a group.
Tumblr media
藲鈧娐 蜔蜔蜑蜑鉃斥潵 STAN MARSH
: 虠虁鉃 To be honestly, Stan was a bit scared of you. He thought that you would make fun of him.
: 虠虁鉃 But you were a really nice person, which made Stan a bit surprised.
: 虠虁鉃浡燳ou both became friends and hang out in each other鈥檚 home. His parents really love when you come over, you鈥檙e like really nice.
: 虠虁鉃浡 Stan is surprised that you would forgive people no matter the situation. Like one time, he accidentally broke a school project. But you forgave him, and stayed up late to fix it or make a new one.
: 虠虁鉃 Overall, he loves having a really sweet friend. :)
: 虠虁鉃浡燢yle tried avoiding you. He thought you would make fun of him.
: 虠虁鉃 One day, you and him assigned as partners in a project. He didn鈥檛 like it at first, but then he was wrong. Kyle wants you to be his friend. Fortunately for him, you became his friend.
: 虠虁鉃 He loves how you would defend him, like whenever Cartman says something rude about Kyle being a jew, you defend him (Kyle)聽in the nicest way possible
: 虠虁鉃 Overall, Kyle loves having you around and defend him.聽
藲鈧娐 蜔蜔蜑蜑鉃斥潵 ERIC CARTMAN
: 虠虁鉃 Cartman made fun of you. He joked about how you would kill everyone because you look mean.
: 虠虁鉃 But somehow you both end up being friends?? Everyone was shocked because you and Cartman were like opposites. Cartman聽 teases you for being really nice.
: 虠虁鉃 He likes how you bring snacks, but he likes it or even loves it even more if you bring him Kfc.
: 虠虁鉃 This was kinda short. Overall Cartman teases you a lot.
: 虠虁鉃 Kenny didn鈥檛 really thought much about you at first.
: 虠虁鉃 One day, you decided to talk to him and asked him if he wants to be friends. He accepted.
: 虠虁鉃 He loves how sweet you are. You bring him food and stuff. He wishes he can give you stuff too, but he doesn鈥檛 have the money. He saves money to get you something. Kenny is glad that you don鈥檛 mind him being perverted and the fact that you don鈥檛 judge him for not having a lot of money. He鈥檒l have a crush on you soon.
: 虠虁鉃 Overall, Kenny is happy that you鈥檙e his friend. Because you don鈥檛 judge him. :)
Tumblr media
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boku-no-imagine-acadamia 4 months ago
Hi! Would it be ok to request main 4 + butters on how they would try to impress their crush please?
you got it bro ;)
Main 4 (and Butters) trying to impress their crush
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle would definitely try to convince you to go to his basketball games
its the one sport he's actually good at so he definitely wants you there to cheer him on
he'd defo invite you to an arcade so you can watch him play guitar hero
even better if you want to play it with him because you taking an interest in his stuff makes him love you even more
he really just wants you to know he's interesting
Stan Marsh
Stan, like Kyle, wants you to come to his football games, but he's a bit more weary of it due to Wendy always being in attendance
he doesn't want her trying anything with you
he also tells you all sorts of stories involving him and saving various things
sometimes you think they're embellished but at the same time they seem like stories that couldn't be made up
he's worried that you judge him based off of his friends reputations and not for who he actually is
he wants you to think he's a good person more than anything
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman? impressing a girl? on purpose? never.
well thats what he wants you to think
hes sneaky with his attempts at impressing you (he isn't he just thinks he is)
"hey y/n look at how many cheesy poofs I can fit in my mouth"
definitely is the type to be more aggressive with his friends when youre around, which can be sort of off putting
Kyle gets the brunt of this aggression and will often get into fist fights with Cartman in front of you
Cartman wants you to think he's super tough and badass (because he is)
Kenny McCormick
Kenny doesn't have much to impress you with
he kinda doesn't try
like he'll just show up at your house and... not leave
your parents are used to it at this point but its still strange having a kid climb through your bedroom window
he really wants you to like him for who he is, and not some bullshit version of himself
Butters Stotch
Butters puts on a cool kid act
or... what he thinks a cool kid is
he slicks his hair back with gel, wears sunglasses inside, and dons a black leather jacket
he even changes the way he walks and talks around you
everyone else thinks its awful, but you find it cute
Butters, like Cartman wants you to think that he's super cool
(ends up putting on a Professor Chaos act)
Hope this is good!
asks open
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falloutjay 6 months ago
Hello! Could I please request the boys finding out that s/o is actually a girl. A bit of background is that they always wore boyish clothing and always wore baggy hoodies with the hood up to hide the fact they are a girl. They are a tomboy but they are afraid of what the guys might do if they found out. She was ostracized by the girls for their likes and interests, so she hid the fact that they were a girl since she knew what the girl and boy dynamics was in South Park. She just doesn鈥檛 want to be alone in the end.
Here it is! And I absolutely love the idea, so thank you very much anon!
I have mixed feeling on the outcome but that might just be me.
I hope you enjoy it dear anon and hope you have a nice day! <3
If anyone feels like requesting a OS about any of these go ahead, I'm so down for that!)
The boys with a tomboy!Reader who hid being a girl
General headcanon: I think all of them would defend you if any of the girls talk shit about you.
His main reaction would just be blinking, mouth agape and looking absolutely confused. (Insert the blinking guy meme)
鈥淪crew you guys, I鈥檓 going home.鈥 And he only says that because he needs his distance from the situation.
He will need a Clyde-Frog therapy session to properly think about the whole thing and might even ask his mom for advice.
So, the Y/N that he has been friends with for so long now turned out to be a girl. A girl. A stinky, stupid girly girl.
Cartman has a hard time figuring out what to think before his mother tells him that he liked Y/N before so why should he now behave any different?
Once Erics brain fully comprehends that, he will be right back to his usual self and treat you just like he did before. Just because you鈥檙e a girl, you鈥檙e not safe from being called every curse word in the book should you upset him.
He doesn鈥檛 get why you鈥檇 be afraid of having your secret uncovered before he remembered all the somewhat sexist conversations you five had.
He will awkwardly apologize about it and try to stupidly explain why they did it before you just ask him inside for some videogames.
He will gladly take you up on that offer (Anything to get out of the awkward apologize mess) and he will see that nothing really changed.
You still talk like you used to, the same topics like World of Warcraft, how your favorite sports teams are doing.
When the day ends, Stan realizes that nothing has to change. You were still same old Y/N, and it didn鈥檛 matter if you were a girl.
In fact, the thought that you being a girl made you even cooler.
He will be left dumbfounded.
A weird feeling will be all he feels as he thinks about that you were a girl the whole time.
Now that he thinks about it, it kinda made sense to him?
Like how you avoided swimming with the guys, getting undressed in the same room and all that.
How didn鈥檛 he notice before? You really blindsided them.
He knows better than to make a big fuss about it, so he will just give space if needed and once you all go back to hanging out together nothing seems changed.
He will just smile super bright and extend his hand to collect five dollars from Cartman.
You question him about it, but he will just tell you he had a suspicion. He just won鈥檛 tell you why.
Nothing in his behavior changes that much. You knew he doesn鈥檛 particularly care about the gender of someone, so he just switches specific parts of his jokes so that they now fit better.
It pretty chill to hang out with him after your secret is out, since he doesn鈥檛 need time like the others and just keeps treating you the same.
Should you worry about coming off as too girly, he will happily remind you that he lets his sister paint his nails, make his hair and that he was a Japanese princess once.
So you really don鈥檛 have to worry about a thing.
Why worry about anything, its Butters!
You knew fairly well he had sexist tendencies and could be a dick sometimes but once he discovered youre a girl, he will just keep on going like he always did.
He might invite you to paint each other鈥檚 nails and talk over your fear.
He will tell you about that one time he was forced to play a girl and become 鈥淢ajorine鈥 for some stupid future telling devise.
鈥淎nyway, what I wanted to say was that I really enjoyed being a girl during that time, since the girls were somewhat nice. No worries that I will treat you any different than before, Y/N!鈥
Seemed pretty distressed about it.
鈥淒ude, I told her how long my dick is. That鈥檚 a guy thing.鈥
Even his friends don鈥檛 get his problem.
It鈥檒l be super awkward between you two, before you talk about it over some food.
You will awkwardly apologize for basically deceiving him and he will apologize for freaking out over you being a girl.
Once that it over you two get super close and he really enjoys how you can give him a little insight on what girls might like.
Pretty shocked, he never thought one of his closest friends would not be what they seem!
But he will quickly reassure you that nothing between you changes.
He will be the voice of reason within Craigs gang and remind them that you still have the same interest and hobbies as they do.
You thank him for doing so, but he won鈥檛 accept your thanks, as he thinks it should be normal.
He is interested in hearing your reason for hiding your gender and once you tell him, he kinda gets it but also tells you that you don鈥檛 have to hide anything from him, as he wont ever judge you for your interests.
Should you tell him he wont have much of a reaction to it. A simple 鈥淥kay. Cool.鈥 Will be the most you get out of him if you tell him.
If he finds out by other circumstances he wont say much and cut the hang out short or just leave.
He will need some space to think about the whole thing, reevaluate your friendship.
But he will come around.
He will later question why he felt so weird about you being a girl originally, as he feels this doesn鈥檛 change all that much between you guys.
He thinks that your tomboy looks fit you better than a girly look, but he would like anything you wear as long as you feel comfortable in it.
He feels uneasy about it at first.
You hid being a girl from him, so what else were you hiding in those oversized hoodies of yours?!
Tweek will probably behave weirdly around you (Not as long as Clyde and Cartman though) but them come slowly around, once you assure him you won鈥檛 hide anything important from him anymore.
He fully supports you wearing something more girly and will happily compliment you on any clothes you pick out.
To show you his support he will try to experiment with a new style for himself and will ask you for help.
You didn鈥檛 know that going out shopping with someone like Tweek could be that much fun.
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vrisrezis 5 months ago
Main 4 + butters with an s/o who likes to spoil them
Stan admittedly isn鈥檛 used to it? He always appreciates what you do for him though, sometimes he鈥檒l try to spoil you back. I feel bad for you, he always ends up puking because the gesture was really sweet.
Kyle always tells you 鈥淚 told you, you don鈥檛 need to buy me things stop wasting your money on me!鈥 But he will always gladly take the gift and usually tries to pay you back cause he feels like he kinda owes you one.
Cartman LOVES this, always brags to his friends about the sweet new gift you bought him. He鈥檚 a spoiled brat to begin with, so he loves that you spoil him even more, but you鈥檙e playing with dangerous fire.
Kenny loves this too, it makes him really happy. Granted, he could never really get spoiled ever so he really appreciates what you do for him and he ends up working extra hours just so get can get you something in return.
Butters will also try to get you something in return, if he didn鈥檛 he would probably get grounded but he also just really wants to repay you for your kindness! He always ends up telling his friends about it and they find it grossly sweet.
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cartmankisser 3 months ago
Would you write for the main 4's artist s/o/crush drawing them?
i鈥檓 gonna do crush because i have such a soft spot for mutual pining omg
kyle dies inside. like he completely freezes and all he can think about is just trying to keep his cool when his cheeks are as hot as the sun.
same with stan. he鈥檚 trying so hard not to vomit all over you, but when he inevitably does, he has kyle explain to you that he actually loves the picture, he鈥檚 鈥渏ust sick鈥
cartman makes fun of your art, but once you finally leave, he totally keeps the picture. he keeps it folded up really small and hidden in his drawer, but he looks at it whenever he thinks of you.
kenny is a lot more confident than the previous boys!! he would show his excitement and appreciated!! he would act like cartman with it, but he wouldn鈥檛 keep it hidden at all!! he would probably put it on his wall or in his locker
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goldrushproblems 3 months ago
how would the main 4 react to finding out their fem! s/o has a lot of female admirers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters. kenny mccormick, eric cartman, stan marsh, kyle broflovski
warnings. none
note. is this an excuse to write jealous main four? yes. /hj
Tumblr media
jealous jealous jealous jealous jeal鈥 STAN knows you'll never leave him for your admirers, and you reassure him that you wont all the time!
and he gets that youre attractive and loveable and stuff but like.. why you? why cant it be someone other than his s/o? he trusts you not to leave him though, but he'll be jealous anyway
hes the most jealous of all of them, its like him getting jealous of wendy being with gregory of yardale that one episode all over again
Tumblr media
im sorry, ill continue the headcanons
CARTMAN is second on the jealous chart.
when he figures out you've got a lot of admirers he gets all pouty and a lot meaner (i'd say he'd threaten to k1ll h1ms3lf but i feel like thats a bit over the top)
hes jealous because, one. he wants admirers >:(. and two. youre his s/o! it should be illegal for someone other than him to admire you!! (/j)
he knows you'll never leave him, he believes you wont at least. just reassure him that you wont pls
but when you do reassure him, he'll just be like " i know 馃檮馃檮 "
Tumblr media
KYLE loves you, but oh my god please reassure him that you arent gonna leave him for your admirers.
but he thinks its pretty cool that you have admirers!!
hes also kind of in the middle of immediately getting jealous and super chill about it. he wouldnt mind at all, though! you're cool and attractive, and have a great personality so he understood why you'd have admirers.
he'll most definitely mention your admirers in an arguement cause hes pissed and insecure. he'll say some shit like ' well if youre so fucking pissed off then go cheat on me with one of your admirers! '
you better stop the arguement and reassure him that you wont do that smh my head.
Tumblr media
KENNY is literally the only chill one here, he doesnt mind if you have admirers! he trusts you a lot!!
hes probably one of your admirers too (in secret and hes also not a girl), thats probably how you two ended up together.
he sometimes reads the letters you get from admirers, but is just really chill about reading them.
overall, he doesnt mind if you have admirers. he knows you wont leave him and sometimes jokes about your admirers to you sometimes
Tumblr media
(i am once again lazy to think of a joke)
note. i dont know/forgot what an admirer is and im assuming that its like people writing letters to you cause you admire you
i hope that was okay!!
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dezzzi 6 months ago
I'm back again to write more ass! :D
G/N reader
Kenny McCormick
The horny bastard has been thinking about those sweet, sweet lips since he first saw you.
Let's be honest, you're hot so he asked you out a week after meeting you.
He doesn't make a big deal out of your first kiss so he does it right after asking you out.
You guys are underneath the bleachers after school and after you accept, he pulls you in for as kiss.
Sadly y'all had to pull away after heckling from the football team. *cough* Clyde *cough*
Eric Cartman
Eric doesn't have 'crushes' especially not on losers like you. Okay?
He may stare at you in class, Try to hang out with you all the time, and bring your shampoo so he could smell the aroma of your hair all the time.
But he doesn't like you! Got that? Actually he hates you.
If course, everyone see through the ill hidden feelings of the local fatass. So, Kenny and Butters hatch a plan to get you together.
Token has a Halloween party every year and they get everyone to play seven minutes in heaven.
You two are the first to get paired off. (There not a magnets in the bottle guys.)
The closet is small so you two are pretty close and cartman is completely red in the face.
"Hey man, are you good? Youre kind of red." He looks you in the eyes for a while. "Eric?" Then he kisses you.
Seven minutes well spent imo
Butters Scotch
Butters is smitten with you.
Your the one who asked him out after his painfully cute courting of you.
Flowers, Teddy bears, chocolates, walking you to class, notes in your locker, etc.
So, your first date has butters freaking the fuck out.
In preparation, he asked a good friend for date advice. Sadly that was cartman.
"Dude, You gotta kiss them first date. Make sure it's good cause no one will stay with a shitty kisser."
"But I've barely kissed anybody!"
"Damn bro, guess you'll be single."
So, fast forward to the date and man is sweating bullets.
You keep asking if he's okay and he says he is but he looks extremely nervous. Finally It becomes too much and he tells you what's wrong.
You burst out laughing. "Butters, you know we don't have to kiss right?" You say after you catch your breath.
"But I want to! I really like you y/n!"
So you lean over and kiss him. "See it's just a kiss" He's completely res in the face.
"Oh y-yeah.
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plushiesssforcrying 4 months ago
How about Kenny,Kyle, and Tweak (seperately) with a reader who really likes/wants to play with their hair? - 馃枍
also i got plenty headcanon ideas, kind og just spacing them out!
nice! thank for requesting anon! multiple characters will be shorter than normal :p
other characters under the cut
warnings? swearing and mentions of drugs (in kenny and tweek's)
art by; mochiiparadise on Tumblr
Tumblr media
kenny loves it
like i said before, he's very touch starved
will fall asleep on you
when you brush out his bangs with your hand, he'd gently grab your wrist to give small kisses
absolutely melts in your touch
if he's ranting and mad about something, just run your hand through his hair and he'll shut up instantly
he deems your hand "as addicting as nicotine"
art by; mochiiparadise on Tumblr
Tumblr media
he's happy when you're happy
and when you're happy is when you're playing with his hair
his hair like a bunch of poofs
perfect pillow hair
would ask you to play with his hair while he's playing games or ranting about something cause it makes things less terrible
art by; remy-rambles on Tumblr
Tumblr media
this man is literally all over the place and no less his hair
it's literally a bird's nest
somehow it's soft and not actually tangled up (as much) like it looks?????
you have to forewarn him before you touch his hair cause man on literal meth
it does help calms him down better
definitely would ask to play with your hair as well
but he's happy to have his head on your lap while you're playing with his hair
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dreams-of-my-childhood 7 months ago
What if team Stan all had the same crush? 馃グanon
They鈥檙e all literally fighting over you.
Kyle actually told Stan about his feelings, and Stan was like 鈥淒ude, I like them too.鈥
It got super awkward between them.
At first they tried to settle with the 鈥榖ros before hoes鈥 but Stan couldn鈥檛 keep it in his pants.
Cartman tries to make Kyle and Stan look bad in front of you so that you like him more.
Kyle gets so pissed off at Eric mouthing antisemitic crap to you.
He throws the first punch at Eric, then soon a fight breaks out and somehow Stan is pulled into it.
While the three of them are punching on, Kenny calmly asks you on a date.
Once the three are too tired to keep fighting (or when Eric starts crying) they see Kenny casually sliding in and then proceed to pick a fight with him too.
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extrabish a month ago
Tumblr media
A picture perfect family but I don鈥檛 fit in... 鈾
鈥 summary... reader having a perfect twin-sister that everyone loves more while leaving her in the shadow
鈥 genre... angst, reverse-harem, hurt to fluff
鈥 warning... abuse/bullying
鈥 note... if this does well AGAIN, I鈥檒l do a part 3 ;)
Tumblr media
聽 聽the night at bebe鈥檚 place wasn鈥檛 that great, sure, you had fun but [s/n] messaged every hour to check up on you which pissed off bebe a lot.
you walked down the hallway to your locker but you felt eyes on you, most were glares while the rest were just stares, you continued to ignore them but then you saw wendy scrolling through her phone while waited next to your locker and she seemed to be glaring at it.
you walked up to her, as you were about to say something but she spoke before you.
鈥淚 got in trouble because of your sister.鈥, you sighed before opening your locker and shoving your books in it,聽鈥淚鈥檓 really sorry, my dumbass forgot to breathe over the simplest shit-鈥
鈥-I said your sister, not you.鈥
you zipped your mouth before you could accidentally make it worse than it was,聽鈥測ou really need to stop apologising for your sister鈥檚 shitty personality, or else she鈥檒l get used to it- who am I kidding? your parents already did it.鈥
you were about to apologise again but wendy shushed you before you could,聽鈥渨here鈥檚 bebe? I expected she鈥檇 be with you right now since you stayed over at her place.鈥
wendy walked to class beside you as you explained how before entering the school clyde borrowed her for a bit so that they could聽鈥渢alk鈥.
classes would be going great if it weren鈥檛 for people whispering shit about you and wendy, it was normal tuesday for wendy but you were always the side character.
lunch was somewhat better, you saw a few people try to defend [s/n] while others silently agreed that [s/n] was innocent.
pretty privilege overpowers basic bullshit.
other than wendy, bebe, red, nichole, and a few other girls, you couldn鈥檛 think of anyone that stuck with you...
gym was the final class, you faked to be on your period to sit on the bleachers.
you were not blind, you saw [s/n]鈥檚 friends glare intensely at you, you were bound to get targeted and risk a limb.
a heavy sigh left your lips as you saw them try to aim the ball to 鈥榓ccidentally鈥 hit you, right as you were about to go and ask the coach for permission to get a few necessities for your聽鈥榗ramps鈥 you felt a hand on your shoulder.
you flinched back in surprise at the unexpected contact to see kyle with sympathising smile and a water bottle in his other hand.
鈥渉ey, you nearly took a hard hit the other day if it weren鈥檛 for me, you know? it鈥檇 be nice if I got some appreciation...鈥, he giggled at the end of his sentence.
you blushed a tiny bit in embarrassment before thanking him, kyle laughed it off before asking where you were headed.
giving up, you explained how you faked your period so that you wouldn鈥檛 have to risk getting hurt, he gasped jokingly and went on about how bad it was to lie in a weird mocking accent.
it got a loud laugh out of you.
you guys talked for a while and before you knew it- gym was over, you both said your goodbye and went your own ways.
walking out of the gym and rushing to the changing room so that you could leave early, unfortunately, you didn鈥檛 make it on time and it took a while to get a free stall which was at the very end and now you were gonna be late when you wanted to leave early.
you changed back into your clothes as you heard the girls exit the changing room.
as you removed your hair that you pinned up you noticed three pairs of feet waiting out of your stall, you already knew what it was going to be about.
you prepared yourself mentally before exiting the stall only to get shoved back roughly.
鈥榯his is going to bruise my back horribly...鈥
it was difficult to make out their words from them yelling at you over each other, all you knew was that it wasn鈥檛 good things.
you didn鈥檛 mind honestly, you just hoped to never to get on their bad side, from what you heard- south park girls are insane and will not leave you until they get satisfied with their revenge.
this was better than to risk getting accidentally killed by a cute puppy because you stood up for yourself.
they were in the middle of banging the stalls door to threaten you to not fuck with them when the changing room鈥檚 door was slammed wide open.
not a flattering scene really.
your hair was a mess and you sat on the floor curled up in a corner, the girls were hovering over you.
you could clearly see this wasn鈥檛 a mean girls gossiping scene but more of the bad fanfic bullying scene...
鈥渁shley! what the fuck!?鈥,聽鈥渨as trying to give her amnesia not enough at gym?鈥, you identified the voices to be a girl and a guy, their voices were familiar but you were too out of it to even to try to guess names.
the girls stormed out of the room as you sighed, not in relief, you were 10/10 gonna get fucked up by them because they got caught.
鈥淸y/n]! are you okay?鈥, that long straight bright red hair along with hazel eyes was enough for you to know it鈥檚 red.
she crouched down to your level and tried to clean your messed up hair before helping you up on your feet, you giggled softly and let out a breathy thank you.
red hugged you with her head in your shoulders and muttered a bunch of sweet-nothing into your ears.
鈥渨e never speak off this, understood?鈥, the male who you still couldn鈥檛 see because he waited out the girls changed room.
red yelled out a聽鈥榶eah, yeah, move along bitch鈥 still holding on to you, you hugged her back and the both of you stayed that way for a while.
you were glad you had the most lovely people ready to risk anything for you...
鈥 today was too tiring...鈾 鈥
Tumblr media
漏 饾悶饾惐饾惌饾惈饾悮饾悰饾悽饾惉饾悺 鈥 all rights reserved. do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms.
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