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Part of me believes - after rewatching the Mortis trilogy - that had Padmé, Obi Wan and Ahsoka been together on Mustafar to confront Anakin, they might have prevailed. It’s not certain, but they would have stood a chance together. 

As Obi Wan said; we’ll be fine, as long as we stay together.

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headcanons for soft codywan content:

  • holding hands (A LOT,,, anytime no one’s looking they are locking hands)
  • cody was SUPER shy about telling obi-wan how he felt,,, he’s usually confident and a natural leader but when obi flirts w him he stumbles over his words
  • obi-wan loves cody’s smile. LOVES it. his favorite thing in the galaxy is when he can make cody smile
  • they read long novels to eachother to past the time while they travel and then talk about them in the middle of missions
  • forehead massages for stress headaches
  • obi-wan makes a lot of their meals, he’s horrible at cooking but cody’s too much of a simp to tell him it’s AWFUL
  • tea!! cody is a master tea brewer,,, he’s been perfecting it over the years in order to steal obi’s heart <3
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You know I’m failing again—this time, at being a hermit. Obi-Wan keeps taking charge of Ben Kenobi’s life. We’re one and the same, of course. But the Obi-Wan part of me wants to help someone, to do something right. To be a Jedi! Only then will I feel that I am able to live in peace while others are suffering.

I’ve had such trouble, reconciling it all. How can Ben exist if Obi-Wan won’t let him?

- Kenobi by John Jackson Miller

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With the war ongoing, what time he did get to spend back at the temple came as a welcomed retreat. That afternoon he had made his way to the contemplation gardens but found that he was not alone. There was a youngling about. For a while, he had turned his focus to his meditation but every now and again he opened one or both eyes to check on just where the youngling was and what he was doing. Half out of a protective sense and half out of curiosity.

In the end, he surrendered his chance of meditation and decided that, clearly, he was meant to speak to the child.

“Hello? And who might you be?” He greeted him, happy to see that the war did not seem to have quite reached the younglings just yet.

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Here’s a small excerpt from the Obi-Wan fan fiction I have begun working on. Let me know what you think!

~In between episodes 1&2~

Standing outside the council chamber, Obi-Wan sensed unease surrounding Jedi beside him. “It will be fine I assure you.” The man smiled as he stared at Nila. “The council understands that sometimes everything doesn’t go as planned. What is important is that we are safe and the mission was a success.”

“But I let my emotions get in the way.” The woman shook her head and stared at the floor. “I could have easily…” Nila’s sentence was cut off as she felt Obi-Wan’s fingers slowly intertwine with hers. Suddenly, her mind was at ease. After a few deep breaths, the Jedi shook her head, not sure of what had just happened as she felt his hand leave hers. “How did you…”

Obi-Wan simply nodded as the doors to the room in front of them opened.

Nila was still gathering her thoughts as she stepped inside, standing next to Obi-Wan and facing Master Windu and Yoda.

“The mission was successful, I gather?” Windu stared at the pair, quickly noticing some unease in the female Jedi.

“Sense something between you, I do.” Yoda quickly spoke before Obi-Wan could answer.

Nila licked her lips, trying to suppress her feelings as Yoda intensely stared at her. Her eyes quickly looked at Obi-Wan who still appeared calm and relaxed.

“Stronger than just your friendship, hmm?” Master Yoda continued, shifting his eyes between the two Jedi Masters. “Sensed it for a while, I have.”


Please let me know what you think so far. I love to hear constructive criticism as well as new ideas! I am still working on trying to figure out a title for this as well. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below!

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Obi-Wan was always grateful that he was so often assigned to missions along side Anakin. It came in mightily handy when he wanted to keep an eye on him and occasionally deliver little notes of sarcastic wisdom. This mission required a lot of waiting around and there was only so much watching or meditating to be done.

I think this might be the most idle I have ever seen you, Anakin.” He began with a careful smile while he observed his friend, “Had I known this is what it would take to have some peace when you were younger, I would have agreed to these observation missions much sooner.”


Of course he was joking, Obi-Wan was very proud of Anakin and he could not quite hide the little grin that appeared afterwards. Spending time with a man who he thought of so fondly as a brother, on a seemingly simple mission, it was almost like a holiday.

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I’m doing commissions!!! It would be really nice if you help me to reach more people by sharing this 🥰


- Mecha

- I can choose not to do it if I’m not comfortable with it :) (but feel free to ask me about it)


- Fanart

- Original characters (or real people idk)

I’ll start drawing once I receive the payment

SLOTS: 4/5 available

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Few shows do as good of a job as The Clone Wars did when translating the actors of the PT’s faces into cartoon format. They are very clearly caricatures, but it works. They are recognizable. 

Sure, Obi Wan looks a bit more mature than Ewan (although Ewan was actually around 35 when filming RotS so not that much younger than Obi Wan’s 38). Anakin has a more boyish, rougher features than Hayden but they are only exaggerated for the cartoon format. Padmé’s eyes are huge and doe like, but they channel the same energy as Natalie’s. 

I think they did a fantastic job, and if anything it’ll be interesting to see whether the Mandalorian will do as good of a job by working the other way around, translating Ahsoka to live action from cartoon form. 

All in all, I just wanna praise TCW and the beautiful art style that drew me in from first moment I saw the movie back in 2008. Yes, I was indeed introduced to Star Wars as a 14 year old, through my little brother. I was a late bloomer, but SW is without a doubt my favourite franchise out there. I hope it can regain its lost footing eventually.

Have a precious Ahsoka as a bonus:

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The summary is an idea I’ve had floating around in my head for an Kenobi story. Please let me know if it is something you are interested in reading!


Nila (“Ny-luh”) and Obi-Wan trained together in the temple for years as Padawans, but were eventually separated when they began their apprenticeships. Even though they could not see each other on a regular basis, the pair kept bumping into each other in the Jedi temple and even sneaking off to be together. Finally the day came when Nila and Obi-Wan faced the Jedi trials to become Masters. After passing the tests, they were assigned several missions together by the Council. The two Jedi continued training together and eventually formed a strong force bond. They both knew that attachment was forbidden and against the code; however, that doesn’t stop them from falling in love even with an uncertain future. 


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