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I am glad the Owensboro Police Department is handling the protests here so well. Even when the bridge was blocked they were able to resolve and get the road re-opened with no gas, no bullets. They had a conversation and reached an agreement.

Protestors are marching down our busiest highway as I type this and OPD is escorting them, and are keeping them safe.

We’re a small town, but still KY’s 4th largest city, I am glad our police are setting an example and taking a first, small, but much needed step, and I hope they continue to be an example and make the changes that desperately need to be made.

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Question for people in Kentucky (mostly areas like London)… WHY. ARE. THERE. GRAVES. IN. YOUR. YARDS??

Just driving down the street and you see people casually MOWING OVER GRAVES.

A dude i met got a summer job TAKING CARE OF A GRAVESITE.

Is it like this all over Kentucky? Are they your family? What happens when you MOVE TO A NEW HOUSE? DOES SOMEONE ELSE MOW OVER YOUR GRANDMA? WH-

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‪Photos capture by me‬

‪Louisville, Kentucky - #BreonnaTaylor - Protest - May 29, 2020‬

‪#BlackLivesMatter  #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod #GeorgeFloyd #AtlantaRiot #AtlantaProtest #chicagoprotest #protests #nycprotests #GeorgeFloyd ‬

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In the midst of tearing down white supremacy from wherever you are, make sure you’re taking breaks and checking in with yourself!

Right now we’re being bombarded with information and whether or not you think so, you ARE being affected. Don’t neglect yourself, Remember:

•Drink Water💦



•Log off Twitter/tumblr/IG

•Meditate or listen to calming music💆🏾‍♀️

•Talk to someome about how you feel (message me if you have no one else to talk to)

•Be Safe and care for yourself ❤️

My DMs are always open✨

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