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tartaglify · 2 days ago
thank you so much for doing my last request ! i won't bother much after this. if it's ok, how about the liyue gang as theater kids including childe. like, what sort of roles do they end up having Or maybe something like the liyue gang doing romeo & juliet (or any play, if you like!) hcs. whichever you prefer is fine. and if it the entire liyue cast is too much, please choose your fav charas instead. thank you again and i hope you have a good day!
Genshin Characters as Theatre Kids
The main character.
He's the valiant knight who's in search of his lover against a great enemy
He auditioned for a side role though, so when he first gets it, he's stunned.
He stumbles over his lines but makes much effort to have them memorized by heart in hopes of not letting anyone down.
He's awkward on stage but in a good way, because it matches his character perfectly. It makes the audience think he's doing it on purpose.
A lead role.
He's the "damsel in distress" stereotype except he kills the villain himself.
He only accepted the role because Chongyun was the other lead probably.
He's so dramatic pls
Since he's read tons of plays with his love for books, he constantly makes adjustments to the script and acts it out all by himself to everyone to show them the correct way to do it.
He helps Chongyun memorize his lines.
The guy who auditions for the main role but gets the villain role and throws a tantrum.
It does grow on him though, cause he likes the cool outfits he gets to wear.
Especially the dramatic cape.
He does his role flawlessly; almost too much because some of the crew finds in unnerving how convincing he can be as the villain.
He memorizes literally all the lines to prove that he's the best at it despite nobody offering to compete.
She acts as the director of everything, making sure to look over all the different fields to ensure success.
She sits on those cool director chairs and yells at Childe for breaking yet another one of the props.
She's pretty strict but nobody minds because everything always turns out perfect with her in charge.
A side character of a pirate that helps the main lead.
She also helps move around props across the stage or wherever she needs her strength to be used.
She teaches the other roles how to look convincing in a fight so they don't embarrass themselves with their prop swords.
She's actually one of the audience favorites because she has such a presence.
Constantly annoys Ningguang but it's okay because she doesn't actually mind.
Hu Tao
Light board and spot light operator!!
She's amazing at her job when she wants to be, able to set any mood with her capabilities with lighting.
Other times, she shines the spotlight on Zhongli for no apparent reason until everyone is confused out of their minds.
She constantly pranks everyone during rehearsal, like stealing Chongyun's script, changing lighting, etc.
Childe's partner in crime when it comes to annoying Zhongli.
She designs and makes them, but she occasionally plays roles too.
In this play, she's one of the evil henchmen.
She was appalled when she first found out about her role to fight Chongyun before he finally gets to the final villain.
So of course, there's a fight scene, but she can't bring herself to actually stab him with her prop the first time so she just--pokes him, kind of.
Everyone makes fun of her afterwards.
She plays multiple roles throughout the play.
At one point, she's a background civilian, and then she's a woman Chongyun comes across on his journey, and then she's this and that and this--nobody knows how she handles it.
Not only this, but she's constantly running around the stage during rehearsal to help different sections like with props or with makeup, etc.
She also helps Keqing quite often, following after her with an armful of cloths and pins.
She's honestly just happy to be there it's adorable.
A companion to Chongyun's journey
He first finds her in the middle of a battle against a group of evil henchmen and the two manage to fight them off and form an alliance.
She constantly has Gouba with her, so Gouba becomes their mascot and the face of the play.
At the end of the play, she sacrifices herself for the others, but Chongyun does find out soon after that she's alive and well in the hospital.
She has her own studio where she makes all the on stage crew sit down as she pulls out an entire bucket of makeup that she's gathered over the years.
Her skills are absolutely pristine ??? why is she in this play she should be in a cosmetic school
She gives out free makeovers to anyone who asks, and regularly does Beidou's to experiment with different colors.
She does take more time with Childe's because he requested her to make it dramatic.
The lone wolf that Chongyun comes across, who offers to help.
He's not very expressive when acting, so they chose a role that he wouldn't even have to act for.
He does love the spear they give him for his character though.
Somehow he never looks at the lines but knows all of them???
He's also pretty useful when moving the heavier props; he's unnaturally strong for someone of his height.
random old man on the street that gives advice to the main lead.
This was extremely specific but I physically cannot imagine anything else.
He wears fake wrinkles and a white wig and everything. He even hunches over while wearing a cloak to seem smaller.
When he comes on stage, he gives life changing advice and then just leaves.
Straight up disappears and never appears again.
He does come to rehearsal quite often though, to give advice to Chongyun.
The only times he doesn't come is when he gets bullied by Hu Tao and Childe.
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genshinitems · 2 days ago
Various Descriptions from Tuned to the World's Sounds [Event]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Event Location descriptions from [Tuned to the World's Sounds] in-game event.
Each location featured a different character to play alongside as.
(From left to right, top to bottom: Zhongli, Ningguang, Keqing, Xiao, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Kamisato Ayaka, Raiden Shogun)
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entwinedfxte · 6 hours ago
the sun hates me.
Tumblr media
inspired by "a song to the sun". part 1;
fem!reader x terminalillness!kazuha 
cw: terminal illness, major character death, hurt/no comfort, modern au
word count: 3363
Tumblr media
It was five in the morning when you heard a truck come to a stop in front of your house. Moonlight spilled over your windowsill as you peered through your curtains, catching a glimpse of a boy who looked around your age with a streak of red highlighting his hair. Not often did your little town have visitors, and even rarer was it to have someone move in. Questions popped up in your sleepy head, but the biggest question you had was why they were moving houses in the middle of the night.
Warmth enveloped your body as you slipped on a thicker hoodie. It was still late winter, which only fueled your earlier question of, “why are these people moving in now?” With much effort, you maneuvered your steps down the hallway, being sure to avoid the boards and the stairs that creaked under your weight. Of course, you couldn’t make it to your front door without being completely unnoticed; your dog had jumped down from your bed at some point and began padding after you throughout the house.
You stifled a laugh with your hand while reaching down to gently pat your dog’s head. “I’ll be right back, Kumo,” you whispered, scratching his ear before slipping through your front door and closing it behind you. Every breath you exhaled materialized into the air, becoming a wisp of fog before disappearing again into the night.
The town you lived in was far from any large city, which meant that there were close to no street lights up and down the roads. Quite honestly, you had very few roads to begin with. The centre of town had only a number of shops, which included one grocery store, a convenience stop, and the ice cream parlor that everyone frequented in the summer. Of course, there were other little stores that were gathered in the mair square, but you never had the need to go inside them.
Your boots made small thumps against the pavement, causing the adults who were attempting to move furniture to look in your direction.
“Looks like we’ve made too much noise.” The woman sighed softly, giving you an apologetic smile as you walked up to the edge of their driveway.
You returned the smile, shaking your head as enthusiastically as you could. “Not at all, I’m sometimes awake this time at night. I came out to see if you needed any help.”
You waited as the man approached you after placing the table he was holding down. You only saw the boy from earlier briefly, but you could still tell he was a spitting image of his father. Politely, you extended your hand, hoping to make a good impression. "Y/N," you introduced, bowing your head when you received a handshake in response.
"Hisashi," the man said with a bow of his own. "And Kiyoko. We appreciate the offer, but we are sorry for disturbing you so late at night."
You dismissed the apology with a wave of your hand, your smile never faltering as you moved to help pick up the couch that they weren't able to lift earlier. Even with your help, the act of moving the couch was easier said than done. It had taken quite a while before you managed to turn it in such a way that it actually fit through the doorway. In the end, accomplishment was stronger than exhaustion, and you couldn't help but grin when you finally moved the furniture to its proper place. About to ask if they needed further help with other things, you were interrupted by a voice that called softly from upstairs.
"I think the second floor is clean now."
You turned your head to look at the source of the voice, who stood at the bottom of the stairs. He had a little ponytail that stuck out the way a 5 year old girl would have it. Quite honestly, it looked endearing on him. Behind him, the moonlight shone through a window that was placed at the top of the staircase, encasing him in a luminous glow.
The smile he gave you was ethereal, and the way he waved at you felt like the movement of a river. Calming and smooth, he was definitely different from everyone else here in your town. "A stranger in my house working with my parents… a lot can happen in half an hour." Slowly, he came down the rest of the stairs, stopping in front of you with just enough room to give you a rather steep bow. "Kazuha. And you are?"
Shocked at the gesture, you nearly reached out and pulled him up, but instead decided to reciprocate the same action. "Y/N- and please, not such a deep bow, there's no need for that!"
"What a pretty name," Kazuha told you, red eyes glinting kindly. "Where did you come from?"
A nod towards your house led Kazuha's gaze outside, your hand also pointing towards the window you had been sitting next to earlier. "I'm actually your new neighbour," you chuckled. From one of the windows at the front of your own house, Kumo was staring outside, seemingly waiting for you to come back home. You laughed at the sight briefly, wondering if Kazuha had seen the walking cloud peering through the glass. "I saw your parents trying to move the couch and thought I should help."
Kazuha raised an eyebrow, curiosity getting the better of his expression. "This late at night?"
You mirrored the look on his face, shrugging your shoulders casually. "I could ask you the same thing. Who moves houses starting at five in the morning?"
The blonde haired boy doesn't do much in response other than look at you, his gaze unwavering despite the way your eyes darted around the room. "We do," he finally answered, turning away towards the stairs. "You should get back home soon; the sun is about to rise."
At the mention of time, you slapped a hand over your mouth to stop a gasp. "Oh, God. I didn't even notice." You rushed to the entrance that led to the garage, slipping on your boots before turning to say goodbye. To your surprise, Kazuha had already disappeared, leaving only you and his father who was still moving in and out of the house.
“Don’t mind him,” Hisashi commented, escorting you back to your front gate. “He’s a particular kind of person.”
Out of curiosity, you tagged along, hoping to say hi to Kazuha again. Much to your efforts, he was nowhere to be seen, and you were instead greeted by Kiyoko, who gratefully handed your mother a plate of various snacks in return for the desserts. The way you looked past Kiyoko into the house wasn’t exactly subtle, and before you realized what you were doing, Kiyoko indulged in your unsaid questions.
You just smiled and nodded, a little disappointed that you didn’t get to say a proper goodbye to Kazuha. Nonetheless, you thanked his father for letting you help before disappearing into your own household. What you didn’t notice was Kazuha observing you from behind his own window, waiting for you to shut your door before letting the curtain conceal his wandering gaze.
Tumblr media
After being up so late, you ended up waking late in the afternoon, resulting in a brief scolding from your mother, but she quickly dropped the subject when you mentioned the new neighbours. The next thing you knew, she had made a number of dango and mochi balls, and was bringing them over to the house across the road.
“Kazuha gets a little preoccupied with work during the day.” Kiyoko directed a smile your way, which left you a little embarrassed. You had only met them a little less than 12 hours ago, and your first meeting with them was rather impromptu. It was too forward of you to stare straight into their house on the first day.
You managed to somehow squeeze out a stuttered apology, bowing your head before dashing back through your front door.
For the rest of the day, you sat on the floor of your bedroom, stroking Kumo's head here and there between the songs that you played on the guitar.
During the day, there wasn't much for you to do other than help your mother in the kitchen. Your father left early in the morning and came back late in the evening due to a two hour drive to work everyday, and going to school in the city was almost out of the question. Universities were expensive, and until you could find a job in the city yourself, it just wasn't ideal.
You had been learning the guitar for years now, using it as your escape when you needed a break from the world. Most people in town had seen you at least once with your guitar on your back or in your lap, and if they hadn't, it meant they never left their own house.
It had become a small tradition in the summer for people to stop and listen to you play when you sat next to the lake. There was something appealing about watching a girl and her dog sway along with the harmonies she created.
Every song you played rippled through the air, melodies upon melodies stacking until you created a chorus with only your hands. Some called you a music prodigy; you called it "having nothing to do".
Unfortunately, it was only February, which meant it was still too cold for you to play outside. So here you were: stuck in your room with only the pictures in your room as your audience.
You had never minded living in such a small town. Your friends may not have been very close to your age, but you had grown up with the same people by your side. It just so happened that you were the youngest of the group, and the one closest to your age had left town last year.
Tones that held suspensions of nostalgia filled the air, the heartache of not having seen your friends in so long entwining with the strings that you plucked at. You carried on like that, eyes closed as your fingers guided your feelings, only stopping when you heard a string snap.
"Oh, for the love of…" You groaned at the sight of the curled string, internally crying about how you didn't have any spares. Dejected, you placed your guitar on the wall mount, making a note on a piece of paper to ask your father to buy guitar strings the next time he had time to stop at a music store.
You left your room with a sigh, hopping down the stairs to the kitchen to grab dinner for yourself.
"How was the rest of the conversation with the new neighbours?" You struck up a conversation with your mother, who was making herself busy in the kitchen.
She gave you a pointed glance, noticing how your voice was low and lacking the usual cheeriness. "The Kaedehara's are very nice people," she commented before addressing you. "What's making you so sad, dear?"
"My guitar strings broke," you muttered incoherently, about to shove your face into the bread dough that was sitting on the counter. "You think dad can stop by the store some time this week?"
Your mother pressed her lips into a thin line, thinning out the dough with a wooden rolling pin. "Maybe not, it'll be Friday tomorrow already."
Jokingly, you wailed an impressively long “no”, to which your mother released an equally long laugh. “Will you let me drive to the city on the weekend instead?”
“Well…” The sound of the rolling pin stopped briefly while your mother thought about the question. “I don’t see why not.”
Not expecting her to agree, you lurched forward in your chair, hands slamming against the countertop louder than you could scream. “Really?! Can I visit Ayaka too if I go?”
Your mother felt like you had just scared an extra year of her lifetime away. She glared at you momentarily, waiting for you to sit back in your seat before giving a final answer. “You’ll have to ask if she’s free, but I don’t mind if you stop by. But the same rule as last time you went to the city applies, okay?”
By the time it was 3am, both you and your dog had had enough of your thrashing about the bed. As a result, your samoyed stepped on your gut, knocking the wind out of you briefly and agitating Kumo even more. By the time you had air in your lungs again, Kumo was pacing around in front of you, little whines and quiet “boofs” echoing in the night.
“Be home before 1am,” you chorused with your mother, nodding excitedly. “I can do that.”
Tumblr media
Of course, now that you had a reason to look forward to the weekend and no guitar to occupy your time with, the next two nights felt like hell. Thursday night was a miracle; you managed to force yourself to sleep at no later than 2am, and even woke after a hefty 8 hours of sleep. Quite the personal achievement, you had to admit. Friday night was another kind of story.
“Okay, alright, we’ll go out,” you exhaled, dragging yourself out from under the covers. The same hoodie that accompanied you two nights ago was back for an encore, shielding you from the cold that attempted to pierce at your skin.
It wasn’t often that you dropped by the lake during nightfall. The walk going one way took 15 minutes at the least, and with how you liked to linger around at the water’s edge, most lake excursions would take almost two hours.
When you reached the water, you had to remind yourself that it wasn’t summer. The deep blue swirls and ripples looked inviting; even more so with the moonlight reflecting off the surface. To quell your desire to hop in, you ran your fingertips over the water, splashing your dog on the nose gently when you pulled your hand away from the lake. You giggled at how Kumo snorted at you, giving his snout a quick scratch in return. Only the sound of water lapping against the low beach was present, but your focus on the rhythm was broken by a quiet splash. You quickly stood from your crouching position, grabbing your phone and turning on the flashlight. What you didn't expect to see when you turned on the light was another person standing next to the shore.
"Oh, Y/N. What’s bringing you outside so late at night?" Soft red eyes met yours, and you couldn't help but stare at the blonde haired boy. “Is my presence so shocking that you can’t speak?”
Immediately, you shut your gaping mouth, pretending to brush sand off your knees so that you had an excuse to look away. “M-my dog,” you stammered out, placing a hand on your furry friend’s head. “Sorry, I just didn’t expect to find anyone else at the lake at… almost 4 in the morning.”
Kazuha crouched down, holding a hand out in front to call your dog over. "May I?"
You let go of the leash, allowing Kumo to trot over and place his head under Kazuha's hand.
"To be fair, I didn't expect anyone here at 4am either." Kazuha flashed you a smile, but kept his eyes locked onto your dog. "Your dog is so soft," he chuckled, playing with the samoyed's ears.
A delighted smile crept onto your face at the sight, watching as Kumo buried his head further into Kazuha's touch. "His name is Kumo."
Kazuha reflected the happy look that your dog was making, lips curved upward in a grin as he murmured gentle words at the animal. "Cloud. He definitely looks like one."
At his knowledge of the meaning, you clapped in excitement, your smile growing ever so wider. "No one ever knows what his name means! Oh, it makes me happy to hear that you do."
When Kazuha turned his gaze up to you, you were surprised. Though his eyes were bright and full of life, you had never seen a smile that spoke with so much sadness.
But upon your reaction, his expression shifted to one that glittered like the stars above, leaving you speechless. The moon highlighted the streak of red in his hair, illuminating the red irises that followed yours. You may have just met him, but it would be maniacal to not admit that he was good looking.
Abruptly, you cleared your throat, turning away from his curious gaze. "Well, anyways," you coughed, suddenly feeling like winter was gone. "We should head back soon. The sun is about to rise."
You pulled your phone out of your pocket, only to find the time at 4:17am. Confused, you scratched the back of your head before sliding your phone back into your hoodie. "Sunrise isn't until almost 7am here, you know."
Kazuha just continued smiling, his easygoing expression unfaltering. "I may have been caught. I just wanted to have an excuse to walk back with you."
A breath hitched in your throat. Was it normal for you to have such a hard time thinking during any conversation?
"You don't want to catch the sunrise?"
Again, there was a fleeting moment when you thought you could see disappointment in his starry red hues, but you assumed it to be nothing when he shook his head.
"I like the sunset more than the sunrise," he answered softly.
Briefly, you wondered if Kazuha knew how not to smile.
"Well then, let's catch the sunset together at some point."
All the voices of the wind and ripples on the lake murmured around your ears, teasing you repeatedly. You felt Kazuha doing the same with his abstract answers.
"If time is in our favour, I would gladly join you for that."
The words chimed like bells in your head; time wasn't hard to come by here, and occasionally you considered you had too much of it. You blinked at Kazuha, not understanding, but he simply gave you another wave before beginning to walk back towards your homes.
"You should be careful with your expressions, Y/N. The confusion you have is more evident than you might think."
Quickly, you rubbed your widened eyes before falling into step behind Kazuha. "Sorry, habit," you groaned.
In front of you, Kazuha's shoulders bounced as he laughed quietly, shooting you a look before turning to the road ahead. "No need for sorries," he hummed, sliding his hands into his pockets. "After all.."
You lost the rest of what he said to the winter air, but with how he fell silent after, you couldn't ask him to repeat it. Instead, you walked in silence with him, not saying another word until your only word could be goodbye.
Tumblr media
When you finally reached home, Kazuha waited until your door was shut before closing his, checking the time with the clock on the wall as he headed upstairs. If time favoured him, then he would surely find a way to enjoy the sunrise with you just once.
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tickly-trashcan · 2 days ago
Tickle Fight {Ganqing}
Tumblr media
A/N: g-ganyu,,, k-keqing,,, my beloveds,,,,,,, whats better than one overworked lesbian? TWO OVERWORKED LESBIANS so lets give them a much needed tk break hehe enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Keheheqing! Wahahait!” Ganyu wailed as Keqing lightly pinched her tummy, cooing at her as she chuckled.
“What’s wrong, Yuyu? Does it tickle?”
“Yehehehes! Plehehehease, no mohohore!”
Keqing smiled, pressing a quick kiss to Ganyu’s forehead before relenting, still holding her in her lap as she lightly pet her horns, soothing the adeptus. She looked up at the purple-haired girl with a pout, brows furrowed.
“You tickle me too much! It’s time you got a taste of your own medicine!”
Keqing could barely get a word in before a squeal escaped her lips. Ganyu dug her hands under Keqing’s exposed arms, wiggling her fingers around messily but effectively as Keqing was thrown into a fit of giggles. 
She fell back, Ganyu climbing onto her from her lap and lightly scribbling at her ribs, drawing out quick hysterics from the Yuheng. Ganyu’s reign didn’t last long though, and soon, her own giggles were seeping into Keqing’s as her partner reached up and squeezed the adeptus’ hips. 
Ganyu doubled over, nearly losing her upper hand on Keqing as ticklish sensations surged through her, but she managed to hold her ground, exploring the lower part of Keqing’s ribs as her partner yelped, pulling her hands back for a moment.
Ganyu giggled, kneading Keqing’s ribcage as her partner squealed, shaking her head as her cheeks went pink.
“Gahahanyu!” Keqing managed to get out through her frantic giggles, reaching up again and scribbling her fingers across Ganyu’s tummy. Ganyu yelped, falling down to the side of Keqing as giggles poured from her lips, Keqing following her, recovering from her laughing fit.
“You’ve done it now, Yuyu!” She teased, teasing the sides of Ganyu’s tummy as she squeaked, covering her face with her hands.
“I’m sohohorry! Plehehease, dohohon’t!”
Keqing smiled, deciding to give Ganyu a little slack as she slowed her fingers to gentle tracing up and down Ganyu’s sides, just enough to keep her giggling.
“Move your hands, Yuyu,” Keqing said softly, and Ganyu did so. Keqing smiled, leaning down to kiss Ganyu’s nose as she flushed bright red, covering her face again immediately. Keqing laughed, making Ganyu whine.
Keqing got off of Ganyu, cupping her cheek when she sat up, lightly rubbing her thumb against Ganyu’s face.
“You’re so cute,” She said, her tone slightly teasy despite how earnest it was. Ganyu flushed, and Keqing hummed.
“Ah, looks like our breaks over. Should we get back to work?”
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lunacias · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
you’ll be in for a shock! ⚡💜⚡
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deescade · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact (date! scenario) click and drag game!
warnings: flashing images
includes: characters up to v.1.6 (excluding klee, qiqi, diona, and sayu)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Game notes • How to Play
Please use a browser other than Google Chrome to play because the GIFs always lock onto their first frame on Chrome. Safari and Firefox work, please try those
If you're on mobile, screenshot the gifs either as a set or individually
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worldofteyvat · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some familiar faces in moonlight merriment pt.1 ♡
ft. a cute guoba !
Tumblr media
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zvezdacito · 10 days ago
Tried drawing some Genshin characters🕺🕺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I mostly drew this to try and see if it would get cl0ut. If it works, expect a few more of these maybe. If it doesn't, what is genshin (feel free to use as pfp just credit me somewhere on ur page lol)
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dummy-dot-exe · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌼🍤 by LEMP!KA@akipmeL
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liyrical · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mini seelies and their partners in crime
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