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doc is 100% the guy that would pretend to not be scared but is genuinely terrified
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galaxygermdraws · a day ago
For the art requests thing, Big eyes!
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I am sorry for the quality on this one it was very small. Also. Bdubs is just. moss hedgehog
(Reblogs w tags/comments are appreciated. Thankyu)
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huntingrays · a day ago
hermitcraft gender envy poll #1 and #2 results!
sorry for such a long wait, but results time!
though the first poll had more results, the second poll gave better, more accurate results
so time for the results! i’ll give top five with their percentages and then i’ll say the others (not in any order tho)
poll #1 results (male poll):
#5: bdubs (8%)
#4: ren (10.4%)
#3: scar (11.9%)
#2: grian (13.4%)
#1: etho (20.8%)
(for the others: hypno - .4%, jevin - .5%, impulse - 1.6%, iskall - 2.7%, joe - 2.5%, keralis - .9%, mumbo - 4.5%, tango - 6.4%, tfc - .7%, beef - .4%, wels - 1.9%, xb - .4%, xisuma - 4.1%, zed - 2.5%, cub - 1.1%, doc - 4.8%)
and now
poll #2 results:
#5: bdubs (24.3%)
#4: scar (25.7%
#3: grian (26.6%)
#2: cleo (27.1%)
#1: etho (34.1%)
(other percentages: cub - 5.1, doc - 20.6, false - 13.1, gem - 16.4, hypno - 2.8, jevin - 4.2, impulse - 10.3, iskall - 10.7, joe - 14, keralis - 7, mumbo - 14, pearl - 14, ren - 22.4, stress - 4.2, tango - 16.8, tfc - 1.9, beef - 2.8, wels - 6.5, xb - 1.9, xisuma - 15, zed - 8.4)
so in conclusion!
etho is the king of gender envy and zombiecleo and grian are not far behind
congrats on being so gender, king! (you should spare some gender for those in need)
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I’m baaaaack its just over 2 hours til my alarm goes off and i cannot live laugh love In my condiitons so I’m Coping Through Escapism
Grian has 12 copies of the same jumper. They’re all exactly the same Except 5/12 have wing holes because grians wings are retractable and he puts em away when he doesnt need them. Sometimes this leads to wearing two jumpers at once for quick changing
Doc cannot jump very high at all. Like he can bearly jump. Hes got the centaur legs and he can reach up high by standing on the two rearmost legs but otherwise he just. Cant jump
Mumbo’s moustache wiggles a lot when he talks. Grian hasnt made eye contact in conversation with him in years
Keralis has a djungelskog
Pearl has stars tattooed on all her freckles
EX made and glued horns to their helmet because they thought it would make them more intimidating. They’re made of craft foam
No one’s ever caught Etho sleeping
Ok thats all the brain worms i have rn hopefully i’ll get those 2 hours of sleep lov u bestie :)
Etho, much like myself, sleeps in 10-15 minute increments unless someone tells him to go to bed, hence why no one has ever caught him sleeping
Hope you get sleep too!!!
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sammystuffies · a day ago
Hermitcraft sensor head cannons p1
// swear sensors//
Impulse- skizz saying leather boots or the classic “dangit” clip
Tango- anvil drop noise or a ghast cry
Zed- sheep bleat or baby crying
Bdubs- pm almost never swears, but if he does it’s the sound of a explosion since it’s usually everyone’s reaction to him swearing
Keralis- car horn
Doc- goat screm
Ren- howling
Xisuma- metal guitar noises
Wels- dragon roar or a lion roar
Grian- SUPER RARE to hear it but its because it’s super loud. It’s a cicada with a megaphone pm.
Mumbo- piston
Jevin- snowball being thrown
Cleo- doesn’t have one so she has to be more cautious with the hermits
Joe- classic sensor sound
Hypno- Pokémon noise
Beef- bull
Tfc- pickaxe noises
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crysisjustcrys · 12 hours ago
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Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do
Uncensored version and explanation below cut
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AU where Alternates from The Mandela Catalogue exists in the HC8 universe; They can imitate people in real life and they torment people with psychological attacks. They can also interfere with electronic devices such as televisions and GPS.
In this universe Holston the AI is actually the alternative which persuades Tango to head towards the moon. It also changes its form to that of Keralis's (the "Keralis" on the Pass n Gas in space is not the real one), and sends fake videos of BDubs asking for help to Tango. It eventually kills Tango as he "fails" the mission that is not possible to succeed in the first place.
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roenais · a month ago
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the s8 finales mustve turned me into a mooner because ive been awake for like 35 hours working on this. STILL cant believe they did it the absolute mad-lads.
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bebagerie · 3 months ago
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Next batch of elytra designs! Theres 2 extra in this set because I misremembered my list and gave Wels’ wings to Keralis, so I wanted to correct that :)
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bottomfeederhoe · 3 months ago
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Hermitcraft!! <3
(Click for better quality)
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ghastspidergwen · 5 months ago
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more low-res hermits and text posts!
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whoregrian · 5 months ago
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some hermitcraft textpost memes i made last night except most of them are very specific and are based soley on the specific vibes i get from the characters . theres more gimme a minute dont rb this version
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mr. tek on the chart twice?! ‘tis a rare occurrence!
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korasonata · 29 days ago
Actually, the more I think about it the more I want the first episode of Hermitcraft season 9 to just be Joe and Cleo casually chillin while the world is just in chaos around them.
To be clear, I want Joe and Cleo just in a field somewhere in the new world being like “oh hey, fancy seeing you here!” And then having like several rockets crash landing in the background and them just ignoring them completely.
I want them casually chatting like “so, how’ve you been?” And then Doc and Tango sobbing into each other in the background wailing “this is all my fault!” “No it’s my fault!”
I want them going “so, what’s new?” And Ren coming on screen heaving with all his might as he tries to pull Tango’s horse somewhere on the other side and False running up to him, panting and out of breath going “If you see Gem, you never saw me.” Before running off screen. Gem runs in 30 seconds later going “If you see False, I’m not here.” Before burrowing underground.
I want them going “oh, Cleo you changed your skin!” And XB and Keralis just sitting curled up in a ball, muttering to themselves and gently rocking somewhere in the background as False’s giant eagle picks up Tango’s horse and carry’s it off to the sky with Ren just panicking and screaming as he chases after it.
I want Cleo being like “oh yeah! Isn’t it cool? Check out this stitching here.” And someone just shouting “INCOMING!” Before all of Boatem crash lands from the sky, landing directly on top of a very disgruntled Bdubs.
I want them being like “so, what are your plans for the season?” And Bdubs just starting to peel himself off the ground before someone shouts “LOOK OUT BELOW!” And Cub also crashes from the sky, knocking him over again with his llama.
I want them going “oh, well I was thinking about doing this, what do you think?” As Xisuma desperately tries to get order as Scar chases after the other Boatem members who are playing a game of keep away with his hat. Ren enters stage left now being pursed by giant eagle.
I want them just being like “oh, hey Etho!” As Etho just casually walks on screen with a string of chickens and a pickaxe and Etho just cheerfully going “Morning!” as an explosion goes off somewhere in the background with Bdubs trying to avoid all of the chunks of flaming metal falling from the sky.
I just want them having this overly casual conversation just like it’s any other day and completely ignoring all of the chaos happening around them because I think it would be funny as hell.
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asofterdsmp · a month ago
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INTERLUDE: moon's big
[ #1237 - Kindness won't save anyone. ] // [ #768 - is that in California? ] // [ #729 - It's going to be a hell of a show! ] // [ #816 - Double major in poetry and physics, baby. ] // [ #359 - Sure, play another song. I've got nothing better to do. ] // [ #390 - NEW GAME. NEW GAME. NEW GAME. ] // [ #1235 - Well fine. Buy it there then. ] // [ #1004 - I weep for our stupid, stupid children. ] // [ #273 - love will keep us together ] // [ #1243 - listen while you can ]
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Ya know this isn't a headcannon but I REALLY wanna tuck in a palm size Keralis into bed.
Absolutely!! Tiny keralis!!
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cocoabats · 9 days ago
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Something fairly quick to try out some new things
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beacon-lamp · a month ago
hermitcraft propaganda: a season 8 addendum
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so.  you wanna hermicraft because someone told you it was a fun, lighthearted vanilla minecraft smp series?  
do not proceed.  instead, please refer to the season 7 masterpost for more information.
you wanna watch hermitcraft because you wanna see these family friendly minecraft veterans go batshit feral with a beaming smile on their face as the world shatters around them? 
welcome to hermitcraft season 8.
Where Do I Start Watching?
start with grian.
watch the ceo of buildmart in his natural habitat, building a breathtaking base and playing pranks on his friends.  his videos are always a good mix of building and shenanigans with the other hermits.  he also tends to instigate a ton of chaos.  in general, very entertaining to watch.  has absolutely zero redstone knowledge/content though 
(if you’re looking for someone like grian but slightly to the left and who also attempts redstone, try bdoubleo100).
check out hermitcraft recap.
zlopxp and pixlriffs write and upload weekly recap videos on everything that has been happening on the server.  if you’re truly lost on where to start, start here.  when i first got into hermitcraft, i would watch the recap videos to see what everyone was up to.  and if something someone did sounded interesting, i would then check out that hermit’s episode/channel.
official hermitcraft website with links to every member’s channel
more information on every hermit’s attributes and general vibes
official hermitcraft wiki
for more info.
If my intro wasn’t enough to convince you and you want more info, here are
(Some Changes To) The Basics
“vanilla” minecraft
gameplay is still, for all intents and purposes, in survival vanilla minecraft all megabuilds and redstone engineering were created in 1.17 vanilla minecraft
completely new world.  everyone starting fresh.  
as always, you Do Not need to watch any previous hermitcraft seasons to start watching season 8.  each season can be essentially seen as its own independent series
so just jump right in and start with episode 1.
shorter season - 6 months
in the past, hermitcraft seasons have lasted around a year, if not longer.  season 8 only lasted 6 months, starting on june 19, 2021 and ending on december 22, 2021.  
and at an average upload speed of 1 video per week, this makes the season a lot easier to binge.  if you’re looking for something to get you through the content drought over the holidays, look no further than a hermit’s season 8 episode playlist.
here are mumbo’s comments on the shorter season, if you’re curious.
minecraft proximity chat mod enabled
this was a new feature added this season that elevated the inherent collaborative nature of hermitcraft and really brought the place to life. there were a lot more spontaneous interactions between the hermits as they didn’t necessarily have to plan a discord call in order to talk to each other.  
two new members: Pearlescentmoon and Geminitay
go give them some love, they did wonderful their first hermitcraft season!!
base-sharing and close-knit districts
in the past seasons, everyone would build their own base in their designated corner of the hermitcraft server.
this season, all the hermits were confined to the same island/continent and had to get creative.  many formed districts with their immediate neighbors.  some pairs decided to share a base.  
there was a lot more collaborative building projects this season given the space limitation.
no centralized shopping district
most hermits built shops near their bases or in their districts.  some have small pop up stands around the island.  others have travelling businesses.
massive breathtaking builds and genius redstone engineering  
it is still hermitcraft after all.
More Important Additions
Server-Wide Lore.
lore?  in my hermitcraft?  it’s more likely than you’d think.  best of all, it gets really fucking angsty at the end.  
(to be fair, there has always been lore in hermitcraft, but they were typically self-contained story arcs that were neatly wrapped up after a few weeks)
the Moon Big plotline began around 4 months into season 8, on november 9, 2021 in grian’s s8 ep 21, and continued on until the very end of the season.  
the implications of this plot may continue on into season 9, but we won’t know until the season starts.
xisumavoid also has an entire plotline this season involving his villainous alter-ego Evil Xisuma, who has made an appearance in previous seasons. feel free to watch his videos this season, as his lore also involved several other hermits.    
Hermatrix: An ARG (Alternate Reality Game) by Rendog and Docm77
listen.  i watched doc’s episodes this season, and my brain could barely understand his game-breaking redstone engineering, let alone the entire arg he and ren crafted this season.  
so i will graciously defer to the experts on this one.
hermatrix explained by ssilentwillow
hermatrix page on the hermitcraft wiki
check out the hermitcraft reddit for even more info.  and the r/hermitcraft discord has channels specifically dedicated to the arg, if you’re interested in that. 
note: the ARG does influence the lore in their episodes, but you do not need to understand it to watch ren or doc’s episodes this season.  the arg is also only relevant in their episodes and does not influence the other hermit’s episodes/perspectives.
Some Final Comments
season 8 is by far the most experimental and creative hermitcraft season to date.  everything, from the insane builds to the mind-bending game-breaking redstone to the increased amount of collaboration between hermits to the overarching plot to the end of the season, has been absolutely Incredible to watch.  it’s still a lot of fun.  it’s still mostly lighthearted.  it’s still basically vanilla minecraft.  it’s still the hermitcraft we’ve all come to know and love, just with a bit More. 
i wholeheartedly mean this when i say this season has seen some of the best minecraft smp content on youtube.  
if you’ve made it to the end of this addendum, i hope you check out hermitcraft season 8.  you won’t regret it.  and if you do, please feel free to come yell at me in my inbox.
as always, for more information, go to @hermitcraftpropaganda​.  or shoot me a message.
see you all in season 9.
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devilart2199-aibi · a month ago
Happy Holidays!! 🎄☃️🎁
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Winter Hermits + Lizzie and Beans :3
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bebagerie · 3 months ago
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A handful of elytra headcanons, I'm gonna be workin' on solidifying the designs I haven't drawn yet for the next few days! Hope you guys enjoy my thoughts
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commieinnit · 6 months ago
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two ends of the same spectrum
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