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#kevin day
allforthe-gays · 6 months ago
i don’t know why the foxes were suprised that Andrew was gay when every single thing he has ever said is way too rehearsed and thought out. have you ever seen a straight man think before he speaks? no, no you haven’t.
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cowboymoonking · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
this is ur reminder that aftg takes place in the 2000s. siri play “welcome to my life” by simple plan
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verdiris · 5 months ago
The foxes go to a party where the theme is outfit swap with the cheerleaders 🙌 here's the mini comic so far!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wordlessbabbling · 4 months ago
neil sleep talking at three am: no, dad. being a serial killer is your dream, not mine. i want to be an exy bitch
andrew who has been staring at his face the entire night: What The Fuck
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redrabbitspod · a year ago
Tumblr media
Reminder that BLACK LIVES still MATTER. 
Taken during the PSU BLM march I organized last month. - Dan
So many places to donate, so here is an organized list of great foundations and funds
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triquetrine · a year ago
the foxes’ kids and andreil (this is so long but i don’t care!)
none of the foxes’ children qualify for the team, which is all that matters
they have been taught from a very early age that both uncle andrew and uncle neil have been hurt by bad people, and that means they don’t always like to be touched
the kids are usually really good with it because they understand in their very simple, youthful way, but sometimes they do slip up
it’s pretty widely accepted that andrew is better with kids than neil
one time amalia (kevin and thea’s daughter) gets so excited to see andrew after months apart she runs and jumps on him
kevin has a 2-second heart attack, but andrew obediently picks her up and listens as she rambles on about watching him play on TV and how he’s the best goalie ever and she thinks he should have a statue-
neil gets better with them as they get older, he’s just easily overwhelmed by their energy sometimes and has no idea how to track all the different conversations happening around him
but all his friends know he loves their kids fiercely and they’re perfectly happy to send them on short trips with him to the grocery store for ice cream and such
they usually come back with more than that because the kids figure out they just have to look at neil with big eyes and he’s like “ok yeah we can get a whole sheet cake, too”
“neil what the fuck” “dan, he said it’s your birthday” “neil i know you know when my birthday is”
when they’re little, the best thing neil can do is play a very toned down version of exy with them in the backyard when they all get together
this is especially good with allison’s mansion because there’s so much space, and she always has a table of snacks and drinks waiting off to the side that nicky just stands by and continuously eats from
all the parents have photos of neil teaching their kids how to hold rackets or pointing at the goal and gesturing while their kids stare up at him adoringly
andrew always watches because the sight of neil josten, fastest player in the us major leagues, taking tiny steps so as to not outrun a six year old is probably the best thing in the world
when allison’s youngest comes out as trans, andrew switches to calling her ashleigh and using the right pronouns immediately and without a hitch
aaron and katelyn end up having kids a bit later than everyone else, but surprise surprise they’re twin girls
it is no secret they are andrew’s favorite and no one is mad about it
they have the same blonde hair and they’re so small and fragile and he would set the world on fire for them
it brings him and aaron closer together, too
the girls are good at telling them apart, but sometimes one of them will go “daddy?” and andrew replies “try again” without missing a beat
they pick it up! aaron will be tired after a long day of doctoring and mix them up and they’ll say “try again” 
andrew is amused
whenever renee’s son spends time in the hospital or is at home on bed rest, andrew will send him long, handwritten letters about anything and nothing at all
no one else knows about the letters, but they make renee cry
when the kids get older and start their Angsty Teenage Years, they turn to aunt allison and uncle andrew to be angry
andrew’s apathy helps, because sometimes you just need someone to listen and let you feel things
one time amalia randomly calls andrew in a rage about how “dad is so obnoxious sometimes, oh my god, i cannot stand him and i’m outside right now because i just need space and i know everyone says i have to be patient with him but-” 
“you’re absolutely right, he’s an asshole”
it makes her stop frustration crying to laugh, then she’s quiet for a while, and then she says she’s going to go back in and talk to her dad
a while later kevin is visiting and talking about a terrible screaming match and the heart-to-heart they had after and he thinks he said something that was meaningful and got through to make her apologize
he doesn’t get why neil finds it so funny, he is actually a very wise and thoughtful father thank you very much
neil takes putting up the kids’ drawings on the fridge very seriously and andrew has to assure him they will not be hurt if the corner of someone else’s paper is covering theirs
neil also always agonizes over gifts, he’s so afraid of buying things they don’t like
sometimes andrew finds him just standing in front of the calendar where all their birthdays are neatly marked, frowning like he’s analyzing another team’s stats
andrew usually ends up doing all of it because it makes neil way too stressed
one of aaron’s girls gets a boyfriend in her junior year of high school that actually ends up cheating on her
it’s sad but she says it’s not that big of a deal because she wasn’t in love with him and she’s always been very mature about these things
after a healthy cry with katelyn she gets up and jokes about calling uncle andrew because that’s what all her “cousins” do when they’re in crisis
yes all the kids call each other cousins because they’re that close
aaron, who’s cooking dinner, thinks “aw that’s cute”
but then he realizes
and he flings himself into her room shrieking “nO NO DO NOT DO NOT TELL UNCLE ANDREW”
andrew, from the phone: “don’t tell me what”
aaron retreats, accepting his role in a possible crime, but he hovers out in the hall to listen in
there seems to be too much laughter for murder, so aaron prays it’s fine
the next day the girls return from school full of glee because someone slashed her ex’s tires right before dismissal!! no one knows who!! everyone is buzzing about it!!
“andrew did you really drive several hours to ruin some teenager’s car” “you don’t have any proof, and it was neil”
part 3 of my neil and the foxes headcanons coming soon! you can find them and more in the aftg headcanon tag on my blog :)
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orionsboots · a year ago
Tumblr media
i know this meme is probably old already but
(text id: Neil Josten @ neilajocksten: Ah yes. Me. My boyfriend. And the guy he swore to protect from the Yakuza.)
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verdiris · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Neil not knowing what to discuss during interviews when he no longer has riko to roast like
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cloudhuaisang · a year ago
I feel like Neil and Andrew wouldn’t get married until it became an issue that they weren’t married.
Like, Neil is in the hospital (because he’s an idiot) and Andrew storms in and demands to know what room he’s in because he’s actually going to strangle him this time but the nurse refuses to give him any information since he’s not related to Neil. Andrew tries just standing there with his “I’m going to kill you if you don’t give me what I want” face until she gave in but nurses do not give a fuck and she just says she’ll call security if Andrew doesn’t move and he decided getting arrested for beating up security guards is not the solution to this particular problem. (Progress!)
So when Neil gets out of the hospital a few hours later there’s a box with two matching rings inside it on the passenger seat and Neil is like “???” And Andrew just starts driving and he drives them to a courthouse and Neil is like, rings... courthouse... “Are we getting married?” And Andrew just gets out of the car and starts walking and Neil gets out and catches up to him and goes “Is this your way of proposing to me?” “238%” and Neil laughs. (Kevin is the witness, Andrew called him after he found out Neil would be released soon and told him to be at the courthouse in 20 minutes) (Kevin protested because he was practicing) (Andrew threatened to light every exy stick he owned on fire if he wasn’t there in 20 minutes) (Kevin was at the courthouse in 15 minutes).
So they get married but Neil is kinda concerned because he can’t wear his ring while he’s playing or practicing, which is like 80% of what Neil does, and he’s worried he’s gonna lose it and he doesn’t want to lose it because it’s important. And then one day he comes out of practice to find his ring where he left it in his bag except now it’s on a simple silver chain and he looks over to Andrew who’s changing out of his gear and he sees Andrew’s ring on a chain around his neck and Neil just smiles and puts the chain on but he never says anything about it and neither does Andrew.
When the rest of the foxes find out there is hell to pay (Except Kevin). It’s at one of their annual get togethers and Katelyn is showing the girls her engagement ring because Aaron may be a dick but he is sappy as fuck for Katelyn and Allison makes an off hand comment to Neil like “We should start a bet on who proposes between those two first.” And they all laugh and start debating it and then Neil speaks up and says “Andrew did.” And they all turn to him and are like,,, he what. And then they have the following conversation:
Dan: You guys are engaged?!
Neil: No.
Matt: But you just said-
Neil: We’re married.
And Nicky is upset because how dare they get married without him there, and Allison is upset because how dare they get married and not let her plan it. And Neil just looks at Andrew like, why are they upset I’m confused and Andrew doesn’t even look at him he’s just staring out the window look incredibly bored with this entire conversation. They’re all confused when Neil explains that they only got married for legal reasons really and Aaron says “at least now if Josten dies all his money will go to Andrew,” and Andrew gives his twin a look that is clearly a warning and Aaron just smirks because he knows it means ‘don’t talk about him dying that’s not funny’. Aaron gets that look a lot.
And Andrew and Neil are happily married and the media never really finds out although they speculate that Neil and Andrew has a secret wedding and then went on a secret honeymoon to Hawaii and Neil laughs so hard at that because they didn’t mean for it to be a secret they just never felt the need to tell anyone. But Neil can’t deny that every time he feels the ring against his chest or sees it dangling around Andrew’s neck he feels a little rush of warmth because it’s a reminder that Andrew has decided that this is permanent and for a man who’s lived his whole life on the run and another man who bounced from miserable foster home to miserable foster home, they both know how important promising permanency is.
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