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#kevin day
neil-jortsen · a day ago
kevin: neil, you look like you fought 10 people and ran a mile to get here
neil, wheezing: 12 people and 4 miles
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shadowqueendiangelo · 2 days ago
So I asked my best friend (a non-reader) to explain the All For The Game characters to me based SOLELY on pictures of them, and it was the most accurate one yet…
Seriously, look.
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Gotta love jenson…
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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Neil: I should also probabaly mention that my name's not technically Neil.
Andrew: What is it?
Neil: Nathaniel
Kevin: You changed your name from Natha-niel to Neil?
Neil: Yeah, I dont.....Yeah.
Aaron: I wonder how your father found you.
Neil: Okay, I was 16 years old. All right?
Kevin: What is your name change logic?
Aaron: You're going into hiding and your name is Michael, you go on and change it to Mishael.
Neil: That's not what happened.
Nicky: It's like, "Hi my name's Gina. Im going into hiding my new name's Jy-na."
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solarsreturn · a day ago
I know Neil viscerally relates to thar line in Heathers that goes: "dear diary, my teenage angst bullshit now has a body count."
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Andrew: And what's the main rule we have?
Nicky and Alison: Don't dare Neil to do stupid stuff.
Andrew: And why's that?
Neil with his head stuck between two stair rails: Because I have no regard for my personal well being.
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*Kevin having a full ass panic attack then suddenly stops when an alarm rings on his phone*
Aaron: wtf kevin, how do you that?
Kevin: its called being on a tight schedule, Patricia.
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readingat1am · 2 days ago
Neil tries to increase his percentage until it hits 200% pt 3
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Andrew knew something was up. Neil hadn’t exactly been subtle and the behaviour Neil was displaying had become more and more frequent. A 10% increase in only three days was impressive for Neil. 
The Foxes had still been watching Andrew and Neil, especially when they were in each other’s vicinity. However, the Foxes couldn’t intrude on their private moments on the roof or in their dorm which was when most of Neil’s plans to raise his percentage were executed.  
Neil had to make sure the Foxes noticed that the percentages rose to make sure his plan worked the way he wanted. But now Neil knew exactly what would get a reaction out of Andrew. Affection. The more cute and loving the actions were, the more Neil got to see Andrew face turn red and more his percentage was raised. 
On the Thursday of the first week, Neil came back from his morning run to a grumpy Andrew waking up. Andrew’s hair was sticking up in various places and his subtle pout made him look adorable. If Neil sent Andrew a fond look, no one had to know besides them and Kevin’s snores. 
Neil’s favourite moments with Andrew were the quiet ones. The comfortable silences that they shared always reminded Neil about how much Andrew trusted him and how much Neil himself trusted Andrew. It was more than he ever thought he would have. Too bad his plans were going to disturbing the quiet for a little bit. 
Andrew turned his sleep rumpled look towards Neil which made Neil laugh as he came closer. 
“Yes or no?” Andrew whispered.
“Yes,” Neil breathed. 
Neil was rewarded with a light kiss. 
When they pulled away, Andrew rested his forehead on Neil’s. “Junkie.”
They breathed in each other’s presence. Until Neil broke the silence and the peace. “How come I don’t have a nickname for you?”
“I don’t have a nickname for you.”
“Yes, you do. You call me “Junkie’.”
Andrew’s face looked unimpressed.
“Well, I was thinking... could I call you ‘Drew’?”
Andrew face changed. 
“Andrew?” Neil asked when Andrew had been quiet for a little too long. Neil was meant to get a rise out on Andrew, not cross Andrew’s boundaries. “Yes or no?”
“Yes.” Andrew’s gaze was intense.
Before Neil could say anything else, Kevin’s alarm went off and Andrew sighed. Time to get up. 
It wasn’t until the Foxes gathered downstairs to head to practice together that Neil used the nickname for the first time. 
“Drew, are you driving or do you want me to?”
Andrew face went red. Not just his ears, but his whole face. 
“144%,” was all Andrew said before he threw the keys at Neil and sat in the passenger seat. 
Neil heard the Foxes all buzzing behind him as he headed to the car. Aaron’s face looked delighted and Dan’s looked smug. Neil had already hit 144% in such a short amount of time. Aaron and Dan were steady on their way to winning that bet. 
Neil grinned. 
Later that Thursday, just after practice, Neil asked “Yes or no?”
“To what?”
“Holding your hand.”
With an angry “145%” Andrew took Neil’s hand and walked along side him to his next class. 
The Foxes behind them erupted into chatter and shock. Nicky and Matt’s voices could be heard loudly. There were curses from those who had betted for a long period of time. Aaron seemed to bragging about winning soon which Dan was quick to argue with. 
Neil was a little disappointed despite holding Andrew’s hand. It was a smaller percentage raise than he had hoped for. Neil would have to go in for the kill for his next plan. Neil went back to enjoying Andrew’s hand in his and the trust that he knew was shared between them.
Friday brought along a busy day full of practice and classes for most of Foxes. Everyone was in a panic of activity to get changed out quickly and head to their lectures. Andrew was one of the few who did not have a class that day which was why Neil was moving at a much faster pace than Andrew. 
Neil hopped out of the stalls while he tried to get his shoe on. He rushed out a “Yes or no?” to Andrew as he passed him.
Neil planted a kiss on Andrew’s nose before he ran out. 
It wasn’t until later that afternoon when he got back to the dorm that Neil overheard Kevin tell the girls that Andrew had called out “160%” to Neil with a deep red blush. Dan had let out a cry of triumph and then ran to go find Aaron and tease him about how close she was to winning. 
Neil grinned. If the Foxes were excited about this, he couldn’t wait for the next phase of his plan. 
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jensen57 · 17 hours ago
canon kevin:
no capacity for love
self centered
god/superiority complex beyond belief
it only matters if he's succeeding in life
ruthless when it comes to reaching his goals
only wants people for their benefits in getting him further
expects everything from everyone and never pays it back
assumes everyone knows who he is and will literally lay on wet cement to protect his shoes
fanon kevin:
gay?? bi?? who cares as long as it excuses those times he spoke against andrew and neil, or nicky
helpful to his team
wants them to improve
humble and modest
willing to help children???
doesn't get frustrated or tell people they're failures when they make a mistake
makes people around him feel better
is eager to make and participate in a family-like community
isn't it funny how this looks like two different characters? oh yeah because you have to change him that much just to make him likeable
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moonshineonme · 2 days ago
Me sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, here to get my antidepressants, watching aftg edits: i feel like theres a correlation here…
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giasunicorn · a day ago
I’m just thinking about Aaron and Andrew dressed like each other for halloween.
And I’m fucking obsessd with the idea, just immagine Aaron dressed in Andrew uniform from his professional team and Andrew dressed like a doctor.
And obviusly they didn’t tell that to anyone, but Neil and Kevin spot them the first second they see them, cause they are good boyfriends.
And Nicky is just confused as fuck.
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andrewsleftknee · 2 days ago
the Foxes as my comfort songs -
Dan: Televised - HUNNY
Kevin: The Cult of Dionysus - The Orion Experience
Andrew: Achilles Come Down - Gang of Youths
Matt: 21 Questions - Waterparks
Aaron: Adam’s Song - blink-182
Allison: Lone Star - The Front Bottoms / Internet Ruined Me - Wilbur Soot
Nicky: Sex Sells - Lovejoy
Renee: The Ship in Port - Radical Face
Neil: Stay Alive - José González / Fifteen Minutes - Mike Krol
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For all your 90's boy band nostalgian have a Kevin Richardson fancast for Kevin Day.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jostenjorts · 2 days ago
Nathaniel and Aaron vibes lets go
Nathaniel just saw Aaron one day, discovered his major, and went “time to introduce another Minyard to my mother” this time because Mary is an underground doctor who could help Aaron in his studies
Aaron questioned Andrew immensely when Nathaniel was introduced to the team, totally not because the ex-raven watched greys anatomy, but because the redhead was social, loud, and so bold that he openly admitted that his attraction to Andrew started was when a knife was against his throat
The two, in Nathaniel’s opinion, hit it off splendidly. With Aaron getting advice from him on how to ask this Katelyn girl out and Nathaniel getting Andrew’s number out of it, a win win. The feeling wasn’t mutual
After all, Nathaniel only knew about Katelyn because he stole Aaron’s study notes and saw her name written all over the page, some surrounded by hearts and even one where her name was written out as “Katelyn Minyard.” Under all that were different ways to ask her out
Cue them running to each other when they need an idea on what to do. Would be mid practice and Aaron will run up to Nathaniel asking what he should do for Valentines day and if he could try and get an idea on what to do from Katelyn
Katelyn and Nathaniel are besties, they both simping Minyards and just gossip about random shit around campus. This Aaron was aware of, Allison joined the redheads often on the gossip and let it slip one day when talking to Nathaniel in the locker room after a game
Nathaniel himself would go to Aaron, just to measure him and then proceed to ask if he knew which ice cream was a favourite of Andrew’s or if he should just ask Nicky, or even check the bin and old receipts
Being an ex-raven, Nathaniel gets injured a lot ‘during’ games. After and before them really but he keeps it on the down low to not cause stress on his team. Aaron notices one day before a game when Nathaniel is nowhere to be found, only to turn a corner and find the redhead fighting off unknown assailants and collapsing once they were gone
All said assailants are sent by a pissed Riko, they were meant to also attack Kevin and the other Foxes but Nathaniel always got to them first before they got anywhere near his team
Since then Aaron insists on looking him over before and after games since Nathaniel was too stubborn to go see Abby about his injuries or to sit out on a game
Nathaniel tried to refuse but Aaron threatened to call Mary, which shut the redhead up in an instant
The two can be found around campus a lot, Aaron lecturing Nathaniel for a recent injury and Nathaniel ignoring him in exchange for looking over his schedule and doing math in his head for an upcoming test
Even during the night, they’ll both be studying and testing the other with random questions they gave each other just before the study session study
These end real early once Andrew and Nathaniel begin dating, beforehand it was just them messing around whenever Andrew allowed it but once Andrew was off his meds their relationship became more serious
Aaron hated to admit it, but he was happy for both of them. Had come to realise he considered Nathaniel his best friend, family even, and couldn’t imagine anyone else being with Andrew, they just fit together perfectly as though they were lost before they found each other
Holidays were spent at the Wesninski house all of one time, the twins and Katelyn were there. Nicky was off with his fiancé for the holidays after a lot of persuasion from everyone, that he needed it
Andrew was already comfortable in the home, was used to the antics of Nathan and Mary. Aware of both professions and had learned early on in his relationship with Nathaniel back when on his meds to just ignore the two when they fought over whether grey was a colour or shade
Aaron however, despite knowing Mary, was not prepared. Nathaniel had made sure his parents weren’t in the same room whenever Aaron had been around, had briefly mentioned who his father was - had mumbled in before dozing off to sleep on the bus and Aaron just forgot to ever ask again
While his brother and best friend were going about their day, Aaron kept jumping whenever he heard the married couple jump into an argument over the silliest things
Watched as they played tag and tackled one another fighting over a phone and realised then and there that Nathaniel’s personality made so much more sense now
Beforehand he only knew Mary, someone serious and dedicated to her work as a doctor (an underground doctor but minor details) and she was someone Aaron found he respected
Add Nathan into the mix and all that was gone, she was being kicked out of the kitchen, taunting her husband and fighting over grey. All while everyone else in the house just ignored it
Katelyn thought their antics were adorable, having seen videos of them before meeting the two and already knew a lot thanks to Nathaniel needing to vent about how stupid his parents could be sometimes
After that Aaron just chose not to visit unless Nathan was out on work
Back to Katelyn and Nathaniel, those two talk about the twins all the time whenever something dumb happens. Sometimes they’ll just sit and share stories about Aaron, which confuses Aaron
Katelyn briefly mentions how Aaron tripped and fell on one of their dates outside of a store. Nathaniel mentions it too Allison a week later while Aaron is in earshot and has to do the mental calculations
“Was he there? did I not see him?” Aaron asks Andrew specifically about where Nathaniel was at this certain day and time, Andrew answering that he doesn’t know does not help Aaron in the slightest
Katelyn will mention to Aaron about how he dropped all his notes on the floor in the library and again, he questions if she was there because he didn’t see her. He was busy studying with Nathaniel to pay attention to anything else
It took a year for him to realise that they had been talking about him. Took a week after that to learn that Katelyn knows a lot about Andrew because of Nathaniel, he only realised because she vaguely pointed out Andrew’s favourite ice cream
Turns out Nathaniel had went to her for help on figuring out which flavours to buy amongst other things. It also made sense why the redhead knew what drinks and snacks to give Aaron to help him study
Years later when Nathaniel and Andrew go pro, where the Josten-Minyard rivalry is at its peak, Aaron is horrified when he watches one of the interviews where Nathaniel is being questioned. Dropped his drink when his best friend, grinning, looked into the camera and told the world that there is no bad blood between him and Andrew
Because he was dating Aaron Minyard as someone articles have suspected, and that he and Andrew got along quite well. It took Aaron getting married to Katelyn for the exy fans to start to realise maybe they were pranked but they shrugged it off
But once Andrew and Nathaniel’s matching wedding bands were exposed once the two were put on the same team, well the exy fans went wild
idk, its 2am lmao
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Hear me out!!
Percabeth cliff scene. But make it ✨Andreil✨
“'Drew, let me go,” Neil croaked. “You can’t pull me up.” His face was white with effort. He could see in Andrew's eyes that he knew it was hopeless.
“Never,” he said.
He looked up at Kevin, fifteen feet above. “The other side, Kevin! We’ll see you there. Understand?” Kevin's eyes widened.
“But—” “Lead them there!” Andrew shouted. “Promise me!” “I—I will.” Below them, the voice laughed in the darkness. Sacrifices. Beautiful sacrifices to wake the goddess. Andrew tightened his grip on Neil's wrist. His face was gaunt, scraped and bloody, his hair dusted with cobwebs, but when he locked eyes with Neil, he thought he had never looked more handsome.
“We’re staying together,” he promised. “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.” Only then did Neil understand what would happen. A one-way trip. A very hard fall. “As long as we’re together,” he said. He heard Kevin and Renee still screaming for help. He saw the sunlight far, far above—maybe the last sunlight he would ever see. Then Andrew let go of his tiny ledge, and together, holding hands, he and Neil fell into the endless darkness.
Not bad, huh? Consider the entire Tartarus part!!
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one-black-coffeee · a day ago
Andrew and Neil are the type of people to hide lazer guns around their apartment just to start random wars with each other.
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