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im-not-the-spy · 2 days ago
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Kevin Feige, writing Venom into the MCU right now, knowing full well that he's looking at potential years of Tom "Known Myspace Thot" Hardy making his life difficult:
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bebx · a day ago
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A little more highlights from MCM Comic Con today (October 23, 2021) — the crowd cheered when Owen Wilson was mentioned. Tom said Owen told him he wished he could be here today (the fact they still keep in touch with each other makes my heart so happy!) then he just kept talking about how amazing it was to work with Owen, and basically Tom kept praising Owen nonstop!!!!!
I love them so much!!!!!
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spidermaninlove · a day ago
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nexuscami · 2 months ago
visual representation of kevin feige at home right now:
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thesuperheroesnetwork · 5 months ago
Feige himself noted that, “The three live-action movies all did pretty poorly, and no one liked the cartoon show with the robot, or the cartoon show without the robot. Frankly, I don’t even know if anyone likes the comics. Our accountants even sent me a memo that said “it is fiscally irresponsible to invest in this property” but we’re going to plug millions of dollars into it anyway because we’re Marvel and I need to know if that genie wish I made for everlasting success was actually real.”
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I’m starting to get the feeling that Kevin Feige is hearing all the criticisms going towards the MCU and, although he’s not acknowledging it in interviews, he’s silently addressing them as the franchise moves forward. What I mean by that is:
1) “MCU villains are lame and one-dimensional” -> Phase 3 and 4 villains are now widely praised, especially Killmonger, Thanos, Wenwu, and Zemo
2) “MCU is not cinema” -> hires Academy Award-winning director Chloe Zhao to take on Eternals. Also, he allows her to make this slow-burn, epic high fantasy that goes against typical superhero fare. Clearly, Marvel is aiming for the side of film circles that heap praise on “Dune” and Christopher Nolan movies. 
3) “Avengers: Age of Ultron was not good in hindsight” -> WandaVision and What If...? are made to improve on AOU’s plot points
4) “I don’t understand the time travel mechanics in Endgame” -> Loki and What If...? are made to provide a better understanding of time in the MCU (don’t even start with me, the time travel stuff is understandable based on what I’ve seen)
5) “MCU hates Asian people, look what they did with Ancient One and Mandarin” -> corrects the Mandarin plot point by fixing Ben Kingsley’s version and introducing a proper version of the character, makes a whole movie dedicated to Asians/Asian-American, creates Eternals with multiple Asian leads 
6) “Hawkeye is not funny and chaotic like how he is in the comics” -> literally makes a whole series that’s based primarily on the Matt Fraction run, the one that everyone praises 
7) “MCU is not diverse” -> just all of Phase 4 (and most of Phase 3)
There are other criticisms, but those are the ones that came to mind. 
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willy-wonkas-wonka-willy · 2 months ago
I.. did.. not just.. watch the leaked.. Spider Man.... No Way Home.. trailer... from a video.. recording another phone... on my.. phone.
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Wong is secretly the MVP of MCU phase 4. He’s helping Shang-Chi deal with the Mandarin and he’s being responsible with his magic unlike Dr. Strange. And if you want to go back even further, he’s definitely the more responsible sorcerer between him and Strange. Like he’s just always been this cool dude who’s keeping the Sanctum together.
Hey Kevin about a Wong Disney+ TV show? I feel the man has earned his own series at this point. 
(also, this could be a good way to reintroduce Nico Minoru back into canon since she could be his apprentice but that’s just me spitballing ideas...)
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quantum-widow · 2 months ago
Say it with me kids, the problem with Waldron’s shitty 2018 script is not that he pulled in some of the same themes/characterisation into the Loki show. ALL writers do that, especially in a medium like screenwriting where a lot of projects won’t ever see the light of day. The problem is that the script (which I read all 100+ pages of) shows very clearly how this man thinks about women and female characters, and guys, it’s bad. Whatever problems you think Whedon era Black Widow had, just multiply it by the thousands. It’s the most 2D cardboard cutout fake feminist #girlboss shit I have ever seen. However much Waldron’s writing has improved (which it definitely has) you can’t better writing your way out of misogyny. Especially when he also wrote Sylvie, who is also a #girlboss with no discernible personality outside of wanting to punch things and being unexplainably attracted to the leading man. 
Also wtf are people talking about saying people who are comparing the two lack critical thinking and that “this isn’t how media analysis works you have to look at the show in isolation”, I have a whole ass literature degree, literary analysis uses contextual readings all the time to understand specific works. That’s all people are doing here, reading one work in the context of another. 
This script is also a textbook play by play of white male privilege in hollywood. This script was on the blacklist, this script is in the company of slumdog millionaire, the imitation game and promising young woman. It’s a big deal for an aspiring writer to get on it. And holy shit I just looked it up and this script only got 3 fewer votes than promising young woman, in the same year. It’s also apparently the script Feigie read that convinced him to hire him. Because it was time travel? What? Time travel is not a unique unknowable genre Kevin you could’ve hired anyone. I agree you can’t criticise Loki just based on what’s in this script, but you can a) make comparisons between the two, b) just criticise Waldron’s ability as a writer because he wrote this and it’s bad and c) criticise marvel and Feige for reading the most heteronormative white cis male fantasy and going yep, this seems like the guy to head up our first show with an openly queer protagonist.
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