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1st one!

Decided to teach myself this digital art skill for music & branding purposes.

Knowing my tendency to obsessively practice & work towards a specific goal until Ive made something I’m proud of, I Should have this down within a few months …hopefully lol🥲. A lot of work to do but I’m ready for it fam😅😈 #noob #newbie

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Koh Nayoung 

[ watch the mv here

Admin Z → I was happy as soon as this song started. It lifted my mood without having to try. This song is fresh and bright and just has this carefree feel to it. It sounds like something I could see someone releasing here and maybe teetering on the Disney movie song. It’s good though.

Rate:   10/10

Admin Y → This song reminds me that I need to update my bucket list. I really, really,really liked this song. Her voice is so nice. I feel in peace. I feel saved on this fine day. 

Rate:   10/10


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