adamcarlsenslvr a day ago
look at Jake y鈥檃ll馃ス (ps his brother too)
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novanitee 2 days ago
Incorrect Moon Knight Twitter
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writefightandflightclub 10 hours ago
Khonshu: *disdainfully* YOU ARE A WORM, STEVEN GRANT. I NEED MARC. NOW.
Steven: *munching on vegan ice cream, watching a documentary - unbothered* Oh, good one. A worm, is it? Well, funny you should say that, yeah?
Khonshu: WHYY, WORM?
Steven: *without taking his eyes off the screen* I mean, birds eat worms, don鈥檛 they? *a smile twitches his lips*
Khonshu: *manifesting, hunched over the top of the TV, generating a vague wind which sweeps the flat* WHAT IS YOUR POINT, YOU MEASLY SOIL DWELLING TROGLODYTE?
Steven: *casually lifting gaze to khonshu* obviously, yeah鈥 you must think I鈥檓 a snack, innit? That right, ol鈥 pidgey boy?
Khonshu: 鈥
Steven: 鈥
Khonshu: *opens and closes beak, melodramatically flings cape, bellows petulantly while stomping like a seagull* MARRRRRRCCCCCC!!!
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owlapinart a day ago
Tumblr media
PARTY ANIMAL KHONSHU i read some egyptian lore and khonshu loves to gamble and drink and you cant tell me hes not rolling a fat blunt when marc or steven pisses him off
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drempen 2 days ago
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Here have some more mini khonshu
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bammtoris a day ago
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Khonshu drinks like this i don't take criticism.
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grimmer-sky 2 days ago
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i-simp-much a day ago
Steven being in a relationship with his s/o
Steven being him <33
Warnings ~ 18+ , Kissing , fluff , Nsfw , a bit smutty , romantic relationship , nicknames / petnames / terms of endearment.
Note ~ These are headcanons for steven being in a relationship with you eeeeee , sorry i havent been posting hehe i got alot of things going on and got a new laptop.
SFW headcanons
鈥hen ever he is with you he will be the most careful , you burn your self he is going to literally rush to you 'Love are you okay?' and 'Stay here i will go get a band aid.'
鈥e is very loving I mean it too , he is not very rough physically and verbally because he never can do that to you.
鈥e has alot of nicknames for you ALOT like sweetheart , love , angel , precious , dear , you name and alot other names , and love is his most frequently used nickname
鈥lways is going to get you gifts and I mean always you help or not you're always going to get something , its really sweet and then it gets so cute with him trying to tell you something.
鈥teven is the sweetest man alive that it he is and you can't argue.
鈥e is a shy one doesn't really talk or fight back , but you do and you will destroy the person to treat him badly.
鈥e gets clingy when he gets jealous you tell theres no reason to get jealous but still , sometimes its a bit annoying but usually its him looking like he gonna murder someone he gets a bit grumpy too , which never really happens to him.
Nsfw headcanons
鈥e is switch some times soft dom other times is a sub.
鈥hen he is a soft dom is like 'Love you can come more right , you've done it before.'
鈥 'Love are you going to come , I love when you come on my cock'
鈥 'Ah love you look beautiful , so beautiful.'
鈥hen he is a sub is like 'L~ Love please let me come , I'll make you feel good I promise'
鈥e starts begging he sounds needy and pathetic.
鈥e has a praise kink you can't tell me otherwise HE HAS A PRAISE KINK , and when you praise him he gets hard.
Hellos i hope you enjoyed that hehe , so i hope you guys are doing good and don't forget to reblog , like and share helps us a lot , anyways give me some requests :)
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rmoonstoner 2 days ago
I just saw a post about Steven and Marc finding action figures of Moon Knight and Steven looses his shit and buys them all. My phone glitched out and I lost the post, but it now has me thinking...
I have decided this is now one of the investments Steven/Jake makes in my fic, Lovely Little Sky, and I am seriously writing up a random chapter just for that.
Just picture it, Steven in front of a board of directors for quality action figures. Sort of like Shark Tank. He's trying to get a partnership with a good reputable toy maker to make Moon Knight and Mr. Knight action figures and merchandise, since he knows it is trending on social media. He figures if Tonk Stark can do that with the Avengers line of merchandise, why can't he?
But Steven clams up when standing in front of these people, panicking inside, because his anxiety is going through the roof.
What if Marc gets mad at him? What if the big grumpy bird is offended that he didnt include him? What if these people think he's stupid, and who ever heard of white knights that wore crescent moons? Oh god, what if one of these people have seen Sailor Moon, and think he's gone and plagiarized that?
Jake slowly comes in and gently helps guide Steven to his paperwork, his power point slides, and then finally takes over to do the actual speech, with a very badly faked British accent. Almost no one notices the accent isnt right, and these people on the board flip their shit, demanding to invest in it.
One of those board members happens to be Tony Stark. He steps forward and takes the lead on assisting Steven.
Bing bang boom, Steven comes to, just as Tony is handing him signed copies of their partnership. Steven just thanks him, and goes home, confused as why he was so successful when he was sure he fainted.
Weeks later, he receives the first prototypes that were based off his basic sketches. He is floored when he inspects the Mr. Knight figure first, gushing about how detailed the texture work is on his Eldredge tie, and how perfect his tiny pocket square is. He moves on to the second boxed figure, this one of Marc's Moon Knight, and he is blown away by the way the wrappings are sculpted and painted to perfection. It has a fabric hood that somehow stays on the figures head perfectly, and the cape feels nearly like the real thing.
Then there is a third figure in the box, and he just stares at it for a while, noticing the eyes are different, one red, one white, before going to go put it into Jake's room, so Marc doesn't see it just yet.
Weeks later, Marc's out and about, and sees all three figures on a shelf in a store like Walmart or Target, right next to the Avenegers toy line.
"Steven! What the fuck did you do?"
'Uh, Marc, I can explain-' And before he can explain, Khonshu comes in sounding irritated.
"Why is there no Moon God figure, Steven?"
"Yeah, and who the hell is this MidKnight* guy?" Marc will ask.
So yeah. Was really baked when writing this. It's a thing now in my fic.
*MidKnight was something I had been thinking about for ages, and finally someone else came up with it as well for Jake's MK name. Now its like real for me. I am sorry I have a shit memory and I cannot remember who you are. Comment if ya see this.
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xjordyleighx 2 days ago
I just think we all needed a little Moon Knight Power Puffs in our lives right now.
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spider-starry 4 hours ago
had this thought and wanted to share with you!
Marc breaking up with reader but Steven still loves her so Marc is angry that Steven keeps going to see her & comforting her because whenever he sees her he feels guilty. The truth of the matter is Steven knows Marc is still in love with her too he just keeps pushing her away and he hates seeing what the fighting does to her but he also can鈥檛 stop doing it because he ultimately wants her to know he鈥檚 a bad person who is incapable of love. she sees right through him but he just doubles down, so when the fighting stops and the tears start Steven forcibly takes the body and just holds her. but now she鈥檚 getting revolted by the smell of him and she knows it鈥檚 Steven holding her and she knows he has hardly ever raised his voice but god she doesn鈥檛 want to be touched by him them. It鈥檚 not that she doesn鈥檛 love Steven or even Marc for that matter, she鈥檚 just tired and Marc鈥檚 plan has worked. the next day she packs up all of her stuff from his flat and when Steven asks her to stay she stops him before he can even begin.
Tumblr media
BABE! WHY???? Also, imagine Jake didn't get the memo and he shows up at your door at 3am ready to party.
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septirgo a day ago
Spoilers for The Black Phone
銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅 銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅
When Finney killed The Grabber for self-defense. My first reaction went, 鈥淒amn... That killed really broke his windpipe.鈥 馃槼
Like, if Robin, were to give Finney advice in the phone. He would be like, 鈥淏REAK HIS WINDPIPE.鈥 If you get what I mean.
Have a picture of Ethan Hawke and Mason Thames.
That's all I have to share. Remember to stay safe and stay hydrated. Laters, gators!
Tumblr media
Tagging @marisworkz since I know she likes to hear my theories <3
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queerminalminds 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
IT鈥橪L BE ALRIGHT (steven) || m or g!n reader
b/n= brothers name
it was a normal day in london, all things considered. for once it wasn't cloudy or raining, the sun was out and shining and the people of london seemed happier than usual. that's usually how it was around here.
i was currently at the local coffee shop, only a few blocks down from my flat that i shared with my boyfriend(s). i just ordered my favourite drink and sat down in an empty chair in the coffee shop. suddenly my phone rang, i grabbed it out of my pocket and saw it was from my brother.
"hey b/n what's up?" i asked my brother.
"u-uh hi y/n... i-i really didn't want to do this over the phone but..." he sounded like he had been crying, i wonder why.
"tell me b/n, what happened? what's wrong?" i ask.
"m-mom died... the paramedics said she died peacefully i-in her sleep." b/n starts sobbing after that and i just stared into my cup of my coffee, not believing him.
"n-no mom can't be d-dead i just saw her the other day a-and she was fine!!" i exclaimed into the phone and all i heard were cries on the other end.
"w-we'll have to plan her funeral soon, ill be by your flat tomorrow, i love you y/n, we'll get through this together okay.." my brother says.
"o-okay b/n bye." i replied as i hung up the phone and slammed it on the table, some people stared but i didn't care. i threw away my coffee, not feeling up to finishing it.
i slowly walked back to my flat, tears still running down my face, never going to fully accept what happened to my mom. eventually i got there, i unlocked the door and walked in. i quickly went to the drawer and took out of steven's sweaters, i took off my shirt and put his sweater on instead. i immediately took in the scent of steven. i tried to smile a little but then the frown took over and my crying resumed.
a couple hours later i was still sobbing in bed, covers completely over my body as i sulk in the darkness. i heard the door unlock and knew steven was home from work.
"y/n? where are you my love?" i heard steven yell out as i sniffled. i heard footsteps coming closer towards the bedroom.
"y/n! what's wrong? are you alright?" i tried shaking my head no but he probably couldn't tell from the blankets covering my head. i felt the bed sink in and felt hands on the blankets. suddenly, the blankets were pulled off of my head and i was met with his chocolate brown eyes.
"oh y/n what happened?" he said softly as he held my red puffy face in his hands. i leaned into his touch and collapsed into his arms, too tired to keep my body sitting up. he gladly took me into his arms and wrapped his arms around me as i laid my head on his chest, inhaling his scent once more.
"m-my mom-" i tried to get out but couldn't, i knew that mom topics were heard for the boys because of their past, so i didn't really want to say any more.
"it's fine y/n we don't mind, if you feel comfortable please tell me what happened so i can try and help, alright my love?" he comforted and i nodded slightly.
"my brother called, a-and mom is d-dead, he said she died in her sleep!" i exclaimed and wiped the tears from my cheeks. i felt steven's hands slowly running through my hair and i couldn't help but melt at the touch.
"my love, im so sorry, i wish i could've been here when you got home." he whispered and continued to play with my hair carefully.
"you look really good in my sweaters love." he said and i couldn't help but blush.
"it'll be okay y/n we will always be here for you, i hope you know that." it wasn't steven this time, he had an american accent which meant it was marc.
"te amamos cari帽o siempre recuerda eso." jake said, then the fingers in my hair resumed and i assumed steven was fronting again.
i looked up from steven's chest and looked him in the eyes.
"it'll be alright y/n, trust me."
te amamos cari帽o siempre recuerda eso is roughly "we love you sweetheart always remember that"
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syrma-sensei 2 days ago
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not me at all...
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peppermintdraws 2 days ago
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Moon Knight avatar swap!AU (Marc/Steven as Taweret's avatars, Layla as Khonshu's avatar)
I had so much fun designing these. I tried to keep them both close to the show's sources, throwing in a little historical accuracy, and some design easter eggs of my own
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imnothawkdevil a month ago
Here, have some wonderful moon knight comics excerpts:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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gucciboots 2 months ago
Episode 5 spoilers!
Back in my thoughts again, you know the drill. A bit lengthy!!
I cannot stop thinking about this scene鈥攈ow Steven clearly remembers that this was his room,
Tumblr media
And how he remembers the exact thing he said during this part of the scene, which proves that he was, in fact, in control for at least a couple seconds.
Tumblr media
BUT. He doesn鈥檛 remember anything from this moment forward. That鈥檚 why he wanted to see what their mother did to them, and that鈥檚 why Marc was set on getting him out of the room before he saw something that would severely taint his memories and what he knew of their childhood. At the same time, Marc knows EXACTLY what happened.
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 positive that Steven dissociated at that moment and Marc took over. In general, he didn鈥檛 want Steven to remember what truly happened. It鈥檚 his way of making up to Randall/RoRo, I would like to believe. He treats Steven like the younger brother that he lost when he was a child. The one who loved drawing the one finned fish. The one who was always eager for adventure. The one who was screaming for help back in the cave.
Remember? His mother explicitly stated:
鈥淢arc, what do you do? Keep an eye on your brother, okay?鈥 And Marc is set on fulfilling that promise to Steven.
Tumblr media
Marc let Steven keep all the good memories, while he himself lived through all of the bad ones, just so that he could protect him from getting hurt and feeling pain. Steven, his alter, who he considers to be his little brother.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That鈥檚 the reason why Marc was so adamant about simply telling Steven what had happened in that room at the top of the flight of stairs, so Steven wouldn鈥檛 have to watch the memory play out in front of him. Seeing what happened would definitely hurt more than just knowing what happened. By telling Steven himself, he would have control over what he would reveal to him, and how he would tell him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
That鈥檚 why Marc鈥檚 first thought when waking up in the Asylum was Steven. That鈥檚 why Marc never complained about fronting right after Steven was pierced by the weapons back in Mogart鈥檚. That鈥檚 why Marc probably set up a line for Steven to contact 鈥渉is mother鈥, and why Marc replaced Gus with another fish. That鈥檚 why Marc didn鈥檛 want Steven finding out about him in the first place.
Marc spent most of his life protecting and saving Steven the way he wished he could鈥檝e protected and saved Randall. I am literally bawling over this.
Also ending this with another appreciation for Oscar Isaac because he鈥檚 a damn legend for the breathtaking portrayal of Steven AND Marc. He better earn awards for this series or I will riot.
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tazahan a month ago
Tumblr media
A god and goddesses
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rmoonstoner 21 hours ago
馃挋 鈽侊笍 Lovely Little Sky 鈽侊笍 馃挋
Tumblr media
18+ smut, angst, fluff, blood, gore, mentions of death depictions of graphic sex and violence, foul language, vaginal sex, oral sex, throat fucking, rough sex, gentle sex, public sex, car sex, possession sex, choking, spanking, praise kink, fingers in mouth with gloves on, I'm sure I've missed something and more warnings will appear.
MK system x FemReader, tiny bit of Khonshu x FemReader
Table of contents:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
More coming soon...
Investment idea (action figures)
Special thanks to:
@mics59 for Spanish translations, @ruhro7 for proofreading
Tag list:
Please comment on this post or PM me to be added to the tag list even if you already have, just so I can make sure you are added.
@snippychicke @eclecticpatrolroadlawyer @queenotaku23 @clairewinchester14 @promiscuoussatan @mona-has-friends @lazyotakujen @timeless-crow @crazylittlereader2474
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mknightgrant a month ago
tiny and excited fist of vengeance!
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