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oh fuck he was waiting 


khun ur giving me a scare



oh fuck i was not expecting it to be so good n wholesome and also shippy wtf i expected smth scary and thought my heart will break but this touches my heart even more

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Well, all I seem to get is requests from ‘Anonymous’, I don’t try to figure out who’s sending in what, So don’t worry about sending too many requests  😂

Also, I’m not sure who is getting attacked, s/o, or Baam/Khun, so I’m going to assume that the attack was directed at s/o themself. If it was the opposite, I can do a continuation and flip the situation.



  • You were making your way back to where you were staying
  • Not really thinking
  • Then someone comes up to you
  • A knife in their hand
  • You panic
  • The suddenly get closer
  • Rushing towards you
  • You try to push them back
  • Are able to take the knife off them
  • And without thinking about it
  • Slash their neck
  • You drop the knife
  • Realizing what you had done
  • Then rush back to your room
  • You  got on your bed
  • Crying your eyes out
  • Baam hears you
  • Comes to you to see you in this state
  • Ask what’s wrong
  • You explain what had happened
  • He’s kind and understanding
  • Reassures you that you did it in self-defense
  • You cling to him all night
  • Feeling nothing but guilt


  • It was dark and you were heading back
  • You stared at the lights
  • You felt an arm worm its way around your neck
  • You froze
  • You didn’t know what this person was planning to do to you
  • You grabbed a hold of his arm
  • Trying to turn yourself around
  • You pushed him over and stomped on his chest and neck
  • You didn’t realize what you were doing until you stopped
  • He was already dead
  • You wanted to scream
  • But you just ran
  • Until you reached your room
  • You collapsed onto your bed shaking
  • Crying your eyes out
  • You hadn’t realized that Khun was in the room
  • Once you saw him you almost jumped out of your skin
  • He had a concerned look on his face
  • He asks what’s wrong
  • Worried at first
  • But tries to calm down
  • You explain to him
  • He’s shocked
  • But not for long
  • He comforts you
  • Tells you that it wasn’t your fault and that it was just you acting in self-defense
  • Stay with you the whole night
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Hmm, ok then. I’m struggling with my requests at the moment, so much so that I can only bring myself to do headcanons. 


  • Would often question why they would bring up random things like this
  • It could be something stupid
  • Or dangerous
  • Or maybe both
  • As long as it has nothing to do with Baam
  • Doesn’t mind if it’s someone that would potentially annoy him
  • Mainly Rak, Shibisu, and maybe Hatz
  • Often mentions how stupid it is
  • But if you get a decent reaction from the person you’re pranking
  • You’ll get a grin from him
  • Your own influence on him would make him more mischievous
  • And sneaky
  • And would maybe try something on you
  • You try to always get him back
  • Mostly failing
  • But you got him to smile because of the stupid pranks you pulled
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💫Hope you like it💫

She was someone Khun couldn’t help but think about, even if it was someone who was a princess of Jahad. He knew it was risky, having feelings for someone who was a princess. But when it came to wanting to tell her, he was persistent, but she was someone who was pretty hard to get to. 

But a chance stared him in the face, a rare instance where she wasn’t really doing much other than being on the same floor as him. Maybe, he could tell her, the rejection was one thing he was expecting, but that wasn’t a problem, it was to be expected.

He calmed his nerves, taking a deep breath he walked over to her. She was with someone but probably hinted that she wanted to talk to you. You saw them walk away. 

“You again, huh?” She says. 

Khun stopped in front of her. “Anyone would think you were happy to see me,” he says. 

She smiled, arms folded. 

“Did you want something, Khun?”

“Well, yeah,” he couldn’t help but struggle with his words slightly. “I know that you’re a princess of Jahad, but I’m in love with you.”

She was shocked a bit, looking around to see if anyone was listening to your conversation.

“Khun, look-”

“I know, you don’t share the same feelings, I just had to get it off my chest in case I never see you again,”

You hand met your forehead, “I feel like that about you,” you whispered, “but you know my situation,” 

Khun smiled slightly, but he kind of understood her, “I am aware, I just wanted to tell you.”

“Maybe if I weren’t a Jahad princess, it might’ve been different,”

If only you weren’t a princess of Jahad. 

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I can’t really use something as a reference as to what is being read by s/o, so I’m not going to, I’m just gonna wing it.

Hope this turns out alright.



You were a bookworm, spending more time reading when you had the chance to. It wasn’t something to be bothered about, but when it came to any attention Khun was getting from you, he would rather you not read when it was just the two of you.

But he had given you a challenge, you could read whatever book you were reading, but you had to read it out loud, while he was pleasuring you.

You were to read out loud, while he was playing with you. What the fuck? Maybe he just wanted to get a reaction out of you, which he already had done. He gave you a maximum of two pages to read, regardless of what book it was.

You were sat beside him, at the head of the bed, both your backs against the headboard, the bedroom door locked.

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