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Kiana Ledé Discography: Myself (2019)

Myself is such a strong word. Putting yourself first, it’s so hard to do that. It’s so hard to take time out of your day to think about yourself for at least 10 minutes and meditate or do yoga or whatever you like to do. I hope this EP also helps people understand that it’s okay to feel vulnerable and just be in the moment and live your life.

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“I got a record deal when I was 15 and moved to L.A. by myself at 16. To support myself, I worked at CVS, then a gymnastics center, while I was hustling and doing demo sessions. Eventually, thank god, I booked my first show and I released my EP, Selfless, in 2018.”

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And I just gotta see you, can I?
Need to find a way to your body
Maybe I’m out of line, out my mind
Maybe I’m out of line, out my mind

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Ljay Currie - Undercover ft. Kiana Ledé [2/?]  

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