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♥︎. — muzan kibutsuji x reader
♥︎. — she was his beloved treasure, one of the sole reasons why he kept fighting. he was her wicked savior, the sole reason she had became one with the darkness.
♥︎. includes. — angst, implied!black!reader, female!reader, slavery, mentions of rape and sa, gore/blood, violence, toxic relationship, canon divergent, manga and ending spoilers, fingering, penetration, biting, degradation.
♥︎. tags. — none
♥︎. author’s note. — this is poorly written and it’s heavily rushed towards the end but I still hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Everything began on that day.
You were a beautiful woman. With your brown skin and dark hair, twisted and braided into a style foreign to the land. You stood out among the pale-skinned and tanned people. Your beauty was chalked up to the result of the western beauty standards. However, despite your beauty, the treatment you received was not something a person of your appearance would experience. After all, you were a slave. Sold to the highest bidder like livestock. When your master first bought you, he stripped you bare and had the other servants wash you to try and rid of the “black ink” on your skin. I was only when your skin started turn red and bleed after the continuous rough scrubbing. Did your master realize that the brown color was your natural skin color.
You were a beautiful woman. With your brown skin and dark hair, twisted and braided into a style foreign to the land. You stood out among the pale-skinned and tanned people. Your beauty was chalked up to the result of the western beauty standards. However, despite your beauty, the treatment you received was not something a person of your appearance would experience. After all, you were a slave. Sold to the highest bidder like livestock. When your master first bought you, he stripped you bare and had the other servants wash you to try and rid of the “black ink” on your skin. I was only when your skin started turn red and bleed after the continuous rough scrubbing. Did your master realize that the brown color was your natural skin color.
For a short while, he was outraged that the slave trader had scammed him of his money. Going as far as demanding that they be brought to him and accept punishment. Soon though, he had come to accept you as a servant. You were fast and efficient with your chores, and you were definitely easy on the eyes as well. Something that irked him about you, was that you rarely showed emotion. You always kept an impassive expression on your face, and looked at him with your dull eyes as if you weren’t really looking at him.
Your master was a bad and sadistic man, and when you gave him a lack of response upset him. So, he did whatever he could to get a reaction out of you. Beating you, killing or whipping whoever got close to you in front of you, upping your chores, accusing you of crimes you didn’t commit. Even going as far as making you lay in bed with him against your will. But even as he defiled and tainted you in the worst ways possible, you remained somehow even more emotionless as before. Looking like a doll as you put up with everything he did to you.
As time passed, your master grew even more angry with you and you took it. You tried to fake an emotion to appease him but that only angered him more, thinking you were mocking him. He beat you worse that day and you never tried again. All this happened behind closed doors, and when guests were over, he would doll you up and send you out to entertain his guests. Especially the male ones as they stared at your exotic form with awe and lust. They had no restraint with touching and speaking with you as they pleased. Through these social events, you learned a lot of stuff that was happening in your area. Whether it be gossip or news, you knew it all. People had oil on their tongues when a lowly slave was around.
Despite your pretty face and slender body, your skin was littered with scars from beatings. Parts of your skin blackened from all the hard work. Soon enough, your master grew tired of you. Sending you off to serve his sickly son as a sort of punishment. Seeing as none of the other slaves and maids wanted to near or tend to him, not wanting to be close to such a sickly person. But you didn’t mind, you simply bowed your head in recognition of your assignment. It didn’t take long for you to move into the separate building, you didn’t own much and the things you did were easy to move.
Meeting you master’s sick son was probably the most important encounter you’ve had in your life. His name was Muzan, and he was the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen. When you first saw him, something in your heart fluttered, and for once you were thankful of your dark skin to hide your probably flushed cheeked. Despite his pale skin and frail body, you saw a handsome man who only yearned to be somebody important. You didn’t express your feelings though, that would be something you took to the grave. No matter how much your master disliked Muzan, and discarded him as a burden. He was still ranks above you and it would be blasphemy for him and you to have any sort of relationship past master and slave.
So you locked away your emotions and did your duty with the best of your abilities. For some time, you both rarely shared words apart from the formalities. However, as time slowly passed, you and him gained a trustful relationship. He was the only person who saw your smile and heard your quiet laugh. Who could sometimes feel your hair on the rare occasion you’re feeling bold and didn’t care about boundaries. Who saw your eyes change from their usual dull hue to hold sympathy at the sight of his illness flaring up. The only person who could see your face show any emotion besides indifference. The only person who could get a reaction from you from his lingering touches and flirty words.
Your relationship has long passed just a master and his slave. From longing touches and gazes, to secret kisses behind closed doors and lovesick conversations made in the dead of night to keep from getting caught. It was a whirlwind for you, to go from being an empty shell to being a human being in love. With her masters son no less. However, you didn’t care about what your master thought. This time, you wanted to be selfish, you wanted to love this man freely and be happy.
And nothing was ever going to take him away from you.
_________ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐
You first found out about Muzan’s transformation when he had killed one of the maids that attended to him. You had noticed his strange behavior after the doctor had visited him. After all, you were the one to dispose of the body. It was on one of your round trips around the manor when you heard a lowly thud. The sound was so quiet that you would’ve missed it if you hadn’t been paying attention. You ran to the general direction where the sound came from and a small amount of fear ran through you.
The only room in that direction was Muzan’s bedchambers, since he preferred to be alone. So he stayed in a secluded and dark part of the house. You were quickly to open his sliding doors, not bothering to knock or ask for permission to enter. What greeted you though was a horrific sight that will forever stick with you. Even through the future centuries. Your hands flew to your mouth to stop yourself from screaming and from shock.
One of the maids mangled and dead body laid on the ground in a pool of their blood. The acrid smell of iron hit you in the face and it suddenly was a struggle to appear composed. The missing arm of the maid was held in your lovers hand. Large bite marks littered the limb and blood stained his face. Flashbacks from your time in the masters house made you really want to recede back into your empty shell.
It was only when you finally looked into Muzan’s eyes did you somewhat control yourself. His eyes shined a bright crimson red in the dark room, illuminated by the full moon. His pupils were predatory, eyeing you like it’s next prey. While beautiful, they were soulless, empty, and uncaring of the action he had just done. Those were the same eyes he looked upon you with. The same eyes that striked an unfamiliar fear into your heart and a bone-chilling shiver through your body.
A part of you understood that if given the right reason, he would kill you like he did her. You’re sure that he saw that understanding in your slowly dulling eyes. He stood up. Something he would usually have trouble doing, it only occurred to you now that he wasn’t in bed. Walked towards you, leaving the arm as if it was some old boring things, and stood over you. It was also now that you realized just how much taller he was than you, not that you had the will to even strain to look up at him. Opting to stare aimlessly at his now broad chest, and restraining yourself from glancing over at the dead girl laying in a dark corner of the room.
He placed his bloody hand on your cheek, caressing your face with his thumb and smearing blood on your face. This loving gesture didn’t last long before he moved his hand to your throat. Using his thumb to forcefully move your head up and look at him, you both only stared at each with empty eyes. His grip around your throat wasn’t necessarily tight but the threat was there, that at any moment he could kill you and silence you forever.
“I’m sorry my love, for you to see me in such a unsightly situation. Surely, you would still love a beast like me right?” He spoke, his words flowing off his tongue like oil.
“After all, who else would love you like I do? My dear father abuses you, the other servants and slaves all hate you, and you have nowhere to go. No one would dare take you as a wife and love you as much as I do. So, you wouldn’t betray me right?”
His words stung yet you couldn’t help but agree with him. He was the only one who treated you well, and you were willing to risk your life on the fact that he loved you. He was playing with the ribbon in your hair before pulling it, making it come undone, releasing them from its neat bun. Your beautifully done and decorated braids almost gracefully fell down to your sides and face. Your hair was the only luxury you were allowed to have, since people were enamored with the unique hairstyle and your master often made you do your hair to satisfy his guests.
You stared into his dull eyes that didn’t match with the loving expression he made. But you didn’t care, as long as he continued to love you then it didn’t matter what he did. You weren’t allowed to be picky. So you smiled, reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“I would never Muzan-sama, I will forever love you and follow to the ends of the earth. I will worship you, care for you, fight for you, and do everything you ask of me. So please, continue to love me.”
Your words were like sweet honey to his ears, as his hand moved from your throat back to your cheek. Uncaring of the blood that now stained your skin, he kissed you with such passion that you just couldn’t resist returning. You loved this man. So you didn’t mind the disgusting taste of iron in your mouth, or ignoring the poor dead girl with lifeless eyes that stared at both your forms. You didn’t mind when he closed back his door and carried you to his bed, your legs wrapped around his waist, swollen lips, and messy clothes. You didn’t mind when he bit his own tongue while kissing you, giving you his blood. Making you go through the painful process of turning into a demon, nearly tearing your own throat from the intense burning sensation.
A part of you died that night, both physically and emotionally. As he peppered kissed along your panting form, only being able to let out pained moans in return. You felt a sense of acceptance as he held you so intimately.
“My beloved toy~, forever and always~”
Yes, you’ve accepted your position in this accursed life. You’ll forever be Muzan’s woman, his toy, his wife, his lover, his one and only, for as long as your body still walked this earth.
_________ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐
Muzan had multiple ways of punishing you when you stepped out of line, some are more enjoyable than others. To be fair, he’s had thousands to perfect and come up with ideas to punish you. To keep track, you’ve categorized them into three categories. The physical, mental/emotional, and the sexual. Your least favorite is the mental ‘cause while you can heal physical wounds, you can’t heal your mental state.
You don’t have a most favorite. The other two are equally as bad, but if you had to choose, then sexual would be your choice. At least then you experience some type of pleasure. However, he rarely choose sexual punishments. Only when he’s already riled up does he decide ‘to show mercy’ on you.
You were hoping that he was in that mood today. It had been a really rough day and was annoyed with the useless bloodshed he was doing over simply getting annoyed. So you stopped him from killing a drunken that had accidentally stumbled into him in an alleyway. He didn’t take to kindly to that and was silent for the rest of the walk. You knew that your actions would have consequences, but you only hoped that he wouldn’t be so harsh.
So here you find yourself seated on your lovers lap, your back pressed up against his chest. His hand tightly gripping your bare waist to keep you still and from running away. His sharp nails dug into your skin and drew blood that trickled down your body and onto the bed. He didn’t care about it though, he would simply just replace the fabric once he was done. Not that you cared either, you were to busy clawing at his arms. Trying to escape from the immense pleasure he was giving you. His fingers working wonders on your cunt and making your vision go in and out.
He was meticulously rubbing your pussy from behind. Slow and gentle, then fast and rough thorough movements. Never really entering you, just rubbing and rubbing and rubbing with lots of pressure. Tips of his fingers grazing over your entrance, teasing you with an inch of penetration before going back. You’re holding onto his forearms while you grind yourself back against his fingers, whimpering as you get overwhelmed with pleasure. His lips on your neck. You’re pussy making such lewd sounds. You can’t hold back your orgasm any longer and you half expect him to pull away to deny you, your release. When you let out a loud cry from the intensity of your orgasm, you dig your nails into Muzan’s arms as he just keeps rubbing.
You realized that he intended to rip orgasm after orgasm out of you, and all you could do was lay there and take it.
“Isn’t this what you wanted? You acting all heroic for a lowly human, hm?” He spat, hand moving from your waist to your throat, roughly moving your head back. A tight grip that would kill any normal person in minutes. It only served to make your vision turn white and arouse you more as he rips another orgasm out of you.
“Mghnn…M-Muzan-sama..agh, p-please forgive me” you moaned out.
“No no no, this is what you asked for so you take it like a good little whore. You wanna be a hero then take all the orgasms I give you”. You didn’t know that you would become such a mess simply from his fingers. Your body shaking from the overwhelming pleasure he was providing you, not even giving you a break in between your highs.
After what you presumed was your fourth orgasm did Muzan finally stop. By now, your clit was swollen and highly sensitive, to the point where it hurt with the pleasure. Fresh and dried tears stained your pretty face, along with your ruined makeup and blood from Muzan’s hand. Your neck was littered with hickeys and bleeding bite marks. Muzan still had a firm grip on your throat, you wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve blacked up at least once by now.
He forced your mouth open, shoving two cum soaked fingers into your mouth and down your throat. Despite being used to his rough behavior, your eyes still widened at the act and the taste of yourself on your tongue was sudden, but not exactly uncommon. After letting his fingers soak in your mouth, took them out and without warning, stuck his fingers into your still sensitive cunt. Eliciting a loud moan from your sore throat.
“You didn’t think that was the end, did you? Oh no, we’ve got all day to reward you” he spoke in a sultry tone, a smirk adorning him pale face.
He hoists one of your legs onto the bed and undid his pants, pulling it down to free his leaking erection. Even after thousands of years, his cock never fails to nearly split you open with its size. While it was the normal 6in in length, the girth of it was thicker and always stretched you out. The sight nearly made you drool in want and desperation.
He removed his fingers and lined up against your entrance. The feeling of him entering was dumbifying, making you cum just from the pleasure of him bottoming out. The sight of you was nothing short of shameful, with your hair a mess, tongue out and mouth wide open in a silent scream. His only act of kindness was giving you a second to get used to his size before pulling out and plowing back into you. He continued this rough pace, even letting you turn around so he could see your fuck-out face. You wrapped your legs around his waist and claw at his back. Even if the wounds from your scratches instantly healed, Muzan took silent pride in reducing to you to a mere lustful whore.
Your eyes were out of focus as your mind was fucked blanked, leaving no room for coherent thoughts. He loved hearing your sluttish moans, especially when it rose an octave higher when he hit that special spot. He loved watching your boobs jiggle from the force of his thrusts. Loved hearing your mindless babble of insensible words and his name. He loved everything about you, and this was his way of showing it.
So as you go through your latest release, and your eyes roll to the back of your head. Your back arching and fingers and toes curling up from the intense surge of pleasure wash over your body. Muzan is sure to ingrain the shameful images of you into his head, because you are the most perfect goddess to roam this earth. The only one fit to stand by his side and be tainted so much by him alone.
_________ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐
You knew this day would come.
The day where God would finally condemn you and your lover for your sins. You always dreaded the thought of finally dying. No matter the sugarcoated words Muzan would whisper into your ears, about how you and him would conquer the sun and rule the world. Bringing humanity to its knees. Even on the nights that he would hold your body so gently and spoke hushed promises of greatness. Deep down, you couldn’t believe him. God never favored the wicked, you knew this to be true. So Muzan’s words only gave you a temporary comfort.
There was no hope for redemption for you. You’ve done and said unspeakable things, some you don’t even regret nor care enough to remember. Muzan had tainted you through and through, with not only his blood running through you, but also some of his ways of thinking. You hated that part of you. You hated how quickly you were to anger now. How quickly you casted a humans’ life aside in favor of your own. How you were filled with a sense of ecstasy at the notion of being worshiped, seeing people grovel at your feet. You hated it with a burning passion. But what you hated more, was just how much you loved it.
You’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re a horrible person. One that shouldn’t be allowed to roam the earth with the living. However, you were to selfish to concede to that. You didn’t want to die just to please humans, the thought disgusted you. All your life, you’ve bowed down to the will of man, enduring their lustful stare and inappropriate groping. Even now, you still had to bow down to your lover who had forced this repulsive lifestyle onto you.
So while it wasn’t a surprise, the revelation that you may actually perish tonight struck fear into your still heart. Tonight was the night that everything would finally come to an end. The continuous bloodshed between humans and demons had finally reached its peak. No matter how many slayer you struck down, more would rise to try and struck you down. The city was a a complete war zone. Houses and the streets were bathed in the fallen’s blood and lifeless bodies. It was a scene straight out of one’s worst nightmare. No. Even worse than that.
God showed no mercy that night. Neither for man or demon. While Muzan had ordered you to hide, the slayers forced their way to you and multiple fights ensued. While you were by no means weak, the mental strain from trying to fight off hoards of slayers was taxing. To the point where everything became a blur, the only thought in your mind was to survive no matter what and get back to Muzan. You told yourself that he fix everything, that you both would be able to live another day and he would fulfill all the promises of greatness with you.
You knew it was foolish thinking, but you wanted to believe so bad that it would become true. You loved him to much to simply give up. As the hours passed and the time of dawn grew closer, you slowly accepted your inevitable death. All the Upper Moons were dead and only you and Muzan were the last demons alive. The main two that everyone despised. In spite of the Upper Moons killing some of the hashiras, even the most badly injured ones stood tall and battled fiercely.
They swung their swords with such intensity and hatred that it almost made you want to surrender and beg for mercy on your death. You were starting to slow on your dodges, not finding openings to attack during their vicious assault. Your body was covered in your blood from multiple fatal wounds. Your eyes shined a bright red with narrow pupils and veins tracing the corners, canines sharp and stained with blood, showcased for all to see in a angry sneer. Your normally neat hair was wild and dirty from dirt and dry blood, more veins popping from your hands as you brandished you razor sharp nails. You looked absolutely feral and demonic.
During the fight, you were thrown into one of the abandoned houses. As you quickly got up, you got a glance of something from your side. You looked to get a clearer view, making sure it’s not a trap, the sight made your heart drop. It was a broken mirror, but in the remaining glass shards, you could see a broken reflection of yourself and what was looking back at you couldn’t have been what you looked like. This wasn’t what you wanted, you just wanted to live a happy life, not turn into a flesh-eating monster.
You didn’t have time to process your emotions as another barrage of attacks hit you. At this new revelation, you didn’t have the same fight to survive anymore. The horrific image of yourself haunted you. You wanted to give up, accept death and pray that God have mercy on your and Muzan’s soul. Muzan…..
That bastard.
At the reminder of Muzan, a wave of anger and hatred hit you. He was the cause of all of this. If he wasn’t so obsessed with power than you both could’ve just lived a happy life. But instead, he wanted more and more to the point where he hurt everything around him, even you. He was the reason why your life was so miserable, it wasn’t like he treated you good. He was constantly condescending and treated you like a trophy to the other demons, not even the lower moons respected you.
You constantly had to watch what you said around him in fear that he would punish you, and spent many lonely night by yourself when he was tending to his human wives. It disgusted you and you through multiple fits which he always responded to with a mere disappointed glare. “You are my wife, don’t embarrass me by acting so shamefully,” he would always say like you were in the wrong for getting upset. Even when you took on human lovers yourself to make him jealous, he would simply kill them and leave you for days or even weeks to ‘teach you a lesson’.
Many nights you cried into Daki’s arms from frustration with him, knowing you could do nothing about his behavior. There were even times where a part of you wanted him to die. For him to burn violently under that harsh sun and for there not to even be a speck of ash from his body left. For a him to get bested by a slayer and get mutilated past the point of recognition, or you would mercilessly smash his face into whatever surface you deemed suitable and stab him repeatedly. You wanted to break him in both mind and spirit, you wanted to have him grovel at your feet and beg for your attention like he does with you. Have him lick at your feet and hump your leg like a dog in heat.
It was then you realized just how much he tainted you. In your previous life, you would’ve never thought like this, but after years of being with Muzan, you have changed and turned evil. You also realize that, that was exactly what he wanted. In order for you to stay by his side, you needed to be able to handle the role of being the second most hated person in the world. What made you hate you hate him, was the fact that despite all the abuse he put you through. You still love him. You love him with all your heart, body, and soul.
The sun was beginning to rise and you knew your time has come. Muzan was backed into many corners and had changed his form many times, but even then nothing could prevent his death. He had transformed into a big hideous baby to try and protect himself from the sun but it was futile. You could hear his inner cry and the form try to dig underground, desperately trying escape death. At this point, you’ve had enough and sent a power blow to the remaining slayer trying to finish you off. Making a dash for your husband, you evaded the slayer trying to stop you and reached Muzan’s deformed body.
You pressed your body against it and you could feel your physical body being absorbed. All you wanted to do was to see your husband one last time and you desperately searched for his subconscious. You saw him trying to convince Tanjiro to take his place as the demon king, to finish what he had started. But the boy refused, leaving Muzan behind to reunite with his fellow slayers and friends. Muzan cried out in frustration and desperation, for him to come back and fulfill his dying dreams. He didn’t listen though and left him alone in the darkness. You saw him become angry and it broke your heart to see him in such a state. No matter how badly he treated you, you couldn’t stand to see him experience such pain.
As you watch him, you saw that he is experiencing the true feelings of despair. He sees his dreams disappearing right before his eyes. Everything that he worked so hard for was slipping right through his fingers and there was nothing he could do about it. His eyes are wide as they try to process just what was happening, how something like this could happen to a god like him. He was supposed to have everything yet somehow, he doesn’t.
Then, through the darkness and hopelessness of it all, you appeared. He expected you to yell at him, hit him, curse him for not giving you what he had promised. Instead, you looked at him with loving and sad eyes with a reassuring smile. His anger got the best of him as he yelled at you, “what’re smiling at! We’re fucking dead and all you want to do is stand there and look pretty!?”.
He expected you to get angry back, after all, he had turned you into a vindictive woman. However, instead of retaliating and blaming him for their failure, you sigh, a tired exhale that holds no disappointment or contempt. “It’s okay, you tried your best and lost, it’s not your fault,” you say, and as your words finally catch up to him, Muzan feels his world come to a hard stop. Since he became a demon, he’s told himself that he always needs to be the best. That demons were superior to everyone else and he was the only one worthy to be the king. He was a god, everyone else should just bend to his will and die. There was no way a god like him would die by those filthy humans -
It’s the familiar warm fingers, gently caressing over his cheek that snap him back to reality. Slowing down his rapid breathing. When he blinks up at you, he finds you kneeling in front of him. Your arms wrapped protectively around him, his cheek pressed against your exposed cleavage as if a mother was hugging their child. His hands immediately come from tightly gripping your forearms to embrace you, to his palms on your back and nails curling against your kimono. Cradling the back of his head, uncaring of the way he breaks down before you. Nothing but a warm smile graced your bloodied lips.
“It’s okay, it’s all over now. You can finally rest,” you whisper, and for a moment. Muzan swears, he sees God’s deliverance through you. A overwhelming feeling of tranquility fills him as he embraced the sweet grips of your love and comfort. Now, the thought of dying didn’t seem so scary as it once did. He had no reason to fight anymore, his body was starting to disintegrate and as long as you were by his side then he didn’t care. His only wish would be that if there was a heaven or hell, then you would go to heaven. You didn’t deserve to burn in hell with him, you were just a soul that was tainted by the likes of him. However, some part of him selfishly wished that you would stay with him for eternity. Even if it meant that you would have to follow him down to hell.
“I love you,” Muzan spoke, voice hoarse from the pain of his burning body, and from the heavy weight of your words. Muzan’s shoulders hitch in an uncharacteristic sob, “my girl. The best woman in the whole world.”
“Yours…” you whispered back. A single tear slid down your cheek, the reality and acceptance of your deaths coming full force. “Yours, always and forever,” you added, a quiet tremble in your voice. You held him tighter, running your fingers through his hair, and let some of the sadness you felt seep into your tone.
“The Demon King’s wife. His Beloved Toy.”
Muzan looked up to see you smiling that small, fond smile again. Your eyes beaming with affection as you smiled down at him, your own body burning away. He felt tears sting at his eyes again, and yet he couldn’t bring himself to regret or feel shame for the way his legs trembled from kneeling for so long, or the way his being burned with anger and hatred for the demon slayers to reduce not only him but you to a pathetic mess. He just couldn’t, not with your hand on his head and around him. In his final moments, he enjoyed the view of all the colors of dawn as the sun rose over the destroyed village. Even after both of your bodies were no more than dust in the wind, he could still feel the warmth of your embrace. As the grips of death took ahold of him, he accepted his fate and let the darkness overtake him.
The next time he’s aware, he finds himself in his old home. The only difference was that it was surrounded by tall, thick, dark trees with red spider-lilies littering the area. He was dressed in his old garments that he wore before becoming a demon. Was this his punishment? To live as his old, weak and sickly self in that dark house caged in by a dark forest, for all of eternity. Even the sky was gloomy, with gray clouds blocking any potential sunlight. He was close to breaking down, but then the sliding door the to house opened. His eyes widened at the sight of you. Standing there in your past human form and clothes. Tears brimmed his eyes at the sight, hoping, praying, that this wasn’t just another way for hell to punish him. But when you smiled back at him, nearly as close to tears as him, he knew that you were his Y/n.
He walked to the porch and pulled you into a tight embrace. One you didn’t hesitate to return with matched emotions. Neither of you said anything, you were to busy crying into his clothes with happiness and he wanted to savor this moment of you finally back in his arms. Muzan buried his face into the top of your head, inhaling your sweet scent and smiling as a sense of peace washed over him.
He was home.
Tumblr media
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tinaotaku · a day ago
Muzan having a snow day with his family! His s/o and child starting a snowball fight with him, ice skating, and building snowman demons ☃️❄️♥️☃️
Thank you for requesting! I apologize for not writing fanfics as much as before. I was taking some time from writing fanfics as I'm not in a good mental state. Please, enjoy!
(Y/n)'s age: 6 Both Muzan and his S/O are a demon.
"Mama, look, it's snowing!!" You said as you looked outside the window with excitement all around your face. Your mama chuckled as she sat on her chair, "It sure is, honey," Then, she took a sip of her cocoa before looking at you, "It will snow very heavily tonight. It would be best to sleep early tonight, ok, dear?"
You looked over your back and nodded, "Ok, mama. By the way, where is papa? I thought he promised to bring me outside once it snowed?" You still remember what your dad said to you three months ago when he'll accompany you to play outside.
"Your papa is doing his job, dear. Come now, let's change your clothes,"
"Papaaaaa, it's so coooold!!" You shivered as you hugged yourself, trying to make yourself feel warm. Your papa is walking behind you with patience. "Didn't I tell you to wait for us? Look at you with that silly red nose. Come here," He ordered. You, being a good kid, walked towards him. You could see him holding a small jacket for you to wear. After your dad puts you on your jacket, you feel warmer.
Muzan chuckled as he saw your chubby red cheeks. He looked at you with warmth and love, especially when he saw you running around the snowfield. Meanwhile, his S/O suddenly stood beside him while putting her head on Muzan's shoulder, looking at you.
After playing with the snow for some time, you rose from the snow and looked at your parents, who were watching from the side.
"Mama! Papa! Play with meeeee!" You screamed while waving your hands.
Both of your parents looked at each other and smiled. "Sure, why not?"
You grinned silently and threw a snowball at your dad, hitting him directly on his face. Although Muzan could easily dodge your attacks, he didn't as he wanted to play with you.
Muzan let the snow fall from his eyes before he smirked, "Well then, TAKE THIS!" He took some snow and threw it at you very quickly. Luckily, you moved to the side, and the battle started!
You spent your time making snowballs and running around the snowfield while Muzan took his time and played it slowly with you. While your mother just looked in your direction and smiled whenever you managed to hit your dad.
"HAHAHAHAHA, YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME!!" Muzan screamed while continuously throwing you his snowballs. You managed to move from all of his attacks until one sneaky snowball hit you on your forehead and pushed you to the ground.
Muzan and your mother ran at a very fast pace to see you lying on the ground with some snow covering your face. Soft laughter could be heard, then you jumped from the ground and threw your hands in the air.
"Papa, it was so fun! I had a very great time! We should do this to- ha… ha… HATCHIU!"
"Oh no,"
"It seems like you catched a cold," Muzan said as he lowered himself and put his palm against your forehead. "Let's head back," Mama said as she grabbed your hand.
You sniffed in sadness, "B-but I thought, we're going to spend the day playing with each other…"
"No, (Y/n), your health comes first. Now, let's go home,"
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hikikomoriheadphonegirl · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
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crysatoru · a month ago
Can I order a sub!Muzan that is getting fucked by a M!reader BUT M!reader finds out while fucking Muzan that Muzan whimpers like animals do and Muzan just whimpering and begging and you could even see a few tears?
Tumblr media
[ CHARACTER ] : kibutsuji muzan x m!reader
[ SYNOPSIS ] : Muzan's cute noises
[ CONTAINS ] : sub!muzan, obedient!cockdrunk!muzan, muzan calling reader "sir", begging, crying, degradation (reader comparing muzan to a dog)
[ LOVE NOTE ] : THIS. HOT. VERY HOT. Unfortunately, I don't know how to end smuts, so we just stopped abruptly </3
Tumblr media
The sight of Muzan being fucked by you was intoxicating, absolutely mouthwatering, so much so that the only thing you could think of at this point was his pretty, somewhat frail body, trembling and jerking at every thrust. The erotic noises he'd been making almost went unnoticed by you.
Muzan whimpered, a loud, pathetic sound coming from the lips of such a strong man, a demon. It almost sounded animalistic, with how it dragged on, his voice high pitched and shaking as he did so. You hadn't even realized that you'd stopped moving, which earned you another whimper.
"Fuck, sir, please continue moving," he basically whined as he shook his head, a lustful, faraway look in his eyes. As much as you wanted to tease him a little, you wanted to hear the sounds he'd make more. With that, you continued pounding him into the mattress, lifting his legs around your waist to hit even deeper spots in him. Whimpers and whines spilt from Muzan's lips, and he repeated your name like a mantra.
"Please, fuck me! Fuck me so hard!" He was shouting, tears starting to well up in his eyes as his red eyes rolled to the back of his head, his rough hands gripping the sheets weakly. Oh, he was so pretty.
"You sound like a fucking dog, Muzan. A horny, desperate bitch," you groaned out, feeling yourself get closer with how he, your personal whore, clamped down on you. Muzan nodded furiously, hands now shakily trying to grip onto yours.
"'M gonna cum! Can I cum for you, please?" Beg more, you wanted to say, but with how he'd been looking at you, you couldn't even let the words out as you moaned, simply nodding. He smiled, almost deliriously, as he thanked you, cum shooting out of his dick moments after. For the last time, he whimpered, the loudest he'd been the entire night as his body convulsed with the overwhelming pleasure. Tears spilt out of his eyes as he desperately panted for breath, tightening around you in the process and making you cum.
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Muzan's Flower || Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Summary: Kibutsuji Muzan was a heartless man. But even a heartless man can appreciate true beauty when he sees it. Or, how the king of demons fell in love with a human woman.
Words: 10,612
Warnings: canon-typical violence, smut, slow burn, oral sex
Tumblr media
Flowers are delicate little things. They were easy to mistreat and even easier to kill. But oh so beautiful. And although they died they came back just as strong and pretty as the year before. They were a symbol of death and a symbol of rebirth. They lost and they fought. No matter what they continued forward on the journey called life. Just like humans did. Kibutsuji Muzan hated both. Flowers represented everything he hated. They withered and died. They changed in the shortest amount of time. It was horrid. It was ugly. It was imperfect.
The first time Muzan had to admit that flowers were beautiful was one summer night. He was travelling through a forest. Animals rustled in the thicket. In the distance he could hear an owl. For human eyes it was pitch dark. A human wouldn’t be able to see the beauty in it. But Muzan saw. He saw each leaf on the trees, each beetle swirling through the air. He heard their buzzing and the gurgling of a stream nearby. He smelled the wood and wet earth beneath his feet. He saw the beauty but couldn’t appreciate it in that ice cold heart of his. To him it was meaningless.
He ran through the forest with his inhuman speed, startling the small creatures of the forest. Muzan felt hungry and he was looking for a meal. Suddenly he stopped in his tracks. He had heard something. Or rather someone. He turned towards the direction the sound was coming from and then he saw her.
A normal human wouldn’t have been able to see her in the distance and in the dark, but with Muzan’s advanced senses it was easy. There was a young woman, not a day over the age of twenty. She was running through the forest, only wearing a thin white kimono. Her legs and feet were bare, bleeding from the scratches the forest would leave on her skin. In her hands a bucket of water. It was splashing as she ran. Losing a little bit of content with every stumble. The woman was breathing heavily. Her chest was rising and falling way too fast. She had been running for quite some time now. Probably coming from the stream Muzan had heard. But why was she running? She wasn’t running from someone. There was no other person besides her and Muzan in the forest. It sparked curiosity in the demon king, but it was nothing he would think too hard about. It didn’t matter anyway, he had chosen her to be his next meal.
A smile appeared on his lips. Yes, what a delicious meal she would make. He could smell her aroma even with the distance between them. He could hear her heart beating and the blood rushing through her veins. His mouth was watering just at the thought of biting into her plump flesh. Hearing her heartbeat slow until it stopped beating completely. He might even indulge himself and torture her before she died. Ripping her heart out and making her see its last desperate pumps before the light would fade from her eyes. Yes, that sounded absolutely heavenly.
Muzan carefully crept up to her, making sure to not make any sound that disturbed her. It was easy for him to get used to her pace. She was quite fast for a human, but not even close to the speeds a demon could reach. Now that he was closer he could see her even better now. Her eyes were wide in… was it fear? Not quite. It wasn’t the fear Muzan knew from his victims. The paralysing fear of approaching death. It was somehow different but very closely related. He didn’t quite know where to put it. If he had a gentler heart, Muzan would have known that it was the fear for someone else’s life that pushed her.
Muzan knew that right now was the best opportunity to strike. She was all alone in the forest. Nobody would hear her screams of agony when he mutilated her. But something in him told him to wait, so he did.
They soon reached the edge of the forest and with that the edge of a village. Muzan cursed himself for letting this opportunity pass. But oh well, it wasn’t like he had to be careful or anything. If other humans came over upon hearing her screams, it wasn’t like he couldn’t handle them. They weren’t a hindrance, just an annoyance.
The woman continued to run. Her steps became even unsteadier with her rising desperation. She reached a house. Light was emitting from a single window. The house was small and looked old. The woman was definitely poor, there was no denying that seeing the stage her house was in. There were holes in the roof. But it did have a small pouch, however.
The demon watched as the woman walked into the small hut. He sneaked closer to see into the house through the window. The inside was just as shabby looking as the outside. There was an old futon laying on the ground and a small table, then a cooking spot and that was it. Cuddled on the futon however lay a girl. She was weak and ill. Muzan could tell by her looks alone. And then there was the stench of illness surrounding the house. It came from her.
He saw the woman walk over to the cooking spot and heat up the water she had gathered. Muzan watched as she added different kinds of herbs to the water, making some kind of tea. Then she filled it in a bowl and walked over to the sick girl, carefully giving her the tea in small sips.
Was it her daughter? No, the girl was too old for that. So maybe her sister? Muzan mused as he continued to watch the two. He watched how the girl was too weak to even open her eyes as she drank. And how the worried look would never leave her sister’s face.
Soon later they extinguished the lights and the woman went to sleep beside her sister. Muzan waited some more, to make sure they were asleep before he entered the hut. He was as silent as a breath, making sure not to disturb the humans in their sleep. He slowly crept towards the futon, crouching down beside it.
He crooked his head as he was watching the girls. The little girl was not to his interest. She would make a decent meal but nothing more. There was nothing to her worthy of his interest. But the older one was a different story. He had seen her face clearly before but he was only now really looking at her. Her soft plump lips and her lashes that rested on her cheeks. She was truly… no. What was he thinking? She was his meal and nothing more. A mere human, not even worth a second glance.
He could feel his mouth watering again and swallowed hard. He ran his tongue over his sharp fangs, ready to sink them into her soft skin. He was already leaning over her when something made him halt again. This didn’t feel good. Normally there was this warm fuzzy feeling inside him. A happiness and anticipation for his next meal. But this time there was nothing. Not even the slightest hint of it. He could smell the woman’s delicious scent. Hear the blood pumping through her veins and feel her warm body only centimetres from his own.
Why was he feeling so off?
Muzan drew back from his victim and watched intently. Her chest was rising and falling in a calm and even rhythm, completely different from when she was running. Then he noticed something glinting in the weak moonlight falling in from the window. Lying between her breasts and peeking out underneath her kimono was a necklace. A necklace in the form of a flower and for the first time Muzan had to admit that flowers were beautiful. At least this one. Because this one wouldn’t die. This one was eternal.
That night Muzan decided against eating the woman and her sick little sister.
The second time Muzan had to admit that flowers were beautiful was a couple of weeks later. He was still in the same area as the last time, just that he was now walking through the lightened up streets of a nearby town. He fit perfectly with the humans. In his fine tailored suit nobody would expect him to be a creature of the night, but instead respected him as a successful business man.
The woman from a couple of weeks ago was still on his mind as he walked. He couldn’t understand why he had spared her life. There was nothing about her. She wasn’t powerful or anything else. No, she had been weak and helpless as she laid before him. And yet something in him didn’t allow him to kill her. What was wrong with him?
“Please! I’m begging you!” someone said close to him. It ripped Muzan from his thoughts and his glance moved over to where the voice was coming from. It was like lightning had struck him and his red eyes went wide in surprise. There she stood, only a couple of metres away from him. She stood at a medecine booth with a stern look on her face. Her expression was a mix of pleading, hope and worry. She was holding coins in her hand, trying to give them to the men who sold the medical goods. But the man shook his head.
“I already told you, that’s not enough.”
Her lower lip quivered and it looked like she was about to cry. “I can pay the rest later. Please this is all I have and my sick sister needs this herb!”
“Sorry, no can do,” said the man.
Muzan watched them. The people were walking past him, ignoring him and the scene next to them. But Muzan couldn’t turn away his gaze. He was hypnotised.
The man turned away to help another customer. The woman was staring at the herbs before her. He could see the wheels turning in her head. And then in the blink of an eye she had grabbed whatever she needed and ran.
“Hey!” screamed the man behind the counter and immediately ran after her. Muzan didn’t know what moved him to do so, but before he could think straight. He stepped into her way. The woman ran head first into his chest, tumbled backwards and fell onto her bottom. For a second they just stared at each other. His plum red eyes, emotionless and cold. And her (e/c) coloured ones looking up at him in fear. A rush went through Muzan’s body. Yes, this was how it’s supposed to be. His eyes slid from her trembling form to the pink petaled flower in her hands.
“You little vixen,” said the man who owned the medicine booth and picked the woman up by her arm. Next to him were already the police. “You think you can just steal from me?”
“The punishment for theft is cutting off your hands, you thief!” said the policeman.
“No!” she begged, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Please! I just did it for my sister. I’m sorry. Please, don’t!”
“Well, I got it back,” said the man. “And it would be a shame to ruin such a pretty girl.”
“We should throw her in jail then,” said the police officer. “Nine days behinde bars should teach her a lesson.” The man nodded.
The woman looked up at the men in horror. “No, please! My sister! Think about my sister!” But neither the policeman nor the pharmacist listened to her pleas. They just dragged her down the street.
The flower was quite beautiful indeed, thought Muzan.
The third time Muzan had to admit that flowers were beautiful was in deep winter. Roughly two years had passed since he last saw the strange woman. But he found himself back in the area where her village was. Muzan didn’t think about the woman anymore. It was pure coincidence. Why should he waste his time thinking about something so far beneath him as a human?
He stepped out of a forest when he recognised where he was. He recognised the village and the shabby little hut with the porch. And on that porch stood the woman. She was sweeping her porch with a broom made out of branches. It was only shortly after sun down and the whole world was dipped into a bluish twilight.
Muzan was about to turn around. There was no reason for him to stay here and let his thoughts be consumed by this strange woman once more. Or he should kill her now. But he knew that wasn’t an option. Whatever had made him not kill her that night two years ago was still there. It gnawed at his insides, making him feel all strange. No, killing her wasn’t an option. So the second best thing was staying as far away from his woman as possible. It made him feel uncomfortable being near her. And that irritated him to no end. Normally he would just kill what made him feel this way, not that many things did. But this time he couldn’t. For the first time he couldn’t. It was unbearable.
He was about to leave when the woman stopped all of the sudden what she was doing. It made him curious as to what could have provoked the woman to stop, so he stayed. The woman went inside her hut and Muzan waited. It took a couple of minutes and the demon thought that she wouldn’t come out again, when suddenly she did. She held in her arms a basket concealed with a cloth. She slowly walked towards the forest, directly in the direction where Muzan stood. He quickly vanished between the trees. She didn’t notice him as she walked past him.
What could lead a young woman into the forest in the middle of the night? thought Muzan. It didn’t look like she was out getting water again like the first time he saw her. This time was different. She wasn’t worried or rushed. She was calm and collected. She had a slight jump in her walk, like a little girl. Muzan followed her unnoticed. Snow was slowly falling down between the trees. It was a beautiful sight in the light of the rising full moon. Snow was glinting on the ground, carefully laying ontop of all the flowers and bushes like a soft blanket. The woman left footprints in the snow, just like Muzan. The only piece of evidence that he was there with her. If she had turned around, she would have seen the second pair of footprints. Maybe she would have stopped what she was doing and ran back to her hut. But she didn’t. She only walked deeper into the forest. And Muzan walked with her.
He didn’t know what made him follow her besides his curiosity. But where this curiosity came from, he had no idea.
They soon reached a clearing. A clearing with a stone in the middle of it. Upon further inspection, he recognized it as a small tombstone.
The woman knelt down beside it, not caring about the cold or the snow soaking her yukata. Her breaths came out in little white clouds, as she closed her eyes and put her hands together in prayer. Then she took the cloth from the basket and revealed a small bouquet of white flowers. She laid them on top of the tombstone.
“Sorry I took so long,” she whispered to the stone, carefully stroking it. “I had things to do, you know. Since you’re not here anymore, I have a lot of work to do, little sister.”
Then she started to talk about her day and the last couple of weeks. She talked about how nice Mr Yamamoto always was to her and that he would often invite her over for dinner, since he knew she was all alone. And after some time her voice began to tremble.
“I’m sorry, I promise I’m not crying,” she said while tears fell down her cheeks. “I know you don’t want to see me cry. I just miss you so much. Even after two years. I will always miss you.”
She continued to cry at her little sister’s grave, while Muzan looked on. There was no emotion in his eyes or in his heart as he watched. He felt no sadness or sympathy, not even pity. In his opinion this was what would always happen to humans. They withered and they died. That was their destiny. Whether it be by the hands of a demon or the hands of time. There was no difference. The only thing on his mind while he was watching was how beautiful those flowers bloomed.
The fourth time Muzan had to admit that flowers were beautiful was just a few days later. He had decided to stick around and see what was so special about this human, that he couldn’t kill her. There was no denying that she was constantly on his mind. He couldn’t even focus on searching for the blue spider lily. She was always there. This woman and the secret behind her.
He was standing in the forest again, this time by the stream and he was watching her. Watching her wash her clothes in the stream. Her hands were red from the ice cold water. They must have hurt a lot but she continued washing. A completely content look on her face at all times. Like the burning pain from the water wasn’t even there.
He didn’t know what made him do it but before he could think it through he had made a step forward, deliberately stepping on a twig. Crack. The woman turned around with surprise on her face. It wasn’t hard for her to spot him, but she still stared at him intently, trying to see his face that was still engulfed in darkness.
“You know, it’s dangerous for a woman to be all alone outside at night,” said Muzan in his deep rumbling voice.
The woman visibly relaxed after hearing his voice. A smile captured her lips. “I don’t think it’s that dangerous. Why should anyone want to hurt me?”
Muzan was taken aback by her answer. Was she really that naive or just plain stupid? But he had to admit, he didn’t have a good answer. Because some people were plain up evil? Or, in his case, they were very hungry and she looked like a delicious meal ready to be devoured. But he couldn’t say the last thing without bringing up demons and he didn’t want to give her any ideas about what he might be. So he opted for the first thing.
“Some humans are evil,” he said. “They see a pretty woman like yourself and get all sorts of disgusting ideas.”
She just shrugged. “I don’t see why it’s more dangerous at night then. They can just as easily get their disgusting ideas during the day.” Her voice was soft and sounded like a melody when she talked. Muzan had never heard something like it before. He was so mesmerised by her voice that he almost didn’t hear what she said next.
“Are you an evil human?”
“No,” he said. Technically not a lie. He wasn’t human at all. And he wouldn’t call himself particularly evil either. Ruthless and ambitious perhaps but not evil. Then again, who would ever think of themselves as evil?
Her soft smile turned into a grin. “Then I don’t see why I should feel in danger.”
He didn’t know what to say to that. It was such a naive and almost delusional worldview, so far removed from his own.
“Why are you washing at night?” he continued to ask.
She shrugged. “I love the night.” She looked up to the moon. “It’s so calm and the moon is so beautiful.”
He followed her look. Muzan didn’t understand what she thought to be so beautiful. It was just a big bright dot amidst the black night sky. And what was calm about the night? After one thousand years of always walking at night, he was sick of it. Muzan longed to see the day again and feel the sun on his skin.
When he looked back down at the woman, he saw that she was collecting her laundry. Now that she stood he could better see the yukata she was wearing. It was of a light blue colour decorated with cherry blossoms.
“Well, it was nice meeting you, Sir,” she said with a gentle smile. “But I have to go back home now. I have to hang up my laundry to dry.” And with that she turned around and walked back through the forest towards her house.
Muzan didn’t say anything. He could have called after her or followed her, maybe finally finishing what he couldn’t the first night he saw her. But he knew, even if he tried, something in him would stop him again. It was no use. So he let her leave. But he had to admit, the cherry blossoms on her yukata were quite beautiful.
The fifth time Muzan had to admit that flowers were beautiful was in spring the following year. The village where the woman lived was decorated for a festival. It was no grand festival but the village still tried its best to hang up lanterns and set up booths with food. Muzan walked along the main road where all the booths were. He didn’t know why he was back at her village. He tried to tell himself that it was a nice change of scenery. Almost like a vacation from the blood shed of his everyday life, where demons and humans alike were killed mercilessly by his own hands.
Muzan was looking at the lanterns along the road. They were old and tacky but still glowing brightly. Then suddenly he felt something. An aura he already knew. Muzan turned towards the aura and saw her. She was walking quickly between the people. She was holding something to her chest, engulfed in her yukata that Muzan couldn’t see. He watched her avoid the people around her and when she came closer to him he had an idea. Just as she was about to pass him he moved so that she would bump into his shoulder. She stumbled and was about to fall. It would have been easy for him to catch her. To prevent her from falling on her bum and act like a knight in shining armour. But that wasn’t what Muzan was like. Instead he watched her fall with emotionless eyes. She didn’t try to cushion her fall with her hands, instead she held even tighter to whatever she was carrying and got hit with the full force of her fall. Muzan stood before her, watching. It was just like that time two and a half years ago, when she was stealing the medical flower for her sister and he had stepped into her way. He wondered if she recognized him, but when he looked into her eyes there was no recognition. Instead there was panic in her eyes. She didn’t care about the rose hairpin that almost fell out of her hair and quickly opened up her yukata a little bit to see if whatever she was carrying was unharmed. As it turned out it was a small orange kitten.
“Good, you’re alright,” she whispered to herself. Relief flooded her features. And again Muzan was confused. Why didn’t she scream at him? Why didn’t she tell him to better watch where he was going? Or ask him why he did it? It had been more than obvious that he bumped into her on purpose.
“I apologise,” Muzan said coldly. “I didn’t watch where I was going.”
“It’s alright, don’t worry about it,” she said while standing up. “The cat is alright.”
He looked down at the kitten in her arms. It appeared to be sleeping but it didn’t look healthy. It was completely emaciated. It appeared to be lucky if it survived the night.
“It’s cute, isn’t it?” she asked him suddenly. Muzan looked back up at her and for a moment he got lost in her eyes. They were so warm and friendly. He had never seen eyes so pure hearted before. The eyes he normally looked at were full of hatred and blood lust. Compared to that her eyes were like a nice day at the sea. So completely calm and peaceful.
“I found it close to a road. I think its mother abandoned it,” she said, full of empathy for the little guy.
“And you are going to care for it?” Muzan asked.
She nodded. “It has no one except for me. I have to help it.”
He looked at her with wonder in his eyes. To him she was like a creature from another world.
“I’m going to bring it home and try to nurse it back to health,” she added. Then with a look at him she asked, “Would you like to join me?”
What a bold request, Muzan thought but he felt himself nodding before he had the chance to think it through.
“What’s your name?” she asked as they were walking through the street full of people to her house.
“Kibutsuji Muzan,” he answered. “What’s your name?”
“(y/l/n) (y/n),” she said. “Nice to meet you Kibutsuji-san.”
(y/n), he thought. It has such a lovely ring to it. Like a breeze on a warm summer day.
“What are you doing here?” (y/n) asked. “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”
“I work at a town nearby,” he lied. “I thought it would be nice to visit the festivities.”
“It is a nice festival,” she agreed. “That’s why I love spring. Because of the festival and all the flowers that start blooming.”
“You like flowers?” Muzan ansked. (y/n) nodded.
“I love them. Each and every flower is so beautiful when they bloom. What about you? Do you like flowers, Kibutsuji-san?”
Muzan shook his head. “No. They remind me of death.”
“It’s true they die quickly,” (y/n) admitted. “But don’t you think even death has something beautiful to it?”
“What’s supposed to be beautiful about death?” he asked.
“Everything dies and everything lives. It’s the circle of life. Only from death new life can bloom. It’s poetic.”
He wanted to ask her if she thought so about her sister’s death as well. If she also thought that new life bloomed out of her death. But he would expose himself if he did, so instead he acted like he contemplated her answer.
“Death is a natural part of life. It has its place just like any other thing,” she continued.
That is where you are wrong, Muzan thought. Death shouldn’t have a place in life. At least not for him. If you really thought about it, death was meaningless and therefore life was meaningless. Life only started to mean something when it didn’t end. Muzan was sure about that.
They reached her house.
“There we are,” she said and turned to him. “Thank you for joining me, Kibutsuji-san. Would you like to come in? And have a cup of tea while I take care of the cat?”
He looked at her. Saw her soft cheeks and bright eyes. Her soft lips and how they were formed into a smile. A strand of hair fell into her face and he had the weird urge to tuck it behind her ear, but he didn’t. Instead he returned her smile. A real genuine smile that he didn’t smile in years.
“No, thank you. I should head back home.”
Now she tucked the strand behind her ear herself, using her hairpin to fasten it.
“Oh,” she said. “I understand. I hope you get home well.”
He nodded as thanks. He waited for her to enter her house before he turned and went back to the life he lived. The life full of blood and murder. But he had to admit, that hairpin of hers, that rose, was absolutely beautiful.
The next time the two of them met was on a road between her village and the nearest town. Muzan had appeared out of nowhere and surprised (y/n).
“Kibutsuji-san, you startled me!” she said with a laugh. “Where did you come from so suddenly?”
“I was on my way from work when I saw you,” he explained. Not technically a lie. He just came from a rather bloody meeting with the lower moons. Muzan was lucky that he didn’t taint his clothes with blood, otherwise he couldn’t have joined (y/n).
“Where are you going this late?” he asked.
“I have to get something from the market,” she replied. “I need it for the cat.”
“How is the cat?”
“Lively,” she said with a smile. “It looks like Miu is feeling a lot better already.”
“Miu?” he asked.
“The name of the cat,” she explained. “I thought he needed a name.”
They walked along the road together, talking about God and the world. Or rather (y/n) talked. Muzan was silent, just listening. He wanted to listen to her voice as long as possible. Then they came across a beggar. He sat slumped on the side of the road. Muzan took (y/n)’s arm and pulled her to the side as far away from the beggar as possible. He looked at him with disgust in his deep red eyes.
“Dear Sir and Madam, do you have some money to spare?” the beggar asked with a croaking voice.
“We don’t have any,” Muzan said with a cold voice.
(y/n) looked at him up in shock. “What are you saying?” she asked, the smile quickly coming back to her features. “Of course we have some money.”
She ripped her arm from Muzan’s grip and walked over to the beggar, giving him a couple of coins. “It’s not much, but that’s all I can spare.”
The beggar bowed deeply. “Thank you so much madam. Thank you.”
“Why did you do that?” Muzan asked after they walked past the beggar.
“Why not?” (y/n) responded. “I still have enough money to buy what I need.”
“But…” you don’t have much money yourself, he wanted to say but decided against it. (y/n) knew what he wanted to say anyways.
“Because I don’t have much myself, I know how he’s feeling,” she explained. “Wouldn’t you want someone to help you if you were in his place?”
“But I’m not in his place.”
(y/n) sighed. “I believe each life is worthy of respect. We should treasure each and every life and help where we can.”
It sounded so nice how she put it. But she was wrong. Muzan knew that not every life was worth the same and that was why some lives were worthy of protection and other lives had nothing but to waste away. That was how this world worked. But it was so nice giving in to her illusion. Her worldview amazed Muzan and her words captured him like nothing else before. It was ridiculous. How could such a naive point of view be so captivating?
Another time they met was in summer. Muzan had made it a habit of visiting (y/n) every once in a while when he needed a break from his everyday life full of demonic problems. The upper moons were out searching for the blue spider lily, so he could take a break every once in a while.
They were sitting on a piece of grass in front of her house. The moon was shining brightly above them and the stars were twinkling. It was a beautiful summer night. Just like the night Muzan saw her for the first time.
By now Muzan had to admit to himself that he enjoyed (y/n)’s company. She calmed him. There was no denying that anymore. Not after all the times he had visited her. Maybe that's why he couldn’t kill her in the beginning. Because deep down he knew that she would become a safe haven for him.
But she was a human, one part of him screamed at him. She is beneath you in every way. Muzan ignored it. He didn’t want to listen to this voice and ruin that small piece of peace that he had finally acquired.
He was lying on the grass, his eyes closed and he enjoyed the low breeze that was moving the air. (y/n) sat next to him, making a flower crown.
“Finished,” she said and held the ring of flowers before her face, taking a look at her finished product. Next she shook Muzan’s arm.
“Kibutsuji-san, get up,” she said with a voice sounding like bells. He did what she wanted and sat up. Next thing he knew he had the flower crown sitting on his raven curls.
Muzan looked at her in shock, not knowing how to react. (y/n) just smiled at him.
“Pretty,” she said.
Then Muzan picked the flower crown from his head, holding it away from him between two fingers like it was something disgusting.
“I’m not so sure,” said Muzan and threw it in (y/n)’s lap. “You wear it.”
Amusement danced on her features as she picked up the crown and put it on her own head. She was breathtaking. The way her hair shimmered in the pale moonlight was incredible. Never did he wish as much as now that he could see her in the sunlight. He imagined the sun shining on her face, giving her a golden glow. She would look so pretty in the sunlight.
“Why do I never see you during the day?” she asked a couple of weeks later during autumn. Muzan looked up from his book. He knew these sorts of questions would come sooner or later. They now spend almost every day together. He even neglected his duties for her. The upper moons started to become suspicious. They wondered what was going on with their master. If only he knew himself.
“I’m busy with work during the day,” he said. Something went through his body. A feeling he didn’t feel in a long time. Pain. It pained him to lie to her. But what else was he supposed to do?
It was winter and they came back from one of their nightly walks. It was a beautiful winter’s night. The snow fell in soft flakes from the sky and the snow on the ground glistened in the light of the moon. Some snowflakes had caught themselves in (y/n)’s hair and Muzan’s finger twitched to pull them from it. They were standing before (y/n)’s hut, (y/n) smiling at him. His eyes wouldn’t leave her form. He was mesmerised by her and how beaut-
Meow, he suddenly heard. Muzan looked down to discover Miu rubbing against his leg. How odd. Normally animals didn’t like him. They sensed a predator far greater than them and stayed out of his way. But now he was bending down to scratch the little kitty on its head.
“Hello Miu,” he mumbled to the cat. He heard a giggle and looked back up at (y/n). Her cheeks were flushed from the cold and she held her hand in front of her mouth to hide her laughter.
Normally Muzan wouldn’t allow anyone to laugh at him but with her things were different.
“What?” he asked.
“Nothing. It’s,” she took a deep breath. “It’s nothing. It’s just the way you looked it was…”
“Was what?”
Muzan’s eyebrows shot up. Never ever in his lifetime had anyone ever called him adorable. If a demon had even muttered the word it would be dead before its body hit the ground.
Muzan was about to say something when (y/n) took a step forward and he realised how close they stood all of the sudden. He could feel the heat from her body and her warm breath caressed his chin as she looked up at him.
And then without saying anything else she stood up on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his own. Her lips were soft and warm against his cold ones and he longed to feel them longer, but she already pulled away, shyly smiling up at him and batting her eyelashes.
Muzan’s brain short circuited. Before anything in him could scream at him to not do it he had already put his arm around her waist and pulled (y/n) against his body once more. His lips found hers again and they interlocked in a longer and deeper kiss. It was the happiest moment of his life.
But that happiness was short-lived. Later at home in his infinity fortress where he was alone with his thoughts he punished himself for what he did. How could he have been so stupid? How could he allow a mere human to kiss him? And how could he kiss her back? Humans were food and nothing better than that! That’s all they were good for.
But most of all what did it mean? Why did he have these…urges? This need to be close to her? To kiss her? And hold her? Muzan didn’t understand. He never felt like this before. And he shouldn’t. He was a demon. She was a human. He should kill her and bathe in her blood. Instead he was getting all these…mushy feelings when he was with her. Pathetic. He was truly pathetic.
From that moment on he avoided her. He stopped visiting her little hut and saw how she was doing. That was until a night in late spring. He told himself he was just visiting the town close to her village because he liked it there. What he didn’t admit to himself was that he hoped to see her again.
He was walking along the street. The sky was cloudy and you couldn’t even see the moon. The air smelled like it would rain soon. Suddenly he heard her voice.
He turned around and as soon as he did he was embraced by her arms.
“I’m so happy to see you! Where were you all these weeks? I was worried sick about you. I thought something happened to you. I’m sorry about the kiss but please, why did you go away?”
Muzan turned rigid. It felt so nice being back in her arms. To feel her body against his again. He was split between embracing her back and pushing her away. Eventually he decided for the latter.
“Kibutsuji-san?” He heard her confused, quiet voice, but he didn’t dare look at her. He knew if he did all the self-discipline he was so proud of would vanish in an instant. Instead he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the next best ally. He needed time with her alone. Away from all these people.
“Kibutsuji-san, stop! Where are we going? Please stop, you’re hurting me!”
As soon as the words were out of her mouth he let go of her arm. There was nothing he wanted less than hurting her.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “Is your arm alright?”
(y/n) rubbed her wrist with her other hand but she nodded.
“Good,” said Muzan and sighed in relief.
Silence fell between them. The only sound was the dripping of the rain, which slowly started to fall. The alley they were in was dark. A human could barely see a hand in front of their face. They were so far away from the main street with all the lights that you could only hear the rustling of the people in the far distance.
“Will you tell me what happened?” (y/n) asked in the softest voice. “I’m sorry if I insulted you with the kiss.”
“Don’t apologise,” said Muzan coldly. Normally people would flinch away from how cold his words sounded, but (y/n) was already used to it. “You did nothing wrong.”
“Then what happened?” she asked. “Why did you stay away from me?”
“It’s complicated,” he said.
“Explain it to me,” said (y/n) and stepped forward. She reached out a hand and put it gently on his pale cheek, smiling up at him. God, she was so beautiful. Even with rain drenching her hair. It was his turn now to flinch away. He knew he shouldn't have come to this town, but his selfish desires were what had led him there and now he had to deal with the result.
“Look who we have here. Two lovebirds,” said a voice coming from their right. Both the demon and the girl turned towards the voice. They saw a bunch of thugs coming their way. Muzan rolled his eyes. He really didn’t have the patience to deal with them right now.
He pulled (y/n)’s hand away from his face and turned towards the thugs. “Listen, we don’t want any trouble. Please, just leave us alone.”
“Oh yeah? And if we don’t want to?” one of the thugs said, coming closer.
Muzan closed his eyes, breathing deeply in and out. He really wasn’t in the mood for this right now. He already had enough on his plate. Normally he’d just kill them quickly and go back to his business but he couldn’t do that with (y/n) being here. He couldn’t let her know that he was a demon. It was impossible. If she ever knew she would… Muzan didn’t even know what she would do. Leave him forever? Hate him? Whatever it was he knew it would break him somehow. So what should he do?
“Hey look at this gal!” said one of the thugs and grabbed (y/n) around her waist, pulling her to him. (y/n) shrieked.
Muzan’s red eyes turned to slits. “Let her go, this instant,” he demanded with a growling voice.
“Or what?” asked the thug. “Look how pale he is, he looks almost dead. You’re probably sick, aren’t you? How is a weakling like you going to do anything against me? Just let me have fun with your girl and I'll let you live.”
“Kibutsuji-san,” (y/n) whimpered.
Muzan’s eyes were glowing crimson by now and he could feel his fangs probing his lips.
“Close your eyes,” he said to (y/n). But she didn’t. She just stared at him with mouth agape.
“I said, close your eyes!” he hissed at her. He had never spoken to her with that much anger in his voice before. (y/n) did immediately as she was told.
Once her eyes were closed a cruel smile came to Muzan’s lips. The thugs laughed at him, clearly not knowing what was about to come. First he broke the thugs arm that was holding onto (y/n) with a loud crack. He pulled (y/n) out of his grip and let her stand at the side. One of his thug friends started an attack. Without much further ado he ripped out his heart, still feeling it pulsate in his blood covered hand. The thug fell to the ground.
The one with the broken arm started the next attack, his last friend following shortly. Muzan swiftly doged the two and broke the neck of the first thug. The other one, now knowing that he had no chance, tried to run away. Muzan smiled diabolically.
“You're not getting away,” he mumbled and ran after him. He appeared in front of the thug, making him come to a halt. The thug fell to his knees.
“Please!” he begged. “I’m sorry, you hear! I didn’t mean to-”
He got interrupted by Muzan who ripped his tongue out.
“I don’t want to hear your petty excuses,” Muzan said with a voice made out of ice. Next he ripped his heart out, just like he did with the other one. Blood ran down his hand and Muzan licked it up, trying to prevent it from staining his kimono. When he looked back at (y/n) he realised with shock that her eyes were open.
A world broke down deep in Muzan’s core as he was staring into her eyes, his tongue still out, licking the blood from his hand. He put down his hand and pulled his tongue back in his mouth. Then he just stared at her and she stared back. The only sound was the rain falling from the skies.
He had lost her. He knew he did. That was the moment when she would run away from him. Scream that he was a monster. The worst thing was, that she was right. Never in his one thousand year old life did he think of himself as a monster until now.
But to his surprise she didn’t run away. No, she stood there and stared. It felt like forever until she finally moved. But not away from him, no, she moved towards him. Her hands reached out to him. Muzan wanted to move but he couldn’t. The shock was too severe. Once (y/n) reached him she put her hands on his wet cheeks, wiping away the blood on his mouth with her finger. And then she kissed him. She kissed first each fang and then his lips. Muzan closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of her lips on his. He couldn’t believe what just happened. She saw it. She saw all of it. His cruelty and his ugliness. And she didn’t run away. No, she ran towards him, ready to kiss him.
The rain fell on his face as they kissed and ran down his cheeks. If one didn’t know better, one could think that Muzan was crying.
From then on everything went back to normal. Muzan continued to visit (y/n) almost every night. He didn’t need to worry about her finding out anymore and instead he could just relax and enjoy her company. And in addition to that he could kiss her whenever he wanted.
One day they were sitting on the futon in (y/n) little house. (y/n) was leaning against his shoulder when suddenly she sat up to steal a little kiss. It didn’t stop with one kiss though. As soon as (y/n) pulled away Muzan leaned down to capture her lips once more. The kiss got more and more heated with each second until Muzan was lying on top of (y/n) nestled between her legs. Both their breaths were heavy as they looked deep into each other’s eyes.
“Muzan,” she whispered, gently running her hands through his hair. “I want…”
She didn’t have to finish that sentence. He already knew what she wanted. And he wanted it too. So he leaned down to kiss her again. His tongue ran across her lower lip and (y/n) gasped, opening her mouth to allow him entrance.
The kiss became more sloppy. Then Muzan broke the kiss to kiss an lick down her jaw and neck. (y/n) mewled underneath him and ran her hands all over his upper back. Muzan discovered that he enjoyed the sounds she was making and tried to get her to be louder. For that he moved lower to her collarbone. Her kimono blocked him from kissing even further down her body so he moved his hands to her belt and gave her a questioning look. (y/n) eagerly nodded so he undid her belt, opening up her kimono and revealing her nacked chest to him. Her breasts were gorgeous, just the right size and Muzan couldn’t help but stare at them for a moment. (y/n) giggled and took one of his hands in her own to put it on her breast. Muzan gave it a little squeeze which had her moaning out his name.
She was so strikingly beautiful underneath him with her hair spiralled out beneath her head, like a halo. He was so lucky to have her.
Then he leaned down again. While his one hand was busy playing with her breast, he took the other in his mouth, carefully suckling on her nipple. Her breath hitched in her throat and her heart began beating faster. He could hear it clearly. He took that as a sign that she liked what he was doing. Once he was done he switched to the other breast.
Meanwhile (y/n) was tugging at his own kimono.
“Please,” she whimpered. “Take it off.”
Muzan smiled at her. “Your wish is my command.”
He got up from her and undid his own belt. Now they were both just left in their underwear. (y/n) made grabby hands at him, showing him that she wanted him back close to her. He obliged and pressed another kiss to her lips. At the same time his hand caressed first her breasts and then went further down her body, over her stomach and down between her legs. (y/n) moaned into the kiss when his hand sneaked beneath her underwear and cupped her sex. Then he slowly probed one of his fingers between her lower lips, quickly finding that bundle of nerves. He slowly stroked it and circled it with his finger before moving even lower. (y/n) was already completely drenched, making it easy for him to slip two fingers inside her opening.
“Muzan,” she moaned out with her sweet voice. Muzan was almost driving crazy with want for her. His underwear was getting awfully tight and he wanted nothing more than to stroke his length. But he waited. This was about (y/n). He wanted their first time to be perfect for her.
He continued to finger her, proding into her mushy walls, trying to find that spot that would send her howling. And then he did. He pushed into that spot again and again until he could feel her getting tighter around his fingers. Then he pulled out. She whined at the loss of his fingers and Muzan pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead.
“Don’t worry, dear. I have a lot planned for tonight.”
He kissed her deeply again, when suddenly he found himself on his back. (y/n) was on top of him, smiling like a cat. “That’s good,” she said. “Because I have planned something too.”
She started out similar to him. First she kissed and suckled on his neck, moving further down, over his chest and his stomach until she was eye level with his crotch. Muzan took her hand, making her halt.
“You don’t have to do that,” he said gently.
“But I want to,” she protested and pulled her hand free to pull down his underwear. His cock sprang free and for a moment (y/n) was awestruck. It was big and veiny but for some reason she couldn’t help but think that it looked delicious. First she wrapped a hand around his hard cock, slowly giving it a few pumps, testing out how it felt in her hand before she wanted it in her mouth. Then she decided to lick down from his balls up to the tip. Muzan moaned.
That encouraged her to go even further. Slowly she kissed around the tip, letting her tongue out every now and then and letting it swirl around it. Once it was all nice and wet she put the tip of his cock into her mouth.
Muzan’s breath came out irregular and he put an arm over his eyes, enjoying every second of (y/n) caress. She began to bop her head up and down, stopping from time to time to suck on the tip. With time she got more confident in what she was doing and moved her head quicker.
Muzan couldn’t hold back his groans anymore. His arm moved from his eyes and he tangled his hands in her hair, helping her move her head. When he looked down at her it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. And when she looked up at him he felt like his heart stopped beating. She looked so pretty with her lips wrapped around his cock, her innocent eyes looking up at him. Muzan almost came right there.
The more she moved the closer he felt to his climax, so he pulled her head off from him.
“Stop,” he said. “If you keep going I’m gonna cum.”
“But isn’t that the goal?” she asked him innocently. Muzan chuckled and pulled her up for a kiss.
“Tonight I want to come nowhere but in your pussy,” he whispered in her ear, making her blush.
Then he flipped her over, so that he was on top again. Her blowjob had him almost bursting. He needed to be inside her. Right now. So he positioned himself between her legs again, taking his cock in his hand. First he rubbed his cock against her sex, pressing it against her clit and covering it in her juices, to make sure that it would slide in easily and not be too uncomfortable to her. Then he lined up his cock with her entrance.
“Ready?” he asked her. She nodded. Slowly he started to press inside her. (y/n)’s breath hitched in her throat and he asked if everything was alright. She told him it was fine and to keep going. So he did. It took all his willpower to keep it slow and steady and not just thrust into her in one go. Her insides felt so good around his cock. She was so warm and soft. He wanted nothing but to pound into her. And he would, but not yet.
Once she had taken all of him in, Muzan paused to let her adjust to his size. He pressed a quick kiss to her lips.
“You're such a good girl, taking me so well,” he whispered.
(y/n) was clinging to him for dear life, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.
“Move,” she pleaded breathlessly. So he started to move. Slowly at first, making sure not to hurt her. He knew he was a lot stronger than a human being. He had to be careful not to crush her with his strength. Then he started to go a little faster until he kept a steady rhythm of deep thrusts. He looked deep into her eyes while thrusting and she looked back, her mouth hanging open.
Then he picked up his pace going even faster. His hands turned into claws, grabbing onto her hips. He broke skin. He knew without seeing it because he could smell the delicious scent of blood in the air. If it hurt her she didn’t complain and Muzan was too much in a trance to care. Suddenly he pulled out of her and turned her on her stomach. He propped her ass up and slid back into her. This new position allowed him to reach depths of her he couldn’t before. His thrusts became faster and more ecstatic. (y/n) was screaming his name in pleasure.
He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock. She was close and so was he. The whole room was silent except for their cries of ecstasy and the slapping of skin against skin. Muzan was so close he felt like he was going to bust at any moment.
He reached around (y/n)’s body to play with her clit. In that moment she came hard around his cock, squeezing it with all her might. It only took a couple of thrusts more until Muzan came as well, shooting ropes of hot white cum deep into her core.
He collapsed falling to the side, so that he wouldn’t crush her. His cock still nestled deep inside her. They both caught their breath, Muzan hugging (y/n) tightly to his chest while they came down from their highs. Then he slowly pulled out of her, watching as his cum dripped out of her abused hole. He turned her around so that they could look into each other's eyes.
Her cheeks were stained with tears of pleasure and Muzan leaned in to kiss them away.
“I love you,” he whispered.
“I love you too, Muzan,” she replied with a smile.
After a while (y/n) fell asleep. As much as Muzan wanted he couldn’t rest though. His mind was occupied with the one question that tortured him since the d´night she accepted him. Should he turn her into a demon?
He didn’t want to lose her. Never. Especially not to something as pitiable as death. But how could he force her to live as a demon? A soul as pure as hers. How could he force her to live forever while eating humans to survive? And would she still be the same way as now? What if she changed? What if he stopped loving her for that? No, he thought. He could never stop loving her. Even if she changed for the worst. But he didn’t want her to lose her as she was now either.
It was selfish of him. A purely selfish want. The right thing to do was to leave her. To let her live a human life with a human husband and have human kids. But the thought alone left a bitter taste in his mouth. Imagining (y/n) with some other man than him. He felt like vomiting. That’s just something he couldn’t do. He was too selfish of a creature for that.
Eventually he fell asleep, still thinking about all the thoughts that wouldn’t leave his head. When he woke up, he felt like he was melting. Was it the sun? Did the sunlight fall into the house through the window? But then he noticed that it wasn’t him, that was burning up. It was (y/n).
He quickly rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and started shaking her.
“(y/n)?” he asked. “(y/n)!” But she wouldn’t wake up. He felt her forehead, it was as hot as the sun itself. She had a fever. What should he do? He jumped to his feet looking through the herbs (y/n) had at her cooking corner. But there was barely anything left.
He didn’t know what was going to happen. The fever was so high. Would she die? No, that she couldn’t! He only just got her, he couldn’t lose her already.
Meow? He heard.
“Not now, Miu,” he said, pushing the cat away from him as he was looking through everything in the hopes of finding something that helped. But there was nothing. In his panic he quickly got dressed and ran out of the house. Luckily it was already night.
“Help,” he screamed. “I need help!”
A neighbour opened the door. If he was correct, that was Mr Yamamoto, a friendly old man who helped (y/n) from time to time.
“What’s wrong young man?” he asked.
“Please, (y/n) us running a fever,” Muzan explained, his expression worried. “I don’t have anything to treat her.”
“Don’t worry young man, I’ve got just the right herb,” said Mr Yamamoto and went back into his house. Shortly after he came back with a handful of herbs.
“Make a tea out of it and give it to her. It should lower the fever.”
“Thank you,” said Muzan. He had never felt this thankful towards a human before. He probably never felt this thankful in his entire life.
Muzan ran back to (y/n) hut and did what Mr Yamamoto told him. He cooked a tea out of the herbs and gave it (y/n) to drink. Only hours later her fever had gone down and she slowly opened her eyes.
“Hey,” she whispered with a hoarse voice.
“Hey,” he smiled back at her and gently patted her on the head. He had made his decision now. He would turn her into a demon, so that something like that could never happen again.
A couple of days later (y/n) was back to her full health again. Muzan was relieved but as long as (y/n) was a human he could never be at peace, knowing an illness or an accident could take her from him at any minute.
“(y/n), do you want to be with me forever?” he asked her one day.
She was busy playing with Miu but looked up at him with a smile. “Of course. I would love to.”
“Let’s do it then.”
“Do what?” she asked.
“Become a demon, (y/n).”
“A demon?” repeated (y/n). She pulled a face. “I don’t know, Muzan.”
“Please, (y/n),” he took her hands in his big ones. “All I’m asking you is to be by my side forever. But how are you supposed to do that if you’re human. Humans wither and they die.”
“Just like flowers,” said (y/n). “But isn’t that part of their beauty?”
“I don’t care about beauty!” said Muzan, enraged. “I care about you!”
That kept (y/n) silent.
“Please,” Muzan said again. “I love you. And I just want to protect you.”
She stared deep into his plum red eyes, before finally saying, “Okay. I’ll turn into a demon.”
“Thank you!” Muzan kissed her. “Thank you.”
Their kisses became deeper and more heated. Muzan bit his own lip until he could taste the blood in his mouth. Then he leaned in to kiss (y/n) once more, biting her lip as well so that their blood could mix. (y/n) started to convulse. She screamed in pain and it broke Muzan’s heart to hear her cries of agony. But he knew it was for the better. Once she was a demon everything would be okay.
The sixth time Muzan had to admit that flowers were beautiful was during a meeting with the upper moons. He was sitting on a throne in front of his kneeling subordinates. To his side (y/n). She kneeled next to his throne, her head lying on his lap and he was running his fingers through her hair. Touching her calmed him.
He can tell that the demons are confused. They probably wondered who the woman with their master was. Muzan waited. He waited for them to speak of it first.
Akaza raised his head. “Master?”
There it was.
“What?” Muzan snapped at him.
“I apologise for the question but who is the female by your side?”
The other moons were tense. Akaza asked what none of them dared. To their surprise Muzan smiled.
“What an excellent question, Akaza.”
The demons looked up at him dumbfounded.
“That,” said Muzan and pointed with his free hand at the head on his lap. “Is your new queen. You will treat her with the utmost respect. Did I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Muzan-sama,” said the upper moons simultaneously.
“Good,” said Muzan and waved his hands. “You are dismissed.” With the sound of the biwa they vanished.
Muzan sighed, relaxed, still caressing (y/n)’s hair.
“They are so dumb,” he muttered and (y/n) giggled. Muzan smiled looking down at his queen. Everything was perfect, exactly how he loved it. He had his one true love by his side forever. The only thing left to do was find that blue spider lily and finally be able to conquer the sun. And then he would finally see her beautiful smile in the sunlight, just like he had longed for so long.
As he looked down at her and she looked back up at him with her demonic eyes full of innocence Muzan knew that he was wrong. Flowers were beautiful. Yes they were frail and yes they died easily. But that meant you had to protect them even better. Especially this one. Muzan’s flower.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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akira627 · a month ago
His Husband [Kibutsuji Muzan x Male Reader x Hashira PART 2
Tumblr media
Notes: Since someone was asking for part 2, I was like why not?
Oh, tomorrow is the last day of my quaratine! :D
So enjoy!
After feeling cold right beside him, [Name] slowly opened his eyes where he saw his husband, who was in his yukata, reading some book in his hand.
“Muzan…?” [Name] call out for his husband, tiredly rubbing his eye as he watches his husband look up from the book and make his way to the bed.
"Is there something wrong, my dear?” Muzan asked worriedly, tucking [Name]’s bangs behind his ear. [Name] stared at his husband for a while and latched himself onto Muzan, who accepted the affection and climbed onto the bed, [Name] laying his head on Muzan’s broad chest.
“Those Demon Slayer Corps, they told me that I’m the ‘Demon King’ husband, were you a demon… Is it true?” Muzan stiffened at the question that he received from his husband and knowing how [Name] hates liars, eventually Muzan just told the truth.
“I even consider putting my blood inside you, but I’m afraid it will backfire. You could die, I don’t want that.”
Muzan waited for the fearful looks he would get from his husband, but all he gets is nothing but a peck on the cheek. “Is that why those slayers kidnapped me?” [Name] ask and Muzan nodded.
“I see…”
“You’re not scared of me?”
[Name] just shook his head, answering Muzan’s question and buried his face on Muzan’s chest. “We married for two years. Tell me a reason why I should afraid of you?”
After hearing this answer from [Name]’s mouth, Muzan couldn’t help but feel relief that his husband never hate him.
“I’m glad that I married to you.”
“Well, I’m supposed to be glad that you choose me as your husband~”
Tumblr media
“What do you mean, he escape?!”
In the morning, as usual, Shinobu was about to give breakfast to their hostage, but as soon as she opened the door, Shinobu saw her eyes widen when the room where the hostage stayed was empty.
“Oi, Kocho. Where the hell is he? I want to integrate that bastard.”
Shinobu flinched at the sudden arrival of one of her comrades, Sanemi, right after she found out their hostage had gone.
And back to the present
“I-I don’t know! I was about to send the food as usual, and when I slid the door open, he wasn't there! ”
All the Hashiras have meetings at Butterfly Mansion after receiving word that their hostage is gone.
“Do you think, he found him?”
Mitsuri ask and everyone stiffened at this question.
Is Kibutsuji Muzan, the most heartless creature, killing everyone for power, saving his husband?
Yeah, right.
Tumblr media
Or maybe they are wrong?
Because after the meeting, they had been searching for the male for almost a month, maybe thanks to the Demon King, who hid his husband well until one day, when Rengoku and Uzui walked around the town, as usual, searching for demons to kill in town.
But, they never expected that the target they had been searching, for was also in the town, eating some sweets in nearby stalls while reading a book in his hand.
Both Rengoku and Uzui glance at each other before making their way to the (H/c) haired male who is still unaware that he has been watched.
Meanwhile, [Name], he and Muzan were having a nice dinner before Muzan told him to wait while Muzan needed to buy something at the shop. There’s a sweet stall right beside the shop so [Name] thought while waiting for his husband, he can eat the sweets that he craving so much.
[Name] startled at the sudden greetings, his breath hitched when he heard the familiar voice calling out for him, his eyes widened when he glance to see who is it, only to find out that it was the familiar slayers right beside him.
“Y-You two are….” [Name] couldn’t help but feel panic after running into the same kidnappers that he met and was about to run away, but Rengoku stopped him,
“Hey, hey! We’re not trying to kidnap you. We just want to talk.”
[Name] stared at both Hashiras, hesitated to stay with them or not, but knowing that they can’t do anything because of the people in public, he decided to stay.
“W-What do you want to talk about?”
At first, Uzui wants to just kidnap [Name] as he did, but he knows it will get both Rengoku and himself trouble since they are in public, so he decides to ask. “Do you even know that your husband is a demon?” [Name] couldn’t help but flinch at this.
“He had killed thousands of people, did you know that?”
“And what about you guys then? Aren’t you guys doing the same things? Kill a thousand demons? ”
After hearing from [Name], both Rengoku and Uzui couldn’t help but frown at the answer that they got from the (H/c) male.
“Can’t you see that we were trying to save you from him? Please, you need to come with us, [Name]-san.”
“I’m not going anywhere with you! Stop forcing me or I’ll report this to the police station. There’s a station nearby, and I’m sure they’re not like it.”
Before Uzui thought it would be a good idea to drag this (H/c) haired male, they suddenly felt a heavy pressure sent their way as soon as they heard the unfamiliar voice but the familiar face. Black hair and a pair of red eyes.
“Is something wrong?”
Rengoku and Uzui had their eyes widen at the man in front of them, Kibutsuji Muzan. He’s here! But, for some reason, their legs were frozen. They couldn’t move an inch as they just watched how the (H/c) haired male immediately rushed to the Demon King.
“You’re done with your shopping?”
“Of course. Shall we go home?”
[Name] let out a grin and immediately wrapped his arm around Muzan’s arm, and they started to walk away. Leaving both Hashiras behind.
“Oh right.”
Both Hashiras flinched at the sudden being called by Demon King’s husband when they saw the glare from the male himself.
“You told me that you’re trying to save me from him, right? You’re wrong. The one who saves me here is MY husband himself. HE saves me from YOU guys.”
[Name] continue glared at both Hashiras who immediately feel fears, shiver crawled upon their spines as soon their eyes make eye contact with Muzan’s red-eye.
“I’m on the neutral side here. Don’t because of you guys, I’ll change the side.”
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ultra-violet-heart · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kimetsu no Yaiba Fanbook Two, The Demon Corps Info Book, Two Specially-Drawn Manga, Part I  Interview with the Demons from Hell: Voices from Beyond the Sanzu River 
Thanking N for the commission and cleaning. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE. Part II will be uploaded either tomorrow or this week.
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lev-s95 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*demon slayer wallpapers*
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ellsugu · a month ago
Hello there <3
I would like to request a oneshot for yandere!Douma with a child!demon!reader who is very clingy (and a bit yandere-ish too) and always clings to him because Douma resembles their father from their human life? :> Always calls Douma „Papa“ and fears that Douma might abandon them? :}
Feel free to decline this if it makes you uncomfortable or if it doesn’t inspire you! Have a wonderful day!
Tumblr media
A/N: yayayayay thanks for the request! It's such a cute concept. I had fun writing this! although I didn't really impute much yandere to the readers personality (; ・∀・) Again its such an adorable ask, and I'm always a sucker for child! readers and such.
Wandering through the frosted forest, snowflakes falling and laying a thin layer of chills on top of your head, you don't feel it, at least not anymore. you don't recall much but the small threads of memories you do know, are ones that smell like windy nights, and toasting wood, along with the face of your father. He was a man of little words, his almost silver hair had grown over the years, since he neglected to cut it, even with his rudimentary tools, his face was one of his shining assets, nearby wife's would chatter all day about your father. He worked as a normal lumber, and every week went to sell it in the local market. It didn't pay much but it got food on the table, the moments you had with him he had always said to you, "sacrifice others, before yourself, its the way this world works." his words stuck to you even after your death. The few friends you had, were killed by lower demon slayers.
So here you find yourself surrounded by never ending woods, thoughts consumed with survival, ironically, your father had put himself first, getting eaten by the demon, but his efforts were in vain, since now you, yourself are a creature of the night.
Your vision starts to blur, a high-pitched noise rings through your ear, the last image you could conjure was a tall figure, with the same silver like hair, that your father once had.
Eyes flickering open, your were greeted by a warm light, and and equally warm voice.
"Ehh~, you're awake?"
A man, with gleaming, colourful eyes, and smooth, silky looking silver hair. He was handsome, definitely, but he seemed... sickly? no, his skin just seemed extremely pale. Reminiscent of the falling snow you're all too familiar with.
Your meek voice, squeak out, you couldn't help it, you missed him so much. The feeling of being embraced by someone you love, seemed so out of your reach. Seeing someone so similar was oddly comforting.
"Um... I'm not your papa, but it seems you're also a demon, so you can stay with me here, until you're all healed, alright!"
You hurdle yourself at him, gripping his red skin tight clothing, your small whines and whimpers, fill the empty space of the huge room you and him were in, only the faint rattle of sliding doors, could be heard. The centre piece of the room was a long wooden pedestal, filled with offerings, signs that were written with the word blessing, hung along the top, along with a comfy seat, which you were on since your prior action to gripping Douma.
You felt a hand start to pat your lower back, and a quite 'shh' from the man you were clinging to. Having calmed yourself down he carried you out of the room, its was dark outside.
He ended up keeping you instead of forcing you to leave, I mean you were adorable, squishy, easy to cuddle, and soft, he could use a dinner partner anyway, he never asked you to stop calling him papa though. Although it was strange, he's never given thought to having children of his own, due to the hassle of a wife that he would've just killed anyway. It was convenient that you shared his silver like hair, it makes him think that one of your parents must've looked similar to him, considering the striking familiarity.
"Papa! tie my hair pleasee"
"Yes, yes, papa's coming~"
He sat criss cross, behind your small frame, gathering the back portion of your hair, tying it with a thin black hair tie, and sealing it with a hair ornament he had given you the day after you arrived, along with many beautiful silk clothes. maybe he has been spoiling you, but its the first time he had someone he cared for, so why not commit to doing it.
He does worry, whenever he leaves to do his daily duty’s as the leader of his cult, he constantly gets news that the maids can’t calm you down, you usually wake up with him beside you, so when he's not in sight when you open your eyes, your fits of crying starts. He'd have to put a pause on listening to his worshippers share their misfortunes with him, he'd quietly enter your room with a gentle smile, seeing you sad started to make him feel droopy, and weird, not in a good way, so he would try to solve the issue, to get that blissful smile back on your cute lil face.
he would whisper candy sweet words of comfort, things like... 'Papa's here', 'Y'know how papa doesn't like seeing my baby cry~"
He started to develop extremely protective actions he did on the daily, to make sure nothing would be in harms way for you, getting rid of lower demons in the area even though they would never come near him anyway, or only letting a select few of cult members to attend to you, ones he knew he could trust to treat you with the utmost care.
Before he knew it. he'd gotten quite attached, you would not be seen without him, one of his favourite moments was being able to spoon feed you decapitated humans, he saw it as family bonding. You weren't complaining. You were an odd family, but family none the less. He would ensure your happiness with him, thats for sure.
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animensfw-smut · 10 months ago
Hi. Um.. I'm the one who sent you the sanemi x sis!reader x genya. I turn the ask anon because I was to shy to the people who follow you to see who ask and can I request inosuke or giyuu incest (I have a incest kink) fucking their lil sister and maybe got caught too or muzan fucking his little daughter sleeping or awake and again got caught
There's no need to be shy! 🤗 And thanks for requesting! I’ve done a Inosuke x Little sister! Reader incest before: Here.
I’m gonna be doing both the Giyuu x Little sister! Reader and the Muzan x Daughter! Reader so it may be pretty short for both of the oneshots.
WARNINGS: NSFW, 18+, Incest, somnophilia, dubcon, oral (female and male receiving), semi-public sex, slight degradation, slight edging, overstimulation, squirting, breeding, face fucking.
Giyuu x Little sister! Reader
*Third pov*
“G-Giyuu-nii, this is too...!” (y/n) clasped a hand over her mouth to stifle the moans that escaped her throat. Her thighs squeezed his head as his tongue lapped at her arousal.
They had just finished attending a meeting regarding which area the pillars should each patrol. (y/n) had been teasing Giyuu non-stop, her foot pressing against the bulge in his pants as she sat across from him. He lasted throughout the meeting, his poker face deceiving everyone. 
Everyone had just left when he had dragged (y/n) into one of the storage closets, sitting her down on the counter before proceeding to eat her out. 
 “Be quiet unless you want everyone to find out what a slut you are for your brother. Did you want everyone to find out?” (Y/n) shook her head, letting out a squeak when Giyuu slapped her thigh,
“Use your words.”
“N-No G-Giyuu-nii.” (y/n) dug her fingers into his hair, bringing him closer, his nose nudging against her clit. Her toes curled, her hips thrusting to meet with his tongue that continously plunged into her aching cunt,
“M’gonna cu-” She was cut off by Giyuu stopping his movements. Her brows furrowed, a pout adorning her face,
“Wha- Why?” A small smirk appeared on Giyuu’s face,
“Bad girls need to be punished~”
“Please, Giyuu-nii...! I promise i won’t do it again!” Giyuu was a softie when it came to his little sister especially when she begs him for something. His lips pressed against hers as he whispered,
“You better keep to your word, or the punishment will be worse...” (y/n) nodded, her legs spreading open for him.
“Please Giyuu-nii... Make me cum~”
“Such a good slut for me~” (y/n) drooled at the sight of his cock, impatiently waiting for him to make her feel full with his seed. Gripping her plush thighs, Giyuu easily slips inside, her warm cunt wrapping around his length. He wastes no time pounding into her, holding her down onto the table by her hips. One of her legs swung over his shoulder, making him enter at a deeper angle, the tip of his cock pushing against her cervix. His girthy cock stretched her out, his balls slapping against her ass with each rough thrust. 
Her hands gripped onto the table as she was flipped around, ass raised in the air as Giyuu showed no signs of stopping, his cock abusing her cervix each time he thrusted back in. His tongue licked a stripe up her neck, his lips sucking bruises into her skin that was sure to last long. His cock is reaching so deep inside, she thought she was about to break. 
Startled. (y/n) looked over her shoulder only to make eye contact with none other than Sanemi. His cheeks turned bright red when he realised what he had stumbled upon. It was noticeable that he was turned on by the scene.
“Wai- What. What are you doing?!” Giyuu gave him a glare,
“Shut up. Either join in or leave. I know you like (y/n).” (y/n)’s eyes widened,
“B-But Giyuu-nii...!” His eyes softened as he looked at you,
“I’ll never do anything to hurt you, will i?” She shook her head, a pout on her lips. Sanemi shut the door, his whole face still red as he cleared his throat.
“You’re not allowed anywhere near her pretty pussy. That’s mine. You can use her mouth.” Hesitantly, Sanemi nodded. Giyuu repositioned (y/n), placing his haori on the floor so that her hands and knees wouldn’t hurt. 
“Suck.” (y/n) obliged Giyuu’s command, stretching her mouth to fit Sanemi’s cock into her mouth. The tip was red, leaking precum, and his cock was thick, enough to rival Giyuu’s. 
*Second pov”
Your warm and wet mouth wrapped around his thick cock, the tip hitting the back of your throat and nearly making you gag. Your vision blurred with the tears as you tried to breathe through your nose. 
Giyuu tugged your hair slightly as he entered, your back arching. You feel so full, your mouth aching from the stretch and the weight of Sanemi’s cock, and your cunt being stuffed with your brother’s cock. 
Your moans made Sanemi groan, his hands going to the back of your head and pushing you further along his length. Fuck, he didn’t know if he could control himself any longer. He wanted to fuck your face so bad, seeing the teary look you give him when he gags you on his cock. 
“Shit, you’re so good at this...” Sanemi groans under his breath. Your throat squeezed around the tip and he lost it. His hips wouldn’t stop thrusting into your mouth, the warmth and the tightness nearly making him reach his high.
Giyuu’s thrusts were rough and merciless as he impaled you over and over again. His hands dug into your hips, moving you with his thrusts,
“That’s it, princess. Gonna fill you with my cum. Make you pregnant~ You like that?” You couldn’t think straight, your mind turning to mush as you were pulled between the two of them. You hummed trying to nod your head as you pushed back against Giyuu’s thrusts. Your stifled moans were broken and hoarse when Giyuu emptied his load inside you, your cunt clenching around him as you also released, creaming around his cock. Sanemi let out a groan before pulling out at the last second, cumming all over your face. 
His cum landed in your mouth, one of your eyes closed as his seed covered your face. Sanemi cursed under his breath, the scene before him nearly turning him on. You collapsed on the floor, too tired to move.
“Giyuu-niiiii~ I feel s’full...”
“Mm, you did well.” Sanemi helped you clean the cum off your face as Giyuu dressed you up again. 
Muzan x Daughter! Reader
*Second pov*
After a hard day’s work, Muzan retreated to his sleeping quarters. He was frustrated and pent up from the stupidity of the lower moons. All he could think about was ridding his frustration by burying his cock deep inside of you.
Letting out a sigh, he closed the door behind him, quiet enough to not wake you. After all, it brought him joy to see your groggy state and the realisation that he was fucking you after you had woken up. 
“Baby, your so pretty for daddy~” His hand stroked your cheek, caressing it before giving you a kiss. You were in nothing more than Muzan’s t-shirt, turning him on even more. He palmed his erection through his pants, his other hand toying with your cunt. 
You started letting out moans, your thighs clenching together. Muzan smirked,
“What a naughty dream you must be having...” His fingers skillfully entered you, pressing and rubbing against your walls.
“Ah, mmn...” Your breathy moans were music to his ears, his fingers speeding up the pace. Your cunt twitches around his thick digits, covering them in the creamy liquid as he rubs his fingers quickly over your clit. The pleasure left you humping against his hand, your body covered in a thin sheen of sweat. His wrist flicked with every move, your thighs trembling as he brought you closer to ecstasy. With a violent tremor, you climaxed all over the sheets, the clear liquid spraying over Muzan’s hand.
His fingers continued to rub against your sensitive clit causing you to shiver from the intense amount of pleasure. Involuntarily, your body moved backwards, trying to escape Muzan’s touch. He tutted,
“My pretty baby, don’t run away.” He grabbed your thigh, wrapping it firmly around his waist as he continued to thrust his fingers into the most pleasurable spot. Your toes curled as his thumb pressed against your clit, stimulating another release from you. Muzan wondered how you hadn’t awakened yet. He removed his clothing, not wanting to waste another chance before sinking inside you. It felt like the closest place to heaven for him. His cock teased your entrance, his fingers spreading your labia, allowing cold air to enter you. You shivered, slowly starting to stir. 
“My baby... So cute...” He plunged into you, diving into the pleasure. Muzan groaned at the way your walls squeezed around his cock, making it hard for him to remember why he was so frustrated in the first place. His large hands grabbed your ass, slamming his hips against you in a rough manner. You felt so good, he couldn’t help it. Your eyes slowly opened, surprised to see your daddy,
“Mm, ah!... D-Daddy?” Muzan’s gaze directed towards your face, looking at your cute expression,
“Did you have a nice nap, my baby?”
“Mm...” You felt really sticky and full, your body moving with his harsh thrusts,
“S’too much daddy...!” Your body was oversensitive from your previous orgasms, the pleasure overwhelming you. Tears appeared near the corner of your eyes as his cock brushed against your cervix.
“Shh, it’s fine, you wouldn’t want to wake everyone up,do you?” You sniffled, shaking your head. His thrusts continued, each time hitting at a deeper angle. The lewd squelching sounds were louder as time passed, the pace of his thrusts growing quicker and rougher. He didn’t want to hurt you, his baby, but he couldn’t help it when you were so damn gorgeous whenever he fucked you stupid. Your mumblings were incoherent, babbling words that didn’t even make sense. Drool dripped from the sides of your mouth, slipping down your chest. 
“C-Cum...! Gon’a cum, d-daddy!” He put pressure on her swollen clit, rubbing harsh circles against it,
“Cum for me, my pretty baby~”
Akaza was walking down the hallways, passing by Muzan’s room. He heard strangely weird and erotic noises coming through the door. Curiosity killed the cat, but clearly he couldn’t care less. He opened the door slightly, the sight sending blood rushing down. Even if it was wrong for Muzan to be fucking his own daughter, Akaza had to admit that he was majorly turned on.
‘Shit. She’s so fucking hot.’ His thoughts were clouded with you, his eyes glued onto your form. His hand went into his pants, swiping the precum from the tip and moving his hand slowly down his length. He sucked in a breath, his hips bucking into his hand.
Something trickled down his nose when you released. Your cum spraying all over Muzan’s body, your back arching off the matress before slumping back down. Your whines turned him on even more when Muzan had continued to slam into you. 
“P-Please daddy, no more...”
“I’m nearly there baby~” Your sudden tightening around Muzan made him groan before burying his dick inside you. His load filled up your stomach, Muzan not pulling out until he pumped you full of his seed. 
“S’warm...” You were dozing off, the warmth of his semen making you sleepy. Muzan brushed your hair out of your face, kissing your lips.
The blood from Akaza’s nose nearly leaked onto the floor. He rushed to his room before Muzan could find him and slaughter him for witnessing his daughter’s bare body. 
I hope you enjoyed this! Personally, i prefer the Muzan oneshot over the Giyuu one, because i felt like the Muzan one was written better, but i hope you all liked both of them! I’ve still got so many requests left to do because I’m such a lazy author.
The next request:
Obanai x Sanemi’s little sister! Reader. It’s a part 2 of the Incest! Sanemi x Little sister! Reader x Genya.
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yanningses · a month ago
Characters: Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Muzan, Shinobu
Basically just them having a Scarlet Witch s/o
Ok so first of all you probably met him at the final section
He never really saw your powers so he never paid really that much attention to you, but he probably found you pretty 😊
You ran to him and Zenitsu when Zenitsu was asking that one women to marry him
He recognised you!
You recognised him back
When you fought and saw you didn't do any breathing styles this boy was shocked, like literally
He was even more shocked when he saw your red wiggly woos, I mean who wouldn't😶
He probably asked you about it after you fought the demons
I mean you could make things float with your mind, have witchcraft, can read and control people's mind, can create force fields and ton more
He probably won't blabber about it to other people so much, so they wouldn't be too curious about it if your uncomfortable
He likes it when you two train with each other because he gets to see more of your wiggly woos
Likes it when you try to make things float with your mind
Especially when you try to show it to Nezuko
Kinda curious if you had it since birth or you had to do something weird to acquire it
You can read his mind so if he's feeling down you know what to do
He really appreciate that
When you first teleported this guy was like, 🙂 what?
It took some time for him to process
Definitely tries to protect from people who are trying to capture you to experiment your powers *cough*Muzan*cough*
Overall he is proud to have you as his s/o!
Just like Tanjiro you met him at the final section and ran into him with Tanjiro when he was asking to marry that one women
You know when they said it was love at first sight when Zenitsu met Nezuko?
Well in this it was you!
Boy was in love! He was head over heals in love for you!
When you were fighting demons he probably was at your back hiding and saying you should protect him
He thought you looked so cool he even planned your guys wedding
But was kinda curious in how you were able to do that
His favourite power of yours is probably the force fields
Because it protects him
Definitely the one to show you off on everyone
You better agree with him before he recites you a whole paragraph on how great you are
Somebody insults you because of your powers and calls them weird?
Ohohohoho get ready for this guy to starts yelling at their ears on how glorious and powerful you are
You appreciate him really
He lives it when you show your wiggly woos
It makes him feel magical
You floating in the middle of the air?
This guy almost had a heart attack
Overall a big simp for you
You met him in the tsuzumi mansion
You were trying to fight the demons while he was trying to fight you
You of course was confused
He tried to challenge you in a fight after he saw your red wiggly woos
You of course being the king/queen you are just easily defeated him by controlling his mind
Dude was confused
Now every time he sees you he tries to fight you
He wouldn't admit but he thinks you are way more powerful and adores you for it
Always tries to touch your wiggly woos
You of course tries ti smack him away to avoid him getting hurt
You definitely tried to make him float once
You both are definitely a chaotic duo
With Inosuke being Inosuke and your powers, you both just somehow always manage to create a big mess
When you used your telepathy once on him
He was very confused in who was talking in his head
He was literally smacking his head and banging it
People look at him weirdly
I mean imagine a guy with a boar mask just smacking his head🤔
Also likes to spar with you, to see who's stronger nad to improve
Still challenges you to a fight😒
Oh well either way you both make a chaotic couple
But somehow it is very enjoying
Imagine seeing a wild boar and a witch dating
Overall weird but a wholesome couple
He probably heard other demons or slayers talking about you
A person who doesn't use any breathing styles but somehow manages to kill demons?
That caught he's interest
He would send some demons to capture you
They all die
He sends more and stronger ones
They die again
But you spared one to send a message for him to leave you alone
He comes to capture you himself
He found you very interesting with your red wiggly woos
He probably found you beautiful too because you are!
He actually manages to capture you, since your powers weren't really that strong and enhanced yet
He's very fascinated about your powers
I mean you can do a lot of things
He tries to keep you locked up so you don't escape
You just teleport
He definitely tries to do experiments on you
He wants you powers soooo.....
Not a healthy relationship but it will improve soon just you wait
You probably read his mind and went to all his memories
You also probably know all his plans
He plans for you to be his queen once he has found the Blue Spider Lily
He finds it fascinating when you try to make things float with your mind and your wiggly woos
Overall you guys make a powerful couple
You were a hashira since of you skills and power
You were also there since kanae so you and Shinobu were pretty close
She definitely found your powers unique
When Kanae died you were there to comfort her
You definitely tried to give her happy dream that included Kanae in it
She appreciates you for that
She definitely gets very curious about your powers
So she would do some research about it
She did a few experiments with your power, with your permission of course
She finds it very fascinating in how you were able to acquire this much power
Finds it cool whenever you teleport or when you fly
She finds your wiggly woos very cute
She was definitely intrigued when she found out you could heal with your powers
I mean this girl is basically a doctor so you and her make a good couple
Isn't much to blabber about your powers either and tries to keep it low so people don't get too curious
Likes your red wiggly woos she thinks their beautiful and likes for you to keep showing her it
You definitely help her trying to heal people
You also help her around the estate, since you can basically do a lot of things with your power
Overall you guys make a cute couple
(I hope you guys like this! Always remember stay safe and be careful!)
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demonslayedher · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not an actual theory, just playing with an angsty "what-if."
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tinaotaku · 5 months ago
yandere muzan with a bold daughter? 👀
Note: *sips tea* Yandere! Father! Muzan x Daughter! Reader
Author's POV
"Didn't I tell you to stop killing these poor demons, dad? How are we supposed to defeat the Demon Slayer Corps if we have a small number of demons left?" A young demoness said while putting her hands on her hips. Suddenly, the whole fortress went silent. However, the rest of the Lower Rank Demons blinked and gulped in hope.
At the edge of the room, the young demoness can be seen. Her long wavy black hair that shines under the moonlight can put any woman to shame. Her red eyes that she inherited from her father are sharp yet adorable. It could not be denied that the demoness is the child of the Demon Progenitor.
With her sudden appearance, Muzan lowered his guard and relaxed. It could be seen by his face that he loves the presence of his only child. With a soft tone, he asked, "(Y/n), dear, what are you doing here? I thought you were sleeping,"
The Lower Rank Demons secretly beg the princess to spare them from their death. By doing this, not only do they have a higher chance to survive, but they could also see the infamous demoness, Kibutsuji (Y/n).
Not going to lie, (Y/n) was popular amongst the Demon Slayer Corps and the Demon Realm itself. She was known to be cruel, sadistic, and evil. However, some of them disagree. Most of the time, (Y/n) is kind and an understanding demoness. This could be seen by (Y/n) stopping her father from killing some lowly demons.
(Y/n) think for a bit before shaking her head, replying with "I thought I told you our agreement about killing demons in the fortress. Their screams can be heard from my room. It would be better if you killed them quickly or just let them free," She sighed as she turned her eyes to the poor demons that had been kneeled from 3 hours ago.
Muzan on the other hand glared sharply. Although it was subtle, his eyes went smaller, and clenched his hand.
He hates it.
He hates it when HIS daughter ignores him for someone else.
He despised it when HIS daughter left him alone for hanging out with Akaza.
He loathes it when HIS daughter is playing make-up with Daki.
He detests it when HIS daughter is 'playing' outside and often forgets to go back home.
He insanely loves his daughter to death. Every inch of his daughter belongs to him and ONLY him alone. He hates sharing with another person. If he could, he would lock her in his room and make her look at him and ONLY him alone.
Knowing how his daughter's reaction and behaviors, he buried that plan deep inside his heart and continues to be a good dad for her. He forgets the agreement and decided to play it funny so his daughter could let this case pass.
"I apologize, dear," Muzan said with a fake frown. "Unfortunately, these stupid demons failed their mission and their penalty is nothing but death. I thought it would be great to play with them first but I overlooked an important part,"
(Y/n) kept her mouth shut and looked at her father. Somehow, Her emotions had stirred up from her father's response. She knows that her father loves her the most. He will remember every word she had said and did not dare to break any promises. Sadly, today has been a tiring day for her and all she wanted is a good night's sleep.
"Just let them free for my sake. I couldn't hear them screaming any longer! Do you know how much their screams had disturbed me from my beauty sleep?! This is a simple agreement and somehow you can't even remember my words. I'm so disappointed in you," (Y/n) spat in tiredness. As soon as she said that, she quickly turned her back and jumped to her room which is located on the outer side of the fortress.
Muzan hid his rage and waved to her daughter's back. "I hope you'll have a nice dream, my sweet (Y/n)"
When (Y/n) left the room, the temperature dropped. Muzan with an expressionless face is mad.
He is really mad.
Without another word, he killed all of the demons. With his eyes full of love, he licked the blood that stained his fingers.
"I'll make it up to you, daughter..."
Douma sighed while looking at the crazy demon. "When is he going to stop with this non-sense called love? He killed those Demons because they stalked Princess (Y/n) on the other day, right?"
Akaza also sighed in helplessness, "You should've seen his face when he talked about Princess (Y/n). All he did was praise her beauty and intelligence. It should not be called love but instead an obsession,"
"You're right," Daki replied in annoyance, "Though the princess is a smart lady, seems like she isn't educated about this kind of thing, huh?" The 'thing' that she mentioned is the differences between obsession and love.
The 3 of them sighed again.
All they could do is wait.
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hikikomoriheadphonegirl · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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momijigingerbreadhouse · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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simpxanime · a month ago
May I request an angst scenario with a fem read where Muzan kidnaps Yorichii’s wife to be his bride before Yorichii is a demon slayer and years later Yorichii finally finds her and saves her after nearly killing Muzan but she’s a demon now.
A/N: I'm sorry for the fight scene, I'm not good at writing that >.< I hope you like it anyway!
Words: 3,133
Warnings: angst, canon-typical violence, kidnapping, minor character death
Without you || Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Tumblr media
You didn’t know when you caught his eye. You never noticed his eyes following you in the dark burning into your form. Maybe it was just a few days before it happened. Or it was already years before that. How long did he watch you? How long did he wait?
Your life had been perfect and yet everything crumbled within a single day. It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining brightly and warming your skin. The birds were chirping. Flowers were blooming on the small flower bed next to your house, emitting a beautiful sweet scent. 
“Say goodbye to papa,” you said with a smile. You had your one year old son resting on your hip. You took his little hand and waved it at your husband. Yoriichi smiled back at the two of you. His smile was so gentle and full of love and adoration.
“I should be home by tomorrow morning,” Yoriichi said, kissing your son on his forehead. “I just wish I didn’t have to leave.”
“Don’t worry about us,” you tried to calm him. “We’ll be fine.” The one year old started whining in your arms and you rocked him back and forth. 
“I’m sure,” he replied, giving you a long kiss. You melted against him. You and Yoriichi knew each other since he ran away from home. You were only children back then. When you got older the two of you fell in love and quickly got married. Your happiness was perfect once your son was born.
Yoriichi waved you goodbye and went to sell the baskets you had weaved in the town close by. Once you couldn’t see your husband anymore you turned to your son.
“Let’s get you back inside. How about I make you a snack, hm?”
You spent the day playing with your son and doing chores. It was pure bliss. If only you had known the horrors that awaited you at night.
You don’t know what woke you up. It was the middle of the night and still hot. Maybe you woke up due to the heat? You heard thunder roll right above your house. A summer storm. Or perhaps the thunder woke you up? You were about to turn around and go back to sleep when you heard a knock coming from the front door.
“Who could that be? This late at night,” you mumbled to yourself before getting up. You took a look at your sleeping son before walking to the door and opening it. Lightning illuminated a tall silhouette. The sky burst open and rain poured down. 
“Hello,” said a deep gentle voice. 
“Hello?” you asked and inspected the person before you. It was a man in his late twenties, he was dressed in a black kimono. His black hair curled around his face and plum red eyes stared into your own. 
“I apologize for disturbing this late,” he said. “But the rain surprised me on my travels and I’m looking for a place to stay. I’m sorry for bothering you but your house was the only one I could find around here.”
You bit your lower lip. You felt unsure what to do. Why wasn’t Yoriichi here?
“Of course, the next town is two hours away,” you said eventually and stepped to the side. “Come on in, we don’t want you to get drenched.”
“Thank you.”
He entered your house. Normally you wouldn’t just let anyone into your house, especially not when Yoriichi wasn’t here. But your good heart just couldn’t let a lonely traveler stay outside in the rain.
“Please be quiet,” you whispered to the stranger. “We don’t want to wake my son.”
The man stood over the futon you shared with your son, looking down at him.
“A cute child,” said the man.
You smiled proudly. “Thank you. He’s a real sunshine.”
“By the way,” you continued while you pulled out another set of bedding.. “What’s your name?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Kibutsuji.”
“(y/n),” you introduced yourself as you made a bed for your visitor.
“What a lovely name for a lovely lady,” said Kibutsuji. You smiled despite feeling a little uncomfortable.
“Where is your husband?” he asked.
Your smile turned genuine at the thought of Yoriichi. “Oh, he’s in town selling baskets.He’ll be back by tomorrow. You might see him when you leave in the morning.”
“Can’t wait to meet him,” said Kibutsuji. 
You smoothed out the last wrinkles on the bedding.
“Well,” you said. “It’s not much but it’ll do for tonight.”
“Again, thank you for letting me stay,” said Kibutsuji and sat down on his futon.
“No problem,” you whispered and carefully laid down next to your son. You still felt slightly uncomfortable having a stranger in your home, but the man seemed nice enough. Eventually you fell back into an uneasy slumber.
You awoke once more not much later. This time you knew exactly what had woken you up. You could hear the soft whines of your son. Still half asleep you reached over but to your shock you didn’t feel his small frame. You quickly sat up trying your best not to panic. Where was your son? You could clearly hear him!
“Shh, shh, shhh,” someone was shushing him. You blinked trying to see in the dark. A shiver ran down your spine as you saw Kibutsuji cradling your son in his arms, slowly rocking him back and forth.
“Did he wake up?” you asked. You couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off. Kibutsuji suddenly had this aura around him. An aura you didn’t detect before but was now clear as day. An aura of danger.
Your heart beat loudly in your ears. You had to get your son out of his arms.
“No,” Kibutsuji said, all the warmth had vanished out of his voice. You reached out your hands, they were shaking.
“Please, give him to me.”
Kibutsuji shook his head, looking down at your child. Something was strange about the way he looked at him. At first glance one would think it was almost fatherly adoration in his eyes, but beneath that surface only one emotion was left: hatred. How could a man hate such an innocent child?
“W-why not?” you asked him. You grabbed onto your throat like you could stop your voice from shaking somehow. “Give me my-my child.”
“Mama…mama,” whined the toddler in his arms.
Tears were now streaming down your face. “Please, do whatever you want with me but let my son go!”
“Why are you getting so hysterical right now?” asked Kibutsuji, sounding annoyed. “Stop crying.”
You tried, scared of what he would do, but the tears just wouldn’t stop.
“I said,” he repeated, suppressing his anger. “Stop crying. Or else…”
Kibutsuji’s hand closed around your son’s neck. You choked on your gasp, your hands flying to your mouth. The child whined even louder.
“Please, don’t hurt my son,” you whispered.
“Oh my dear (y/n),” said Kibutsuji with a dark chuckle. “You still have no idea, don’t you?”
No idea? About what?
“What is going on?” you asked confused and scared.
“I’ve been watching you for a little while now, (y/n),” he said over the whining of your son. His hand didn’t leave your son’s throat, which kept you on edge. “And I’ve made a decision.”
He crouched down before you. Your son was now in your reach. All you had to do was reach out your hands and you could grab him. But you knew that it wouldn’t be that easy. His grip on the child was too strong.
“I want you to become my bride,” said Kibutsuji.
Your heart stopped. You swallowed the lump in your throat and said, “I’m already married.”
Kibutsuji chuckled again. “That’s no obstacle for me.”
He stood up again and stepped away from you. He hadn his back turned towards you now. Your son whined. “Mama!”
“But I have to say,” said Kibutsuji, clearly irritated. “This child of yours is a nuisance. No matter where I take you, you will always long to hold it in your arms again.”
The cries of your child sounded muffled. Panic rose in you again. “No! Please!”
Kibutsuji turned around. His red eyes burning in the dark. His pupils looked inhuman, like slits. What was this man?
“You are mine, do you understand? And I will not tolerate anyone spoiling what's mine. Especially not with the spawn of another man.”
“Please!” you cried again, hiccuping and tears streaming down your face.
The whining stopped. And you realized with horror that your only son was dead. He broke his neck. Momentarily your tears had stopped. The shock was too grand. It felt like the air got sucked out of your lungs. 
Kibutsuji let go of the corpse of your son. It fell to the ground with a thud. You felt dizzy due to your lack of oxygen. Your mouth opened and you sucked in a sharp breath. Your body went from not breathing at all to breathing faster than normal. You were hyperventilating.
“Now that that is out of the way,” said Kibutsuji, a gentle smile on his lips. Once again he crouched down in front of you. Now that his hands were free he reached out a hand to put it on your cheek. It appeared like a loving gesture but his hands were ice cold and you felt like a defenseless sheep in front of a wolf.
“My dear,” he said. “Let’s get you home.”
. . .
It was such a nice day, just like yesterday. Yoriichi closed his eyes and enjoyed the sun shining on his face. He couldn’t help the smile on his lips at the thought of seeing his family again. He was gone for only one day, but it still felt like forever since he last felt his wife’s soft lips against his own.
Yoriichi already saw his house in the distance. His steps got quicker. He soon reached his house and opened the door.
"(Y/n), I'm ba-" The words got stuck in his throat upon seeing the state his house was in. The room was a complete mess. Bedding was ripped apart and the insides lay all over the room. The few pieces of furniture they had were partly destroyed. It looked like a battlefield. 
Yoriichi's mouth hung agape as he slowly stepped into the room. Where were you? And where was your son?
The last question got quickly answered. Yoriichi's eyes scanned the room and got stuck to a bundle lying on the ground. Tears collected in his eyes as he slowly stumbled towards it. He fell down to his knees and carefully picked up the lifeless corpse of his one year old son. An agonizing scream left the father's lips as tears streamed down his face. Whoever did this to him he would make sure that they'd pay for it. That much he promised to the gods.
Ten years later
Yoriichi ran through the forest, his hand lying on the handle of his katana. Finally after years of hard training and searching he finally found Kibutsuji Muzan, the man who had taken his family from him. It took Yoriichi years to figure out who had kidnapped his wife and killed his son. In the meantime he had joined the demon slayer corps and learned how to kill demons. All just for this day. He knew that Muzan was currently residing in a mansion in this forest. And hopefully his wife would be with him. He just had to believe that she was still alive. He had to. And even if he found out that she wasn't he would avenge her. So much so sure.
He reached the mansion. It was a traditional style building, quite impressive. Yoriichi drew his katana and held it defensively in front of him. He was about to advance into the building when the front door slid open. Yoriichi’s eyes went wide. There he stood. The monster. Kibutsuji Muzan stood in the open door. He wore a white kimono stained with dark reddish-brown stains. Dried blood.
“Oh my,” said Muzan with a sly smile. “What an unpleasant surprise.”
“Where is (y/n)?” Yoriichi asked with fletched teeth.
“(y/n)?” Muzan mused tapping with his index finger against his lips. “Oh yes! (y/n)! Your little wife. I remember her.”
“What did you do to her? Answer, monster!”
“Let’s not lose our decency,” said Muzan. “Insults don’t help in this situation, no?”
Yoriichi gripped his katana harder. This creature was trying to provoke him and Muzan’s next words only confirmed his thoughts.
“I remember you little wife well. She was a true beauty and I have to say,” he licked his lips, “she tasted delicious.”
Yoriichi saw red. It didn’t matter anymore that he was playing Muzan’s game right now. He couldn’t control his anger anymore. With a scream he charged at Muzan, who simply jumped to the side. Yoriichi missed and quickly turned back around to strike again but Muzan was already standing on the grass in front of the house. With another scream he charged at Muzan again.
“Sun breathing - third form - Raging Sun!”
Muzan dodged this attack as well, but only barely.
“I have to admit, you’re a good fighter,” said Muzan, dodging another blow. “But can you really defeat me?”
“Shut your ungodly mouth!” screamed Yoriichi and hit Muzan on his left shoulder. The wound healed immediately. Quickly Yoriichi struck again and again. He hit Muzan multiple times but he would always heal immediately afterwards. He had to strike him with more force. Yoriichi took a deep breath. “Sun breathing - fourth form - Burning Bones, Summer Sun!”
“Sun breathing - second form - Clear Blue Sky!”
“Sun breathing - sixth form - Solar Heat Haze!”
Yoriichi hit him with so many attacks, Muzan was overwhelmed. He healed slower and couldn’t keep up with the attacks. Muzan fletched his fangs, looking like a wild animal.
They fought for a good twenty minutes until Yoriichi finally managed to land enough blows to seriously injure him. Muzan was leaning against a tree, fresh blood covering his kimono. Blood also came out of his mouth. Yoriichi had him struck directly in the guts and it just wouldn’t heal. Why didn’t it heal? Why didn’t all of his wounds heal?
Despite his wounds Muzan smiled. “You’re right, she’s not dead. Why would I kill my bride?”
Yoriichi gripped onto the handle of his katana tighter and slowly walked over to Muzan. He pointed his sword at the demon.
“I’m asking you one last time,” said Yoriichi  through gritted teeth. “Where is (y/n)? And don’t lie that she’s dead!”
His bride?
Yoriichi didn’t have the time to think about his statement and what it meant because in the next second he felt a presence behind him. Yoriichi swirled around and blocked whoever had attacked him. The person jumped in the air, pushing against him to get more momentum and jumped over his head, landing next to Muzan, leaning over him protectively. It took Yoriichi a second to recognize her. But it was (y/n), for sure. Her looks had changed a little but she didn’t age a day. She looked more feral than how he had kept her in his memory. She had fangs now and her pupils had turned to slits. She looked like…
“No,” gasped Yoriichi, letting his blade fall to the ground. She was a demon now.
“Who dares to attack my husband?” she hissed. Yoriichi was in shock. What…what  did she just say? Her husband?
“(y/n),” he said gently. “What happened to you? I’m Yoriichi. Your husband.”
“How dare you spread those lies!” you screamed. “I don’t know you!”
“(y/n).” Yoriichi didn’t know what to think. How could she not recognize him? What happened to her?
A cold laugh could be heard coming from Muzan. 
“What did you do to her, you demon?” Yoriichi demanded to know, picking up his sword and pointing it once again at Muzan. (y/n) growled.
“What I did?” he asked mockingly. “Can’t you see? I perfected her! I made her my bride and made sure that she belonged to me and me alone!”
Yoriichi’s heart broke upon seeing his beloved. She looked so strange. She was clearly the same (y/n) as the one he had married and yet, she was so different. His lovely (y/n). Why wasn’t he able to protect her? What kind of husband was he that couldn't even protect his own wife from being kidnapped? And his child from being murdered?
It was all his fault. It was his fault that his wife was a demon now. Tears collected at the corner of his eyes but he blinked them away. He had to concentrate now and do what he had to do.
He raised his sword and charged at (y/n). Please forgive me my love.
(y/n) growled again, charging at Yoriichi. Yoriichi screamed, tears now falling down his cheeks. He raised his sword ready to strike but then he stopped. It was just a second that he paused but it was enough for (y/n) to attack first. She jumped at Yoriichi and threw him to the ground sitting on top of him. 
Yoriichi tried to lift his katana but it was suddenly too heavy. He knew this was his end. Dying at the hands of the only woman he had ever loved. It was almost poetic.
Yoriichi looked up at you into your eyes. Those beautiful eyes that he loved. They were what had pulled him to you from the beginning. They were so gentle and strong at the same time. But now they were stained with those slit-like pupils, showing clearly your demonic nature. 
Yoriichi had made peace with his death but upon seeing those demonic eyes a new will to life burned through his veins. Ge quickly lifted his sword and hit (y/n) with the handle. The demoness’ eyes fluttered shut and she fell down on top of him - unconscious. Yoriichi quickly got up and pulled her into his arms, carrying her over his shoulder.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Muzan had appeared behind him. Yoriichi quickly grabbed his sword and with (y/n) in his arms, slashed across Muzan’s chest. Muzan, who was still weakened from the earlier attacks, stumbled back and fell to the ground. Knowing he had barely any life left in him, he decided to retreat and vanished in the forest.
Meanwhile Yoriichi ran away with (y/n) in his arms.
I’m going to save you, (y/n), he thought. I’m going to find a cure and if it’s the last thing I do. Because without you, I’m nothing, my love.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
©simpxanime - all rights reserved! Do not steal any of my work. Copying, reposting or editing without my written consent is prohibited!
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quirkyseastone · a month ago
Surprise surprise, look who's back? It's me! And I'm gonna do something crazy now. Can I ask for soft touch with Muzan? 👀 sorry for making life hard on you, but I love you! 😊
♡ You say you love me and yet here I am, writing fluff for one of the least fluffy men ever 😭 honestly though, it's always such a fun challenge to write cute stuff for Muzan? And he does have a romantic vibe sometimes that's fun to play on? So I'm glad that I get to bring that out lol. I hope you enjoy Cookie!! And thanks for the request ❤❤
Tumblr media
After weeks of being gone; researching, meetings with the Upper Moons, planning—it was always nice to have Muzan by your side. Being with someone of his stature always meant you had to be patient, understanding that his work often took priority. But it was nights like this—underneath the silver moonlight, the warm glow of the city lights, your arm linked in his as you admired the sights and sounds of the nightlife, that made your patience worth it. At a candlelit table where you two sat, one hand stroking your back, the other stroking your arm as his crimson orbs looked lovingly at you. The hand that was on your back moved up and down, his touch soft and somehow warm as his nails raked up your back, up your neck, at the base of your head, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. Muzan couldn't keep his hands off of you as you told him about your day, keeping him updated on the life events he had missed while he was away, reminding him just how much he missed you that long while. Though he might have been a dangerous and ambitious man, and though it could seem to others that he didn't seem to care much about anything, to you? In moments like this where he didn't see anything but you? You could feel the love practically radiating from him.
Tumblr media
💗 Send a request for my Soft Touches & Moments Event! 💗
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serodev · 6 months ago
I can't help but wonder, how would Muzan, Daki, Enmu and Rui would react to their human S/O, when accidentally find out their true nature, run away, only to return after 5 minutes with bowl full of human blood?
Warnings: Small mentions of killing
Pairing: Muzan, Daki, Enmu, Rui x gn!reader
Note(s): I have to say that this is an oddly wholesome request because you're caring for your S/O! I hope you enjoy these headcanons, Nonny.
Tumblr media
» It was pretty close that Muzan would've killed you when you first found out about his true nature, but you managed to escape before that would've happened. That being said, he finds it kind of adorable that you want to "serve" him by bringing him food.
» That's one of the reasons why he lets you live. He gladly drinks the blood you brought to him, and he allows you to stay by his side from that day on.
» Muzan thinks about turning you into a demon when this happened because you pledged your alliance in some sort of way when you went out and killed a human for him.
Tumblr media
» Like Muzan, Daki's first reaction is to kill you (or, in another case, threatening you with violence), but things took a surprising turn for the best when you went out your way and brought her human blood!
» She finds it oddly pleasing because while she has been worshipped in a way or another, no one has ever brought her real food before, and she can't help but coo quietly at you when you first did that.
» Don't be surprised when Daki makes you get her food here and there when she can't do it herself. The job is messy and sometimes annoying, but it's always worth it when you hear small praise leave Daki's lips.
Tumblr media
» Enmu's much more laid-back when it comes to you knowing about his true nature because he knows that he can just put you to sleep if you happen to react negatively. However, when that didn't happen, he was pretty surprised!
» The way Enmu responded to the blood you brought to him was quite sweet! It's rare to hear a "thank you" from any kind of demon, but Enmu remembered to thank you for the work you've done for him before accepting your so-called offer.
» It shouldn't come out as a surprise that he became clingier than usual after you gave him some food, and he will keep begging you to do it again because he found it nice. Thankfully though, he won't force you to do that again.
Tumblr media
» I would say that Rui's just like Muzan and Daki when it comes to you finding out about his true form. It was a surprise that you even managed to escape in the first place, and it was close that Rui would've injured you when he noticed you come back to him, but thankfully that didn't happen.
» Anyway! It took a while for him to accept the food you brought him, but thankfully he managed to change his mind about you after tasting the blood.
» It's more than understandable why he wants you to keep doing what you were doing when you first brought him some blood, and he's happy to help you out with it as well. However, you should still be careful around him because he can change his mind!
Tumblr media
Author's note: It feels good to return back to writing! It feels a bit weird because it's been a while, but I hope I can make a good comeback to this small hobby of mine! I really hope that you enjoyed these headcanons, Nonny!
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lady-muzan-supremacy · 7 months ago
short muzan x y/n crack moment cuz i feel like im on crack
i swear im not
i did actually snicker while writing this lmao
- hey y/n
• yeah?
- i got a joke for you
• ok, what is it
- what goes in hard and dry but comes out wet and soft
• …
• …
• e-excuse me?
- what
• t-that joke
- what about it?
• …sorry could y-you repeat it-?
- sure
- what goes in hard and dry but comes out wet and soft
• . . .
• *mumbles*
- huh?
• *inaudible* a dick
- sorry i cant hear you
• a-a sausage
- no, sausages are never hard. if they were you wouldnt be able to eat them well
• a-a wang
- the chef at the chinese place?
• s-stop playing dumb!
- …?
- …y/n
- the answer is a stick of gum
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rumors-from-yuukaku · 2 months ago
Was it the demon or the human who killed the people you love?
Is it a human or a demon that saved your loved one?
The story has changed a lot.
Tumblr media
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