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This is Why Brenda and Katie are compatible as MOTHER and DAUGHTER.

Looks like almost Perfect! I'mma Slay, I'mma Chill, I'mma Kill👌

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I hope we can SEE More of KATIE MCGRATH’S #LEADINGROLE in a movie or series, More photo magazine shoot and interview/guesting in tv shows in the future.

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Have time for this.

Anyone wants to write a short story about this?

Honestly I don’t have any idea 😅

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the far cry primal ost gives off such obnoxiously strong warden tala energy and im more than here for it

the percussion is literally through the whole thing and let me tell you we’re getting HEAVY tinikling vibes from it and that is exactly what im looking for i am absolutely elated

listen to a hunter’s eye and tell me that is not the exact same kind of beat tinikling uses i dare you try

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Today is going to be a good day. If not I’ll kick its ass until it is! 🖤💋

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Carrie Hill on Creating Kick-ass Local Content

Carrie Hill on Creating Kick-ass Local Content

There’s no doubt content is key to both ranking high in local search and generating more leads, but there’s a lot of mixed messages about the best ways to approach this. And often what ranks and what converts can be very different beasts.
Luckily, we’ve enlisted Sterling Sky’s content creating champion Carrie Hill to get answers to questions such as should local businesses be blogging regularly?…


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Let’s discuss season 3 of Cobra Kai <3 

My Review : JUST WOW <3

Season 3 is a nostalgic heart pounding Karate Kick to your soul . I am literally speechless. Most TV shows start to fall off/feel drug out on the 3rd season… but somehow Cobra Kai Season 3 managed to be the absolute best one so far by a long shot. It is filled  with so much fun, action, and most importantly heart!! … it is an emotional roller coaster ride with plenty of fantastic twists, character developments , and compelling acting. There are some seriously intense  moments that you wouldn’t expect from a show like this… but it somehow fits well and manages to still keep us all on the edge of our seats . From the great music to the awesome flashbacks to the original films  Cobra Kai has once again succeeded my expectations .. If you haven’t watched this series yet I highly recommend you do so , you won’t be disappointed !!

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“Pain Does Not Exist In This Dojo!”

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<div> —  Johnny Lawrence ( Cobra Kai )  </div><span>The Best defense is more offense</span>
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I just realized how similar their names are omg

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Anya Taylor-Joy

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