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Sebastian being super silly. Weird things ya can do on Snapchat. It’s a great joy.
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I ran into one of my former art students at the grocery store with her family. She has autism and wears headphone type earmuffs to dampen sound. And she got new ones since I last saw her and was excited to tell me all about them!

My poor old heart! She was so cute! I miss my students so much! I miss teaching and making art with kiddos so much! I wish they knew!

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hope you enjoy this kiddo.

looking at the sky i saw tiny dots of white. “cracks to which we can see heaven” but in each crack i looked for you. you are my star, my heaven and yet… among the millions of them i can’t find you? they seemed to arrange themselves in a word or phrase here and there.




things i never feel… but felt today bc if those stars.

(hope you liked it)

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So, in case you ever come across this problem, don’t reuse the sign in table with the roster and other paperwork as an ice cream topping station for Brownies making homemade ice cream unless you want your roster to be decorated with melted sprinkles and cream stains.

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After weeks of large programs, larger than expected/truly wanted, I got to run two small programs for older girls this week. I don’t usually get to run older girl programs because we usually just don’t have enough girls to run them. However, for some reason, I wasn’t asked to set a minimum for my virtual programs and was allowed to run two older girl programs with only 6 kids signed up for each. Unheard of. Despite them being free, we actually had a good turnout, above average by percentage. All of my older girl programs have had a good attendance percentage. 

I really enjoyed running these programs though. I love the littles, they’re adorable and energetic and fun. But I do miss working with the older girls. I miss being leadership director, I miss spending time with the CITs and other older girls. Some of this is due to my own distancing and my position, but it’s also due to the programs that I’m able to run. So I’m glad that I was allowed to run these small programs, even if it was a lot of work for only a few girls. And their responses of what they learned and enjoyed was worth it.

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