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alternate-kiza · 8 days ago
*Kay just after eating a bomb*
Luffy: How are you not dead yet?
Kay: I have no idea.
Kid: That’s my child!
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alternate-kiza · 9 days ago
Apoo: I got the burgers, pizzas, pasta, junk food, and soda is anything missing.
Hawkins: Nope where good to go.
Kid: Did you get the alcohol?
Apoo: Oh shit be right back.
Luffy: How could he forget the alcohol?
Law: The alcohol was for us babe.
Kid: He has his own stack on him at all times.
Penguin: That should explain a lot of things for you.
Luffy: Why would he need it though?
Penguin: Because we are too much to handle sober.
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alternate-kiza · 10 days ago
Luffy: Hey guys do you know what a healthy relationship is?
Kid: Yes
Law: Where is this coming from?
Luffy: I heard some people talking about how none of us have a healthy relationship.
Kid: That’s not true, Shachi, Heat and Wire have a healthy relationship.
Luffy: Oh
Penguin: Yeah it’s for the boring people.
Shachi, Heat, and Wire: HAY!
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alternate-kiza · 25 days ago
*Nico Kid, Killer, and Apoo and how their wives react*
Kid and Luffy
Luffy: Hay Kid welcome bac-
Kid: What?
Luffy: Your a nico. ><
Kid: Yeah I know.
Luffy: Then what are you waiting for, come here and cuddle me.
Apoo and Hawkins
Apoo: Hay Baz when you turn around please don’t freak out.
Hawkins: Why would I.... freak.....out.
Apoo: Oh no
Hawkins: Oh my GOD you will never leave.
Apoo: LET GO!
Penguin and Killer
Killer: Pen~pen I’m back.
Penguin: Welcome home, oh hello nico Killer, what a surprise.
Killer: Is this leading to what I think it is?
Penguin: Oh yes it is. Come hear big boy~
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alternate-kiza · 29 days ago
Luffy: Hay Kiza you finally came out of your room!
Kiza: *Grabbing food about to close the door* ~ For two minutes~
Luffy: Hay wait Kiza!
Kid: Leave her be. Today is not the day to bug her.
Law: The children are with Alen at an amusement park.
Kid: Yeah
Luffy: Oh that explains it. Did she have business to attend to.
Kid: Yes
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alternate-kiza · a month ago
*After their first night*
Law: I can’t believe I fucked a tulip and a sunflower.
Kid: I can’t believe I fucked a stripper.
Luffy: What about me.
Kid: Oh your fine.
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alternate-kiza · a month ago
Kid, Law, and Luffy showing affection
Kid: I love you two so much.
Law: You bright up my world.
Luffy: I couldn’t live without you.
Penguin, Zoro, and Killer showing affection
Penguin: I own you two don’t forget that.
Zoro: I got you bitch.
Killer: I fucking love you two.
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alternate-kiza · a month ago
School AU
Teacher: No eating in my class.
Kid: Dammit I should have sat in the back.
Apoo: Then why didn’t you?
Penguin: Because Baz, Killer, Lulu, and Shachi claimed the back and didn’t let anyone els sit there.
*Hawkins, Killer, Luffy, and Shachi in the back*
Hawkins: Who wants the rice?
Shachi: Oh I do, hand it over.
Killer: Hey Lulu pass me the soy sauce.
Luffy: ok
Kid: Oh they will feel my wrath after school.
Penguin: I will join you.
Apoo: Hands off Baz. I got something special just for him.
Penguin: Oh you got to tell us.
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alternate-kiza · a month ago
Luffy: KAY NO!
*Throws Useless into the water*
Luffy: You know Useless is a Devil fruit user
Kay: That’s the fun of it. Watching him struggle to swim only to fail.
Penguin: Your just like how your father used to be.
Luffy: WHAT?!
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p-kidlu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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alternate-kiza · a month ago
*Kid walks in with Penguin wanting to know what’s up*
Kid: Ok what is it.
Luffy: Kay swallowed bombs.
Kid: Oh is that it, well ok.
Luffy: Why are you not concerned.
Kid: Cause Kay got my healing factor. He can’t die.
Penguin: Your family is the best to watch when they do stuff.
Kid: Yeah I know.
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alternate-kiza · a month ago
It has come to my attention that you guys don’t know the ships I use. So to make my head cannons work I think it would be best to describe each ship and family.
Heat, Wire, Shachi: Are the most normal couple in this family.
They are the type of couple that does normal things like picnics, a nice stroll on the beach, partying.
They also have twins, Orca and Dain. Orca is the calm one that has Heats height and hair color but has Shachi’s eyes. He is also a hybrid of a merman and werewolf.
Dain got the dragon aspect from Heat. But lookes a lot like Shachi but got black eyes.
Kid, Law, Luffy: They show their yandere side but not to the point of obsession.
They are the type of couple to go to a restaurant and almost completely put the restaurant out of business.
They have four kids with Kiza as the only female, Kay, Lone, and Useless. Luffy got to name Kiza and Kay. Law got to name Lone and Kid got to name Useless.
Monkey D. Kiza got a little bit of each of her parents. But she takes the demon aspect from Kid and the animal aspects from Law. Kiza is in a relationship with Alen.
Monkey D. Kay got most of his looks from Kid and Law. Though he only got the demon his hair can change when wet to black.
Trafalgar D. Water Lone got his body and temper from Kid but the rest is from Law. Lone got the vampire trait from Law but none of the animal. Made Lawkins a next generation thing.
Eustass Useless lives up to his name of being useless. Is basically the exact copy of Luffy but got a little bit of psycho from Kid. He is a fairy like Luffy though. Is the only one to have a Devil fruit. His devil fruit is called the Glich-Glich fruit. A logia where the user can glitch through walls and have any damage done pass right through.
Penguin, Zoro, Killer: Would be considered the crazy ones if the top ones weren’t insane.
This couple will do anything that sounds fun. There is nothing normal when you see them on a date. There are moments were they are normal but that is rare to actually see.
They also have four kids, Alen, Vanessa, Guin, and Mason. Considering how strange they are their kids have normal names.
Alen can never get a break from running away from Kid trying to kill him. Though Alen is just a copy of Zoro he got crystal green eyes from Killer. He is also a zombie like Zoro. Alen is the most normal in his family.
Vanessa is just insane. There is nothing better to describe her other then crazy and insane. Vanessa is half Zoro and half Killer. If you don’t know what I mean I posted a picture of here on my page somewhere. She has the same disease as Penguin and Guin called the Symptom of Darkness (Also somewhere on my page).
Guin without her sister is calm. However with her sister Guin is a nightmare. Where’s a hat like her mom to hide her ears. Guin is a bird like creature kinda like King ( The bird man from Kidio’s crew). She is basically Penguin.
Mason is kinda invisible. He is crazy but not to the point of being noticed. Hangs around Orca the most. Lookes like Killer with Zoro’s eye color.
Apoo, Drake, Hawkins: They are the most insane.
There is not an ounce of normality in this family. With Hawkins voodoo and crazy nature and Drake’s constant need of attention along with Apoo just going with the flow. They are insane.
They have luckily for others only three kids. Dally, Dino, and Record.
Basil Dally is a guy but like his mom when he grew ended up with tits. He looks a lot like all three of his parents. The same height as Apoo, style from Drake and terrot reading from his mom. Got the elf trait from Hawkins.
Diez Dino is basically the copy of Hawkins but got her hobby’s from Drake. Loves to throw around Record. Got the angel wings from Hawkins. Is one year younger then Dally( Skiped a year).
Scratchmen Record is the copy of Apoo but got the hair and eye color from Drake. Got most of her hobbies from past Apoo. Is basically made out of iron from how much she was thrown around by Baz and Dino.
Couldn’t fit enough tags on here. Got enough on to make it to the others.
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july-mon · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
don’t mind me i’m just shitposting
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alternate-kiza · a month ago
Shachi: Who’s most likely to be hit by a train?
Kid: It be Kay.
Luffy: Oh yes definitely Kay
Wire: Then who’s most likely to kill someone by accident?
Penguin: Vanessa
Heat: Why Vanessa?
Killer: Because she can’t control her disease like Penguin and Guin.
Zoro: That and because she has already killed someone by accident.
Wire: Wait what!
Vanessa: Yeah it’s true😁
Heat: Ok then Who’s most likely to throw one of their children?
Apoo: Baz
Drake: Oh hands down definitely Baz. Ghost and me have seen him throw Record before.
Shachi: What is wrong with your family?!
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alternate-kiza · 2 months ago
*The three captains on a date*
Kid: we should check out that restaurant.
Law: As long as I’m not paying, sure.
Luffy: Yes lets go.
*The first mates on a date*
Zoro: You see that trash bin.
Killer: Yes
Zoro: Want to put penguin inside it.
Killer: YES
*Killer and Zoro putting Penguin in the trash bin*
Penguin: Alright let’s get going.
Killer and Zoro: Yes.
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p-kidlu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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darkwingdragon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
this this is cute I had to share this credit goes to the author.
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dragonprincess18 · 2 months ago
Smut Alphabet: Kid (8)
Final installment for Eustass Kid, with V, W, X, Y and Z!
V-Volume: How loud are they, and what sounds do they make?
*Kid is not what one would call discreet
*Trust me, you always know when he's around
*It's not much different when he's having sex
*Kid will grunt, growl, moan, just make a general ruckus pretty much the entire time
*Added to this is the heavy thumping of whatever furniture he might be fucking one of his lovers on hitting a wall
*Or a door rattling under every thrust
*Kid has no shame and no fucks to give about anyone hearing
*Hikari has a lot to say about that
W-Wild Card: Random headcanon
*Kid loves when the others use him like a bed
*Yeah, it’s partly an ego rush from seeing how small they are in comparison
*But the skin-to-skin, the level of trust
*It settles him
*And makes it easier to slip inside for a nice 'ride' to wake them up
X-X-Ray: What’s under their clothes.
*Kid is built like a brick house
*Even with a generally hands-off Fruit, he does not skimp on training or working out
*Just big all around
*Including, as he will happily tell you, his cock
*While a bit longer than average, about seven inches, it's much thicker
*In Kid's opinion, there's nothing better than splitting one of his lovers open and having them struggle to take it
*Or, for those made of rubber, watching their mouth stretch to accommodate his bulk
Y-Yearning: How high is their sex drive?
*So high
*When this boy hit puberty and discovered orgasms, that was it
*Give him a minute without a project or a fight, and he'll go looking for one of his lovers
*Sometimes, even when he does have a project or is in the middle of a fight
*At least he takes the time to finish off his opponents first?
*Hikari and Law are rarely amused
*Luffy and Zoro are just as wound-up and ready to blow off steam after a fight, too
Z-Zzz: How quickly do they fall asleep afterwards?
*After he's all done, Kid has just enough energy left to take off any bindings and wipe down with a damp cloth
*Then it's time for a nap
*Preferably with Hikari's breasts as a pillow
*He could stay up longer
*But he wants to go again once they all wake up, so no point in delaying too much
Tumblr media
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dragonprincess18 · 2 months ago
Smut Alphabet: Luffy (8)
The last installment for Monkey D Luffy, with V, W, X, Y and Z!
V-Volume: How loud are they, and what sounds do they make?
*Luffy approaches sex like he does an adventure
*With an excited shout while jumping in feet-first
*Groans, moans, screams, squeals, roars, whatever he feels is exactly what comes out
*Along with an assortment of bumps, thumps and squeaks, depending on where the deed is being done
*Is not at all embarrassed about how loud he gets, or how loud his lovers get
*That just means they're all having fun!
W-Wild Card: Random headcanon
*Luffy absolutely adores being stretched
*Whether it's Kid forcing his cock to inflate or Law stuffing a fist and a dildo and a vibrator up his ass
*It all feels so good
*The best is when he's in Zoro or Hikari, stretching them wide, while Law and Kid are filling him up
*Then again, Luffy loves any time all five of them are together
X-X-Ray: What’s under their clothes.
*Visibly, Luffy is a beanpole
*It takes a lot to make rubber muscles grow
*But under that elastic skin, he definitely does have hard muscle
*His cock is average in general, being about six inches long and five inches around
*This means nothing when your power is to stretch
*Luffy will happily inflate his cock to double its size, or just squeeze it in whatever space is left between his lovers’ cocks
*No complaints!
Y-Yearning: How high is their sex drive?
*Usually, Luffy is distracted by a million other things
*An adventure, breakfast, a cool fish, lunch, whatever awesome gadget Franky made, dinner…
*But once the idea hits, he’s insatiable
*It’s mostly Kid’s own high drive that kickstarts his
*Then he can’t think about anything else until he’s exhausted
Z-Zzz: How quickly do they fall asleep afterwards?
*If Luffy doesn’t have to clean up afterwards?
*He will start snoring right then and there
*Out like a damn light
*Does get grumpy when Law insists on moving him to get washed
Tumblr media
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p-kidlu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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